zaapielubuntu-desktop is what i want to cnvert xubuntu into ubuntu correct?00:00
Flannelzaapiel: Yep00:00
EyemeanFlannel, does that mean it will be slighly slower aswell?00:00
zaapielk ty00:00
Mapsamenado - if I do `lpadmin -h nas -p lp` I get conenction refused.. if I'm logged into "nas" how can I see the socket or prot ot whatever?00:00
FlannelEyemean: Its only slower when it comes to disk access.  And even then, only slightly.00:00
solexiousunop, got it, thank you00:00
unopsolexious, whats the username you are using to connect to this share? it isn't administrator is it?00:00
gregbradyOk, well, thanks for listening....Maybe I'll try later.00:00
MagicdeadRonLut: ah and if it is indeed compiz, then we should be able to corner the problem in fast and finish the little sucker off ;)00:00
unopsolexious, cool00:00
maccam94kevinm_: password protect GRUB, lock your case, remove everything but the HD from boot order, password protect the bios00:01
homiecan anyone help me set the default applicatin for an ipod?00:01
Flannelkevinm_: And then unplug it from the wall00:01
homiei don't like it opening in rhythmbox00:01
EyemeanFlannel, thanks i might just do that then, because for some reson ubuntu is acting funny, so installtion time should be alot faster if installed in windows00:01
kevinm_maccam94: im using a thinkpad that has features like bios password, could i keep the other boot devices or is a bios password not secure?00:01
RonLutMagicdead: :\ my system stopped again.... I don't know if it's the same problem but I guess so....00:02
unopkevinm_, if someone has physical access to a machine, there really is nothing you can do00:02
EyemeanFlannel,  is there an easy way to uninstall ubuntu?00:02
jack-desktopwhen i log in, my window manager doesn't load and i have to click the fusion icon and select 'reload window manager', how can i fix this?00:02
irc-testeris there a way to force a usb-serial device to use a specific /dev/ttyUSBx port?  For example, /dev/ttyUSB3 instead of the lowest available port?00:02
FlannelEyemean: sure, delete the partitions00:02
mattbradshawmaccam94: you're probably right... not using the restricted hardware manager is probably the cause (attribute it to my ubuntu-n00bness... i'm an rhel/fedora guy by training)00:03
mattbradshawmaccam94: problem is00:03
maccam94kevinm_: well you don't want other devices to be before the HD in the boot order, because then someone can boot a livecd and get at your hard drive00:03
mattbradshawmaccam94: i can't seemingly get to that00:03
kevinm_unop: really? bios password is beatable? and then removing all kernal boots but my main one and password protecting grub, all that and still they could gain root00:03
ryan_using vlc player in buntu 8.04, settings "adjust vlc priority" needs an offset #, what number should i just to delegate highest priority00:03
MagicdeadRonLut: hmm. so if it's not compiz, well. difficult to say. have you tried running it for a while without any program open to check if it's cause by a program?00:03
maccam94kevinm_: unless you're using an encrypted filesystem00:03
MagicdeadRonLut: other than that it could be anything, from some x-server error to god knows what imo00:04
Flannelkevinm_: you don't need to remove all the kernel options, thats what the password protection does.00:04
EyemeanFlannel, what about the sectin at the start where u select operating system u want to use? sorry im new to linux00:04
mattbradshawmaccam94: doing the dpkg command resulted in nothing... i even removed the fglrx_drv.so a moment ago, it still locks up00:04
kevinm_maccam94: yea but if the bios password came before the boot deviceses shouldnt i be safe from livecd attack?00:04
RonLutMagicdead: :\00:04
maccam94kevinm_: thinkpad bioses are good, but you need to lock the case shut so they can't reset it00:04
mattbradshawmaccam94: any advice for getting any x to work and then i go the restricted hw mgr route00:04
unopkevinm_, sure, all one has to do is remove the cmos battery for half-an-hour and your BIOS settings are lost - that includes the password you've set00:04
maccam94mattbradshaw: not dpkg, apt-get00:04
kevinm_maccam94: good idea00:04
FlannelEyemean: You'll want to pop in your windows CD, and fix the MBR, and then once you're done with that you'll boot straight into windows.00:04
RonLutMagicdead: Ill do some more checking to see if I can recognize the problem source00:04
FlannelEyemean: And then after that, just overwrite the ubuntu partitions00:04
m_newtonHow do i regester a bot?00:04
kevinm_unop: i see00:05
maccam94mattbradshaw: it sounds like you're totally hosing the system. you're mixing manual and automatic package handling in the worst ways00:05
Flannelm_newton: What?00:05
kevinm_thanks for the suggestions guys00:05
MagicdeadRonLut: also, have you googled/searched the forums for similar problems? i know it might be hard to find info on this specific topic as it seems to be quite generic, but it's worth a try00:05
Eyemeandoes that mean i seelct repair from windows cd? Flannel ?00:05
m_newtonFlannel, well, i want to regester my bot, then give it voice00:05
FlannelEyemean: Depending on your version, yeah, repair or fixmbr or whatnot00:05
maccam94mattbradshaw: i've gotta go eat dinner now, but if installing the drivers through the restricted-hardware-manager doesn't work, reinstall ubuntu and install them through r-hw-m00:05
Flannelm_newton: Where?00:05
EyemeanFlannel, xp00:06
* maccam94 is GONE00:06
m_newtonFlannel, my channel...00:06
Eyemeanok cheers Flannel00:06
EyemeanFlannel, much appreciated00:06
Flannelm_newton: You register your bot with nickserv,  /msg nickserv help register, and then voicing is done by you.00:06
Flannelm_newton: and/or with chanserv, if you want to give it privledges.  But this is offtopic in #ubuntu00:06
Mapsamenado - if I do `lpadmin -h nas -p lp` I get conenction refused.. if I run nmap I see port 515/tcp is open.....00:06
quentusrexCan someone help me with an openssh-server problem with ubuntu gutsy???00:06
m_newtonFlannel, i did, and thanks00:07
gogiI was hoping someone could help me with a newly installed mythbuntu / grub dual booting problem00:07
FlyingSquirrel31what is the default image viewer in hardy, is it still gthumb?00:07
to0xquentusrex explain00:07
unopFlyingSquirrel31, on the gnome desktop, yes00:07
MatBoyis someone using egroupware in ubuntu ?00:07
quentusrexthanks to0x00:07
Vinchenzo28whats the best prog from .pdf's?00:07
gogiI just installed mythbuntu, hoping to dual boot with XP. But for some reason when I boot from the hdd and it gets time to load a OS, and hopefully show me the boot menu, the screen just fills up with "grub" over and over again...I had to boot into the LiveCD to get here to ask for help :)00:07
quentusrexI'm trying to setup my ubuntu gusty server so that I can ssh into it from my desktop without typing a password00:07
unopVinchenzo28, you mean, to read pdfs?00:07
Vinchenzo28unop: yeah00:07
MatBoyubuntu server still contains egroupware 1.2 and there already is 1.4 :S00:08
unopVinchenzo28, acroread - adobe's acrobat reader00:08
quentusrexbut each time I generate the ssh-keygen -t dsa, and copy it to my remote server. I still get prompted for a password.00:08
Vinchenzo28unop: ubuntu compatible?00:08
FlyingSquirrel31unop: I right click on an image and choose open with image viewer it just thinks for a minute and then does nothing.00:08
unopVinchenzo28, there's also evince - both are available on ubuntu, yes00:08
Magicdeadmattbradshaw: uhm, i didn't follow the whole discussion, but did you try installing the driver with envyng, too?00:08
Vinchenzo28unop: thanks00:08
to0xquentusrex paste the manipulation you do on pastebin.org00:09
unopFlyingSquirrel31, hmm, try setting the default application back to gthumb and trying again -- if that fails, perhaps reinstall gthumb00:09
BallenaCan some one with basic bash scripting knowledge here help me? :) http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=5276296&postcount=700:09
m_newtonFlannel, well, i have already regestered... How do i regester it00:09
FlannelMatBoy: egroupware is in universe, #ubuntu-motu is the place to go.  However, 1.4 is in Intrepid00:09
unopFlyingSquirrel31, it might also be likely that gthumb has crashed - you might want to check that too and kill any instances already running.00:09
quentusrexI just scp the id_dsa.pub file into the remote server username@mydomain.com:/home/username/.ssh/authorized_keys200:09
mattbradshawMagicdead: nope00:09
=== gogi is now known as gogi`
Flannelm_newton: once you register, you don't need to do it again.  You need to identify.  /msg nickserv help identify00:10
mattbradshawjust having trouble uninstalling it now00:10
mattbradshawnot seeing how to do that even00:10
mattbradshawati is evil00:10
m_newtonFlannel, i am regestered and identified00:10
Flannelm_newton: then whats the question?00:10
m_newtonFlannel, i want to register and identify my bot00:10
Jordan_UBallena, You can check the number of arguments with $#00:10
FlyingSquirrel31unop: Thanks, that works. I just wasn't sure if perhaps gthumb was supposed to have been replaced with something else.00:10
Magicdeadmattbradshaw: well, it's sort of a long shot, but the EnvyNG script always did the trick for me when i had display driver probs, just install the package and run envyng00:11
thunder_stormhello everybody00:11
Flannelm_newton: right, register it just like you would any other nick.  And as for automatic identification, that'll depend on the bot00:11
to0xquentusrex: there is no "2" at the end of the authorized_keys file00:11
unopFlyingSquirrel31, cool00:11
quentusrexok, I'll try to change that00:11
Starnestommym_newton: you may also need to check your email for account verification instructions00:11
m_newtonFlannel, /msg nickserv REGISTER <password> <email>00:11
m_newtonFlannel, that will regester me... my nick is diffrent from my bot00:12
Magicdeadmattbradshaw: it has several options, like automatically installing it, manually installing it, uninstalling drivers and so on00:12
tarekshi hopefully this'll work now00:12
Flannelm_newton: /join #ubuntu-offtopic00:12
m_newtonhello Starnestommy00:12
to0xquentusrex: and keep in mind that the passphrase for the key would be empty00:12
thunder_stormi use a Fritz!WLAN USB-Stick on my Sony Vario Notebook PCG-FR415B under Hardy, configured manually and patched fritzusb from launchpad-Forum eingerichtet00:12
tareksI'm not sure if anyone got my previous msgs of help, but I just installed mythbuntu and am having some problems...00:12
tareksI just installed mythbuntu, hoping to dual boot with XP. But for some reason when I boot from the hdd and it gets time to load a OS, and hopefully show me the boot menu, the screen just fills up with "grub" over and over again00:12
shubuntuhey question is there a way you guys can type the names of people you're talking to instead of actually typing it?00:12
shubuntulike do you press any special key combos or whatever00:12
Starnestommyshubuntu: type the first two or three letters then press tab00:12
thunder_stormmy problem is, ubuntu freezes, after the notebook is a time long idle00:13
LymiesMagicdead,  libasound2-plugins depends on libasound2 (>> 1.0.16); however:00:13
Lymies  Version of libasound2 on system is 1.0.15-3ubuntu4.00:13
quentusrexthen how to I execute a remote ssh command without typing the password?00:13
shubuntui tired that00:13
tarekssomeone pleeaasee help...I haev a feeling it's a fairly easy fix, I just have no idea how to do it00:13
thunder_stormthat means - if no data wall be transfered on the wlan0, the system make a "powersave" - and all frezzes00:13
shubuntuit brings a list of them in the chat window00:13
quentusrexI'm trying to script a command to run on my remote server, without having to type the password.00:13
shubuntudoesn't come down here in the typing area00:13
to0xquentusrex: please, when youre talking to me, highlight me00:14
gway9000not enough letters typed00:14
quentusrexok to0x00:14
to0xi can't follow you00:14
FlannelLymies: you can't use intrepid packages in Hardy00:14
thunder_stormnow my question: how can i disable the powersave function of the usb-connections?00:14
shubuntuoh i got it it has to be unique00:14
legend2440mattbradshaw: read section on uninstall ati     https://a248.e.akamai.net/f/674/9206/0/www2.ati.com/drivers/linux/linux_cat86-inst.html00:14
thunder_stormidea two: a tool what sends a ping every 30 seconds00:14
quentusrexto0x, I'm trying to setup a script to run a command on my remote server, but without having to type the password each time the script runs.00:15
LymiesFlannel, what does that mean00:15
MagicdeadLymies: uhm... well i suggest you first try following the instructions on the forum-link i gave you, and if that doesn't work get all the packages you need from packages.ubuntu.com intrepid repository00:15
thunder_stormwhat is possible?00:15
arooni-mobilequestion:  i have an ubuntu hardy desktop i built.... anyway i'm having trouble getting on the interwebs....  i'm connected to a wireless router (with an ethernet cable).... anyway, i tired connecting both via wired & wireless... i get an ip address from the router.... but pinging any service results in "ping: unknown host yahoo.com".  this was working fine before... and better yet, i'm connected to the same router on the lap00:15
arooni-mobiletop i'm typing to you on.00:15
MagicdeadFlannel: why can't he/her use intrepid packages?00:15
FlannelLymies: How did you get that file (libasound-plugins?) through the repos? or what?00:15
MagicdeadFlannel: the intrepid flash 10 solves a lot of problems with pa00:15
connorim eating crumbled bacon in a bowl like cereal00:15
FlannelMagicdead: He can use intrepid files if he's on intrepid.  You can't mix/match files like that.00:15
to0xquentusrex: in order to have access to a machine without password with ssh, you ve to generate a public key from your client server, and then copy this file to the user@server:~/.ssh/authorized_keys file00:16
to0xquentusrex: but the passphrase need to be empty when you generate your public key00:16
thunder_stormcan nobody helps me00:16
quentusrexbut I have done this....00:16
tarekscan anyone help me...pretty please...grub dual boot problem....00:16
quentusrexthat's my problem.... :(00:16
connortareks: whats the problem?00:16
jantquentusrex: no you didn't00:16
tareksconnor: I just installed mythbuntu, hoping to dual boot with XP. But for some reason when I boot from the hdd and it gets time to load a OS, and hopefully show me the boot menu, the screen just fills up with "grub" over and over again00:16
jantquentusrex: is quite foolproof00:16
quentusrexjant, then what am I don't wrong???00:16
connortareks: if you can, get a ubuntu live cd and boot it00:17
RonLutMagicdead: It happend again... it's not compiz problem, for sure....00:17
connorand try an install to see if that helps00:17
MagicdeadFlannel: hmm that's the info i found on the forums when i had problems with flash & pa. sure it's a workaround but in this case the flashplugin-nonfree + alsa 1.0.16 works great00:17
tareksconnor: I'm in the live cd right now00:17
connorum, download the ubuntu iso and burn it00:17
quentusrexjant, to0x I'm running ssh-keygen -t dsa and I'm leaving the password field blank00:17
connortareks: how did you install?00:18
tareksWell the CD I booted into is the Mythbuntu Live CD / Install CD00:18
tareksconnor: I just went through the install normally....didn't select anything but default settings00:18
connortry reinstalling00:18
connorthat usually helps me00:18
connorwhat burn speed did you use?00:18
to0xquentusrex: are you sure you want to ssh with the correct user00:18
connoralways use the lowest speed on things like this00:18
jantquentusrex: then scp .ssh/id_dsa.pub <user>@server_to_connect_to:~/.ssh/authorized_keys00:19
jjjjjfjjfjfjCan someone please give me a quick answer as to whether you would either install Ubuntu or Kubuntu onto a fresh harddrive? Been using Ubuntu in college, and wondering if Kubuntu is a better option..... or is this all just preference?00:19
connorjjjjjfjjfjfj: ubuntu uses gnome and kubuntu uses kde00:19
tareksI burnt it in 16X00:19
MagicdeadRonLut: hum, that sucks. well i wonder, if you boot from the install-cd, so you use the standard system on the cd, would the problem still exist.00:19
connortareks: was that the lowest?00:19
tareksI think it's just something wrong with how the dual loader is setup or something, I can't really say since I'm new at this stuff00:19
jantquentusrex: make sure that the directory .ssh on the server to connect to excists00:19
RonLutMagicdead: What you mean? using the live cd?00:19
connortareks: always get comfortable with the live cd first00:19
gway9000jjjjjfjjfjfj: yes you can00:19
jantquentusrex: eq scp shouldn't stop with an error00:20
jjjjjfjjfjfjconnor: yes, would your preference be gnome or kde?00:20
SeaPhorjjjjjfjjfjfj, just prefs bro00:20
connortareks: try uninstalling mythbuntu first and see if that helps00:20
quentusrexit doesn't.00:20
connorjjjjjfjjfjfj: i use ubuntu personally, it was what i started with00:20
MagicdeadRonLut: on the linux install-cd is a pre-made complete ubuntu, so you can boot of the cd and use that standard system.00:20
connortareks: uninstalling mythbuntu will remove grub, letting you boot xp00:20
jantquentusrex: then you are done00:20
zangabarI'm having troubles getting grub to boot my installation of Windows XP.  Windows setup installed the boot loader into a different partition than the XP installation.  Can anyone help me get around this?00:20
quentusrexjant, but it doesn't work....00:20
bibi__I am running ubuntu installer and the only choise it gives me is to use entire disk. I want to install it preserving existing partition table. How can I do it?00:20
to0xquentusrex: so take a look at your ssh config server file and verifiy that this line exists: PubkeyAuthentication yes00:21
connorzangabar: what happens?00:21
jjjjjfjjfjfjconnor: Do you know of any advantages/disadvantages over one or the other?00:21
connorjjjjjfjjfjfj: no I don't,00:21
=== root is now known as Guest80110
MagicdeadRonLut: now if you have the problems with the standard system, it is indeed weird. if you don't have it on the live-cd system, the problem is most probably due to some changes you made, your installation, which would mean it's fixable :)00:21
arooni-mobilei think my file system just went read only.... how can i checK?00:21
connorjjjjjfjjfjfj: try both live cds for about 30 minutes and see which you prefer00:21
cyphaseumm.. anyone willing to let me vnc into their computer to test out vnc?00:21
connorkubuntu and ubuntu00:21
connoror possible xubuntu00:21
gway9000jjjjjfjjfjfj: k comes before u??00:21
MechyuskeRight-o then. How, exactly, would I go about putting ubuntu onto an external HDD? Or, better yet, windows XP? When I tried to install xp I got a lengthy message about not being able to install onto a USB drive.00:21
quentusrexRSAAuthentication yes00:22
quentusrexPubkeyAuthentication yes00:22
quentusrex#AuthorizedKeysFile     %h/.ssh/authorized_keys00:22
Jester45cyphase: yea in a few mines00:22
jjjjjfjjfjfjconnor:  thanks.... yep, thats what im going to test out...... dont know anything about kde, but ive been using ubuntu for 5 years now00:22
connormechyuske: in the install menu your usb drive SHOULD be on the menu00:22
connoroh ok00:22
MagicdeadRonLut: other than that i really have no idea how to find the problem except trial and error.00:22
to0xso quentusrex you're doing something wrong00:22
MechyuskeFor ubuntu? All right, that's simple enough.00:22
mattbradshawthanks for the help guys... but gotta jet00:22
=== theresa is now known as user1101
tareksI think grub or something is just setup incorrectly....I have my XP installation in one physical hdd sdb1 and the linux in another physical hdd which has 2 partitions (one ntfs) and the linux is in sda500:22
mattbradshawguess i'll be reading up on ubuntu's x00:22
MechyuskeI'd prefer xp, but can't seem to get that working what-so-ever.00:22
cyphaseJester45: thanks, i appreciate that00:22
connormechysuke: does your motherboard support usb booting?00:22
connormine does :D00:22
connorthen you are set00:23
FloodBot1connor: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:23
quentusrexto0x, But I'm following all of the steps correctly...00:23
quentusrexto0x, Where is the ssh log file?00:23
connorim sorry floodbot00:23
MechyuskeIt doesn't work, though. I've tried various different installations.00:23
jantquentusrex: no you are not00:23
connormechyuske: what doesnt work?00:23
MechyuskeI cannot get vista nor xp to install onto my external hdd.00:23
to0xquentusrex: did you verify that the file is correctly created, have to good permissions? all these things00:23
zangabarMore specifically, Windows XP is installed on sda5, and the Windows boot loader was installed onto sda200:24
tayfunhey people i have xp home  edition on my pc and now ubuntu too but i would like to control both of them in one packet how could i put my xp on my ubuntu ???00:24
to0xhave the good*00:24
connormechyuske: does it not appear in the install menu?00:24
bibi__Can I install ubuntu withouth altering existing partition table?00:24
quentusrextell me how it's suppose to be done, just to double check to0x00:24
connormechyuske: for my ubuntu install, i had to unplug my external hard drive to install to my internal00:24
jantquentusrex: i just did00:24
quentusrexchmod 600 authorized_keys ?00:24
MechyuskeXP doesn't let me choose a location.00:24
tayfunhey people i have xp home  edition on my pc and now ubuntu too but i would like to control both of them in one packet how could i put my xp on my ubuntu ???00:24
connormechyuske: you install via a live cd00:24
MechyuskeAnd vista doesn't allow you to install to a usb drive.00:24
SeaPhorbibi__, no00:24
connoror wubi00:24
Jordan_Ubibi__, Do you have windows installed?00:24
connormechyuske: the live cd is the preferred install method00:24
connorbecause its much safer00:24
MechyuskeFor ubuntu?00:25
to0xquentusrex: ssh log file in /var/log i guess00:25
MechyuskeI was talking about XP/Vista. I should be able to get ubuntu to install just fine.00:25
Jordan_U!wubi | bibi__00:25
ubottubibi__: Wubi is an Ubuntu installer for Windows users that allows you to install and uninstall Ubuntu like a Windows application, in a simple and safe way. http://wubi-installer.org/support.php for troubleshooting. Please file bugs at http://launchpad.net/wubi/+filebug.00:25
connorIt creates a partition, rather being installed INSIDE of windows itself, making it more proficient00:25
tayfunhey people i have xp home  edition on my pc and now ubuntu too but i would like to control both of them in one packet how could i put my xp on my ubuntu ???00:25
crazeejcan anybody help me fix my sound??00:25
connortayfun: virtual box or vmware00:25
connoror qemu00:25
bibi__SeaPhor: Jordan_U: I have another linux distro. and I want ubuntu to be installed on /dev/sda7 , other partitions unchanged.00:25
aditya1how to Set full permissions (CHMOD 777) on every file inside the "/templates" directory  ???00:25
to0xquentusrex: the user@server have to read the authorized_keys file correctly00:25
legend2440mattbradshaw: did you read section on uninstall ati?     https://a248.e.akamai.net/f/674/9206/0/www2.ati.com/drivers/linux/linux_cat86-inst.html00:25
tayfunvirtual box or vmarare ? i dont know what those means can u tell me step by step what should i install or set?00:26
connorbibi__: when i installed ubuntu on my old computer it left opensuse11 installed, i dont know why00:26
to0xaditya1: chmod -R 777 /templates/*00:26
SeaPhorbibi__, so you have a prepared place for it?00:26
connorbibi__: just try installing ubuntu00:26
Jordan_Ubibi__, That can be done easily, just mark /dev/sda7 as '/' in the installer and make sure none of the others are marked to be reformatted ( they shouldn't be by default )00:26
aditya1to0x: thank you.....and why -R ?00:26
beeantMechyuske: Microsoft does not like their OS on external drives. I have read a long web log on forcing XP to install but takes too much effort and its still unstable.00:26
quentusrexok, I think one issue might be with my desktop hostname00:26
jantquentusrex: like ?00:27
to0xaditya1: -R for recursive, it will give 777 file permissions to subdirectories00:27
SeaPhorbibi__, if that is the case then still no unless you also have prepared a swap space00:27
quentusrexmy hostname in the id_rsa.pub file is: quentusrex@quentusrex-desktop00:27
Flanneladitya1: you probably don't want 777.  You probably want a+rwX00:27
bibi__Jordan_U: it insists that I partition my disk before I start installation00:28
=== m_newton is now known as m-bot2
jantquentusrex: no it doesn't matter00:28
Jordan_Ubibi__, Do manual partitioning, you don't have to remove your other partitions when you repartition00:28
SeaPhorbibi__, it will still alter existing partition table, which was your question00:29
d3enizheyya all, got a little problem with ubuntu i would like to get some help with. Anyone got the time?00:29
quentusrexthen I'm not sure what the problem is....00:29
bibi__SeaPhor: so there is just no way00:29
Jordan_U!ask | d3eniz00:29
ubottud3eniz: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)00:29
aditya1how to solve this problem ??? "You don't have permission to access /se/files/install.php on this server."00:29
quentusrexsshd on my server don't tell me anything...00:29
jantquentusrex: and auth.log00:30
bibi__Jordan_U: it detects my dard disk but does not detect existing partitions and offers to repartition the entire disk :(00:30
d3enizim trying to install vlc with the line "sudo apt-get install vlc" but i get a Depends: vlc-plugin-pulse but it is not going to be installed00:30
d3enizE: Broken packages00:30
alicecis there any apt-get for apache-ant ?00:30
quentusrexit's blacklisted...00:30
quentusrexthat's why00:30
d3enizwhat is blacklisted? vlc?:S00:30
Jordan_Ud3eniz, Can you pastebin your /etc/apt/sources.list ?00:31
alicechow to install ant (apache ant) on ubuntu?00:31
aditya1 how to solve this problem ??? "You don't have permission to access /se/files/install.php on this server."00:31
=== m-bot2 is now known as m_newton
d3enizwhat text editor can i open it with?00:31
quentusrexhaha, sorry. d3eniz00:31
SeaPhorbibi__, if you prepared (PRE) a space for /, and for swap, then yes and no,,, no only by technicality00:31
quentusrexjant, my key is blacklisted00:31
Starnestommyaditya1: make sure that www-data can read and execute that file00:32
to0xaditya1: maybe you dont have the permisions to some directories before install.php, or maybe the wrong user owning these files00:32
jantquentusrex: apt-get update00:32
quentusrexon which box?00:32
jantquentusrex: apt-get openssl install00:32
jantquentusrex: on the box you genreate the key00:32
Jordan_Ubibi__, Can you post a screenshot?00:32
GoetzCi would like to know if the is a way to know witch video driver i am right now using?00:33
quentusrexalready the newest version00:33
quentusrexjant, it's already the newest version00:33
bibi__Jordan_U: will try, I am online from another computer.00:33
SeaPhorbibi__, if you had set up for prior, then the partition table is "changed" but to the way you designed00:33
to0xhow do you see your key is blacklisted? wtf00:33
quentusrexii  libssl0.9.8                           0.9.8e-5ubuntu3         SSL shared libraries00:33
quentusrexii  openssl                               0.9.8e-5ubuntu3.2       Secure Socket Layer (SSL) binary and related00:33
stevenIs there any reason I'm getting such poor performance with the playback [skipping] and rythmbox ?00:34
quentusrexto0x, because in /var/log/auth.log says my key is blacklisted.00:34
to0xshow me the line00:34
quentusrex blacklisted (see ssh-vulnkey(1))00:34
to0xwithout your key00:34
quentusrexJun 27 16:25:28 www sshd[4365]: Public key * blacklisted (see ssh-vulnkey(1))00:35
SeaPhorbibi__, not sure what you are really asking,,, so i am being direct to your question00:35
d3enizok, pastebin'd my sources.list http://paste.ubuntu.com/23386/00:35
jantquentusrex: then you ssh keys aren't updated where installed openssl00:35
MagicdeadGoetzC: not sure, but: dir /proc/driver00:35
bibi__SeaPhor: I do not care about other OS (if it is bootable afterwards or no). I just want to install ubuntu say on /dev/sda7 and preserve data thatas on /dev/sda8 withouth having to backup.00:35
jantquentusrex: anyway you should regenerate the blacklisted key00:36
nickrudquentusrex, do  man ssh-vulnkey , it explains why your key is bad00:36
tayfunhey people how can i change the background picture from my start menu when i open my pc and its ask me my account name and password?00:36
tannjiI have a question about my kernel and alsa, can anyone help on this?00:36
quentusrexI have to not only update openssl, but also libssl0.9.800:36
tayfunhey people how can i change the background picture from my start menu when i open my pc and its ask me my account name and password?00:36
Flanneltannji: System > Admin > Login Window00:37
bibi__SeaPhor: You mean if I had a free space instead of /dev/sda7 I could install ubuntu there withouth touching /dev/sda8?00:37
Flanneltayfun: that was for you00:37
nickrudtayfun, install gdmsetup, then see Flannel00:37
GoetzC<Magicdead> thanks, but i don't find anything there.00:37
=== gardar is now known as gardar`afk
NetEchodoes Ubuntu come with any default installed IRC clients other than pidgin?00:38
legend2440GoetzC: which video player are you using?00:38
quentusrexYAY!!! thanks jant and to0x00:38
bubaglobalJwhat version should I download, when using a macbook and having about 10 gigs partition available?00:38
to0xquentusrex what was the problem?00:38
GoetzC<legend2440> video player, i use totem, but why?00:38
t35t0rdoes anyone know if there's some equivalent set of programs that can simulate the behavior of drobo, e.g. maybe scripts?00:39
bubaglobalJi am assuming its intel computres?00:39
tayfunnick rud00:39
quentusrexto0x, the problem was that I had openssl updated, but I didn't have libssl0.9.8 updated00:39
t35t0rof a drobo rather00:39
tayfuni tried to install gmd setup from terminal it says no packet found00:39
* bubaglobalJ is a nub, pls help00:39
quentusrexto0x, you have to update libssl so that the blacklisted keys are fixed.00:39
tayfunwhat should i write there for to install it ?00:39
GoetzCI know what driver I use in this pc, but i dont know what driver I use in a box where a ati card is.00:39
to0xquentusrex yep ;)00:39
Flannelnickrud: What?  Its installed by default00:39
juliushi all00:39
nickrudFlannel, I thought I remembered installing it on this machine.00:40
FlannelNetEcho: No, but xchat is in universe, and irssi is in main00:40
SeaPhorwell then if u are sure that /dev/sda7 is where you want it then yes, but you will need to partition for swap,   which edits /changes your partition table, which was your question,,, as far as "and preserve data thatas on /dev/sda8 withouth having to backup." never a good idea to mess with partitions without backup00:40
FlannelNetEcho: and xchat-gnome is in main too, but most don't like that00:40
NetEchoFlannel yea I know I'm just trying to introduce a guy who's never touched linux before to ubuntu00:40
SliMM_how can I use my webcam and/or my fingerprint reader in ubuntu?00:40
nickrudFlannel, and I saw what you wrote (intended to say the same) but you'd already done so.00:40
SeaPhorbibi__, no, not what i  mean00:40
Flannelnickrud: Just trying to steal my fire ;)00:40
thedefenderhey i accidentally put a typo in my user name when i installed, how do i correct my username00:41
nickrudFlannel, I use electric bulbs, what would I need with fire ;p00:41
bubaglobalJwhat version should I download, using a macbook intel core duo00:41
tayfunhow can i install gdm setup and where do i find it after i install it on my pc???00:41
tayfunpls help me00:42
SeaPhorbibi__, and yes,,, but would change the partition table that was your original question00:42
SliMM_ok, how can i see what hardware i have on my notebook?00:42
d3enizso, anyone got a clue why i cant install vlc, i get a  package error, this is my sources.list >http://paste.ubuntu.com/23386/00:42
legend2440GoetzC: sorry misunderstood thought you meant which video driver was being used for playing a video. is the ati box linux?00:42
SliMM_tayfun: system>administration>login screen00:42
bibi__SeaPhor: jordan_U: basically what I want is following. right now I have two partitions /dev/sda7 and /dev/sda8. my home (GBs of data) is mounted on /dev/sda8 everything else (/etc /boot /log ...) is on /dev/sda7.  I want to install ubuntu on /dev/sda7 and I want all the data to be left untouched on /dev/sda8 (mount it later as my home directory). Is it doable with ubuntu installer or would I have to backup entyre home directory and write it bac00:42
bibi__again after installation?00:42
bubaglobalJ!askbot version download00:42
ubottububaglobalJ: Error: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)00:42
SeaPhorbibi__, but that leaves the question,, where do you install grub?00:42
thedefenderd3niz : sudo apt-get install vlc00:42
quentusrexnow, for the next question: what username does svn post-commit run under?00:43
d3eniznot working00:43
d3enizDepends: vlc-plugin-pulse but it is not going to be installed00:43
d3enizE: Broken packages00:43
xenoglossia I'm dual-booting Win2K and Ubuntu 8.04, and (after trying to boot a Live USB), I get this error message http://paste.ubuntu.com/23323/.  I'm told that I replaced the Windows bootloader with Syslinux (by the way, I'm a total novice with Linux).  Is there anything to do?00:43
tannjiI have a question about my kernel and alsa, can anyone help on this?00:43
thedefenderdownload it from there site00:43
SliMM_quentusrex: read the svn book :-)00:43
thedefenderhey i accidentally put a typo in my user name when i installed, how do i correct my username00:43
d3enizbut why is the apt-get function not working?00:43
xenoglossiaBy the way, I don't have my Windows CD anymore, and I'm a total novice.00:43
Jordan_Ud3eniz, Can you pastebin the output from "sudo apt-get install vlc-plugin-pulse" ?00:44
Jordan_Ubibi__, That is doable with the installer00:44
bubaglobalJI am going to download the desktop Intel version, are there any objections?00:44
jantthedefender: man usermod00:44
thedefenderjant: thx00:44
Jordan_Ubibi__, Just select manual partitioning, make /dev/sda7 "/" and /dev/sda8 "/home" and make sure that /dev/sda8 is NOT marked to be reformatted00:44
SeaPhorbibi__, yes do-able, never advisable without backup,, but yes00:44
GoetzC<legend2440> yes, the ati box has linux ubuntu. But I think that there must be a way to know witch driver is actually in use, with ati i can use 4 different drivers.00:45
juliushi ya des francais?00:45
to0x!fr julius00:45
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about fr julius00:45
to0x#ubuntu-fr julius00:45
juliusje suis francais00:45
PalaBooti'm italian00:45
tannjiIn 8.04, do I have the "fully configured source for the linux kernel", or is it a "partial installed kernel"?00:45
legend2440GoetzC: have you looked at   /etc/X11/xorg.conf    driver might be listed yhere00:45
SliMM_julius: bravo00:46
PalaBooti don't speek eng very well00:46
d3enizpastebin from vlc-plugin-pulse http://paste.ubuntu.com/23390/00:46
tayfunhy people what should i install for to get my xp system on ubuntu in one pc ? like a virtual desktop ???00:46
juliusca  s ecrit pas comme ca00:46
jantthedefender: to make it really nice: mv /home/oldusername /home/newusername && usermod -d /home/newusername -l newusername oldusername00:46
PalaBootcan you help me?00:46
Jordan_UPalaBoot, What is your first language, there are many Ubuntu channels for other languages00:46
jantthedefender: been there done that00:47
bubaglobalJ!askbot other ubuntu support channels00:47
ubottububaglobalJ: Error: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)00:47
ozzycan severs be added on this00:47
Pici!irc | bubaglobalJ00:47
ubottububaglobalJ: A list of official Ubuntu IRC channels, as well as IRC clients for Ubuntu, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat - For a general list of !freenode channels, see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#channellist - See also !Guidelines00:47
SeaPhorPalaBoot, just state your entire question please00:47
tayfunhy people what should i install for to get my xp system on ubuntu in one pc ? like a virtual desktop ???00:47
bibi__Jordan_U: installer does not see existing partitions for some reason. The only choise it gives me is to create a new partition table for the entire device00:47
=== gardar`afk is now known as gardar
PalaBootthx but in ubuntu it don't help me00:47
Jordan_Ubibi__, Does gparted see the partitions?00:47
nickrud!it | PalaBoot00:47
ubottuPalaBoot: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie!00:47
arooni-mobilequestion:  i have an ubuntu hardy desktop i built.... anyway i'm having trouble getting on the interwebs....  i'm connected to a wireless router (with an ethernet cable).... anyway, i tired connecting both via wired & wireless... i get an ip address from the router.... but pinging any service results in "ping: unknown host yahoo.com".  this was working fine before... and better yet, i'm connected to the same router on the lap00:48
arooni-mobiletop i'm typing to you on.  my /etc/resolv.conf says:  "nameserver" (the address of my router).  i can't ping that address from the desktop.... although i can ping it from my laptop with  no issues.  ideas?00:48
PalaBooti've HD player and My SO is Ubuntu 8.0400:48
to0x!fr | julius00:48
ubottujulius: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr ou #kubuntu-fr00:48
tannjiIn 8.04, do I have the "fully configured source for the linux kernel", or is it a "partial installed kernel"?00:48
Piciarooni-mobile: Make sure that the route tables for both computers are the same, it could be a default gateway issue00:48
juliusto0x yes?00:48
PalaBootwhen i copy file in hd i don't see i tv00:49
SeaPhorthere ya go to0x !00:49
=== default is now known as devile
PalaBooti see "cartelle vuota"00:49
to0xSeaPhor what?00:49
Pici!enter | PalaBoot00:49
tayfunhy people what should i install for to get my xp system on ubuntu in one pc ? like a virtual desktop ???00:49
ubottuPalaBoot: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!00:49
tayfunhy people what should i install for to get my xp system on ubuntu in one pc ? like a virtual desktop ???00:49
tayfunhy people what should i install for to get my xp system on ubuntu in one pc ? like a virtual desktop ???00:49
FloodBot1tayfun: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:49
legend2440d3eniz: have you tried   sudo aptitude install vlc-plugin-pulse?   sometimes aptitude offere solutions or options00:49
=== joseph_ is now known as shittts
shitttshi all...how do i look up my default gateway on ubuntu00:49
arooni-mobilePici, ho wdo i check route tables00:49
MagicdeadGoetzC: another way would be lsmod, it should be listed there. probably "lsmod |grep agpgart" should work00:49
SeaPhorto0x, i was looking for it too, just saying grats00:50
juliusnoboby want play wormux??00:50
GoetzC<legend2440> i think that after xorg 7.3, the xorg.conf file has nothing more, a least some body specificed this. so, i have nothing00:50
thedefenderTayfun: learn to read00:50
to0xSeaPhor you're welcome :p00:50
PalaBootwith windows is ok i copy and then i see file in tv00:50
Piciarooni-mobile, shittts: the terminal command is route00:50
Khisantharooni-mobile: are you sure your router has a DNS server running on it?00:50
Jordan_Uarooni-mobile, While connected via ethernet try "sudo dhclient eth0"00:50
arooni-mobileKhisanth, not sure00:50
=== edson is now known as ecanto
SeaPhorto0x, what's the italian one, PalaBoot  may need00:51
d3enizjordan U, thanks for the help, it gave me a option now, gonna try it out00:51
=== The_JoKeR is now known as SplinTer0616
to0xSeaPhor look, it's magic00:51
to0x!it | SeaPhor00:51
ubottuSeaPhor: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie!00:51
GoetzC<Magicdead> that is a good idea, in my intel box it works, but i have to see this in an ati box. Surly it works :)00:51
legend2440GoetzC: do you have   gnome-device-manager  installed. it is in Applications>system tools if it is installed. that lists my ati driver as fglrx00:51
juliusto0x play with me at wormux00:51
to0xjulius tg crétin00:52
SeaPhorto0x, lol, nice, NOT me that needs ;-)00:52
MagicdeadGoetzC: well, lsmod as such works for sure, just not sure if ati is listed on the agpgart line as well ;)00:52
juliuspq tg ? to0x00:52
arooni-mobilePici, routes are exactly the same00:52
tannjican anyone tell me how to find the status of my kernel?  I need alsa, but this readme says I need the full kernel source installed, and that some distros dont do that by default....00:53
GoetzC<legend2440> i have this not installed, but I i'm downloading it :)00:53
jamiswhats the standard source formatter for linux?00:53
bibi__Jordan_U: SeaPhor: I removed installation CD. booted into existing system. fdisk shows two partitions. The installation CD I am using is ubuntu-8.04-alternate-i386.iso . What is the meaning of alternate here?00:53
juliusto0x tu es francais?00:53
Jordan_Ubibi__, Ahh, you are using the text based install CD rather than the LiveCD based install CD00:54
quentusrexjant, to0x if I want www-data to be able to remotely log into my remote server how would I do that?00:54
quentusrexI want www-data to login to my remote server using my username and keys00:54
legend2440GoetzC:   Magicdead is right     lsmod   has line like  agpgart                34760  2 fglrx,amd64_agp which lists fglrx as my driver00:54
bubaglobalJwhats a good iso burner for mac os x?00:54
d3enizjordan_u, ok, now i tryed that aswell, it installs something and gives a sign that somethings beeing installed, but when i try to find vlc, there is nothing anywere in the applications menu00:54
SeaPhorbibi__, alternate cd has more config options in install00:54
MagicdeadGoetzC: just checked, as long as it's an agp card, it should be there :) agpgart is a basic kernel module for agp cards00:54
to0xquentusrex why do you want to do that, it's a bit insecure00:55
SeaPhorand text based00:55
GoetzC<legend2440> oh, that is grate!00:55
quentusrexto0x, because I want svn to update my sandbox webserver whenever I post a new commit to my svn repo00:55
mrochi all.  i have gnome set up just the way i like it on my account.  is there an easy way to duplicate these settings for another account?00:55
quentusrexthe remote user account is very restrictive and protected.00:55
quentusrexit can only run a single command: svn update00:56
mckaycrtrying to upgrade 8.04 over 6.06 via alt cd, keep getting prereqs failed error, any ideas?00:56
GoetzC<legend2440> so, that is the right way, also, in  gnome-device-manager i have not found my driver.00:56
bibi__SeaPhot: If I created some free space on my device, would I be able to install ubuntu there and mount already existing ext3 partitions afterwards?00:56
to0xquentusrex i guess there is an option in svn to do that00:56
molgrumhow do i downgrade my nvidia drivers to work on 2.6.22-14-rt kernel?00:56
TalioGladiusSo I just discovered the awesomeness that is acidrip.....I'm so stoked now00:56
ian__k, so tell me if i'm crazy here, but if i DELETE the xorg.conf and then user nvidia-xconfig and then reboot...that SHOULD get me into X right?00:56
legend2440GoetzC: is it fglrx?00:56
ian__cuz right now, when i do that, i get caught in the failsafe crap00:56
ian__and even THEN nvidia-settings thinks i'm not in an nvidia X, probably because i'm in safe mode00:57
Jordan_Umroc, All options are in configuration files in your home folder, ~/.gconf is where the gnome ( and other ) settings are stored, you can copy them to your other user's home folder and change the ownership to that other user00:57
mrocJordan_U: fantastic!  thank you.  is it just as easy for compiz settings as well?00:58
GoetzC<legend2440> i have right know only an intel box to check, but it should work with lsmod :)00:58
CelticLordnuuuuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittttttttt !!!!!!!!!!!100:58
Jordan_Umroc, Yes, pretty much everything in *NIX is saved in plain text files :)00:58
MagicdeadGoetzC: well if it doesn't you can still do just "lsmod" and look through the whole text, but it's a little long ;)00:59
suprfishHi, I am having screen resolution problems, I was wondering if anyone could help: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=84285600:59
mrocJordan_U: much appreciated.  thanks.00:59
bibi__SeaPhor: If I created some free space on my device, would I be able to install ubuntu there and mount already existing ext3 partitions afterwards?00:59
Khisantharooni-mobile: you can check with 'dig @ yahoo.com' if there is one it should return pretty quickly, if not it will hang around for a while00:59
legend2440GoetzC: its kind of tricky in device manager.  you have to click    View>Device properties   then highlight   VGA Controller then click properties tab on top of right window00:59
Jordan_Umroc, If you want to transfer all of your settings for all of your user's applications then copy all of the files and folders which begin with '.' in your home folder00:59
GoetzC<Magicdead> yes it is long, hehe.01:00
MagicdeadGoetzC: but the driver also has a single line entry, for instance for me "nvidia               7105956  34 "01:00
Blaqlightits pretty bad when your laptop CPU core temperature is cooler than it is outside right now.01:01
jantquentusrex: maybe you want to hire me ? :P01:01
quentusrex:) maybe01:01
emiliosalve a tutti01:01
quentusrexdo you live near Seattle?01:01
jantquentusrex: nope I live in The Netherlands01:01
FurryNemesissuprfish, that's an odd problem all right01:01
suprfishAfter messing around a bit, I was able to get my desktop resolution properly set to 1680 x 1050, but my screen's resolution is still 1280 x 102401:01
quentusrexoh well.01:01
GoetzC<legend2440> oh, I have not know about this hidden tab :) Tanks01:02
suprfishFurryNemesis, any suggestions?01:02
FurryNemesislet me look at those xorgs a bit closer01:02
Jordan_UBlaqlight, Wow, you sure you aren't mixing Fahrenheit with Celsius ?01:02
Blaqlightumm nope01:03
Ballenais there a way to get rid of the .sudo_as_admin_successful for ever?01:03
Blaqlightcore temp is 102 degrees farenheight.01:03
Blaqlightits 104 degree farenheight now in this city.01:03
monkeyBoxWhat "runlevel" does ubuntu start in by default?01:03
GoetzC <Magicdead> if I do a "lsmod |grep intel" there is a intel_agp and a agpgart.01:03
suprfishFurryNemesis, the latest xorg.conf is on post #11 with the commented Screen and Monitor sections uncommented01:03
MidnightDevilthats 38.801:03
MidnightDevilin celsius language01:03
FloodBot1MidnightDevil: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:03
FurryNemesislooking at it now01:04
Blaqlightcelcius is for all other countries but the US. cuz we special I guess or something.01:04
MidnightDevilu just dont use the same math as we do01:04
SeaPhorbibi__, ok, example only!,,, i have a 160gb hd mounted as /home,, another 160gb hd mounted as /var, which are both in the file-system01:04
MagicdeadGoetzC: well it always depends on the system. if it's a pci card, probably "lsmod |grep pci" would work :P01:05
MidnightDevilneither the binary structure is the same :d01:05
ntoloMy mysql database was running a moment ago and now when i try to start it is fails.Any help would be  appreciated.01:05
Blaqlightwhat!?!?! you mean 1+2=4?01:05
FLeiXiuSOkay, so im having a network issue.  The interface loads up fine and was working prior but now..nothing..no packets in no packets out.  The switch doesnt even see any arp packets coming from the box.01:05
FLeiXiuSI've got no clue...01:05
GoetzC<Magicdead> and with pciexpress?? :)01:06
MidnightDevilu got urself a stealth box, congrats :)01:06
MagicdeadGoetzC: lol. go try it out ;)01:06
FurryNemesissuprfish, what is that "virtual" line in the screen section supposed to do?01:06
bibi__SeaPhor: I have both partitions on the same hd. I guess my only option is to make the actual backup.01:06
popeyt35t0r: I'm working on it :)01:06
arooni_Khisanth, got it working01:07
quentusrexdoes the user www-data have a password set?01:07
GoetzC<Magicdead> hehe, if I would have one, i will look into lsmod. Many thanks to you and to <legend2440> for your help!01:08
planetxmailquent: NO there is no reason for it to have one01:08
suprfishFurryNemesis: I am not certain, is that the res for the 'cloned' monitor?01:09
SeaPhorbibi__, well, i would suggest that anyway, but, you seem to know what you are doing , and if you know for sure where to install and what to mount others as,,, well its up to you,,,01:09
lucas_got a problem, firefox always starts in offline mode and so does epiphany01:09
lucas_how can i solve that??01:09
juanooooalguno usa el gdb ?01:10
FLeiXiuSHow do I figure out which device my network interface maps too..01:10
=== JayTeKay is now known as JayTeKay`off
d3enizanyone know i could sovle my problems installing vlc?01:10
GoetzC<lucas_> do you use WICD?01:10
lucas_GoetzC, nope...01:10
FurryNemesissuprfish, if you've got 2 monitors, yes - if not it might be getting in the way01:10
molgrumhello, i would like to downgrade my nvidia-glx-new package so that i can boot the 2.6.22-14 kernel again. i tried the "force version" option in synaptic but it doesn't let me go far enough..01:10
GigsHas there been any talk about extending the support time for 7.10 LTS past April?01:10
lucas_no one knows how to solve firefox offline mode probelm??01:11
ntolo* Starting MySQL database server mysqld  fail. The database was working when i  restarted the machine .Please any help would be appreciated.01:11
=== tgm4883_ is now known as tgm4883
bibi__SeaPhor: thanks01:11
suprfishFurryNemesis: I will try disabling it, brb.01:11
SeaPhorbibi__, i hope i helped,,, you can find me in #SeaPhor or #Digital-it01:12
jantquentusrex: no it doesn't01:13
jantquentusrex: *haven't01:13
legend2440lucas_: its a known bug. the last post offers a solution   https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/firefox-3.0/+question/3192501:13
lucas_ok tryin01:15
lucas_legend2440, doesnt work01:15
legend2440lucas_: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=37076601:16
peterpan098wat is the best network manager?01:16
=== Aragorn is now known as Aragorn94
=== eaAero is now known as Googleplex12
suprfishFurryNemesis: after commenting out 'virtual' and rebooting, both the screen and desktop resolutions are 1280x80001:17
peterpan098networkmanager or wicd?01:18
planetxmailfor gnome01:18
lucas_legend2440, if i disable networkmanager i wont be able to configure other network interfaces... no solution in the problem, firefox 2 works perfect....01:18
peterpan098download wicd?01:18
thetankanyone know how to find people to join in programming software01:18
FurryNemesissuprfish, ok. progress there I think. Target res and screen size is 1680 x 105001:19
legend2440lucas_: do you have wired network connection?01:19
thetankI came up with an idea for a social website and I need to find programmers to help01:19
suprfishFurryNemesis: correct01:19
ntoloWhere can i find the mysql log files ?01:19
lucas_legend2440, im connected through an usb modem01:19
Magicdeadntolo: /var/log/mysql01:20
legend2440lucas_: is   enable roaming mode    box checked?01:20
lucas_legend2440, how do i do that?01:20
FurryNemesisok, just a sec01:21
maccam94thetank: #ubuntu-offtopic01:21
legend2440lucas_:   system>administration >Network  then  highlight Wired Connections  then properties tab  there is a box to check01:22
ntoloMagicdead,mysql database just could not start anymore,what could be the problem ?01:22
Magicdeadntolo: nothing in the error log?01:22
aguitelwhat program is to read news in ubuntu ?01:23
FurryNemesissuprfish, not sure I'm on the right track here, but what's that second " screen" section doing?01:24
spoon_manif I'm using Hardy with the default Gnome environment, can I just download the "kde4" package in Synaptic if I want to check out KDE?01:24
legend2440aguitel: usenet news reader?   pan is good01:24
spoon_manthe KDE site wasn't very informative in this regard01:25
aguitellegend2440: usenet01:25
planetxmailspoon_man: no it is called   desktop_kde  or something like that01:25
Blaqlightspoon_man,  yes don't do kde4-desktop or it'll overwrite all of your default stuff.01:25
planetxmailfrom apt-get install01:25
legend2440aguitel: in synaptic   package called     pan01:25
Blaqlightjust do sudo aptitude install kde01:25
Flannelspoon_man, planetxmail: kubuntu-desktop01:26
aguitellegend2440: thanks01:26
suprfishFurryNemesis: I don't know, I think it is just a place holder for d-sub or something01:26
NoobSomeone please i need help with my ubuntu herty heron01:26
noiqanyone setup DHCP Server here before?01:26
ntoloMagicdead,There is no error log file .01:26
jantnoiq: yes01:26
Magicdeadntolo: and if you run mysql --verbose ?01:26
spoon_manFlannel, if I grab kubuntu-desktop, can I still use the Gnome environment?01:26
lensyi interupted an upgrade to hardy and now i cant graphicaly login to my laptop can anyone help me please?01:27
suprfishFurryNemesis: In displayconfig there is a tab for a second screen that is set to 'disabled', this probably corresponds with thtat01:27
Blaqlightspoon_man, yes01:27
lensyi interupted an upgrade to hardy and now i cant graphicaly login to my laptop can anyone help me please?01:27
spoon_manokay, thanks guys :)01:27
FurryNemesisright, in that case, in your first section......01:27
lensyFurryNemesis: you? can u help?01:27
lensyi can login with text only01:27
ntoloMagicdead,i get  Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (2)01:27
lensybut not graphicay01:28
jantntolo: tail /var/log/mysql.err01:28
FurryNemesisum, anyone else?01:28
FurryNemesisI'm busy with suprfish atm01:28
Jester45lensy: run sudo apt-get dist-upgrade to finish your upgrade01:28
Flannelspoon_man: you can, yes01:28
Noobplease help me i have harty heron ubuntu and i caint get on the internet i am hooking it to a modem on another computer with a usb cable and ive run the pppoeconf crap and it tells me the access concentrator is not responding please help me01:28
Magicdeadntolo: does restarting the mysql server help ?01:28
ntolojant,i get nothing  from tail  /var/log/mysql.err01:29
lensyJester45: it doesnt work, it says "E: dpkg was interupted etc....01:29
Magicdeadntolo: sudo /etc/init.d/mysql restart01:29
suprfishFurryNemesis: I am currently reading: http://www.linuxforums.org/forum/linux-desktop-x-windows/9010-virtual-desktop-size-wrong-fedora-mandrake-10-0-a.html, could this offer a solution?01:29
Jester45lensy: sudo dpkg -a reconfigure or what ever it tells you do to01:29
Jester45lensy: i cant fully remember it01:29
lovewast do you mean01:29
ntoloMagicdead, I get  * Starting MySQL database server mysqld  [fail]01:30
FurryNemesissuprfish, right, then in your first screen section trim the modes line until it's got only the resolution you want - they might be able to help, as I'm sort of guessing here01:30
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lovecan you help me01:31
jantntolo: have you aleady run mysql in vebose mode like Magicdead said ?01:31
StarnestommyNoob: watch your language!01:31
suprfishFurryNemesis, I will give it a shot, brb01:31
lensyntolo: at least ur computer will login, be glad of that01:31
legend2440lensy in terminal try   sudo dpkg --configure -a  then sudo apt-get update   and     sudo apt-get upgrade01:31
nikunoob: you're an iditiot and people like you give unix folks a bad name01:31
Jester45!patience | Noob01:31
ubottuNoob: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines01:31
lovewas do you mean01:31
StarnestommyNoob: you need a compatible driver01:31
Noobexplaine im a retard01:32
ntolojant, I get  Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (2) from mysql --verbose01:32
AJF355|AFKI agree with the n00b01:32
Jester45!patience | noob01:32
ubottunoob: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines01:32
nikusomeone needs to kick him01:32
AJF355|AFKoffs ubottu u crack me up01:32
jantntolo: we are talking about mysqld and not mysql01:32
=== AJF355|AFK is now known as AJF355
frreeeeeeCan anyone help me, I have a problem burning dvds in 8.04, they all stop halfway through, no matter what program i use... It works fine on my windows box, but not ubuntu... Another dvd burner i have works fine in ubuntu though01:33
nikuntolo: is this a new install?01:33
nikuif not, has anything changed in your my.cf ?01:33
ntoloniku, no it has been worlking all along .01:33
Noobi dont understand please explain what i need to do it tells me i need to download codecs to play mp3s and i caint cause i caint get on the net01:34
willytellhello, I'm trying to install drivers for a modem smartlink 56K PCI. I followed explanations in different forums, but without success.01:34
ntolojant ,I get  InnoDB: Operating system error number 13 in a file operation from mysqld --verbose01:34
Jester45Noob we are not paid to help you we can and will help who ever we feel like, to add to that your attitude can make us not want to help you at all and if we dont know how to answer you (as we are just users) dont get mad because we dont know your problem01:34
nikuand there's nothing in your mysql logs?01:34
Magicdeadntolo: so "mysqld --verbose" doesn't give an error (i misstyped earlier and forgot the tailing d....)01:35
Magicdeadah ok01:35
nikuis the process running? try: ps auxwwww | grep mysqld01:35
Noobok i am sorry please help me what information do you need01:35
Jester45frreeeeee: is are both burners the same?01:35
frreeeeeethey are different01:35
suprfishFurryNemesis; no change :[ (1280 x 1024)01:35
frreeeeeegsa h41n is the one in question01:35
begemotGuys, i got a question - how to make resolution in greeting-screen 1024x768 from 1280...?01:36
ntoloMagicdead,it says  InnoDB: Operating system error number 13 in a file operation.01:36
dolphin_noelsomeone knows why amsn keeps crashing me and makes logout the acount in my ubuntu?!01:36
dolphin_noelwhen im try to change the display picture?01:36
orpheanI have a usb wireless adapter that I just setup (via ndiswrapper)  ndiswrapper -l shows the driver is installed and the device is present.  However, network-manager-gnome doesn't show any wireless networks at all.  I got it to work by going to System->Administration->Network and manually setting things up for my home network, but I really would prefer getting network-manager to see this. Anyone have any ideas?01:36
Jester45frreeeeee: is one lightscribe? linux might not have perfect drivers for it and they might beable to detect it and even start burning but fail to do a sertain task during the burn01:36
frreeeeeeno its not lightscribe01:37
derekSdoes anyone here use webex on hardy?01:37
jantntolo: are you filepermission on /var/lib/mysql set correcty to mysql ?01:37
derekSi think i am having problems with java, it isn't working01:37
=== begemot is now known as testet
Magicdeadntolo: it means permissions for some file it wants to acces are screwed up according to http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=52929501:37
lensyderekS: hello!01:37
MatBoymhh, I can' t find a reason why ubuntu still struggles with egroupware 1.2 :S01:37
nikuntolo: who are you running mysqld as?01:37
lensyderekS: you dont work for buckie high school do you?01:37
Jester45frreeeeee: i had the same problem a few years back with a usb cd burner, it was 5 disc changer and when it tried to go to a new track it would change disk in the middle of the burn :(01:37
nikumysqld starts as root and then drops privs01:38
derekSlensy: ?01:38
lensyits robert01:38
derekSsorry :(01:38
tayfunhey people how can i connect from my pc with bluetooth to my cellphone?01:38
lensyi thought u were someone else01:38
FloodBot1lensy: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:38
suprfishFurryNemesis: I'm going to have a break for the day, I'll post my plan for tomorrow on the forums and bump it a few times to see if anyone else has some ideas :[01:38
suprfishthanks for your help though :D01:38
Magicdeadntolo: did you change any permissions or something?01:38
FurryNemesisgood luck01:38
suprfishthanks again01:38
frreeeeeeIhave een trying to fix this for a while, but it seems there isnt a way to fix it01:38
tayfunhey people how can i connect from my pc with bluetooth to my cellphone?01:38
FurryNemesisbottom line is there's something in the file that sets it t that01:38
ntoloNo,i did not change anything.01:38
FurryNemesisfind that, edit it  and you're away01:38
tlsarlesAnyone got a serial for XP SP3 Corp?01:39
Jester45!bluetooth | tayfun01:39
frreeeeeeI found a few forum posts about people having the same problem but none of the posts are solution01:39
nikuntolo, try sudo su -01:39
AJF355hi lensy01:39
ubottutayfun: For instructions on how to set up bluetooth, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BluetoothSetup01:39
nikuntolo: then start mysqld as normal01:39
lensyhi AJF01:39
Noobi have a compaq persario laptop i have ubuntu harty heron running on it i have hooked it up to another computer that has a dsl modem and it will not connect i have tried pppoeconf in terminal and the access concentrator will not respond im sorry for being rude please help me01:39
niku(preferably via the init script)01:39
Jester45tlsarles: i think this is the wrong channel for the question01:39
FurryNemesisnp, nn01:39
Magicdeadntolo: weird thing is, if i get this right, mysqld should tell you whicht file it hasn't got access rights to ....01:39
willytelltlsarles, have you tried with linux?01:40
tlsarlesJester45: thats like saying a wrench can't be used as a hammer01:40
Googleplex12noob: read http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=7833701:40
lensymy laptop is upgrading to hardy heron but it has just haleted at the "Setting up phpbb2-conf-mysql (2.0.22-3) stage01:40
lensyanyone have any ideas?01:40
tlsarlesI run linux. I simply need to setup a VM for stuff wine won't run01:40
piffNoob: I am very drunk at the moment, but at the very basic... you need to assign an IP address to the computer you want to connext to01:40
AJF355chuck it out the window?01:40
Magicdeadntolo: does mysqld_safe word?01:40
pifftlsarles: everything?01:40
nickrud!piracy tlsarles01:40
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about piracy tlsarles01:40
nickrud!piracy | tlsarles01:40
ubottutlsarles: piracy discussion and other questionably legal practices are not welcome in the Ubuntu channels. Please take this discussion elsewhere or abstain from it altogether. This includes linking to pirated software, music and video. Also see !guidelines and !o4o01:40
=== adam is now known as Guest74991
Jester45tlsarles: just because you run linux doesnt mean you can do illegal stuff01:40
lensy!this topic01:40
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about this topic01:40
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about lensy01:41
frreeeeeeI have a question, would this be a possible workaround to my problem, If i installed vmware and burned the files that are on my linux computer through a windows program would that work01:41
piffWhen did he discuss questionably legal practices?01:41
lensythe cheek!01:41
nickrudpiff wanting a key for xp01:41
lensyubottu doesnt know me!01:41
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about doesnt know me!01:41
Magicdeadntolo: *work ^^01:41
jantnoiq: stop harrassing me in query.01:41
tlsarlesNo, the two topics are irrelevant to one another. Guess I'll go before someone gets mad01:41
nickrudlensy see !botabuxse ;)01:41
piffnickrud: I didn't see that01:41
Jester45frreeeeee: no devices must work in the host before they can work in the guest01:41
jantnoiq: ask you question here01:41
AJF355ubottu is a bot, right?01:41
ubottuAJF355: Error: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)01:41
lensynickrud: dorry01:41
frreeeeeeit works, just not all the way01:42
frreeeeeei can stillread dvds fine and stuff01:42
lensycan someone help my my laptop will not upgrade, i dont want to have to start again with ubuntu01:42
lensyplease help01:42
Noob     piff:how do i do that01:42
nickrudlensy what do you mean by not upgrading?01:42
lensyits halted at the upgrade for:01:43
Googleplex12lensy: sudo apt-get update then sudo apt-get dist-upgrade01:43
nikulensy: re-installing isn't like windows, your user data will be safe as long as it's in /home/ and you don't reformat01:43
Jester45frreeeeee: all i can suggest is google more and wait to see if a kernel update fixes this problem, also searhc for a bug as it might be fixable if you cant find one post one your self to get it fixed faster01:43
AJF355he'll loose his important files if he has to start over again so lensy rly needs u help guys01:43
piffNoob: What is the platform of the computer you're trying to connect to?01:43
lensyphpbb2-mysql- (2.0.22-3)01:43
lensyits halted there01:43
lensyit wont go any further01:43
lensyits just doing nothing01:43
FloodBot1lensy: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:43
frreeeeeealright thanks01:43
AJF355oh go away floodbot01:43
lensyi cant logon as it is so its running in text only mode :(01:43
nickrudlensy do  sudo apt-get -f install, then if it fails, put the complete output on paste.ubuntu.com01:43
lensythe screen just went blank01:44
lensyand it wont comeback01:44
nickrudlensy and you can install pastebinit to pastebin from the command line. Hit a key, that's probably just screen blanking01:44
Noob     piff:sorry as you might have suspected from my name im a noob what do you mean by platform01:44
AJF355damn & blast lensy01:44
Jester45lensy: try alt + F2 to get a new screen01:44
nikuor, if you're on a different machine, you could ssh to it, if that's been turned on01:45
nickrudhm, install broken, no install of pastebinit (should be standard)01:45
lensyhow do i paste the output01:45
Jester45Noob he means is it windows linux mac01:45
lensyim in text only01:45
AJF355rofl @ Noob (noobs crack me up sometimes as they ask the most basic questiions: What's a pc? I thought it was a computer!"01:45
lensyand i cant sshj onto it cos nothing dammed well works on it :'(01:45
keithclarkHi there, my laptop seems to be moving at a crawling speed and my CPU monitor shows it running at only 1 GHZ.  It is an AMD 64 3500+.  I'm not sure what is wrong but it is running really slowly.01:45
piffAJF355: Shut up, dumbarse01:46
ntoloThanks guys,i forgot to change the ip address when i changed networks. It up and running fast ,mysql :)01:46
AJF355piss off01:46
lensydont swar AJF35501:46
Nooblinux and im not a noob to computers ingeneral just to linux01:46
Jester45lensy: try to install pastebinit it will let you paste in text only01:46
piffnoob: You need to configure an IP address for the linux machine (if that's the computer you're trying to connect to)01:46
bubaglobalJi ain't a noob either, but it all becomes relative, compared to these guys ;)01:46
lensyi cant get a webrowser in text only to paste bin to01:47
Jester45why thanks you bubaglobalJ01:47
=== christian is now known as crbr
Jester45 :)01:47
piffnoob: If you're using a graphical interface, try somewhere in the system settings01:47
bubaglobalJdoes it matter, whether i burn the iso of the operating system on a dvd or cd for boot purposes and stuff, or no big deal?01:47
nickrudlensy run sudo apt-get -f install   , and if it fails, you're going to look for   post-installation script failed, or pre-install script failed, and let me know what it was01:47
Nooblike dns???01:47
lensycan i ask a general question?01:47
piffNoob: Yes, including DNS01:47
Jester45lensy: you can use the web in text, the web is just fancy text to begin with but pastebinit is a program that will auto paste for you and give a url as output01:47
lensyif i were to re-install ubuntu 8.04 over linux 7.10 using a standard CD01:48
piffNoob: You have to set up the IP address, the gateway, and the DNS01:48
=== tes1 is now known as MacIx
lensywould that keep all my files???01:48
nikulensy: try links01:48
Noobk in the event that that dosent work what could i do01:48
nickrudJester45 he can't install pastebinit until he fixes apt ;)01:48
piffNoob: Both machines need an IP address at least01:48
lensybecause i have alot of work onmy laptop that i need01:48
MacIxhello,  can anyone tell me how to install xlibs on 7.10 ? :(01:48
lensyif it gets erase im really in the shit so to speak01:48
Jack_Sparrowlensy Boot a live cd and back it up01:48
nickrudlensy there is a way to do that, but lets see if we can fix your system first01:48
Jester45lensy: you can pm me the spam i dont care01:48
* bubaglobalJ will do some chores and try again (4th attempt) later01:48
Jester45ill paste it for you01:48
piffNoob: That will work.  If you have two computers physically connected with an ethernet cable, and both of them have IP addresses, and the firewall is off on both of them, then you should connect.01:49
lensyJester45: the spam??01:49
lensyJester45: im not spamming :P01:49
Jester45lensy: your apt-get output01:49
piffNoob: How are you 'connecting' btw?01:49
Noobwhere do i find the ip address dns and gateway01:49
Jester45ill paste your "spam" for you01:49
Jester45pastebin that is01:49
Noobusb cable01:49
lensybut wont i have to type my ouput up on here :(01:49
piffNoob: It depends on what desktop you're using?01:49
crbrHi all.. I'm having a problem getting my internal Ricoh webcam from a HP Pavillion DV6242 to work with Cheese & Canorama (though it works with aMSN). I have RTFM and searched Google to no avail; gstreamer-properties shows the proper INPUT, but shows bars/static for OUTPUT. ... Does anybody have any ideas?01:50
nickrudNoob ifconfig, cat /etc/resolv.conf, and route -n  respectively01:50
=== gardar`afk is now known as gardar
piffNoob: I've never used a USB cable.  Not sure that will work.  It might... but it might be easier to use an ethernet cable01:50
Jester45lensy: oo that is true... type me the main parts of it01:50
greenthumbi've got a kernel question01:50
nickrudlensy run sudo apt-get -f install, and tell me when it's done01:50
lensyJester45: gimme the command again plz01:50
Noobok i can do that too but ill be connecting directly to the modem01:51
Jester45lensy: you can leave out repeated stuff or verion number01:51
Jester45lensy: sudo apt-get -f install ?01:51
greenthumbi've been trying to patch my wireless adapter to enable injection and all the tutorials say to upgrade to kernel 2.6.24-19, i can't find it anywhere01:52
greenthumbi've got 2.6.24-16 right now01:52
Magicdeadgreenthumb: ubuntu hardy?01:52
amenadogreenthumb-> what is this injection about? to dos another network?01:53
nickrud!hardysources | greenthumb (make sure updates are checked)01:53
ubottugreenthumb (make sure updates are checked): In System->Admin->Software Sources, enable (main) (universe) (restricted) and (multiverse) and disable the Cdrom on the Ubuntu Software tab. On the Updates tab, enable (hardy-security) and (hardy-updates).01:53
Jester45greenthumb: its in the repo.. im using it but it might be in proposed updates01:53
greenthumbubottu: i'll take a look at that. i've updated using the updater01:53
ubottugreenthumb: Error: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)01:53
greenthumblet me check the sources01:53
nickrudJester45 apt-cache policy linux-image-2.6.24-19-generic tells you what repos it's in01:54
nortyQuestion: I have an external harddrive that is formated for mac, I want to reformat it using Ubuntu , how do I do that? right now it says that there is something connected via USB but when I go to right click->mount volumn it doesn't do anything.. help?01:55
xaiI'm trying to update edgy, but none of the repositories work now.. http://us.archive.ubuntu.com for example01:55
Magicdeadgreenthumb: it's in hardy-updates01:55
nickrudnorty install gparted , and select the correct device in the upper right corner01:55
ubottuEnd-Of-Life is the time when security updates for an Ubuntu release stop. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases01:55
poseidonnorty, try nparted or whatever ubuntu's defualt partition manager is.01:55
Magicdeadgreenthumb:  http://archive.ubuntu.com hardy-updates/main01:56
xaiIs there a CLI tool for fixing the sources.list ??01:56
nortynickrud, is there a terminal command to install it?01:56
nickrudnorty you don't have access to the software sources?01:56
Jack_Sparrowxai try this in a term   sudo update-manager -d01:56
greenthumbmagicdead: thanks, i think that took care of it. i just overlooked that. Thanks guys!01:56
nickrudnorty that is, you're not running gnome?01:56
greenthumbyeah, i've been missing out i see, 234 new updates01:57
nickrudnorty sorry, brain fart.   sudo apt-get install gparted01:57
poseidonAre ubuntu releases directly related to debian releases/milestones?  ie two releases in between every new stable debian?01:57
keithclarkPlease, anyone with ideas, my laptop is not unuseable. It seems to be moving at a crawling speed and my CPU monitor shows it running at only 1 GHZ.  It is an AMD 64 3500+.  I'm not sure what is wrong but it is running really slowly.01:57
DroP-PSyChoSiSany1 hear know how to run warcraft3 with no lag thro win ?01:57
Magicdeadposeidon: no, theres 2 ubuntu releases / year, 1 in april, one in octobre. i don't think they are dependent on debian releases01:58
Jack_SparrowDroP-PSyChoSiS /join #winehq01:58
greenthumbkeithclark: it maybe a bad idea, but i usually backup my info and do a format and reinstall at that point01:58
nickrudMagicdead yes, each release takes a snapshot of debian unstable, then builds on that01:58
DroP-PSyChoSiSkk ty01:58
xaiJack_Sparrow: yea but when I try to "check" i get the same errors as in "apt-get update"01:58
Keith_M_Anything that I run in OpenGL flickers, is there a fix for this?01:58
keithclarkgreenthumb: Yeah, I thought running Linux was supposed to stop that nonsense.01:59
nickrudKeith_M_ usually you have to disable compiz to get decent open gl in my experience01:59
DroP-PSyChoSiSits coz ur settings are set wrong01:59
poseidonMagicdead, what about the packages?  I'm pretty sure that ubuntu packages are dependent on debian packages.  Where do they take the packages from (from stable/unstable/testing/etc)01:59
greenthumbkeithclark: i haven't had to do it since i switched over to Linux though, last time was in windoze01:59
Keith_M_nickrud: compiz ruins opengl?01:59
DroP-PSyChoSiSit flickers coz ur visuel effects are set to extra01:59
DroP-PSyChoSiSset it to noce01:59
Jack_Sparrowxai you would be better off with a fresh install of a new release.. there are lots of megs of dl's between where you are and the current release01:59
nickrudKeith_M_ it's been known to, yes01:59
keithclarkgreenthumb: this will be the third time for me.02:00
n3klHi.  I am brand new to ubuntu trying to setup wpa_supplicant.  I have install teh 8.4 er whatever the kde4 packages are.  I have copied over my interfaces file from a working debian install and setup the wpa_supplicant.conf.  Now it will not grab an address form dhcp once it connects to the network.  What is the problem?02:00
nickrudKeith_M_ if you're running compiz, try getting more info in #compiz-fusion02:00
greenthumbkeithclark: ouch02:00
poseidonCompiz is horrible.  How do a bunch of psuedo bubbles help you effectivley work on your pc?02:00
xaiJack_Sparrow: I can't do that.. 2000 miles away.02:00
keithclarkgreenthumb: Yeah, I never did it once with XP.02:00
grendal_primeanyone got there 650 to work as a modem on there ubuntu machine?02:01
nickrudxai you can use old-releases.ubuntu.com to get the latest version of the update manager, then you should be able to upgrade. See the following02:01
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes02:01
Magicdeadposeidon: well some compiz stuff actually helps, like the one that arranges all windows. the rest is just to show of ;)02:01
Jack_Sparrowxai http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/02:01
keithclarkgreenthumb: nothing but problems since upgrading to 8.04.  I think this is Canonical's Vista02:02
poseidonMagicdead, I have dual screens so I don't have a problem with screen space.  I would rather show off my new rendering engine or 3d game instead ;)02:02
Jack_Sparrowkeithclark Please take down the attitude a notch and ask your question if you are here for help02:02
nickrudJack_Sparrow you have issues with hardy?02:02
poseidonI like to show off my work, not others ;)02:02
nickrudJack_Sparrow I sure don't02:03
keithclarkJack_Sparrow: will do.02:03
Jack_Sparrownickrud MOst of my boxes are still gutsy, I have a few hardy.. but no reason to change what is working fine for the most part02:03
norty_Help: when I use the command: sudo apt-get install it says "E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg received a seg fault"02:03
Odd-rationalenorty_: make sure you have all other instances of apt closed02:04
nickrudnorty_ what was the complete error? copy it to paste.ubuntu.com02:04
poseidonI only have to comps.  One with debina unstable/xp and another with KfreeBSD/ubuntu hardy :)02:04
norty_nickrud, that is the complete error02:04
Odd-rationalenorty_: synaptic, add/remove, apt-get, aptitude, etc02:04
Jack_Sparrownorty_ What changes have you made to your sources.list02:04
xaiChanged http to ftp in sources.list on edgy seems to work well.02:04
cdavisis there a problem with playing dvd's and hardy? I have not had problems before with ubuntu and playing dvd's02:05
norty_Jack_Sparrow, ive made no changes02:05
SeaPhornorty_, its looking for a cd, change in synaptics where to look02:05
poseidoncdavis, make sure you installed the appropriate codecs.  Google medibuntu02:05
Jorg1Anyone help with a Realtek RTL8197 WLAN card driver issue?02:06
Jack_Sparrownorty_ Can you pastebin it for us02:06
norty_Jack_Sparrow, pastebin what?02:06
cdavisposeidon, I have. libdvdcss2 same as I installed for feisty. I know get libdvdread: Error cracking CSS key for02:06
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about rt2x0002:06
Jack_Sparrownorty_ Your sources.list02:06
poseidonJorg1, what chip does it have?02:07
nickrudnorty your /etc/apt/sources.list, and the complete run from the error:  including the command,   apt-get -f install02:07
telmessoshi all. I want to kill a process one hour after now. do you know the console command ?02:07
norty_Jack_Sparrow, where is that?02:07
offlinei'm planning to get a brand new printer, what exactly printer brand that fully supported by ubuntu hardy ?02:08
lastelement0can someone that has CS:S working under 8.04 tell me what version of WINE they are using?02:08
Jack_Sparrownorty_ see what nickrud said02:08
Jack_Sparrow!appdb > lastelement002:08
ubottulastelement0, please see my private message02:08
telmessosI want to kill a process one hour after now. do you know the console command ?02:08
Jorg1poseidon: 8187. I tried using NDISwrapper to install a Win 98 driver but not getting anywhere. Very new to Linux.02:08
SeaPhornorty_, your /etc/apt/sources.list, and the complete run from the error:  including the command,   apt-get -f install02:08
lastelement0Jack_Sparrow: thanks but already been there02:08
nickrudoffline   linuxprinting.org has the latest info02:09
Jack_Sparrowlastelement0 then /join #winehq for questions about wine02:09
offlinenickrud: thank u very much02:09
nickrudtelmessos  at <time> , enter the command (like killall appname), then hit ctl-d02:09
admin_Has anyone used SBM (Smart Boot Manager) ?02:09
nickrudtelmessos atq  tells you what your queued at commands are02:10
keithclarkMy system is an AMD 64 3500+ and running very slowly.  The CPU monitor shows it running at 1 GHz.  The CPU load is at 100% all the time.  I don't know what to check next.02:10
telmessosnickrud: <time> is it in seconds or the computer time ?02:10
nickrudtelmessos a time, like 134102:10
nickrudkeithclark   run  top  , see what's eating the cpu02:11
telmessosnickrud: I thought this is standard also for Pardus. there is no at in Pardus :(02:12
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nickrudtelmessos at is an ancient unix command ...02:12
keithclarknickrud: Xorg is running 50%, not much else02:12
poseidonJorg1, you might be able to find a driver here for it.  http://rt2x00.serialmonkey.com/wiki/index.php?title=Main_Page02:12
nickrudkeithclark hm, have you tried restarting your desktop?02:13
telmessosnickrud:  bash: at: command not found02:13
telmessosthis is the message I get02:13
nickrudtelmessos this is ubuntu?02:13
keithclarknickrud: yes, 4 times in the last two hours02:13
telmessosnickrud: I said pardus :)02:13
nickrudkeithclark something is using the clock, so maybe gnome-system-monitor will tell you more02:13
nickrudtelmessos then find a channel for pardus ;)02:13
lastelement0can someone who has CS:S working under ubuntu 8.04 tell me what version of wine02:14
keithclarknickrud: I tried that, but it is almost impossible to use.  It just keeps greying out.02:14
telmessosnickrud: it is 04:14. there's only one guy in the channel and he doesn't remember the command :D02:14
nickrudkeithclark possibly try installing htop, it's like top but shows stuff a little better02:14
keithclarknickrud: in the repos?02:15
nickrudkeithclark yep02:15
tannjiCan someone help me with installing a driver? fetting an error I cant fix with my limited experience02:15
keithclarknickrud: will try, thanks.02:15
nickrudtannji what driver (you're gonna be lucky if it's one I'm familar with ;)02:15
tannjilol, XFI sound....02:16
Jorg1Poseidon: Thank you. I am checking it out now.02:16
nickrudtannji no offense, but I am running the other way ;P02:16
cdavisI have installed xine-ui libdvdcss2 and regionset (and set my region to 1) now xine segfaults when trying to play a dvd02:16
Jack_Sparrowrun and hide, run and hide02:16
tannjiI dont need help with the driver per-say... just the error02:16
xaiare all edgy repositories gone now?02:17
hashhow to set up locales for firefox to pl-PL in ubuntu 8.04 PL HELP! ;)02:17
nickrudxai yes, it's now obsolete02:17
xaican I update it with a CD maybe?02:17
Jack_Sparrowxai I linked them for you02:17
Jack_Sparrowxai http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/02:17
cdavisI don't think I am missing anything because I did this exact thing on a feisty machine a week ago :(02:17
tannjiI have a good read-me to follow, but I think I have a problem with where I have the driver saved, getting "no such directory"02:18
craftehanybody know where pid files are?02:18
craftehfor daemons02:18
xaiJack_Sparrow: Thanks.. can I use those to upgrade?02:18
xaiJackWinter: thanks I see that now.02:18
tannjiI am not up to date on changing directories in terminal  =(\02:18
craftehah, nvm they're in /var/run02:18
poseidonJorg1, This might also help.  I suggest you try the ones from the link I gave you earlier first, however.   http://www.ralinktech.com/ralink/Home/Support/Linux.html02:18
hashhow to set up locales for firefox to pl-PL in ubuntu 8.04 PL? HELP! ;)02:19
nickrudxai https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FeistyUpgrades#Upgrading%20using%20the%20alternate%20CD/DVD02:19
greenthumbmagicdead: sure enough, got the new one. thanks. i learn something new every other minute02:20
Magicdeadgreenthumb: your welcome02:20
tannjican anyone suggest what to do about this error?  " XFiDrv_Linux_US-1.04.tar.gz: Cannot open: No such file or directory02:20
tannjitar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now02:20
tannjitar: Child returned status 202:20
tannjitar: XFiDrv_Linux_US-1.04/XFiDrv_Linux_US-1.04.tar.bz2: Not found in archive02:20
tannjitar: Error exit delayed from previous errors"02:20
FloodBot1tannji: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:20
tannjisorry  = )02:21
ImMelodyI need some help, but wanted to preface that I'm  on my n800 so  my responses will be delayed.02:21
Jack_Sparrowtannji if you type ls do you see the file you are trying to extract02:21
lensyif i install ubuntu over an existing install will i loose home directories?02:21
lensyif i install ubuntu over an existing install will i loose home directories?02:21
FloodBot1lensy: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:21
cdavisdo I have to do anything other than regionset and set to 1?02:22
Danish989ok, can anyone help me? I'm completely clueless, I downloaded some login themes which are in tar.gz format but when I browse for themes in the 'login window' application, I can't install them02:22
tannjiJack: i get Desktop    Examples  Music     Public     Videos02:22
tannjiDocuments  GNUstep   Pictures  Templates02:22
ImMelodyI got the nvidia x server  prrogram working on my computer afteer a lot of battle today. But noww that it's rrunning, my wireless drivers and sound ddrivers are not recognnized.02:22
Jack_SparrowDanish989 drag and drop the tar onto the login window02:22
Danish989Jack_Sparrow: woah .. that worked02:23
nickrudlensy yes, unless you take a couple steps02:23
* Danish989 feels really stupid02:23
tannjiI think I might need to change directories before I issue the tar command?02:23
Danish989Jack_Sparrow: thank you :)02:23
Danish989I think because of this ubuntu channel, even if I have a problem that's really small, I don't bother looking around because I feel like coming here and asking someone02:24
Jack_SparrowAny time, I like the easy questions02:24
Magicdeadtannji: either that or give the full path to the file to the tar command. tar /path/to/file.tar02:24
Danish989on windows I would usually google, but I don't even think about that because of #ubuntu, hehe02:24
ImMelodyAnyone have any idea what might have happened or  how to  fix it?02:24
tannjiMagic:  I thot so... but I am not quite  up to speed on determining paths yet, or using cd to get where I want to02:25
tannjimy driver is downloaded and extracted in a folder on the desktop02:25
nickrudtannji then cd ~/Desktop , ls , cd <dir>02:26
tannjiif I get properties of that folder, that would tell me the path?02:26
Magicdeadtannji: uhm theres an faq on console commands in the ubuntu-wiki and you can use tabcompletion for faster results ^^02:26
* amireldor_ is away: I'm busy, sorry02:26
tannjiOff to wiki I go.....  again  = )02:26
cpareanyone have time to help me get my SATA DVD drive working on x64 Heron?02:26
* amireldor_ is back (gone 00:00:08)02:27
* amireldor_ is away: I'm busy, sorry02:27
* amireldor_ is back (gone 00:00:02)02:27
tannjican I do: ~/Desktop , ls , cd <dir>  while logged as root?02:27
nickrudtannji you should do that as yourself, then once you're in the right dir, use sudo -i to do your work02:28
amireldor_tannji, yes02:28
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chalcedonycpare: i can't get ours to see the web02:28
amireldor_tannji, use `sudo su` to get root terminal02:28
stephenjoin #openmoko02:28
nickrudamireldor_ you should recommend sudo -i, stays within the ubuntu security model02:28
Magicdeadtannji: yes but with different results, ~ as root goes to /root, ~ as your regular user goes to /home/user02:28
chalcedonystephen: add a /02:28
cparechalcedony - your on x64 server?02:29
chalcedonycpare: no02:29
tannjiok, sudo su to get root, and what to leave root?02:29
cparex64 workstation then02:29
chalcedonytrying a live cd even02:29
tannjiwill su work?02:29
amireldor_nickrud, thanks02:29
nickrudtannji you type exit to leave superuser status02:29
Magicdeadtannji: yes, su <username>02:29
tannjiah!  lol, thanks02:30
cparechalcedony - what live CD are you using?02:30
amireldor_tannji, use sudo -i instead of sudo su02:30
tannjikk, off to read02:30
tannjiwhat is -i?02:30
chalcedonydoes anyone know the magic steps to get a laptop to see the www again? it's running Gutsy.02:30
Starnestommytannji: interactive mode02:30
tannjiso -i enters, or leaves interactive?02:30
nickrudtannji gives you an interactive sudo terminal, you don't have to type sudo for each command. Type exit when done02:30
Josdellhey everyone, i need some help, what is the best laptop ,at most $1000 or maybe a little bit more, that will work with Ubuntu Perfectly, right out of the box. I want Windows XP on it for some issues02:30
Starnestommytannji: enters02:31
chalcedonycpare: my next step is going to be to make a new Hardy cd on this system, make sure the checksum is right and try it AGAIN02:31
tannjiexcellent... I need to print out console commands....  which I will do when I get the printer working, lol02:31
nickrud!laptop Josdell02:31
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about laptop josdell02:31
nickrud!laptop | Josdell02:31
ubottuJosdell: Laptop support information can be found on http://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportMachinesLaptops - http://www.linux-laptop.net/ - http://wiki.ubuntu.com/LaptopTestingTeam - http://tuxmobil.org02:31
chalcedonytannji: lol02:31
cparechalcedony:  What CD are you using?02:31
cparechalcedony: you may want to try the alternate CD02:32
chalcedonycpare: my husband had tried Gutsy, and Hardy but i don't know that the checksum was right02:32
ImMelody; ; Then no one can help me??02:32
cparechalcedony:  what type of NIC?02:32
chalcedonycpare: the mb has to have very new kernel.. i tried knoppix, a good cd and no go02:33
cparechalcedony - or is it just the web, but everything else is good?02:33
keithclarknickrud: hmm..my problem may lay in a failed upgrade.....02:33
chalcedonycpare: it's a brand new system02:33
cparechalcedony: can you do a ifconfig and get back a valid IP address?02:33
chalcedonysata drive02:34
MagicdeadImMelody: what's your problem?02:34
cparewhat is the out of the ifconfig?02:34
viperserv2anyone know where apt-get would put rtorrent dir?02:34
chalcedonydunno i'd have to go make my husband change computers at this point02:34
cparechalcedony: what is the return of the ifconfig?02:34
chalcedonycpare: let me see if he will02:34
cparechalcedony: that would be the first start02:34
chalcedonyi was sort of hoping to work on the laptop first ;)02:35
Magicdeadviperserv2: whereis rtorrent02:35
cparechalcedony: we can see if the NIC is even identified02:35
cparechalcedony: or if you have bigger issues...02:35
chalcedonycpare: i dont think it is02:35
ImMelodyAfter getting thee nvidia x server  settinngs working, my wireless and sound drivers are no longer recognized.02:35
chalcedonyit will be 30 days on the 4th .. i think newegg should take it back02:35
cparechalcedony: Any chance you have and older card you could shove in it to get the updates?02:36
cparechalcedony: as that may be all you need...02:36
MagicdeadImMelody: have you tried reinstalling them?02:36
chalcedonycpare: it's an onboard i think02:36
chalcedonygoes to check02:36
cparechalcedony: thats fine if it's onboard, you can add another...02:36
ImMelodyI can't download anything.02:37
MagicdeadImMelody: why not?02:37
ImMelodyBecausse my wireless isn't working02:37
cparechalcedony: also - have you tried the x86 version, as it will still run on a x64 system...02:37
craigbass1976I'm following directions here:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HardyUpgrades  and not getting anywhere.  Trying to move from 6.06 to hardy.  All updated (Dapper updates) but when I hit the Check button after my system is up to date, I don't get any Upgrade to Hardy message02:38
cdavisI am sure that somehow the region is still not set on my drive, what else can I do to verify?  regionset says: drive plays discs from region(s): 1, mask=0xFE02:38
MagicdeadImMelody: yes but can't you download it wherever you're online now and burn it to cd/copy it on an usbstick ?02:38
ImMelodyI'm on my nokia n80002:38
MagicdeadImMelody: oh ok... what about using the install-cd as packet-source?02:39
cpare<----  Needs help getting his SATA DVD to work in Hardy x64 Server02:39
grendal_primeim tryinging to forwared my local port 101 to port 102 through ssh...02:39
chalcedonycpare: i can add a different nic?02:39
Jordan_UMagicdead, You can only use the alternate CD as a Package repository02:40
cparechalcedony: you prolly have an open pci slot02:40
chalcedonywe broke his old nic, it didnt fit02:40
grendal_primei thought it worked liek this...ssh -L 101:localhost:102 username@sshserver.com02:40
cparechalcedony: so just plug one in...02:40
cparechalcedony: I have servers with 4 in them :)02:40
grendal_primeit is connecting but it is not forwarding port 102 back02:40
chalcedonycpare:  it's going to take a newer card i think02:40
cparechalcedony: doubt it02:41
cparechalcedony: as long as the card fits the bus, your good to go02:41
chalcedonyit didn't02:41
cdavisdo I have to set the region code in vlc as well because it sure seems like I have set the region code properly with regionjset02:41
chalcedonycpare: it was longer and needed something different at one end02:41
cparechalcedony: you can get one at Best Buy, or CompUSA for under $20 easy02:41
DILcraigbass1976: updatemanager -d02:41
DILcraigbass1976: update-manager -d02:42
Jordan_Ucdavis, No...02:42
chalcedonywe probably have some somewhere .. i just didn't think of it02:42
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cparechalcedony: check your docs, is it a PCIe or PCI?02:42
cparechalcedony: either way, there are cards out ther02:42
Jordan_Ucdavis, Do you have libdvdcss2 installed?02:42
n3klIs there any reason that wpa_supplicant would connect to the netowkr on boot, but not ask for dhcp?02:42
nuno_nunesHI PPL02:42
craigbass1976DIL, Ahhhhhhhhh02:42
ImMelodyActually, it's aable to see this as a harddrive, but I have nnoidea what to download or from where. I use ndiswrapper for my wireless and it still shows the network drrivers as installed.02:42
cparechalcedony: dont forget the USB NIC option02:43
DILcraigbass1976: you may have to do gksudo02:43
cparechalcedony: that has saved me more than once02:43
craigbass1976DIL, it's going.02:43
cparechalcedony: it at least gets you in the net for your update02:43
_xyzim live ubuntu, trying to share a folder on my WinXP hdd on a Samba network (samba package is installed), but when I right click for it to be shared, it says that I need root access.. I think i need to mount it via terminal then, but don't know how.02:43
craigbass1976DIL, what was the -d for?02:43
craigbass1976DIL, because the site didn't say that02:43
=== gardar`afk is now known as gardar
cdavisJordan_U, yes, I have that installed, it plays soft of but I can tell it is encrypted still. vlc errors with region issues02:43
MagicdeadImMelody: uhm is there any specific error when you load the drivers?02:43
acid-triphow do i search and see what php i have installed02:44
Jordan_Ucraigbass1976, -d is for installing a development release02:44
cpare<---  Needs help getting his SATS DVD drive working on x64 server Heron02:44
Jordan_Ucraigbass1976, I am guessing that you do *not* want to do that02:44
ImMelodyNo volume control GStreamer plugins and/or devices found. (For the sound)02:44
acp_hi can you recommend a good book that has all types of server configuration for ubuntu? Im setting up a home office02:45
Magicdeadacid-trip: "dpkg -l |grep php" <-- everything with an "ii" in front is installed. or if php is working create an empty php-file with <?php php_info(); ?> in it and acces the file02:45
ImMelodylspci  DOES see it though.02:45
cpare<----  Needs help getting his SATA DVD to work in Hardy x64 Server02:45
cdavisJordan_U, hmm, I think I figured it out, I deleted the .dvdcss directory which had created "stuff" before I set the region code on my dvd rom, that seems to have fixed it. except vlc drops me b back to the menu when tryin gto move chapters02:45
ImMelodyAnd one sec for the network stuff02:45
=== playya__ is now known as playya
craigbass1976Jordan_U, well, I need to get out of dapper02:46
amirman84i checked wikipedia but the information there is too convulated to make sense to me. what is the real difference between cat5 and cat6? is there one of these i should NOT get for connecting a hard drive enclosure to my wireless router?02:46
craigbass1976Jordan_U, and don't really feel like reinstalling02:46
Jordan_Ucraigbass1976, Then just do "update-manager" do NOT put a -d at the end02:46
DILcraigbass1976: -d = checks for the latest release02:46
chalcedonycpare: what he has is: ASUS M3N78-EMH HDMI02:46
craigbass1976Jordan_U, update-manager wasn't giving me the option to upgrade02:46
pppoe_dudehello. how tricky is it to install ubuntu from a local partition02:47
ImMelodyAnd then it says "No network devicess have beeen found." For the network... But02:47
Jordan_UDIL, No, it means check for the newest DEVELOPMENT release, which is currently very unstable02:47
MagicdeadImMelody: does you nokia have a browser?02:47
acid-tripMagicdead, ok  now when i try to run dpkg-reconfigure php5-common02:47
acid-tripit doesn't allow me02:47
DILJordan_U: my bad02:47
Jordan_Ucraigbass1976, Then add "-c"02:47
Magicdeadacid-trip: sudo ? or is there an error?02:48
ImMelodyWhen I go to Wireless Instaalleed Windows Drivers it lists that the driverr iss installed.02:48
cparechalcedony:  Your golden then, as this board has 2 PCI slots02:48
ImMelodyYes it does.02:48
acid-tripnope it just runs then nothing pops up02:48
cparechalcedony: As long as you have a PCI NIC02:48
MagicdeadImMelody: then maybe this http://tinyurl.com/5gluqq might be of help to you (tinyurl for your convenience ;) )02:48
DILcraigbass1976: or --dist-upgrade02:48
gogi`someone pleaseeeeee help me.  grub is kicking my ass.  and it hurts.02:48
ImMelodyThanks so much!02:49
cparechalcedony:  THe two white slots02:49
gogi`summary of my problem: I have XP installed in one hdd and I just installed ubuntu in another hdd.  I went through the setup process and all but when grub comes up and asks what I want to load and I select ubuntu it gives me an error 2202:49
gogi`I've tried booting from the live CD and doing the sudo grub , find blah/stage1 , root (hd0,1) , setup (hd0)02:50
Starnestommygogi`: you probably have grub set to use the wrong partitions02:50
gogi`according to the forum posts I've found that should solve the problem!  but it doesn't02:50
xenoglossiaI'm dual-booting Win2K and Ubuntu 8.04, and (after fooling around with a Live USB), I get this error message when I try to boot into Windows via GRUB: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23323/.  I'm told that I replaced the Windows bootloader with Syslinux (by the way, I'm a total novice with Linux).  I don't have my Windows CD anymore.  Is there anything I can do?02:50
craigbass1976DIL, again, why isn't this stuff on the site I posted... weird.  the dist-upgrade would have been a lot easier than all the GUI farting around02:51
gogi`Starnestommy: how would I go about setting it to use the right partitions?02:51
gogi`It's really kind of frustrating because I thought ubuntu was supposed to be idiot-proof :(02:51
Magicdeadacid-trip: well it seems there are no options for that package, at least the command doesn't do anything for me either ;)02:51
SeaPhorStarnestommy, what is the cmd for updating the sources, or extras,, sorry having a hrd time remembering02:51
Jordan_Uxenoglossia, Yes, you can either try to get grub working or install the windows bootloader from ubuntu with the ms-sys package02:51
amireldor_xenoglossia, seems like you messed up something in /boot02:51
StarnestommySeaPhor: sudo apt-get update?02:51
cpare<----  Needs help getting his SATA DVD to work in Hardy x64 Server02:52
boazI have 4 hard drives. I want to reinstall Ubuntu on one drive, and put Windows XP on a different drive, so as to be able to dual boot. However, since I have been experimenting with Ubuntu, XP does not recognize that my hard drives exist. Any advice as to what I need to do to accomplish this goal?02:52
Jordan_Uxenoglossia, Syslinux is usually only used for liveCD / liveDVD's so I would try installing GRUB first02:52
MagicdeadImMelody: but you better ask someone else about your ndiswrapper problem02:53
xenoglossiaGreat, thanks!  I'll look into ms-sys, but in the meanwhile, how would I go about fixing grub?  Should I reinstall grub?02:53
chalcedonycpare: i appreciate your help very much .. maybe nobody is here right now that knows about your problem02:53
Jordan_Uxenoglossia, It seems that you don't have grub installed in the first place, you have syslinux installed02:53
DILboaz:are they formatted - xp may not see ext302:54
cparechalcedony:  Looks that way02:54
SeaPhorStarnestommy, yes but was more,,, and i cant remember, was for restricted drivers and multiverse stuff, i'm sorry i should have noted it02:54
cparechalcedony:  I am gonna end up fighting it on my own02:54
Jordan_Uxenoglossia, How did you install Ubuntu?02:54
xenoglossiaWell when I turn on my computer, I get the grub menu, and I can boot into Ubuntu just fine, but I can't boot into Windows02:54
cparechalcedony: But there are always forums :)02:54
chalcedonycpare: i'd suggest trying tomorrow during the day (usa) and probably monday.. you want the guys who work in it02:54
nuno_nunesHI PPL02:54
xenoglossiaJordan_U,  I installed Ubuntu via Live CD02:55
chalcedonycpare: there are often very knwledgable people around02:55
xenoglossia. . . if that's what you mean . . . :)02:55
cparechalcedony: Thanks02:55
boazDIL, two are formatted for ext3. Two are former phony raid drives, formatted for RAID.02:55
gogi`so uhm...anyone...grub problem?02:56
KRaZy_WaKawols_ ok i totally killed my ubuntu install now it wont boot but windows still does, i'm ready to dual-boot the easy way02:56
DILboaz:xp will not see ext302:56
chalcedonythe darned laptop lost it's wifi connection again.. and that was what i was trying to restore02:56
Jordan_Uxenoglossia, Is Windows on a separate drive?02:56
cpare<----  Needs help getting his SATA DVD to work in Hardy x64 Server02:56
gogi`please....pretty please....?02:56
evanwangXP can see ext302:56
chalcedonycpare: what have you done so far on it? the cd/dvd wasn't that hard to do on my husband's02:57
boazDIL, if I make new partitions, but don't format them, will XP see them then?02:57
chalcedonygogi`: it works best if you say what the problem IS02:57
gogi`chalcedony I did earlier, but here it is again: I have XP installed in one hdd and I just installed ubuntu in another hdd.  I went through the setup process and all but when grub comes up and asks what I want to load and I select ubuntu it gives me an error 2202:58
DILboaz: i did not think xp could see ext3 file system nut evanwang is saying otherwise02:58
gogi`I've tried booting from the live CD and doing the sudo grub , find blah/stage1 , root (hd0,1) , setup (hd0)02:58
gogi`but it doesn't fix anything02:58
Starnestommygogi`: you'll need to change the root settings in /boot/grub/menu.lst02:58
xenoglossiaJordan_U, I repartitioned my hard drive, yes.  If it helps, here is the output of sudo fdisk -l: http://paste.ubuntu.com/2341502:58
Jordan_Uboaz, You can get windows to read  write to ext3 with http://www.fs-driver.org/02:59
Magicdeadxenoglossia: http://www.gnu.org/software/grub/manual/grub.html#DOS_002fWindows maybe this helps :)02:59
evanwangwe can use software names explorer2fs02:59
* DIL but not nut02:59
gogi`Starnestommy, I'm pretty dumb at this stuff...do you think you could tell me exactly how I do that, and what I change it to :)02:59
gogi`I booted back into XP, so I'll have to go back into the live cd to do it03:00
boazJordan_U, can Ubuntu read NTFS file system?03:00
Starnestommygogi`: you'll also need to replace (hd0,1) with (hd<hard-disk-number>,<partition-number>)03:00
xenoglossiaMagicdead, Thanks!03:00
Magicdeadboaz: it can03:00
Starnestommygogi`: i.e. (hd2,6) for disk 2 partition 603:00
DILboaz: with ntfs3g03:00
th0rStarnestommy, I think disk2 partition6 would be hd1,503:01
Jordan_Uboaz, Yes03:01
gogi`I will try do to that03:01
gogi`Oh, how would I even edit the file?03:01
gogi`Is there a notepad type thing around...lol03:01
xenoglossiaJordan_U, do you think installing ms-sys will help?03:02
Psico-trashALGUMA MINA DO BRASIL?03:02
Psico-trashQUERO TC?03:02
deejaypipHi, I'm trying to play DVDs. This is what happened when I tried to install medibuntu: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23417/03:02
Starnestommy!br | Psico-trash03:02
ubottuPsico-trash: Por favor use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt para ajuda em português. Obrigado.03:02
Jordan_Uxenoglossia, Possibly03:02
deejaypipgogi, there's texteditor03:03
boazMagicdead and Jordan, if I delete the present partitions on drives, will XP then be able to see them?03:03
PPKumahi, what does win+n and win+m do?03:03
Jordan_Uxenoglossia, Odd, it seems like ms-sys isn't in the Hardy repos03:03
KRaZy_WaKai am running a dual-boot system with ubuntu and windows on separate drives, i installed ubuntu first and windows xp home second couldnt get windows to boot without changing the drive boot sequence, reinstalled grub, added a windows stanza but to no avail, tried to fix it and now when i boot with my ubuntu drive first it just gives me the grub> command line tried to reinstall grub again per the instructions on Recovering Grub 03:03
gogi`awesome thanks03:03
gogi`I will try that and come back crying if it doesn't work :)03:03
Psico-trashStarnestommy, blz mano03:04
Psico-trashStarnestommy, como vai..03:04
Psico-trashStarnestommy: como vai..03:04
chalcedonyPsico-trash: wait till he looks back here03:05
_xyzcould anyone give an example of a custom implementation of this line: '//$SERVER/$SHARE $MOUNTPOINT $FS_TYPE credentials=$SMB_CREDENTIALS,uid=$UID,gid=$GID' ?03:05
MagicdeadJordan_U: it's only in dapper, feisty and gutsy...03:05
phungSCIM used to show up in the top panel (Hardy alpha/beta) but not anymore. Anyone know how to bring that back?03:06
xenoglossiaJordan_U, So what would you recommend doing?  Thanks again!03:07
MechyuskeAll right, so I installed ubuntu on an external HDD, and it boots up fine on my desktop. But when I boot it on my laptop, it says operating system not detected. How do I fix this?03:08
boazWhich desktop has the largest user base? gnome or kde?03:08
Jordan_Uxenoglossia, I am not sure, do you have your bootable USB drive plugged in when you try to boot windows?03:08
Jordan_Uboaz, I would guess gnome03:08
xenoglossiaJordan_U, no.  I have nothing plugged in.  Also, apparently, ms-sys was removed due to copyright infringement.03:09
boazThanks, Jordan_U.03:09
PPKumahi, what does win+n and win+m do?03:09
michaeltem alguém do brasil ai ?03:10
PPKuma!br | michael03:10
ubottumichael: Por favor use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt para ajuda em português. Obrigado.03:10
boazDIL and Magicdead, thanks for the help.03:11
ray_hi any one know of in ubuntu 8 a good avi editor and to make avi to wave thanks in ubuntu 8?03:11
Broken-arrowhey guys were dose ubuntu store its install binarys?03:11
Broken-arrowlike for your programs03:11
StarnestommyBroken-arrow: /usr/bin03:11
michaellegal esse negócio de irc03:11
DroP-PSyChoSiSok when i set my visual effects up my pc starts lagging ?03:11
DroP-PSyChoSiSwounder y03:12
Broken-arrowthanx st03:12
Mechyuske All right, so I installed ubuntu on an external HDD, and it boots up fine on my desktop. But when I boot it on my laptop, it says operating system not detected. How do I fix this? Or how do I install windows xp/vista onto an external hdd?03:12
nickrudBroken-arrow you mean the packages it downloads, then installs? /var/cache/apt/archives03:12
StarnestommyDroP-PSyChoSiS: compiz, the program that does those visual effects, needs a lot of memory and cpu power to make those effects03:12
ray_any one here know in ubuntu 8 a good avi editor and a avi to wave as a way file so i can get avi off a sd card and save them to wave once edit them in ubuntu 8?03:12
michaelalguém ai tem msn ?03:12
xenoglossiamichael, #ubuntubrasil-orkut03:13
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.03:13
* amireldor_ is away: I'm busy, sorry03:13
ray_any one here see my q? :(03:13
boazWhat is the safest (least likely to lose data) file system?03:13
nickrud!away > amireldor_03:13
ubottuamireldor_, please see my private message03:13
cafreeAnyone ever tried LVM striping to increase disk performance?  I'm debating trying it with some new disks I got03:13
DroP-PSyChoSiSbut it was working fine03:13
=== gardar is now known as gardar`afk
xenoglossiaJordan_U, Thanks!  I have to go now, though.  I will be back . . . :)03:14
ray_any one here seer my text way up there? :(03:14
himynameishi, i have a bunch of questions for you wonderful people out there, and I thank you ahead of time, I do appreciate your help.  So first off,  the little bar at the top of all of my windows, which usually holds the close, maximize, and minimize buttons is gone and i cannot click it and drag the window around.  how do i fix that?03:14
DroP-PSyChoSiSthen i update from wine 0.9.59 to wine 1.003:14
DroP-PSyChoSiStry and boot up war303:14
ray_see no one willing to help :(03:14
DroP-PSyChoSiSand my resolution and desktop starts lagging03:14
nickrudhimynameis try   alt-f2  gtk-window-decorator --replace03:14
ray_im must be dead lol03:14
nickrudray_ I would, but have no answer ;p03:14
Mr_Giraffedoes anybody know why when i hit ctrl-alt f1-f6 enter the TTYs?03:14
ray_any one eles03:14
Mr_Giraffeer, why when i hit ctrl-alt f1-f6 to enter the TTYs nothing happens?03:15
amireldor_nickrud, my real nickname is amireldor not amireldor_ it's a bug in xchat03:15
Mr_Giraffethe screen turns black but that's it03:15
gogi`Hello I am back03:15
gogi`There is no file /boot/grub/menu.lst03:15
nickrudamireldor_ ok, I was interested in the away message. You got it :)03:15
amireldor_nickrud, i get you :)03:15
KRaZy_WaKaJordan_U: anybody see my dual-boot dilemma? if so any advice?03:15
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ttry03:15
ray_any one eles see my q?03:15
ubottuTo get to the TTY terminals 1-6, use the keystroke ctrl + alt + F1-F6 respectively (Alt+F7 will get you back to your graphical login).  To change the resolution for your TTY, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ChangeTTYResolution.03:15
KRaZy_WaKasorry Jordan that was meant for the whole room03:15
boazray_, ask each question separately, and if someone knows the answer they will help you.03:16
himynameisnickrud which moves into the next problem.  My terminal is now completely white.  nothing. just a white useless space.03:16
amireldor_i've found a great tutorial about cinerella: http://akiradproject.net/cinelerra_is_very_easy_103:16
nickrudamireldor_ you probably had a stray amireldor on freenode, try changing your nick now. Or, /msg nickserv ghost <nick> password03:16
=== amireldor_ is now known as amireldor
nickrudhimynameis type blindly in a terminal,   gedit  . Does the program open?03:17
gogi`um....who was helping me with the grub problem earlier....I totaly forgot the nick :(03:17
ray_ok here gose what a good avi editor to get avi off a sd card my caera taken? also i like to know what a good avi editor to save the avi to wave so can play inb my windows system? i have ubuntu 803:17
nickrudhimynameis settings->current profile, colors03:17
MrLinux-Hello, I have a problem with my Ubuntu 7.0403:18
bsusaCould somone please help me. I am trying to apply themes on my Compiz using Emerald. I have imported the theme in emerald, but wheni apply it the only thing that changes is the window borders and shadowing. How do i make the entire theme take into effect?03:18
gogi` Ryuho (n=ryuho@24-205-235-203:18
gogi` Ryuho (n=ryuho@24-205-235-203:18
FloodBot1gogi`: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:18
nickrudhimynameis erm, edit -> current profile that is03:18
Mechyuske All right, so I installed ubuntu on an external HDD, and it boots up fine on my desktop. But when I boot it on my laptop, it says operating system not detected. How do I fix this? Or how do I install windows xp/vista onto an external hdd?03:18
gogi`uh sorry!03:18
ray_any one see my q03:18
MrLinux-/usr/local/share/fonts: failed to write cache03:18
MrLinux-/var/lib/defoma/fontconfig.d: failed to write cache03:18
MrLinux-/var/lib/defoma/fontconfig.d/A: failed to write cache03:18
MrLinux-/var/lib/defoma/fontconfig.d/B: failed to write cache03:18
MrLinux-/var/lib/defoma/fontconfig.d/C: failed to write cache03:18
FloodBot1MrLinux-: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:18
gogi`sorry about that :(03:18
chalcedony sudo /etc/init.d/interfaces restart. Command not found03:19
gogi` Ryuho (n=ryuho@24-205-235-203:19
gogi`OMG wtf...03:19
nickrudchalcedony networking restart03:19
gogi`does clicking both mouse buttons paste or something?03:19
nickrudgogi` yep03:19
Magicdeadbsusa: in compiz settings -> window decorations, theres a field for the past, enter "/usr/bin/emerald" there and restart compiz/gnome03:19
gogi`ok I will refrain from doing that03:19
nickrudgogi` a unix copy paste is simply highlight the text, then click middle button (or both, if enabled that way)03:19
ray_any one have idea for my for my q03:20
himynameisnickrud  is that "edit -> current provile"?03:20
MrLinux-Can someone please help me ?03:20
gogi`didn't know that nickrud03:20
nickrudhimynameis yes, I corrected that but a little late ;)03:20
himynameisnickrud *profile03:20
gogi`Anyways, I was told to fix my grub error 22 problem I have to go to the live CD and edit tye /boot/grub/menu.lst03:20
KiraI'm confused.03:20
bsusasry how do i restrat compiz gnome, u mean close the prog then re open?03:20
shingalatedme too03:20
gogi`except that file doesn't exist!03:20
chalcedonyMrLinux-: what were you trying to do ?03:20
himynameisnickrud it doesnt do anything03:20
nickrudgogi` it would be on the partition you installed linux to03:20
ray_see no one saw my q03:21
MrLinux-chalcedony: I just typed 'apt-get upgrade'03:21
ray_so im out of luck not cant do anything :(03:21
chalcedonyray_: take 3 deep breaths03:21
ray_chal o ok03:21
gogi`how would I .... uh.... get to the partition I installed linux to?03:21
ray_just realy upsetrting03:21
chalcedonyMrLinux-: ouch03:21
ImMelodyOkay.. I forgot who was helping me before, but that didn't work.. But I have a feeling the reason it didn't work is because I still have no wireless drivers.03:21
nickrudhimynameis ok, close all the terminals, then ctl-alt-f2, log in, then type  gconftool --recursive-unset  /apps/gnome-terminal . Then ctl-alt-f7 to get back. That resets all the gnome-terminal settings. Seems likely that you're using white text on white background03:21
gogi`There is no 'linux partition' button :(03:21
Magicdeadbsusa: either do compiz --replace & and emerald --replace & or hit CTRL+Alt+Backspace03:21
chalcedonyMrLinux-: did you google that error?03:21
__yy_gogi`: you need to mount it03:21
=== __yy_ is now known as __yy
MrLinux-chalcedony: No I did'nt03:22
ray_chalcedony can you help me with my q03:22
gogi`would it just be mount /dev/sda2 ?03:22
ScottLijMrLinux, did you try doing 'sudo apt-get upgrade'?03:22
MagicdeadImMelody: i was helping you with the sound. but i can't help you with ndiswrapper, sorry03:22
__yygogi`: mount /dev/sda2 /some/empty/folder03:23
nickrudgogi` sudo mount /dev/sda2 /mnt , then it should be at /mnt/boot/grub/menu.lst03:23
chalcedonyMrLinux-:  http://www.google.com/search?client=opera&rls=en&q=failed+to+write+cache&sourceid=opera&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-803:23
ImMelodyCan anyone help me with the ndiswrapper issue?03:23
gogi`okay I will do that now03:23
ray_chalcedony can you help me with my8 q's?03:23
JerseyMonkey-SHello, I'm trying to display Japanese characters on my machine. I'm currently running a session through SSH and am using a UTF-8 enabled 'screen' session. What is required to display Japanese?03:24
chalcedonyray_: did you try Audacity?03:24
chalcedonyit works on both linux and windows03:24
gogi`that....did not work03:24
andy_My usb ports died...03:24
ray_chalcedony i have avi on sd card need avi edtor so can play my avi that my camorder took so can play it in my windows system03:24
ubottumedibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org03:25
gogi`I did exactly: ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ sudo mount /dev/sda2 /mnt but there's nothing in /mnt03:25
ray_or save to somthing to play in windows system03:25
ray_i have ubuntu 803:25
nickrudgogi` did you get an error?03:25
gogi`no error03:25
chalcedonyray_: i had to scroll way back to find your actual question03:25
ray_chalcedony understand now03:25
nickrudgogi` ls /mnt03:25
ray_i reposted it03:25
gogi`nickrud: sorry?  /mnt is empty when I browse to it03:26
mtx1when installing grub i try find /boot/grub/stage1 and get Error 15: File not found i have been searching and trying stuff for 4 hrs now and cannot get grub installed, when i reinstall ubuntu it comes up with the same exact problem again. anyone know what would be causing this?03:26
ray_chalcedony any idea for me?03:26
keithclarkWhy would my On Demand indicator only be at 45% or 1 GHz all the time?03:26
chalcedonyray_: tell us which of these comes close: http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&client=opera&rls=en&hs=XZ5&q=avi+ubuntu+hardy&btnG=Search03:26
nickrudgogi` try  mount   , that will list all the mounts. Make sure that sda2 is mounted on mount. If it is, and ls /mnt shows nothing, then there's nothing in the dir03:26
andy_has anyone else had their usb ports not work right on 64 bit hardy?03:27
bsusaMagicdead: Do i enter that where it says "Command" or "Decoration Windows"?03:27
nickrudgogi` s/dir/partition/03:27
gogi`when I type mount I get a line saying "/dev/sda2 on /mnt type ext3 (rw)"03:27
PPKumahi, what does win+n and win+m do?03:27
andy_PPKuma, it depends03:28
nickrudgogi` good. Now, ls /mnt . If there's nothing there, there's nothing on partition /dev/sda203:28
__yyPPKuma: press them and find out?03:28
KRaZy_WaKai am trying to dual boot i have windows on my slave drive and installed it after ubuntu, what i am wondering is if i either reinstall ubuntu on my primary master will it eliminate my dual-boot grub problems? hoping to redo it the easy way without having to reinstall both03:28
ray_chalcedony not sure i have avi i need to save as video one edit them fot windows system not sure03:28
Magicdeadbsusa: let me check03:28
andy_Krazy, you probably wanted to install windows xp first03:28
KRaZy_WaKaor can i do a repair install on ubuntu? if so how could i do that?03:28
PPKuma__yy: the screen turns black, i want to know what kind of feature is thi and where i can configure it03:28
gogi`no there's stuff there...03:28
PPKumaandy_ depends on what?03:28
gogi`oh wtf...03:28
ray_chalcedony what recamend for me on ubuntu 803:28
__yyKRaZy_WaKa: ubuntu is pretty good about detecting windows and putting an option in the grub menu03:29
gogi`uh in terminal it sees lotsa things03:29
andy_What you set them to.  You can key binding03:29
Magicdeadbsusa: enter "/usr/bin/emerald --replace" into command, yes (without the quotes, of course)03:29
andy_shit wiath03:29
nickrudgogi` try browsing there again03:29
andy_wait...  Like for me they are my maximize and minimize buttons from compiz03:29
KiraI just installed the freenx server. I try to add a user to the nxserver, but it tells me that that permission is denied to ~/.ssh/authorized_keys203:29
chalcedonyray_: is there a ubuntu channel for the language you speak?03:29
Kirathe command was already invoked with sudo. What's going on?03:29
gogi`ahh now it's working03:29
gogi`so weird03:29
ray_chalcedony im a disability person and in usa03:30
gogi`I think I was just being dumb03:30
chalcedonyray_: me too03:30
JerseyMonkey-SCan anyone help me get Japanese text through terminal?03:30
nickrudgogi` after you mounted it, you need to browse away and back. Nautilus was still looking at the empty /mnt03:30
andy_anyway, krazy, you can't really get back to ubuntu if you installed it before xp unless you replace the MBR XP setup with grub03:30
=== steven is now known as sayers
gogi`ooh okay03:30
gogi`Thanks nickrud03:30
__yyKira: sounds like root doesn't have read permission on that file03:30
ubottugrub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto03:30
ray_chalcedony o ok what recamend for my to use what program?03:30
KRaZy_WaKa__yy yeah i'm aware of that, i messed it up and did it backwards and made it worse than it was when i installed windows03:30
gogi`Okay so when I'm editing the menu.lst file03:31
gogi`Do I just want to change the part that says root (hd0,1) or what...03:31
bsusaMagicdead: Ok, now how do i restart compiz/gnone, u mean just reboot pc?03:31
Kira__yy: well, to begin with, authorized_keys2 never existed in ~/.ssh; and ~/.ssh is owned by root:root anyway.03:31
gogi`according to fdisk -l my linux drive is in /dev/sda203:31
andy_ctrl + alt + backspace03:31
nickrudgogi` so you should see boot in /mnt , so cd /mnt/boot/grub , ls . You should see the menu.lst03:32
ray_chalcedony still here with me?03:32
gogi`nickrud: I'm looking at the file now in Notepad03:32
dunasIs there an apt-get for Java Plugins for Firefox?03:32
nickrudgogi` notepad!!!03:32
gogi`I'm just not sure what I need to change03:32
nickrudgogi` you mean gedit I hope.03:32
nickrudgogi` or Text Editor03:32
gogi`um...I typed notepad in the terminal and it gave me a command to install wine03:33
gogi`and then notepad came with it?03:33
__yyKRaZy_WaKa: what I meant was as long as windows is installed now you should be able to reinstall ubuntu over the current ubuntu install and have your boot menu fixed automagically .. that will work03:33
nickrudgogi` don't use notepad, that doesn't handle unix text files correctly03:33
ray_chalcedony still with me?03:33
nickrudgogi` the editor of choice (equiv of notepad)  is gedit03:33
gogi`ok I'm installing that now03:33
JosdellHey guys, I want to know, are Fingerprint Readers compatible with Ubuntu 8.0403:34
nickrudgogi` should already be installed03:34
gogi`um...it wasn't03:34
bsusaok i just done a ctrl+alt+backspace nothing changed when i went back into compiz and emerald.03:34
gogi`the terminal told me to install it03:34
Chikubuwhat is the multimedia program with the best view and management of your library? opinions?03:34
gogi`remember just inside the Live CD right now03:34
nickrudgogi` and about fixing your grub, I'm not sure what you need to do. And yes, gedit comes with the live cd03:34
andy_what kind of multimedia?  like music mostly?03:34
chalcedonyray_: sorry my son phoned03:34
__yyJosdell: depends entirely on the specific fingerprint reader... but my guess is most are probably not supported03:34
KRaZy_WaKa__yy thats what i was hoping to hear lol thanx alot03:34
ray_chalcedony its ok what program can i use for what i want to do?03:35
KRaZy_WaKaany way i could do a repair install so i dont lose my settings?03:35
Josdell__yy: alright, i'll look up some thanks though bye03:35
chalcedonyray_: i'm the mother of a linux geek03:35
gogi`hmm well i'm looking at it in gedit now03:35
cafreeAnyone know if there's much of a performance gain with lvm striping?03:35
OlgemJosdell, I've heard that there wont be much luck getting them working, but then again - I'm not sure if hardware biometric auth is the best solution, I'd rather have full disk encryption03:35
ray_chalcedony o okj03:35
gogi`still don't really know what to do .... :S03:35
nickrud!fixmbr | KRaZy_WaKa03:35
ubottuKRaZy_WaKa: grub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto03:35
ray_chalcedony ok for my q what recamend03:35
ray_im never did this03:35
chalcedonyray_: i can help you think things through but it's not my area of expertise to tell you what to do03:36
andy_anybody know how to make my USB ports work again?03:36
ray_chalcedony ok were i start once i got program i can think how i edito it03:36
ray_just need somthing to edit it with03:36
ray_so can use on my windows system03:36
__yyandy_: no, because you haven't provided nearly enough information for anyone to know what's wrong03:36
chalcedonyray_: mmm i run linux and have things like totem and mplayer03:37
KRaZy_WaKanickrud: i went through a bunch of stuff on there and messed it up worse than it was, now my ubuntu drive boots to grub> command line03:37
shingalatedfirst you have to open the disc drive03:37
ray_ok chalcedony  ok i want to edit my avi03:37
nickrudKRaZy_WaKa you have a live cd?03:37
gogi`can someone take a look at my fdisk -l and menu.lst paste and tell me what I need to change: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23421/03:37
shingalatedand make sure you dont have more than 512 MB of ram03:37
ray_camcorder movie03:37
bsusaThis is my config hopefully correct. http://img212.imageshack.us/img212/9107/screenshotcompizconfigskt5.png03:37
KRaZy_WaKanickrud: i've done the reinstall grub after installing windows and it doesnt fix it either03:38
chalcedonyray_:  would mplayer do that? it's wonderful for audio03:38
andy___yy: sorry...  I'm running 64-bit hardy on my laptop and none of my usb devices work past boot.  This includes my USB keyboard, mouse, printer, and any flash drives I plug in03:38
ray_chalcedony its camdroder movie in avi formate03:38
andy_they all work in suse 11 and the keyboard works in the bios03:38
nickrudKRaZy_WaKa try this: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto#Command%20line03:38
chalcedonyandy_:  i feel for you03:38
ray_i took of family digital camera for movie03:38
ray_there in avi formate on sd card03:39
chalcedonyray_ are you positive that mplayer won't do it?03:39
nickrudKRaZy_WaKa if that doesn't work, I have another, harder way :)03:39
KRaZy_WaKai'm running on the live CD now bcuz i dont have irc on windows03:39
ray_chalcedony yes not for editing them03:39
chalcedonyray_: is this one better ? http://www.truveo.com/ubuntu-How-to-Join-AVI-Files/id/131469502903:40
KRaZy_WaKanickrud: i started out doing it the hard way and messed it up worse than it was lol, i should have settled at installing the extra drive and making it another storage drive lol03:40
andy_me thinks I'll just reinstall Ubuntu and see if that fixes anything.  /home is on its own partition so I wont lose too much03:40
Jeeves_Mosscan someone recomend a good Linux baised virus scanner that I can use to scan my windoz partition to find the spyware, virus, etc.  I'm getting annoying popups with web pages on my M$ partition.03:40
gogi`lalala anyone have any ideas?03:40
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=== zbyte64 is now known as zbyt
__yyJeeves_Moss: what's wrong with using a windows virus scanner? that strikes me as a lot easier tbqh03:41
gogi`what I need to edit in my menu.lst file to make it work...03:41
KRaZy_WaKanickrud: but go ahead and give me the hard way, then i can just go from the community link to doing it the hard way if the link fails03:41
ray_chalcedony that what i want to do and then save then in formate my windows system can read03:41
=== zbyt is now known as zbyte
ruiboon!clamav | Jeeves_Moss03:41
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about clamav03:41
nickrudKRaZy_WaKa the hard way is https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows#Preparing%20Your%20Working%20Environment , but I'm seeing some really bad formatting there. Hard to follow03:42
thingfishclamav on windows?  if he wants to leave it overnight, maybe.03:42
Jeeves_Moss__yy:  it "claims" there is nothing there (according to Antivir and an on-line scanner), but search and distroy claims it's killed it a few times.  I need something better (seeing as nothing is killing it)03:42
ray_chalcedony i more then one avi i want to edit thow03:42
Jeeves_Mossruibon:  my gui keeps crashing when I run ClamAVTK03:42
KRaZy_WaKanickrud: lol thats how i ended up where i'm at03:42
thingfishClamwin or whatever it's called03:42
ray_like place them were i want them also03:42
nickrudKRaZy_WaKa I've done that several times, myself. But I need to fix that page03:43
gogi`hey nickrud , when i try to save the menu.lst file it says permission denied?03:43
__yyJeeves_Moss: so you need a better virus scanner... bringing linux into this will just make it more difficult... I promise.03:43
ray_chalcedony avi editor for camcorder move on sd card03:43
chalcedonyJeeves_Moss: How do I run an anti-virus scan if I can't boot? - Ask Leo!This article from "Knoppix Hacks" describes using Knoppix to perform a Virus Scan ... infected drive on the second PC as a slave drive and scan it that way. ...03:43
chalcedonyask-leo.com/ how_do_i_run_an_antivirus_scan_if_i_cant_boot.html - 27k -03:43
__yyKRaZy_WaKa: remember the simple solution is still to just reinstall ...03:43
SeaPhorgogi`, you need to gksudo gedit it03:43
ray_what i meant03:43
Jeeves_Moss__yy:  well, I was thinking that if I was running it in Linux, then if it is a boot up issue with M$, then it'll be able to corect it03:44
gogi`oh ok03:44
ratttshi people i cant mount a volume that i really need to mount03:44
ratttsit says its still in use03:44
ratttshow can i force mount it03:44
__yyrattts: have you tried --force?03:44
chalcedonyray_: i'm trying to help but it's sure nothing i ever did03:45
ray_chalcedony o ok03:45
ratttsmount VistaOS --force?03:45
ratttshows the syntax?03:45
__yyrattts: yes03:45
KRaZy_WaKanickrud: i tried the reinstall grub from liveCD when i first installed windows and that got Grub back for me but i still had to switch the boot sequence to boot each OS03:45
__yyrattts: assuming mount VistaOS is how you would normally mount it03:45
ratttsok hold on03:46
ratttscan u type an example of how you would mount one of the drives on ur comp03:46
__yyrattts: sudo mount --force /dev/deviceIwanttomount /folder/to/mount/to03:46
chalcedonyray_: is this anything like what you wanted? http://www.pinoygeek.org/2008/05/25/how-to-join-avi-files-in-ubuntu/03:47
KRaZy_WaKathen i tried the liveCD method with my windows drive booting first, and thats how i ended up with the grub> command line when i boot my ubuntu drive first03:48
ratttsmount -a -t03:48
ratttsoops lol03:48
red22can gnome be set up to rename files on a lazy double-click over the file name?03:48
KRaZy_WaKanickrud: then i tried the "hard" way to fix it and still same scenario03:48
__yyred22: just press F203:48
matthias_Nhow can i check the helth of my computer ????, my placback is going slow ...03:48
nickrudKRaZy_WaKa could simply be a problem with menu.lst .03:49
ray_chalcedony yes but i want to put the file were i want03:49
nickrudKRaZy_WaKa what did the find  command give you?03:49
lanuserWhat's a 3D intensive eye candy or game that I can use to test my vid card's capabilities in Ubuntu (please don't say glxgears ;) )03:49
nogagplzlanuser Nexuiz?03:49
__yylightrush: fgl_glxgears03:49
red22__yy: yeah, i read the docs. but i find that too inconvinient.  do you know how to set it up for file rename on double click?03:49
__yyred22: no, I don't use gnome at all03:50
__yyI just know the rename shortcut03:50
chalcedonyray_: ok that's CLOSER .. so your question to this group might be: How can i copy an AVI movie to my ... ?03:50
lanusernogagplz: thanks, I'll give that a try03:50
red22__yy: ok thanks for trying at least :)03:50
ray_chalcedony yes them edit them03:50
KRaZy_WaKanickrud: it gave me a different reading each time, when i booted ubuntu drive first it gave me hd1,0 when i booted windows drive first it gave me hd0,003:51
Vinchenzo28how do i change permissions so I am able to write and edit the file system directory?03:51
red22any gnome'ers know how to set up a file rename on a lazy double click (like in popular commercial OS's) pls?03:51
KRaZy_WaKai have an NTFS volume on a PCI IDE expansion card that i believe was the cause of that03:52
nickrudKRaZy_WaKa ah! That's cuz you swapped the order of the drives in bios03:52
Chikubuwhat's the sceduler in ubuntu, dont see chron03:52
lanuserChikubu: that's cuz it's cron not chron03:52
barbaraHas anyone had any trouble with their sound using hardy heron?03:52
chalcedonybarbara: LOLOLOL03:53
__yyVinchenzo28: sudo find . "(" -type f -or -type d ")" -exec chmod 777 {} \;03:53
Chikubulance my typo's, i wont bleed03:53
chalcedonybarbara: try in #Alsa ?03:53
WalloOchicakubu, anacron?03:53
Chikubuwhats this anacron03:53
red22lanuser: cron, no "h"03:53
barbaraChange all the tabs to ALSA in my devices/Sound Preferences?03:54
lanuserChikubu: cron is there, unless you just don't have it installed, anacron is more for laptops that aren't always on03:54
chalcedonybarbara: go visit winky in #Alasa .. he's the best . or at least ask in there03:54
lanuserred22: wrong person03:54
chalcedonyit depends very much on your hardware barbara03:54
Chikubuok i see it now, was looking in wrong place, used to diff distro03:55
lanuserChikubu: try "crontab -l"03:55
KRaZy_WaKanickrud: i swapped the bios boot sequence to install windows on the slave drive, then back once windows was installed03:55
Chikubujust wanna scedule a tar command with incremenetals03:56
Chikubuno crontab for <user>03:56
greenthumbwell, still hopping in here03:57
greenthumbis anyone familiar with Joker's How To on getting packet injection to work with b43 wireless driver?03:58
nickrudKRaZy_WaKa you need to set the ubuntu hard disk as primary drive. Then boot a live CD. Then set up the working environment, and chroot into the ubuntu install. At that point you can run  sudo update-grub  && sudo grub-install hd0 or (hd0) don't remember exactly off hand03:58
greenthumbi am running into a hang up when i actually run the patch03:58
Chikubui wanna set a tar to run to archive my stuff, i just want the user folders backed up and the stuff symantic has in its cache, where is it's cache?03:58
nickrudKRaZy_WaKa give me a chance to fix that page so it's legible03:58
Steve_greenthumb, i have injection up on my b4303:59
Chikubuin var someplce>03:59
Chikubu? not >03:59
KRaZy_WaKanickrud: i tried the liveCD grub reinstall method/added a windows stanza to menu.lst and i got grub back but couldnt boot to windows, so i changed the boot sequence back to slave first (which is how it was when i installed windows) and did the liveCD method again, thats what got me to the grub> command line when booting from ubuntu drive first03:59
KRaZy_WaKanickrud: tried the working environment and all that to fix it already and it didn't work, but maybe i did something wrong due to that page being screwy04:00
greenthumbSteve: i run the patch command "sudo patch -pl < b43-injection-" and then it asks what file i want to patch and i have no idea what to put04:00
nickrudKRaZy_WaKa yes! There's a special thing you have to do to boot windows off the slave drive. You have to convince windows that's running on the primary drive. Get back the ubuntu boot, and I'll help you finish up the windows boot04:00
nickrudKRaZy_WaKa you were going in exactly the right direction, just didn't know about the finicky windows boot04:01
KRaZy_WaKanickrud: i can't get ubuntu to boot now, i'm so utterly confused at this point lol04:01
Steve_greenthumb, try "sudo patch -p1 < b43-injection-"04:01
nickrudKRaZy_WaKa use the live cd grub reinstall method, get back to the point where ubuntu boots but windows doesn't. You went in the wrong direction after you had that working04:01
greenthumbSteve: i do that and then am prompted to enter a file to patch04:02
KRaZy_WaKanickrud: ok will do, i will be back momentarily04:03
=== gardar is now known as gardar`afk
Steve_greenthumb; you need to use the correct -pN parameter04:03
spamoomI've navigated to a page where the text "Use of the alsa-oss library is recommended over the use of OSS-emulation drivers if you want to use ALSA's PCM plugin layer. " is on (alsa-oss). I can't for the life of me find the OSS-emulation drivers it mentions XD. Could someone give me some help?04:03
greenthumbSteve: result is "can't find file to patch at input line 7"04:03
greenthumbSteve: what is the pN parameter? pathname?04:04
menininhoxserver-xorg-video-ati.dev version 6.9.0 for ubuntu is released?04:04
chalcedonyspamoom: ask in #Alsa04:04
menininhoxserver-xorg-video-ati version 6.9.0 for ubuntu is released?04:04
Steve_greenthumb, it's how many directories it's supposed to traverse04:05
michelalguem aÍ fala portugues do Brasil?04:05
greenthumbSteve: ok, i have no idea then04:05
micheltem alguem brasileiro aí?04:06
Steve_greenthumb, have you read the patch, put it in the appropriate directory and used the correct command?04:06
menininhomichel, sim04:06
greenthumbSteve: ahh, i have not. i did not know that04:06
greenthumbSteve: THanks, will do. that will probably clear it up then. reading is always the solution, the hard part is knowing where to read.04:07
Steve_greenthumb, you are patching linux for b43 injection support?04:07
greenthumbSteve: yes that is correct04:08
greenthumbSteve: what am i looking for in the patch?04:08
keithclarkOk, I have no choice but to switch back to XP here.  My poor laptop runs at 100% cpu usage and it is throttled at 45% processor power.  I've tried everything but to no avail.  Thanks for trying, those that have!04:09
Steve_greenthumb, how many directories the patch will traverse. This is where you get the number for "patch -p0 -p1 -p2 etc.."04:10
keithclarkSomeone please make sure that Compaq R4000 makes it into the NOT compatible list04:10
greenthumbSteve: Ok, so i need to figure out where it will be going then.04:10
__yykeithclark: gotcha, I'm on it04:11
dirtbagIm having an issue trying to view my gpu temperature 8.04. Could someone point me in the right direction? I've tried nvidia-settings but its a no go.04:11
keithclarkHey, I'm only trying to warn04:11
WalloOdirtbag, you have a 8800gt?04:12
Steve_greenthumb, ya.  just $nano  <patchname> , and count the slashes04:12
SrgSantos54hello to all04:13
greenthumbSteve: ok, i'll give it a shot04:13
dirtbagWalloO: No. 7950 GTX  its on a laptop.04:13
WalloOdirtbag, haaaaa... ok. Maybe give try to nvclock04:13
keithclark__yy, I'm only trying to warn.   Choose to ignore and have a system like mine.  Users choice.04:13
dirtbagWalloO: Ok will do. Thanks04:14
ash7which is the place to discuss screenlets dev04:15
WalloOdirtbag, it's in ubuntu just sudo apt-get install nvclock04:15
greenthumbSteve: what slashes am i counting?04:16
pppoe_dudehi, does it matter if my computer shutdown improperly and without unmounting volumes after installing hardy and getting the 'do you want to reboot' message04:16
dirtbagWalloO: Thanks =) I was googling for it lol04:16
rootyrootyHi, I am getting little font boxen for funny characters. I have installed the msfonts, any ideas?04:17
Steve_greenthumb: The patch file has a target file listed in the beginning of the file04:17
greenthumbSteve: got it, there is ---linux-, so that would be -p504:18
Steve_Is there anyone here who's a developer?04:19
Chikubuif there a way to tell synaptic or aptitude to give priority to one source over another?  i am gonna use aptoncd to take all my updates to another machine, and i DON'T want the machine to redownload, i want it to use local resources04:19
Chikubuis there a way i meant04:19
gooodyhow can i access memory card from a camera? i want to reformat the memory card.04:19
WalloOSteve_: It'S pretty sure there are some04:19
Steve_greenthumb: depends on what directory the patch sits in right now04:19
nogagplzturn off the sources that link to the outside world Chikubu?04:19
ash7gooody: do you have a memory card reader ?04:20
krovividiis kiba-dock ready for hardy?04:20
gooodynope. but i can connect the camera using usb.04:20
Jester45offtopic: http://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/microsoft-admitted-vista-failure.html XP support till 2014 this is a sad day for MS and a good say for everyone else04:20
krovividican anyone guide me with setting-up kiba-dock on hardy?04:22
ash7gooody: then connect and use gnome partition manager to do formatting04:22
gooodyash7: am i going to install the gnome partition manager?04:22
ash7gooody: GParted04:23
Steve_greenthumb, if you placed the patch in /usr/src/linux, a $ patch -p4 < b43-injection- , would presumably work.04:23
gooodyash7: ok. thanks for the help. i'll try GParted.04:24
greenthumbSteve, ok, i'm digging away here trying to find some reference material, thanks for the help04:24
Steve_greenthumb, did you try my command?04:24
greenthumbsteve: just a sec i'll give it a shot04:25
boazHas anyone here tried this file system: http://www.nilfs.org/en/about_nilfs.html04:26
greenthumbSteve: no, i keep getting 'can't find file to patch at input line 7' then a prompt 'FIle to patch'04:26
nadalizadehAnybody knows where can i download an official release of 2.6.17-generic kernel from ubuntu ?04:27
nadalizadehit deletes the old packages from archive.ubuntu.com04:27
Steve_greenthumb, hehe. just write in what file to patch, and you should be over that04:27
greenthumbsteve: that's the problem, i'm not sure what file, is there are three paths listed in the patch the first line starts with 'diff' then '---' then '+++'04:29
xenoglossiaHi again!  I'm dual-booting Win2K and Ubuntu 8.04, and (after fooling around with a Live USB), I get this error message when I try to boot into Windows via GRUB: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23323/.  I can however boot into Ubuntu.  I'm told that I replaced the Windows bootloader with Syslinux (by the way, I'm a total novice with Linux).  I don't have my Windows CD anymore.  Is there anything I can do?04:30
dirtbagWalloO: Do you use Nvclock?04:30
Steve_greenthumb, just try them all, it has to work04:31
WalloOdirtbag, yes. I even patched it to report temperature for 8800GT correctely... :)04:31
krovividi can anyone guide me with setting-up kiba-dock on hardy?04:31
dirtbagWalloO: Cool!04:32
WalloOdirtbag, in fact to report temperature on my desktop, I use Watermark screenlet (which uses nvclock). This is a screenlet I made.04:33
Steve_greenthumb, do a $ sudo patch -p0 < b43-injection-, followed by a $ sudo patch -p1 < b43-injection- and so on..04:34
dirtbagWalloO: So you should be able to tell me this. How to bring up gui >< lol All I get is terminal.  Awsome, id like to do that.04:34
ryan_someone please help: Jun 27 09:23:04 ryan kernel: [ 1553.524890] sd 6:0:0:0: [sdh] Device not ready:04:34
ryan_i can't identify /sdh wtf04:35
WalloOdirtbag, nvclock_gtk04:35
RedHatMattxenoglossia: unfortunately, you will probably need an xp disk.  But someone here may know how to configure grub to recognise the windows partition.04:36
greenthumbSteve: I imagine that I am patching the broadcom driver, right? so if i find the path to the driver then i enter that at the prompt. does that sound right?04:37
Ashfire908I'm having issues with php cgi. PHP only works in /var/www, and not any of the subfolders.04:37
harryI want to connect with my xp to the ubuntu system with remote desktop.  I am useing kde.04:37
Steve_greenthumb, yes, do that.04:38
dirtbagWalloO: Nice. Watermarks a program that you built?04:38
instabinIm having problems getting my resolution to show up correctly... I need to get 1680x1050 but the highest choice i have is 1280x1024 I have an nvidia card04:38
RedHatMattharry: xp -> linux or linux -> xp?04:38
harryxp -> linux04:39
xenoglossiaRedHatMatt, The folks at ##windows pointed me to bootdisk.com, but I have no idea what to do/download/install there.  I'm pretty green.  I could use some help :)04:39
WalloOdirtbag, Yes. In fact it'S a screenlet which use screenlets framwork to display things on the desktop:  http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php/WaterMark+system+information?content=7196004:39
afallenhopeI can't get the Internet DJ Console to work... is there anything else like that that I can use/04:39
SeaPhorharry, check this out,,, http://www.wood-bee-co.com/woodbeeco/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=40&Itemid=6304:40
afallenhopetaz, this isn't a place to chat.04:40
RedHatMattHarry: enable desktop sharing in kde, then use a vnc compatible client in windows. I like UltraVNC.04:40
ryan_Jun 27 09:23:04 ryan kernel: [ 1553.524890] sd 6:0:0:0: [sdh] Device not ready:04:40
thingfishinstabin: do you have the restricted drivers installed?04:40
instabinthingfish: yes04:41
ryan_sdh isnt't even mounted04:41
instabinthingfish: I am also runing compiz04:41
thingfishinstabin: /usr/share/applications/Screens and Graphics04:41
afallenhopetaz, please don't type in caps either.04:41
afallenhopeit means you're yelling04:41
Steve_instabin: the resolution you set in /etc/X11/xorg.conf is the maximal resolution X can use. so just edit it, enter the right resolution, save it and restart the X server. (Ctrl+Alt+Backspace)04:42
dirtbagWalloO: Now thats cool!!04:42
WalloOtaz, this is dedicated to help, not to find friends. You may find other servers to find friends.04:42
DrodI am in gparted screen but it seems I cannot resize or reformat my external hdd fat32. it appears as /dev/sdb1..how should I proceed?04:42
instabinSteve_ my xorg dosent have much in it04:42
thingfishinstabin: navigate to that location I showed you.04:42
Steve_instabin; great. less mess to be confused from04:42
ubottuFor playing DVD, see http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/video.html - "libdvdcss2" can be found at !Medibuntu or (for Feisty and earlier) http://wiki.ubuntu.com/SeveasPackages - Try k9copy (available in !Universe) for backing up DVDs04:43
thingfishinstabin: the Screens and Graphics applet will give you what you want.04:43
instabinThingfish: i can not find the screens and graphics04:43
thingfishinstabin: hardy heron?04:43
ryan_i'm using 8.04 horny hippo04:43
WalloOdirtbag, I need to make a nice theme for WaterMark, however I suck in design, and need to find some help to design a small (but major) part of the theme I want to create04:43
ryan_and its this damned /sdh error04:43
instabinthingfish: 8.0404:43
thingfishinstabin: command line won't find it.  You have to browse to it using nautilus.04:44
instabinthing fish i have it now04:45
instabinthingfish now i just have to figure out the model of my monitor04:45
thingfishinstabin: is this a laptop?04:46
instabinthingfish: no04:47
Steve_Can anybody help me with my ATI driver? it spews out a lot of BUG! warnings and even Oopses from dmesg.04:47
instabinthingfish i found my monitor but the resolution still did not change04:47
thingfishinstabin: you should be able to select it from the drop down list04:47
instabinthingfish its an acer x193w+04:47
RedHatMattxenoglossia: Look here: http://www.ntcompatible.com/How_to_remove_GRUB_loader_t28242.html04:47
seth__i am new to linux and am looking for good source info to get more familiar with the principles04:47
RedHatMattxenoglossia: it should get you started.04:48
afallenhopeanyone know how to restart the sound module?04:48
thingfishinstabin: what's the max it will let you select?04:48
nogagplzseth__: Linux in general or Ubuntu?04:48
instabinthingfish: ok it told me i have to log off first04:48
Drodis the only way to use gparted with the live cd? can I use it to resize an external hdd while logging my ubuntu?04:48
thingfishinstabin: ok good04:49
nogagplzseth__: Linux in general or Ubuntu?04:49
Steve_seth__ try installing gentoo04:49
seth__both preferably04:49
seth__thank you04:50
nogagplzFor Linux in general, Ubuntu site should lead to info regarding itself04:50
dirtbagWalloO: Yeah, design is hard.04:50
Steve_seth__ ,are you cli-shy?04:50
instabinthingfish: Seems like it worked.04:50
RedHatMattDrod: yes you can operate on other hard drives while booted with linux.  You need the bootdisk only if you are operating on the partition where the booted OS resides.04:50
thingfishinstabin: good04:51
instabinthingfish: anygood with tv tuner cards?04:51
KRaZy_WaKanickrud: no luck still boots to the grub> command line04:51
seth__not sure i follow04:51
=== Gralco is now known as foo_
thingfishinstabin: not in linux I'm not, no04:51
seth__cli shy?04:51
nogagplzseth__: cli -> command line interface. typing stuff into a black screen04:51
instabinthingfish: Well thanks for the help with the monitor04:52
nogagplzseth__: He means are you willing to use it or not04:52
DrodRedHatMatt, thanks...I just tried the "unmount" and now I can see the Resize/Move option...would it give me options on which file system I want in the new part? so far I have fat32 whole, and I want a part with a filesystem where I can have >4gb, any suggestions?04:52
indioHi. I insstalled Apache2 and the default page only says "It works!", where is the Apache welcome page?04:52
instabinthingfish: how do i get emerald working?04:52
seth__yes i am used to dos in windows04:52
cannonSince the wiki directions didn't work, how do I make Hardy play DVDs?04:52
Steve_seth__ are you used to typing on a keyboard, rather then just clicking with a mouse04:52
dirtbagWalloO: Does Watermarks run screenlets, or do screenlets run Watermarks?04:52
xenoglossiaRedHatMatt, Okay, so, would reinstalling an mbr (lilo -M /dev/sdx (a la http://www.pendrivelinux.com/2008/05/15/usb-ubuntu-804-persistent-install-from-linux/)) help?04:52
instabinthingfish: when i use emerald --replace it dosnt do anything04:52
thingfishinstabin: I don't use emerald, just the extra desktop effects.04:52
=== foo_ is now known as Gralco_
thingfishinstabin: I guess you'd apt-get install it04:52
instabinyea i did04:53
nogagplzseth__: Then you should be pretty much set. It's just a matter of learning different commands and file layout04:53
instabinbut it wont run for somereason04:53
ubottuFor playing DVD, see http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/video.html - "libdvdcss2" can be found at !Medibuntu or (for Feisty and earlier) http://wiki.ubuntu.com/SeveasPackages - Try k9copy (available in !Universe) for backing up DVDs04:53
killemallive just installed ubuntu 8.04 onto my D945GCLF/atom system, but I had to disable onboard network first.  can i save a new kernel onto usb stick, then upgrade my system?04:53
ubottumedibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org04:53
seth__i have been looking for resources on the file structures and commands and syntax04:54
thingfishinstabin: dunno.  It's been a while since I used emerald.04:54
Steve_seth__ i use http://tldp.org alot04:54
heatherhey guys!  I just installed ubuntu, and it's great!  How do I view quicktime movies?04:55
unavailablehey it looks like Pidgin may get voice/video support after all... with the GSoC http://developer.pidgin.im/wiki/GSoC2008/VoiceAndVideo04:55
RedHatMattxenoglossia: Maybe.  The mbr needs to point to a bootloader that knows how to boot your windows partition (assuming you didn't accidentally delete it.)  The fdisk /mbr from a windows boot disk should also do the trick.04:55
seth__thank you i will check that out04:55
crashsystemsvoice in pidgin? woot!04:55
cannonThanks for nothing again.04:56
Drodmy external HDD is fat32 but I wanted to accept files >4gb, which one should I choose ext2 or ext3? I wanted to be readable within windows too04:56
xenoglossiaRedHatMatt, Provided I didn't accidentally delete my Windows bootloader, how would I find it?04:56
unavailableredhatmatt there's a program out there called bootpart that lets you use ntldr as your boot manager for linux04:56
nogagplzoohm, that does look good Steve_, thanks too :P04:56
crashsystemsdrod: I'd pick ext304:56
Drodcrashsystems, thanks, any chance gparted or something else would allow me to choose ntfs, I dont see it in the options from gparted04:57
crashsystemsthere is a driver for using ext partitions in windows, though journeying will not function in windows.04:57
unavailablezenoglossia if you cant boot to windows, that means that grub wrote to the mbr, and you lost the part that says "go to this drive for windows"  your windows disk will be really handy right now04:57
instabinhow do you get the default firefox 3 theme04:57
ZirodayHow do I exit from the livecd?04:57
crashsystemsI've never been able to format ntfs in gparted, though I can read it inubuntu04:57
crashsystemsziroday: just shut down04:58
unavailableredhatmatt look for dual boot linux ntldr bootpart04:58
RedHatMattunavailable: xenoglossia's problem is that she installed ubuntu from a cd and wanted to dual boot, but now grub won't boot windows xp.04:58
Zirodaycrashsystems: how?, the power button the top right has no 'shutdown' option04:58
killemallhow can i update my ubuntu 8.04 kernel from a usb stick? the system doesnt have network right now?04:58
Drodcrashsystems...thanks..I want this external HDD to hold my virtual machines (solaris, ubuntu) to use within windows, would you say I should shop elsewhere, or ext3 usage within windwos is good enough..04:58
unavailablezenoglossia do you have an xp cd?04:58
crashsystemsthat is strange. open up a terminal and type "sudo halt"04:58
dirtbaginstabin: i had to use compiz icon to get emerald to work. http://wiki.compiz-fusion.org/CompizFusionIcon04:59
xenoglossiaunavailable, unfortunately, I don't04:59
indioHi. I installed Apache2 and the default page says "It works!", where is the old Apache welcome page?04:59
unavailablexenoglossia can you get one?04:59
crashsystemsdrod: I think any format will work for holding a vm file, though I'd stay away from fat32 and ntfs due to fragmentation04:59
xenoglossiaunavailable, I might be able to -- but I don't think so, at least in the near future :)04:59
Flannelindio: /var/www/apache2-default04:59
unavailablexenoglossia hold on05:00
instabinthanks dirtbag05:00
dirtbaginstabin: NP05:00
unavailablexenoglossia you do have xp right?05:00
Drodcrashsystems, thanks, last question, any vbox virtual machine I create within vbox for ubuntu as host, would work if I use vbox under windows?05:00
unavailablexenoglossia and do you have a cd burner and a blank?05:00
xenoglossiaunavailable, actually, I have Windows 2000 Professional05:00
xenoglossiaunavailable, yes05:00
unavailabledo you got a 2k disk??05:00
xenoglossiaunavailable, nope :)05:00
crashsystemsdrod: that I cannot answer. I think so, but I've never tried to use windows as a host05:01
Drodok thanks a lot!05:01
RedHatMattxenoglossia: one of the xp boot disks from bootdisk.com should do the trick.05:01
unavailablexenoglossia hold on.05:01
=== gardar`afk is now known as gardar
xenoglossiaRedHatMatt, how do I use the boot disks from bootdisk.com?05:01
indioFlannel: I don't have /var/www/apache2-default05:01
unavailablexenoglossia do you have a boot floppy?05:02
unavailablexenoglossia the problem with the bootdisks from bootdisk.com is you have to use an exe to write your bootdisk05:02
unavailablexenoglossia and in ubuntu it gets complicated.05:02
xenoglossiaunavailable, I don't have a boot floppy, however I do have access to a fully functional windows machine05:03
unavailablexenoglossia  well check this page out http://www.ambience.sk/fdisk-master-boot-record-windows-linux-lilo-fixmbr.php05:03
high-freqhas anyone had problems with b43 (broadcom 431x) and wifi-radar?  doesn't seem like it wants to connect at all anymore after upgrade05:03
xenoglossiaunavailable, Sure.  Thanks!05:03
prettyrickywhere can I get audio codec, I have no sound with VLC05:05
crashsystemsprettyricky: install the package ubuntu-restricted-extras05:05
druhello, i just recently bought nero linux .. and when i try to burn a file it says ... dvd-files compliance test failed ... wtf is wrong? i tryed googling it, but came up with nothing .. can anyone help?05:05
Chikubuanyone familiar enough with ltsp to provide a brief overview on what goes were?05:05
NaisenuHi I need some help with dual monitor support. Running a clean install of Hardy, nVidia 6600GT, TwinView. I am basically getting mirrored output on both displays. I can get one display working or the other, but not both. xorg.conf settings are here: http://rafb.net/p/JBfJzr38.html (Sorry, pastebin isn't working atm for me)05:06
prettyrickyis that under the synaptic package manager?05:06
xenoglossiaunavailable, Sounds good -- but one thing: how do I create a bootable floppy disk/diskette?05:06
crashsystemsprettyricky: you can get it there, or in the terminal you could run "sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-exras"05:06
unavailablexenoglossia got a floppy?05:07
killemallare there newer kernels on the ubuntu 8.04 cd, besides the default one?05:07
xenoglossiaunavailable, yes, but not a floppy disk drive :(05:07
prettyrickycrashsystems---- thanks got it...05:07
crashsystemsyour welcome05:07
unavailableok then... we gonna hafta go with a cd05:07
ka-away~ims sofa`05:09
=== ka-away is now known as sofa`
NaisenuAside from quits, this place is quiet ...05:11
killemallmy onboard network card would hang the ubuntu 8.04 install, so i disabled onboard net in the bios, installed 8.04 justfine, but now im not sure howto install the lastest kernel update without net(needed to get net working)05:12
NaisenuAnyone for helping out with dual monitor support? Running a clean install of Hardy, nVidia 6600GT, TwinView. I am basically getting mirrored output on both displays. I can get one display working or the other, but not both. xorg.conf settings are here: http://rafb.net/p/JBfJzr38.html (Sorry, pastebin isn't working atm for me)05:13
CorksterNaisenu: you install "nvidia-settings"05:13
killemalli was thinking i could just download a couple of packages with another pc to a usb stick, then plug into ubuntu system and install them05:13
NaisenuCorkster, already there.05:14
NaisenuI have the nvidia drivers installed too05:14
Corksterhmm normally really easy05:15
Corksteryou trying to use twinview ?05:15
Corksteri use seperate x sessions05:15
NaisenuCorkster, I wouldn't be here if it was that easy. :)05:15
CorksterNaisenu: its really easy in my experiance with my hardware05:16
NaisenuCorkster, Why separate x sessions? Per monitor?05:16
NaisenuCorkster, What is your hardware?05:16
Corksteryeah i get beter control that way05:16
Chikubuanyone use ltsp-manager, getting No such file or directory: '/opt/ltsp/'  error?05:16
Corksternvidia 8500 gt05:16
NaisenuCorkster, previously on Gutsy I had xinerama i think05:16
DrAkOdElook at this blog, I think it is on the right track, has good manuals and several more things ... www.blackxploit.blogspot.com (look at this blog, I think it is on the right track, has good manuals and several more things ...)05:17
NaisenuCorkster, How do you get separate x sessions going?05:17
Corksternvidia-settings just a (tick)05:17
CorksterNaisenu: under your monitor description (configure) its in there05:18
Naisenuerrr I appear not to be using the nvidia drivers05:19
Blaqlightman I love this city.05:19
Corksterapt-get install envy-core05:19
pppoe_dudeany ideas how i can get mod_python to work under apache2 / hardy?05:19
Corksterlet envy do it for you05:19
nogagplzhuh, since when was envy in repositories?05:19
NaisenuCorkster, I had.05:20
Corksterits in mine05:20
luisgmarineHell guys.  I've been looking online and I can't seem to find a fix for changing the default application that open up your iPod when you plug it in.  Any of you guys know how to maybe fix this?05:20
NaisenuWas trying to follow the instructions in here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=487391805:20
nogagplzHave you restarted X after installing the driver?05:20
wols!ops | darkode is spamming05:20
ubottudarkode is spamming: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, LjL, elkbuntu, imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, ompaul, Madpilot, Seveas, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, nickrud, jdavies, bazhang or jussi01!05:20
nogagplzOr, set X to use it05:20
Naisenuhold on one.05:20
Blaqlightluisgmarine, right click on the application and select "Open with another applaication"05:21
luisgmarineBlaqlight that doesn't make it permenant05:21
Blaqlightobviously with the correctly spelled words where they should be.05:21
luisgmarineBlaqlight, ?05:22
Blaqlightluisgmarine, when you figure it out let me know cause the above is all I know.05:22
DrAkOdEwtf! it's not spam... is a blog... guies, etc...05:22
luisgmarineBlaqlight, ok.  I mean it works, but it's not permanent.  When I close out gtkpod or w/e and click on the iPod it goes back to rhythym box.05:23
Rollisjoin #ylivieska05:24
=== tom__ is now known as Jinxed-
elkyrollis on the other hand, was spamming.05:26
crusheranyone know how to run a .bz2 file05:27
wolsit's an archive, like a zip.05:27
crusherI downloaded Cinelerra but don't know how to run/install it05:27
jbroomecrusher: it's a compressed archive05:27
nickruddrakode and I apologize, can't forget that :)05:28
Blaqlight.bz2 is an archive. open it with nautilus or archive manager.05:28
L1nc01nDoes anyone know what the closest thing to Photoshop I can get on this here Linux05:28
eboyjrcrusher:: Extract it and see if there is a file in it called configure05:28
crusherjbroome:  ok I now understand that it is a compressed file05:28
judyanybody here fully config. mythTV?05:28
wolsL1nc01n: gimp I guess05:28
high-freqhas anyone had problems with b43 (broadcom 431x) and wifi-radar?  doesn't seem like it wants to connect at all anymore after upgrade05:29
judyl1nc01n: you can download a torrent of Photoshop and run it through wine05:29
wolscheck your syslog and kernel log then05:29
wols!warez | judy05:29
ubottujudy: piracy discussion and other questionably legal practices are not welcome in the Ubuntu channels. Please take this discussion elsewhere or abstain from it altogether. This includes linking to pirated software, music and video. Also see !guidelines and !o4o05:29
crushereboyjr: I do see a file named configure05:30
Packman_ehello all05:30
wolscrusher: cause it's a binary and not cinelerra source. read the manual, readmes, etc from mainsoft how to use it05:30
L1nc01nwols, gimp?  sounds good, I have that.  I just didn't know if there was something even better.  I just got Ubuntu and want to try and start doing new things not on Windows (because I like new stuff)05:30
crushereboyjr:  now what do I do with it.... when I double click on the configure file it05:30
nileshhi all05:31
crusherwols  what is "mainsoft"05:31
* unavailable gave up piracy when he got ubuntu05:31
wolscrusher: the company making cinelerra05:31
BlaqlightGimp is like photoshop.05:31
eboyjrBlaqlight:: That's GIMPShop05:31
Blaqlightunavailable, Im with you on that.. no need lol05:31
Onebeeronly Open Source :)05:31
judylinux allternatve to Windows Media Center with USB remotes?05:32
Blaqlighteboyjr, indeed.05:32
eboyjrjudy:: Mythbuntu?05:32
unavailablejudy     mythbuntu with remotes05:32
L1nc01neboyjr: there's GIMPShop?  is it different than a regular "GIMP"?05:32
judyi setup mythbuntu and i cant get past the mysql server stage,05:32
eboyjrL1nc01n:: I'm not quite sure...05:33
unavailablejudy #mysql05:33
Chikubuj #ltsp05:33
L1nc01neboyjr, okay05:33
Packman_ejust wanted to say hello to everyone, i just got Linux for the first time today and installed it just now. I have heard good things about it, and I hope my experience is good.05:33
Sa[i]nTWhere can I found out about using something like VMWare on linux to run windows inside ubuntu?05:34
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about chatter05:34
dangergrrl_hi :)05:34
L1nc01nPackman_e:  What experience do you have with computers?05:34
ubottuHi! Welcome to #ubuntu!05:34
unavailablesa[i]nt www.virtualbox.org05:34
XpistosAmarrok says I need to start dbus and hal daemons to detect my mp3. How do I do that?05:34
dangergrrl_does anyone know how to get the pre/postinstall scripts out of a .deb file?05:34
dangergrrl_dpkg --extract is no help05:34
Packman_eL1nc01n: i have used windows, and am quite comfortable with computers05:35
unavailable!vbox | sa[i]nt05:35
ubottusa[i]nt: virtualbox is a x86 !virtualizer. A !free edition is available in !Gutsy as 'virtualbox-ose'. A non-free edition is available at http://virtualbox.org for most Ubuntu releases (help in #vbox) - Setup details at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox05:35
L1nc01nPackman_e: that's good.  I guess anyone that wasn't pretty good with computers would be bothering installing Linux anyways, haha.  I just ask because I installed Ubuntu two days ago and am trying to figure everything out05:36
mattlockwould anyone be able to suggest a channel where I can ask an Xorg question?05:36
Packman_eL1nc01n: and how are you finding it so far?05:36
nogagplz#xorg ?05:37
wolsmattlock: if it's under ubuntu: here05:37
mattlockwell, I'm remoted into my xubuntu box at work, desktop :1, and I'm wondering if there's any way to move a running app from :0 to this one?05:38
wolsno there is none05:38
L1nc01nPackman_e:  It's different...  I'm so used to not having to do anything with a terminal window or anything, not that you have to do much with Ubuntu, but it's taking some getting used to.  I find that more things are less intuitive, as in, you just are expected to know what to do +\\=]\]===========================================05:39
mattlockthanks wols ^^ at least i wont waste time trying05:39
L1nc01nwhoops, dropped my keyboard05:39
wolsmattlock: use vino, or vnc05:39
mattlockwols: i'm running vnc, but couldn't share the root desktop in xfce05:40
Blaqlighthmmm perhaps Mythbuntu was what I was looking for to do with my desktop.05:41
=== eugene is now known as packman_e
bllcsbyanybody here able to help me with setting up an apache server05:42
Packman_eL1nc01n: hello mate, can you resend the last messages you sent to me please, because my chat client crashed05:42
dangergrrl_ok, i guess iĺl see if i can come up with a google string that will help05:42
mattlockbllcsby: maybe, whats your trouble?05:42
dangergrrl_it sounded like a hard google question05:42
eboyjrbllcsby:: Ask me :D05:43
bllcsbyi pretty much don't know where to start and i can't find anything on the internet thats not real technical05:44
bllcsbyI am setting up a website05:44
wols!lamp | bllcsby05:44
ubottubllcsby: LAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)05:44
wolsbllcsby: a website is a technical thing05:44
unavailabletechnically speaking that is05:45
crusherthanks wols, jbroome and eboyjr05:45
Xpistosdcop kded mediamanager fullList05:47
bllcsbywols you being sarcastic?05:47
Xpistoscall failed05:47
windowsIsForN00bi get an issue when i try to start a program by launcher but not directly, any help?05:47
=== dangergrrl_ is now known as dengergrrl
wild_hi im having problems with openal05:47
zinkelehow can I NOT see the join and quit in xchat-gnome ?05:48
=== dengergrrl is now known as dangergrrl
eboyjrbllcsby:: I have a website installed on THIS computer right now05:48
wolsbllcsby: no I'm not. a webserver is a technical thing so it stands to reason setting one up is described as a technical process05:48
wild_hi im using openal.im compiling a simple audio program . but when it plays it breaks up when ever i move my mouse05:48
wolszinkele: ignore the joins and quits05:48
unavailablezinkele  #xchat05:48
wolszinkele: /help ignore usually05:48
eboyjrwild_:: Do you think it might be your hardware?05:48
wild_it shouldnt be a problem05:49
spoon_manI wish some of these compiz settings were more descriptive...05:49
windowsIsForN00bi get an issue when i try to start a certain program by launcher or in a terminal but not directly, any help?05:49
wild_i can play ogg mp3s and such with ease05:49
wolswild_: what about premade programs using openal?05:49
wild_it dosnt break up05:49
wild_.. i havent tried it actually05:49
L1nc01nPackman_e:  It's different...  I'm so used to not having to do anything with a terminal window or anything, not that you have to do much with Ubuntu, but it's taking some getting used to.  I find that more things are less intuitive, as in, you just are expected to know what to do05:49
zinkelethanks wols and unavailable05:50
Packman_eL1nc01n: its happened again, xchat keeps on crashing05:50
zinkele /help ignore05:50
wolszinkele: no leading space05:51
Chikubuanyone know about ltsp05:51
wols!anyone | Chikubu05:51
ubottuChikubu: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?05:51
spoon_manPackman_e, what are you doing when it crashes? That happens to me sometimes when I try to join a channel from the Channel List window05:51
unavailable!ltsp | chikubu05:51
ubottuchikubu: LTSP is the Linux Terminal Server Project, which adds thin-client support to Linux servers. See chapter 3 of the !edubuntuhandbook, http://www.ltsp.org and/or http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linux_Terminal_Server_Project05:51
zinkele!help ignore05:52
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about help ignore05:52
windowsIsForN00bcan someone help me, i get an issue when i try to start a certain program by launcher or in a terminal but not directly05:52
Sa[i]nTI'm using Xchat, and I don't see any way to hide the join/parts. I know you can on Konversation tho.05:52
unavailablerofl you had it right the first time zinkele just remove the space before /help ignore05:52
babolatwindowsIsForN00b: pastebin the output of that error05:52
Packman_espoon_man: nothing, i have xchat running only connected to this room, and i have mozilla running. I just have firefox infront and when i hear a 'ding' (letting me know that i recieved a message) then the client just closes itself05:53
=== Onebeer is now known as onebeer
unavailablepackman_e https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/1605:53
wild_were is the configuration file for openal05:53
alan_coolhi 205:54
Chikubuive milked the online docs and coming up blank, the ltps-manger won't start, a bug report says it is because the setup for ltps-client hasnt been run, i cant install the client, it wont start with error DO NOT install this package on a regular machine, something about for installation inside a LTSP client filesystem.  ltps-client lists as broken when installed from repo, i am obviously missing something05:54
||KMFMD||how do you connect to the undernet?05:54
Packman_eunavailable: what is that?05:54
||KMFMD||what is what?05:54
windowsIsForN00bjosh@josh-laptop:~$ '/home/josh/Documents/IC8.0.2/icgui'05:54
windowsIsForN00bQPixmap::fromMimeSource: Cannot find pixmap "ic4splash.jpg" in the mime source factory05:54
windowsIsForN00bQPainter::begin: Cannot paint null pixmap05:54
windowsIsForN00bQPainter::setPen: Will be reset by begin()05:54
windowsIsForN00bCannot find library directory.05:54
FloodBot1windowsIsForN00b: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:54
windowsIsForN00bCannot find library directory.05:54
unavailablepackman_e chatzilla what im on right now05:54
Chikubuim not even sure i need the ltps-manager as i have a dhcp server but the gdhcpd utility is not showing what is in the config file correctly05:54
babolat!undernet | ||KMFMD||05:54
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about undernet05:54
Sa[i]nT||KMFMD||, The IRC network?05:54
Chikubuso what am i missing05:54
unavailablepackman_e consider it like a xchat alternative?05:55
||KMFMD||sa[i]nT yes05:55
Packman_esorry, missed the last response, my client crashed again05:55
wild_were is the configuration file for openal05:55
indioHow do I make mysqld not start automatically at startup ?05:55
unavailablepackman_e consider it like a xchat alternative?05:55
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about undernet05:55
windowsIsForN00banyway, any ideas05:55
unavailablepackman_e chatzilla what im on right now05:55
Sa[i]nT||KMFMD||, http://www.undernet.org/servers.php05:55
||KMFMD||how do I join that from using Ubuntu server IRC chat05:55
Sa[i]nT||KMFMD||, Using Xchat or what?05:56
||KMFMD||yes..using xchat05:56
Sa[i]nT||KMFMD||, Most of the time you just type /server server port05:56
||KMFMD||I found it05:57
Sa[i]nT||KMFMD||, Just type /server trondheim.no.eu.undernet.org 666705:57
||KMFMD||it's taking forever though05:57
Sa[i]nTBig network.05:57
wolsSa[i]nT: shitty servers more likely05:57
ubottuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.05:58
wolsundernet usually wants workiing identd for example05:58
||KMFMD||I used a different IRC client and worked fine....took like 10 seconds05:58
Sa[i]nTwols, I just come here and a couple small servers lol.05:58
unavailable!hi | new05:59
windowsIsForN00bi get http://paste.ubuntu.com/23454/ when i try to start a certain program by launcher or in a terminal but not directly05:59
ubottunew: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!05:59
TweakerI was wondering about something05:59
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)05:59
TweakerMy camera seems to mess up with ubuntu. The pictures are all messed up05:59
=== tonyyaru` is now known as tonyyarusso
Tweakerlike it slides the picture around05:59
wild_would anyone happen to know were the openal configration file would be on ubuntu?05:59
Tweakerlike a puzzle05:59
newi want a friend06:00
Packman_ehello all, i'm back06:00
Corksteryou have a friend in Obama !06:00
windowsIsForN00bnew: wud up06:00
unavailablenew #ubuntu-offtopic06:00
Packman_ei am now running chatzilla rather than xchat06:00
unavailableobama sucks go for ron paul!06:00
TweakerAnyways, how would I fix this problem?06:00
Corksterirssi > *06:00
Sa[i]nTKonversation is a contender.06:00
newi want a firl friend06:01
Sa[i]nTmIRC for the win.06:01
Sa[i]nTnew, serious, get the hell out.06:01
bullgard4What does 'ICS' stand for in the sentence: "The Evolution in Fedora can handle ICS calendar attachments and shows06:01
unavailablepackman_e your login scripts are under chatzilla > preferences > freenode > lists06:01
TweakerI need help wtf...06:01
nickrudCorkster unavailable ....06:01
windowsIsForN00bi get http://paste.ubuntu.com/23454/ when i try to start a certain program by launcher or in a terminal, any clues what all of it means?06:01
ubottuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.06:01
||KMFMD||it was a Firefox addon06:01
unavailablesrry nickrud06:01
Packman_eunavailable: what would I do with those06:01
Tweakerok then...06:02
||KMFMD||where is chatzilla in the addons...i'm retarded and can't find it06:02
dr_WillisTweaker,   you may want to give some more details like. What kind of camera, and perhapas post one of the images somewhere. so others can see exactly whats going on, and perhaps a screen shot.06:02
bullgard4What does 'ICS' stand for in the sentence: "The Evolution in Fedora can handle ICS calendar attachments and shows  a dialog in which you can accept or decline an invitation."?06:02
unavailableclick add then type msg NickServ IDENTIFY pass06:02
TweakerAll I know is it's a Digital Concepts camera, Sun Something and I will upload the photo in a second06:03
Sa[i]nT||KMFMD||, https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/search?q=chatzilla&cat=all06:03
nickrudbullgard4 it's just a file extension, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ICalendar06:03
dr_WillisTweaker,  so you are refering to a 'photo' camera' not a web cam. :)06:03
Packman_eunavailable: 1 sec, i think i may know the problem06:03
||KMFMD||I had on already06:03
||KMFMD||but I can't find it06:03
Tweakerdr_Willis:  That would be correct06:03
Sa[i]nT||KMFMD||, https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/1606:04
TweakerOk dr_Willis Here's the picture06:04
windowsIsForN00bwhat does http://paste.ubuntu.com/23454/ mean?06:04
TweakerSOme how it cuts it up06:04
Packman_ei'm back06:04
Packman_ei think it might be because i did not put in my password for my username06:04
unavailable!hi | owner06:04
ubottuowner: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!06:04
||KMFMD||its taking forever with chatzilla too...undernet sux06:04
indioHow do I make mysql service not start automatically ?06:04
dr_WillisTweaker,  weird. - Not sure what would be causing that. The thing does work properly under other OS's ?06:05
Tweakerdr_Willis:  Yes it works fine under windows, so I do not understand why it wouldn't work on Ubuntu06:05
bullgard4nickrud: Thank you very much for your information.06:05
||KMFMD||does anyone know if fdupes can be used to sort and delete duplicate files on a network drive?06:05
unavailable!startup indio06:06
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about startup indio06:06
unavailable!startup | indio06:06
ubottuindio: To add programs to start up when you log into your Gnome session go to System>Preferences>Sessions and use the Startup Programs tab. For more information, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AddingProgramToSessionStartup - See !boot for starting non-interactive programs at boot06:06
minimax_I installed dnsmasq, and I just set the hosts file on that system. unfortunately when I type "ping where" it won't resolve, when I type "ping where." it does06:06
windowsIsForN00ba little help??????? i get this when i try to start a program in terminal: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23454/06:06
unavailablewhere does where. resolve to?06:06
indioubottu: !boot06:06
ubottuBoot options: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions - To add/remove startup services, you can use the package 'bum', or update-rc.d - To add your own startup scripts, use /etc/rc.local - See also !grub and !dualboot - Making a boot floppy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto/BootFloppy - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SmartBootManagerHowto06:06
babolatindio: Start > Preferences > Session is a good way.. you also have the CLI: update-rc.d foo default # adds a service to the default runlevel update-rc.d foo remove # removesd a service from the default runlevel06:07
dr_WillisTweaker,  try some other Live Linux cds see if it also goofs up under them. That way you can tell if its a Ubuntu Specific issue, or more of a Linux Specific issue.06:07
||KMFMD||see you chumps06:07
TweakerAlright I guess I can06:07
minimax_unavailable:   where06:07
TweakerI'll be back way later if I find out its ubuntu06:08
dr_WillisTweaker,  other then that - i got no idea as to a fix.  Trouble shooting is about the best help i can offer.06:08
mattwj2002|workhey everyone06:08
indioI need to read about runlevels.06:08
TweakerOk, Ill get to trying that out.06:08
dr_Willis!upstart | indio06:08
ubottuindio: Upstart is meant to replace the old Sys V Init system with an event-driven init model.  For more information please see: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/06:08
mattwj2002|workwell I am installing Ubuntu on a usb jump drive06:08
oswadoindio look into update-rc.d06:08
indioThanks all!06:09
dr_Willismattwj2002|work,  that pendrivelinux.com web site has tutorials on that i belive06:09
minimax_unavailable: but on "where" which is also running dnsmasq, it works. probably because the host file is being used directly06:09
=== mattwj2002|work is now known as mattwj2002
mattwj2002yup that is what I am looking at :)06:09
unavailable!usb > mattwh2002|work06:09
ubottumattwh2002|work, please see my private message06:09
Packman_ei suppose the problem is, that now that i have installed linux for the first time, what do I do next?06:10
StormStrikesDoes anyone know of a how to for undervolting the AMD Semprom processor?06:10
L1nc01nPackman_e:  You still there?06:10
windowsIsForN00bStormStrikes: it should be done in ur bios06:10
minimax_unavailable: any reason why the extra dot is required?06:10
babolat!amd | StormStrikes06:10
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about amd06:10
Packman_edamn xchat06:10
Packman_ei give up06:10
unavailablei would guess because of www.blah.site06:10
unavailablethe whole . . . thing06:11
StormStrikeswindowsIsForNoob, I'll check but I dont remember seeing anything there.06:11
minimax_unavailable: oh, as in I -must- have a FQDN?06:11
windowsIsForN00bStormStrikes: what mobo do u have06:11
dr_WillisPackman_e,  Huh?06:11
StormStrikeswindowsIsForNoob, to be honest Im not sure, its on my laptop06:11
Packman_edr_Willis: my xchat keeps on crashing for no reason06:11
StormStrikesanyway to find out short of taking it apart?06:12
dr_WillisPackman_e,  xchat or xchat-gnome?06:12
mattwj2002I recently order a new laptop.....06:12
mattwj2002what are the odds that Ubuntu will run well on it?06:12
unavailableminimax_ --i have no clue--  that was just a guess06:12
windowsIsForN00bStormStrikes: if its a laptop, chances r slim that its even possible, the bios will be very limited and i dont believe that most laptop bridges enable voltage or frequency changes06:12
nickrudmattwj2002 much better than a couple years ago06:13
unavailable!odds > unavailable06:13
ubottuunavailable, please see my private message06:13
mattwj2002yeah it is pretty sweet little system....06:13
dr_Willismattwj2002,  about the only issues ive seen with most laptops are wireless, and video. :) a lot will depend on the exact chipset the thing uses for those 2 devices.06:13
StormStrikeswindowsIsForN00b: Okay, I was afraid of that but thought I would ask.  I saw the tutorial in the forums and was not sure if I could do it.06:13
Packman_edr_Willis: i am not sure, how will i find out, if it helps i am running ubuntu 706:13
mattwj2002it has a good ATI chip set in it06:13
mattwj2002wireless I am not sure about06:13
dr_WillisPackman_e,  'sudo apt-get install xchat' and try 'xchat' in the terminal. I dont like xchat-gnome, i just use the normal xchat program.06:14
windowsIsForN00bStormStrikes: U might be able to do it somehow with amd's CoolAndQuiet technology, that uses processor throttling and undervolting06:14
mattwj2002I guess there is only one way to know....try it out :D06:14
nickrudmattwj2002 I suggest strongly that you have the laptop wired up to ethernet during the install, it makes setting up wireless much less painless06:14
mattwj2002sounds good nickrud06:14
nickrudmattwj2002 seen too many people get locked into that loop06:14
Packman_edr_Willis: is xchat normally a command line program?06:14
StormStrikeswindowsIsForN00b: is there a program for Ubuntu or something I can download to tap into that?06:14
windowsIsForN00bStormStrikes: ill look into it06:15
nickruderm, less painful I meant ;)06:15
dr_WillisPackman_e,  no its a full gui X based chat program. Xchat-gnome is a simpilified version that most people seem to Hate.06:15
mattwj2002are there any problems with installing Ubuntu and Vista on the same machine?06:15
mattwj2002it comes with Vista06:15
dr_WillisPackman_e,  running stuff from a terminal, will also print out any error messages/reasons for crashing06:15
unavailableditch vista06:15
StormStrikeswindowsIsForN00b: I appreciate that.  Ive been through the tutorial on the forums a few times but its written for dual cores and I was curious as to what would be out there for the AMD processor06:15
dr_Willismattwj2002,  i dual boot that way all the time. Use Vista to resize the ntfs. its Much faster at the task.06:15
nickrudmattwj2002 I'd suggest using the disk manager in vista to shrink the vista partition if you plan on keeping it. Let windows mess with windows stuff06:15
mattwj2002I know NTFS use to be an issue back in the day06:15
mattwj2002awesome advice guys06:16
mattwj2002thanks :D06:16
unavailablei can read/write to ntfs06:16
unavailablebut i dont have that new ntfs vista has06:16
windowsIsForN00bStormStrikes: I know there r for windows, it may work with wine but i doubt it;06:16
nickrudmattwj2002 I avoided writing to nfts from windows much longer than most, I've very conservative. But I finally trust it06:16
unavailablerofl @ nickrud06:17
mattwj2002nickrud are you using the Vista version of NTFS?06:17
unavailable"writing to ntfs from windows"06:17
=== Packman_e is now known as Packman_2
cxohow do i turn off root fsck check?06:17
zakmhow would i get the rt kernel in ubuntu 8.04 without compiling my own.06:17
nickrudmattwj2002 I was, but once the warranty on this laptop expired I deleted vista06:17
dr_Willisunavailable,  :) i noticed that also.. wasent sure if he typoed or ment it.06:17
StormStrikeswindowsIsForN00b: bahh, okay.  I thought I would give it a shot if something was out there.  I dont suppose something like powernd would be a way?06:17
* nickrud reads back, and blushes06:18
unavailabledont worry i never liked using windows to write to my disk either06:18
windowsIsForN00bStormStrikes: ull have to excuse my lack of knowledge, what is that?06:18
brotherpls help me06:19
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)06:19
ubottuMagyar nyelvű segítséget az #ubuntu-hu csatornán talál06:19
brotheri want a program for cell phon06:19
Packman_edr_Willis, your right it looks like the other xchat, with a few differences06:20
StormStrikeswindowsIsForN00b: If I understand it correctly its a frequency scaler.  I know thats different but wasnt sure if it would have a way to do the voltage as well.06:20
windowsIsForN00bStormStrikes: this is all i could turn up, it does exactly what u want... but its for windows :(: http://crystalmark.info/software/CrystalCPUID/index-e.html06:21
fredbearevening all06:21
TweakerOk guys06:21
pijuwhat do u prefer on intel core 2 duo ? 64bit of ubuntu or 32 ?06:21
TweakerIt is Ubuntu, it works fine on Live PC Cd06:21
StormStrikeswindowsIsForN00b: Okay, I'll check that one out and see what turns up.06:22
pijuwhat do u prefer on intel core 2 duo ? 64bit of ubuntu or 32 ?06:22
Tweakerthe PCLinuxOS*06:22
fredbearpiju, last time i tried 64bit it didn't work too well...but it's been a while.06:22
NovaAesa_anyone know how to run a bash script from the command line, if you are already in the same directory? x permisions are already set06:22
pijufredbear, and now ?06:23
windowsIsForN00bStormStrikes: a few forums also say that RMclock is a similar application for linux06:23
pijuNovaAesa_, ./script06:23
nickrudpiju used both, like both, but use 32 for better compatibility with nonfree stuff (like flash, java plugins, etc)06:23
unavailablewindowsisforn00b considering both cpu-z and everest are at silver on appdb, you think that would work with wine?06:23
NovaAesa_thanks piju =D06:23
pijuhello ? anybody here using 64bit ubuntu ?06:24
StormStrikeswindowsIsForN00b: You da man.  Let me look that one up and see.06:24
fredbearthat was my problem nick, couldn't get flash and java installed for the life of me.06:24
unavailablepiju been there done that went to 32 bit reason ? lack of apps06:24
torkepeofpiju im using06:24
pijunickrud, what is the advantages of using 64bit ?06:24
=== Onebeer is now known as onebeer
unavailablepiju ram06:24
nickrudpiju mainly access to more memory if you have it06:24
torkepeofbasically nothing06:24
unavailablepiju its useless if you have less than 4 gig06:25
FlynsarmyWhat's the command to find out which hard drives are in a PC?06:25
nickrudFlynsarmy sudo fdisk -l06:25
Packman_ewhat is programming like on linux/ubuntu compared to vista?06:25
unavailablepiju unless you got some hardcore 64 bit processing06:25
L1nc01nhey Packman_e06:25
nickrudPackman_2 much less handholding guification06:25
Packman_eL1nc01n, hey06:26
dr_WillisPackman_2,  and much less damage to your wallet. :)06:26
hardhatpatcan i have multiple Modeline statements in my xorg.conf?06:26
dr_Willisoops wrong nick. :)06:26
iss_studentI have 4 gig of memory and use 64 bit because with 32 bit I only get 3 gig06:26
dr_WillisPackman_e,  and much less damage to your wallet. :)06:26
nickrudhardhatpat yes06:26
L1nc01nI kept doing other things when you were dropping and stuff06:26
L1nc01nbut earlier I said this:06:26
unavailabledr_willis well thats an obvious when comparing vista to ubuntu06:26
pijuunavailable, such as ?06:26
L1nc01nPackman_e:  It's different...  I'm so used to not having to do anything with a terminal window or anything, not that you have to do much with Ubuntu, but it's taking some getting used to.  I find that more things are less intuitive, as in, you just are expected to know what to do06:26
Packman_edr_Willis, thats ok, Packman_2 is me in chatzilla, and Packman_206:26
Packman_edr_Willis, thats ok, Packman_2 is me in chatzilla, and Packman_e is me in xchat06:26
Packman_ejust incase it crashes06:27
=== onebeer is now known as Onebeer
pijuiss_student, oic06:27
unavailablepiju i have no idea, had no need for 64 bit, hated the lack of applications, didnt have 4 g ram so i went to 32bit have never regreted it06:27
windowsIsForN00bStormStrikes: why r u trying to undervolt btw?06:27
StormStrikeswindowsIsForN00b: The programs name I mentioned earlier is powernowd06:27
StormStrikesMore or less to see what kind of life I can get out of the battery.06:27
FlynsarmyMy HDD's didn't mount properly on boot. Anyone know how to get them back? ntfs-config isn't helping06:27
unavailablepackman_2 packman_e   rofl06:28
pijuunavailable, how about 64bit on pc with below 4gb ram ?06:28
Jester45unavailable: and binaries are bigger so you waste a few more MB06:28
unavailablepackman_2 packman_e  split personalities?06:28
unavailablepiju useless06:28
windowsIsForN00bStormStrikes: oh, powernowd, u can change upper and lower processor limits, that'll give u a little more battery06:28
Packman_eunavailable, oh yes!06:28
unavailablepackman_2 packman_e  so do both beep?06:28
Packman_eunavailable, oh yes06:29
pijuunavailable, most laptop are now max ram only to 4gb06:29
Jester45unavailable: pm both of them :)06:29
pijuunavailable, so thats mean that laptop is useless when using 64bit?06:29
Packman_eit is a bit annoying, i just get worried if xchat crashes06:29
StormStrikeswindowsIsForN00b: Okay, is there some information somewhere on what commands to run.  Its all CLI operated as I understand it.06:29
unavailablejester45 is it possible to pm two id's at once?06:30
Packman_escrew it, i am gonna risk it and close chatzilla06:30
StormStrikeswindowsIsForN00b: Never mind on that, I can google that part.06:30
RUMMYIn wireshark don't have my NIC, how I can add?06:30
Packman_2packman_2 signing out!06:30
L1nc01nHey, what do you guys think?  Should I teach myself shell-scripting (and learning bash well) or Python first??06:30
unavailablepackman_2 packman_e  bah06:30
Packman_edone, now fingers crossed!06:31
dr_WillisL1nc01n,  do them all.. :)06:31
Jester45L1nc01n: shell scripts are bash scipts just so you know :)06:31
windowsIsForN00bStormStrikes: cpufreqd looks good too, "cpufreqd is meant to be a replacement of the speedstep applet you can find on some other OS, it monitors the system status and selects the most appropriate CPU level."06:31
dr_WillisL1nc01n,   learning is a process.. the more ya learn, the more you apply what you learned to real life situations. thats how you really learn. Just reading bash guides willbe the first step in learning :)06:31
unavailablel1nc01n  well reading this i would say python http://imgs.xkcd.com/comics/python.png06:31
wild_just incase anyone else has problems with openal and ubuntu http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=725727&highlight=openal+soft06:32
StormStrikeswindowsIsForN00b: Thats where I got hung up in the how to in the forums.  I could never get that part to work.06:32
dr_WillisL1nc01n,  a lot will depend on what tasks you want to do. It is worth while to learn bash.06:32
Packman_ewhere do you guys think would be a goot place to start programming, for someone who has never programmed before?06:32
windowsIsForN00bStormStrikes: installing it or using it?06:32
L1nc01nJester45: I know, I just don't know my way around the terminal very well.  I need to learn how to do basic stuff in the bash before I start doing scripts, lol06:33
techno_freakL1nc01n, i would suggest bash first as it helps in your normal computer file management more06:33
StormStrikeswindowsIsForN00b: installing it.  Well specifically the PHC utility.06:33
dr_WillisPackman_e,   Python is fairly good and welldocumented for a total-starter to any programing.06:33
ASULutzyMan, what good is having 4 cores if devede won't use them ;)06:33
dr_WillisASULutzy,  run it twice!06:33
L1nc01nhmm...  That sounds like good reasoning, techno_freak06:33
* unavailable just typed "import antigravity", but i also sampled everything in the medicine cabinet, but i think its the python!06:34
ASULutzydr_Willis: heh, yea I guess I could convert multiple files at once :P or I could stop being a noob and use mencoder06:34
bazhangunavailable, interesting but offtopic06:34
windowsIsForN00bStormStrikes: PHC?06:34
StormStrikeswindowsIsForN00b: Thats was part of the how to in the forums.  Just a sec and I'll get the link to it.  Its Processor Hardware Control06:35
dr_WillisASULutzy,  i just learned how to use k9copy the otehr day. :)06:35
StormStrikeswindowsIsForN00b: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=78640206:35
Jester45L1nc01n: you should cat /dev/urandom it makes your terminal a lot more fun06:35
Packman_edr_Willis, i will check that out, i believe python is now supported on symbian phones (eg. nokia n95)06:35
Jester45L1nc01n: and also not very useable06:36
windowsIsForN00bStormStrikes: do u get a specific error06:36
ASULutzydr_Willis: heh, I use mencoder quite a bit, but for some reason I didn't feel like typing tonight... Guess taking twice as long to convert is the price to pay06:36
L1nc01nPackman_e,  I first learned C++ in High School, then did Java a little bit, and when I got to college I learned C, and then Java some more.  If I was you, I would try and get into C.  It's more "lower level" than the others and makes you understand more of how programming actually works in my opinion06:36
L1nc01nJester45, I'll have to try that06:36
StormStrikeswindowsIsForN00b: No, when I run the lsmod | grep acpi_cpufreq, I get no output at all06:37
dmDoes anyone know how to make your grub auto update when a new kernel is installed?06:37
windowsIsForN00bdo u have cpufreq installed?06:37
dmI upgraded to Hardy, and it didnt update.06:38
bazhangdm choose the new one06:38
unavailabletis getting late anyway, G.L all you peoples...  gnight06:38
dmbazhang didnt put it in my grub06:38
ASULutzyPackman_e: If you want to get a job where you actually make money, learn everything there is to learn about the .NET framework06:38
windowsIsForN00bStormStrikes: do u have cpufreq installed06:38
Jester45dm it should of automagically06:38
bazhangdm then you need to update-grub yourself06:38
Packman_eL1nc01n,  i heard that learning c is like playing with sharp knives06:38
StormStrikeswindowsIsForN00b: I did, I uninstalled it so I could install powernowd06:38
dmbazhang D:06:38
dr_WillisPackman_e,  python is supported on abut anything it seems :)06:38
bazhangdm not difficult to do.06:38
dr_WillisPackman_e,  its hard to learn 'c' when you havent even grasped the concept of 'variables' and stuff. :) Python books are out that will gently introuduce you to programing fundamentals.06:39
Packman_edr_Willis, unfortunately not the iphone06:39
dmbazhang ok when inputing the root UUID its going to be the same as my other entries right?06:39
windowsIsForN00bStormStrikes: what i get from that forum it that it isn't supported on amd processors06:39
dr_WillisPackman_e,  You dont want to hear my Oponion on the iphone. :)  This is a faimly friendly channel.. heh hehe06:39
=== mattwj2005 is now known as mattwj2002
bazhangdm let me see if I can find a link06:39
Packman_edr_Willis, go on, tell me06:40
dmbazhang k06:40
StormStrikeswindowsIsForN00b: Right.  Which is what lead me to start searching for something specific for AMD processors.  Several days later I still have nothing :-)06:40
Packman_edr_Willis, i am hopefully gonna get the new 3g one soon06:40
Knightly88Hi there. I'm hoping someone might have a second to help guide me in the right direction. I currently have Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron installed on my desktop pc and I am hoping to copy the Ubuntu partition from my desktop to an external hard drive... anyone know how to copy an entire Ubuntu OS with updates etc. and install it on an external hard drive with an MSDOS filesystem?06:40
StormStrikeswindowsIsForN00b: That searching though led me to powernowd and checking to see if it would do what I wanted.06:40
windowsIsForN00bStormStrikes: http://phc.athousandnights.de/06:41
ASULutzyKnightly88: sudo cp -ax / /the/path/to/the/external06:41
Jester45Knightly88: as a backup perpose06:41
Jester45ASULutzy: would that maintain permissions?06:42
dmbazhang i put in the same UUID lets see if this works, brb.06:42
dr_WillisPackman_e,  id rather make a extra housepayment.. with my $$ :)06:42
Knightly88how can I copy Ubuntu to a hard drive and then RUN/USE it from the external hard drive? or do I need to just install a fresh copy of Ubuntu?06:42
L1nc01nPackman_e, Well, I don't know about that, haha.  I think it's just the kind of thinker you are.  In my opinion its a lot easier for me to understand programming from the ground up.  I really like assembly language and stuff, and C is not too far off.  If you really get down and dirty you get to see how processors manipulate the bits, and store shit in buffers and read this and do that, yaddy yadda.  And then you have people who06:42
L1nc01n think it's a lot easier to code in Python or something because it's as close to writing english sentences as possible, which is also pretty cool06:42
ASULutzyJester45: If he copied it to an ext3 drive it would06:42
StormStrikeswindowsIsForN00b: that was another issue.  when I went to that site to download the files to compile them, I could never get them.   Fortunately the author included links to download the files not too long ago specific to the latest kernel06:42
Jester45Knightly88: i would go with the fresh install06:42
Jester45ASULutzy: but he said MSDOS filesystem so i was going to suggest !backup06:43
StormStrikeswindowsIsForN00b: Either the svn links dont work or Im just not the brightest person and was doing something wrong.  The latter more likely.06:43
Knightly88Jester45 I've been doing some searching but still a little lost... how would I go about installing a fresh copy of Ubuntu on an external hard drive with the MSDOS file system? do I need to format/partition the external hard drive first?06:43
Packman_eL1nc01n, you like asembly!! man thats like chewing broken glass!06:43
L1nc01nPackman_e,  I didn't complete one of my sentences back there, but I think you get the idea06:44
Jester45Knightly88: it would be easier to reinstall then move everythig from the internal out06:44
ASULutzyKnightly88: It can be done. You would want the external hard drive to have an ext3 partition, then you would need to do say, sudo mkdir /media/backup then sudo mount /dev/thedrivepartition /media/backup then sudo cp -ax / /media/backup06:44
windowsIsForN00bStormStrikes: did u check this out https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UndervoltingHowto06:44
Jester45Knightly88: you can format it with a linux FS or use fat if you want windows to beable to use it still06:44
keith-so what is tablet pc like in ubuntu06:44
Knightly88No.... fuck Windows... never again will Microsoft own my computer, lol.06:45
ASULutzyKnightly88: I had to do roughly the same thing to install a RAID-1 on an already running ubuntu system. (I partitioned a drive to match the running drive, did sudo cp / /media/backup, then had to do some tricky bind action and mdadm sorcery, but it worked)06:45
StormStrikeswindowsIsForN00b: Oh yeah.  I ran across that last night in my searches.  Though the pages are in German I ran them through babble fish to translate them but did not get any information that really furthered the cause.06:45
pretenderWill Ubuntu 8.04 run smoothly on a Sempron 3000+ with !GB Ram and a FX5200 GFX Card06:45
ASULutzy!language | Knightly8806:45
ubottuKnightly88: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.06:45
One_Taoaptitude install sun-java5-jdk ant apache2 libapache2-mod-jk tomcat5.5 postgresql cvs imagemagick06:45
L1nc01nPackman_e, well it is frustrating sometimes, but I just like being able to know how everything is working.  With a lot of higher level stuff you just trust functions to work and never know how they do it, which is fine, but it usually makes me feel like I'm not understanding something or whatever06:45
jony_kalaverai just downloaded the new ati driver 8.6. and my laptop now seems to go faster. how can i enable compiz?06:46
One_Taooops wrong term06:46
Knightly88Yes... sorry... my bad.06:46
dmbazhang nope, didnt work06:46
windowsIsForN00bStormStrikes: oh, i speak german, Hast du Frage fur mich?06:46
StormStrikeswindowsIsForN00b: I did not try the rebuilding the kernel part though.06:46
bazhanghttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto dm you read this yet?06:46
StormStrikeswindowsIsForN00b: LOL06:46
Jester45pretender: yes it will be fine06:46
ASULutzyich kann auch Deutsch sprechen, ein Bischen06:46
windowsIsForN00bStormStrikes: anyway ill see if theres anything else06:46
ASULutzy!de | windowsIsForN00b06:47
ubottuwindowsIsForN00b: Deutschsprachige Hilfe fuer Probleme mit Ubuntu, Kubuntu und Edubuntu finden Sie in den Kanaelen #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #xubuntu-de und #edubuntu-de06:47
Knightly88ASULutzy how might I go about partitioning an External USB Hard drive to the EXT3 partition?06:47
dmBazhang yeah ive used that before on my laptop, but ive never had a situation that after a dist-upgrade to a non beta version of Ubuntu, and have it not update grub for me, like the kernel doesnt exist.06:47
StormStrikeswindowsIsForN00b: I appreciate the help but dont waste much of your time, I can continue searching just as easy as anyone else.  I just thought I would see if anyone knew of some specific software package that would allow me to do the same as the How To in the forums.06:48
dmBazhang but it does. and its installed.06:48
windowsIsForN00bStormStrikes: ok but this is what i spend my weekends doing06:48
raheemKnightly88: install gparted .. then, plug in the external harddisk .. it should show there06:48
luisgmarineAnyone having trouble changing the default application for programs?06:48
dmbazhang im on an old kernel, and my vid drivers arent working because of it. So... Should i remove the kernel and add it again?06:48
ASULutzyKnightly88: I can help you, but not to be rude, you might be better off just doing a fresh install to the external and then copying your home directory over06:48
dangergrrlyea!  i have audio in secondlife on em64t ubuntu, i hacked it though, it needed ia32 libgstreamer06:48
pretenderWill it be quick enough to run Compiz.  On that hardware would xubuntu be a better choice06:48
Jester45!format | Knightly8806:48
ubottuKnightly88: Partitioning programs: !GParted or QTParted (also "man mkfs" for formatting) - Mounting partitions in !GNOME under !Dapper: System -> Administration -> Disks - For !Edgy and later, see !fstab and !DiskMounter06:48
StormStrikeswindowsIsForN00b: Well okay then.  Im going to read through that rebuilding the kernel bit and see if it sheds any light on the matter.06:48
dangergrrlshould i bug the ia32 compatibility libs?06:48
kanhaiyahi all06:49
bazhangdm you want the newer kernel but it does not show up?06:49
luisgmarineI think I found a fix, specially for changing the default application that an Ipod opens to.  I wanted to share the fix if anyone is interensted06:49
kanhaiyai want some inputs for server performance.06:49
welkincan any one tell me how to see the shared files of a windows computer in terminal which is connected in lan06:49
windowsIsForN00bStormStrikes: i have desktop knowledge but laptop hardware is quite different06:49
kanhaiyaon my server too many hits are cuming.06:49
dm bazhang in the grub to boot, yes.06:49
StormStrikeswindowsIsForN00b: As I am learning as well06:49
bazhangkanhaiya, troubleshooting or a poll06:49
kanhaiyaso servers are giving slow response06:49
Knightly88ASULutzy I appreciate the help... I'll install a fresh copy of Ubuntu... I'm working with the Gparted program now.06:49
dr_Williswelkin,  you could manyally mount the shares, or use the fusesmb tools and let it mount them06:49
kanhaiyabut when i have a look at cpu load...06:49
kanhaiyathat is normal..06:49
kanhaiyameans below 1.06:49
Jester45pretender: it might get a little slow on compiz depending on how many effects you run with it, but if you use xubuntu compiz still will pull in a good chunk of gnome making it slower06:49
jony_kalaverai have kubuntu 8.04 i think compiz is installed how can i enable it ?06:50
kanhaiyabazhang, what ?06:50
welkindr_Willis>>>>>>how to mount it??06:50
kanhaiyacan anybody help me in improving server hits performance06:50
windowsIsForN00bi need some help, i get this when i try to launch this one program in terminal or by launcher, http://paste.ubuntu.com/23454/06:50
dr_Williswelkin,  the samba guides give examples.  I normally use fusesmb these days --> https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FuseSmb06:50
connorquick fluxbox queestoin06:50
dr_Williswelkin,  the using samba book, (and other docs) are in the samba-doc package.06:51
welkindr_Willis>>>>>>i have samba but i know how to work in gui only.....06:51
Jester45kanhaiya: can you give us mroe details such as what is this server doing and with what hardware a load and be under 1 but still somethnig bottlenecking the system06:51
Jester45!ask | connor06:51
ubottuconnor: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)06:51
Jester45o he left06:51
connorHow can I access folders on fluxbox?06:51
welkindr_Willis>>>>>>im plannig to shift all the work through termila06:51
raheemwelkin: smb://ipofthecomputer/sharename .. shouldn't this show the drive .. try that pls06:52
dr_Williswelkin,  the command line samba tools are well doucmentd. I just dont use them enough to rember the exact formats.06:52
connorLike an external hard drive06:52
kanhaiyaactually we have hosted application of CMS06:52
dr_Williswelkin,  i much perfer how   fusesmb works. It mounts the whole network automatically to a single directory.06:52
kanhaiyaand database06:52
kanhaiyadatabase is on 1 server06:52
kanhaiyaand application is on another server06:52
welkinraheem>>>> let me try that......06:52
kanhaiyawhen we access server thriough browser06:53
dmisnt there a apt-get command to re-install (if you will) packages?06:53
kanhaiyait is giving slow response06:53
welkindr_Willis>>>>>>k... thank you ill try it and tel u the result now.... be right back...........06:53
kanhaiyabut cpu loads are very low..06:53
kanhaiyaand hits are too many06:53
dr_Williswelkin,  the basics (i just googled) --> sudo  mount -t smbfs // /mnt/smbshare06:53
kanhaiyaJester45, help me06:53
Jester45connor:  mount them    run mount /dev/harddrivehere /your/mount/point06:53
Jester45!enter | kanhaiya06:53
ubottukanhaiya: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!06:53
connorJester45: its usually under /media/ My Book06:54
Jester45connor: is that where its mounted or the device ?06:54
windowsIsForN00bwhy do i get this when i try to launch this one program in terminal or by launcher, http://paste.ubuntu.com/23454/06:54
connorJester45: thats where my external hard drive is usually located06:55
Jester45kanhaiya: check to see if the database is accessing slowly06:55
Jester45kanhaiya: and if swap useage is high.. that would cause disks to slow making the database slower06:55
connorfluxbox question06:55
connorIf I am in fluxbox downloading something to the desktop, how do I find it after the download is finished?06:55
Jester45connor:  its in ~/Desktop/06:56
Jester45~ is your home directory = /home/username06:56
connorJester45: I am in fluxbox06:56
Jester45connor: i know but the files still go there if your downloading with firefox06:57
connorOh wait i opened nautilus06:57
kanhaiyaJester45, database load is also not that much high06:57
kanhaiyaactually i tgink this is due to too many hits on server06:57
windowsIsForN00bwhy does a worm hole rip open the fabric of time in my living room when i boot my comp?06:57
offlineanyone can guide me to configure the wireless driver on dell latitude d600 please ?06:58
Jester45kanhaiya: well there is a bottleneck somewhere or else the hits would go though06:58
bazhangdm if you rename the old menu.lst then sudo update-grub it will generate a new one that contains the newer kernel http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?s=98cfe6e48854872b6a7225182fb97dab&t=697963&page=206:59
kanhaiyaJester45, what type of bottleneck06:59
kanhaiyawe are not getting where should be geeting bottleneck06:59
dmbazhang will try, thanks06:59
offlinei've installed ndiswrapper but i cant see wlan0 on ifconfig06:59
Jester45kanhaiya: idk it could be many thing im trying to narrow it down07:00
raheemifconfig -a07:00
kanhaiyaokay okay07:00
danielm_mchello ubuntu!07:00
offlinethank you07:01
danielm_mci'm having a problem with 8.04 and the ath_pci module connecting to my WPA ...  i can connect to my router, but for some reason my box won't get a DHCP lease07:01
danielm_mcJun 27 22:21:09 baikinman NetworkManager: <info>  DHCP daemon state is now 12 (successfully started) for interface ath007:02
danielm_mcJun 27 22:21:09 baikinman NetworkManager: <info>  Old device 'ath0' activating, won't change.07:02
danielm_mcJun 27 22:21:09 baikinman dhclient: wifi0: unknown hardware address type 80107:02
danielm_mcJun 27 22:21:09 baikinman avahi-autoipd(ath0)[6055]: Got SIGTERM, quitting.07:02
danielm_mcJun 27 22:21:09 baikinman avahi-autoipd(ath0)[6055]: Callout STOP, address on interface ath007:02
FloodBot1danielm_mc: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:02
danielm_mcJun 27 22:21:09 baikinman avahi-autoipd(ath0)[6056]: client: RTNETLINK answers: Cannot assign requested address07:02
arooni-mobile(1) how can i learn what model my cpu is (i know its a core 2 duo) ... but is there a way of getting more specific?  (2) is 66 *C and 44 *C mobo temp safe and ok?  do i need a new fan?07:02
windowsIsForN00bwhy do i get this when i try to launch this one program in terminal or by launcher, http://paste.ubuntu.com/23454/07:03
danielm_mcsry about the flood07:03
=== charlie is now known as Guest53085
PseudoBobhow can i make more room in my ubuntu partition?  im trying to move a file from a removable hard drive into wine, but it says i dont have any room on the disk07:04
DeranderHas anyone experienced a problem with the behavior of the backspace key in insert mode after compiling vim7?07:04
=== Kwitschibo_ is now known as Kwitschibo
danielm_mcman, is anyone actually online that can help ?07:05
PseudoBobi guess not :(07:05
danielm_mcor is this just a room full of n00bs07:05
windowsIsForN00bwhy do i get this when i try to launch this one program in terminal or by launcher, http://paste.ubuntu.com/23454/07:05
PseudoBobjust noobs like us07:05
PseudoBobanybody who doesn't help us is a noob07:05
ubottuThe people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines07:05
PseudoBobsorry :/07:06
PseudoBobexcuse my impatience, it's late here :(07:06
=== windowsIsForN00b is now known as nicknameHere
danielm_mcpsuedobob whats your q ?07:06
PseudoBobhow can i make more room in my ubuntu partition?  im trying to move a file from a removable hard drive into wine, but it says i dont have any room on the disk07:07
bazhangPseudoBob, dont repeat so often07:07
nicknameHerePseudoBob: get a bigger hdd07:07
PseudoBobhe told me to repeat the question07:07
PseudoBobthat was twice07:07
bazhangzinkele, stop07:07
powertool|lappyPseudoBob: delete stuff you don't need?07:07
matthias_Nanyone knows hot to check for memory leak in ubuntu or have  ideas how to ...07:08
PseudoBobsee, the hard drive has enough space07:08
powertool|lappyPseudoBob: or use gparted to make grow the partition if you have room to spare somewhere else07:08
robin__What virtualization should I use if I want to run Windows Vista in it? Do Ubuntu have any good virtualization software?07:08
PseudoBobbecause i just removed it from the hard drive in windows07:08
DeranderHas anyone experienced a problem with the behavior of the backspace key in insert mode after compiling vim7?07:08
bazhangvmware or vbox robin__07:08
PseudoBobi suppose ill look that up then, thanks07:08
raheemrobin__: u can use xen, or vmware-server, or virtualbox07:08
gooodydoes emerald theme manager works with compiz?07:08
mattlocknicknameHere> how did you install that application?07:08
bazhanggooody, yes07:08
raheemgooody: yes07:08
FeloniousIs there something faster than file roller?  This app appears to work 6x slower than winrar does07:08
=== nicknameHere is now known as insertNameHere
robin__I'll look them all up, thanks bazhang and raheem!07:09
gooodyhow am i going to apply the themes i created using emerald?07:09
raheemFelonious:  7zip may be07:09
PseudoBoboh, one more minor thing07:09
dr_WillisFelonious,  fileroller is most likely just a front end to the command line archive tools.07:09
Jester45PseudoBob: just run df -h in a terminal07:09
NetEchoFelonious fileroller is only a frontend for command line archive tools such as tar07:09
PseudoBobmy screen gets cut off on the right side by like a quarter inch on the right side07:09
dr_WillisFelonious,  i have used winrar with wine , in the past.07:09
Jester45it will tell the % free and how many GBs07:10
PseudoBobanything i can do about that?07:10
insertNameHeremattlock: i didn't, i just downloaded it, it runs if i run the executable, just not in terminal or by launcher07:10
Felonioushmmm... so its normal that its very slow?07:10
Deranderpseudobob: use your monitors tweaking tools (i.e. the buttons on the front)07:10
PseudoBoband thank you, jester07:10
bazhangPseudoBob, did you try changing the resolution07:10
dr_WillisFelonious,  depends on what sort of archive you are manking i imagine.07:10
=== insertNameHere is now known as nicknameHere
NetEchoFelonious its only as fast as your system allows it to be and depends on the type of archive method07:10
bazhang!nickspam > nicknameHere07:10
ubottunicknameHere, please see my private message07:10
NetEchoFelonious what type of archive were you making?07:10
PseudoBobheh, just had to hit auto image adjust07:10
PseudoBoblol, thank you again07:10
Feloniouswell dr_Willis it appears to be ALOT slower than winrar does extracting the exact same archive07:11
Deranderpseudobob: no biggy07:11
mattlockinsertNameHere: when you say 'run the executable', do you mean clicking its icon somewhere?07:11
Jester45PseudoBob: does your monitor have an auto config?07:11
FeloniousI thought maybe it was something on my end causing this07:11
NetEchoFelonious is it a .rar file?07:11
Deranderfelonious: are you extracting a rar?07:11
NetEchoFelonious .rar is propriatary thats why07:11
Deranderfelonious: rars are non-free formats, it is reverse engineered07:11
ubotturar is a non-free archive format created by Rarsoft. For instructions on accessing .rar files through the Archive Manager view https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FileCompression. There is a free (as in speech) unrar utility as well, see !info unrar-free07:11
Feloniousso unrar isnt a rarlabs app?07:11
Feloniousi thought it was, my mistake07:11
NetEchoFelonious no07:11
Jester45well 7zip does a good job with rars on windows at least07:11
PseudoBobwhen i used df -h, it told me i was using 3.4G of 3.6G07:12
dr_WillisFelonious,  rarlabs has released some linux stuff. but they sort of have some licensing 'limitations' also.07:12
welkinraheem>>>> i tried but its not coming..... i dont knw the sharedname07:12
dr_WillisFelonious,   I perfer to use 7zip mainly.07:12
Jester45the package unrar-free is the free version unrar isnt free07:12
Feloniousi liked 7zip for windows07:12
DeranderHas anyone experienced a problem with the behavior of the backspace key in insert mode after compiling vim7?07:12
FeloniousIll try it here07:12
PseudoBobbut im dual booting, and i know theres plenty of room in windows07:13
PseudoBobwhat exactly does gparted do?07:13
ubottugparted is a !GUI partitioning program. Type « sudo apt-get install gparted » in a console to install it - A GParted "live" CD is available at http://gparted.sourceforge.net/livecd.php07:13
Felonious2nd issue, is there a fix for UDF burning in brasero?  I hate that I needed to download k3b in order to burn files over 2GB07:13
danielm_mcanyone wanna help with a WPA issue - madwifi / wpasupplicant dhcp issue ?07:13
danielm_mcubuntu 8.0407:13
FlynsarmyHow do you mount a bunch of ntfs hdd's? they didn't mount on boot for some reason and ntfs-config isn't helping07:13
DeranderBah, silly vim :-(07:14
dr_WillisFlynsarmy,  try the proper mount command from the terminal. Its possible they are marked as 'unclean' and needing to be checked by windows ,  you may need to use the force option.07:14
PseudoBobman, i love ubuntu07:14
danielm_mci normally love ubuntu except when i can't connect to wireless with my AR521207:15
PseudoBobalright, i've got gparted installed now07:15
Flynsarmydr_Willis, how do you unmount something?07:15
dr_WillisFlynsarmy,  sudo umount   (note the lack of an N)07:15
PseudoBobwhat should i do now?07:15
cirkitUbuntu is always unable to find my wireless SSID, but not others. :/07:16
FeloniousWould I have better luck with smoothness on video files if I switch to the Xine backend for totem with high res h264 video files?07:16
cirkitBelkin-N router.07:16
nicknameHerehow do i change the default program a file (mp3) is opened with07:16
danielm_mcyeah i have a WRT45GS (or wtfe) and an x61 thinkpad with an AR5212 wireless card07:17
bazhangFelonious, you tried vlc?07:17
Feloniouswow not for linux no07:17
Feloniousi didnt even think of that07:17
PseudoBobim kinda scared using this thing07:17
bazhangsudo apt-get install vlc Felonious07:17
PseudoBobthe whole UMD thing about it07:17
Felonioustrying to watch a 720p h264 has not gone well so far07:18
DeranderHas anyone experienced a problem with the behavior of the backspace key in insert mode after compiling vim7?  For some reason, I can only backspace delete text that I've entered in that particular insert.07:18
danielm_mc!derander - did you check your .vimrc ?07:18
ubottudanielm_mc: Error: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)07:18
cirkitnicknameHere: open Konqueror > right click mp3 file > open with other > select app you want > click checkbox "Remember application association for this type of file"07:18
Deranderdanielm_mc: yes, what should I be looking for?07:18
nicknameHerecirkit: i use GNOME07:19
danielm_mcderander - what version did you upgrade from?07:19
nano_is there a specific channel to discuss pulseaudio?07:19
danielm_mcnano_ - &@($ pulseaudio07:19
Deranderdanielm_mc: 7.  I just compiled instead of using aptitude this time because there is a problem in the repo version07:20
danielm_mcuse rhythmbox07:20
nano_danielm_mc, ;)07:20
bazhanghttp://www.pulseaudio.org/wiki/PerfectSetup nano_ you seen this?07:20
xrawyxand downloaded firefox 3 beta but not able to install or update it and I could help07:20
nano_bazhang, i currently have that open07:20
danielm_mcderander - ewww07:20
nano_i had a simple question...07:20
bazhangxrawyx, downloaded from where07:20
PseudoBobso, i've got gparted open now07:20
Deranderdanielm_mc: ?07:20
Feloniousbazhang, nah vlc isnt gonna work.  Not getting any video07:20
danielm_mcderander: try moving your .vimrc to bak.vimrc and then try your backspace key07:21
bazhangFelonious, you got compiz on or off07:21
nano_when i issue "ps -AF | grep pulse" i see that pulseaudio is running; however, when i issue "pulseaudio --check" there is no output, which would mean that pulseaudio is not loaded07:21
PseudoBobhow do i identify the ubuntu partition?07:21
bazhangPseudoBob, you want to resize the ntfs partition?07:21
Feloniouserr i turned effects to none07:21
Derander  danielm_mc: no luck07:21
nicknameHerein gnome how do i set the default app for a file to be opened with07:21
PseudoBobi want to get more space in my ubuntu partition07:22
xrawyx<bazhang> xrawyx, downloaded from where not understandin07:22
PseudoBobbecause i've got about 10 gigs free in windows, and need 9 here07:22
bazhangnicknameHere, right click properties open with07:22
bazhangxrawyx, you on gutsy or hardy07:22
nicknameHerebazhang: but that does not set it as the default07:22
ubottufirefox is the default web-browser on Ubuntu. To install the latest version, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FirefoxNewVersion Installing plugins: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FirefoxPlugins07:23
Moj1I've installed ubuntu, but accidentally changed the video driver in a settings window. Now there is just a black screen on boot. What can I do?07:23
danielm_mcderander : are you running gnome and opening a term, using the console...  whats your env look like ?07:23
surplusxmasIs there any quick shell command that will dump specs for my machine? RAM count, CPU clockspeed, etc.?07:23
danielm_mcsurplusxmas : check /proc07:23
Deranderdanielm_mc: it is the default environment from a fresh ubuntu install, I've had no cause  to mess with it07:23
PseudoBobdoes that make any sense?07:23
surplusxmasdanielm_mc: Thank you.07:23
Frogzoosurplusxmas: lshw - but it's not standard07:23
Deranderdaniel_mc: running gnome, opening gnome-terminal07:23
Deranderdaniel_mc: I'll give it a shot through a tty real fast07:24
danielm_mcderander:  yeah it sounds like your terminal settings aren't right07:24
Moj1Hey guys, could someone help me change my video driver? I changed it by accident and I don't know how to reset it.07:24
Feloniousbazhang, plays alot better in mplayer though07:24
danielm_mcderander:  probably fekt coz you didn't use the repo07:24
Deranderdanielm_mc: the repo version works, but it seg faults with rails.vim07:24
bazhangPseudoBob, you want to erase that ntfs partition (delete) or resize it07:24
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about konversation07:25
PseudoBobso the ntfs one is for my windows files?07:25
bazhang!info envyng-gtk | Moj107:25
ubottumoj1: envyng-gtk (source: envyng-gtk): install the ATI or the NVIDIA driver. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.1.1ubuntu1 (hardy), package size 93 kB, installed size 324 kB07:25
bazhangPseudoBob, yes07:25
Feloniouswell i thought it did, but mplayer desyncs the audio :(07:25
FrogzooMoj1: run "sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg"07:25
danielm_mcderander : bwahaha - ruby??!!07:26
PseudoBobalright, so i want to reduce the size of that so i can add free space to the fat32 partition07:26
Deranderdanielm_mc: Mmhmm.07:26
PseudoBobwhich i believe is the ubuntu partition07:26
Moj1bazhang: It's not nvidia - it's intel integrated07:26
bazhangMoj1, for hardy use my suggestion, for gutsy use Frogzoo 's07:26
Moj1thank you Frogzoo07:26
danielm_mcderander: were you doing apt-get install vim-full ?07:26
Moj1I have 7.10 ubuntu07:26
danielm_mcderander: or were you just using the default install of vim from 8.04?07:26
bazhangMoj1, in that case for hardy sudo displayconfig-gtk07:26
Deranderdaniel_mc: yes, the seg-fault is a long standing bug07:26
welkinraheem>>>>frogzoo>>> do u know how to see shared files frm a windows file in terminal connected in lan07:27
danielm_mcderander:  hittin you up in private, too much chatter07:27
bazhangPseudoBob, you have to be very careful with gparted.07:27
PseudoBobi know07:27
PseudoBobim pretty scared right now07:27
bazhangPseudoBob, are your files backed up?07:27
magnetronhi! i'm connecting to to a ssh server. the server is using a iso-latin1 (ISO8859-1) locale, my ubuntu client is using a UTF-8 locale. the characters are messed up, how should i correct to view all chars?07:28
nicknameHerein gnome how do i set the default app for a file to be opened with07:28
PseudoBobThink I should probably do that before proceeding?07:28
Moj1I'm running from a LiveCD now, I can't load up my installed ubuntu because I changed driver. Should I run 'displayconfig-gtk' in the terminal?07:28
bazhangPseudoBob, you might consider getting the gparted livecd; not backing up is seriously risky though.07:28
bazhangMoj1, that wont help with live cd07:29
bazhangMoj1, and since you are on gutsy you need to run Frogzoo 's command from command line in your install not the live cd07:29
Moj1@bazhang: can I just copy the video driver setting file that's loaded into the RAMdisk (guessing that's how livecd works) onto disk?07:30
Moj1okay I'll try that, thank you07:30
PseudoBobSo without using GParted all I can do is delete files I don't need?07:30
PseudoBobBecause my Ubuntu partition is pretty small.07:30
bazhangMoj1, best to drop to a shell and do it that way.07:30
PseudoBob3,6 Gigs.07:31
bazhangPseudoBob, gparted is for resizing, deleting or creating new partitions07:31
dr_WillisPseudoBob,  you could resize the ntfs. make a new linux partition in the now freed up space. and just mount that new space to your linux system somewhere to use it.07:31
Mr_Giraffehey, for some reason my usb mouse isn't working at all, and my /proc/bus/usb/ directory is totally empty07:31
PseudoBobWhat do you mean mount it?07:31
Mr_Giraffewhat can i do to fix my mouse?07:31
bazhangMr_Giraffe, which mouse07:32
Mr_Giraffebazhang, usb07:32
PseudoBobWait, couldn't I add that space to the existing fat32 partition?07:32
Mr_Giraffenothing comes up in messages, syslog, or dmesg about it07:32
engineerPseudoBob use deborphan07:32
PseudoBobWhat's different with deborphan?07:33
engineerman deborphan07:33
nano_if I go into VolumeControl>File>Change Device, i get a choice of mixers...in this context, what do "mixers" mean?07:33
bazhang!info deborphan07:33
ubottudeborphan (source: deborphan): Find orphaned libraries. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.7.23 (hardy), package size 69 kB, installed size 420 kB07:33
Kirixanyone use Unichrome or Openchrome drivers?07:34
nano_if I go into VolumeControl>File>Change Device, i get a choice of mixers...in this context, what do "mixers" mean?07:35
Mr_Giraffebazhang, any idea what it could be?07:35
bazhangMr_Giraffe, what make and model of mouse07:35
Frogzoo!mouse | Mr_Giraffe07:36
ubottuMr_Giraffe: Enabling extra mouse buttons: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ManyButtonsMouseHowto  - Enabling serial mouse: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SerialMouseHowto07:36
PseudoBobSo in GParted, couldn't I reduce the size of the ntfs partition, then raise the size of the fat32 partition?07:36
magnetronhi! i'm connecting to to a ssh server. the server is using a iso-latin1 (ISO8859-1) locale, my ubuntu client is using a UTF-8 locale. the characters are messed up, how should i connect to view all chars?07:36
Mr_Giraffebelkin F8E825-USB07:36
PseudoBobHow risky is that?07:36
Mr_Giraffehowever, it doesn't work with any mouse at all07:36
FrogzooMr_Giraffe: oh that's bad... tail -f /var/log/messages & plug it in, see if it gets detected07:37
bazhangMr_Giraffe, is there issue with those usb ports?07:37
Mr_GiraffeFrogzoo, it doesn't07:37
Mr_Giraffeand bazhang no07:37
magnetronPseudoBob: you can do it. and what kind of estimate of the risk do you want? 99%? 1%? 0.00001%?07:37
FrogzooMr_Giraffe: try a different mouse07:37
Mr_Giraffei already did tail on /var/log/messages, /var/log/syslog, and dmesg07:37
Mr_GiraffeFrogzoo, i did07:37
Kirixanyone using UniChrome or OpenChrome display drivers?07:37
bazhangno detection and no hardware issue? that is odd.07:37
Mr_Giraffealso, /proc/bus/usb/ is empty07:37
PseudoBobWell, I don't have any of my files backed up.07:38
magnetronPseudoBob: look, no one here will tell you that there's no risk. YOU have to take the responsibility of managing your disk.07:38
bazhangMr_Giraffe, you using vbox or other virtualizers?07:38
FrogzooMr_Giraffe: hald is running?07:38
Mr_GiraffeFrogzoo, just did ps -e | grep hald07:38
Mr_Giraffeand it's running07:38
PseudoBobWell, I can't reduce the size of the ntfs partition.07:39
PseudoBobThere's a weird keys icon on it.07:39
FrogzooMr_Giraffe: I'd say google for linux + belkin mouse07:39
Mr_GiraffeFrogzoo, it's not the mouse07:40
Mr_Giraffeit doesn't work with a gigaware mouse either07:40
FeloniousIm trying to complete this, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=127563 but I cannot get past line #4.  I get an error from apt saying "Package libdvdcss2 has no installation candidate"07:40
Feloniouswhat do I do?07:40
bazhangFelonious, get it from medibuntu07:40
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about dcss07:41
ubottuFor playing DVD, see http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/video.html - "libdvdcss2" can be found at !Medibuntu or (for Feisty and earlier) http://wiki.ubuntu.com/SeveasPackages - Try k9copy (available in !Universe) for backing up DVDs07:41
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about mediabuntu07:41
dr_Willisits 'medibuntu'07:42
bazhangwww.medibuntu.org Felonious07:42
ubottumedibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org07:42
bullgard4I am not interested in compiz. I am using Ubuntu 8.04 GNOME. How can I safely get rid of compiz and not get it reloaded at the next automatic update?07:42
dr_Willisbullgard4,  it may be safest to just not use it...07:42
bazhanguninstall it bullgard4 or just shut it off for good.07:43
dr_Willisbullgard4,  removing  compiz can cause some annoying issues.07:43
Mr_GiraffeFrogzoo, bazhang: is there nothing i can do...?07:43
knightwisejust google : medibuntu one click and you'll find a manual on how to do it07:43
Mr_Giraffecause i really can't use an OS that doesn't even have support for my USB ports07:43
bazhangMr_Giraffe, other items plugged into that usb port work?07:43
Mr_Giraffebazhang, the only thing i've tried is a flash drive and that worked07:43
bazhangknightwise, we are smarter than google :)07:43
afallenhopeanyone know why I can't use a JPEG webcam on stickam?07:44
PseudoBobWhat does it mean to umount a partition07:44
PseudoBobEr, unmount.07:44
PseudoBobAnd throw a question mark at the end of that sentence...07:44
sp00nHello everyone.  I am unable to mount a windows share via samba.  It was working earlier and now it times out.07:44
dr_WillisPseudoBob,  make it where its not accessable by the os. a filesystem Must be mounted for it to be see/read/written to.07:44
bazhangPseudoBob, mounted partitions cant be edited07:44
dr_WillisPseudoBob,  'sudo umount /dev/hda1' (for example0 would unmoint the hda1 filesystem07:45
PseudoBobSo if I unmount that partition, I make it smaller?07:45
sp00nPseudoBob, also, note that the command to unmount is *umount*, not *unmount*07:45
bazhangMr_Giraffe, pastebin the output of lshw to paste.ubuntu.com07:45
PseudoBobThen would I have to remount it?07:45
dr_WillisPseudoBob,  there are some tasks that can only be safely done to unmounted filesystems.07:45
LSD|NinjaIs the login prompt on 8.04 in the bottom right because someone thought it would be stylish or because it's in the centre of a screen I can only see 2/3 of?07:46
Eleafit's weird, almost all the linux vst plugins don't work in renoise07:46
dr_WillisPseudoBob,  to access a filesystem for normal  access.. it needs to be mounted.07:46
sp00nLSD|Ninja, it's in the middle for me....07:46
PseudoBobAlright, so I wouldn't be able to run windows after unmounting it then?07:46
dr_WillisLSD|Ninja,  could be gdm is gettting the res wrong.07:46
dr_WillisPseudoBob,  windows has nothing to do with it.07:47
PseudoBobI'm still pretty slow with this stuff....07:47
LSD|Ninjadr_Willis: I'm styarting to get that impression. Ubuntu has never got that right.07:47
dr_WillisPseudoBob,  One normally mounts a filesystem. uses that filesystem. and then when linux shuts down. it unmounts them.07:47
nicknameHerehow do u set default apps in gnome07:47
dr_WillisLSD|Ninja,  i always have the wrong res. till i get the nvidia drivers installed.07:47
=== Pyrate is now known as Desu
=== Desu is now known as Pyrate
LSD|NinjaOnly reason I'm asking is because I'm finding myself in need of the rebbot button on GDM and it's not there07:48
FeloniousWhy do people put together step by step tutorials and not tell you where to get these files07:48
Mr_Giraffebazhang, http://paste.ubuntu.com/23462/07:48
bazhangnicknameHere, what about system prefs preferred applications07:48
bullgard4dr_Willis: My Ubuntu grows fat and fatter. I feel the need to confine the growth. (I already devoted another Windows partition to Ubuntu.) Where is  to be found  a more qualifying satement than "removing  compiz can cause some annoying issues"?07:48
sp00nCan someone help me mount my remote windows share?07:48
PseudoBobSomehow, I'm still not getting something here.  Why is the partition for windows mounted?07:48
LSD|Ninjadr_Willis: I have the nVidia drivers installed but gdm is still getting the res not quite right (It knows I want 1024x768 but is loading what I imagine is the 1280x1024 theme. Ubuntu always thinks I want 1280x1024)07:49
webcamwonderPseudoBob: In order to access any specific partition, it needs to be mounted first07:49
bullgard4bazhang: dr_Willis says "removing  compiz can cause some annoying issues." How to safely uninstall compiz?07:49
dr_Willisbullgard4,  removing compiz isent going to save much space. -  theres some sort of default window managers settings that  i have seen get confused/broken - when you remove compiz. It may be fixed now under hardy. But i spent part of a day under gutsy figureing otu what went wrong on my laptop after i removed compiz.07:49
PseudoBobso the unmounted ones...07:49
dr_Willisbullgard4,  so its best to cautious. :)07:49
nicknameHerebazhang: i changed it in preferred apps and nothing happened07:49
sp00nLSD|Ninja, I had an installation a while ago that couldn't load X because it had the refresh rate for the monitor wrong.  Editing your xorg conf or rc conf can set the correct resolution for starting the gdm07:49
bazhangbullgard4, safest would be to set it off07:50
LSD|Ninjaremoving all the old kernels the update manager never bothers too will probably save more space then removing compiz07:50
dr_Willisand cleaning out the apt cache will save space also07:50
webcamwonderPseudoBob: Unmounted partitions cannot be "explored" using your file manager normally07:50
LSD|Ninjasp00n: 7.10 got it right. This is just another in a long line of ridiculous regressions in Hardy07:50
bullgard4dr_Willis, bazhang: Thank you for your comments.07:50
webcamwonderPseudoBob: If you try to access any partition and if it happens to be unmounted, Ubuntu automatically mounts them07:51
bazhangMr_Giraffe, there is just the single usb port? this is 64bit ubuntu running on an amd?07:51
sp00nLSD|Ninja, I completely agree.  I switched back to linux about a week ago, used 7.10 for a day, upgred to Hardy and have spent a week googling hardy bug reports...07:51
webcamwonderPseudoBob: And they normally show up on your desktop, which you can unmount by right clicking and selecting unmount volume07:51
Mr_Giraffebazhang, there are 3 usb ports...07:51
Mr_Giraffeand yes, on a 64 bit amd07:51
nicknameHerehow do u make apps start on boot??07:52
dr_Willis'unmount' = 'safely remove' in the menus :)  not sure why some times you see unmount, and otehrs you see safely remove07:52
bazhangMr_Giraffe, the usb controller reports as unclaimed, and only one usb port shows up07:52
LSD|Ninjasp00n: there used to be a half-decent resolution control app in 7.10. It's gone in 8.04.07:52
PseudoBobOk, ok.07:52
webcamwonderdr_Willis: Some guy didn't drink enough coffee :)07:52
dr_Willisthen theres 'eject' that unmounts, then ejects the cd.. but ive seen it on other non-cd devices also07:52
bazhangnicknameHere, system prefs sessions07:52
PseudoBobSo why won't it let me unmount this partition?07:52
PseudoBobThe ntfs partition?07:52
Mr_Giraffebazhang, exactly, but i know that all USB ports work since the flash drive has worked in all of them07:52
dr_WillisI warned a guy at work to be ready to catch his usb thumb drive when the PC spit it out at him as he used eject....07:52
webcamwonderPsuedoBob: Are you using it?07:52
PseudoBobI suppose I am...07:53
nicknameHerebazhang: many thanks07:53
PseudoBobBut I don't know what is.07:53
webcamwonderPseudoBob: You cannot unmount a partition that is being read/write to07:53
sp00nLSD|Ninja, My installation has it, once you've logged in.  Might be because I upgraded from 7.10 though, or else cuz I'm running gnome right now07:53
PseudoBobHow do I know what's using that partition?07:53
bazhangMr_Giraffe, and you tried the mouse in all three ports?07:53
Mr_Giraffebazhang, yes07:54
webcamwonderYou need to use the command that searches for openfiles... of which I got no clue07:54
bazhanghmm. odd07:54
PseudoBobI thought there'd be a command.  Anyone know it?07:54
magnetronhi! i'm connecting to to a ssh server. the server is using a iso-latin1 (ISO8859-1) locale, my ubuntu client is using a UTF-8 locale. the characters are messed up, how should i connect to be able to view all chars?07:54
bazhangMr_Giraffe, does the live cd let you use them all? ie does the mouse work with the livecd?07:55
LSD|Ninjasp00n: There's two. One is the utterly useless one in the Preferences section of the menu (which I still have) and the other, better, one was in the Administration section (which disappeared in the upgrade). It may still be there (like the sharing control panel is) but I have nfi what it was called07:55
sp00nIf someone could help me mount a remote samba share I would greatly appreciate it.  I have been doing so with no problems for a while but now it times out every time.07:55
bazhangLSD|Ninja, what is nfi07:55
Mr_Giraffebazhang, i actually used the wubi util since i couldn't get a CD07:55
LSD|Ninjabazhang: no %^*&%&*( idea07:55
magnetronsp00n: aer you using the smbfs or CIFS filesystem in your mount command?07:55
bazhangLSD|Ninja, keep it family friendly thanks07:55
sp00nLSD|Ninja, mine is in system->administration.  It's not fantastic but it works OK07:56
bazhangMr_Giraffe, this is a wubi install?07:56
Mr_Giraffeshould i just reinstall with a livecd...?07:56
sp00nmagnetron, I have tried both.  When I leave off the -t option, which I understand should attempt autodetect, it times out with the message to refer to mount.cifs man page07:56
Mr_Giraffe(one would hope that maybe wubi worked as advertised...)07:56
bazhangMr_Giraffe, first try the livecd; dualbooting is superior to wubi imo (if you can use your mice)07:56
PseudoBobCan anyone tell me the command to show open files?07:57
magnetronsp00n: sounds like you have network problems.07:57
sp00nmagnetron, I believe I may have changed a conf file or system setting somewhere that broke my samba07:57
bazhangMr_Giraffe, wubi is a 'work in progress' :)07:57
sp00nmagnetron, no, my virtual box is able to connect to it fine07:57
danielm_mci'm also having network problems with my AR5212 using madwifi and wpasupplicant.07:57
Mr_Giraffeperhaps it should be labeled as such?07:57
magnetronsp00n: then you changed the wrong setting :/ do you have a backup of the smb.conf?07:57
bazhangdanielm_mc, what does ifconfig show; two entries or three07:57
dstrbdfrk1can someone im me who can help me with the compiz  cube effect07:58
Mr_Giraffeit's awfully annoying when it says "install without needing a cd!  it's great!  do it now!" and then i find out 3 days later that it's not going to work.07:58
dr_Willis!cube | dstrbdfrk107:58
ubottudstrbdfrk1: Compiz-Fusion (and the older Compiz and Beryl) are window managers that employ the "composite" extension of X to draw windows using graphics cards' 3D hardware. They can additionally provide "desktop special effects" (such as the "cube") by means of plug-ins. Join #compiz-fusion for help and support with advanced features. See also « /msg ubotu compiz » and « /msg ubotu effects »07:58
bazhangMr_Giraffe, we always tell folks to dual boot here.07:58
Mr_Giraffewell that's nice, but the site doesn't07:58
sp00nmagnetron, yes, but the only difference in the backup was adding a share of my own07:58
bazhangMr_Giraffe, to remove the wubi install is quite easy though.07:58
Eleafcous cous07:59
Mr_Giraffebazhang, how?07:59
FlannelMr_Giraffe: Add/remove programs in windows, and remove it07:59
bazhangEleaf, english please07:59
sp00nmagnetron, I can reinstate the backup and restart samba but I'm pretty sure that's not the problem07:59
Mr_Giraffehow convenient\07:59
fma243i am currently trying to isntall ubuntu can any one help me through07:59
nano_if i run a job from terminal such as "find xxxxx &" it will go into the background, how can i bring this job into foreground07:59
Mr_Giraffewell then, thanks, i'll burn an ubuntu proper CD before doing that07:59
dr_Willisnano_,  'fg' command07:59
dr_Willisnano_,  time to check some bash guides/tutorials on 'job controll'07:59
nano_dr_Willis, okay, then if i can do that, and then i wan to send it back into background,....?07:59
bazhangMr_Giraffe, be sure to check the livecd and mice before installing though07:59
bazhangEleaf, stop08:00
magnetronsp00n: "it SHOULD work"... i've done modifications like that several times, that wreck my setup even if they are small08:00
fma243i am on the partition manager thing what should i do08:00
Eleafcouscous is food bazhang ..08:00
danielm_mcbazhang : 408:00
Flannelnano_: "jobs" will give you a listing, %X where X is the number (or fg) will bring it to the foreground08:00
dr_Willisnano_,     ctrl-z, and bg command. ( i think) again - time to check 'job controll bash' tutorials. :)08:00
fma243hello some help here08:00
nano_Flannel, how can i send the job back into background...(Ctrl-Z may just end up stopping it)08:00
dr_Willisnano_,  its a rather in depth topic with a lot of neat.. things. :)08:00
sp00nmagnetron, while I am reinstating the backup ... it worked after the changes I made .. I backed up before I added my share.  Is there a possibility of not being able to connect to remote shares if you mess up a section for adding your own share?08:01
bazhangdanielm_mc, and what does sudo dhclient wlan0 report (any dhcpoffers?)08:01
Flannelnano_: stop it, and then bg #08:01
magnetronsp00n: yes.08:01
bazhangdanielm_mc, or ath0 in this case08:01
fma243how should i set the Partition08:01
nano_Flannel, sweet, thnx man08:01
bazhangfma243, we need more info08:02
[[thufir]]how do you refer to the home path?   $home/Desktop   ?   or something else?08:02
Flannelthansen|laptop: $HOME is home.  Which is also ~08:02
Flannel[[thufir]]: ^ thats for you08:02
fma243well i have just started ubuntu i running through the live cd i have 4 partitions i want to install ubuntu on a 5 gb one08:02
nano_if I go into VolumeControl>File>Change Device, i get to choose between ALSA,OSS,PulseAudio.....does this mean that whatever I select will be my acting sound server, and the rest will sit idle?08:02
Sa[i]nTOk, .img files, can I convert them to ISO?08:02
CaptainMorganwow... support for media such as digital cameras and cell phones in ubuntu have really improved - thank you!08:02
[[thufir]]I mean in conversation. you would write ~/whatever  meaning /home/thufir/whatever ?08:03
bazhangfma243, this is the guided one? then choose that partition and install to it08:03
Flannel[[thufir]]: yes, /home/username/08:03
fma243no i am using manual guided one just creates one partition08:03
[[thufir]]Flannel: or, you could write ~/   meaning the same thing, or would you write ~/username/  ?08:03
sp00nmagnetron, how do you restart samba again?  I momentarily forgot.  thought it was /etc/init.d/samba restart08:03
fma243and making it system root08:03
bazhangEleaf, stay on topic08:03
Flannel[[thufir]]: No, ~/ is the same as /home/username/08:04
Eleafbazhang, I'm eating couscous, which is basically wheat semolina.. just trying to be social08:04
Eleafno worries buddy08:04
FlannelEleaf: Social is in #ubuntu-offtopic, not here, thanks.08:04
bazhangEleaf, that is offtopic here.08:04
[[thufir]]Flannel: thanks.   silly question perhaps, but...08:04
klenz87hey is this at all possible i have two grapics cards in stalled a geforce4 mx 4000 and a geforce2 mx\mx 400 can i run a second screen off the geforce 2???08:04
EleafFlannel, It's been 1.5 years and I'm still banned from there08:04
FlannelEleaf: #ubuntu-ops, being banned from there is no excuse for bad manners here.08:05
bazhangEleaf, then watch your step here.08:05
godaoHi there. A modified version(overclocked by manufacter) of a Geforce, like 8600 GT with 512mb (instead of deafault 256mb) can run normaly on Ubuntu ?08:05
Eleafbazhang, yeah, no problem, just didn't know a random food gesture was off topic, ubuntu stuff now08:05
bazhanggodao, you are troubleshooting or have yet to install ubuntu08:05
nano_anybody know the answer to my last question......somebody outta08:05
sp00nmagnetron, when samba starts I get this error message.  Is this possibly related? /usr/sbin/smbd: /usr/local/lib/liblber-2.4.so.2: no version information available (required by /usr/sbin/smbd)08:05
nano_if I go into VolumeControl>File>Change Device, i get to choose between ALSA,OSS,PulseAudio.....does this mean that whatever I select will be my acting sound server, and the rest will sit idle?08:05
bazhangEleaf, stop.08:06
Eleaflet's let it go08:06
danielm_mcbazhang:  it's the problem where there is a PSK exchange but dhclient just keeps doing DHCPDISCOVER's 7 times and then gives up08:06
fma243i am not getting much support here08:07
sp00nStill not working...08:07
dr_Willisfma243,  one normally makes at least 2 partitions, one for / and one for swap.08:07
godaobazhang: the manufacter does not have a linux driver for the modified version, but I can download the original version of this gpu for linux at nvidia's official. but will it run overclocked like in windows drivers ?08:08
sp00nfma243, what is your question?  I am a recent linux user but I can try to help08:08
fma243so how should i set them i am trying like a 5gb one making it a ext3 and a 1gb swap08:08
nano_anybody can help with general questions about sound?08:08
sp00nmagnetron, still having the issue....any suggestions?08:09
dr_Willisfma243,  depending on how the rest of the hd is laid out. You may need to make a extended partition for the whole 5gb, then 2 logicals inside it. one of 4.5 gb for / and a .5gb for swap.08:09
fma243i ll try08:09
dr_Willisfma243,  i normally free up some space and make it 'unallocated' and let the ubuntu installer auto partition inside the unallocated space.08:09
fma243should i use ext2 or ext308:10
=== jedimind is now known as jedimind|zzzz
Flannel!away > jedimind|zzzz j08:10
ubottujedimind|zzzz, please see my private message08:10
jedimind|zzzzsorry to disturb the 5 minutes of idling that was going on08:11
fma243i am trying hope it works08:13
magnetronsp00n: maybe you have network problems.08:14
sp00nmagnetron, My VirtualBox running XP can connect to the windows share through my network, and I can ping the machine I am trying to connect to.  It was working fine until today.  I don't know what broke it.08:14
sp00nI am going to reinstall all the samba packages.  I don't know if I was getting that "version information unavailable" error before I was having connection rpbolems.08:16
magnetronsp00n: do NOT reinstall samba08:16
=== Tonus_ is now known as Tonus
ubottuThe location of Trash has changed in 8.04, it is now located in ~/.local/share/Trash | Looking for the trash in previous versions: ~/.Trash08:16
magnetronsp00n: you  know, it's impossible for me to know what's wrong without more details from you.08:16
anonymoussI don't quite get it, why is the stable rep in 8.04 unstable? What happened to "just works"?08:17
sp00nmagnetron, understood.  What other details can I give you?08:17
ariqswhere is a good online place to shop for laptops for a good price?08:17
anonymoussI've had this crash 10 times in the past 3 days08:17
sp00nariqs, best buy ;)08:17
ariqsseriously, best buy?08:17
anonymoussariqs: do you plan on using this laptop?08:18
anonymoussariqs: if not, www.geeks.com08:18
ariqsI never go for those rebate schemes. They're far too annoying08:18
magnetronsp00n: a printout of your smb.conf. the specific mount command and error. paste it to a pastebin, like paste.ubuntu.com08:18
sp00nalthough, walmart actually had a good deal on a AMD64 (vista >:|) laptop08:18
danielm_mchey does anyone know how to change the F1 mapping in gnome ?08:19
sp00nariqs, compaq AMD64 dual core, with some kinda decent video card, for like $60008:19
ariqsanonymouss: why would I want a laptop I didn't plan on using?08:19
anonymoussariqs: server08:19
ariqsserver laptop? how peculiar08:19
anonymoussi'm running my ubuntu-server site on a 500mhz powerbook08:20
dr_Willisa portable server. :)08:20
ariqssp00n: I don't want an AMD cpu right now. Core2 duos are better08:20
Flannelariqs: Think of it as a low power server, with built in UPS08:20
anonymoussg4 256 mb ram08:20
anonymousstrouble is, if power goes, so does your modem08:20
anonymoussariqs: i was half joking08:20
sp00nariqs, are they?  I haven't been keeping up too much.08:20
anonymoussariqs: i just wouldn't trust a cheap refurb laptop08:21
sp00nmagnetron, making pastebin08:21
danielm_mcairqs: that'll change next month08:21
danielm_mcamd vs intel is a moving target08:21
ariqsi'm not looking for refurb, and I already know of a site that has good deals on laptops. the problem is, they're newegg and newegg tried to bribe me so I refuse to use their website08:21
sp00nariqs, tried to bribe you?08:21
ariqsintel has been ahead for a long while08:22
FlannelHey guys, mind taking this topic to #ubuntu-offtopic?  thanks08:22
ariqssp00n: yes, I gave them a negative review on resellerratings, and they offered me like $80 to remove it08:22
aLeSDwhy man malloc gives me an unexistent man page ?08:22
anonymoussis it considered discourteous in IRC to send a message directly to someone, to not flood the channel?08:23
Flannelanonymouss: Usually you use pastebin08:23
ariqsdepends on the user, anonymouss. I say don't worry about it and let the person complain if it bugs mhem08:24
sp00nmagnetron, http://paste.ubuntu.com/23469/   The samba conf file is not changed from the default it puts in, cuz it worked for me without needing to change it.  The error message I got is ontop08:24
anonymoussi installed a pidgin plugin that automatically dumps man pages into IM/IRC08:24
sp00nariqs, I would've accepted and written a review about it!08:24
diggsany brainstorm admins in here?08:25
anonymoussputs a whole new angle to rtfm08:25
Killeroidanonymouss: what plugin is this?linky please08:28
anonymoussKilleroid: I assume you are on ubuntu? (q is am i right)08:29
Killeroidanonymouss: yes, i am on ubuntu08:29
anonymoussKilleroid: sudo apt-get install pidgin-plugin-pack08:30
ariqswhat is a tcpview like program for linux?08:30
frarocoHow can I know it what kind of memory ram has my machine ?08:30
ompaulNOTE I am about to remove a lot of bans there will be some scrolling!08:30
anonymoussKilleroid: the plugin is called /exec08:30
ompaulthis will make the channel unusable for a moment08:30
ariqsok, ompaul08:30
magnetronsp00n: man.... this error is severe. some of your libraries seems to be damaged. did you install any new repositories lately? or have any power outages?08:30
afallenhopeHey.. I'm having an issue with my webcam and adobe flash player 9.08:30
anonymoussKilleroid: it runs a command and gives you standard out08:30
ompaulFinished - cheers08:31
anonymoussKilleroid: and if you do /exec -o command, it dumps into current session08:31
Killeroidanonymouss: i never noticed the exec plugin, thanks for the tip08:31
sp00nmagnetron, seriously? there was a couple time it froze and I had to hard shut down.  I've been installing new packages for the last week08:31
frarocohow can I get the hard info of my machine?08:32
anonymoussKilleroid: useful for checking dmesg or whatever without switching windows/terminals08:32
magnetronsp00n: yes, seriously08:32
=== stylus is now known as darkstylus
anonymoussKilleroid: although, I don't think it is available for finch08:33
anonymousswhich is a bummer08:33
sp00nmagnetron, how can I fix damaged libraries?  Can I reinstall/rebuild them?  Is it the "no version information" that tells you this?08:33
Killeroidanonymouss: thanks again, this plugin has just become my favorite pidgin plugin of all time08:34
TweakerSo, how would I go about dual booting with PCLinuxOS08:34
dr_WillisTweaker,  install the other linux to different partitions, pick ONE os to controll grub. and edit the grub menu configs adding the other OS to it.08:35
TweakerAlright cool, how would I do that? I wanna keep Ubuntu as the main, but run PClinux as a side OS. Or even at the same time if  I can.08:36
magnetronsp00n: the "no version" tells us that the some of the library files are damaged. i assume that some of your other apps will show similar behaviour. "reinstalling" the libraries is not a good solution, as it would not fix all the damaged files. what you /should/ is that you should run a fsck "file system check" on your partition and see if it can fix it.08:36
bennyf11Hi, how do i get ubuntu 8.04 to work with a bcm4311 rev 02 WITHOUT ndiswrapper??08:36
user_Tweaker: running at the same second?08:37
sp00nmagnetron, thanks, I will try that.  I have not noticed any erratic behavior with any other applications.08:37
Rat409bennyf11: i couldn't w/o ndiswrapper same bcm rev 208:37
TweakerWhoops, I ment Running Ubuntu and PCLinux at the same time. I've heard of others running Windows and Linux Simultaneously08:38
bennyf11rat409: so ndiswrapper is the only way to go??08:38
dr_WillisTweaker,  You proberly should learn/read up on grub. befor doing the install of pclinux..  set up part of the hd as unallocated.  boot pclinux, let its installer install to the drives.. backup the pclinux grub menu.lst soemwhere you can find it.. and then compare the 2 from ubuntu and pclinux.  You will most likely have to do a bit of cut/pasteing from oneto the other to get both os's booting properly08:38
TweakerOh damn, alright. I guess I can do that. Thanks for the info.08:39
dr_WillisTweaker,  normally i install the other os;s first. then ubuntu last.  that way the other os's dont make it a pain to boot to ubuntu08:39
Rat409pclos may use lilo as default not sure tho08:39
Rat409but it should install to root-partition whether grub/lilo08:40
frarocoHELLO how to check what kind of ram my machine has08:45
LSD|Ninjafraroco: dmidecode or lshw will probably do the trick08:48
Sa[i]nTI'm trying to install windows into virtualbox, any idea why it would freeze on the installing devices part?08:49
sp00nmagnetron, I should unmount file system before running fsck?  So since this is my booted partition I will have to run from ivedisc or somethign?08:49
sp00nSa[i]nT, which windows?08:50
magnetronsp00n: yes08:50
newuser_hello, is there any software similar to itunes for ubuntu, but that can place in order all of my songs? I have a folder with tons of them, and I do not want to spend days organizing music. Any suggestions?08:50
Sa[i]nTsp00n, Windows XP SP2.08:50
sp00nmagnetron, if that doesn't work, is there anything else I could try / topics to research?08:50
sp00nSa[i]nT, I just did exactly that.  I would suggest giving it longer than you think it would need.08:51
Sa[i]nTsp00n, I've given it a while, did it take a long time for you?08:51
sp00nSa[i]nT, Yes it did.  I installed 98SE and XPSP2 in Qemu and both of them ran very slowly; I installed 98SE in VirtualBox and it ran very slowly.  XPSP2 runs perfectly in VirtualBox for me.08:52
macrobadnewuser_: Have you tried rhythmbox or banshee?08:53
sp00nmagnetron, Do you think (the causes of) those error messages are what's causing my Samba issues?08:53
sp00nSa[i]nT, how long has it been stalled on that screen?08:53
mkquistnewuser_: rythmbox maybe08:53
Sa[i]nTsp00n, I'd say 20 minutes.08:54
sp00nSa[i]nT, I would say give it 5 or 10 more minutes and if no progress, reboot your VM and reinstall Windows08:55
Gincan you listen to an internet radio through banshee?08:56
magnetronsp00n: file system corruption is serious business. the problems you see now are just the tip of an ice berg. yes, the hard disk corruption has damaged your libs, and samba is one of the apps that is using these libs. you should run a fsck ASAP.08:56
LMJhello the chan08:56
eth01magnetron: how can you possibly suggest the such? you can't.08:59
sp00nmagnetic, from http://answers.google.com/answers/threadview?id=786136 : The cause according to  http://www.vmware.com/community/thread.jspa?messageID=480361 appears to be a library mismatch between the system used to create the executable program and the system you are running the program on.09:00
eth01it could be something else.09:00
sp00noops wrong person09:00
dstrbdfrk1does evolution mail work with hotmail ?09:00
kontagioushey is there a way i can resize my ubuntu partitian to put windows on my hard drive.. i've booted gparted from a live cd and when i go press apply it gives me an error with a bunch of boxes i cant read09:00
macrobadGin: sure. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Banshee_(music_player)09:00
LSD|Ninjadstrbdfrk1: not without some kind of proxy between it and hotmail I'd imagine09:00
dstrbdfrk1whats that mean ..... im new at this09:01
zeroCwhat is better for a notebook with a turion processor? the amd64 installer or the i386?09:01
frarocoLSD|Ninja, yes It does ... thanks09:01
user_dstrbdfrk1: you might join /evolution and check the FAQ in their channel topic09:01
sp00neth01, are you referring to the suggestion given to me?09:02
eth01sp00n: indeed.09:02
zeroCeth01: cool, thanks, there are no restrictions or sth. like that?09:02
dstrbdfrk1one more question where is everyone getting the list of chat channels?09:02
philsfdstrbdfrk1: are you aware that hotmail only works for paid support?09:02
LSD|Ninjaphilsf: so does Yahoo mail but there's still YPOPS! ;)09:03
eth01zeroC: just install it ;)09:03
sp00neth01, I do not think my disk is corrupted, although I don't know enough to say running fsck won't fix the problem09:04
philsfLSD|Ninja: oh?09:04
* philsf googles09:04
dstrbdfrk1?paid support   what do you mean i dont pay for my addy09:04
eth01zeroC: :)09:04
zeroCeth01: ok, i still ask, because in the past i had severeal problems with the flashplayer...09:04
LSD|NinjaI've never bothered looking into what kinds of POP/SMTP proxies exist for Hotmail though since I just use Outlook on Windows to access it09:04
zeroCbut i give it a try!09:04
macrobaddstrbdfrk1: http://irc.netsplit.de/channels/ :)09:04
eth01zeroC: you'll be fine.09:04
kontagiousis anyone here good with partitions and gparted09:04
dr_Williskontagious,  why not just ask the real question. :)09:05
aXXedstrbdfrk1 if you know the pop and smtp info try it and see.09:05
kontagiousi did and no one replied09:05
kontagioushey is there a way i can resize my ubuntu partitian to put windows on my hard drive.. i've booted gparted from a live cd and when i go press apply it gives me an error with a bunch of boxes i cant read09:05
dstrbdfrk1lol i dont even know what POP stands for09:05
user_dstrbdfrk1: wikipedia..09:06
dr_Williskontagious,  gparted can resize the ubuntu partitions. but the uuid's may change. now as to the problems you are having - no idea why cant you 'read' the errors?09:06
danielm_mc-- question about itunes -- sry don't know who to direct this to, but is there anything out there that actually allows linux to interface with an ipod or an iphone?  stock09:06
kontagiousthe font isnt there09:06
dr_Williskontagious,  ive often had to do gparted resizing in steps. do one thing.. reboot machine.. do next stuff. and so forth.09:06
kontagiousits just a bunch of error boxes09:06
aXXePOP is the info for your receiving email, smtp is the info used to send.09:06
macrobadkontagious: nobody replied, because how we can read your errors, if you yourself cannot?09:06
dr_WillisYou may want to try some other live cd that has gparted in that case.09:06
kontagiouswell i was hoping for a common problem09:07
macrobadkontagious: try starting gparted from a terminal09:07
mastrgamranyone on?09:07
mastrgamroh nvm09:07
dr_Williskontagious,  you areusing the Ubuntu Live cd?09:07
zeroCmastrgamr: sure09:07
kontagiousmacrobad: i have but i cant resize it because its in use09:07
kontagiousdr_Willis: im using the gparted live cd09:07
nano_Is PulseAudio a sound server, or just a sound mixer....i would think the technically correct term would be "mixer" because PulseAudio doesn't work with hardware at all, it simply deals with ALSA or OSS...09:08
dr_Willisnano_,  i though it went   'hardware -> alsa -> pulse audio -> end user apps'09:08
nano_Also, if you think about it, PulseAudio replaces dmix (an integral component of ALSA)..therefore it is incorrect to call PulseAudio a server, instead it should be called a mixer09:08
macrobadkontagious: Hmm.. I mean, start terminal, type 'sudo gparted' and try to repeat your actions that lead to errors. Gparted should start up in its own window, and probably print error messages in the terminal.09:09
dr_WillisJust another of the Yummy Cake we call Ubuntu!09:09
danielm_mcblegh, no one answered on interfacing with a iphone/ipod09:09
danielm_mcanyone ever hooked an ipod up to a linux box?09:10
mastrgamri need help installing nVidia drivers (problem is i cant) can somebody help09:10
nano_dr_Willis, you are right, and if PulseAudio wasn't there it would be hardware --> alsa (or OSS) --> dmix (part of alsa) --> end user application09:10
kontagiousmacrobad: sorry i meant to say i select my dev/sda and i cant resize it.. i figured because it was in use09:10
magnetrondanielm_mc: yes.09:10
LukipelaSo.. what would be the reason my install will only recognize 3/4 of my screen?  have an old pentium 3 laptop.09:11
kontagiousi could resize it when i booted the live cd but couldnt apply the changed09:11
Lukipelai have a big black border :(09:11
sp00neth01, do you know what else could cause the "no version information available" error or how to fix it?09:11
kontagiousi didnt see this before in the terminal: Unable to open /dev/scd0 - unrecognised disk label.09:11
mastrgamri need help installing nVidia drivers.....09:11
JorjHi all09:11
zeroCmastrgamr: what errors do you get?09:11
Jorji have a question about user permissions09:12
Jorjcan some1 help me ?09:12
zeroCmastrgamr: normaly there is an installoer, or?09:12
zeroCJorj: what questions?09:12
Lukipelamy question has stumped the room! muahaha09:12
sp00nmagnetron, I have other applications that also give this error and they run fine, and I'm fairly certain samba gave this error when it worked OK.  I don't think it's the root of the samba issue.09:12
Jorji have two users on my system09:12
Jorjand i am a root kind of user09:12
mastrgamrsorry im totally new to linux09:12
zeroCmastrgamr: ah ok... =)09:13
Jorji want to give the other user permission to use aptitude and install sotware09:13
Jorjhow can i do that ?09:13
=== JayTeKay`off is now known as JayTeKay
macrobadkontagious: First of all, /dev/scd0 is usually a CD or DVD drive. It's quite understandable why you cannot resize it. Are you sure that is your hard drive partition?09:13
mastrgamrwhen i type sudo aptitude install nvidia-glx-new i get an error09:13
kontagiousmacrobad: that was just the error.. i guess i can ignore it.. i am trying to resize /dev/sda1/ which is ext309:14
zeroCwhich one?09:14
mastrgamr(Reading database ... 118957 files and directories currently installed.)09:14
mastrgamrRemoving nvidia-glx ...09:14
mastrgamrdpkg-divert: error checking `/usr/lib32/libGL.so.1': No such file or directory09:14
mastrgamrdpkg: error processing nvidia-glx (--remove):09:14
mastrgamr subprocess post-removal script returned error exit status 209:14
FloodBot1mastrgamr: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.09:14
mastrgamrErrors were encountered while processing:09:14
Jorjwhich one what ?09:14
zeroCJorj: not you09:14
magnetronsp00n: if you are 100% that this error doesn't affect samba, then you need to provide me with the error message that applies to your situtation. you still haven't given me the mount command and error message you get.09:14
Jorjoops :)09:14
nano_dr_Willis, when i run "pulseaudio --check" i get no output, but when i run "pactl stat" .. i am told of the running pulseaudio server..whats the difference?09:14
macrobadkontagious: Ah, ok. So, why cannot you apply changes? Is the button greyed out or are there any errors?09:15
mastrgamrwhats flood?09:15
zeroCmastrgamr: install libGL09:15
mastrgamrlol sorry hehe09:15
danielm_mcmagnetron :  sweet!!!  what did you use to get an ipod working in linux?09:15
mastrgamrwhere can i get libGL?09:15
dr_Willisnano_,  everything i know about pulseaudio is .. very little. :)09:15
ubottuPulseAudio is a sound server intended as a drop-in replacement for !ESD - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PulseAudio for information and installation instructions09:15
kontagiousmacrobad: when i boot the live cd i can make changes but when i try to apply the changes i get an unknown error.. when i run it in ubuntu i cant even select resize09:15
magnetrondanielm_mc: you asked if anyone had done it.09:15
magnetron!ipod | danielm_mc09:16
ubottudanielm_mc: For information on how to sync and add tracks to your iPod, see the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IPodHowto - See !RockBox for information on liberating your iPod09:16
zeroCmastrgamr: apt-cache search libgl09:16
danielm_mchellzyeah!  sweet thanks guys09:16
sp00nmagnetic, sudo mount -t smbfs // /mnt/mountpoint/ After running this, the terminal hangs for a minute or two, then I get:  mount error 110 = Connection timed out09:16
sp00nRefer to the mount.cifs(8) manual page (e.g.man mount.cifs)09:16
FD_Fi cant hear my mic from skype , I checked in alsamixer it seems to be ok any ideas ?  , thanks for the help09:16
nano_dr_Willis, i understand09:16
mastrgamri put apt-cache search libgl and got a huge mess of words09:17
sp00nmagnetron,  sudo mount -t smbfs // /mnt/mountpoint/ After running this, the terminal hangs for a minute or two, then I get:  mount error 110 = Connection timed out Refer to the mount.cifs(8) manual page (e.g.man mount.cifs)09:18
macrobadkontagious: No, you cannot resize your root partition from a running system. However, it should be possible to resize it seamlessly from a live cd. I recon gparted was giving a windows with two buttons if any errors occured, and those buttons were "Save report" and "Exit". Do you observe it?09:18
LukipelaOk, so i will attempt this again..  After installing Ubuntu my screen has large black borders around it.  When I go to update my drivers it says my system is not using any proprietary drivers, what am i doing wrong?09:18
user_!skype | FD_F09:18
ubottuFD_F: To install Skype on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype - To record on Skype, check: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeRecordingHowto09:18
sp00nmagnetic, sry, Message was to someone else.  keep not hitting tab the right # of times.09:18
dr_Willismastrgamr,  i normally pipe searches through grep also... apt-get search XXXXX | grep SOMEOtherWord09:18
kontagiousmacrobad: uh i did see that and i could save the .htm file but to be honest with no gui im not too handy in reading it09:18
mastrgamrwell i dont know what i did by using search09:19
mastrgamrif it makes any difference i have the nvidia hardware available to be enabled on the hardware manager... i just cant enable it because i get an error09:20
zeroCwhich error09:21
macrobadkontagious: That's precisely the reason people are using Ubuntu Live CD for resizing partitions. There is a proper GUI, and it works well. Anyway, you should try to save that report and read it... well, perhaps back from Ubuntu. Otherwise, you may try to use a CLI web broser, e.g. links2, lynx, w3m or something like that.09:21
mastrgamrWriting extended state information... Done09:21
mastrgamr(Reading database ... 118910 files and directories currently installed.)09:21
mastrgamrRemoving nvidia-glx ...09:21
mastrgamrdpkg-divert: error checking `/usr/lib32/libGL.so.1': No such file or directory09:21
mastrgamrdpkg: error processing nvidia-glx (--remove):09:21
FloodBot1mastrgamr: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.09:21
mastrgamr subprocess post-removal script returned error exit status 209:21
kontagiousmacrobad: if i download the latest version of the ubuntu live cd it has gparted? wow that is so much easier why didn't i stumble upon that on google :S09:21
magnetronsp00n: i'm pretty sure that if you fix that "library version" error, then this other error will go away too.09:22
raboofhi! when I hibernate my machine, i have to unmount my external usb drive, and because of that close any applications that have files open on it09:22
mastrgamrdpkg-divert: error checking `/usr/lib32/libGL.so.1': No such file or directory09:22
raboofis there any way I can hibernate leaving the applications using files on the usb disk open?09:23
sp00nmagnetron, I just fixed my problem.  I am extremely sorry to have wasted your time.  The IP address I was using was off by one number.  I still have no idea why I am getting that other strange error but apparently it's unrelated. Several other apps do output the same error but appear to function fine.09:23
LukipelaAfter a fresh install my system hangs at a black screen, this is 2nd install..09:23
Jorjcan anyone help me with permissions problem ?09:23
macrobadkontagious: Well, at least there is one on my Ubuntu 8.04 DVD! :) Anyway, if you don't feel like downloading that much you may also try to use a cd from www.sysresccd.org. It's less then 200MB.09:23
user_raboof: i would say no09:23
sp00nmagnetron, The sad part is I have been trying to fix this for many hours09:24
berentIt's really a shame that eclipse 3.4 doesnt work on ubuntu09:24
kontagiousi think i might invest in a 8.04 dvd with all the fixings.. i used a cd-rw that i erased.. and since this version is the first to support my drivers from install i think i will keep it09:24
raboofuser_: if i understand correctly, the Coda file system lets me do something similar with network disks - can't believe it's not possible locally then :)09:24
mastrgamrGuys this is what i get as an error from trying to install the nvidia driver... http://paste.ubuntu.com/23478/09:25
macrobadmastrgamr: Looks like your library dependencies got corrupted. Try running 'sudo depmod -a' to check and fix them.09:25
kontagiousmacrobad: well i have a feeling it will work and if not it will at least i will have a good error message.. worst case scenario i will format and reinstall both os's09:26
kontagiousmacrobad: thanks for your help :D09:26
kontagiousmacrobad:  hopefully i don't have to come see you again09:26
macrobadkontagious: Np. Have a nice day!09:26
raihanhasnainhi, I need some help regarding network installation. Can anyone help me?09:27
berentIt's really a shame that eclipse 3.4 doesnt work on ubuntu hardy09:27
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)09:27
mastrgamrnothing happens when i put 'sudo depmod -a'09:27
mastrgamrsomething supposed to happen?09:27
user_raboof: coda uses a local cache, ext2 or ext3 is not designed for that, also its not designed as a "network file system"09:27
danielm_mcbah, no iphone on linux09:28
macrobadmastrgamr: Well, not obligatory. There might be an error in the package as well, if everything is OK with your libraries.09:28
raboofuser_: i don't mind dropping ext2 or ext3 for something alternative09:28
user_danielm_mc: crappy iphone i would say ;-)09:28
mastrgamrhow can i fix that?09:28
dr_Willisdanielm_mc,  demand a refund.09:28
danielm_mci'm going to att right now09:29
=== siof is now known as siofwolves
berentIt's really a shame that eclipse 3.4 doesnt work on ubuntu hardy. http://paste.ubuntu.com/23479/09:29
raboofuser_: i wonder if i could do something like 'flush local cache, disconnect from local coda server, shutdown local coda server, hibernate, start local coda server, reconnect and continue'09:29
=== nick_riviera is now known as m4jkl
raboofcoda's just an example, there might be systems much better suited to the task - that's why I'm asking here :)09:30
macrobadmastrgamr: wtf? /usr/lib32.. ?? I've never seen such a folder on linux, and it sounds sooo windowish, just like system32...09:30
nadalizadehAny one knows where can i download an older kernel package (i.e 2.6.17-generic) ?09:30
mastrgamrlol........... it is windows, i used Wubi09:30
nadalizadeharchive.ubuntu.com deletes the older ones ....09:30
berentnadalizadeh: kernel.org09:30
user_raboof: sounds possible to me, its not the primary coda usage goal, but nice for your purpose. you might get more info in a coda channel or #debian (tec savy channel)09:31
nadalizadehno, not the source09:31
nadalizadehberent: I want the official package09:31
raboofuser_: k, thanks for the encouragement!09:32
macrobadmastrgamr: hahaha! I don't have any experience with it, but you may try to find the file libGL.so.1 somewhere else, e.g. in /usr/lib/ and copy it there. Do you have /usr/lib?09:32
mastrgamryea i do09:33
timobhow do I mount the / as read only? .... I get / in use when I try mount -o remount -o ro / in runlevel 109:33
kontagiousmacrobad: where did you get your dvd from.. i can only find the cd-rom one09:33
pan0983i have amd64 laptop running on 64bit ubuntu, how would i install firefox 32bit?09:34
aXXepan0983 have you tried to install the 32bit?09:34
mastrgamrI have a usr/lib folder09:35
mastrgamrand a libGL.so.1 file09:36
macrobadkontagious: It's a trick! Try http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/hardy/release/09:36
kontagiousmacrobad: :) thanks again09:38
macrobadmastrgamr: So, copy it to the folder where it is expected to be by the package. A side question: why do you need to install nvidia drivers with Ubuntu? Since you're working in windows anyway, and it has its own drivers, that should be unnecessary!09:38
macrobadkontagious: you're welcome!09:38
kontagiousmacrobad: just to confirm.. it has gparted right09:38
dondacan any one suggest me a software for accelerating the download speed09:39
LSD|Ninjadonda: change mirrors09:39
macrobadkontagious: if you wish, I can boot it meanwhile on a spare machine and check.09:39
mastrgamrwubi uses its own files, it doesnt borrow from windows09:39
areelsi have installed turkish keyboard there is only turkish keyb in the list but my keyboard is still english why is that09:40
dondaLSD|Ninja:which mirrors09:40
kontagiousmacrobad: could you :)09:40
LSD|Ninjadonda: the mirrors for whatever it is you're downloading09:40
dondaLSD|Ninja: aren't any software available09:40
berentareels: English politics.09:41
solrizewhat's the package for the gcc library docs?09:41
macrobadkontagious: someone next room must have not returned it to me... be back in 10 min. :)09:41
kontagiousok :D09:41
SliMM_how can i find information about the hardware in my computer?09:41
LSD|NinjaSliMM_: dmidecode or lshw09:41
orpheansolrize: not sure what you mean by 'library' the docs for gcc live in gcc-<version>-doc packages. ie gcc-4.2-doc09:42
SliMM_LSD|Ninja: there was some application in gutsy, is it gone?09:42
LSD|NinjaSliMM_: yeah. It sucked anyway so it's one thing I'm not terribly bothered to see go09:42
karabashAnjuta doesnot work with Hardy Heron09:43
Thrymhi all09:43
orpheankarabash: what does it do?09:43
karabashdoes not build09:43
SliMM_LSD|Ninja: i have some small driver problems also09:43
karabashdunno why09:43
pan0983wicd hardy freezes on connect anyone know y?09:43
macrobadmastrgamr: yes, sure, but it runs on top of windows anyway, and must use windows to get access to a videocard. I believe.09:43
solrizeorphean i installed that but the docs aren't there09:44
solrizei.e. "man putchar"09:44
SliMM_the "switch wifi on/off" button only works for switching it off, if I accidentally switch it off, i have to restart my computer09:44
orpheansolrize: which docs are you looking for though? you meantioned something about a library? do you mean glibc?09:45
solrizeyeah, glibc09:45
SliMM_LSD|Ninja: can I, at least, fully disable it?09:45
solrizei want the man page for putchar09:45
SliMM_LSD|Ninja: or make it work properly09:45
orpheansolrize: glibc-doc09:45
solrizenope, not there09:46
solrizeit was someplace pretty obscure09:46
solrizei've been through this before09:46
solrizeit's develdocs or something09:46
LSD|NinjaSliMM_: no idea, only wifi hardware I've really messed with under ubuntu has been desktop PCI stuff (so no switch)09:46
areelshow can i fix a desktop shortcut to smb folder_09:46
solrizebut i'm having trouble finding it09:46
SliMM_LSD|Ninja: by switch i mean "button"09:46
solrizeinstall glibc-doc installed 8mb of who knows what09:46
areelsl'ke this smb://pc003/tools/09:46
SliMM_LSD|Ninja: thanks, i'll try the forums09:46
solrizehttps://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/kubuntu-users/2007-September/020149.html   aha  manpages-dev09:46
orpheansolrize: man pages i assume :) you can get rid of it.  looks like the only package with 'devel docs' apart of it is gnome-devel-docs09:47
mastrgamrI have another problem.. how can i change my screen resolution???09:47
solrizeyeah that worked!09:47
LSD|NinjaSliMM_: yeah, I'm familiar with them on laptops but I haven't really messed around too much with Ubuntu on lappies09:47
SliMM_LSD|Ninja: after i install hwinfo and check the details09:47
SliMM_LSD|Ninja: works great for me09:47
orpheansolrize: nice!09:47
mastrgamrmy screen respulution is 800x600 and i want it to my screen's 1280x80009:47
areelshow can i fix a shortcut to a network mount_09:47
SliMM_LSD|Ninja: besides, it's unexpensive :P09:48
LSD|Ninjaareels: enable the screen and graphics control panel in the menus and try that09:48
solrizeis there any hope of a base installation that includes all this stuff?  this is just about the most frustrating aspect of ubuntu, all the missing stuff09:48
dr_Willisone mans must have stuff.. is anothers  fluff.09:49
areelsLSD|Ninja:  i didn@t get your point09:49
orpheansolrize: ubuntu doesn't really target developers out of the box. they operate under the assumption a developer can but his own kit together. so they use that cd space on the disk for user stuff09:49
LSD|Ninjaareels: displayconfig-gtk09:49
macrobadkontagious: Nah, I've booted Ubuntu 8.04 Live CD in VirtualBox, and found out there is gparted! So, it is not even necessary to use a DVD.09:50
solrizegparted?  what's that?09:50
LSD|Ninjasolrize: a GNOME frontend for parted09:50
gnomefreaka partition editor09:50
orpheansolrize: partition editor09:50
solrizeer, how does that help?09:50
=== desti_T2 is now known as desti
LSD|Ninjasolrize: heh, you really are a developer aren't you?09:51
areelsLSD|Ninja:  there is nothing in here09:51
solrizeoh whoops sorry confused two threads09:51
solrizeLSD yeah09:51
areelshow can i fix a shortcut to a network mount on desktop?09:51
macrobadsolrize: yeah, it was not meant for you. :)09:51
LSD|Ninjasolrize: that wasn't supposed to be a compliment :P09:51
areelsim adding shortcut to desktop but it disappears on reboot09:51
solrizeit's not just development stuff all sorts of stuff is missing09:51
solrizeand the development packages are split into 100's of sub-packages that have to be installed separately09:52
LSD|Ninjasolrize: you can get most of the desktop stuff by installing *buntu-restricted-extras after you install the base09:52
orpheanthat's just debian's way solrize.09:52
dr_WillisThe pros and cons of package management and meta-packages09:52
LSD|Ninjaareels: just run it from the terminal for now09:52
kontagiousmacrobad: thanks that saves me the hastle09:52
areelsim adding shortcut to desktop but it disappears on reboot how can i fix that?09:53
solrizeubuntu-restricted-extras looks like it's mostly media codecs and stuff like that09:53
solrizeis there ubuntu-unrestricted-extras?09:53
LSD|Ninjasolrize: I did say desktop stuff09:53
solrizeubuntu-extras doesn't exist09:53
solrizerestricted seems to mean proprietary stuff09:54
solrizeif i wanted to run that, i'd buy a macintosh :)09:54
mastrgamri have a short cut to a  libGL.so.1 (it doesnt exist), and i have a libGL.so.1.2 file.. is the libGL.so.1.2 file a backup up libGL.so.1??09:54
solrizei guess what i want is "install everything"09:54
dondais there any software available equivalent to tally09:54
solrizeCouldn't find any package matching "everything", and more than 4009:54
solrizepackages contain "everything" in their description.09:54
LSD|Ninjasolrize: sounds like you want another distro09:54
macrobadmastrgamr: not necessarily. Most likely, they are different versions of the same library.09:55
solrizelsd|ninja yeah, i was using fedora before but we use ubuntu where i work so i'm trying to switch09:55
donda is there any software available equivalent to tally for ubuntu09:55
mastrgamrthere anyway i can make the installer use libGL.so.1.2 instead of libGL.so.1?09:55
LSD|Ninjalol, fedora blows09:55
areelsim adding shortcut to desktop but it disappears on reboot how can i fix that?09:55
solrizedonda if no one answered the first time it's because they don't know, try again in a few hours09:55
LSD|NinjaI don't know how, but Fedora just gets crappier with each new release09:56
solrizelsd|ninja, yeah, it does seem that way09:56
macrobadsolrize: why don't you make a list of all required packages one time and forever, and just copy paste it after apt-get install? It's not possible to satisfy all the people at once.09:56
macrobaddonda: what is tally?09:56
gordonjcpLSD|Ninja: you could say the same of Ubuntu :-/09:56
solrizemacrobad there are a million bazillion unix systems (linux-based and otherwise) since the dawn of time, and every one of them that i've ever seen except ubuntu has included the man page for putchar09:57
LSD|Ninjagordonjcp: yeah, 8.04 certainly seems to indicate they're going down that road09:57
dondamacrobad:it is the software for maintaining banking and accounting09:57
LSD|Ninjasolrize: Ubuntu is a desktop distro. dev stuff has no place in the base install09:57
un2himthe first alpha of intrepid ibex is out, am installing it now09:57
Pigeon`Hi, I've just open my hardy and i got like no wallpaper, no taskbar, well i think i lost my gnome lol. I got that error :  Install problem!   The configuration defaults for GNOME Power Manager have not been installed correctly.09:57
solrizelsd|ninja i'm sympathetic to that, but why isn't there a developer package?  "sudo apt-get install developer"09:58
solrizei've been installing packages for weeks and still keep hitting missing stuff09:58
orpheanthis would probably be better on #ubuntu-offtopic09:58
solrizeorphean yeah true09:58
molgrumhello, i would like to downgrade my nvidia-glx-new package so that i can boot the 2.6.22-14 kernel again. i tried the "force version" option in synaptic but it doesn't let me go far enough..09:59
macrobadsolrize: I can feel your pain, but on the other hand no distro I've seen so far was so easy to install and start using, as Ubuntu is. Btw, you may wish to go to https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu and advocate deriving such a package.09:59
un2himmolgrum: can't you just disable the nvidia driver in the restricted drivers panel?09:59
macrobaddonda: sry, I cannot help.10:00
molgrumun2him: well i still want the driver in the older kernel :)10:00
LukipelaWhy does Ubuntu not give me a full screen??10:00
Lukipelai have 3 inch black borders.10:00
molgrumi'm suspecting the new kernel is buggy so i would like to downgrade to check10:01
LSD|NinjaLukipela: try displayconfig-gtk10:01
LukipelaOk, and i do that how?  :D10:01
solrizemacrobad - maybe this is a start https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/ubuntu-install-dvd10:01
un2himmolgrum: not sure, but you could disable nvidia, then boot to old kernel, then enable nvidia again10:01
LSD|NinjaLukipela: in the terminal, you may have to call it with sudo10:02
molgrumun2him: ah, could try that10:02
un2himmolgrum: good luck10:02
LukipelaOk, that will work, im going to let my system finish updates befor ei mess with it though, pentium 3's are a bit..stupid.10:03
macrobadsolrize: that guy seems to be willing to see a lot of different restricted packages on Ubuntu DVD, and you were looking for a "developer" installation target. Am I correct?10:03
abhi_is there any cli application like dos edit... I do't like the vi10:04
twoface_Hi. Everytime I log in, Ubuntu warns me that my mouse battery is at 14%. This is not true. How can I turn off this notification?10:04
abhi_or emacs10:04
dr_Willisabhi_,  thers dozens of cli editors.10:04
dr_Willisabhi_,  nano, pico, mp, fte, vi variants, emacs and variants, mcedit.10:05
areelsive too many problems10:05
areelsim adding shortcut to desktop but it disappears on reboot how can i fix that?10:05
areelsand why my keyboard insists on us10:05
dr_Willisabhi_,  i really like fte myself  for a text editor.10:05
areelsi need turkish kaeb10:05
un2himareels: where does the shortcut link to?  maybe an unmounted drive or partition?10:05
solrizemacrobad i think that guy is interested in basically the same thing as me, i.e. more stuff in the base installation10:05
solrizeand less downloading10:05
areelsun2him: a smb location over network10:05
abhi_dr_Willis, : let me try them.10:06
solrizein my case i want more dev stuff but really, a lot of the very basic unix stuff was missing10:06
LSD|Ninjaagain, no place in a desktop distro10:06
abhi_dr_Willis, : is there any cli editor with mouse support10:07
dondahow to configure sound manager for 5.1 channel audio10:07
solrizelots of missing documentation, a desktop os should never install software without installing the docs for the software10:07
macrobadsolrize: "more stuff in the base installation" sounds like "more bloat" to me... At any rate, I think what you're looking for is best described with the phrase "package task". Try 'tasksel --list-tasks' to see existing ones.10:07
=== gardar is now known as gardar`afk
solrizehmm i'm not sure how to interpret the output of that10:08
macrobadsolrize: Also, there *are* a lot of packages on Ubuntu DVD, all of which are free. Isn't it enough?10:08
dr_Willisabhi_,  fte and vi can do that.  not sure bout others.10:08
solrizethe dvd just seems like a dump of a bunch of packages that don't get installed automatically10:08
berentIs eclipse compatible with mozilla firefox 3?10:08
dr_Willisabhi_,  you will need to install gpm for console mouse support10:08
donda how to configure sound manager for 5.1 channel audio10:09
solrizeand iirc it was still missing a lot of stuff10:09
LSD|Ninjasolrize: www.debian.org10:09
abhi_dr_Willis, : does vi support mouse. if so how to activate them10:09
abhi_dr_Willis, : let me install the gpm10:09
dr_Willisabhi_,  vim has some sort of mouse support mode. I never use it.10:09
solrizeright, ubuntu is a debian fork iirc10:09
dr_Willisabhi_,  i never use the mouse mode i mean.. I do use vim :)10:09
fr4nk-kabhi_: The graphical vim supports mouse. (gvim)10:09
solrizelsd|ninja i think you are right that fedora is getting worse10:09
abhi_dr_Willis, : then i will google it out10:09
dr_WillisI think ubuntu has gone beyond just a fork now. :)10:10
dr_WillisMore of a Spoon!10:10
raheemhehe.. right dr_Willis10:10
magnetronhi! i'm connecting to to a ssh server. the server is using a iso-latin1 (ISO8859-1) locale, my ubuntu client is using a UTF-8 locale. the characters are messed up, how should i connect to be able to view all chars?10:10
LSD|Ninjasolrize: I'm messing around with Fedora 9 right now. Ubuntu has it's rough edges but F9 really is the uncut stone fresh from the rock10:11
dr_Willismagnetron,  wouldent you set whatever terminal ssh is running in. to use the proper character set/locale?10:11
solrizelsd|ninja i'm still using fedora 3 and 4 on my other boxes10:11
dr_Willismagnetron,  i recall doing that with putty under windows at least.10:11
dr_Willis!info putty10:11
ubottuputty (source: putty): Telnet/SSH client for X. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.60-2build1 (hardy), package size 299 kB, installed size 744 kB10:11
LSD|Ninjathe linux putty sucks10:12
macrobadsolrize: I am really happy that Ubuntu comes with a limited number of packages installed by default. On the other hand, given that I don't need any restricted drivers, almost all the stuff can be found on a DVD. If you wish, I can even pastebin my list of packages (yeah, there is a lot of documentation ones!)10:12
solrizeubuntu is nicer than fedora in many ways, i just wish it had about the same packages as fedora10:12
solrizemacrobad yes i'd appreciate that pastebin10:12
dr_WillisLSD|Ninja,  never tried it.  :)10:12
Keule|guestGood morning10:12
pan0983good morning10:12
magnetrondr_Willis: i am using the standard ssh client. i know i can do it with putty i windows, but i am wondering how to do it with the standard ssh client10:12
LSD|NinjaFedora has a far better look to it than Ubuntu, Ubuntu seriously has to junk that babyshit brown theme10:13
Keule|guestcan some help me to connect my wm6 mobile phone with ubuntu - i want to share my UMTS in order to get online...10:13
solrizethat's not just a hardy theme?10:13
dr_Willismagnetron,  you mean ssh inside a gnome terminal then?  Putty for linux i just tried.. and it has the exact same options/features as the windows one does it seems.10:13
pestordear all, is it possible to get NetworkManager 0.7 up and running in hardy?10:13
pan0983sudo apt-get install network-manager-gnome ?10:14
LSD|NinjaUbuntu already has networkmanager...10:14
pan0983he said he wanted network manager?10:14
magnetrondr_Willis: i need to do it with the standard ubuntu ssh client... i don't want to be a prick or anything10:14
pestori dont think that will give me 0.710:14
LSD|Ninjapestor: what's in 0.7 that you really need?10:14
pestori *think* it's only available in fedora by default10:14
dr_Willismagnetron,  i THINK its more of an issue with the Terminal you are running SSH in. not ssh itself.10:14
magnetrondr_Willis: ok, thx10:15
pestorthe support for my 3g-dongle. i was struggling like crazy to et it working in hardy but eventually failed. in fedora is working out of the box with one click.10:15
dr_Willismagnetron,  there may be some variables you can set/locale and stuff.. but ive not messed with that stuff.10:15
solrizemacrobad were you going to pastebin a package list?10:16
pestorbut of course i dont want to run fedora :)10:16
magnetrondr_Willis: i tried that, but it "didn't work"10:16
voxhi, what work-around is there for the cd-burning bug?10:16
redbull_how about debian?10:16
dr_Willismagnetron,  you did 'export' the changes?  there may be a SSH faq somewhere that explains how to do it.10:16
solrizegnome terminal apparently has a character encoding menu10:16
LSD|Ninjapestor: sounds like a driver issue more than a network manager issue10:17
magnetrondr_Willis: i'm having troubles find such FAQs :(10:17
geirhavox: what bug are you referring to?10:17
redbull_fedora = suck10:17
raheemmagnetron:    env LANG="<locale>" gnome-terminal .. may be10:17
magnetronsolrize: it does? i didn't find it10:17
magnetronsolrize: ahhh... thx10:17
solrizeclick the terminal tab10:17
raheemcreate a launcher with that .. with the correct locale ..10:17
pestorLSD|Ninja: hmm, maybe your right10:17
voxgeirha: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/k3b/+bug/14907610:17
solrizeadd encoding10:17
ubottuLaunchpad bug 149076 in k3b "I can't write a cd" [Undecided,Confirmed]10:17
magnetronsolrize: thx alot!10:17
dr_Williswow a concise bug. :)10:18
redbull_solar = bug10:18
LSD|Ninjaredbull_: Fedora = Ubuntu in a year or two if they insist on putting out crappy releases like 8.0410:18
pan0983can i install firefox32bit on ubuntu 64bit?10:18
macrobadsolrize: a sec10:18
Lukipelayah, 8.04 is killing me on the older systems i have10:18
solrizeubuntu auto-installed some kind of upgrade on my box yesterday and asked for a reboot and the reboot kernel panicked :(10:18
dr_Willispan0983,  yes - i belive its doable.  and No i dont know how.10:18
solrizemacrobad thanks10:19
voxi mean serriously, all i want to do is burn an iso10:19
Lukipelalots of video issues, like my screen randomly going black during updates.. like now.10:19
redbull_i am using Fortran in Ubuntu as well10:19
pan0983try ubuntu ultimate10:19
redbull_ultimate ?10:19
macrobadsolrize: Ready: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23481/10:19
pan0983has a lot of stuff in it10:20
pan0983got to burn it to dvd10:20
geirhavox: does the bug also encompass brasero?10:20
pan0983got everything set up10:20
macrobadsolrize: I'm sure, we have different interests, though! :)10:20
magnetronpan0983: come on... it's just more packages installed by default10:20
pan0983thats wat i meant10:20
magnetronpan0983: it's the same packages as in the ubuntu repos10:20
redbull_who installed lazybuntu ?10:20
magnetronpan0983: yes10:20
redbull_its not good10:21
solrizemacrobad, thanks, i see there's a lot of doc packages, i believe in documentation, i'd be happy to install all the docs for every package ever released even for packages that i don't install10:21
redbull_its not very well10:21
solrizethat way if i think i want a package, i can read its docs beforehand10:21
Lukipeladont you hate it when you take a shower and you get out, and dry off, and then forget to rinse your hair?  ill brb.10:21
solrizei think there should be "apt-get install all-the-docs-for-everything"10:21
pan0983i agree10:21
solrizelukipela uhh no i don't think that has ever happened to me .... wow10:21
dr_Willissolrize,  make a meta-package then for it.  Seen that done by some people for their setups that they perfer.10:22
voxgeirha: just trying now10:22
macrobadsolrize: np! You should try using synaptic10:22
redbull_launchpad response speed NOOB!!10:22
ueGood day all, ony one has any experience with bar code readers under ubuntu ?10:22
magnetron!noob | redbull_10:22
ubotturedbull_: Acronyms or statements like  noob, jfgi, stfu or rtfm are not welcome in this channel. Period.10:22
magnetron!anyone | ue10:23
ubottuue: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?10:23
macrobadsolrize: All the packages are divided in groups, and you can find the "documentation" group there.10:23
solrizesynaptic is a gui thing that confused the heck out of me... i've been using aptitude because it gets the recommended additional packages when you install something, instead of just saying what they are and letting them whiz by the screen10:23
solrizemacrobad i pasted your documentation get and it's downloading now10:23
ubottuAcronyms or statements like  noob, jfgi, stfu or rtfm are not welcome in this channel. Period.10:23
pan0983when is flash going to be for firefox64bit sighs10:23
redbull_ok ok10:23
magnetron!flash64 | pan098310:23
ubottupan0983: You can run Flash, Real, and Java plugins in AMD64 bit computers with Firefox. see the steps to follow at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FirefoxAMD64FlashJava10:23
redbull_fine fine !!!!!!!!!!!!!10:23
voxgeirha: yep, brasero also relies on wodim for burning10:23
solrizecan i install a package group?10:23
macrobadsolrize: :)10:24
redbull_anyone using win Vista ???10:24
uewhats software can you recomend for implementing a code bar reader system ? I need to scan a bar code and send the output to a php/per lscript10:24
solrizedid i make a funny?  that wasn't intentional10:24
redbull_vista = rubbish ?10:24
solrizemarooned off vista10:24
LSD|Ninjaue: most bar code readers I'm familiar with emulate a keyboard10:25
solrizei've seen some bar code stuff around10:25
redbull_vista = rubbish ?10:25
redbull_vista = rubbish ??10:25
macrobadsolrize: No, I am not sure it is easily doable, but should be possible, if you a familiar enough with debian package management.10:25
ueLSD|Ninja, I read about that10:25
fr4nk-kredbull_: rigth10:25
solrizegoogle.com/search?q=barcode+linux finds a lot10:25
redbull_: D10:25
redbull_:       D10:25
ueLSD|Ninja, but I need software that captures that input decodeds it and sends to a script10:26
redbull_i HATE Visa10:26
redbull_i HATE Vista !!10:26
dr_Willissolrize,  you could use the command line package tools to generate a list of all -doc packages then isntall from that list. I imagine.10:26
solrizedr_willis hmm10:26
LSD|NinjaI just *know* that when I reboot the wifi isn't going to work because the kernel has been upgraded and the fedora software updater doesn't seem to be pulling in the livna packages >_<10:26
redbull_fr4nk-k: right?10:26
uesolrize, yes find a lot thats the problem, so I am asking maybe some one has any experience with that, so I don't go all the find and try road10:27
solrizemacrobad your software install includes a bunch of servers... does the installation script actually start the servers running and listening and open up ports?  i'm not sure i want that10:27
fr4nk-kredbull_: yeah, i think vista's sh_t, too10:27
solrizeue oh i see10:27
fr4nk-kredbull_: but that doesn't blong in taht channel10:27
macrobadsolrize: I've smiled to someone installing the packages, I've made for myself. Actually, the reason I made it is to free myself from a hassle of customizing all the machines, I'm toying with.10:27
macrobadsolrize: Yes, it does. You have to setup iptables, or switch it off.10:28
redbull_Linux having REDBULL power ?10:28
uesolrize, just some tips about : that actualy this peice of software works, and works how it should with this hardware10:28
danielm_mcanyone had any problems with 8.04 wireless?10:28
solrizeue yeah i remember someone had a cute hack where they used a cuecat reader to catalog their book collection... they read the barcodes and looked up the isbn's on amazon10:28
danielm_mcwith madwifi and wpasupplicant?10:28
voxthis is making me stabby.10:28
solrizemacrobad i think you have the right idea, build up a list of packages and keep re-using it10:29
solrizeit would be nice to be able to nest packages10:29
uesolrize, well cuecat in an abandoned project atm, so maybe some other better alternatives10:29
solrizeis that possible?10:29
solrizeue yeah that was ages ago10:29
redbull_how to using printer in command line?10:29
macrobadsolrize: btw, may be this would be useful for you too: http://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/securing-debian-howto/10:30
solrizeredbull_  lpr file-to-print10:30
solrizemacrobad thanks10:30
redbull_why np?10:30
philsfhello, I just found out about SSL encryption for IRC, and set it up for the OFTC debian irc servers. I can't find out how to do the same for ubuntu (freenode) irc servers. Can any of you point me to some doc with info on this subject?10:30
jussi01philsf: ask in #freenode10:31
solrizefreenode has ssl?10:31
jussi01but I dont think freenode has ssl10:31
solrizei think it's kind of pointless since most people aren't using it10:31
vithosfreenode doesn't have ssl, last i checked10:31
SliMM_hello, my laptop's specification says that I have 4GB of RAM, but Ubuntu says that I only have 310:31
solrize32 bit?10:32
SliMM_I know, they could have been wrong and used a 1GB-chip instead of a 2GB one10:32
LSD|NinjaSliMM_: you probably want the amd64 ubuntu (yes, even if you have a Core 2)10:32
macrobadI don't think you freenode has ssl, but it supports tor10:32
SliMM_LSD|Ninja: won't it work awful?10:33
SliMM_LSD|Ninja: and I do have core 2 duo10:33
solrizesometimes i think of running openbsd10:33
voxwhat work-around is there for the cd-burning bug?10:33
gordonjcpsolrize: not worth it, tbh10:33
_coredump_SliMM_, for 32bit you need to recompile your kernel to use more than 3gb ram10:33
qingfenghello everyone10:33
jussi01!tor | macrobad10:33
ubottumacrobad: TOR is a project aiming to provide anonymous connections via specialized !proxies - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/TOR for information and help - Note that TOR is blocked on most Ubuntu IRC channels, please see !hostmask and !tor-gpg10:33
solrizegordonjcp i'm not sure what tbh means but i think i get your drift :)10:34
gordonjcpsolrize: OpenBSD is basically NetBSD that doesn't work properly, with a project team headed up by an arrogant nobber10:34
orpheansolrize: to be honest10:34
quinnSliMM_, you'd better install the 64Bit10:34
solrizegordonjcp yeah that's about the impression i had... but they do seem to be more vigilant about locking stuff down10:34
LSD|Ninjaamd64 is a far better bet than dicking around with options to increase the address space in 32 bit10:34
gordonjcpsolrize: yeah, except they're not10:34
solrizeoh heh10:34
gordonjcpsolrize: they haven't got a *clue* how to do it properly10:34
macrobadjussi01: hmm... Anyway, I don't use it, but thanks.10:34
gordonjcpsolrize: and then TdR *lies* about how secure it is10:34
gordonjcpsolrize: like, the whole "no exploits in ten years thing" - except every time they find an exploit they change what they define an exploit as10:35
gordonjcpsolrize: like for instance a very serious buffer overrun that is a remote root vuln is "errata", not an exploit10:35
solrizei just saw there was another openssl bug in the past few days... i wonder if that affected them10:35
gordonjcpsolrize: well the openssl bug that affected Debian, Ubuntu et al was just Debian upstream vandalism10:36
solrizeno not that one a new one10:36
MrLukipelaOk, so now, after i set the video drivers to the correct chipset, the screen is completely messed up, and when i try to open a command prompt the system logs me off.10:36
solrizein the past week or so10:36
gordonjcpsolrize: people were fiddling with stuff they don't understand10:36
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!10:36
gordonjcpjussi01: you're right10:36
gordonjcpsolrize: we should take this to #u-ot10:36
solrizegordonjcp yeah that debian thing was outrageous10:37
solrizegordonjcp ok10:37
gordonjcpor stop, before Theo de Raant sends me another snotty email10:37
bmwhi all10:37
=== Keule|guest is now known as Keule|AW
MrLukipelaSo any ideas??10:37
solrizeboot in safe mode?10:37
voxwhat work-around is there for the cd-burning bug?10:38
MrLukipelaattempting that now10:38
pan0983stupid question10:38
pan0983wats difference from gksudo and sudo10:38
bmwhow can i download the flash video . i try with download helper for Firefox but its not work .10:38
fr4nk-kpan0983: gksudo loads a graphical application with root rights; sudo is for commadn-line applications10:39
fr4nk-kpan0983: np10:40
MrLukipelaSo it wont let me change my drivers now10:40
MrLukipelaThe one it is set to is incorrect, but when i choose the correct one it reverts back at the next screen.10:41
jimcooncatgf pressed a key combination that triggered a massive screen zoom (using Gnome). How to unzoom, please?10:41
kidbuntusomeone help10:42
fr4nk-kbmw: well, download helper works on my system ???10:42
kidbuntui can't use iphone on my ubuntu10:42
magnetronjimcooncat: in compiz, it's the meta key(windows key) and the scroll wheel10:42
jimcooncatthanks magnetron10:42
dr_Willisi thought the windows key was the 'super' key10:43
fr4nk-kdr_Willis: yes, it is. at least on my system10:43
MrLukipelawell i think i fixed the new problem, but im at square one with the original problem, which is i have a big black border around my screen.10:44
=== wesley__ is now known as enoch
dr_Willisthe 'tux' key. :)10:44
jimcooncatthat was scary, all ok now10:44
MrLukipelanevermind, new problem still persists, when i go to terminal services the system logs me out10:44
MrLukipelaYou know, i have done about 10 fresh installs of vista and not had this much trouble.10:45
dr_WillisMrLukipela,  it took my new laptop (with vista) about an hr to boot up the first time - it was configrung stuff under vista. :) I installed ubuntu on 2 other machines as the vista laptop was just booting..10:45
bmwes its works wot hi can download the curent video part :) in the adress bar the video the video link chenchid10:46
MrLukipelaBut did they work?  I installed it fine, but its taken me about 6 hours to get it running, and now, trying to fix a video issue, the system logs me off when i try to change it, which makes NO SENSE at all.  Anyways, im going to crash10:46
MrLukipelamaybe i can find a solution to it in my sleep ;)10:47
kidbuntuhelp please for iphone users10:47
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about iphone10:47
fr4nk-kkidbuntu: i think in this channel there are no iphone users10:48
penanyone here using galaxium? I can't make it display adium themes10:48
penhow could I make it work10:48
dr_WillisOther then the ones that cant get them to work.. :)10:48
TemplisHi, I'm trying to make a CS server on xubuntu 7.10 install CD, can anyone here help me?10:48
MrLukipelaYAY i fixed my border issue, lets see if it will let me into my terminal though..10:48
fr4nk-kTemplis: Well, I definetly can'T help you, but what exactly is your problem??10:48
MrLukipelaHey i finally timed out10:49
TemplisI've never customized install CDs10:49
dr_WillisMrLukipela,  sounded like yoru video res was set low and the lcd just centered it.10:49
fr4nk-kTemplis: ah, understand10:49