yharrowtroy_s: yeah its current12:22
yharrowhey lap12:22
yharrowtroy_s: I built it yesterday12:23
troy_sgood stuffs12:23
yharrowtroy_s: took me 20 mins to build12:23
troy_syharrow: THats your initial12:23
troy_syharrow: svn up12:23
troy_syharrow: make12:24
troy_swill take much less12:24
troy_sfrom now on12:24
yharrow5 mins?12:24
troy_swell it will only compile object files that have changed now12:24
troy_swhere you ended up compiling EVERYTHING when you do it the first time12:24
yharrowoh cool12:24
troy_syharrow: Try it...12:24
troy_syharrow: enter into the SVN dir12:24
troy_syharrow: svn up12:24
troy_syharrow: make12:24
troy_syharrow: sudo make install12:25
yharrow I got: At revision 14900.12:25
troy_sso no updates12:25
troy_sso if you ran a make12:25
troy_syou can see -- it won't 'remake'12:25
troy_sit just looks for new stuff and compiles it, then compiles the master binary12:26
troy_svery quick12:26
yharrowits just saying "Nothing to be done for all"12:26
yharrowtroy_s: yeah was very queick12:26
yharrowtroy I enabled color management as well12:27
troy_syharrow: Ditto12:29
troy_syharrow: LCMS is awsome12:29
troy_syou can also try lprof12:29
troy_swhich is a gui fo it.12:29
yharrowwhats that?12:29
troy_sand works great12:29
troy_ssudo aptitude install lprof12:29
troy_scheck it out.12:29
yharrowlooks like a qt3 app12:30
troy_syharrow: It is very good.  If you have a registered profile you can use predefined estimates to get colour management in place12:34
troy_seven better12:34
troy_syou can use an it8 target12:35
troy_sto generate profiles for your local cameras / scanners /etc12:35
troy_s(although I am always of the mind that you MUST test the workflow by validating the results with sources and references)12:36
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yharrowtroy_s: ok its installed...12:36
yharrowtroy_s: gonna check it out now12:37
yharrowtroy_s: it looks complicated12:40
troy_syharrow: Color management is complicated on many levels12:43
troy_sultimately, all it really assures is that you can theoretically have your work look right on an output12:43
troy_smost directors of photography12:44
yharrowtroy_s: I am unsure of what color management really is.12:44
troy_syharrow: I'll explain in a bit... tad busy just for a few seconds.12:44
yharrowok talk to you in a few12:44
troy_syharrow: Sorry -- shitey time coordination on my end.01:59
yharrowtroy_s:  oh ok , I understand02:49
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jribHello, does anyone know of an ascii ubuntu logo?02:56
psymon101not off the top of my head02:58
psymon101yet you can get bitmap to acsii converters02:58
jribpsymon101: thanks03:00
psymon101that should do the trick03:00
psymon101no problem03:00
jribI found http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=403558 which includes one as well03:00
psymon101it should be pretty accurate03:00
psymon101since the logo isnt exactly complex03:01
psymon101What really would be cool is an app which scales ascii art :)03:03
psymon101Just doing to browsing on Deviant art... this chaps art is exceptional.. http://videa.deviantart.com/gallery/03:04
jribthat is impressive, and I haven't even clicked on one to look closer yet03:04
psymon101just trying to decide which one is going to be on my background:) I like the one with the girl looking at a hand mirror.. but I am sure I would get frowns from my clients if I opened my laptop up to that:)03:06
yharrowhis stuff looks intensely  3d04:05
yharrowIm going to assume that it was done in raster04:06
yharrowwhich makes it all that muchmore of a feat04:06
yharrowit looks way to detailed to be either 3d or svg04:06
yharrowbut It could be svg04:07
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troy_sthat's all 3d04:44
troy_sand a little of the 2d mixed media stuff.04:44
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DavieyHi, our loco is considering national press advertising11:52
DavieyIs there anybody interested in helping with the artwork11:52
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MadpilotDaviey, best bet is to mail the artwork team's mailing list - far busier than this channel11:55
DavieyMadpilot, thanks11:55
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yharrowhi kwwii01:55
yharrowhey lapo01:55
lapoyo guys01:56
yharrowkwwii: been busy this past week?02:01
yharrowi wonder if they had anything in open week related to art02:01
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elkbuntuhey kwwii. people are asking for cd artwork, anywhere to point them?03:41
=== meatballhat [n=dbuch@ubuntu/member/meatballhat] has joined #ubuntu-artwork
=== kwwii is on vacation this week :-)
kwwiielkbuntu: I do not have acces to the right page...I'll see that it goes up next week03:59
elkbuntukwwii, any chance you could email the stuff to me? that way i can pass it on as requested?04:00
kwwiielkbuntu: it is several hundred MB and I still have to sort it out04:01
elkbuntukwwii, ah ok. fair enough04:01
kwwiiI can point you to my site where I put up two images for ubuntu (the Cd and the wallet) if you'd like to do it though04:02
kwwiiand Ubu_CD_704.eps04:03
elkbuntuyeah, that's great. it's what most are looking for. ta04:03
kwwiiI think that the eps is rendered to a pic though, so there are no paths in it04:03
kwwiiI've all the pics used to make those pics too, but I'll have to sort them out, etc04:04
kwwiiI also have the other derivs stuff too, but again, that will be done sometime next week04:04
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elkbuntuyep. i'll make sure to harrass you next week :04:05
troy_skwwii: Ugh04:13
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kwwiitroy_s: ?04:24
troy_skwwii: That packaging.04:30
troy_skwwii: Well it is at least consistent in the same way that Windows has the apparent gaudy consistency going for it.  :)04:31
kwwiitroy_s: well, I didn't make that stuff this time around04:31
troy_skwwii: I know04:31
troy_skwwii: I can tell04:31
kwwiiwe've a new marketing-manager, perhaps that will change04:31
troy_skwwii: It has the trademark 'cheeseball' feeling that has been going for a good 6 releases04:31
troy_skwwii: Well that's positive.  Who is it?04:32
kwwiican't remeber his name...just got a mail about it the other day04:32
kwwiiI haven't read my emails in a few days and they are backing up so I only skim them04:32
elkbuntusome of the models in the photo are the same as old wallet photos04:33
troy_selkbuntu: It goes beyond that.04:33
elkbuntutroy_s,  i only glanced ;)04:33
troy_selkbuntu: It appears to capitalize on the rather cliched cheeseball nature that shuttlebot clings to.04:33
troy_s(not to mention that the photo is so Sears wallet photo)04:33
troy_s(as you said lol)04:34
troy_sit is actually funny04:34
troy_sin a sick dark accident sort of way04:34
troy_sI heard about the new marketing campaigns:04:34
troy_sUbuntu - Linux for People Who Like Cheese.04:35
nysosymhmm what are u talking about?04:35
troy_snysosym: You probably don't want to know.04:35
nysosymwhy not?04:36
=== kwwii is back to vacation...see you later
nysosymwhat looks like cheese in ubuntu?04:42
elkbuntudesktop effects code :04:43
=== elkbuntu ducks
nysosymhehe, don't get me wrong but why do u kidding me?04:45
troy_selkbuntu: Amen sister.04:53
troy_snysosym: Scroll back04:53
troy_snysosym: http://sinecera.de/Ubu_704_PC.pdf04:54
troy_sMore of the same shitey poorly directed and poorly communicated design.04:54
elkbuntutroy_s, at least kwwii has a full release cycle to weave his magic this time04:54
troy_selkbuntu: Depends on magic I suppose.04:55
troy_selkbuntu: The problem is systemic however.04:55
elkbuntutroy_s, 'better than that'04:55
elkbuntuyeah, i know, but we need to have hope04:56
troy_selkbuntu: I don't know.  I think the best hope is from the community getting vocal -- by community I mean community at large.04:56
troy_selkbuntu: Notice how much press there was about Ubuntu's look for Feisty?04:56
troy_selkbuntu: At the very least, offer work that offers some visceral emotional response -- love or hate or _something_.04:57
elkbuntuhe had horrifically limited time, since he only started in january04:58
troy_selkbuntu: I don't think the time is an issue.04:59
troy_selkbuntu: In terms of a polish it would be... again, it is symptomatic of a company that doesn't place value on art and design.04:59
troy_selkbuntu: The reason I wouldn't cite time is because you could probably draw comparisons to the other K thing.05:00
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