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wiikiihello someone ?12:15
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martalli|cliI just did my first server install, and upon update, it did not update the kernel.  It says that is being kept back01:51
martalli|cliDo I need to sudo aptitude dist-upgrade01:51
martalli|cliOr is the standard way to upgrade different for the command line?  Maybe is as far as the server distribution has gone?01:52
martalli|cliohhh...and what irc client should I use from cli?  Using epic now, but are people using something lese more typically?01:53
mralphabet18:52 < martalli|cli> Do I need to sudo aptitude dist-upgrade01:56
martalli|cliWhen do I know to do that...from the gui, the update manager suggests it only every so often01:57
mralphabetserver? gui?01:57
martalli|cliMy understanding is that a dist-upgrade may downgrade or delete packages01:57
mralphabetwhat version of server did you install?01:57
martalli|climralphabet:  I have mostly used the gui for desktop use...so I am trying to picture whether updates shoudl always be dist-upgrade or upgrade and when I shoudl decide01:58
martalli|cliNow I am working with a server install.  I'm pretty comfortable working with the cli, but a completely cli system is new for me (of course, there was college back in 1989, but I didn't administer those machines =)01:59
mralphabetno problem01:59
mralphabetpersonally I use update / upgrade 99% of the time until there is a package held back that I want02:00
mralphabetthen I use dist-upgrade and make sure it's not going to do anything untoward02:00
martalli|climralphabet - I installed 7.04 beta ( kernel)02:00
martalli|climralphabet - that sounds reasonable...it is just a matter of watching what apt-get or aptitude is telling me02:01
mralphabetmartalli|cli: as you should be anyway ;)02:01
martalli|cliyes indeed...i guess I'm not using the cli because I just like to watch the (windows/apple/ubuntu) gui updater do its work =)02:02
martalli|cliIm just up to a little project - turning a p2-300 machine into an mpd jukebox for our phone server/pbx02:03
martalli|cliHow can I get a help dialog in vim?  I want to find out how to cut/paste or copy/paste02:05
martalli|cliI figure, its time to move past nano.  Maybe I'm wrong02:06
mralphabetctrl insert / shift insert02:12
mralphabetthis in ssh? or something else02:12
mralphabetor you can do yy02:12
mralphabetor 5yy to copy 5 lines02:13
mralphabetp to paste02:13
martalli|cliI'm logged in directly (but eventually this will just be a headless server02:13
martalli|cliwith ssh)02:13
martalli|cliNo, I wanted to copy like two words and paste it in a few spots02:14
martalli|cliI did find the online help file (thank you, links2 lol =)02:14
martalli|cliFOr some reason, it isn't included on the vim-tiny/server install02:14
martalli|cliI guess they expect I know how to use vi lol02:14
mralphabetheh, I always do it from terminal so [ctrl|shft]  ins works for me ;)02:14
martalli|cliHey, where I can I change this from dhcp to define a specific address?02:15
martalli|cliThat way I won't have to log into the firewall to chase down what address it got from the dhcp server?02:15
martalli|cliAhah, man interfaces makes it pretty clear02:17
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martalli|climralphabet - thanks for your help.  That was pretty easy to change...compared to the gui is was like magic02:42
martalli|cliDoing it on the gui (i think mdv), it took something like a minute befroe on this same machine02:43
martalli|cli(changing from dhcp to static address)02:43
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dthackerHi, I'm running edgy server.  Is there curses based utility that I can run to help with network config?  05:09
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dthackerhmmmm, no ntp.conf file?07:01
dthackerI''ll use ntpdate for now....07:29
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Kamping_Kaiserdthacker, afaik no UI for networking no10:38
Kamping_Kaiserntp.conf for clients, or for servers?10:38
Kamping_Kaiserntp is done by a script in /etc/network/interfaces/if-up.d iirc10:38
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NafalloKamping_Kaiser: don't you mean ntpdate? :-)01:48
Kamping_KaiserNafallo, quite likely. :)01:49
Nafallocause ntp is still /etc/init.d/ntp :-)01:49
Nafallokewl! irssi has tabcompletion to the filesystem01:49
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dthackerKamping_Kaiser: I want to run ntpd on this server, sync with an outside time server, and have all internal severs hit this one02:14
Kamping_Kaiser/etc/ntp.conf exists on my system, is really all i can say :|02:15
dthackerKamping_Kaiser: ok, I'll go check it out.  02:16
Kamping_Kaiserdthacker, check ntp-server is installed and configured02:17
Nafallontp-server is deprecated package name now :-)02:18
Nafallojust a dummy02:18
Nafallohmm, not even a dummy it seems :-)02:18
Kamping_Kaiseroh, ok. well its in dapper, which is what i'm using :|02:19
NafalloI think it was rebuilt in feisty actually. so should still hold for edgy :-)02:20
Nafallobut in feisty it's "ntp" :-)02:20
dthackerwill it be "backported" to edgy?02:21
Nafalloprobably not. why? :-)02:21
dthackerNafallo: It looks to me like my stock edgy install just has ntpdate, and not ntp.  But I haven't done much digging yet..  02:22
Nafallodthacker: edgy has ntp-server and stuff. the old packagenames.02:23
dthackerah, ok. 02:23
Nafalloapt-cache search --names-only ntp would show02:23
dthackerNafallo: tnx, still learning my way around stock ubuntu-server installs.  02:24
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\shguys, did anybody worked with TSO on ubuntu-server (dapper e.g.)03:48
maswanTheodore Ts'o?03:59
shawarmatcp segment offloading?04:01
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andel7hi guys....04:03
shawarmaandel7: hello04:03
shawarma\sh: ^^04:04
shawarma\sh: Which is it?04:04
andel7i'm trying to install ubuntu server 6.06 on my HP DL360 G5 server.....after the installation is starting and i choosing my languauge and location the screen is stuck and in the 4th console i can see some kind of loop that repeating itself 04:05
andel7but i can't see error messages there...04:05
shawarmaWhat do you see?04:05
andel7just a sec i'll write you the exact messages...04:05
andel7usb disconnect adress XX...,HP virtual keyboard ...., new full speed USB device......, none of it looks like "error,fatal,panic...."04:08
dthackerandel7: are you using a USB keyboard?04:11
shawarmaNo idea. You might have better luck in #ubuntu. It's not really a server issue even though you're using the server edition.04:11
andel7nope - the keyboard is ps204:11
dthackerandel7: any USB devices?04:12
andel7the usb is pressent of course but i'm not using it ....04:12
shawarmaandel7: Is there something like ilo in it?04:13
andel7yep 04:13
shawarmacould you login to that and see it it's acting up?04:13
andel7but i'm not connected through ILO04:13
dthackerandel7: understood.  I was thinking that you had a bad USB device attached. That must not be the case.04:14
shawarma"HP Virtual keyboard" could be i virtual keyboard from ilo.04:14
andel7ok....but i think there is no way to turn off" the ilo.....04:14
andel7i feel more like a driver issue - i'll try the 6.10 04:15
shawarmaandel7: that my not be necessary. Try logging in to it and see if it gives you any hints.04:15
andel7thanks guys....i'll update you if i have any advance ( or not ) ... :P04:15
=== dthacker does the happy email dance as his postfix install delivers mail
\shshawarma: yepp, tcp segment offloading , via ethtool04:31
\shandel7: I had the same problem with DL320s from hp..04:32
\shandel7: udev is running into an infinite loop 04:32
\shandel7: http://linux.blogweb.de/archives/304-HP-DL320S-and-Ubuntu-Dapper,Edgy,Feisty.html04:32
andel7thanks ....i'll check this....04:33
\shand upstream bug: http://www.mail-archive.com/linux-usb-devel%40lists.sourceforge.net/msg41847.html04:34
maswanhuh, we've hadn't have any such issues with our dl385 end dl585s though.04:35
\shandel7: did you try to boot an ubuntu dapper/edgy server from cd on your machine? at my place, the 320s is locking up after finding PS/2 keyboard port...04:35
\shmaswan: older machines are not having this behaviour...we think it's ilo2 fault...see linux-usb-devel..04:35
maswan\sh: ah04:35
\shall our other hp servers (dl360g4p, dl585, bl35p class) with ilo1 are working as expected.04:36
maswanOk, that's something significant to remember for us then. Is it known if dapper will get an update for this?04:36
\shmaswan: funny thing...sles9 kernel works ;)04:37
\shmaswan: read the comment on http://linux.blogweb.de/archives/304-HP-DL320S-and-Ubuntu-Dapper,Edgy,Feisty.html from steffen neumann04:37
\shit looks like that it's fixed in 2.6.15-50 in experimental..not knowing if he means debian or one of BenCs private p.u.c./~benc/ archives ;)04:37
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maswan\sh: well, the launchpad page says "Fix Committed"04:41
\shmaswan: see #ubuntu-kernel04:44
maswan\sh: must have missed it then04:47
\shmaswan: it's in 2.6.15-26.4704:51
\shmaswan: dapper-security 04:51
maswanah, so it's already fixed. good.04:52
\shbut not on the install media :(04:53
shawarmaDoes anyone know if the name of a mysql database is stored anywhere apart from the directory name?05:01
maswan\sh: We use FAI for installation anyway. :)05:02
shawarmaI have a "backup" of a mysql db in the shape of the MYD and MYI files. A client of mine wants to access this, but I'm a bit reluctant to just put in in /var/lib/mysql under a different dirname since it's a replicated server and I wouldn't want it to mess that up..05:05
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\shmaswan: we, too ;) but with a special tool for hw gathering and confiuration of our networks 05:07
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lionelshawarma: no, it is safe to copy-paste the directory of you database05:09
lioneljuste be carrefull if you are changing of mysql version05:10
lioneland with rights (user and privileges are stored in the mysql db)05:10
shawarmalionel: Excellent. Thanks05:10
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\shmaswan: it's in proposed..not -security :(05:23
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dballesterhi to all05:37
dballester[OT]  any link to read about administration of raw devices in ubuntu ?05:45
andel7how can i load a network interface module to the installation - can u give me some url?05:46
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mralphabetdballester: administration of raw devices?05:55
dballestercommming from redhat world, I can define relations between physical partitions and raw devices ( /dev/raw/raw1 -> /dev/sda1 for example ). Then one startup script executes the bindings with raw command05:58
mralphabetdballester: interesting, that's not something I've seen before06:00
ivokssda1 is a raw device :)06:00
dballesterivoks, I know06:01
ivoksso, you just want to create links?06:05
dballestermralphabet, to get an idea http://infocenter.sybase.com/help/index.jsp?topic=/com.sybase.dc30119_1501/html/installnx/BEIGJJEI.htm06:05
dballesternow seems that redhat is moving to the use of udev instead of raw command06:06
dballesterbut i was trying to look for a simple examples on how to 'do the same' under ubuntu06:06
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mralphabetdballester: interesting, thanks for the link06:08
ivoksraw /dev/raw/raw1 /dev/sda106:09
dballesteryou can read more about raw partitions management ( I repeat, seems to be the 'old way' now ) in any RedHat Admin pdf. Is the way thay we used to manage raw partitions for oracle datafiles06:09
mralphabetI'm still reading the sybase doc, but I have to wonder if there is really that much of a performance gain06:11
dballesterivoks, the 'problem' is then i need to create some type of script to manage raw partitions and convert it to ubuntu init to be launched at correct time when machine boots 06:11
dballestermralphabet, yes06:11
dballesteryou bypass all OS filesystem management06:11
ivoksthere is gain06:11
ivokson ext3, i would say around 20%, IIRC06:12
dballesterthis is why is not strange to see oracle datafiles under raw devices on the majority of unix flavors ( even with fc storage )06:13
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ivoksthis brings some other issues, but, yes, it should be faster06:13
dballesterpros: speed06:13
ivokscons: no backup :D06:13
dballesterivoks, false :)06:13
ivoksyou can dd it, yes...06:14
dballesterbest way ( i'm only talking about Oracle ) : rman06:14
dballesterthe second more 'rude' is what you say, dd06:14
ivoksso, no bacula and other fancy stuff06:15
dballesterrman now is the best tool to backup/restore oracle database06:15
ivoksbut ok, this is solved on oracle level06:15
dballesterI REALLY love bacula06:15
dballesterdespite tivoli, veritas... :)06:15
ivoksthis is something we should think about, since we wouold love to see oracle ceritified for ubuntu06:15
ivoksbacula rulez.06:15
dballesterbacula, bacula and bacula :)06:15
dballesterbut now we have 2 problems06:16
ivoksi will take a look at it on redhat06:16
=== dthacker uses raw devices for informix on AIX, informix will run on linux raw devices as well...
dthackerdballester: bacula won't backup raw devices?06:17
dballester1 .- rman can 'talk' directly to storage device via propietary vendor library ( libobk provided by tivoli, veritas...)06:18
ivoksdthacker: bacula client needs to read data...06:18
ivoksdthacker: iirc, it can' read raw06:18
dballester2.- Oracle recently presented is own enterprise backup solution ( not only related to oracle products )06:18
dthackerhmmmm. 06:19
dballesterAnd i think that oracle will not be interested on offer rman support for bacula integration :/06:19
ivokswe would love to see oracle, but not do everything to get it :)06:20
dballesterdthacker, the 'problem' with raw partitions is that only the applications that uses this raw partition knows how the data is stored06:20
dthackerinformix has two utiliites, one of them is self contained, but the other writes to storage managers06:20
dballesterdthacker, surely, is the only way to make some type of backup of the data stored in raws :)06:21
dthackerbut I also doubt they are interested in writing to bacula, because IBM would rather sell TSM06:21
dballesterof course06:21
dballesterbut it's an interesting scenario06:21
dballesterthink about a company that has been doing backups with tsm ( Tivoli ) or veritas... for several years ( > 3 )06:22
dthackerlike mine.  Then they moved to CommVault06:22
dballesterbuying hardware, tape libraries and tapes06:23
dballesteryes dthacker but is compatible a yerarly full backup made 2 years ago with tsm recoverable actually with CommValut or another product ? I think no06:24
dballesterthis fears a lot of companies to make a movement to adopt another solution06:24
dballesterbacula primary target should be new backup solution implementation 06:24
dballesterit's the only way to go inside enterprise06:25
dthackerlike my little linux universe at work (about 50 machines)06:25
dthackerI am just underway on a bacula implementation.06:26
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dballesterthe big difference is that using bacula you will know without a doubt how is stored every single byte of your backups06:26
dballesterdthacker, me too06:26
dballesterand will use DVD as backup volume.. ahem... don't ask me why, i'm trying to understand it too :P06:27
dthackerbbl, time to beat on postfix some more06:27
dballestermralphabet, if actually doesn't exist something similar to rawdevices script under ubuntu don't worry, redhat is moving to udev and rawdevices will disappear  http://kbase.redhat.com/faq/FAQ_105_9616.shtm06:29
ivoksso, redhat follows development of new technologies :)06:31
dballesteryep :)06:31
dballesteroracle is doing the same06:31
dballestermoving to DIRECT_IO06:32
ivokswe should just write rules for udev06:32
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dballesterraw devices seems that will die06:32
ivoksi don't think so06:33
ivoksthere is no reason for it to die06:34
dballesterivoks, well, you will do the same with udev 06:47
dballesterand vendors are using new libaries06:47
dthackershould "postfix" reload pick up changes to /etc/postfix/main.cf?06:48
dthacker"postfix reload"06:49
dthackeradded restrictions are not shown, Cyntaks Airer strikes again!06:51
dthackerah, I see it in mail.log.  pebkac06:52
ivoksas always :)06:52
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dballesterivoks, sorry, no DIRECT_IO, O_DIRECT 06:56
dballesterwell i will try the udev way to bind to partitions to raw devices under ubuntu06:58
dballesterand see if i can gain some I/O speed with vmware clients06:58
dballesteris a thest06:59
dballesterthe bind will be done against logical volume :)06:59
dballesterI tried to do the same with ORacle ASM disks and worked :D06:59
dthackerargh,  postfix reload shows ok in the mail.log but my single change to main.cf does not show. 07:05
ivoksdthacker: /etc/init.d/postfix reload does postfix quiet-reload07:08
ivoksand this is something that works07:08
dthackerworth a shot....07:10
dthackernope, something is borked07:11
dthackerI just added smtpd_helo_required = yes, but postconf -d still shows no07:12
fabbionedthacker: you want to talk to lamont in #ubuntu-devel07:16
fabbionehe maintains postfix07:16
dthackerfabbione: tnx07:16
fabbionejust keep the noise low because we are trying to get Release Candidate out07:17
dballesteryup! Cannot open master raw device '/dev/rawctl' :/07:22
ivoksmodprobe raw07:23
dballesterbingo :)07:24
ivoksdthacker: interesting...07:24
ivoksthis bug is in debian07:25
dthackerivoks: I'm back to user error.07:27
dballestermmhh raw devices needs more work in Ubuntu :/07:29
ivoksdthacker: check this out07:29
ivokspostconf -e 'smtpd_helo_required = yes'07:29
ivokspostconf -d | grep helo_required07:29
ivokssmtpd_helo_required = no07:29
ivoksdthacker: maybe it's on purpose...07:36
ivoksdthacker: i've read that 50% of MTAs don't work with postfix if that is enabled07:37
dthackerivoks: I may set it to warn for awhile.07:38
dthackerbbl, being called to lunch07:38
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FlyingSquirrel33my server is still on hoary, and when I do a apt-get dist-upgrade it doesn't add any packages. Any ideas?08:00
ivokshoary is unsupported for 6 months already08:02
ivoksbreezy is also unsupported08:02
FlyingSquirrel33there's no way?08:02
ivoks6.06 (dapper) is supported for 5 years08:03
ivoksyou should upgrade to it08:03
ivoksget a breezy install CD and upgrade to breezy08:03
ivoksthen upgrade to dapper08:03
dballestersee you08:11
FlyingSquirrel33ivoks:great! thanks, I think I have one around!08:12
FlyingSquirrel33how do I go about upgrading to breezy with the CD?08:23
fabbioneFlyingSquirrel33: you can also upgrade from the net..08:23
fabbioneno need of a CD08:23
fabbionebut for sure you need to make it in 2 steps08:23
fabbionehoary -> breezy -> dapper08:24
fabbioneand breezy will be unsupported in 2 days or so08:24
FlyingSquirrel33fabbione: when I do a apt-get dist-upgrade it doesn't add any packages08:25
FlyingSquirrel33what am I missing?08:26
fabbionedid you change sources.list ?08:26
fabbioneand did you do apt-get update08:26
ivoksoh, then there's still time :)08:26
FlyingSquirrel33fabbione: I've heard changing the sources.list breaks things sometimes08:26
fabbioneFlyingSquirrel33: i beg you pardon? and how are you supposed to upgrade then?08:27
ivoksyou have to change it to upgrade it08:27
FlyingSquirrel33well, I'm no expert, but I've been told to use gksudo "update-manager -c -d"08:29
FlyingSquirrel33and that the other is not the "correct" way. I could be wrong, 08:30
fabbioneFlyingSquirrel33: if you are on a server there is no such thing as gksudo or update-manager in hoary08:30
FlyingSquirrel33fabbione: I realize that. I assumed that dist-upgrade is more or less the same.08:30
ivoksit is, more or less08:30
fabbioneup to dapper dist-upgrade is good enough08:30
fabbionedapper -> edgy might be a bit rough08:31
ivoksafter you change sources.list08:31
fabbioneedgy -> feisty has the update-manager for server08:31
ivoksfabbione: i think he would be better of with dapper than edgy for server08:31
ivoksor desktop even08:31
fabbionebut you need to change sources.list08:31
fabbioneivoks: for sure he wants dapper08:31
fabbioneso do i08:31
fabbionemy server is still on breezy08:31
Nafallofeisty <3 :-)08:32
fabbionei had no time to upgrade it in over a year08:32
=== fabbione feels bad about it
fabbioneand i am sure it will exploit the only corner case for everything on lvm on raid that hasn't been tested in dapper08:33
FlyingSquirrel33fabbione: ok, so I'll do it one step at a time and use dist-upgrade each time I change the sources.list.08:33
ivoksyou think?08:33
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fabbioneFlyingSquirrel33: yes...08:34
fabbioneupgrade to breezy08:34
fabbionemake sure everything works08:34
fabbioneonly after you upgrade to dapper08:34
FlyingSquirrel33make sure everything works only after I upgrade to dapper... OK08:35
fabbionecheck at each step08:36
fabbionefabbione> upgrade to breezy08:36
fabbione<fabbione> make sure everything works08:36
fabbionethen... upgrade to dapper08:36
fabbioneand check again08:36
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FlyingSquirrel33fabbione, ivoks: everything went fine with breezy, now almost everything's done with dapper except I get exit status 10 while unpacking lvm2. I tried deleting the deb so it would download it again, but it didn't make a difference. Is there a way to trouble-shoot this?10:43
fabbioneFlyingSquirrel33: that can be several reasons.. keep it as last.. 10:46
fabbionekeep doing dist-upgrade until lvm2 is the last one left to upgrade10:46
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