sebsebsebe370: no OS is 100% secure00:00
Mike_lifeguarde370: it isn't perfect, but it is very safe, yes00:00
mrwese370, safe as a condom00:00
trismFascination: also you could try right-clicking on the file and associating the .exe files with wine00:00
Mike_lifeguardmrwes wins :D00:00
Fascinationtrism: I already have.00:00
thiebaudee370, safe as a plane trip00:00
* mrwes bows00:00
sebsebseb!language >  mrwes00:00
ubottumrwes, please see my private message00:00
e370updates are vital?00:00
Mike_lifeguardsebsebseb: let's not go overboard 9_900:01
sebsebsebe370: yes whatever OS your using you should get the updates for it00:01
Sidewinder1mrwes is humble, too.00:01
Mike_lifeguardsebsebseb: "condom" isn't even a /mild/ swear word 9_900:01
e370i updated yesterday so i should be ok00:01
sebsebseb!ot > Mike_lifeguard00:01
ubottuMike_lifeguard, please see my private message00:01
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Mike_lifeguardsebsebseb: stop being such a dick please00:01
thiebaudee370, you'll be ok if you run ubuntu,be using it since 200400:01
sebsebseb!o4o >  mrwes  Mike_lifeguard00:02
ubottumrwes, please see my private message00:02
e370yea but ubuntu is the os00:02
e370facebook is a website00:02
sebsebseb!o4o  > Mike_lifeguard00:02
ubottuMike_lifeguard, please see my private message00:02
mrwessigh....d00d sebsebseb you're wired too tight00:02
sebsebsebmrwes: heh00:02
e370theres still cookies and things stored in my pc00:02
Mike_lifeguardsebsebseb: please stop being a dick. Also, I have ubottu ignored, so don't bother spamming with stupidity you're too lazy to type out yourself00:02
mrwescondoms promote safe sex00:02
KushedVaporshow can i install libglade0 in ubuntu 9,0400:03
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!00:03
thiebaudeMike_lifeguard | ot00:03
mrwesDoes anyone have a solid mkv to mp4 conversion bash script?00:03
mrwesfor Ubuntu of course00:04
Mike_lifeguardthiebaude: That doesn't work. Also, sebsebseb's spamming isn't offtopic. Please be aware of your surroundings before typing such nonsense.00:04
Sidewinder1e370>Not to worry; anything written to exploit winbloze won't function in linux. :-)00:04
trismSidewinder1: I dunno some malware runs pretty well in wine00:04
bazhangKushedVapors, you mean libglade2-000:04
Sidewinder1Wouldn't touch wine...:-)00:05
Fascinationtrism: I just checked winefile, and I cannot see the drive that vista, and the rest of my hard drive is partitioned to.00:05
whatnowmrwes: Doesn't ffmpeg just work?00:05
ubottuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu00:05
trismFascination: try adding the path to the mount in winecfg as a drive letter00:05
wilydoes anyone know a good ftp file uploading site i can use to upload a driver and then download through wget?00:05
e370windblows sucks, it eats my pc resources up so much, i used to get 100% cpu load most of the day00:05
mrweswhatnow, yah I have the full version, unrestricted installed00:05
KushedVaporsbazhang: no libglade000:05
Sidewinder1trism>Guess some folks do though, I stand corrected.00:05
mrwesI actually compiled it myself00:05
Mike_lifeguardBrasero is giving me coasters for both CDs and DVDs (logs at http://p.defau.lt/?3BVdrPNQ_dSAx_DU3CzR8g and http://p.defau.lt/?zgi_GgEfQIpBEATxrr1IeQ respectively) - anyone know what would cause burning to fail in 100% of cases with an "unknown error"?00:06
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KushedVaporsbazhang: need it to make my canon i250 printer to work00:06
mrwesMike_lifeguard, use K3b and be done with it00:06
Sidewinder1mrwes>How did you make the eyes in your Os?00:07
bazhangKushedVapors, where do you see libglade0 ? its not in hardy, intrepid or jaunty that I can see00:07
Sidewinder1mrwes>Special font or somethin'?00:08
KushedVaporsbazhang: yea ikno00:08
whatnowmrwes: I didn't find a script yet that's easier than running ffmpeg manually... what's the problem, what doesn't it do?00:08
mrwesSidewinder1, uh?00:08
mrweswhatnow, well I'm actually trying to decide if mencoder or ffmep is better00:08
Sidewinder1mrwes>Your upper case Os have a "dot" in the middle.00:08
SeaPhorbazhang, libglade0 was in dapper00:09
whatnowmrwes: that changes all the time, I guess. With every update.00:09
bazhangSeaPhor, thanks KushedVapors see above00:09
mrwesSidewinder1, not on this end brutha00:09
Sidewinder1Wow mine did, now yours doesn't???00:10
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e370whats the maxiumum hard drive space used when installing ubuntu, my netbooks sdd is 8gb00:10
KushedVaporsbazhang: yea tryin to follow this guide:  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=14514200:10
Sidewinder1Duh, it's a zero; ain't I stupid?!!!00:10
KushedVaporsbazhang:  should i force the install00:11
davidscottHi everybody. how can i change the color of foreground in irc?00:11
davidscottwith a command!00:11
Aethelreddavidscott: I guess that would depend on what client you use.00:11
thiebaudee370, you dont mean min hard disk space?00:11
Aethelreddavidscott: I use irssi. Sorry I can't help you  :)_00:12
e370no i mean maximum00:12
e370to have almost everything from the netbook ubuntu installed00:12
davidscottok. it's not possible to use a command? like "color" propriety or other?00:13
whatnowWhat, colors can be changed? w00:13
Flanneldavidscott: I'm sure there is.  You might try asking in #kubuntu, they'll be more familiar with Konversation00:14
KushedVaporsbazhang: soooo?00:15
azaz3llHi someone knows about aide? i have a problem when i run the process... first i run: sudo aide -i and averything is ok, but when i try to check it it says aide.db it could't open the file...00:15
z3r0is there a program for plc control and programing for linux>00:17
ubuntuim trying to install ubuntu on laptop but the partitioner doesn't give option to install side by side with vista. 40gb hdd 9.4gb free. Any ideas?00:17
pvvniubuntu: what c00:18
ubuntui installed alongside windows fine the other day00:18
lovrehow can i play ASX stream in linux? I tried opening it with Amarok, but it doesnt play. Neither with Audacious....00:18
Wawel_lovre: vlc?00:19
sebsebsebubuntu: the guided install should be able to reize  the Windows partition for space for Ubuntu, plus there are better ways to partition00:19
ubuntusebsebseb: this is what i assumed00:19
lovreWawel_: let me try....00:20
ubuntuas that was an option when i installed on another computer00:20
sebsebsebubuntu: upload a screenshot  of   system > administration > partition editor, and i'll take a look00:20
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omgdHere i got it http://www.bombshock.com/forumsarchive/drugs/how%20to%20make%20meth.html00:21
djanatynIs it possible to run the ubuntu live cd and install to a USB drive using a regular install? (not the usb program)00:21
omgdOh shit00:21
sebsebsebubuntu: By the  way, why do you want to dual boot with Windows?00:21
sebsebseb!language | omgd00:22
ubottuomgd: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.00:22
omgdSorry man00:22
lovrecan someone please try and play this stream, maybe its not only my comp that cant play it: http://www.radiomaria.org/media/croatia-hq.asx00:22
sebsebsebomgd: I wasn't offended, but still00:22
lovreWawel_: can you please try to play the stream?00:22
sebsebsebomgd: the bot trigger00:22
ubuntusebsebseb: gfs computer, she wants to keep windows00:23
omgdSorry but the link was for a diff00:23
fccf!lol | omgd00:23
ubottuomgd: Please don't use "LOL" and "OMG" and so forth on a regular basis. This is IRC, not IM, and using those lines on their own is not required, and it is rather annoying to the rest of the people in the channel; thanks.00:23
omgdIts atutorial how to make crystAl meth00:23
SeaPhorubuntu, i can help...00:23
mrwesOMG is now considered annoying?00:24
* cornet puts the stupid bot on ignore00:24
mrwesso I take it WTF is out too?00:24
sebsebsebubuntu: I see, well with enough RAM, she can probably virtual machine it for what she wants to do inside Ubuntu,   plus there are probably alternatives00:24
Mike_lifeguardcornet: it's not the bot, it is the stupid people who don't know how to use it *appropriately*00:24
w000twhere do I find the release info of the latest ubuntu release.00:24
sebsebseb!language |  mrwes00:24
ubottumrwes: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.00:24
mackjrhas anyone here successfully installed blueman?00:24
sebsebseb!notes | wonderbear00:24
ubottuwonderbear: Ubuntu 9.04 (Jaunty Jackalope) release notes can be found here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/JauntyJackalope/ReleaseNotes00:24
sebsebseb!notes |  w000t00:24
ubottuw000t: Ubuntu 9.04 (Jaunty Jackalope) release notes can be found here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/JauntyJackalope/ReleaseNotes00:24
mrwesw000t, from a terminal type lsb_release -a00:24
sebsebsebwonderbear: sorry did that to wrong person00:24
Mike_lifeguardsebsebseb: dude, take a pill00:24
ubuntusebsebseb: why can't it dual boot?00:24
sebsebsebMike_lifeguard: off topic!00:25
w000tmrwes: I am on OS X, thinking to switch to LInux00:25
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mrwesohh... sorry I read that wrong00:25
Techieubuntu: cant you use the install inside of windows feature on the ubuntu install cd?00:25
ubuntusebsebseb: i've said ubuntu is worth it because its faster...00:25
ubuntuSeaPhor: you can help?00:25
SeaPhorubuntu, yes00:25
crazyguy510Anyone have success using Totem Movie Player?00:25
geekaiause Ubuntu00:25
geekaiais a greate Linux Distro00:25
Techiew000t- what mac are you using?00:26
sebsebsebubuntu: 9.10  has Ext4 by default, and  Ext4 is rather fast to bootup and shutdown and  the disk check00:26
w000tTechie:  Hackintosh00:26
ubuntuTechie: Using LiveCD now00:26
mikobuntui personally downgraded to 8.10 after having so many errors withb pulse-jack modules,....so hopefully 9.10 has these issues sorted?00:26
crazyguy510I can't seem to get totem to work correctly anyone have sugestions00:26
Dyinglight12i need help with my defragmentor00:26
ubuntuTechie: but partitioner didn't give option to share hdd between both OSs00:26
SeaPhorubuntu, http://www.wood-bee-co.com/woodbeeco/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=57&Itemid=5200:26
sixany idea why my bios wouldnt load my ipod which is on disk mode? i am tryiing to boot from it00:26
mrwesw000t, get Live CD, burn it, and give it test drive00:26
Techieubuntu: insert the livecd while booted in windows00:27
asmmdo you guys reccomend ubuntu or ubuntu remix for a old laptop?00:27
bazhanghttp://www.openprinting.org/show_printer.cgi?recnum=Canon-i250 KushedVapors00:27
asmmi like the gui of the remix but i dont want my apps installable to be limited00:27
mikobuntucrrazyguy510 , have you run totem from the terminal?00:27
ubuntuTechie: different installation process?00:27
mrwesasmm, probably Xbuntu00:27
trismasmm: I'm using ubuntu with icewm in a really old laptop and it works pretty well00:27
mrwesasmm, what's the specs?00:27
Techieubuntu: yes, it installs inside the windows partition00:27
asmmmrwes: its not that old, 2gb ram and 64-bit AMD00:27
mrwesasmm, ahh...well you said OLD00:28
KushedVaporsbazhang: already tried that and didnt work00:28
asmmamd turion..00:28
asmmmrwes: well 2005'ish is old :)00:28
trismasmm: ahh that's not really old, this laptop is a PIII with 64MB of ram hehe00:28
mrwesasmm, not to Linux :)00:28
asmmmrwes: im thinking of the remix version even if i can handle regular ubuntu00:28
asmmthat gui is sexy :) :)00:28
thiebaudetrism, and i have a 9yr old computer00:28
ubuntuTechie: ok will it allow dual boot? or is it vm00:28
mrwesasmm, never ran the remix version, what is it?00:28
Techieasmm- my powerboook G4 is old, that is new00:29
asmmmrwes: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ubuntu_Netbook_Remix00:29
Techieubuntu: yes it allows for dual boot and is probably the safest way to do it as it loads a grub entry into the windows boot.ini00:29
ubuntuTechie: ok thanks wil do now00:29
mrwesasmm, isn't that designed for netbooks?00:29
xOrphenochxanyone having an issue creating lvm partitions in karmic?00:30
asmmyeah it is..00:30
asmmim gonna just instal lregular ubuntu00:30
asmmcan i dual boot xp?00:30
Blueyasmm - yes you can dual boot xp00:30
asmmif so, how do i do so if i setup ubuntu first?00:30
asmmon a formatted hdd00:30
asmmhow will i install xp if i install ubuntu first00:31
Blueyasmm you install windows first00:31
asmmdo i have to partition?00:31
FloodBot1asmm: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:31
mrwesasmm, you'll have to reinstall grub if you install Ubuntu before Windows XP00:31
Blueywindows will grab the boot manager and your hosed -00:31
asmmand when ubuntu installs how do i make sure it doesnt format the whole drive?00:31
asmmdo i have to make a partition for ubuntu?00:31
asmmbecause i dont like partitions ^^00:31
asmmi always run out of space lol00:32
thiebaudeasmm, yes00:32
scuniziasmm: use guided partitioning or manual partitioning..00:32
fezasmm: no, see wubi00:32
namuchcan anyone tell me how to fix a problem with hal not installing with a policykit error "symbol not found: kit_getpwnam"?00:32
mrwesasmm, my son you have some reading to do: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/00:32
asmmi guess i cant have a NTFS and EXT3 on the same drive00:32
diogo_79hi guys00:32
scuniziasmm: sure.. just on different partitions00:32
mrweshey diogo_7900:32
asmmyes i meant the same partition00:32
kchapman@asmm, yeah, you can... I'm doin it as we speak! :D00:32
Blueyasmm -- I dunno about ext3 but I have ntfs and resier on the same drive00:32
diogo_79anyone knows how to configured a gadmin openvpn client??00:32
kchapmanWhat, no.00:32
ubottuFor help with partitioning a new install see: https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/switching/installing-partitioning.html - For partitioning programs see !GParted, !QtParted (!Kubuntu 8.10 and lower) or !PartitionManager (!Kubuntu 9.04 and up) - Other partitioning topics include !fstab !home and !swap00:32
kchapmannot on the same partition...00:32
fezyou can also install ubuntu directly onto an NTFS partition00:33
Blueyno diff partitions00:33
scuniziBluey: on the same partition?00:33
asmm<fez> you can also install ubuntu directly onto an NTFS partition00:33
asmmid like to do so00:33
Blueyscun - no different partitions00:33
fez18:32 < fez> asmm: no, see wubi00:33
gizmobaycan someone tell me how to shut off the dkms nvidia install that it trys to do on every boot?00:33
gizmobayI had to manually install the nvidia drivers00:33
Gneafez: ORLY?00:33
kchapmanHey, Sorry. :P I know I asked this a couple hours ago, but I had to leave the kbd and was not able to save the response. Here goes: I just installed my system on an ext4 FS, what can I do to prolong my SSDs life? I don't have any swap, and I've already set my cache / temporary folders to point to /dev/shm . Are there any mount options I can use to keep ext4's ssd munching default behaviour at bay?00:34
asmmthank you fez.00:34
ubottuWubi is an Ubuntu installer for Windows users that allows you to install and uninstall Ubuntu like a Windows application, in a simple and safe way. http://wubi-installer.org/support.php for troubleshooting. Please file bugs at http://launchpad.net/wubi/+filebug.00:34
asmmfez i assume it will ask to dual boot on startup?00:34
scunizigizmobay: did you uninstall the ubuntu supplied nvidia bits prior to manually installing the newer nvidia driver?00:34
asmmi mean * os selection00:34
fezasmm, I have no tried it, read their web page00:34
rwwI note that Wubi installs into a file. So the ext3 goodness is all inside a file, not mixed in with the NTFS filesystem proper.00:34
gizmobayI thought I did00:34
asmmi think it runs as an application and not dual boots fez00:35
asmmdoes anyone know?00:35
Gneakchapman: install more ram00:35
scunizigizmobay: because dkms is usually beneficial.. what exactly is happening.00:35
fezasmm, I doubt that00:35
fezasmm, although the installer is windows based I believe it runs without an emulation layer00:35
asmmih nm fez - You keep Windows as it is, Wubi only adds an extra option to boot into Ubuntu.00:35
diogo_79anyone knows how to configured a gadmin openvpn client??00:35
JanCwubi runs as an application, the resulting install runs as a dual boot00:35
gizmobayIt attempts to install 173 something00:36
fruitloopsI have working 3g internet on my Ubuntu 8.04 - I want to share this connection on my lan. How do I do that (I've looked up ipmasq, and tried finding docs, I've even found a ubuntu how-to: no)00:36
phanbthi guys  what's better than wireshark? and tcpdump? that doesn't have a buffer00:36
gizmobayI upgraded to kernel 2.6.30 so I downloaded directly from nvidia00:36
sebsebsebJanC: not a proper one with real partitions and that,  plus wubi can  go werid on people00:36
rwwasmm: It doesn't run as an application. It puts an entry into the Windows bootloader pointing to a program that reads from the filesystem-in-a-file and boots from it.00:36
fruitloopsphaero, ncat?00:36
scunizigizmobay: uninstall dkms and then look in synaptic for nvidia bits that might still be installed..00:36
rwwso it's like dualbooting, only you're running from a file inside a partition, instead of a partition.00:36
JanCsebsebseb: it's not weirder than a live-CD00:36
Gneafez, asmm: wubi installs as an application, which uses hard drive space on the ntfs partition as a virtual drive, which it is able to bootstrap into via ntloader00:36
sebsebsebasmm: Wubi can also  go wrong on people, to the extent, where they can't  boot up Ubuntu or Windows00:37
fruitloopsHow can I share my ubuntu's 3d connection on my lan00:37
thiebaudesebsebseb, 2 days ago someone came in here with big problems with wubi00:37
asmmim sure wubi will be fine for me.00:37
asmmthank you.00:37
JanCif you want to run ubuntu as an application that's also possible BTW00:37
asmmif it crashes my windows i dont really care00:37
asmmi dont have any data on my lappie :)00:37
kchapmanI can't install more ram, because it's built in. But that's aside from the point: I'm trying to find out how to disable certain features of ext4 that have tradeoffs with writing/rewriting which wears out an ssd00:37
Gneaasmm: fairly unlikely00:37
Achilles`OK.. this is strange... first I get the error :00:37
Achilles`GConf Error: Failed to contact configuration server; and now I am not able to start a terminal!00:37
sebsebsebasmm:   also  you don't get a real proper file system  with  Wubi,  you do with real partitining,   oh  and  Ext4 is worth it, with  a proper kernel and all that, got to wait for 9.10 for that,  altough it's optional for 9.04,  just a bit  hmm, because of the kernel they have and that00:38
Achilles`using Ubuntu 9.0400:38
sebsebsebasmm: yeah 10 seconds or so boot up :)  and  really quick shut down, and  disk checking00:38
Gneakchapman: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=117820900:38
Achilles`Any ideas why this is happening/00:39
sebsebsebasmm: ,but  if  you want  try 9.04 in Wubi,  and then I hope  you put 9.10 on for real with proper partitions00:39
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kchapmanThankthee, Gnea! :D00:39
sd32is anyone else experiencing fullscreen flash crash in firefox and is there any way to fix it?00:39
Gneasebsebseb: the filesystem is proper in wubi.00:39
sebsebsebGnea: Ext2 isn't it?00:39
Gneasebsebseb: uhm, what? ext3 and ext4 are ext2, you know00:39
JanCI guess you can use whatever filesystem you want in Wubi00:40
sebsebsebGnea: Ext4 is better than the previous ones :)   as long as a distro has a proper kernel for it and all that00:40
rwwGnea: ext3 is backwards compatible with ext2. ext4 isn't necessarily backwards compatible with either.00:40
gizmobaythanks, I'll give it a try00:40
gizmobayI'm going to reboot00:40
Gnearww: oh? ok.00:40
rachai need dock for ubuntu with minimize and maximize effects anyone can help me ?00:40
fruitloopsI want to share ppp0 to eth0 and have my machine act as a gateway (even without DHCP, it is fine) so ipmasq and dnsmaq? how?00:40
rwwanyway, I think Wubi uses ext3. It's been a while, though.00:40
asmmdoes wubi install a dynamically expanding virtual disk?00:40
sebsebsebGnea: actsaully even in 9.04 it's pretty good,  it's just people might get issues00:40
Gneasebsebseb: so ext3 is ext2, but ext4 is ext4 - but, ext4 has to be tuned for SSD's, it seems... that's kind of cool00:40
SeaPhorUMMM why would anyone recommend wubi?00:40
rachaGnea: U are here now ?00:41
KushedVaporscuz it sucks?00:41
Gneasebsebseb: that's what the tunign is for00:41
Gnearacha: yes?00:41
FlannelSeaPhor: Because there's some good reasons for using it00:41
Gnearacha: where did we leave off?00:41
rachaGnea: u get anything what can help me about my Sound Card ?00:41
sebsebsebGnea: tuned for  SSD's ??? meaning?00:41
sd32cant believe ephipany is more stable then firefox..sad00:41
Gneasebsebseb: see the url i pasted to kchapman00:41
sebsebsebFlannel: such as?00:41
JanCGnea: you can make ext3 (almost?) as "SSD-friendly" as ext4 if you use the appropriate mount options00:41
GneaJanC: probably00:42
Flannelsebsebseb: Not needing to repartition?  I *know* I've been over this with you in the past.00:42
JanCit's just mostly the writeback delay & stuff like that  :P00:42
rachaGnea: Anyway i need Something to make my port on sound card like on Windows00:42
sebsebsebFlannel: maybe00:42
rachaGnea: http://img24.imageshack.us/img24/7892/windowsvu.jpg00:42
Gnearacha: oh yeah - did you try pulseaudio yet?00:42
rachaGnea: where can i get that ?00:42
SeaPhorFlannel, i have tried and tried and cannot find one thing useful for it except to further complicate transitioning windows users to linux00:42
fruitloopsIs it possible to share your ppp0 internet connection with your eth0 connection and setup your machine as a firewall ?00:42
sebsebsebFlannel: ,but laods of people recommend against Wubi still, with  good reasons00:43
thiebaudewubi isn't even supported by canonical00:43
FlannelSeaPhor: It's easy to install and doesn't require them to do anything scary.00:43
Flannelsebsebseb: That's fine, this channel does not.00:43
rachaGnea: i can find just "PulseAudio Device Chooser" on Add/Remove App.00:43
Gnearacha: it should be on the system already - it's an application layer that interacts with your soundcard drivers to provide support when it doesn't exist, sometimes00:43
SeaPhorbut temporary00:43
JanCfruitloops: what's ppp0 & what's eth0 ?00:43
sebsebsebthiebaude: it used to be unoffical, but then as of I think it's 9.04 it becomes  offical00:43
sebsebsebFlannel: yeah I know this channal is also for supporting Wubi00:43
=== |chrisrio| is now known as chrisrio
Timothy_eth0 = your first network card00:44
sebsebsebthiebaude: 9.04,  no I think 8.04 actsaully00:44
rachaGnea: And how to start it ? or what i need ?:S00:44
Timothy_ppp0 is usually modem or sums00:44
thiebaudesebsebseb, someone told me that yesterday00:44
sd32<removing firefox....now00:44
gorguthey, folks. I'm trying to install pyxfce and the configure script keeps erroring out with libxfce4mcs-client-1.0 missing. I don't see this anywhere in the jaunty repos. Ideas?00:44
fruitloopsJanC, I am curious about your question. I was just thinking about it. And wondering why you asked it00:45
fezfruitloops: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=91370 is what 2 seconds of google searching told me00:45
fruitloopsJanC - do you not know, or are you trying to make a point that these names could mean anything?00:45
Flannelthiebaude: Universe isn't supported by Canonical either.  Wubi is on the Desktop CD, which is more endorsement than universe.00:45
Gnea!pulseaudio | racha00:45
ubotturacha: PulseAudio is a sound server intended as a drop-in replacement for !ESD - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PulseAudio for information and installation instructions00:45
JanCfruitloops: because those can be about anything, and you don't say what you mean by "share" either00:45
Gnearacha: check that URL, it'll tell you all about it00:45
thiebaudesebsebseb, when i uninstalled wubi before i had to do more than delete that from windows00:45
fruitloopsfez, two seconds of reading the backlog could show you I pasted the same link00:46
rachaGnea: i installed >PulseAudio Device Chooser00:46
rachaPulseAudio, previously known as Polypaudio, is a sound server for POSIX and WIN32 systems. It is a drop in replacement for the ESD sound server with much better latency, mixing/re-sampling quality and overall architecture.00:46
thiebaudeFlannel, ok00:46
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fruitloopsJanC, please define every word you used in that sentence. It took humans 20 years to decide to use conventions in naming, and when I rely on their conventions, you decide to disregard them to be difficult?00:46
Guest57958how do i change my nick name00:47
sebsebsebGuest57958:   /knick newname00:47
fccfGuest57958: thats /nick newname00:47
fruitloopsSo when someone says eth0 - take the conventional meaning of it00:47
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Defconok i think it worked00:48
rachaGnea: i installed it what next ?00:48
Flannel!ics | fruitloops00:48
ubottufruitloops: If you want to share the internet connection of your ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetConnectionSharing - You may also use !firestarter: http://www.fs-security.com/docs/connection-sharing.php00:48
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Guest3556it went back to guest lol00:48
newserhow can I change the screen resolution? I am using an external monitor, but the resolution is not being detected properly. What can I do so that it autodetects the screen resolution?00:48
fruitloopsThanks Flannel .00:48
JanCGuest3556: you can't use someone else's nick...00:48
ubottufirefox is the default web-browser on Ubuntu. To install the latest version, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FirefoxNewVersion Installing plugins: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FirefoxPlugins - See also !firefox-3.500:49
newserI tried to change it in Display preferences, but I only get two options, and both are generic resolutions00:49
Gnearacha: now you should test it out00:49
ubottuFirefox 3.5 Final is available for Jaunty by installing the package firefox-3.5 and firefox-3.5-gnome-support | FF3.5 is referred to as Shiretoko on your UI, see http://is.gd/1reB3 for an explanation | Hardy & Intrepid: http://is.gd/1jkNY00:49
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sebsebsebI  wonder if there are actsually truely  any  valid reasons for  Wubi  being better than real partitioning at times,  other than people not  being able to install Ubuntu in other ways for whatever reason00:49
fruitloopsI facepalmed so hard when I looked at the TOC for ipmasq's docs. About, purpose, history, resources, design issues, naming schemes, rules, assumptions, oddball networks... NOT ONE 'How to' title or a user oriented, task based actual using the application doc00:49
egaudetDoes anyone have any experience PXE booting windows xp from ubuntu?00:49
rachaGnea: and how , btw. i told u i am noob for ubuntu :) this is my first day on it ?:)00:50
sd32grrr they stiill have the shrintoko thing00:50
fruitloopshands up who cares about the about, purpose, history or more resources of ipmasq?00:50
newserwhich command shows me the screen resolution? or how can I detect it?00:50
fccffruitloops: actually the history of ipmasq makes for some interesting reading00:50
Gnearacha: hrm, well if it's running, it should be working already - that's why i told you that URL because it tells you how to use it00:51
fruitloopsfccf, no it doesn't not when you are in docs it doesn't.00:51
thiebaudesebsebseb, it seems a safety blanket00:51
fruitloopsalso, fccf - first three paragraphs of internet connection sharing, in a help section, describes - ffs, get to the point.00:51
fruitloopsWhy the hell does nobody get to the point00:51
fccf!attitude | fruitloops see also !guidelines00:52
ubottufruitloops see also !guidelines: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines00:52
Flannelfruitloops: Please mind your language.00:52
fruitloopsWhat does the writer think I am there to do? Put a link 'what is internet connection sharing' if I am unable to imagine it is sharing an internet connection00:52
Gneafruitloops: because different people require different points.00:52
fruitloopsFlannel, sorry, did I swear? Gnea , good point, luckily they invented hyperlinks though00:53
Gneafruitloops: if you don't like the documentation, then write new documentation and submit it.00:53
sebsebsebthiebaude: A virtual machine  of Ubuntu would be like that00:53
thiebaudefor sure00:53
sd32why does a install of firefox 3.5 include 3.0????????????00:53
Flannelsd32: Because when you install firefox 3.5, you're only adding 3.5, you're not removing 3.000:53
ubottuFirefox 3.5 Final is available for Jaunty by installing the package firefox-3.5 and firefox-3.5-gnome-support | FF3.5 is referred to as Shiretoko in your UI, see http://is.gd/1reB3 for an explanation | Hardy & Intrepid: http://is.gd/1jkNY00:53
fruitloopsGnea, I might00:54
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ceil420configure: error: openssl DES_fcrypt() not found <=- how do i fix that?00:54
sd32Flannel, Ive already removed 3.0 and it wants to reinstall it everytime i try to install 3.500:55
panvhelloooo.. please, does anyone know how to remove a locale created by "localedef" ??00:56
ceil420sd32, install the package firefox-3.5, not just "firefox"00:56
rwwsd32: because the dependencies of some Firefox related packages are set to require Firefox 3.0 instead of 3.5.00:56
rwwsd32: It's annoying, but there's probably some obscure reason for it so I just install them both and ignore firefox-3.0.00:57
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sd32rww, i keep getting a fullscreen flash crash in firefox and am wondering if it has anything to do with it00:58
sd32ceil420, DID THAT00:58
rwwsd32: shouldn't be. firefox-3.0 and firefox-3.5 don't interfere with each other00:59
rachaGnea: i dont knowe how to use it :S00:59
sd32ceil420, sorry caps00:59
O__ois there a program that allows me to send message to windows?00:59
fruitloopsThe following directions are incomplete and should not be considered a full description of what needs to be done to configure ipmasq: sudo aptitude install ipmasq00:59
Gnearacha: as long as it's running, you should be using it as long as applications are pointed to it00:59
sd32rww,ceil420, thanks01:00
fruitloops!!Yes. I got that far. Wow. Really. The docs basically consist of usefully telling you to install ipmasq. oh fail.01:00
ubottuFirefox 3.5 Final is available for Jaunty by installing the package firefox-3.5 and firefox-3.5-gnome-support | FF3.5 is referred to as Shiretoko on your UI, see http://is.gd/1reB3 for an explanation | Hardy & Intrepid: http://is.gd/1jkNY01:00
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)01:00
Picifruitloops: Please don't prefix your replies with exclamation points, it confuses ubottu01:00
rachaGnea: look now its 2:00 AM so i cant Turn on my speakers u will be here on 9:00AM or 12:00PM + ?01:00
fruitloopsgeekaia, change that ff35 trigger to actually put the sudo apt-get install firefox-3.5 firefox-3;5-gnome-support command into it01:00
sd32ill just stick with ephipany01:01
fruitloopsPici, make ubottu /msg invalid trigger replies to the person - it stops channel traffic01:01
Gnearacha: I make no guarantees as to what time I will be on, but other people know how to use pulseaudio01:01
Gnearacha: #pulseaudio is also a good place to ask01:01
panvhelloooo.. please, does anyone know how to remove a locale created by "localedef" ??01:02
mlgstudythis is my first time on here. I have an error message that effect my internet browser, is it to ask for help here?01:02
sd32firefox in linux=fubar01:02
blip-guys I need help with mounting FAT32 partition in fstab, specifically the umask and gid options... I'm using this line but it causes me not to have permissions to the mounted partition.      /dev/sda6  /share          vfat    utf8,umask=007,gid=users 0       001:02
rachaGnea, ok i will try to do that on 9:00 AM  cya :) and tnx for help01:02
Flannelfruitloops: Those directions are for an alternative method, what's wrong with the method listed above (the non-alternative?)01:02
blip-I can't find any proper explanation of umask and gid which are specific to ubuntu from what I've read01:02
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DJ-Nomadhey all I have a updating error here is the error01:03
fruitloopsFlannel, I don't trust them, they say backup resolv.conf, which doesn't get edited, then you make another change to another file, and it doesn't state if this will affect the resolv file01:04
fruitloopsalso, what is wrong with putting an e in resolve.conf ?01:04
cwillublip-, any guide should work, ubuntu doesn't do anything weird with umask and gid01:04
DJ-Nomadit told me to do this01:04
DJ-NomadUse the "Broken" filter to locate it.01:04
DJ-Nomadboth was not told at same time01:04
jtownsend90hey does anyone know anything about virtual box from sun?01:05
fruitloopsFlannel, also I guarantee you it won't work01:05
DJ-Nomadjtownsend90,  I have heard it was very good virtual machine01:05
fruitloopsFlannel, also sudo ifconfig eth1 doesn't survive a restart01:05
jtownsend90lol, well for the most part it is a good vm but i need some help with usb and hdd support01:05
DJ-Nomadjtownsend90,  I have seen others advise in having to use the "addons" but it was another word01:06
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DJ-Nomadjtownsend90,  I have heard to use the non ose version for better usb01:06
CaPilotQuick question, during install of the 9.04 server distro at 76% it asks for a media change any ideas on how to fix.  Since there is only 1 CD01:06
jtownsend90hmm...i guess i could give it a shot, would it be best to run linux in a vm or windows in a vm?01:06
sixanyone know how to make ipod bootable?01:06
blip-I just installed 9.04... it came with with ffox 3.0 .... I installed 3.5 and uninstalled 3.  do I have to edit the firefox sym link manually  ?01:07
blip-so that I don't have to type firefox-3.5 in the term each time01:07
DJ-NomadI would rather run linux01:07
jtownsend90well thats what i have setup now, but at the same time a lot of my "data" is windows kernel based01:07
DJ-Nomadjtownsend90,  sorry for only having second hand info for you01:07
fccfblip-: gid=users is wrong for one ... gid=100 might be better and you might want to make it 'rw' and ... this line will help '/media/windows  vfat auto,users,uid=1000,gid=100,dmask=027,fmask=137,utf8  0  0 '01:08
shiznebit_quick question, how do i check if a usb device was identified ?01:08
fccfshiznebit_: lsusb01:08
shiznebit_how do i find new video links01:09
zsquarepluscshiznebit_: "dmesg" usually contains log messages of the drivers loaded when the device is known01:09
DJ-Nomadshiznebit_, in terminal type lsusb ,I think it lists usb devices01:09
DJ-Nomadsorry late on that lol01:09
shiznebit_say i plugged in a happaguae usb tv tuner01:09
sd32blip-, firefox 3.5  because the dependencies of some Firefox related packages are set to require Firefox 3.0 instead of 3.5.01:09
DJ-Nomadshiznebit_,  what device are you looking for?01:09
shiznebit_DJ-Nomad: ^^01:10
CaPilotanyone have any idea why the 9.04 server distro is asking for a disk change at 76%01:10
jtownsend90oh yeah on more quick question, I have an external hard drive that i used to have a linux distro on, well i reformated it in windows and added a bunch of data in it, then I want to be able to boot windows 7 from it, but when i keep it in it tries to load grub at start up and says grub error 22 is there anyway to delete grub but keep my data?01:10
shiznebit_wintv HVR 950q01:10
DJ-Nomadahh ok01:10
matrixblueAnyone know how to create the mount point the same time you mount a filesystem? Like the way Ubuntu does it when you insert a flashdrive01:10
DrachenDasienHow does one get a package from the unsupported repo updated, if not in Jaunty, then at least for Karmic? (Specifically Trac, since the version in Jaunty is not compatible with Python 2.6)01:10
shiznebit_DJ-Nomad: im not sure if it works01:11
shiznebit_DJ-Nomad: i installed the drivers, which i assumed should work. But tvtime says no device at /dev/video001:11
DJ-Nomadshiznebit_,  have you googled it ,might get valuable info on if it should be seeing it or not01:11
jtownsend90matrixblue: are you talking about an iso? or a shared folder?01:11
DJ-Nomadahh ok01:11
shiznebit_yeah iv googled it01:11
matrixbluejtownsend90, talking about a regular filesystem like a flash drive01:12
shiznebit_but too much information scattered everywhere01:12
DJ-Nomadshiznebit_, I feel you there01:12
pedrocomo estas01:12
blip-fccf: I don't understand why the manpage of fstab doesn't describe this stuff.   What's 'users' for ?   Also the dmask and fmask ?     thanks01:12
jtownsend90that would be similar to a virtual drive.01:12
DJ-NomadI google trying to get my phone access to memory card and cannot get it01:12
DJ-Nomadbeen trying for 6 months off and on01:12
zvacet blip- : http://paste.ubuntu.com/269482/01:12
shiznebit_wow that sucks01:13
shiznebit_ok so it detects01:13
matrixbluejtownsend90, not sure about that. I just want to have mount create the directory in /media and remove it when it's umounted01:13
zsquarepluscblip-: those options should be explained in the man page of mount01:13
DrachenDasienAnyone? Getting Trac updated to a version that actually -works- with Python 2.6...?01:13
shiznebit_DJ-Nomad: Bus 001 Device 006: ID 2040:7200 Hauppauge01:13
blip-zsquareplusc: oohh :)01:13
shiznebit_but what program should i use to record off of it ?01:13
DJ-Nomadshiznebit_,  sorry if I mislead you ,I am not the one to ask01:13
blip-thanks zvacet01:14
DJ-NomadI am relatively inexperienced01:14
zvacetblip- np01:14
opellI get the following error when trying to mount a smb windows share in jaunty "Error mounting location: Failed to mount Windows share"01:14
jtownsend90matrix: i think you are going to want to check out qemu01:14
fccfblip-: your questions answered here  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab01:14
DJ-NomadI try to knock out the easy probs if I can to free up the real men to do the real jobs lol01:14
sd32so does the firefox 3.0 dependency in 3.5 keep the 3.0 bugs in 3.5?01:14
opellAny Ideas?01:14
sebsebseb!ffd35 |  sd3201:14
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ffd3501:14
blip-great.  thanks fccf and zsquareplusc01:14
zsquarepluscshiznebit_: did you check the output of "dmesg" ? the driver should write a message there when it detects your TV adapter01:14
sebsebseb!ff35 |  sd3201:15
ubottusd32: Firefox 3.5 Final is available for Jaunty by installing the package firefox-3.5 and firefox-3.5-gnome-support | FF3.5 is referred to as Shiretoko in your UI, see http://is.gd/1reB3 for an explanation | Hardy & Intrepid: http://is.gd/1jkNY01:15
sd32sebastien_, that doesnt answer my question01:15
fccfDJ-Nomad: reccommend you watch the channel for a while ... I have learned so much in here .. that now I help quite a bit ... B4 all you got out of me was noobile gibberish01:15
steven__How do I install Firefox from a tarball or whatever?  It looks easy, but is not cooperating01:15
matrixbluejtownsend90, I think you're misunderstanding me. I just want the mount command to create the mount point without me having to run mkdir01:15
DJ-Nomadfccf, yeah thats what I am trying to do01:15
fccf!apt | steven__01:16
ubottusteven__: APT is the Advanced Package Tool, which together with dpkg forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit. Short apt-get manual: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGetHowto - Also see !Synaptic (Gnome), !Adept (KDE) or !KPackageKit (KDE)01:16
opellIs there an smb logfile somewhere that can give me a reason as to why it is failing?01:16
DJ-Nomadis there a terminal command to resolve broken packages?01:16
AddictsRookie question: im getting a new hard drive and I want to format it in ext4, is there a tool in default ubuntu to do that?01:16
shiznebit_zsquareplusc: nope nothing their01:16
matrixbluejtownsend90, when you use nautilus to mount a local filesystem it does that and deletes the mount point when it's done01:16
zvacetsteven__ : http://psychocats.s465.sureserver.com/ubuntu/firefox01:16
fccfsteven__:  ubuntu has it's own software repositories ... no more tarballs ... very simple ... sudo apt-get install firefox01:17
sebsebsebAddicts: ok Ext4 is  great, the fast boot up, the fast shut down, the fast disk checking, thing is in 9.04 it's not great overall, because of the kernel they have and that01:17
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zsquarepluscshiznebit_: maybe you have to load the driver manually using "sudo modprobe <drivername>"01:17
sebsebsebAddicts: 9.10 will have that kind of stuff sorted out,  because it uses Ext4 by default :)01:17
jtownsend90matrix: http://www.oreillynet.com/linux/cmd/cmd.csp?path=m/mount01:17
Snowyfoxdoes xchat-gnome support EsperNet?01:17
fccfDJ-Nomad: couple of things ... sudo apt-get -f install fixes things if it can ... more to learn www.ubuntupocketguide.com01:17
IdleOne./j #ubuntu-lu01:18
sebsebsebAddicts: I never had any issues persoanlly with Ext4 in 9.04, but some people get for example  some kind of lock up issue when deleting big files from such a partition01:18
pedro :o01:18
shiznebit_zsquareplusc: how do i find out the <drivername> ?01:18
DJ-Nomadfccf,  I found it its a broken package01:18
matrixbluesebsebseb, my greatest problem with 9.04 is the ATI drivers (or lack thereof)01:18
DJ-Nomadthe x in notification told me to run package manager and filter broken01:18
mlgstudyIm getting a message to manually run 'dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem, can someone take pitty on a newbe and help me?01:18
sebsebsebmatrixblue: yeah a known issue like  the Intel graphics cards01:19
Michalxomlgstudy, so run it :)01:19
sebsebsebmatrixblue: ,but  one wehre people may have to look at a older version of Ubuntu01:19
linfenixsomebody has use finch?01:19
lstarnesmlgstudy: in a terminal01:19
zvacetDJ-Nomad : same if you run in terminal    sudo apt-get -f install01:19
sebsebsebmatrixblue: for Intel try  8.10,  for ATI try 8.0401:19
sebsebseb!ati |  matrixblue01:19
ubottumatrixblue: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto01:19
Michalxoopen terminal -> alt+f2 gnome-terminal type sudo dpkg --configure -a01:19
lstarnesmlgstudy: but as sudo dpkg --configure -a01:19
zsquarepluscshiznebit_: you said you downloaded some driver? otherwise, searching the internet with your favorite search engine for the terms "xxxx:yyyy" (numbers from lsusb) + "linux" often gives hints01:19
matrixbluemlgstudy, type sudo dpkg-reconfigure -a in terminal01:19
DJ-Nomadhow would I go about finding the dependancies for libgstfarsight0.10-001:19
nineclockhow can i rebuild the bash ?01:20
woodyjlwI have 200m video card on hp laptop. if I revert back to an older version of ubuntu will it let me install the ati drivers without giving me the finger and making fun of my hair ?? if so how far back on ubuntu versions do I go??01:20
sebsebsebmatrixblue: I wonder what 9.10 will be like for ATI, but  the Intel issues are apparantly fixed01:20
shiznebit_ill try that01:20
sebsebseb!ask |  aprilhare01:20
ubottuaprilhare: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)01:20
aprilharei just updated firefox 3.0 and got this: "ASSERT: *** Search: _installLocation: engine has no file!"01:20
mlgstudyok, thank you Ill try01:20
lstarnesnineclock: why do you need to rebuild bash?01:20
matrixbluesebsebseb, I'm curious too01:20
FlannelDJ-Nomad: all of the dependencies? What are you ultimately trying to accomplish?01:20
aprilharesebsebseb: one moment accidentally pressed enter :)01:20
linfenixhello, someone know how can i displayed a contact group on finch?01:20
DJ-Nomadmaybe mark for reinstallation and it might add the dependancies?01:20
nineclockbecause when i run a bash script01:20
nineclockit say me that no such file or diretorty is01:20
DJ-Nomadyeah flannel01:20
FlannelDJ-Nomad: What are you trying to do?01:20
lstarnesnineclock: that does not mean that bash needs to be rebuild01:20
jtownsend90matrix: if you decide that you would like to go virtual later for a more permanent file system then check out that qemu it only takes seconds to make a virtual stoarge space/device01:21
DJ-NomadI got some things all messed up when I unplugged during a update lol01:21
zsquarepluscnineclock: how do you run it? ./script?01:21
lstarnesnineclock: which script is it?01:21
matrixbluesebsebseb, I'm tempted to just downgrade my version of xorg manually01:21
sebsebsebmatrixblue: probably not a very good idea01:21
nineclockyes ./script01:21
DrachenDasiennineclock: Probably the script came off a PC at one point. Use dos2unix on the script to fix the line endings.01:21
DJ-NomadI need to install the dependancies for that01:21
matrixbluesebsebseb, I know01:21
Dayofswordsi have a question, whats the difference between kubuntu-desktop and kde when installing them from regular ubuntu to get kde as a desktop?01:21
FlannelDJ-Nomad: You've downloaded the deb? or what?01:21
matrixblueI'll wait for 9.1001:21
zsquarepluscnineclock: do you have CR+LF as line endings by accident?01:21
linfenixhello, someone know how can i displayed a contact group on finch?01:21
lstarnesDayofswords: kubuntu-desktop installs additional things outside of kde01:21
DJ-Nomadflannel I am not sure how it got on here01:21
sebsebsebmatrixblue: thing is 9.10 might not have the magical ATI fixes either hmm01:21
IdleOneDJ-Nomad: apt-cache depends package01:21
FlannelDJ-Nomad: Why do you want to download the depends?  What will that accomplish?01:21
lstarnesnineclock: what is its filename?01:22
Dayofswordsare they good thing?01:22
lstarnesnineclock: where is it located?01:22
Michalxolinfenix, finch = piding?01:22
lstarnesDayofswords: most likely01:22
nineclockis in /home/otello/01:22
Michalxolinfenix, http://developer.pidgin.im/wiki/Using%20Finch01:22
lstarnesMichalxo: I think finch is the console version01:22
DJ-Nomadflannel I dunno I got a error trying to update01:22
FlannelDJ-Nomad: Alright.  What error? (pastebin it)01:22
DJ-Nomadand from what I have read it is this01:22
woodyjlwI have 200m video card on hp laptop. if I revert back to an older version of ubuntu will it let me install the ati drivers without giving me the finger and making fun of my hair ?? if so how far back on ubuntu versions do I go??01:22
matrixbluesebsebseb, I'm this close to downloading a Alpha release just to find out. I seriously hope so though01:22
jtownsend90i need a magical operating system damn it....PC LINUX OS!!! lol nah im just kidding but really things are complicated no matter which one you choose.01:23
DJ-Nomadtheres the one I got when updating01:23
matrixbluewoodyjlw, yeah. This is what me and sebsebseb  are talking about01:23
linfenixMichalxo, yeah finch its to use pidgin by console or terminal01:23
woodyjlwoh ok01:23
sebsebsebmatrixblue: the alphas hmm,   unless your  a developer or  a tester who  can fix loasd of  issues them selves, I woudn't recommend the alpha, but maybe when it's beta in your case01:23
nineclockno idea for bash file no such name ?01:23
FlannelDJ-Nomad: Ah.  Ok, you've recently added a PPA or something?  That's a packaging error01:23
=== ubuntu is now known as fubuntu
matrixbluewoodyjlw, 8.10 was working fine for me. I have the same card01:24
sebsebsebwoodyjlw: interesting way to put it, and yes 8.0401:24
sebsebsebwoodyjlw: 8.04 should be alright01:24
lstarnesnineclock: what is the script's filename?01:24
DJ-Nomadi recently added the pidgin ppa01:24
matrixbluesebsebseb, the only thing keeping me is ext401:24
sebsebsebmatrixblue: oh why not downgrade to 8.10 then?  it's better than 9.04 in certain ways anyway01:24
FlannelDJ-Nomad: right.  One of their packages is packaged incorrectly.  You should file a bug with them (well, against their PPA)01:24
linfenixMichalxo, thanks for tha link, i see ovether its so simple01:24
nineclockyou dont know this script lastarnes01:24
sebsebsebmatrixblue: ah ha your like me a fan of the Ext401:24
zvacetDJ-Nomad : try to reinstall package in synaptic that should solve dependencies01:24
woodyjlwcool , ill try 8.04 or 8.10... will updates kill it?01:24
sebsebsebmatrixblue: for boot up and that01:24
nineclockand is not the point of the name of script01:25
jtownsend90im giving this vm one more chance then im switching back to *cries* vista.....i need to get school work done that only works with windows....01:25
lstarnesnineclock: I need to know its actual filename in order to diagnose what is causing the issue01:25
DJ-NomadFlannel, I chose in package manager to reinstall,I am hoping that will satisfy the dependacies01:25
matrixbluesebsebseb, ext4 was the reasons I was a Jaunty Alpha tester01:25
DJ-Nomadzvacet,  lol thanks01:25
sebsebsebmatrixblue: can your computer do sleep?01:25
sebsebsebmatrixblue: will it work in Ubuntu yeah suspend01:25
nineclockname is scritp01:25
DrachenDasiennineclock: 'dos2unix <scriptname>' should fix it.01:25
fruitloops"You need to copy a .rul from the documentation directory into the /etc config and edit the interface name" - ipmasq - there is no documentation directory, there is no /etc config and therefore no interface name. Otherwise the docs are perfect01:25
zvacetDJ-Nomad : np01:25
matrixbluesebsebseb, Haven't tried in months but no01:25
_Space_Case_Question? i just installed jaunty on new laptop Toshiba satellite L305. now when i boot the login splash only goes to the 800x600 4x3 resolution after i log in the icons in the task bar both top and bottom on the right get rearanged and some stay at the 800x600 and some move over to the edge of the screen...01:25
panvi got it01:25
fruitloopss/the docs/that sentence01:25
lstarnesnineclock: you need to make sure that the file shows up with ls and that you have the correct case01:25
FlannelDJ-Nomad: there's no dependency issue there.  The problem is that a pidgin related package is trying to write to a file that another package owns, which isn't good. (thus, a packaging error)01:25
zsquarepluscnineclock: could you copy&paste the error message (use pastebin if its more than one line, see URL in topic of channel)01:25
panvit was sudo locale-gen --purge01:25
sebsebsebmatrixblue: I had an idea, maybe a bit of a silly one though01:25
aprilhareThis is the firefox 3.0 error I got after update: http://paste.ubuntu.com/269486/ it seems to be damaged after the requester is dismissed. websites only open is no style mode, the toolbar shortcuts don't appear normally, the firefox log is missing from the top rhs of the screen, and the home button doesn't work01:26
matrixbluesebsebseb, I'm listening01:26
DJ-Nomadwhen trying to reinstall that I got the same error01:26
aprilharelogo even01:26
zsquarepluscaprilhare: did you restart firefox after it was upgraded?01:26
Hyper-Xi ive got a problem01:26
jtownsend90so anyone else in here have windows 7 yet?01:26
nineclockdos2unix not work01:26
dm-madmanwin size 501:26
woodyjlwwish I could get a good driver for 9.04 on the 200m .....will probably be long time before some one has time to get to that i bet...01:27
Hyper-Xspeakers not working on UNR01:27
Hyper-Xits pissin me off01:27
jtownsend90i have to say other than windows 7 being more stable than vista I dont like it, they changed the G.U.I. to much01:27
matrixbluewoodyjlw, me and sebsebseb are wondering if 9.10 will have it01:27
sebsebsebmatrixblue: in pm this is a bit of a silly idea or is it hmm01:27
Flanneljtownsend90: Try ##windows01:27
DJ-Nomadcan someone tell me how to un ppa pidgin ?01:28
Flanneljtownsend90: or #ubuntu-offtopic01:28
DJ-NomadI only ppa's it cause yahoo wasn't connecting01:28
zvacet!of-topic | jtownsend9001:28
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about of-topic01:28
matrixblueDJ-Nomad, delete the entry from /etc/apt/sources.list01:28
ntemisneed some help01:28
Dayofswordsif i install kubuntu-desktop, then remove, will it be like i didnt even install it?01:28
lstarnesDayofswords: not exactly01:28
lstarnesDayofswords: removing that package won't remove all its dependencies01:28
DJ-Nomadmatrixblue,  from terminal is how I do it ?01:28
AussieGuyhow do I make update-manager run all the time in the taskbar?01:29
ntemisbrasero stays on 100% done but cd spins and never says done01:29
edbianDayofswords: It will be a lot closer if you "sudo apt-get purge" it instead of remove.01:29
ntemisburn succesfully01:29
aprilharezsquareplusc: yes i restarted firefox01:29
DJ-Nomador go where you said and gedit the text file ?01:29
lstarnesDJ-Nomad: sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list01:29
woodyjlwi tried to with the alpha and it dosnt yet01:29
matrixbluesudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list01:29
ubottuIf you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)01:29
aprilharezsquareplusc: hang on01:29
matrixblueDJ-Nomad, sudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list01:29
aprilharezsquareplusc: it seems to be working right now. don't ask me why.01:29
zsquarepluscaprilhare: maybe some bad plugin? did you try "firefox -safe-mode"?01:30
Flannelmatrixblue: gksu for graphical programs01:30
sebsebsebjtownsend90: :)01:30
DJ-Nomadmatrixblue,  thanks that nano scared me01:30
sebsebsebjtownsend90: yeah and there isn't much you can do about that really, since closed source01:30
=== nifty is now known as niftybnc
aprilharezsquareplusc: no - no bad plugins01:30
matrixblueFlannel, he asked for a terminal command01:31
sd32ahh figured it out..Im just gonna run ff 3.5.3 off a folder on my desktop and not install it..works just fine01:31
ArdorinI tryed creating a boot flash drive with the alternate cd. It boots but then I get a (syslinux) prompt asking for the kernel. Something's wrong, I think.01:31
Flannelmatrixblue: gksu is a terminal command01:31
matrixblueFlannel, I stand corrected then01:31
steven__It says that Firefox is the newest version and it is not. I have 3.0 and NOT 3.5. I want to get 3.5....grrrr01:31
newserwhich command helps me to detect the screen resolution in terminal?01:31
Flannel!ff35 | steven__01:31
ubottusteven__: Firefox 3.5 Final is available for Jaunty by installing the package firefox-3.5 and firefox-3.5-gnome-support | FF3.5 is referred to as Shiretoko in your UI, see http://is.gd/1reB3 for an explanation | Hardy & Intrepid: http://is.gd/1jkNY01:31
edbiannewser: xrandr01:32
zsquarepluscArdorin: how did you make that bootable stick? manually or with a tool? in case of manually, did you copy the hidden files too?01:32
Flannelsteven__: Updating your firefox package on 9.04 will not get you 3.501:32
lstarnessteven__: there is an entirel separate package for that named firefox-3.501:32
edbian!ff3.5 | steven__01:33
ubottusteven__: Firefox 3.5 Final is available for Jaunty by installing the package firefox-3.5 and firefox-3.5-gnome-support | FF3.5 is referred to as Shiretoko in your UI, see http://is.gd/1reB3 for an explanation | Hardy & Intrepid: http://is.gd/1jkNY01:33
sd32steven__, its a cludge01:33
woodyjlwis there a good place to download ubuntu 8.04 or 8.10 or should I look for it on a torrent site?01:33
Ardorinzsquareplusc, I did it with the usb-creator tool.01:33
sebsebseb!releases |  woodyjlw01:33
ubottuwoodyjlw: Ubuntu releases a new version every 6 months. Each version is supported for 18 months to 5 years. More info at http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/releases & http://wiki.ubuntu.com/TimeBasedReleases01:33
matrixbluesteven__, I've found the 3.5 in the repos to be buggy. I downloaded the version from mozilla and put it in a directory in /usr/lib and changed all my shortcuts01:33
Techtronichello , i have problems with  mysql Version: '5.0.75-0ubuntu10.2' i cant start it , error is /usr/bin/mysql_upgrade: relocation error: /usr/bin/mysql_upgrade: symbol dynstr_append_os_quoted, version libmysqlclient_15 not defined in file libmysqlclient.so.15 with link time reference ................. Please help01:33
newserwhat is the standard resolution 1024x*** --> ***=???01:33
woodyjlwthanks  :)01:33
sebsebsebwoodyjlw: http://releases.ubuntu.com01:33
lstarnesnewser: for standard or for widescreen?01:34
newserlstarnes both01:34
Ardorinzsquareplusc, I did the same using the normal cd, it boot well, but it seems my video card is not supported by the GUI install...01:34
Xeronewser, normally 76801:34
lstarnesnewser: 1024x768 standard01:34
newserok, so to change my screen resolution I use xrandr --size 1024x768???01:34
newserand for widescreen?01:35
DJ-Nomadthere is my sources,I do not see pidgin anything in there01:35
matrixblueDJ-Nomad, run sudo apt-get update01:35
sd32steven__, i just downloaded ff 3.5.3 and extracted it to my desktop and ran the ff file and it works just fine and doesnt require any package manipulation01:36
matrixblueDJ-Nomad, sorry I'm catching the tail end of this but what problem are you having?01:36
zsquarepluscArdorin: that should be fine then. however i also had bad luck with usb-creator tool back some time ago. it was not always creating bootable sticks. you could also try unetbootin01:36
DJ-Nomadmatrixblue,  I upgraded and got a error of a package not haing dependacies01:37
DJ-Nomadbut someone told me it was cause of the pidgin ppa I just aded to sources01:37
matrixblueDJ-Nomad, which package?01:37
newserwhat can I do to change my screen resolution? the Display preferences menu only shows me 640x480 and 800x600. I do not know why it is not detecting a higher screen resolution01:37
lstarnesnewser: I don't think there is a 1024xX widescreen resolution01:38
lstarnes!fixres | newser01:38
ubottunewser: The X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution01:38
Keelanhey, sebsebseb?01:38
sebsebsebKeelan: hi01:38
DJ-Nomadopening package man to find out the broken one01:39
test34ubuntu-one is broken in the alpha Ubuntu ?01:39
Ardorinzsquareplusc, Yup. You're probably, i've read some about it. Let's see if it works. Thanks in advance.01:39
Keelanor sebsebseb?01:40
sd32and they did fix the fullscreen flash crash bug in 3.5...:)01:40
sebsebsebKeelan: yes what do you want?01:40
Keelansebsebseb: Is ubuntu's wireles in general unreliable, or just certain adapters?01:41
DJ-Nomadmatrixblue, libgstfarsight0.10-0 is the broken package01:41
sebsebsebKeelan: wireless is not my area01:41
sebsebseb!wireless |  Keelan01:41
ubottuKeelan: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs01:41
Keelani know01:41
Keelanbut i was wondering if you know01:41
Keelanyou seem like an all around genius01:41
matrixblueDJ-Nomad, did you do the dpkg --reconfigure -a ?01:41
test34sd32, was that bug only with nvidia cards?01:42
fccfKeelan: I be here ... All around genius? IDK01:42
DJ-Nomadmatrixblue,  nope but I recall it telling me to do that on one of the places that was giving me the error01:42
DJ-NomadI will run it now01:42
matrixbluerun that and try again01:42
Keelanfccf: i was talking to sebsebseb01:43
Keelanbut anyway01:43
steven__There is no firefox icon when I extract it to my desktop01:43
Keelani keep getting random disconnects, with seemingly no pretense01:43
DJ-Nomadthat told me dj@dj-desktop:~$ dpkg --reconfigure -a01:43
DJ-Nomaddpkg: unknown option --reconfigure01:43
Techtronic'5.0.75-0ubuntu10.2' i cant start it , error is /usr/bin/mysql_upgrade: relocation error: /usr/bin/mysql_upgrade: symbol dynstr_append_os_quoted, version libmysqlclient_15 not defined in file libmysqlclient.so.15 with link time reference ................. Please help01:43
Keelando you know whats wrong?01:43
steven__I am convinced that Firefox 3.5 cannot work in Ubuntu01:44
matrixblueDJ-Nomad, dkpg-reconfigure -a01:44
DJ-Nomadff 3.5 will work01:44
steven__Extracting 3.5 to desktop leaves me NO option to run it01:44
steven__just a bunch of files I cannot use01:44
e370How do i install a netbookremix.img file onto a ssd card01:44
DJ-Nomadcommand not found01:44
Flannelsteven__: that's because you shoudn't extract deb files, you should use dpkg to install them01:44
matrixbluesteven__, run the file call firefox01:44
steven__there is no file titled that01:45
steven__no file at all01:45
Flannelsteven__: What's wrong with the version in the repos?01:45
steven__People here told me to ignore it. It is buggy01:45
FlannelIt shouldn't be01:45
steven__How do I use dpkg to install it?01:45
DJ-Nomadthe update fails on gstreamer plugins good01:46
test34steven__, all web browsers are buggy01:46
seidosanyone know how to scroll up in screen in a terminal?01:46
steven__I'll just stay with Firefox 3.0. It seems far superior01:46
cornetseidos: shift+pgup01:46
seidoscornet: thank you01:46
cornetseidos: oh sorry in screen01:47
seidoscornet: yeah01:47
cornetseidos: hit ctrl+a then esc01:47
test34steven__, 3.5.3 seems superior to me01:47
DJ-Nomadin package manager it tells me all the dependancies for it,should I go one by one and install them ?01:47
lstarnesseidos: a regular pgup works for me01:47
Gneasteven__: sudo apt-get install firefox-3.5   what's this nonsense about extracting to desktop?01:47
cornetseidos: then use arrow keys or pgup - hit esc again to exit01:47
lstarnesDJ-Nomad: it handles that automatically01:47
zenwrylyDoes a xen domU need hal installed?  I'm trying to resolve a boot error concerning the console but the kbd package, but pm-utils requires it and hal in turn requires pm-utils.  Am I safe to remove them all?01:47
steven__People here were telling me ta do it01:47
matrixblueDJ-Nomad, you shouldn't have to01:47
steven__red names like u01:47
lstarneszenwryly: I don't believe so01:47
seidoscornet: thank you, that worked01:47
Picisteven__: red names are people who say your name...01:47
Picisteven__: its called a hilight.01:47
cornetseidos: np. love screen :)01:47
Gneasteven__: pretty sure you never saw my name in red before now :)01:48
DJ-Nomadupdating fails cause pidgin is trying to overwrite something in gsteamer01:48
Keelanim sure this is going to sound extremely dumb, but my windows brain kicked in and i used the windows key+r to open run, but instead i got some weird zoomy effect01:48
steven__There...now it works01:48
Keelanhow do i undo it?01:48
GneaKeelan: key+r again?01:48
zenwrylylstarnes: as in you don't believe it's safe to remove them?  Or as in you don't believe a domU needs hal?  Sorry for the confusing phrasing of my initial question.  :)01:48
lstarneszenwryly: as in I don't believe that a domU needs hal01:49
zenwrylylstarnes: thanks!01:49
lstarneszenwryly: I haven't personally used xen, but I don't recall seeing anything about hal being required in the documentation for xen01:49
zenwrylylstarnes: well my concern is that removing it will break something in ubuntu01:50
zenwrylylstarnes: in the ubuntu guest that is01:50
Keelanthis disconnection thing is starting to get annoying01:50
lstarneszenwryly: in that case you may want to keep it01:50
lstarneszenwryly: but the individual domUs don't need hal installed within them01:50
zenwrylylstarnes: right, but what all does ubuntu use it for?01:51
Keelananyway, anyone know how to get out of this zoom mode?01:51
musikgoatzenwryly: what virtual environment are you using?01:51
lstarneszenwryly: hardware configuration01:51
zenwrylymusikgoat: xen01:51
zenwrylylstarnes: so that seems like something a VM guess wouldn't need, no?01:51
=== monteith_afk is now known as monteith
zenwrylymusikgoat: is that what you mean?01:51
=== ghost is now known as Guest38462
musikgoatoh, i was going to suggest you make a snapshot, remove hal and if it fails miserably, recover the snapshot, does Xen have snapshot capabilities01:52
musikgoatzenwryly: yes01:52
lstarneszenwryly: if you can handle it manually, then you likely won't need it01:52
zenwrylymusikgoat: ah, this is on a pretty minimal host01:52
zenwrylymusikgoat: got no access to such thigns01:52
DJ-Nomadok I found the pidgin ppa in etc/apt/sources.list.d/pidgin.ppa.list01:52
musikgoatzenwryly: oh01:52
DJ-Nomadis it safe to go in and delete that01:53
Royallhow do I use the Document Viewer from terminal?01:53
Guest38462I am trying to install the java JDK 6u16,  do I download the jdk-6u16-linux-i586-rpm.bin, or download jdk-6u16-linux-i586.bin?01:53
musikgoatDJ-Nomad: yes01:53
Keelan1this is sriously making me want to not use ubuntu01:53
musikgoatDJ-Nomad: if you don't want to receive the packages from that repository01:53
Gnea!java | Guest3846201:53
ubottuGuest38462: To install a Java runtime/interpreter on Ubuntu, look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java - For the Sun Java runtime install sun-java6-jre from the !Multiverse repository01:53
DJ-Nomadthanks musikgoat ,I think this will resolve the issue01:53
lstarnesKeelan1: which key combo was it?01:53
musikgoatDJ-Nomad: i'm not aware of your issue01:54
DJ-Nomadthanks to the other m named guy for getting me as far as I got01:54
musikgoatDJ-Nomad: but that will remove the repository from future updates01:54
lstarnesKeelan1: are you using compiz?01:54
Keelan1i don't know01:54
DJ-NomadI was just in the wrong place in sources01:54
lstarnesKeelan1: are you using special visual effects?01:54
DJ-Nomadmusikgoat, but maybe it will stop this error I have01:54
musikgoatKeelan1: windows+r sucks, why did i try that :P01:55
dabukalamis there a way to ssh -X from windows01:55
DJ-Nomadif I go back to the older pidgin01:55
lstarnesdabukalam: putty supports x forwarding, but you will also need an x server such as xming01:55
zsquarepluscdabukalam: yes, using Putty + Xming01:55
FlannelDJ-Nomad: Yeah, you just need to move away from the PPA packages01:55
dabukalamAAh... i see, from ubuntu i'm already on x, but windows is confused...01:56
DJ-NomadFlannel,  yeah everytime I have ppa'd I have messed up something01:56
zsquarepluscdabukalam: alternatively use the built in desktop sharing or an extra VNC server. the VNC viewer is easier to use on windows ;-)01:56
DJ-Nomadlast time was with listen music player01:56
namuchhi all. i'm on ubuntu hardy server, everytime i enable mod-python, apache2 hangs with a segmentation fault when accessing anything.  how can i figure out what is causing this?01:56
dabukalambut from another linux distibution i'm fine?01:56
musikgoatKeelan1: it looks better if you windows+e but that doesn't fix allow you to escape from this "feature"01:56
=== blip- is now known as iAreBaboon
e370How do i install a netbookremix.img file onto a sd card...01:57
steven__How do I remove Firefox 3.0 from my system? I cannot seem to do it01:57
lstarnessteven__: you should keep that package if you intend to upgrade ubuntu01:57
ryanakcaHow can I have two network interfaces on two seperate networks configured simultaneously? I have wlan0 connected to the WWW and eth0 connected to a Debian box. If eth0 is up, all traffic goes to it, even if it is destined to the WWW (thus, should be using wlan0)01:57
lstarnessteven__: in 9.10 and later it will be replaced with firefox 3.501:57
steven__When is that coming out? I seem to recall every 6 months or something01:57
lstarnessteven__: late october01:58
DJ-Nomadsteven__, I have read that you got to keep 3 so 3.5 works01:58
musikgoatsteven__: end of october01:58
lstarnessteven__: 9.10 = tenth month of the 9th year after 200001:58
zsquarepluscnamuch: 1) try to enable as much logging as posssible, check teh logfiles (/var/log/apache?) 2) enable core dumps and learn about gdb :/01:58
DJ-Nomadoct 29th01:58
steven__Alright. I will keep.  Thank you guys01:58
namuchso, no quick solution then huh?01:58
Guest38462#name ghost01:58
zsquarepluscnamuch: well, did you check the logfiles?01:58
steven__My Firefox icon on top still directs me to 3.0.14 and I only know how to access 3.5 from CL.  How do I replace that icon with 3.5 shortcut?01:59
IdleOneDJ-Nomad: if you were talking about Firefox-3.0 you can un-install it and it does not effect 3.501:59
lstarnessteven__: it's labeled shiretoko in the menus01:59
namuchyeah, shows normal startup, but then as soon as i access anything, even php, it immediately begins throwing seg faults..01:59
DJ-NomadIdleOne,  thanks I thought i read that you had to keep it01:59
=== iAreBaboon is now known as blip-
AstineIs the command line for ubuntu Bash? Or does it have all the um *sh's01:59
steven__K, thanks01:59
lstarnesAstine: bash, using ash as /bin/sh01:59
namuchthat's according to the error.log01:59
FlannelAstine: It's bash by default, but you can switch, yes.01:59
DJ-Nomadmaybe it was that it just would take the other away by installing01:59
Picilstarnes: dash you mean01:59
AstineOk thanks01:59
IdleOnesteven__: right click on your FF icon and click properties, then change the icon but if you remove 3.0 you wont have the FF icon to use with 3.502:00
musikgoatdash is default in ubuntu02:00
lstarnesAstine: the majority of linux distributions use bash as the main shell but ash or a variant such as dash is used for scripts02:00
steven__I only removed the icon for 3.0.  Will not touch it otherwise02:00
AstineBut I can get along with just learning bash, correct?02:01
Picimusikgoat: /bin/sh links to dash, but the login shell is bash02:01
dabukalamhow can i install 32 bit ff on ubuntu and use both the 32 bit and 64 bit simulaneously? is it just a case of force-architecture, and if so, how will i be able to differentiate between them?02:01
Guest38462If I download the the .bin file, what do I do with it?  Do I need to do a make install?02:01
lstarnesGuest38462: execute02:01
musikgoatPici: interesting... and gnome-terminal uses bash?02:01
lstarnesAstine: bash supports far more than just the main features of bourn-like shells02:01
Picimusikgoat: yes.02:01
ThinkRobmusikgoat, It uses whatever your shell is, yes.02:02
musikgoatthanks for the clarification02:02
lstarnesmusikgoat: most interactive terminals use bash02:02
sd32it takes less clicks to open ff from a folder on the desktop then when its installed02:02
Guest38462doesn't it have to install somewhere?02:02
ThinkRobHow would one go about forcing xorg.conf to be created?  (Ubuntu 9.04, x86)02:02
IdleOnesteven__: you can also set FF-3.5 as default in System>Prefs>Preferred Applications02:02
lstarnesGuest38462: yes02:02
[R]does anyone know how to brdige my wlan0 onto my eth0? i dont want to turn my laptop into an AP... i want the opposite02:02
lstarnesGuest38462: executing it will take care of that02:02
Guest38462last time I tried it just opened with the archive manager02:03
lstarnesGuest38462: however, you should first try to find a version specifically for ubuntu02:03
U-b-u-n-t-uwhats the best way to go from ubuntu 32 bit to 64 bit02:03
lstarnesU-b-u-n-t-u: reinstall the 64-bit version02:03
IdleOneU-b-u-n-t-u: fresh insta;;02:03
steven__Ah! That is more along the lines of what I was looking for.  Thank you!02:03
jordanwbI'm trying to get Ubuntu to send sound output to my Logitech clearchat comfort headset. Under Sound Preferences I set everything to the headset, but sound still comes out of my laptop's speakers02:03
U-b-u-n-t-uI see no way to upgrade then02:03
SuperMigueli went to the nvidia website and downloaded the latetst driver and im getting an error saying no precompiled kernel interface was found to match your kernel02:03
Guest38462I need to get the java jdk, the latest one, is there a way to get that with synaptic or something?02:04
ubottuTo install a Java runtime/interpreter on Ubuntu, look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java - For the Sun Java runtime install sun-java6-jre from the !Multiverse repository02:04
lstarnesGuest38462: why can't you use the versions available for ubuntu?02:04
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto02:04
IdleOneGuest38462: sun-java6-jdk02:04
Guest38462my professor wants us to download the latest jdk6u1602:05
dabukalamhow can i install 32 bit ff on ubuntu and use both the 32 bit and 64 bit simulaneously? is it just a case of force-architecture, and if so, how will i be able to differentiate between them?02:05
bizkitok so i put in a grahpics card to test it out on my linux box02:05
lstarnesdabukalam: you will need to download mozilla's tarball and install it somewhere02:05
IdleOneGuest38462: that would be it02:05
bizkitand now that i put my old card back in its acting all sorts of fucked up02:05
steven__I cannot seem to modify it there02:05
Guest38462so I run sudo apt-get sun-java-jdk?02:06
IdleOneGuest38462: sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jdk02:06
lstarnesGuest38462: that should work02:06
steven__Evolution vs. Thunderbird.  I get some opinions?02:07
Guest38462and apt-get will install jdk for me?02:07
fccf!ohmy | bizkit02:07
ubottubizkit: Please remember that all Ubuntu IRC channels share the same attitude of providing friendly and polite interaction with all users of all ages and cultures. Basically, this means no foul language and no abuse towards others.02:07
IdleOnesteven__: in the properties for FF change the command to firefox-3.5 %u02:07
edbianWhere can I get more backgrounds for open office slide shows?02:07
EmpoweredLinuxXgreat sync with gcal02:07
steven__Ah! Thank you! I am kinda a big noob02:07
fccfedbian: images.google.com02:07
mustafai have problem with my ip address02:08
e370< also noobish02:08
FlynsarmyIs there a way to get compiz in 9.04 working the same way as earleir versions when you drag a widnwo tot he edge of the screen? atm when it moves to the next desktop the window will still be on the edge of the screen i dragged it to instead of the opposite side...02:08
jordanwbmustafa: I think you accidentally a couple of words there02:09
dbuellFlynsarmy: check out your settings for "viewport switcher"02:09
* bizkit was irritated, and now i remember why i NEVER come here for support02:09
IdleOnebizkit: because you can't speak without cursing?02:09
dbuellFlynsarmy: my bad... wrong one... hold on02:10
lstarnesbizkit: you may need to change the driver and mdoe settings used by X02:10
Flynsarmydbuell, desktop wall maybe02:10
blahdeblahHi.  I'm getting segfaults from Epiphany after recent security updates (on 9.04 64-bit) - how can i get apport to submit the coredump?  It doesn't seem to be doing it automatically like it used to.02:10
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search  https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org while you wait.02:10
ubottuThe people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines02:11
IdleOneblahdeblah: launchpad.net and submit a bug report02:11
blahdeblahIdleOne: the last time i did that, the maintainers complained that i didn't submit it through apport02:11
bizkitlstarnes: yea, how do i go about doing that02:12
IdleOneblahdeblah: submit a bug against apport also :)02:12
lstarnesbizkit: I honestly do not know02:12
* Debolaz feels he's reinstalling ubuntu so often that it might be worth to make an iso with all the settings predefined.02:12
bizkitlstarnes: lol :D02:12
lstarnesbizkit: it involves editing xorg.conf02:12
steven__Did not work.  Not sure why02:12
=== monteith is now known as monteith_afk
blahdeblahIdleOne: Fair enough02:12
IdleOne!remaster > Debolaz02:12
ubottuDebolaz, please see my private message02:12
dbuellFlynsarmy: are you using the cube or desktop wall?02:12
blip-I just installed google earth package from the 9.04 repos... or I thought I did... where is the app ?   the bin doesn't seem to be in my path,  is an extra step requires here ?02:13
dbuellFlynsarmy: are you using the cube or desktop wall?02:13
cambowhois cambo02:13
cambo@whois cambo02:13
Flynsarmy_dbuell, desktop wall02:13
IdleOnecambo: /whois nick02:13
camboheh thanks02:13
cambomental block02:13
dbuellFlynsarmy: did you have edge flipping on? (specifically "Edge Flip Move")02:13
IdleOnecambo: /mental block disable :P02:14
amdFANBOYhey, did anyone's adobe flash break today?  maybe it was the updates?  i can't figure out how to fix it.02:14
Flynsarmy_dbuell, also in 9.04 if you drag to the edge of the screen the window will sometimes fly all the way to the rightmost virtual desktop instead of just moving 1 desktop. its incredibly annoying02:14
IdleOnecambo: you may want to remove --purge also02:14
dbuellFlynsarmy: yeah sorry.. I'm not familiar with the wall plugin.. I only use the Rotate Cube02:15
blip-jucky jauntea02:15
IdleOneamdFANBOY: FF3.5?02:16
amdFANBOYidleone: no ff3.0  on 9.0402:16
blip-I fired the fox02:16
sd32amdFANBOY, ff3.5.302:16
IdleOnedon;t know02:16
amdFANBOYsd32, youre saying upgrade?02:16
amdFANBOYblip, youre also saying upgrade?02:17
Flannelblip-: Is there something we can help you with today?02:17
sd32amdFANBOY, is it the fullscreen flash crash?02:17
IdleOneamdFANBOY: if you want to the package is firefox-3.502:17
dbuellFlynsarmy: check out #compiz02:17
amdFANBOYyeah like youtube shows a black box where hte video should be02:17
blip-Flannel: already got help with several problems today, thanks for the offer02:17
puffHi, I'm having trouble getting amarok to see my ipod... well, it seems to SEE it fine, amarok comes up when I plug it in, it starts playing the music from that device, etc. But the transfer button is faded and when I click connect it says "No mounted ipod found"02:17
Guest38462is there a way to tell what software version is installed?02:17
IdleOneapt-cache policy package02:17
amdFANBOYsd32, for example youtube shows a black box where the video should be02:18
sd32amdFANBOY, and it never starts?02:19
Flannelblip-: Sounds good.  Would you be able to stop being disruptive then?  Thanks.02:19
blip-for anyone interested, here's the google earth installation thing http://ubuntuguide.org/wiki/Ubuntu:Jaunty#Google_Earth02:19
blip-Flannel: sure02:19
=== jan is now known as Guest21491
jordanwbI'm trying to get Ubuntu to send sound output to my Logitech clearchat comfort headset. Under Sound Preferences I set everything to the headset, but sound still comes out of my laptop's speakers02:19
physichi guysss02:20
amdFANBOYsd32, yeah, stays black.  if i right click it, it says  "movie not loaded, about flash 10"  point is its calling flash but something isnt working.  not just youtube, gmail too, etc02:20
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about smil3y02:20
dabukalamlstarnes: i just want to be able to use flash 10. do I really have to install FF x86 seperately?02:20
amdFANBOYi tried completely removing flash installer and reinstalling a few times, maybe i should restart?  i doubt it though02:20
jtrunneris there an alternative to sshd, since i can't get it to work?02:21
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots02:21
lstarnesdabukalam: I use flash 10 in the 64 bit firefox through ndiswrapper02:21
lstarnesdabukalam: it also works in firefox 3.5 and later versions02:21
fccfjtrunner: do you have openssh installed?02:21
amdFANBOYdabukalam, did your flash break today too?02:21
sd32amdFANBOY, have you tried different videos to make sure its not the video02:21
sd32amdFANBOY, ok i understand02:21
DarxusWhy would /proc/net/dev say I'm recieving 0.5 kilobytes per second, consistantly, when I've ifconfigged eth0 down, and both route -n and netstat -tuapn list nothing?02:22
dabukalamlstarnes: I just wanna play texas hold em. Flash has always worked on youtube etc. (although sometimes a bit buggy) but I can't seem to use this flash application02:22
lstarnesDarxus: what about lo0?02:22
DarxusSorry, I think that's with eth0 up, but without any routes.02:22
Darxuslstarnes: I'm specifically seeing the traffic on eth0.02:22
dabukalamlstarnes: i'm using FF 3.0. Is it worth upgrading?02:22
lstarnesDarxus: what type of traffic?02:22
AstineIs there a way to open Emacs within a terminal windows?02:23
lstarnesdabukalam: 3.5 works very well02:23
dabukalamlstarnes: i have shiretoko, flash doens't work there either....02:23
amdFANBOYdabukalam, did your flash break today too?  mine did.02:23
dabukalamamdFANBOY: no it didn't. it's always been like this02:23
Chriswaterguyhi - looking for install help. I'm installing Crunchbang 8.10 which is Ubuntu-based (a temporary install - I know it and have the disk handy).02:23
ChriswaterguyWhen I get to "Prepare Partitions" the list is empty and the buttons underneath are greyed out. yet if I run gparted, it detects my partitions no problem. Ideas?02:23
ThinkRobHow would one go about forcing xorg.conf to be created?  (Ubuntu 9.04, x86)  It's nonexistent now...02:24
sebsebseb!crunchbang |  Chriswaterguy02:24
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about crunchbang02:24
dabukalamChriswaterguy: fsck the HDD?02:24
sd32amdFANBOY, thinks its a bug http://www.mail-archive.com/ubuntu-motu@lists.ubuntu.com/msg06007.html02:24
fccfThinkRob: sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg02:24
ThinkRobubottu, Think "Ubuntu w/ a different WM/DE"02:24
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:24
sebsebsebChriswaterguy: really this channal is for Ubuntu support not other distros02:24
ThinkRobfccf, Thank you.02:24
ThinkRobsebsebseb, Crunchbang is just Ubuntu with a different WM.  Same repos and everything.02:25
PiciThinkRob: It surely doesn't use the same installer02:26
ThinkRobPici, Yep.02:26
ThinkRobPici, Not the same ISO (obviously), but the installer's the Ubuntu one.02:27
Achilles`Hey are there any quick fixes to the "GConf Error: Failed to contact configuration server;" problem... its causing me a headache... because after I get this error, the terminal crashes and I am no longer able to start another terminal02:27
ThinkRobPici, In fact, you can install Crunchbang using an Ubuntu MinimalCD and a shell script.02:29
PiciThinkRob: We still don't support it here.02:29
Chriswaterguysebsebseb: I know - Crunchbang is really Ubuntu with a different desktop.02:29
ThinkRobPici, :D  Fair point.02:29
ThinkRobPici, No objections here.  :P02:29
MLx_Oregexp help needed: I have a subtitle file with many space omissions, like "...word1,word2.New sentence..." What's the best way to fix this with find&replace dialog (using subtitleeditor)? I'm thinking of specifying characters which need to follow the period/comma... without actually including them in the expression, is that possible? Alternatively, what's this functionality called, so I can google it? TIA02:29
HellMindis there any way to ban the a ip ?02:29
=== Floops is now known as sexywitch
HellMindI know it can be done with iptables, but isnt there a file where to put the ip to be blocked at startup?02:30
Achilles`ahh never mind.02:30
=== sexywitch is now known as Floops
lstarnesHellMind: /etc/hosts.deny?02:30
HellMindlstarnes that will stop the nat too ?02:31
lstarnesHellMind: what do you mean by stopping the nat?02:31
ChriswaterguyThe partition manager in Ubuntu is gparted, right?02:31
lstarnesChriswaterguy: yes02:31
Chriswaterguylstarnes: thanks.02:32
Chriswaterguyany ideas then why gparted would work, but "Prepare Partitions" would fail to show anything during installation?02:32
ThinkRobIs there a version of the grsecurity patchset against Ubuntu's 2.6.26-15 sources?02:33
wenI'm trying to repair grub on Mint. i've opened /boot/grub/menu.lst, where exactly do i put "gfxmenu=/etc/grub/message.mint02:34
wencolor cyan/blue white/blue"?02:34
Flannel!mintsupport | wen02:34
ubottuwen: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu, please seek support in #linuxmint on irc.spotchat.org02:34
wenThank you02:35
jordanwbI'm trying to get Ubuntu to send sound output to my Logitech clearchat comfort headset. Under Sound Preferences I set everything to the headset, but sound still comes out of my laptop's speakers02:36
jtrunnerif i can sshd local host on a server, then get connection timed out from a desktop to server, what could be th epossible problem/solutions?02:36
Flanneljtrunner: Are they on the same subnet?02:36
jtrunnerflannel, yes02:36
HellMindlstarnes I mean if iptables will forward packet of that ip02:36
mike3_oin #blocktronics02:38
ascheelAnybody know of a CLI based program for instant messaging?02:38
nyRedneki have a jaunty live cd, and the cd repository is screwed...is there a way to network install?02:38
steven__CHIMEI CMV 946D  <--- When will Ubuntu allow me to do higher visual effects on this monitor?02:39
amdFANBOYsd32, hey i read that thread, not sure what they're talking about :-).  it seems like he was using debian and they never exactly solved it?02:39
JoelitonyRednek: commented the CD and use update02:40
amdFANBOYsd32, today i did an upgrade of all these qt4 packages02:40
amdFANBOYsd32, maybe that caused it?02:40
=== DepthSort` is now known as DepthSort
HellMindhow /etc/hosts.deny works?02:40
steven__What is the name of a good wysiwyg for Ubuntu?02:41
jordanwbsteven__:what kind of wysiwyg do you want?02:41
Joelitosteven__: for doing what?02:41
steven__Like Dreamweaver02:42
dabukalamlstarnes: i got the tarball, and FF 3.5 opens, but it doesn't get internet for some reason02:42
steven__or FrontPage02:42
Joelitosteven__: I think there's the one from mozilla02:42
dabukalamsteven__: did you say "FrontPage"?02:42
amdFANBOYhey, my flash mysteriously broke today, gmail won't load the fancy flash version, youtube gives me a black screen where the video should be, any ideas?02:42
steven__I think I once had Scream or some other program. I forget the name02:42
* dabukalam is experiencing severe nostalgia02:43
dabukalamJoelito: Kompozer?02:43
steven__Speaking of nostalgia...can I find a way to create  blue screen of death in Ubuntu?02:43
Joelitodabukalam: yeah02:43
dabukalamsteven__: yeah. install windows on a virtual machine ;P02:43
jtrunnerpaint your screen blue02:43
steven__*bounces around in anticipation*02:44
xmntwhois xmnt02:44
Joelitofor HTML I like geany and bluefish, 'cause I like to type my self the code xD02:45
=== Guest94234 is now known as F1
xmntJoelito, geany would be great if it had a better dir browser02:45
Joelitoxmnt: I think there's plugins02:45
steven__I just got ArcInfo to work in Ubuntu! Wooooo!02:46
jtrunneranyone run a ubuntu server?02:47
=== wwjd is now known as Linux-idiot
xmntjtrunner, i run ubuntu locally .. debian in production02:48
Techiejtrunner- i used to02:48
Joelitojtrunner: need help?02:48
Techiejtrunner- but i dont currently have a spare machine to run it on02:48
dabukalami just installed FF3.5 and i don't have access to the internet02:48
jtrunnerxmnt, techie, i am trying to set one up. testing for now then hopefully in production02:48
=== dad is now known as space_ace
jtrunneri got 8.04 to run on an older HP pro curve G202:49
=== Tritaris_ is now known as Tritaris
jordanwbI'm trying to get Ubuntu to send sound output to my Logitech clearchat comfort headset. Under Sound Preferences I set everything to the headset, but sound still comes out of my laptop's speakers02:49
xmntjtrunner, if your setting up a new server i would recommend nginx for production02:49
=== floopsie is now known as Floops
Joelitomy ubuntu 9.04 behave like server02:50
Joelitolighttpd, php5, sql, ruby, python, perl02:50
Joelitoall good02:50
Jorsherman i just had the baddest assest idea02:51
xmntdid it include a man with a gold unicorn?02:51
Flannelascheel: centerim02:52
Linux-idiotanyone know of any half decent linux mmorpgs?02:52
cambohahaha man with a golden unicorn02:52
Linux-idiotor any FPS multiplayer type games?02:52
space_acewhy is it when i try to connect to myspace and try to send web mail i get a server time out? i use ubuntu and have CDMA wireless connection, i dual boot and in windows it loads?02:52
cambo@spaceace, dns issue?02:53
dabukalamLinux-idiot: there are a lot of good online ones (aren't they all :P) not necessarily linux but browser based02:53
icerootLinux-idiot: nativ or world of war craft with wine? all fps from id software and unreal tournamen are running nativ on linux02:53
kayvehello is02:53
space_acehold on..02:53
dabukalami just installed FF3.5 and i don't have access to the internet - i can get through in FF 3.0 though. Any ideas why?02:54
kayveis this people?02:54
cornetspace_ace: tried using opendns ? thou CDMA just screams tin cans and bits of string02:54
nonospace_ace: aptitude install libwww-myspace-perl02:54
space_aceConnection Interrupted ,,,, The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading.... The network link was interrupted while negotiating a connection. Please try again.02:54
kayveI can't get timespec02:54
kayvepush + pop data:02:54
kayvefstart is 1252718305.49602199    fend is 1252718305.4940822102:54
kayveoperation took -0.00193977 seconds02:54
dabukalam!flood | kayve02:55
ubottukayve: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. Ubuntu pastebin is at  http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from  command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic02:55
JkesslerI'm installing WoW atm.  Haven't run ubuntu at home for a long time.02:55
=== rickspencer3 is now known as rickspencer3-afk
Jkessleron Jaunty that is02:55
kayvekayve@kayve-laptop:~/Documents/murphy/CSc720/HW1$ gcc -o seq_stack seq_stack.c02:55
kayveseq_stack.c:5:26: error: sys/timespec.h: No such file or directory02:55
dabukalam!flood > kayve02:55
ubottukayve, please see my private message02:55
kayvekayve@kayve-laptop:~/Documents/murphy/CSc720/HW1$ uname -a02:55
kayveLinux kayve-laptop 2.6.28-15-generic #49-Ubuntu SMP Tue Aug 18 18:40:08 UTC 2009 i686 GNU/Linux02:55
icerootkayve: please ask a real question without flood02:55
cornetkayve: you got build-essential installed ?02:55
kayvethis is a real question02:56
kayvecan't find timespec.h02:56
icerootkayve: this is flood02:56
kayveinformation necessary for questin02:56
kayveI am trying to use 25     //clock_gettime((clockid_t)CLOCK_REALTIME,&c_start);02:56
Flannelkayve: Use pastebin02:56
kayvewhat is pastebin?02:57
Picikayve: This isn't a programming channel02:57
dabukalam!flood > kayve02:57
iceroot!paste | kayve02:57
ubottukayve, please see my private message02:57
ubottukayve: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com (or !pastebinit for CLI) | For pasting !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin Please give us the URLs for your posts!02:57
Joelitokayve: I think you need the package gnulib02:57
Joelitokayve: See http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?searchon=contents&keywords=timespec.h02:57
kayveapt-get install gnulib?02:57
kayvegnulib didn't work02:58
kayvedo I need to reboot?02:59
cornetnope souldn't need t o kayve02:59
Joelitono, try the othe package02:59
kayvedidn't work02:59
kayveSetting up gnulib (20090101-1) ...02:59
cornetkayve: hang on let me check the pkg contents for you02:59
Joelitokayve: try the other package, from the link I give you02:59
cornetkayve: gnulib: /usr/share/gnulib/lib/timespec.h03:00
kayvewhat link?03:00
cornetkayve: def included in gnulib03:00
cornetkayve: oh hang on03:00
cornetkayve: you building a package you've downloaded ?03:00
space_aceibwww-myspace-perl will resolve the myspace issue ?03:00
nonoWWW::Myspace.pm provides methods to access your myspace.com account03:01
nonoand functions automatically. It provides a simple interface for03:01
nonoscripts to log in, access lists of friends, scan user's profiles,03:01
nonoretrieve profile data, send messages, and post comments.03:01
FloodBot1nono: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:01
kayveE: Couldn't find package librot5.1803:01
detrixHello folks.  I have just written a small python program to change ones desktop background.  I want this program to get executed either when the user logs in or out.  what file do I edit to do this?03:01
amdFANBOYso should i upgrade to ff3.5?  i understand that the one in the repositories is a beta version?  or will 9.04 migrate to it soon?03:01
cornetkayve: apt-cache search librot03:01
camboFF 3.5 is a pain in the ass to make work with flash03:02
cornetbah that doesn't return anything03:02
kayvelibroot?  It's installing now03:02
cornetkayve: :)03:02
camboflash loops, etc03:02
=== skylaB is now known as skyla
cornetcambo: works for ,e03:02
kayve69% [24 libroot5.18 13613074/17.6MB 77%]03:02
cambotrue, I had no end of hassle with it03:02
cambono audio and flash would loop03:02
Joelitocambo: stick with 3.0.13 until 3.5 is in official repo as non-beta03:02
camboso I installed opera and no issue.03:03
camboyeah FF 3.0 was fine03:03
DJ-Nomadhi all anyone in here that was a lil bit ago helping with my pidgin ppa problem ?03:03
JoelitoDJ-Nomad: I use pidgin ppa :)03:03
DJ-Nomadnow when I try to install normal pidgin ,it says cannot install has conflict use synaptic to resolve03:04
DJ-Nomadso I cant install pidgin lol03:04
JoelitoDJ-Nomad: Did you update before the install03:04
DJ-Nomadubuntu will not give me the bird lol03:04
FlannelDJ-Nomad: do sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get autoclean03:05
DJ-Nomadboth in same line same time ?03:05
DJ-Nomad  Depends: pidgin-data (<1:2.5.5-z) but 1:2.6.1-1ubuntu0~pidgin1.9.04 is to be installed03:05
DJ-Nomad Depends: libpurple0 but it is not going to be installed03:05
FlannelDJ-Nomad: Both like that with the && will work just fine03:05
DJ-Nomadsorry for minor flood03:05
FlannelDJ-Nomad: not upgrade, update03:05
=== MK-ubuntu is now known as MK-BB
Joelitoremove the old pidgin :p03:06
kayvestill not compiling  {:( seq_stack.c:5:26: error: sys/timespec.h: No such file or directory03:06
DJ-Nomadthe old is gone03:06
FlannelDJ-Nomad: remove pidgin-data too03:06
Joelitoand libpurple03:07
DJ-Nomadgood lord03:07
BrianR___I've found an interesting problem. When logged in as user "A" (the first user account created on this notebook), suspend works fine. When logged in as user "B", suspend just actives the screensaver.03:07
woodyjlwrunning ubuntu 9.04 on my hp laptop and just plugged in my magic jack and got dial tone but cant call out or in and auto run is an exe type. is there a trick to get it to work??03:07
Blueywoody - magic jack only works on windows and mac03:08
kayveseq_stack.c:5:26: error: sys/timespec.h: No such file or directory03:08
kayveOh I said that03:08
DJ-Nomadk where do i get the pidgin config ?03:08
woodyjlwahhhhh!  that bites!03:08
protowoxhi guy;s03:08
protowoxcan some one help me03:08
protowoxi want to install webcam03:08
Blueyproto - what up?03:08
protowoxwhat should i do03:09
woodyjlwwhat about vbox?03:09
protowoxproto is in proble03:09
Blueyproto - out of my realm03:09
protowoxhi bluey03:09
FlannelDJ-Nomad: did you remove those three packages?  Once you have, sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get autoclean, then reinstall pidgin03:09
protowoxhelp me to install webcam03:09
BrianR___Fri Sep 11 22:09:11 EDT 2009: Inhibit found, will not perform suspend03:10
kayvethis isnt the programming channel?03:10
DJ-Nomadwhat 3 packages?03:10
Picikayve: What are you trying to compile?03:10
kayvet  5 #include <sys/timespec.h>03:10
FlannelDJ-Nomad: libpurple0, pidgin-data and pidgin03:11
kayve    //clock_gettime((clockid_t)CLOCK_REALTIME,&c_start);03:11
kayveit's commented out because it doesn't work03:11
DJ-Nomadlooking for pidgin data03:11
Picikayve: If this is your own script you need to ask in the channel for that language.03:11
protowoxbluey tell me03:11
protowoxwhat should i do03:11
woodyjlwhas anyone tried to use magic jack with WINE ?03:11
DJ-Nomaddo I remove all from package manager ?03:11
FlannelDJ-Nomad: sudo apt-get remove --purge libpurple0 pidgin-data pidgin03:11
kayveit's c language03:11
DJ-Nomadk thx03:11
FlannelDJ-Nomad: Yeah, completely remove.  And you can use synaptic03:11
Picikayve: ##c03:11
protowoxi want to install webcam in my ubuntu03:12
protowoxi dont have driver03:12
DJ-Nomadwhat you told me will do it in terminal ?03:12
FlannelDJ-Nomad: If you use synaptic, you don't need to, no.03:12
e370fb made a big boo boo03:12
e370flamingoed up lol03:12
FlannelDJ-Nomad: Once you've done that, close synaptic, then do sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get autoclean03:12
DJ-NomadFlannel,  I done what you told me in terminal,is that removing them all ?03:13
kayvehow do I add the channel?03:13
Flannele370: Please keep it in #ubuntu-offtopic03:13
FlannelDJ-Nomad: Which one?03:13
Picikayve: /join ##C03:13
DJ-Nomadsudo apt-get remove --purge libpurple0 pidgin-data pidgin03:13
DJ-Nomadi did that03:13
FlannelDJ-Nomad: Alright, did you have synaptic closed?  (Yes, that removes those three packages)  Did you get any errors?03:14
DJ-Nomadno errors have not used synaptic03:14
DJ-Nomadonly terminal03:15
DJ-Nomadabout to do the03:15
DJ-Nomadsudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get autoclean03:15
ubunteris there an option to set the behaviour on and off of when you click the mouse on a menu and hold, drag to the menu option and release?03:15
FlannelDJ-Nomad: Yep03:15
DJ-Nomadk no errors03:15
FlannelDJ-Nomad: alright, now sudo apt-get install pidgin03:16
DJ-Nomadflannel you are my favorite shirt03:16
DJ-Nomadno errors03:17
FlannelDJ-Nomad: Sounds good.  Youve got pidgin back03:17
kayve##c won't let me speak03:17
DJ-NomadI got the bird back03:17
DJ-NomadFlannel,  thank you so much ,you really made my night a lot better than if you had not crossed my path03:18
FlannelDJ-Nomad: no problem.  That's what we do here.03:18
helperkayve maybe the channels it's +R and your nick is not Register/Identify03:18
DJ-NomadI am not a hit and run guy03:18
DJ-NomadI will definately be here and try to return more than what I get and I am pretty far behind right now lol03:19
Pici!register | kayve03:19
ubottukayve: Information about registering your nickname: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#userregistration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname . Registration help available in #freenode03:19
DJ-Nomaddoes anyone run ultimate ubuntu ?03:19
=== prince_j1mmys is now known as prince_jammys
DJ-NomadI am on a frsh install of that and I like it pretty good ,I stil need to weed out the things I do not or will not use03:20
ubottuThe following are some examples of Ubuntu derived distributions that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes; please consult their websites for more information: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mintsupport), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), Ultimate Edition03:21
=== Cpudan80_ is now known as Cpudan80
FlannelDJ-Nomad: You should instead install Ubuntu, and then add to it the things you will use.03:22
=== ubuntu_ is now known as CaRSi
DJ-Nomadflannel you probably would be better03:22
DJ-NomadFlannel, I wanted to go this route so I could use them first then see if I wanted them03:23
kayveI can't understand this nickserv thing in ##c03:23
helperkayve did you register?03:23
detrixHow do I get Ubuntu to run a script on bootup or logout?03:23
detrixactually how do I get ubuntu to run a script on login or logout?03:24
kayveI'm being a bad multitasker freechess.org I don't know what happened03:24
helperdetrix did u check the /etc/profile , or ~/.profile (for specific user)?03:25
rigodeniguys, i would like to know how i could make (or run an already made) script to backup my bookmarks in firefox, if possible to auto run it everytime FF is shutdown (or rebooted).03:26
detrixhelper: I thought those were just for terminal logins03:26
helperdetrix maybe i understand wrong! could you be more specific !03:27
helperrigodeni why you want that!03:27
detrixhelper: I wrote a python script to change the gnome desktop background picture.  So when a user logs in or perhaps logs out, I need to run the script.  but I do not want to run the script for every one.03:28
rigodenihelper: umm, i need by bookmarks to be backed up03:29
steven__I am using an Intel Core 2 Duo setup with 3 GB of RAM.  Should I use 32-bit or 64-bit Ubuntu?  Opinions?03:30
rigodenihelper: my*03:30
sadrollahi , i can't print my desktop save in image03:31
sadrollaplz , i can not print my desktop03:33
sadrollaplz , i can not print my desktop on kde 4.3.1 on ubuntu 9.0.403:35
SuperMiguelwhere can i get this driver: Realtek 8111C03:36
SuperMiguelrunning ubuntu 8.1003:36
Flannelsadrolla: Try asking in #kubuntu, they should be able to help you03:37
kayveI mistyped my email during the register03:38
Picikayve: registration help in #freenode03:38
jmazerSuperMiguel check out http://www.jamesonwilliams.com/hardy-r816803:39
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faisalهل يتحدث احدكم العربيه03:42
=== Swish[\] is now known as Swish
nonofaisal: لا03:44
faisalوكيف فهمت ايش اقول03:44
bazhang!sa | faisal03:45
ubottufaisal: For the Saudi Arabia team : /join #ubuntu-sa : للانظمام الى قناة الفريق السعودي - For Arabic language support, please : /join #ubuntu-arabic : للحصول على الدعم باللغة العربية03:45
nonofaisal : 1 0 1 0 1 0 1 003:46
IdleOnebazhang: good work03:46
faisalthank you03:46
bazhangIdleOne, :)03:46
IdleOnewas looking up country info ont he ip :)03:46
Sethhai guys03:47
IdleOnehello Seth03:47
faisalhow to setup os in open moko03:47
aleron6can anybody help me i dont know why the sound on my computer is sounding differently i just migrated to 9.04 and the sound changed03:47
faisalmopile =open moko03:48
rigodenianyone know where firefox stores its bookmarks in the filesystem?03:49
=== dbdii407 is now known as diib|gone
=== diib|gone is now known as dbdii407
IdleOnefaisal: http://wiki.openmoko.org/wiki/Distributions03:50
jmazerrigodeni firefox stores bookmarks in a file.03:51
faisalthank you but i dont spek E03:52
=== MK-ubuntu is now known as MK-BB
IdleOnerigodeni: /etc/firefox-3.0/profile/bookmarks.html03:52
test34why would anyone use xchat-gnome? it introduces bugs and removes features...03:52
rigodenijmazer: i knew that, im asking which file it is, and where is it located, so i can setup a cron job to back it up automatically03:52
rigodeniIdleOne: thanks, to restore my bookmarks i just overwrite that file correct?03:53
IdleOnefaisal: http://wiki.openmoko.org/index.php?title=Distributions/ar&action=edit03:53
IdleOnerigodeni: I believe so03:53
jmazerrigodeni you will find it /etc/firefox-3.0/profile/bookmarks.html03:54
jmazerthat is the file.03:54
n2diytest34: I use it because it is the only IRC program I know. What are the bugs? What features are missing?03:54
jmazercahnge to the version you use.03:54
rigodeniIdleOne: i can import .html files right?03:54
Picijmazer: no... users do not have access to those folders.03:54
IdleOnerigodeni: honestly I don't know03:54
rigodeniIdleOne: instead of json files?03:54
jmazeroh he doesn't have root oh sorry.03:55
test34n2diy, install plain xchat and you will see there is lots more options.. as for bugs, try disabling joins/parts and then restart xchat-gnome.. the setting will not be saved03:55
rigodenijmazer: do u know if FF supports importing html files as well as json files? ive used json only in the past03:55
IdleOnerigodeni: /j #ubuntu-mozillateam03:55
IdleOnen2diy: xchat-common is what you probably want03:56
test34uninstall xchat-gnome & xchat-gnome-common and install xchat & xchat-common packages03:57
n2diytest34: IdleOne, Ok, roger that, I've been thinking of looking at pidgin?03:57
test34n2diy, I don't like pidgin for chat but for instant msg its ok03:57
IdleOnen2diy: pidgin is ok for well pidgin users...03:57
IdleOneconcerning irc03:58
test34by chat I meant IRC03:58
jmazerrigodeni it does. import json03:58
mgmuscarihey... i'm having a problem with gnome or nautilus. i can't seem to turn off drawing of the desktop background under Jaunty03:58
rigodenijmazer: does it import html files also?03:58
mgmuscaridoes anybody have an inkling of how to do this? changing the properties that seem pertinent in gconf-editor has no effect..03:58
jmazerrigodeni, yes..03:59
=== |mperitus is now known as Imperitus
chicoi have a problem me with compiz in 9.04 and i can't seem to enabled it when is suported can someone help me plz thx03:59
jmazerfirefox toolbar > bookmarks> orginize bookmarks>03:59
ubottuTo enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu: install 'compizconfig-settings-manager' or 'simple-ccsm'. If you install the latter, a new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz04:00
mgmuscaricompiz is running fine in 9.04 for me, chico04:00
Linux-idiotcompiz looks amazing04:00
johannes_hi I am looking for a raid controller SATA II, that is stable, fast and doesnt cost much, for PCIe. I only need RAID 1 and RAID 0, and it must be well supported by ubuntu?04:00
ubottuTips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto04:00
D-rewHaha, nice. Just configured my shares so that I can stream to my XBMC box from either Ubuntu Jaunty, or Windows 7.04:00
mgmuscarii have a pretty nice theme set up for myself, but i'm trying to get a 3d model of a ford mustang drawn behind my cube right now B)04:00
D-rewRegardless on how I'm dual-booted.04:00
IdleOneD-rew: nice04:01
Linux-idiotso with the partioning app supplied here would I be able to get rid of my windows partion altogether, or perhaps shrink it?04:01
D-rewIt's been ages since I blew the dust off my Ubuntu. I got sucked into the Windows 7 RC.04:01
Korlisi tried the RC, but it don't offer anything new04:02
ubottuFor discussion on Microsoft software, or help with same, please visit ##windows. See http://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+bug/1 http://linux.oneandoneis2.org/LNW.htm and /msg ubottu equivalents04:02
nonoglxinfo | grep rendering04:02
Korlissame old thing ive been able to do since the beginnings of beryl04:02
johannes_IdleOne I am looking for hardware recommandations not howtos, I know what RAID is04:02
SuspectZeroanyone know how i can check the size and used and unused specs of a partition on my hdd through cli?04:03
Korlisim trying out moon os on a live cd right now04:03
IdleOnejohannes_: k,sorry04:03
bruenigSuspectZero: df04:03
SuspectZerobruenig, i'll check it out in a sec04:03
Korlisso far it's awesome04:04
IdleOneto much green04:04
Korlisyeah, but i changed the background and theme04:04
Korlismost stable ive ever seen e17 honestly04:04
Korlisbeen testing for an hour and nothing has crashed04:05
clearscreenIs it possible to keep us keyboard layout (I have a us keyboard), but add certain special key combo's? for example, I want alt+a to become å04:05
opitHave you added a palette too the toolbar? Handy for accents04:06
DanXbixwhy is my firefox crashing when in utube04:06
clearscreenI have now :)04:06
DanXbixlastest dist04:06
KorlisDanXbix, probably flash04:08
FuradordeSySDanXbix: no firefox the yes the flash04:08
=== guest4 is now known as andre_cool
aleron6so nobody here has problems with there sound from switching to jaunty04:08
brandonban6I had a question about usb devices in virtualbox, my guest machine doesn't see an external hard drive.... but it sees a usb powered printer just fine. I even tried using a blank filter and plugging after. Host is ubuntu guest is WinXp. Any thoughts?04:08
DanXbixim using swfdec04:08
DanXbixi installed adobe but note working04:09
KorlisDanXbix, try using the official adobe plugin04:09
DanXbixuninstall swfdec04:09
Korlisif it don't work you can always reinstall it04:09
test34aleron6, I have some problems upgrading from jaunty to karmic04:10
test34aleron6, (with my sound)04:10
Korlisi'll brb im gonna reboot into my main os04:10
DanXbixnot working04:11
aleron6so is there a way to degrade from jaunty04:11
aleron6back to 8.1004:11
SeaPhoraleron6, if you're gonna go back, go back to 8.04- LTS04:12
test34aleron6, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=108794004:12
aleron6i liked 8.1004:12
HawaiianEskimo8.4 is a long term supported release04:13
shujingjingCan not install eclipse in ubuntu 9.10 .04:13
test34aleron6, it probably would be easier to fix your sound then to downgrade04:13
IdleOne!downgrade | aleron604:13
ubottualeron6: Attempting to downgrade to an older Ubuntu version is explicitly not supported, and may break your system.04:13
IdleOne!karmic | shujingjing04:13
ubottushujingjing: Karmic Koala is the codename for Ubuntu 9.10, due October 29th, 2009 - Karmic WILL break - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+104:13
seidosanyone know what speeds are typical over sftp xfering a tar file over a 100mb/s link?04:14
test34aleron6, you could try to post the "dmesg" output to pastie04:14
shujingjingThank you, ubottu!04:14
DanXbixstill not working sound works but video is broken04:15
seidosDanXbix: what video card?04:15
DanXbixaspire one d25004:16
seidosDanXbix: oh04:16
DanXbixit my throw arround pc04:16
seidosDanXbix: I thought netbooks could be a good single pc04:17
seidosDanXbix: I had a asus eee pc for like 2 days, but I returned it, couldn't afford it04:17
DanXbixyeah they are cool04:17
seidosDanXbix: the hp netbooks I saw at the store were pretty nice04:18
DanXbixill just use utube in win7 i think04:18
seidosDanXbix: I like how light they are.  I think a netbook would do everything I needed it to04:18
seidosDanXbix: do you already have a pc with ubuntu on it?04:18
DanXbixit does for me but i have a good desktop & lappy too04:18
seidosDanXbix: it would be cool if you could get ubuntu to work on it04:19
EdzAnyone have a few minutes to assist a complete Ubuntu n00b?  =)04:19
ZiberWhy would my SSHd shut itself down?04:20
seidosEdz: I can try04:20
EdzThx Seidos  =)04:20
mezquitale!ask | Edz04:22
ubottuEdz: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)04:22
EdzFair enough!04:22
EdzWhen I perform a "check disk", upon booting from the Ubuntu CD, is that checking my hard drive for problems or the disk itself?04:23
hentaiNekowhere can I get prior releases of ubuntu at04:23
hentaiNekolike 8.1004:23
seidosEdz: the cd04:23
IdleOnehentaiNeko: ubuntu.com04:23
hentaiNekoIdleOne, funny04:24
seidoshentaiNeko: do you not have access to #ubuntu?04:24
hentaiNekoseidos, this is #ubuntu is it not?04:25
IdleOnehentaiNeko: I was not joking04:25
EdzA storm knocked out my computer during a reboot, is there an easy way to check my hard drive for problems using Ubuntu?  (Note: Ubuntu is being run from a CD, not a full install)04:25
seidoshentaiNeko: he said ubuntu.com04:25
hentaiNekoand I saw04:25
seidoshentaiNeko: as in http://www.ubuntu.com04:25
hentaiNekoI am there already seidos looking, giving a more direct link to prior releases is better then giving a link like ubuntu.com04:26
seidosEdz: this I'm not sure of04:26
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about chkdsk04:26
LewisSharpHi. This may sound stupid but I just bought a new sata I drive that I have installed and I was wondering if I can partition it while in Ubuntu and with which tool (disk manager under the system->administration menu but it doesn't let me do anything with the sata drive). I have 3 hard drive, 2 ide and a new one as sata.04:26
mezquitaleEdz,  yes, use fsck to check your hard drive, boot up with your CD and then use fsck to check your HD for errors04:26
seidosah fsck as in file system check, cool04:26
seidosthank you mezquitale04:26
Linux-idiot weeee.04:27
Linux-idiotamericas army installed flawlessly04:27
legend2440hentaiNeko: http://ubuntu.cs.utah.edu/releases/04:27
mezquitaleLewisSharp, install gparted, it's a lot easier to partition your hard drive using gparted04:27
hentaiNekolegend2440, thanks04:27
LewisSharpI'll try that right now, thanks :)04:27
EdzThank you.  =)  Is there a specific way to run "fsck"?  I've tried typing the characters directly and using various bits of text pulled from the web, unfortunately none seem to be running.04:28
IdleOnehentaiNeko: http://releases.ubuntu.com/8.10/04:28
seidosEdz: I just typed fsck in a terminal, and it executed fsck.  not sure if that helps04:28
hentaiNekoIdleOne, appericate it04:29
Edzi did the same and rcvd:  "fsck 1.41.4 (27-Jan-2009)"     Does that mean it has run?04:30
hentaiNekodoes ubuntu have wget?04:30
seidosI think if I could do it over again I would have installed 64bit Ubuntu04:30
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about wget04:30
seidoshentaiNeko: I have used wget in ubuntu04:30
pedrosbd use backtrack 4 ?04:30
hentaiNekook so it comes with it by default, thanks seidos04:30
mezquitaleEdz, that is an exercise that you can google,  it's somewhere in newsgroups, you just have to figure out how to use fsck, if youre booting up usiing a live CD then you shouldnt have a problem04:30
seidoshentaiNeko: I'm pretty sure it does, if not apt-get install wget04:31
mezquitalehentaiNeko, yes, ubuntu should have wget04:31
kazuma_yep it got wget04:31
seidoshentaiNeko: I would recommend the LTS version04:31
hentaiNekoseidos, 8.04?04:31
seidoshentaiNeko: if I could do it over again, I wouldn't have upgraded to 8.10 and 9.0404:31
seidoshentaiNeko: yes04:32
hentaiNekoI'll download it as well to the others04:32
seidoshentaiNeko: and if I could do it over again, I would install the 64bit version04:32
hentaiNekoits a 32bit cpu04:32
seidoshentaiNeko: I found out later my processors were 64bit04:33
seidoshentaiNeko: thought dualcore processors were 32bit04:33
mezquitaleseidos, but you can do it all over again, it's all up to you04:33
EdzOk, thx Mez.  I'll try doing a bit more research tomorrow and see if I can't get it work!04:33
medstudentI'm having some trouble with a new install of Ubuntu on my PC. After installation, I can login but it doesn't go past the brown screen afterwards.04:33
medstudentanyone around to help?04:33
hentaiNekoseidos, when did I say it was dual core?04:33
sambagirlhey can you install vtiger with like apt-get command?04:34
hentaiNekoseidos, oh you mean yourself04:34
seidoshentaiNeko: didn't say you did04:34
seidoshentaiNeko: yes, for myself, didn't know my cpu was 64bit04:34
hentaiNekoyeah sorry np04:34
seidosmezquitale: why?04:34
mezquitalemedstudent, try reconfiguring your Graphical User Interface, click on "CTRL-ALT-F1" log in and type this: sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg04:35
SeaPhormedstudent, what hardware you have, desktop/laptop? brand/model?04:35
kudieverytime i try to install a gtk theme in openbox it looks very ugly and not what its supposed to look like is there an engine pack i can install or something04:35
mezquitaleseidos, so you can test what distro and which version works best for you, i tried 8.04 and jaunty and 8.10 64 bit version plays best with my machine04:36
medstudentSeaPhor, mezquitale: it's a Dell desktop, Pentium 4, circa late 2002 early 200304:36
SeaPhormedstudent, ATI? Nvidia? Intel?04:36
BookmanIs it possible to log into another computer via ssh, start a program, and leave it running after logging out of the ssh session?04:36
SeaPhormedstudent, try what mezquitale  suggested04:36
medstudentI can login but I can't do anything afterwards. My desktop doesn't load. I can't run terminal or anything.04:36
seidosBookman: yes04:37
mezquitalemedstudent, you need to configure your xserver, it should be configured for VGA with default resolution, from then you could configure your graphics card with your monitor and change the resolution04:37
SeaPhormedstudent, CTRL+ALT+F1 wont get a virtual terminal?04:37
medstudentok... but I can see the login screen just fine04:37
mezquitalemedstudent, right now ubuntu should be configured by default for VGA with a default resolution04:37
seidosBookman: now let me try it :)04:38
medstudentSeaPhor can I hit that at the login screen?04:38
SeaPhormedstudent, yes04:38
mezquitalemedstudent, log in first then type what I told you to type04:38
Newbiemedstudent : boot the live cd and fix the resolution04:38
medstudentright now it's just a brown screen04:38
Bookmanseidos: mine is a gui app.  Just to make things more complicated.04:38
mezquitalemedstudent, dont boot the live CD, if you use the live CD when you boot up using your hard drive the changes will not be saved to your hard drive04:38
medstudentmezquitale, after I login, it's just a blank brown screen. there's nothing. I can move my mouse but it doesn't respond to input.04:39
seidosmezquitale: ah, interesting point.  I installed when 8.04 was newest version.  now I kind of need the laptop to get work down.  editing my novel.  http://www.tinyurl.com/m4arfd04:39
=== voidmage-away is now known as voidmage
medstudentmezquitale, it's after a fresh install04:39
sdfadfsadfsasdfaEverytime I start my computer, I enter my username and then the password, but for some reason, everytime i enter the password, it freezes.04:39
sambagirldoes apt-get work for vtiger?04:39
sdfadfsadfsasdfaI can move my mouse and everything, but once i typed in my password and press enter, it doesn't do anything04:39
mezquitalemedstudent, so everything is installed then? you can boot up your machine and all you see is a login prompt?04:39
medstudentI was able to boot into the Live CD fine. mezquitale SeaPhor04:39
sdfadfsadfsasdfaHas this ever happened to anyone here?04:39
gwildorsdfadfsadfsasdfa, try choosing a different session...04:39
sdfadfsadfsasdfawhat do u mean by that gwildor?04:40
gwildorsdfadfsadfsasdfa, on the login screen, it says session.....pick a different one04:40
medstudentmezquitale, yes it installed without error. Then I rebooted, got a login, which I was able to do just fine. Sound card works, screen looks great, then after login nada04:40
sdfadfsadfsasdfaYes sor04:40
sdfadfsadfsasdfaImma try that right now04:40
medstudentmezquitale, SeaPhor?04:41
mezquitalemedstudent, press "CTRL-ALT-F1" , you can try F1-F12, F7 is graphical user interface, let me know what happens when you press one of those key combinations, you should see a login prompt04:42
medstudentmezquitale it doesn't respond04:42
SeaPhormedstudent, during the "brown screen", is there keyboard response? like caps-lock, num-lock etc?04:42
medstudentSeaPhor, I'm rebooting again. just a sec04:43
mezquitalemedstudent, was your machine working fine with windows??04:43
medstudentyes, no problems04:43
medstudentok, I have the login screen04:43
medstudentI can type my name fine04:43
LogomachistI have a problem. After logging in, the desktop comes up but without the menu bar. I have a mouse cursor, and I have wallpaper and  ctrl + alt + delete works. The "Help" button on the "restart the computer" menu brings up the help window but without the title bar. But that's all I can get to. Alt + F2 doesn't work. Has anyone else run into anything like this?04:44
mezquitalemedstudent,  what did you do that you now have a login screen?04:44
medstudentI have options in the corner04:44
medstudentI rebooted04:44
medstudentI can always get the login screen upon reboot04:44
medstudentit's just afterwards that my desktop doesn't load04:44
mezquitaleLogomachist, yes, there's a fix to that one, google it04:45
kudiwhats that program called that automatically installs .debs04:45
medstudentmezquitale SeaPhor, ok I hit CTRL ALT F1 and got a terminal04:45
IdleOnekudi: double click the deb04:45
medstudent(at login)04:45
medstudentbut it isn't formatted properly. huge font04:45
kudiIdleOne: i use openbox04:45
mezquitalemedstudent, this will reconfigure your xserver:  sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg04:45
IdleOnekudi: in a terminal you can type dkpg -i file-name.deb04:46
mezquitalemedstudent, login first then type "sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg"04:46
pedrognome no backtrak 4 ?04:46
medstudentok, I CAN'T do anything after I login!04:46
pedroyes or no ?04:46
medstudentthat's where it stops04:46
medstudentjust a brown screen04:46
LogomachistMezquitale, do you remember anything about what the solution is? I googled it earlier today, and a few solutions were proposed but I didn't think any of them particularly fit my problem.04:46
D-rewwasn't there someone in here asking about a custom keymapping?04:47
IdleOnemedstudent: login at the terminal prompt in ctrl-alt-F104:47
mezquitaleLogomachist, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=83798404:47
SeaPhormedstudent, he means, At the terminal at ctrl+alt+f1 login THERE, then do the sudo ...04:47
medstudentit's really sluggish....as in it takes seconds before one letter appears. and the font is huge04:47
Korlisim baaaack04:48
mezquitalemedstudent, that's because your video card and monitor are not correctly configured04:48
medstudentok I'm trying ot put in my login info04:48
IdleOnemedstudent: sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg should fix that04:48
Korlishey is there possb;y anyone tonight who can help me? Nautilus seg faults and won't open my home folder (will open everyone else;s, just not mine)04:49
Korlisim using thunar right now04:49
SeaPhormezquitale, what you think about the grub menu failsafe option of fix xserver? for medstudent04:50
IdleOneKorlis: e17 correct?04:50
Korlisno, im back in gnome04:50
mezquitaleSeaPhor, that is also another option that he could try if youre willing to walk him through it04:50
=== ubuntu is now known as Janiee
medstudentmezquitale SeaPhor, I'm trying to login but it's not straightforward...it says "Ubuntu 8.10 name-desktop tty1"04:51
SeaPhormezquitale, its never worked for me,04:51
IdleOnemedstudent: you dont see Login?04:51
medstudentok now asking for login...04:51
medstudentit's taking 1-2 min between lines loading...04:52
SeaPhormedstudent, yes, thats a "virtual terminal" - TTY-1 or ctrl+alt+F104:52
IdleOnewhen it asks for password you wont see any * but type it and hit enter04:52
medstudentwhat about login? will you see characters for my name?04:52
medstudentok I typed it a minute ago and it hasn't appeared04:52
IdleOnewell I won't but you should :)04:53
mezquitaleSeaPhor, if it's never worked for you then dont mention that option, it's worked for me when I installed a xubuntu on a laptop without a cd-rom04:53
SeaPhormedstudent, for name-yes, password-NO04:53
medstudentI'll wait it out04:53
medstudentthe login screen (normal) is really snappy04:53
Korlisi guess i'll just keep using thunar for now and do a clean install when karmic is released04:53
st01khey guys, none of my media players witll play .avi or .mov anymore.... i added codecs to be able to play .wmv and since then i can't play the other formats.  can anyone help?  (i've tried to play with mplayer, movie player, and vlc)04:54
mezquitalemedstudent, how much memory do you have in your machine?04:54
Korlisive been dist-upgrading since feisty, something was bound to break04:54
tnnckorlis are you around04:54
st01kver 8.1004:54
medstudentnot sure right now...I think 51204:54
medstudentit ran Windows fine04:54
mezquitalemedstudent, your system is abnormally slow, I'm thinking your hard drive is about to die, is your hard drive making sounds like "chaka-chaka-whirrrlllllllllllllll"04:55
IdleOneRan windows fine/worked in windows is not a barometer04:55
medstudenthahaha no04:55
IdleOnehahahahah chak-chaka-whirrrllll04:55
medstudentit's working fine, albeit it's 7 yrs old04:55
Korlis7 years old??? back up your files04:56
medstudentI just formatted it04:56
medstudentto install Ubuntu04:56
Korlisthen you wonr lose much when the HD dies, they normally take abuot 5 years to die, at least in my experience04:56
mezquitalemedstudent, I have a PII that runs just fine using xubuntu, i tried ubuntu but it was too slow, it didnt take that long in text mode though04:56
D-rewKorlis, newer disks can last about 10, if you care for them properly.04:57
medstudenthmmm well then I might have to get the XFCE version then04:57
medstudentI like GNOME though04:57
mezquitalemedstudent, i think it has something to do with the hardware and the distribution you installed, what version did you install??04:57
Korlisive never had a newer computer or hard drive, im poor, i get hand me downs, which, since im a linux user is just fine with me04:57
t0scouldn't be verified because the public key is not available, how do i get the public key?04:57
JkesslerI am running jaunty and just enabled desktop effects how do i select what effects to use?04:58
SeaPhormedstudent, might consider the "alternate cd" installation04:58
IdleOne!ccsm | Jkessler04:58
ubottuJkessler: To enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu: install 'compizconfig-settings-manager' or 'simple-ccsm'. If you install the latter, a new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz04:58
medstudenthow is the alternate CD different, SeaPhor04:58
SeaPhorewww, medstudent 8.10 was the worst04:58
medstudentok should I try with 9.04?04:58
seidosI had a 7 year old system, I installed ubuntu on it, then donated it to good will04:59
seidosanyone know what daemon does dns?04:59
mezquitalemedstudent, I tried 8.04 and tried jaunty, they both made my AMD 64 bit desktop cry, I had to install 8.10 and it works like a charm04:59
SeaPhoryeah, and download an extra alternate iso just in case04:59
=== william is now known as Guest59043
LogomachistMezquitale, that link you gave me nails my problem, but none of the proposed solutions fix it.05:00
mezquitalemedstudent, try 9.04 and if you have any issue at all then try 8.04, 8.04 is supposed to be a Long Term SUpport(LTS) which is supposedly the most stable version05:00
medstudentI have a 8.04 CD so I might pop that in05:00
medstudentthis virtual terminal isn't working05:00
ninelmy upgrade of  hardy to intrepid and then to jaunty   disabled the  unified button for IM status indicator + shutdown button how can I recover that?05:00
medstudentit asks me for my password, and I type it, and then it says login failed and then shows my password as my login05:01
Guest59043can anybody tell me how to get my vpn connection working?  i cannot get past the initial challenge.  I used my cisco pcf file to configure the connection.05:01
mezquitaleLogomachist, I suggest you goggle these terms: "ubuntu menu bar disappeared", one of the threads I found helped me fix my desktop05:01
=== lol is now known as Guest96216
Logomachistk thanks05:01
SeaPhormedstudent, i personally run 9.04 on this laptop, but i run 8.04 on my servers and on my Game box, and if i didnt love ubuntu so much, i'd say that 8.10 was the "ME" of ubuntu05:02
medstudentHAHA, ok I read you loud and clear05:02
IdleOneSeaPhor: i wouldnt go that far05:02
mezquitalemedstudent, i think the machine is just fine.  When you see "Login:"  type your login, afterwards it will prompt you for your password like so: "Password:" type your password in and you should see a command prompt05:02
medstudentmezquitale yeah I assure you it's not that simple. there's some weird, serious lag05:03
mezquitalemedstudent, reboot your machine into failsafe mode and see what happens05:04
medstudenthow do i do that?05:04
n8tusermedstudent are you logged in now? you can sudo telinit 1  to get into single user mode05:05
medstudentI haven't gotten logged in05:05
medstudentit won't work05:05
t0sanyone know the ppa keys for gnome-do?05:06
SeaPhormedstudent, at the grub menu, arrow down 1 time05:06
n8tusermedstudent -> are you using a diff pc to chat now?05:06
LucidGuyAnyone try out Lotus Symphony?05:06
medstudentI'm using a Mac05:06
IdleOnet0s: on the ppa page click in " What's this" next to the Signing key05:06
TK_Just wanted to thank you peeps. I ran into some trouble a while ago and you were of great help.05:07
aleron6anybody know when the next version of ubuntu is gonig to come out05:07
IdleOneTK_: did you bring cookies?05:07
TK_Of course05:07
IdleOneend of october05:07
dm-madmanalright, so what precisely is the difference between "deb http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/" and "deb-src http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/" in this sources.list file?05:07
TK_Have some05:07
* TK_ hands everyone a jar of cookies05:07
dm-madmanone is for source code packages?05:07
aleron6i hope it fixes the problem i have with the sound05:08
gwildordm-madman, one is the compiled binary, the other is the soruce05:08
=== everton137_ is now known as everton137
aleron6on intrepid it was good05:08
LucidGuyI can't wait for Karmic .. my recent upgrade from intrepid to jaunty has made my system unstable and junky.  Full install always from this point forward.05:08
n8tusermedstudent -> a new install? you may as well re-install05:08
mezquitaleTK_, someone from the community helped me as well, if you learn something feel free to share the knowledge and help someone else05:08
SpacePigeoncan somebody tell me which packages do i have to download to compile gnome 2.28 candidate release?05:08
TK_Will do05:08
medstudentshould I try the alternate CD?05:08
medstudentwhat does that have?05:09
IdleOneSpacePigeon: build-essential will have the tools you need to compile05:09
TK_this community is great, it's the least I can do05:09
n8tusermedstudent -> yes, and please learn to respond with the nick of the person you are chatting with,05:09
medstudentn8tuser ok05:09
stranger_inhello....... i want to enable mac filtering in squid proxy.... to this we have to compile squid like this "./configure --enable-arp-acl"........... how can i install this via synaptic05:09
IdleOnemedstudent: alternate is a text install that install ubuntu gnome05:09
medstudentIdleOne so it installs the same version Ubuntu. No differences?05:10
Guest59043where is a good place to learn the basics of linux?  for instance i was trying to edit a file in a protected folder but since i was not logged in as root it would not let me and i cannot log in as root.05:11
biovoreGuest59043: on ubuntu.. use sudo05:12
ubottusudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (Gnome, XFCE), or !kdesudo (KDE)05:12
medstudentIdleOne I'm downloading the 9.04 alternate CD installer now05:12
n8tuserGuest59043 -> also you can google for intro do linux and you'd find several tutorials05:12
IdleOnemedstudent: let's hope this works05:12
ikeyHowdy do.05:13
Linux-idiotsudo is the bees knees05:13
* ikey prefers su -c05:13
medstudentIdleOne: yeah, I'm hoping. I'm enjoying my new Comcast download speed. Getting 1.5 MB/sec now.05:13
Jorsherahhhhhh getfacl -R / > permissions.acl; setfacl --restore-permissions.acl just saved me from needing a reinstall :)05:13
Guest59043now back to my last question how do i get vpn running on ubuntu linux.  i have used the windows cisco pcf file (imported) to configure the network manager.  i apologize if this was answered already i did not see the answer.05:14
SpacePigeonIdleOne, which package should i install?05:14
SpacePigeonIdleOne, sudo apt-get install build-essential (gnome-2.28?)05:14
IdleOneSpacePigeon: sudo apt-get install build-essential05:14
IdleOneSpacePigeon: wait05:15
SpacePigeoni see..05:15
IdleOneyou want to compile gnome correct?05:15
SpacePigeonIdleOne, yes, gnome 2.2805:15
Dominik1how can I tell ubuntu to check all drives on next booot?05:15
IdleOneok are you getting compile errors?05:15
SpacePigeonIdleOne, (do you recommend it? could i switch back to repos version?)05:15
SpacePigeonIdleOne, no, I just don't know what to download/compile05:16
IdleOneSpacePigeon: i stick to default05:16
__lupo__hi all, does anybody has any tip to make hibernate on ubuntu work fine?05:16
SpacePigeonIdleOne, yeah, just want to try it out05:16
legend2440Dominik1: http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/linux-force-fsck-on-the-next-reboot-or-boot-sequence/05:16
SpacePigeonIdleOne, clutter and all05:16
Dominik1legend2440: thanks05:16
dm-madmanhow would i go about making a mirror of these ubuntu repositories05:16
dm-madmancan they be rsync'd?05:17
ikeywget -r archives.ubuntu.com ?05:17
dm-madmanikey: i tried doing this with parts of it, and had some peculiar results05:17
KB1JWQThen wait a while. :-)05:17
IdleOneSpacePigeon: 2.28 wont be released till Sep 2805:17
ikeyi bet. lol05:17
SpacePigeonIdleOne, but there is a candidate release05:18
dm-madmanikey: lots of files, and 'find . -iname *.deb' shows not a thing05:18
Dominik1where will fsck report errors?05:18
SpacePigeonIdleOne, Ill link you to it05:18
dm-madmanerr, i did -name actually05:18
Dominik1and how long will the disk check take on about 400 gigs?05:18
ikeyCan someone tell me what kernel version is default in the Jaunty installs?05:18
SpacePigeonIdleOne, http://permalink.gmane.org/gmane.comp.gnome.devel.announce/5205:18
mezquitaleDominik1, as it's running it will report any errors it finds05:19
ikeyoh ok :(05:19
ikeyLinux silver 2.6.31-rc9-ikey #1 SMP Mon Sep 7 23:11:45 BST 2009 i686 GNU/Linux05:19
Dominik1mezquitale: so I have to watch it ? : (05:19
mezquitaleDominik1, yes and it all depends on whether or not there are any errors on the hard drive, if there's no errors it shouldnt take that long05:19
Jorshershould "dpkg-reconfigure hal" disconnect me from a remote server/05:20
t0swhats the command to reset gnome panel to original?05:20
Dominik1mezquitale: bummer, will it ever prompt me for input (in case of an error), meaning can I go take get a beer or will I miss curical info?05:20
Guest59043thanks for all the help.05:20
SeaPhorJorsher, um, prolly05:20
dm-madmani'll try wgeting http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/ again, that seems to be where most of the debs are05:20
IdleOneSpacePigeon: over my head but I know if your going to be compiling your going to need the build-essential package05:21
LogomachistMez if you can remember any more specifics that would really help. Google isn't turning up anything useful. :(05:21
SpacePigeonIdleOne, indeed -- newest version installed.05:21
mezquitaleDominik1, you can run fsck and go get a beer, read this: http://kenneth-kin-lum.blogspot.com/2009/05/simple-guide-to-use-fsck-on-ubuntu.html05:22
Dominik1mezquitale: thanks05:22
LucidGuyHas anyone tried/purchased a Ubuntu Dell Mini 10v  (8.04 preloaded from Dell) ?05:23
ikeynot me05:23
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about gnome-panel05:23
ikeyneither do any of us xD05:23
ikeyits kinda temperamental05:23
ikeyoh he left.05:23
LucidGuyIs Karmic Koala safe yet at alpha 505:24
ubottuKarmic Koala is the codename for Ubuntu 9.10, due October 29th, 2009 - Karmic WILL break - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+105:24
ikeylol @ WILL break... might join.05:24
ubottuKarmic Koala is the codename for Ubuntu 9.10, due October 29th, 2009 - Karmic WILL break - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+105:25
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about pot05:25
robysathI have ubuntu server 9.04 installed. How can I get audio to work? i.e. flash movies are playing in firefox but no output from soundcard05:25
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about breasts05:25
jcm99Man if Karmic Koala could come out on the 28th of Oct I would have a good birthday05:26
SpacePigeonit wouldn't be on my birthday but it would make oct 28th a nice day indeed05:26
jcm99:) yep, but guess I get a belated bday gift05:27
mezquitaleLogomachist, so you don't have a panel at all right now?05:27
LogomachistThat is correct.05:27
ikeyALT+F2 : gnome-panel05:28
SpacePigeonALT+F2 is from gnome-panel05:28
ikeyok so that'll fail...05:28
SpacePigeonyeah haha05:28
SpacePigeonLogomachist, you have no hotkey for terminal?05:29
mezquitaleLogomachist, when you click on ALT-F2, you dont get a window where you can put in a command?05:29
polk330ALT-F4 from a windows machine on this chat!05:29
SpacePigeonI assigned super+T to terminal like a long time ago05:29
Logomachistctrl + alt + F1 works. alt + F2 doesn't.05:29
IdleOne!ot > polk33005:29
ubottupolk330, please see my private message05:29
* ikey always used OpenBox so no probems there :)05:29
polk330haha IdleOne I was jk.05:29
lookyasohi all, i created a LAMP and have setup port forwarding and am using dyndns open port tool for ports 80  21 22 ... and it is timing out.  i have seen multiple threads on this issue but no resolution05:30
IdleOnepolk330: bad joke05:30
manword34downloading Ubuntu by torrent is secure ? and how they can know if available distribution on torrnt is the original ?05:30
IdleOne!md5 | manword3405:31
ubottumanword34: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/VerifyIsoHowto or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows05:31
SpacePigeonmanword34, get the torrent from the ubuntu sitte05:31
mezquitaleLogomachist, go to to a console and type metacity --replace05:31
dm-madmanmanword34: should be able to check it with md5sum or something05:31
LogomachistDid that earlier. No dice.05:31
Flannelmanword34: Torrents are checked by the client as they're downloaded (to verify it matches what the .torrent thinks), grab the .torrent from ubuntu.com and you'll be fine.  If you're worried, MD5 the resulting iso.05:31
manword34SpacePigeon ubottu thank you !05:31
mezquitalemanword34, yes, it is secure, you can check by using a checksum05:32
IdleOneikey: why do you /notice me? and if the bot has the answer why should I not use it05:32
mezquitaleLogomachist, boot up in falsafe and try it again05:32
ikeyIdleOne, Because I was keeping it out of the channel so as to not stray off topic.05:32
=== don is now known as Guest77213
IdleOneikey: my answer is still valid05:33
ikeyI know :) I keep bots too.05:33
asdfadfsWhy does my ubuntu login screen freeze when I enter my password?05:33
asdfadfsI can still use my mouse05:33
asdfadfsbut the ubuntu won't start up05:34
asdfadfsI tried changing the sessions05:34
asdfadfsi dont know what to do?05:34
KB1JWQasdfadfs: Does it unfreeze?05:35
skelasdfadfs: whats the deal?05:36
IdleOneikey: may I message you?05:36
ikeyIdleOne, sure :)05:36
LogomachistMezquitale: I get "Window Manager Error: Unable to open X display"05:37
mezquitaleLogomachist, were getting somewhere, backup your xorg.conf and reconfigure your xserver:  sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg05:38
LogomachistWhere is xorg.conf?05:39
asdfadfsit doesn't unfreeze05:39
asdfadfsit just sits there05:39
asdfadfsi tried changing sessions05:39
asdfadfsIt just freezes once i input my pw05:39
skelasdfadfs: whats going on?05:40
asdfadfshey skel05:40
asdfadfsI start ubuntu05:40
asdfadfsand once i hit the login screen05:40
asdfadfsi input my username05:40
asdfadfsthen i input my password05:40
asdfadfsand once i input my pw, it just freezes05:40
=== galen_ is now known as galen
asdfadfsi can move my mouse05:40
skelasdfadfs: backup your .gnome and .gconf dirs, then blow them away and /etc/init.d/gdm restart05:40
asdfadfsrestart, shut down, change the session etc05:41
asdfadfsskel how would i do that05:41
asdfadfsi'm a linux n00b05:41
FloodBot1asdfadfs: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:41
skelasdfadfs: in a terminal cd ~05:41
skelasdfadfs: then mv .gnome .gnome-bak05:41
skelasdfadfs: same with anything named .gconf05:42
skelasdfadfs: the rm -rf .gnome .gconf*05:42
skelasdfadfs: then sudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart05:42
medstudentIdleOne you still around?05:42
skelasdfadfs: if that works, something got borked in your desktop manager settings05:42
asdfadfsskel: imma try that05:43
asdfadfsif it doesn't work, thanks for helping05:43
skelasdfadfs: in which case, I'd go into each of those backups and do ls -lart | and look at the last things modified (bottom of listing)05:43
skelasdfadfs: and see what changed05:43
skelasdfadfs: if you don't care about redoing your desktop settings, then just blow em away05:43
LogomachistMezquitale: "use kernal framebuffer device interface?05:43
IdleOnemedstudent: I might be05:44
nullrenanyone using a macbook with external monitor? i want to know how to run in clamshell mode05:44
medstudentIdleOne which partitioning method should I choose?05:44
mezquitaleLogomachist, I dont know what that is about but usually if you choose the defaults you should be good05:44
skelnullren: I used to on my old ibook05:45
socrateesHello everyone, I'm using karmic koala and did some s/w upgrades .. and my desktop panels have disappeared completely. any directions?05:45
skelnullren: there was some ati util05:45
fccfnullren: that would depend on your video hardware05:45
mezquitalenullren, what's a "macbook"???05:45
SeaPhormedstudent, are you dual-booting?05:45
medstudentSeaPhor no, just a straight Ubuntu install05:45
IdleOnemedstudent: / 10Gig /swap 1Gig /home the rest05:45
medstudent"use entire disk" or "use entire disk and set up LVM"05:45
DougMdoes anyone know of a good C++ compiler for Ubuntu? I have never programed on Linux before.05:46
SeaPhormedstudent, then guided use entire disk05:46
skelDougM: sudo apt-get install g++05:46
IdleOneuse entire disk medstudent05:46
DougMskel: cool thanks a lot05:46
fccf!karmic |socratees05:46
ubottusocratees: Karmic Koala is the codename for Ubuntu 9.10, due October 29th, 2009 - Karmic WILL break - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+105:46
skelDougM: np05:46
nullrenfccf: skel: i didn't see anything obvious in the nvidia settings05:46
nullrenis there another generic term for "clamshell" mode?05:46
fccfclamshell? what effect is that05:46
socrateesubottu: thanks05:46
ubottuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)05:46
medstudentSeaPhor IdleOne I'm doing the alternate CD install. At what point do I need to step in and make changes so this will work (vs the GUI install)05:47
nullrenclosing my laptop and running the screen on an external monitor05:47
mezquitalesocratees, Logomachist is having the same problem, try this thread first: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=15660205:47
skelnullren: mine was real old, g3 600 dual usb, so it may not apply if you've got an intel based05:47
IdleOnemedstudent: from what I read earlier your issues was xserver. hopefully you wont have to do anything but supply username and password05:48
medstudentIdleOne so how will this install be different than the last?05:48
SeaPhormedstudent, you should be fine with defaults, but if you have questions you can ask at that point05:48
asdfadfsmedstudent what med school u attend?05:48
IdleOnemedstudent: new release ( supports your hardware better )05:48
IdleOnewe hope :)05:49
medstudentso will it ask if I want to configure xserver?05:49
medstudentasdfadfs Vanderbilt05:49
medstudentasdfadfs: you in med school too?05:49
asdfadfsi was just curious05:49
skelmedstudent: I just shutdown gdm and then from a console to sudo X -configure05:49
Dominik1is it safe to check the disks through gparted? it gives me warnings about loss of data05:49
skelmedstudent: and drop that config in /etc/X1105:50
skelmedstudent: works 90% of the time05:50
medstudentskel: you lost me05:50
* asdfadfs nominates skel for +o in this channel05:50
mezquitalemedstudent, were all curious, asdfadfs is the only noob with the innocence to ask05:50
medstudentmezquitale haha05:50
asdfadfsi am a noob05:50
skelmedstudent: X -configure is a command that probes your hardware and generates an x.config.new in your cwd05:50
asdfadfsi don't care05:50
medstudentyeah I am not very creative with usernames05:50
asdfadfsonly way people can get smart is by asking stupid questions05:50
medstudentskeL: so something I would run later after install then?05:51
lost12I have a bunch of stupid ones then.05:51
SeaPhorIdleOne, mezquitale medstudent you're on a MAC, right?05:51
mezquitale!ask | lost1205:51
ubottulost12: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)05:51
medstudentyes I am05:51
IdleOnemedstudent: but installing to pc?05:51
SeaPhorIdleOne, mezquitale medstudent just so we're all on same page05:52
medstudentyes I'm on a Mac on IRC and installing to an old Dell05:52
LogomachistMezquitale: sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg didn't seem to do anything.05:52
skelmedstudent: sorry, I thought you were having trouble with configuration on a current linux setup05:52
IdleOnemedstudent: ok05:52
medstudentskel: never made it that far. hopefully this will work. thanks.05:52
lost12I have a wmp54G Wireless card by Linksys will that work with ubuntu?05:52
skelmedstudent: gl :)05:52
mezquitaleLogomachist, you want to talk to a guru, you have to come back when someone like DrWillis is around05:53
dm-madmandm-madman: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+archivemirrors05:53
medstudentskel: thanks. this is my foray into Linux. I hope I like it. If so, I'm going to dump Mac too and just get a spec'd out PC and put Ubuntu on it :)05:53
SeaPhorlost12, is that the usb? i never got mine working but that was in 8.0405:53
dm-madmandm-madman: oh, thanks! i knew you guys would help me out!!05:53
skelmedstudent: I went the other way for my home setup :-P05:53
LogomachistSocratees: If we're having the same problem, email me at Samnis@yahoo.com. This way if either of us figure out the solution we can let the other know what it is.05:53
skelmedstudent: @ work I use Ubuntu and @ home I use OSX05:54
medstudentskel: yeah it will be hard to leave OS X. Works so well.05:54
socrateeslogomachist: yeah i can do that.05:54
skelmedstudent: just because of the app availability05:54
mezquitalemedstudent, if you have a mac why dont you try installing linux on it?  Running linux on my desktop wasn't easy, I had to try 8.04, jaunty, my machine seems to like 8.1005:54
skelmedstudent: www.virtualbox.org is a free vmware like software that you can use to run linux inside mac fyi05:55
mezquitaleLogomachist, sounds like your bug and socratees bug should be sent in to the developers05:55
fccfmedstudent: you can also run ubuntu in parallels05:55
medstudentmezquitale: my macbook is very stable. I don't want to mess with it and HD space is a premium even on my 160 GB HD. So I am giving it a go on an old PC first05:55
medstudentskel: I have Fusion for Windows already05:56
medstudentI guess I could throw Ubuntu on there too05:56
skelmedstudent: ah cool05:56
mezquitalemedstudent, that is a very good idea05:56
dm-madmanrsync: opendir "pool/main/k/kde4bindings/.~tmp~" (in ubuntu) failed: Permission denied (13) <-- wtf?05:56
socrateesmezquitale: I'm getting an 404 errors from the servers on my sources.list when i try to upgrade05:56
medstudentshould I encrypt my home directory?05:56
fccfmedstudent: I run an 8 Gb virtualbox ubuntu on my laptop ... not huge05:56
skelasdfadfs: did that work for you?05:56
medstudentany reason not to?05:56
skelmedstudent: speed mostly05:57
mezquitalesocratees, sounds like those servers are no more or youre not connected to the internet05:57
skelmedstudent: depends on what you'll be accessing in there05:57
Dr_Willisparanoia about someone stealing your machine :)05:57
medstudentprobably nothing needing encrypting05:57
skelmedstudent: for light / medium usage its probably no big deal05:57
skelif you stuck a mysql db or something in your home dir05:57
skelthat'd suck a bit05:57
mezquitalemedstudent, on a laptop I suggest you encrypt your home directory, on your desktop don't encrypt your home directory unless you have material you dont want the FBI, CIA, NSA, and the FDA to see05:57
medstudentmezquitale: ok thanks05:58
medstudentso far so good05:58
skelmezquitale: lol FDA?05:58
dm-madmanoh, well it appears to be syncing anyway, so nvm05:58
IdleOneFDA? what does the food and drug administration want with your pc mezquitale ?05:58
SeaPhoryou left out CPS05:58
mezquitaleLogomachist, your luck just got better Dr_Willis is in the house05:58
shachafHmm. A friend is moving /home to a separate partition after having initially installed everything in /. Is there some easy Ubuntu-y way of doing it, or does it need to be done manually? (Editing fstab and moving the files and such)05:59
mezquitaleskel, he's a medstudent, he knows what I'm talking about, willis05:59
SeaPhorshachaf, yes05:59
ubottuYour home directory is where all of your personal files are usually kept. For moving your home directory to a separate partition, please see: http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/separatehome05:59
skelshachaf: the cheap / lazy way is just to create a symlink to the new directory after mv it05:59
zebaztianwhat's app can i  use to switch wav to mp3?06:00
skelzebaztian: lame I think06:00
shachafzebaztian: LAME?06:00
dm-madmanshachaf: uhhh, what's hard about adding a line to fstab and moving the files?06:00
SeaPhor!home | shachaf06:00
ubottushachaf: Your home directory is where all of your personal files are usually kept. For moving your home directory to a separate partition, please see: http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/separatehome06:00
shachafdm-madman: Nothing, but I'm helping someone through this over IM.06:00
shachafdm-madman: Which makes everything more complex.06:00
zebaztianshachaf, lame?06:00
dm-madmanshachaf: just tell them all 3 commands ffs06:00
zebaztiansudo aptitude install LAME ?06:01
SeaPhorshachaf, and if you want to do from initial install i can show you that as well06:01
shachafdm-madman: Yes, yes. What about the UUID=... line in fstab? I've never figured that part out.06:01
LogomachistHello Dr_Willis. :) I'm told you're the resident guru?06:01
shachafSeaPhor: From initial install is easy. :-) It's what I've always done.06:01
LogomachistI have a problem. After logging in, the desktop comes up but without the menu bar. I have a mouse cursor, and I have wallpaper and  ctrl + alt + delete works. The "Help" button on the "restart the computer" menu brings up the help window but without the title bar. But that's all I can get to. Alt + F2 doesn't work. Has anyone else run into anything like this?06:01
dm-madmanshachaf: what about it?06:01
fccfmedstudent: just password protection and only drs. and drs. employees allowed data access, w/o patient consent, or medical necessity06:01
zebaztianshachaf, couldn't find packages lame06:02
shachafdm-madman: What would he add? "/dev/sda4" or some UUID line?06:02
mezquitalezebaztian," lame MyFile.wav MyNewFile.mp3"06:02
shachafzebaztian: Probably it's in "universe" or "multiverse" or something.06:02
SeaPhorshachaf, http://www.wood-bee-co.com/woodbeeco/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=35&Itemid=6606:02
zebaztianmezquitale, do i have to specify the file location /path?06:03
dm-madmanshachaf: i just add the device node unless he's a drive-shuffler or something06:03
dm-madmanshachaf: and if he is, a LABEL= line would do just fine06:03
mezquitalezebaztian, if your already in the path then no, but if you want to creaate an mp3 file from your wav file that's stored in your desktop and put it into your library in another folder then yes06:04
shachafdm-madman: How does the LABEL thing work? Is it an argument to mke2fs?06:04
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mezquitalezebaztian, install lame first: sudo apt-get install lame06:04
zaccourhow do i save an ubuntu bootable image to an sd/micro sd card?06:05
skelzaccour: if you have it installed somewhere else already, there's a tool under Preferences or Administration06:05
skelzaccour: can't remember which06:05
skelzaccour: something like ubuntu usb image tool or something06:05
skelzaccour: at least in Jaunty06:06
dm-madmanshachaf: tell him this: mkfs.ext3 /dev/sda4 && mkdir /mnt/mynewhome && mount /dev/sda4 /mnt/mynewhome && cp -av /home/* /mnt/mynewhome/ && umount /mnt/mynewhome && e2label /dev/sda4 /home && echo '/home LABEL=/home ext3 defaults,noatime 0 0' >> /etc/fstab && mount /home06:06
mezquitaleDr_Willis was here briefly then he lft06:06
dm-madmanshachaf: perhaps substitute ext3 for something else06:06
dm-madmanshachaf: one command for him to cut and paste :)06:06
shachafdm-madman: What about deleting the files in the old /home? :-)06:07
dm-madmanshachaf: he has to run it as root, though, so 'sudo su' first?06:07
SeaPhorshachaf, UUID is somewhat confusing, as it is relative to the device/box/os... but tis command will give it... sudo vol_id --uuid /dev/sda#06:07
mezquitaleLogomachist,  you have to type the name first, as in the first few letters, then tab it, if he's using xchat he'll see it red and he'll know it's addressed to him06:07
skelwelp, the new woot sucks, I'm off to bed, g'night06:08
socrateesLogomachist: there?06:08
dm-madmanshachaf: yeah after that he can do this: mkdir /mnt/rootbind && mount -o bind / /mnt/rootbind && rm -rf /mnt/rootbind/home06:08
mezquitaleUUID is not confusing at all, it's the best way to put hard drives in your fstab06:08
LogomachistYeah. I was looking for his nick on the room list, when I couldn't find it I assumed he was under a pseudonym.06:09
dm-madmanshachaf: and then umount /mnt/rootbind, and maybe rmdir /mnt/{mynewhome,rootbind}06:09
shachafdm-madman: It wouldn't cause trouble to do this while logged in as a user?06:10
dm-madmanshachaf: nope06:10
dm-madmanshachaf: might do something odd if he's downloading while doing it or something, but i can't imagine it causing any major malfunctions (anything a quick relog won't fix)06:13
zebaztianmezquitale, I am using soundconverter instead, but it does'nt seem to give an option for converting to mp306:13
mezquitaleLogomachist, there are other gurus that come in the room every now and then so don't despair, just try different times, it's night time most of America, maybe some europeans will log in when it's night time in their time zone06:13
dm-madmanshachaf: it's really quite simple, you just format, copy, mount, delete06:13
mezquitalezebaztian, ive heard about soundconverter, lame was the easiest for me so youre on your own with soundconverter06:14
fccf!ask | Logomachist06:14
ubottuLogomachist: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)06:14
Logomachistmezquitale: K06:14
zebaztianmezquitale, it seems as though i already installed lame however i can't see it,is this a shell only app?06:15
mezquitaleLogomachist, ask your question again, maybe fccf can help you, if not hopefully someone else later on can06:15
LogomachistI have a problem. After logging in, the desktop comes up but without the menu bar. I have a mouse cursor, and I have wallpaper and  ctrl + alt + delete works. The "Help" button on the "restart the computer" menu brings up the help window but without the title bar. But that's all I can get to. Alt + F2 doesn't work. Has anyone else run into anything like this?06:15
mezquitalezebaztian, yes, lame is used through the command line as far as i know06:15
zaccourdo i get ubuntu onto an sd card the same way i would a usb flash?06:15
SeaPhormezquitale, i agree that its the best way of adding to the fstab, the confusing part is getting at the UUID, especially when the df -ah and whats listed in the fstab differ as far as what sdax and sday are, i had 2 cases where they conflicted eachother and had to guess which was correct in order to get the right UUID associated to the fstab06:16
dm-madmansorry ubottu. you made my ignore list for being "most annoying bot"06:16
ubottuPlease elaborate, your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)06:16
zebaztianmezquitale, so if i want to use lame first i cd to cdda://sr0/ and then i do what?06:16
shachafdm-madman: Don't you mean LABEL=/home /home ...?06:16
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dm-madmanit's vol_id --uuid /dev/sdxN06:16
dm-madmanshachaf: isn't that what i wrote?06:17
dm-madmanshachaf: yeah, i meant that, i was typing too fast06:17
mezquitaleSeanTater, youre confusing yourself, in the future try "sudo fdisk -l" and then "sudo blkid"06:17
zaccouri'm going back to 9.04 because in karmic there isn't sources needed for gyachi06:17
mezquitaleSeaPhor, , youre confusing yourself, in the future try "sudo fdisk -l" and then "sudo blkid"06:17
zaccouris there a way to downgrade?06:18
dm-madmanshachaf: sorry, good job catching that one06:18
mezquitalezebaztian, what is it exactly youre trying to do?  I thought you were trying to change a wav file to an mp3 file06:18
fccfzaccour: er um kinda... but not reccommended and definatly not supported06:18
PeddyLogomachist, it sounds like Compiz is messing things up a little (perhaps your graphics card isn't working properly). Can you do ctrl-alt-F2 after logging in?06:19
SeaPhormezquitale, did that- it matched the gui, and the fstab, but not the df -ah06:19
zebaztianmezquitale, yes, so the wavs are at cdda://sr0/ as they're in a cd, adn i want the mp3s to be ripped onto the desktop06:19
LogomachistF2 or F1?06:19
PeddyLogomachist, either.06:20
fccfLogomachist: does it matter, or is a terminal a terminal06:20
mezquitalezebaztian, yes, first cd to where the wav files are stored then in the path you have to specify the path to the desktop as in : lame myfile.wav /home/username/Desktop/myfile.mp306:20
LogomachistPeddy: Yes they both work.06:20
zaccourdo i get ubuntu onto an sd card the same way i would a usb flash?06:20
PeddyLogomachist, you will be presented with a black login screen, log in there.06:20
CoUrPsEAhh, my sound just stopped, i've killall pulseaudio and tried again, usually this fixes it for me.06:21
mezquitalefccf, t =t, the answer is t06:21
LogomachistPeddy: Done06:21
shachafHow would I find out a device's label?06:21
dm-madmanshachaf: if it's ext2/3?06:21
PeddyLogomachist, OK, type "DISPLAY=:0.0 metacity --replace" without quotes.06:21
shachafdm-madman: Yes.06:21
DougMis there a way to get my computer specs on my desktop.. including things like system usage?06:21
dm-madmanshachaf: e2label /dev/wtf06:21
zaccourdo i get ubuntu onto an sd card the same way i would a usb flash?06:22
ikeyDougM, get conky06:22
ikeyDougM, sudo apt-get install conky06:22
cambodoes anyone know of a gui to administer an slapd server?06:22
timothyarnoldhello! I'm having terrible Grub problems after an install of Ubuntu. Can someone help?06:22
fccf!repeat | zaccour06:22
ubottuzaccour: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search  https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org while you wait.06:22
ikeyThen google for a conky config06:22
DougMikey: alright cool thanks06:22
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PeddyLogomachist, after you've typed that, press ctrl-alt-F7 (has to be F7).06:22
mezquitaleDougM, you want to install system monitor06:22
=== chicagobears is now known as gewt
shujingjingI lost my ubuntu main menu items after I tried to edit it ,and there was no backups at /home/myhome/.config/menus/ . So I removed the file Applications.menu under that folder. After I log out my account and log in again,the main menu iterms is back.I just don't know how this happened.Maybe the main menu stores datas in other place too.So where is it?06:23
mezquitale!ask| timothyarnold06:23
ubottutimothyarnold: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)06:23
shachafdm-madman: Ah. Sorry, apparently I can't read man pages today.06:23
LogomachistPeddy: Do I hit enter after typing the DISPLAY line?06:23
zaccourdo i get ubuntu onto an sd card the same way i would a usb flash?06:23
PeddyLogomachist, yes.06:23
dm-madmanshachaf: 'sokay06:23
dm-madmanshachaf: you caught my goofball error, so i'll overlook that one06:24
mezquitaleLogomachist, just for kicks create another user and see what happens06:24
LogomachistI get the error "Window Manager Error: Unable to open the display 0"06:24
DougMikey: hey i just installed it and found http://www.gnome-look.org/content/show.php/My+Conky+Config?content=62536 do i just download that theme?06:24
DougMikey: sorry im new to ubuntu06:24
Logomachistmezquitale: How do I create another user w/out the GUI?06:24
timothyarnoldI have two physical hard drives. I had a Linux distro installed on one of them, and then installed Ubuntu on the other physical drive (it formatted the second). I was hoping to be able to dual boot into these two distros, but now grub comes up and only offers me Ubuntu. I've tried editing /boot/grub/menu.lst to add the other distro but to no avail. Actually, when I do this, it appears on my grub list and it begins to boot but then giv06:24
timothyarnoldUUID error of some sort. Can someone help me boot into my old install?06:24
zaccourthis channel isn't very helpful today :(06:24
ikeyDougM, dload it then extract to your home directory06:25
cambologomachist adduser username06:25
mezquitaleLogomachist, try what Peddy is suggesting first, if you still cant resolve your problem then just goggle on how to add/remove users using the command line06:25
DougMikey: cool thanks06:25
* dm-madman wonders how many GB this ubuntu mirror will take...06:25
Logomachistmezquitale: ok06:25
camboLogomachist: sudo adduser username06:25
camboLogomachist: sudo deluser username06:26
shujingjingMain menu was gone,And it's back after I remove ~/.config/menus/applications.menu.So why?06:26
PeddyLogomachist, did you type it exactly line-for-line DISPLAY=:0.0 ?06:26
Peddyletter for letter*06:26
LogomachistPEDDY: yes06:26
fccftimothyarnold: sounds like you have the wrong drive lettering passsing to grub in menu.list see !grub06:26
ubottuGRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto06:26
LogomachistPEDDY: WAIT, let me try again06:27
mezquitaletimothyarnold, that is not a big issue, that's happened to me a few times, first look at your hard drives, you want to know their location "sudo fdisk -l" then look at the "menu.lst" file, you have a new file that is being used by the drive youre using to boot up and you have an old one in the other drive, once you find those files ask more questions06:27
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PeddyDoes anyone know how to list X servers running on a machine and the display they're on?06:28
kermitwhen my computer shuts down improperly, lots of seemingly random settings get reset to defaults, is that a gconf issue?  gconf seems to bring a lot of the shortcomings of win to linux.06:28
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mezquitaleLogomachist, dont capitalize his nick, nobody likes that, instead type the first few letters of his nick, tab it and use the nick exactly as it appears06:28
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LogomachistSorry ^_^;; I hit caps lock by accident.06:29
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dm-madmanPeddy: ps -f `pidof X`06:29
Peddythanks dm-madman :)06:30
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LogomachistPeddy: I forgot the ':' the first time. I typed the line and then hit ctrl+alt+F7 like you said. The screen went back to the wallpaper.06:30
PeddyLogomachist, good. Can you do alt-F2 now?06:30
PeddyYou know, the Run dialog thing.06:31
dm-madmanPeddy: it will really just tell you the full commandline for X, which will include the display06:31
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PeddyLogomachist, OK, go back to the other terminal, ctrl-c out of metacity, and type the same thing as before, but instead do 'gtk-window-decorator --replace'.06:32
DougMikey: alright i extracted the file to my home directory mind helping me.. im not sure where to go from here06:32
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ikeyDougM, what files were there?06:33
DougMikey: conkyrc, weather.sh, weather.xslt06:33
LogomachistPeddy: What do I press to go back to the other terminal... ctrl + alt + F1? Then I hit ^c and type "gtk-window-decorator --replace"?06:33
ikeyDougM, rename conkyrc to .conkyrc06:34
dm-madmanCan you get CDs or DVDs with a bunch of the packages on it?  maybe an ISO or something?06:34
DougMikey: ok i did that06:34
ikeythen run conky06:34
PeddyLogomachist, yep - ctrl-alt-F1. Then, hit up, and delete the 'metacity --replace' part, replacing it with 'gtk-window-decorator --replace'.06:35
timothyarnoldmezquitale, I have both menu.lst files. I have the Ubuntu file because it's the OS I'm booting into, and I have the old one (Fedora) because I am able to mount the partition with the /boot folder from that distro. I'm not sure how (or which one) to edit, however, to enable booting into Fedora upon restart. I tried taking the Fedora version (from the Fedora menu.lst file) and sticking it as an option in the Ubuntu menu.lst file, right 06:35
timothyarnoldthe Ubuntu part. This makes Fedora show up on the Grub list when I restart, and seems to start the boot process, but I get an error soon after. It completes "Setting up Logical Volume Management" and fails "Checking filesystems." It says fsck.ext3: unable to resolve 'UUID=....'06:35
wizzo50\J #IP06:35
DougMikey: should the .conkyrc file be directly in my home directory because its inside a folder then inside another06:36
dm-madmantimothyarnold: perhaps you've unwittingly removed or formatted the FC root partition?06:36
LogomachistPeddy: Done06:36
lsemple_9/11 was an inside job06:36
timothyarnolddm-madman maybe? no idea what the FC root partition is06:36
zebaztianmezquitale, what if i want to convert several files all at once?06:37
dm-madmantimothyarnold: certainly sounds that way06:37
newserI need help. I cannot play any video files in vls, mplayer or the default video player. What can I do to fix this problem? When I try to play any videoclip, the window just closes06:37
ikeyDougM, directly yes.06:37
PeddyLogomachist, go back to VT7 with ctrl-alt-F7/06:37
DougMikey: ok06:37
timothyarnolddm-madman do you know how to fix this?06:37
steven__Is there a program for Ubuntu that is like Dreamweaver?06:37
LogomachistPeddy: done.06:37
Peddysteven__, Seamonkey I think, I don't have experience.06:38
dm-madmantimothyarnold: not really possible, assuming I am correct06:38
PeddyLogomachist, still not working?06:38
DougMikey: alright i put it directly into that folder.. now where should I go from here?06:38
LogomachistPeddy: Still not working06:38
ikeyDougM, everything in that folder. then ALT+F2 conky06:39
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about Scream06:39
dm-madmantimothyarnold: If you actually have removed and/or overwritten the FC root partition, it's gone.06:39
timothyarnoldhmmm dhm-madman, mezquitale seemed to think it was easily fixable... mezquitale?06:39
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PeddyLogomachist, OK - go back to VT1 and repeat the ^C thing, replacing 'gtk-window-decorator --replace' with 'gnome-panel'. It's a wild shot, but it might work.06:39
timothyarnolddm-madman is there a way to check this?06:39
newserI cannot play any video files in vlc, mplayer or the default video player. When I try to play any videoclip, the videoplayer window just closes06:40
PeddyPlus it might give interesting output.06:40
mezquitaletimothyarnold, sounds like the issue is between multi boot between ubuntu and fedora, I would google the issue, what you want to do is edit the "menu.lst" file on the ubuntu partition, I suggest you boot up to ubuntu "sudo fidsk -l" identify which partition has fedora, then get the uuid by : sudo blkid , then use the UUID in the menu.lst file06:40
dm-madmantimothyarnold: mount any unmounted partitions, and see if FC is on them06:40
Nozyhey all06:40
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about Screem06:40
timothyarnolddm-madman i can mount the fedora partitions06:40
dm-madmantimothyarnold: well then you have not removed or overwritten them06:41
steven__Which is better...Bluefish or Screem?06:41
Techtronictimothyarnold fedora or ext4 or ext3 ?06:41
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dm-madmantimothyarnold: you should do what he said, get the UUIDs and put them in your kernel command lines06:42
timothyarnoldmezquitale -- I've googled for several hours now, which is why I came here. I guess I don't understand where the computer looks when it boots. Has it mounted anything when grub comes up? Does it look at the /boot/grub/menu.lst file in the old fedora physical disk (I can mount the /boot folder. It is in /dev/sda1 whereas ubuntu is /dev/sdb1. This is where I got the menu.lst file from Fedora)?06:42
mezquitalezebaztian, if you want to do multiple files then you want to learn about scripting, havent done scripting in a long while, sorry but what you want to do is to create a loop that iterates in all files in a directory, if youre a professional that does hundreds of files then i suggest you learn about scripting, it will save you a lot of time06:42
timothyarnoldtechtronic not sure, how might I check? I want to say ext3 but unsure06:42
zebaztianmezquitale, i got the following output06:43
zebaztianlame: excess arg /home/sebastian/Desktop/DomingoAM.mp306:43
mezquitaletimothyarnold, your issue is with "dual booting ubuntu and fedora".  If you installed ubuntu last then ubuntu is booting up first and it matters what ubuntu sees06:43
mezquitalezebaztian, what did you type first?06:44
timothyarnoldmezquitale okay. Is there a way to make an option to use all the Fedora partitions to mount to /boot etc ? I tried to do this I guess and failed06:44
zebaztianmezquitale, lame Track 1.wav /home/sebastian/Desktop/DomingoAM.mp306:44
administrator__how to format pen drive on ubuntu 906:44
spitziHi. I had a local terminal connect via ssh to a remote host overnight, in order to run some app, but the connection timed out. Now that I've relogged-in, I still see the PID of that app, only that now its been adopted by pid 1. Can I rejoin it as a child of the new terminal I'm now using, so that I can again monitor its output ?06:44
LogomachistPeddy: I got my panels back, but with a dialog box saying "The panel encountered a problem while loading "OAFIID: GNOME-FastUserSwitchApplet" Do you want to delete the applet from your configuration?"06:44
zebaztianmezquitale, i already cd to desktop btw06:45
LogomachistPeddy: What should I answer?06:45
Sememmonspitzi: not that I'm aware of, but you might want to look in to a utility called "screen"06:45
administrator__how to format pen drive on ubuntu 906:45
PeddyLogomachist, you can leave it for now, I don't think it's your main problem.06:45
spitziSememmon - ok, I will06:45
Sememmonits handy =]06:45
Sememmonfor stuff like that.06:45
PeddyLogomachist, try adding a new user through the GUI with system>administration>users and groups06:45
timothyarnoldmezquitale: blkid gives me LABEL and UUIDs. How do I put this in menu.lst?06:45
steven__Anyone here know anything about KompoZer?06:45
dm-madmanadministrator__: mkfs /dev/wtf06:45
mezquitaletimothyarnold, I have done this using ubuntu.  My installs have crapped out and only gave an option to use the last install that I used.  I haave a 500G hd with a bunch of partitions.  What I do is edit my "menu.lst" file and add the other partitions, the trick is to put the correct partitions in  your "menu.lst" file06:46
PeddyLogomachist, log out, and log in with the new user. Does the problem still occur?06:46
geniidm-madman: Thats not a constructive answer06:46
dm-madmanadministrator__: where wtf is actually wtf device you want to format06:46
dm-madmangenii: is it not?06:46
timothyarnoldmezquitale do you think two different physical hard drives, versus just several partitions, makes this different?06:46
SeaPhortimothyarnold, do you have internet on that box? the one in question?06:46
timothyarnoldseaphor unfortunately no06:47
geniidm-madman: Not in it's original form :)06:47
dm-madmangenii: perhaps "man mkfs" would be better?06:47
mezquitaletimothyarnold, hint:  have you see what the "menu.lst" file looks like for ubuntu06:47
administrator__i have connect it to my usb port so i wanna format it how to do it06:47
geniidm-madman: "man whatever" is the lazy way.06:47
dm-madmanadministrator__: you'd probably like gparted06:48
SeaPhortimothyarnold, what can you boot to?06:48
timothyarnoldmezquitale yep, I'm looking at it right now. title, uuid, kernel, root=uuid=[a UUID], initrd. I think I've found all these things for the Fedora partition (by looking at the Fedora menu.lst) and added it below the Ubuntu pieces06:48
n8tuseradministrator__ -> fdisk /dev/sdc06:48
dm-madmangenii: it's more helpful than doing it for them, though06:48
zebaztianmezquitale, sebastian@jaunty:~/Desktop$ lame Track 1.wav  Could not find "Track"06:48
geniidm-madman: Sometimes.06:48
timothyarnoldmezquitale and that indeed gives me a Fedora option when I reboot in Grub. But then when I boot it gives me this UUID error. Could the UUID from the Fedora menu.lst be different from the UUID that it should be?06:48
timothyarnoldseaphor: i can boot to ubuntu but not my previous distro on a different physical hard drive06:48
mezquitaletimothyarnold, dont look at the UUID in the menu.lst in the fedora partition, boot into ubuntu and get the UUID from ubuntu06:48
rwwzebaztian: put a \ before the space, so "lame Track\ 1.wav"06:48
timothyarnoldmezquitale: okay --- does this come from blkid?06:49
LogomachistPeddy: When the Users and Groups window appears, it is all the way in the upper left hand corner of the screen, and without a title or menu bar. "Add user" is grayed out. Maybe this is because I am logged in under failsafe mode?06:49
dm-madmantimothyarnold: blkid just prints the uuid for the device node06:49
borreguitomy ADD PRINTER  option are disabled.... help me!!!06:49
administrator__where i should mention my pen drive's name06:49
mezquitalezebaztian, try putting quotes around your file name as in "Track 1. wav"06:49
PeddyLogomachist, you might need to click 'unlock' first. But, to get the title and menu bars back, could you open a gnome-terminal?06:50
mezquitaletimothyarnold, you seemed to have solved the problem yourself, try it and see what happens06:50
medstudentIdleOne, SeaPhor, mezquitale: great success. 9.04 booted beautifully.06:50
LogomachistPeddy: Unlock is disabled too. Terminal opened.06:51
SeaPhormedstudent, great news06:51
administrator__what is the command to format a flash drive on ubuntu 906:51
glicksexcuse me, how come i dont see the settings i click in compiz configurator06:51
glicksdo i have to restart x before they take effect?06:51
dm-madmanadministrator__: try gparted, i think that's "the ubuntu way"06:51
mezquitalemedstudent, so your machine like jaunty then??? Jaunty makes my desktop cry a river!!!!!!!!!!06:51
PeddyLogomachist, OK - it's probably failsafe mode. Ignore that for now. Type gtk-window-decorator --replace in the terminal.06:51
medstudentSeaPhor: so to get "up and running" per se in Ubuntu, I need to get Flash, mp3 and DVD codecs, right?06:52
wadmurrglicks, make sure compiz is enabled in System>preferences>appearance06:52
wizzo50\join #<unity-coders>06:52
glicksit is enabled wadmurr06:52
ikeysudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdb1 && sudo mkfs.ext2 /dev/sdb1    << Replace sdb1 with your ACTUAL device name06:52
medstudentmezquitale: works like a charm so far06:52
wadmurrglicks, "Normal" or "Extra" set?06:52
medstudentbut it's only been up and running for 90 seconds06:52
geniiadministrator__: First you need to know what the drive is being seen as. Usually it's some name like sdb sdc or so on. Then it needs to have a valid partition so that there is an sdb1 or sdc` or so on which to format. Then you can format it in the way already described by dm-madman06:52
glickswadmurr, custom06:52
LogomachistPeddy: Done.06:53
medstudentlooks gorgeous though. I'm digging the font feathering06:53
administrator__name is yamuna06:53
mezquitalemedstudent update it your distro "sudo apt-get update"06:53
PeddyLogomachist, does the terminal say anything? Still no titlebars, right?06:53
medstudentok I'll have to leave IRC to do that06:53
wadmurrglicks, as i change settings in the compizconfig settings manager, they instantly take effect06:53
medstudentI'll have to switch the ethernet cord to my desktop now06:53
LogomachistPeddy: Nothing, and right06:53
medstudentI'll fire up Xchat though once I'm on line06:54
PeddyLogomachist, try compiz --replace06:54
mezquitalemedstudent, have fun, try installing winblows in this time frame\06:54
timothyarnoldmezquitale: got past the last spot where there was an error, but the progress bar just kind of hangs when it gets all the way to the right hand side of the screen. Is there a way to show what's actually happening during bootup (Fedora) to see where it hangs?06:54
medstudentmezquitale: seriously06:54
Logomachist^c first?06:54
medstudentmezquitale: and especially with an off-the-shelf Windows version with no drivers. You'd go insane.06:54
PeddyLogomachist, yes06:55
dm-madmangenii: see i would call that "too helpful".  That's like someone asking for directions, and you just drive their car there for them and take a cab back. :p06:55
mezquitalemedstudent, true that, when you get finish schools i hope you remember it was us computer geeks that helped you with your pc issues06:55
dm-madmangenii: I'm new to this channel, though, so idk...06:55
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mezquitalemedstudent, sorry about the grammer im quite drunk :-)06:56
geniidm-madman: They still have to do the work of finding now their drive designation, partitioning, formatting. So the work is still all theirs to do, now that they know an approach06:56
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mezquitaletimothyarnold, i need to see your menu.lst file06:56
_Trinity_hi all06:57
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timothyarnoldmezquitale the whole thing or just the Fedora entry?06:57
mezquitaletimothyarnold, the whole thing06:57
mezquitaletimothyarnold, the whole thing in your unbuntu partition06:57
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frogzoowhy is my update bitching that firefox updates are not authenticated?06:58
timothyarnoldmezquitale :okay, give me a minute06:58
dm-madmangenii: do ubuntu users normally have wgetpaste?06:58
_Trinity_shuld I be worried about having my / 70% full? I only have two paritions06:58
Techtronicnew skype release for Linux 2.1 Beta out >_<06:58
dm-madman_Trinity_: worry when it says 100% full06:59
dm-madman_Trinity_: really weird things happen then06:59
frogzoo_Trinity_: it will make your next upgrade a nightmare, but in the meantime it's all good06:59
mezquitaletimothyarnold, just a clue for you, i googled your issue and it looks like fedora uses LVM's, let me keep reading06:59
steven__Should I stick with Gnome-desktop or try Kde?06:59
Logo2Peddy: This is Logomachist, I'm logging in from the affected computer now.06:59
geniidm-madman: Not that i know of06:59
Logo2Peddy: This is the output of compiz --replace - http://privatepaste.com/f90spl5WxD06:59
dm-madmangenii: how unfortunate.  maybe nopaste or some other CLI pastebin program?07:00
geniidm-madman: For cli pasting, pastebinit usually07:00
_Trinity_dm-madman: I wonder what filling it? Three desktops?07:00
djbpythoni can't get tcpdump to work, and i suspect its because i am trying to use my wireless interface, any ideas?07:00
PeddyLogo2, good. Could you paste the output (if any) of 'metacity --replace'?07:00
dibblegois there a release schedule for 9.04.1 ?07:00
djbpythonusing "sudo tcpdump -i wlan0'07:01
djbpythonwlan0 is listed as the logical name using lshw -C network07:01
dm-madman_Trinity_: there are several ways to determine this07:01
wadmurrdjbpython: are you connected to a network that you're listening to, or are you trying to monitor all wifi traffic?07:01
Logo2No output for metacity --replace.07:01
medstudent1mezquitale: ok I'm up and running on Ubuntu07:01
rwwdibblego: point releases are only created for LTSes. 9.04 is not an LTS, so there won't be a
medstudent1it seems that XChat doesn't come installed by default07:02
dm-madmangenii: so pastebinit can be piped output or used like 'pastebinit /the/file' i asuume?07:02
wizzo50timothyarnold: On that Fedora, when you acidently tell it TV mode and you haven't got that hooked up yet to your computer, TV that is, and your screen just turns to a blank screen, even when you reboot the computer every time, How do you correct that so you can get your computer screen back up so you can see things on it until your actually ready to use the TV mode in Fedora?07:02
SpacePigeonlong live communism! down with capitalism!07:02
geniidm-madman: Yup07:02
mezquitalesteven__, it all depends on your hardware, if you want speed stay with gnome, if you have a fast pc and want eye-candy, try KDE07:02
timothyarnoldwizzo50 confused ... what is TV mode?07:02
PeddyLogo2, this is a bit redundant, but could you do 'gtk-window-decorator --replace' again?07:02
dm-madmangenii: thanks, maybe i can be as helpful as you here now07:03
Hentaiiwhy won't my ati driver install tahts in restricted drivers, I hit activate, it asks for my pwd, then it says downloading, and that dissapears but no green light07:03
madberry!politics | SpacePigeon07:03
ubottuSpacePigeon: Please take political discussion to ##politics. Thank you!07:03
wizzo50To use a TV monitor instead of your computer monitor07:03
mezquitalesteven__, actually i meant to say if you HAVE a fast pc and want eye candy then try KDE07:03
mezquitalemedstudent, congrats!07:03
PeddyLogo2, you _do_ use Gnome, right?07:03
steven__I have Intel Core 2 Duo...that fast?07:03
dm-madman_Trinity_: you could use 'find' to look for big files, or just find the basic distribution of the usage with something like 'du -sh /*'07:04
wizzo50timothyarnold: This happened to me and didn't know what to do, so I just reinstalled the Ubuntu over it again.07:04
Berzerkerit's not just processor07:04
Berzerkerbut video card, more so07:04
medstudent1mezquitale: another question: what would be the best way to get Internet Explorer running in Wine?07:04
wadmurr!politics | wadmurr07:04
ubottuwadmurr, please see my private message07:04
Berzerkermedstudent1: whyever would you want to do that07:04
moxieHey there guys, Im sure this is going to sound absolutely Noobish, but I just switched to Ubuntu recently, and I feel comfortable with the console, but I can't seem to figure out if there is an Equivical ".bat" file in *nix. I would think there would have to be.07:05
dm-madman_Trinity_: usually /usr takes a lot, but maybe if you have /home on the root partition that would be the majority07:05
medstudent1Berzerker: unfortunately when I access the electronic med record system, it's only supported in IE07:05
dibblegorww, oh, then 9.10 will be a LTS?07:05
medstudent1why...I have no idea07:05
lsemple_man you guyz is tripped right out07:05
dm-madmanmoxie: shell script07:05
zaccourwhere do my epiphany downloads go? i can't find them anywhere07:05
mezquitalemedstudent, uninstall wine and install firefox07:05
Berzerkermedstudent1: look up the IETab extension for firefox07:05
rwwdibblego: no, 10.04 (or possibly 10.10). LTSes are about every 2 years, and the last one was 8.04.07:05
LogomachistPeddy: I don't know if you caught my last line, but after I closed the metacity --replace terminal the screen got screwy, windows were overlapping each other and I couldn't read the chat so I rebooted.07:05
dibblegorww, ok ta07:06
medstudent1Berzerker: does that work in Linux? I thought that only worked for Windows...I don't think that Linux has the rendering engine installed by default07:06
zaccourdoes anyone know how to find the downloads from epiphany browser? i can't seem to find them anywhere07:06
_Trinity_ I'll look into those07:06
geniimoxie: Most scripts in *nix are done in sh,bash, or similar. The extension when it exists is usually .sh  but normally in the first line of the file is something like #!/path/executable      which tells the os what to use to run the thing07:06
PeddyLogomachist, OK - now that you've rebooted. At GDM, before you log in, go ctrl-alt-F1 and log in there, create a user account with 'sudo adduser'. then try logging in with that account.07:06
dm-madmanmoxie: make a file, start it with "#!/bin/sh" or some other interpreter path, set it to be executable (chmod 755 filename) and then run it (./filename)07:07
Berzerkermedstudent1: no idea, you can try it though07:07
LogomachistPeddy: GDM?07:07
wadmurrmedstudent: is the record system detecting that you're on linux/firefox and telling you no, or is there some plugin or scripting needed by the system?07:07
PeddyLogomachist, the login screen.07:07
Techtronichowto reconfigure mysql ?07:07
zaccourwhere do my epiphany downloads go? i can't find them anywhere07:07
SeaPhormedstudent, is your med stuff suported in IE6 or does it have to be IE7+?07:07
dm-madmanmoxie: however, batch files in DOS/Windows have a behavior where they can affect the current environment, and shell scripts, when run, cannot07:08
moxieAwesome, thanks for the info guys, huge help. And gave me something to google for.07:08
dm-madmanmoxie: you can, however make them do that by "sourcing" them (. filename)07:08
medstudent1SeaPhor: it's supported in IE607:08
mezquitalemedstudent, that is the only reason i ever boot to redmond, when there's stuff that isn't supported in linux like your plugin for IE07:08
wizzo50Hi, what program in Ubuntu do I use to use my HP printer and scanner on and to scan the original size?07:09
dm-madmanmoxie: you can look at the man page for bash for a HUGE amount of information about the shell language07:09
wadmurrmedstudent: is it an IE plugin, or is the system just telling you 'no' because you're on firefox?07:09
medstudent1mezquitale: I thought that IE6 was supported in Wine07:09
dm-madmanI printed the bash manual once, it was like a phone book07:09
_Trinity_dm-madman: It's not /home that's in /. I'll look intose otehr commands. Adn just when I thught I'd not install without extra partitions07:10
CoUrPsEAhh, have compiz running now, and my send application to workspace keyboard shourtcuts dont work, :/07:10
CoUrPsEAny ideas?07:10
seidosdm-madman: speed reading is a learnable skill07:10
wadmurrmedstudent: why i ask is because if it's sensing that you're on firefox and simply saying "no," you could change firefox's user agent string to that of IE's and trick the sites07:10
SeaPhormedstudent, for me it wouls be 2 choices,,, 1 run winxp in  vm, or 2 pay the 15$ for crossover and install IE from office 2003 there'07:10
mezquitalemedstudent, yes but IE uses plugins which might not be supported in linux, what application youre trying to use in IE???07:10
SeaPhormedstudent, *would07:10
wizzo50any help here07:10
dm-madmanseidos: never learned that skill, but i did read most of the manual07:10
medstudent1it doesn't render properly in Firefox07:10
seidos!ask | wizzo5007:11
ubottuwizzo50: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)07:11
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wizzo50what program in Ubuntu do I use to use my HP printer and scanner on and to scan the original size?07:11
spitziSememmon - FYI, retty may also be useful07:11
zaccourwhere do my epiphany downloads go? i can't find them anywhere07:11
CoUrPsEAhh, have compiz running now, and my send application to workspace keyboard shourtcuts dont work, :/07:11
spitziThanks all, bye07:11
medstudent1wadmurr: so I need true IE07:11
CoUrPsEAny ideas?07:11
seidoswizzo50: gimp might work07:11
Sememmonspitzi: cool, ty07:11
KeifferHi! Can you tell me if i can connect with ssh to my machine, with the user X, if on the machine is user Y that's logged in?07:12
LogomachistPeddy: The new user has panels but it is still gives me that applet error dialog I encountered before.07:12
wadmurrmedstudent: maybe so. but it could still be something detecting you're on firefox and not firing off some javascript or css file07:12
zaccourany epiphany browser users here at all?07:12
CoUrPsEAlso, i cant drag folders and stuff anymore since installing compiz.07:12
geniiKeiffer: ssh -l Xname ip/name07:12
R3zabache ha man ye barnameie php neveshte hala mikham ba cron too server ejrash konam ta karesho anjam bede , hala dastooore ejrash ro chi baiad bedam ?07:12
PeddyLogomachist, does the new user have window titlebars?07:12
wadmurrmedstudent1: maybe have a look at IEs4Linux @   http://www.tatanka.com.br/07:12
rwwKeiffer: you can specify which user to use with "ssh username@server", if that's what you're asking07:13
seidoswizzo50: nevermind, perhaps something else07:13
CoUrPsEHELLO ALL, Can you pls respond to my questions?07:13
KeifferOk. Thanks rww and genii07:13
seidosdm-madman: I am still practicing.  I am trying to get through the bible07:13
mezquitalewhere can you post multiple lines???07:13
rww!helpme | CoUrPsE07:13
ubottuCoUrPsE: Avoid your questions being followed by a trail of "Please, help me", "Can nobody help me?", "I really need this!", and so on. This just contributes to making the channel unreadable. If you are not answered, ask again later; but see also !repeat and !patience07:13
LogomachistPeddy: yes07:13
genii!paste | mezquitale07:13
ubottumezquitale: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com (or !pastebinit for CLI) | For pasting !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin Please give us the URLs for your posts!07:13
* CoUrPsE mutters.07:13
mezquitalegenii, thank you07:14
rwwR3za: which language?07:14
enovativhello to all...it seems that samba is automatically set up on my ubuntu box...but how do i access my linux shares from windows ?07:14
seidoswizzo50: I don't think gimp will work07:14
wizzo50seidos: Then what?07:14
zaccourwhere do my epiphany downloads go? i can't find them anywhere07:14
CoUrPsEI cant drag folders and stuff anymore since installing compiz. is ther a fix?07:14
R3zarww: sorry , wrong channel , its persian language . :D07:14
enovativin linux i can do smb://07:14
mezquitale!paste |  timothyarnold07:14
ubottutimothyarnold: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com (or !pastebinit for CLI) | For pasting !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin Please give us the URLs for your posts!07:14
enovativbut i can't see my linux shares in windows07:14
seidoswizzo50: have you tried xsane?07:14
PeddyLogomachist, OK - if you don't mind losing your wallpaper, theme and panel configuration (all personal data and firefox prefs will be retained), there is a quick fix for your user account. Otherwise, we could try finding the exact problem. Your choice.07:14
zirodayenovativ: samba isn't setup by default but for windows in explorer it usually is //ip.address.of.server/sharename. However that changes from version to version of windows07:15
medstudentmezquitale: quick question: how do I enable the extra repositories. Things like Deluge and XChat don't show up when I search07:15
wizzo50seidos: No. I just want to make a copy of a letter I have07:15
wizzo50Before I mail it07:15
mezquitale!paste |  timothyarnold07:15
mezquitale!paste |  timothyarnold07:15
timothyarnoldmezquitale sorry, again lost internet07:15
mezquitale!paste |  timothyarnold07:15
FloodBot1mezquitale: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:15
mezquitaletimothy arnold07:15
Hentaiziroday, \\ip\share07:15
mezquitaleyoure flooding07:15
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com (or !pastebinit for CLI) | For pasting !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin Please give us the URLs for your posts!07:15
mezquitale!paste | timothyarnold07:15
ubottutimothyarnold: please see above07:15
enovativziroday: how do i share my folders in ubuntu ?07:15
zirodayenovativ: woops, Hentai is right, its \\ip\share07:16
geniimezquitale: The bot won't spit out the same answer if the requests are too close together in time07:16
seidoswizzo50: the scanner I have has a memory card, so I've never set up a connection to it via usb07:16
R3zarww: ok , do you know how can i run php file with cron , i mean what is the command ?07:16
timothyarnoldi am flooding right now?07:16
seidoswizzo50: and it's currently in the garage07:16
rwwmezquitale: I think now might be about the right time for you to go take a break and get the alcohol out of your system.07:16
CoUrPsEHow can i get my minimize, maximize and close programs back on my windows?07:16
mezquitaletimothyarnold, you didnt lose internet access, you got booted because you were flooding the chat07:16
wadmurrmedstudent: System>Administration>Software Sources07:16
zirodayenovativ: you can write click on a file and select sharing options. That's normally simplest way. Also see !samba07:16
timothyarnoldmezquitale hmm did not intend to... sorry07:16
seidoswizzo50: but xsane sounds like your best bet, or search the forums for your particular scanner model07:16
ubottuThe Ubuntu forums can be found at http://www.ubuntuforums.org. There is also a channel on IRC Freenode #ubuntuforums.07:16
wizzo50I already have a scanner & printer HP Photosmart C4640 which I just got before I made all my computer Ubuntu07:16
zirodayCoUrPsE: what did you do to make them disappear?07:16
timothyarnoldmezquitale I didn't think I pasted anything large into the chat room07:17
mezquitalerww, thank you kindly for your request but the alcohol is exactly where it's supposed to be but I glady accept your invitation for a break, thank you07:17
zaccourwhere do my epiphany downloads go? i can't find them anywhere07:17
wizzo50seidos: It also has memory card slots too on it07:17
timothyarnoldmezquitale okay! here is my menu.lst http://paste.ubuntu.com/269575/ terribly sorry for flooding07:17
CoUrPsEziroday, afaik, nothing, i enabled compiz, and not theres a few things i cant do, eg, i had F5-F9 as sent application to workspace, and thye dont work either.07:17
enovativi right click on \home\username and saw nothing07:17
enovativi right click in linux on \home\username and saw nothing07:18
wizzo50seidos: So, you say use, XSane07:18
medstudentwadmurr: thank you. so I just check all those sources? any others I need? I can't check to make sure those work b/c update manager is running at the moment07:18
zirodayCoUrPsE: do you see the title bars/window decorations?07:18
LogomachistPeddy: How long do you expect the slow fix would take?07:18
st01khey guys, none of my media players witll play .avi or .mov anymore.... i added codecs to be able to play .wmv and since then i can't play the other formats.  can anyone help?  (i've tried to play with mplayer, movie player, and vlc)  ver: ubuntu 8.10 intrepid07:18
CoUrPsEziroday, Yay, yes, just enabled it, and i got menus and stuffs.07:18
KeifferAnyone here uses LUKS / encryption for home/swap/temp/etc?07:18
CoUrPsEziroday, Thanks, can you also help me with the send to workspace cmd?07:19
zaccourwhere are epiphany downloads saved? i can't find them07:19
wadmurrmedstudent: that should do. close it, update sources. and then find your packages in synaptic07:19
wizzo50seidos: I clicked on it and it scanned for devices and came up saying No devices available.07:19
zirodayCoUrPsE: sure! You'll probably want to install compizconfig-settings-manager which is where you configure all of the compiz stuffs07:19
dm-madmanhow many GB is a full ubuntu mirror07:19
seidoswizzo50: do you have a memory card slot on your computer?07:19
CoUrPsEYes, i have that, amd lookng at 'all' now.07:19
wadmurrhow many mirrors is a full ubuntu GB07:20
wizzo50seidos: No, not on the computer itself, the printer I do.07:20
CoUrPsEziroday, Yes, i have that, amd lookng at 'all' now.07:20
mezquitaletimothyarnold, this might be of help: http://www.linuxforums.org/forum/linux-newbie/112118-dual-boot-fedora-8-ubuntu-desktop-version.html , the hint is fedora uses lvm so you have to translate that into unbuntu'ese, i have to go now because the respectable public thinks i have consumed a drink too many, good night!07:20
zirodayCoUrPsE: yep, I'm trying to find the option myself, there's quite a few :)07:20
wizzo50seidos: Unless I hook a USB port to one.07:20
PeddyLogomachist, I don't really have a high level of expertise, so it could take a long time, or might not happen at all. However, if we try the quick-fix, it's reversible and we'll be able to see if it actually fixes your problem (it should)07:21
timothyarnoldmezquitale thanks for your help07:21
CoUrPsEziroday, oh aight, sorry, didnt know if ya seen the msg, i see there is lots of options, :/07:21
mezquitaleno problem07:21
seidoswizzo50: that might be the easiest way to do it.  I can search the forums for you if you give me your printer make and model07:21
steven__Anyone know if Screem is any good?07:21
wizzo50seidos: Which would be the same as the HP Printer to the computer07:21
zaccourwhere are epiphany downloads saved? i can't find them07:21
dm-madmanI'm rsyncing this us.archive.ubuntu.com and i'm rather curious how big the directory is going to get07:22
zirodayCoUrPsE: from the looks of it you'll want to enable the "Put" plugin and then configure a binding for "Put to arbitrary viewport"07:22
wizzo50seidos: HP Photosmart C464007:22
seidoswizzo50: if when you plug the printer into your computer, if it mounts the memory card as a drive in ubuntu, then yes, you are right07:22
zirodaydm-madman: quite large07:22
zaccourbrb gotta poop07:22
rwwzaccour: by default, they're not, due to a bug in epiphany. You need to go to Edit > Preferences and set a download location.07:22
Lint01dm-madman: ~50 GB07:22
mezquitaletimothyarnold, still there??07:22
dm-madmanoh, that's not so bad07:22
timothyarnoldmezquitale yep07:22
seidoswizzo50: what version of ubuntu are you running?07:23
wizzo50seidos: That I don't know if it does, if it mounts the memory card as a drive in Ubuntu. How do you find that out?07:23
xsquaredhi there. Can someone point me in the direction of some good reading material for deploying workstations in a commercial situation? LDAP / Remote mounted /home directories etc07:23
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ver07:23
wizzo50seidos: 9.1007:23
ubottuTo find out what version of Ubuntu you have, type « lsb_release -a » in a !shell - To know the available version of a package, « apt-cache policy <package> »07:23
LogomachistI'm worried that the problem would reoccur if we don't fix the underlying cause; but since you're not sure the slow fix would even work we might as well do the quick fix if that's going to fix it at least for awhile. But first, is there any way I could preserve my Main menu?07:23
kermitdm-madman: 668201353515 bytes, plus filesystem overhead.07:23
mezquitaletimothyarnold, the answer is simple, in ubuntu in order to boot up every bootable section has  these lines:  "title" "uuid" "kernel" "initrd"07:24
timothyarnoldmezquitale okay07:24
CoUrPsEziroday, Awesome, do you know a way of not going to the desktop with it?07:24
ubottuTo find out what version of Ubuntu you have, type « lsb_release -a » in a !shell - To know the available version of a package, « apt-cache policy <package> »07:24
mezquitaleif you look at your fedora section in your menu.lst, it's telling ubuntu to boot up from the first partition in your first hard drive which is false07:24
zirodayCoUrPsE: sorry I don't quite follow. Could you rephrase that?07:24
dm-madmankermit: did i read that right?  just under 700GB?07:25
seidoswizzo50: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1123635&highlight=HP+Photosmart+C464007:25
kermitdm-madman: according to my math.. unless things are listed multiple times in the ls-lR.gz07:25
kermitdm-madman: i just totaled up the 5th column in that file07:25
timothyarnoldmezquitale you mean the root (hd0,0) ?07:25
CoUrPsEI set it up using F5-8 like i use to have it, but when i send something to workspace 2 (F6), my ubuntu goes to workspace as well.07:25
mezquitaletimothyarnold, instead boot up into ubuntu and look for the UUID of the bootable partition in your fedora distro, remember fedora uses LVM, then  place the correct parameters in the "menu.lst"  in your ubuntu partition07:26
seidoswizzo50: if you can't scan to memory card, then just pull the .jpg from the card07:26
seidoswizzo50: then try this program HPLIP07:26
CoUrPsEAlso, When i take focus away from Xchat, when put enabled, and then put focus back, i cant see my typing.07:26
mezquitaletimothyarnold, exactly( Hd0,0)07:26
dm-madmankermit: okay, so i'll just cancel that i guess...07:26
timothyarnoldmezquitale i thought that *was* where the fedora boot partition was07:27
dm-madmankermit: and come up with an alternate plan07:27
zirodayCoUrPsE: ah not sure about that sorry, #compiz might have answers however07:27
seidoswizzo50: plug the printer into your computer, and check your gnome desktop07:27
PeddyLogomachist, by Main Menu, do you mean the gnome-panel Applications dialog? or what?07:27
LogomachistYeah, that's what I meant.07:27
timothyarnoldmezquitale i get that from /boot/grub/device.map on the ubuntu disk07:27
seidoswizzo50: I think mount will also list drives that are mounted, but the chances of this are slim.  you will probably have to try using HPLIP07:27
rjb1which is the standard-prefix for lua?07:27
DesertEaglehello all07:27
timothyarnoldmezquitale it says (hd0) /dev/sda (the physical drive where fedora is) and (hd1) /dev/sdb (the physical drive where ubuntu is)07:27
wizzo50seidos: When I plug the memory card in the printer, a box appears called F-Spot, but I'll do what you say up above, just give me a little time. I am slow at learning these things Sorry!07:28
seidoswizzo50: I have a sd card reader on my laptop07:28
DesertEaglei removed the linux-headers package on my system and installed a previous one (compatibility issues) but when i rebooted, it says it's still using the kernel i dont want. How do i fix that?07:28
shachafHum. Assuming I want to be able to help someone with command-line-related things remotely -- a shared screen session would be approximately what I'm after -- would there be a simple way for them to set that up? Assume there are NATs involved and all that.07:28
wizzo50seidos: There printer is already plugged in07:28
timothyarnoldmezquitale do i need that root (hd0,0) line at all in menu.lst?07:28
mezquitaletimothyarnold, dont use (hd0, 0) use the same as the other entries in the "menu.lst" file, pput the "uuid" and then "kernel" and then "initrd"07:28
shachaf(I've managed to set it up on my own computer with SSH tunneling and creating a specialized user and various flags and so on, but that's rather complex.)07:29
seidoswizzo50: can you browse the contents of the memory card from ubuntu?07:29
zaccourrww, i tried that, didn't work07:29
timothyarnoldmezquitale so replace that line with uuid=[the UUID]?07:29
mezquitaletimothyarnold, also uses google, fedora uses lvm and I don't even know what UUID youre supposed to use in ubuntu so I suggest you goggle it, now you know what the issue is07:30
timothyarnoldmezquitale okay, thanks for your help07:30
mezquitaleno problem, good night07:30
CoUrPsEziroday, Aight, thanks m8.07:30
zirodayCoUrPsE: have fun!07:30
CoUrPsEheh, thanks.07:30
=== Caplain_ is now known as Caplain
dm-madmanmezquitale: are you a drive shifter?  you are in love with this UUID mount option, but it seems only particularly useful for portable storage devices to me.07:31
seidoswizzo50: does your photosmart c4480 allow you to scan to memory card without being plugged in?07:31
DesertEaglei removed the linux-headers package on my system and installed a previous one (compatibility issues) but when i rebooted, it says it's still using the kernel i dont want. How do i fix that?07:31
PeddyLogomachist, I don't know if there's a way to do that. Like I said, it's reversible though - if it's too harsh, you can just go back. Also, it'd make things easier for me if you said my name when you talk to me; lets me see when you reply.07:31
LogomachistPeddy: Sorry, I keep forgetting. ... OK, let's go with the solution that we know will work.07:32
wizzo50seidos: I am following them instructions on the downloading and setting up the HPLIP07:32
BeardedAdminI can't stand UUID for identifying disks, it looks awful, requires extra steps, and doesn't do anything that udev rule can't07:32
kermitand it breaks hibernate if you reformat your swap partition07:33
seidoswizzo50: ubuntu :)07:33
BeardedAdminand it causes no end's of pain if trying to setup RAID arrays!07:33
wizzo50seidos: right07:33
wizzo50seidos: hold on07:34
PeddyLogomachist, I think I may have found a way to save the menu, but first07:34
zaccouris kde updated by ubuntu community?07:34
dm-madmanBeardedAdmin: makes your fstab look like an exercise in data encryption07:34
CoUrPsEziroday, Just seen a option to 'unfocus window', This stops going to the desktop with the application.07:34
zaccourdoes anyone know?...........07:35
PeddyLogomachist, OK. Open up your home directory, ctrl-h, and rename .gnome .gnome2 .gnome2_private .gconf .gconfd .config by addind a '.old' to the end.07:35
BeardedAdmindm-madman: Yup. A major step backwards if you ask me07:35
wizzo50seidos: I am not sure what they mean on C. of Step 2: Install Dependency Packages07:35
zirodayCoUrPsE, awesome07:35
SnakDoczaccour far as i know kde keeps kde updated07:35
zaccourSnakDoc, how is that possible?07:35
SnakDoczaccour now i but not sure who keeps repos up07:35
zaccourSnakDoc, i mean who?07:35
dm-madmanBeardedAdmin: LABELs can be nice, though07:36
rwwzaccour: the Kubuntu people periodically put up notifications of backports of new versions of KDE at http://www.kubuntu.org/07:36
zaccourrww, is it updated with regular updates like in gnome?07:36
wadmurrzaccour: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/KDE#Organization07:36
rwwzaccour: Ubuntu doesn't update to new major versions of GNOME after release.07:37
seidoswizzo50: I don't see "Dependency Packages"07:37
wizzo50seidos: I am not sure what they mean on C. of Step 2: Install Dependency Packages07:37
zaccourrww i meant are updates done the same way?07:37
seidoswizzo50: 2 for me says "Restart Ubuntu"07:37
wizzo50seidos: On Step 2 it is asking it07:37
rwwzaccour: Kubuntu with backports is broadly similar to Ubuntu with backports, I guess.07:37
seidoswizzo50: can you copy and paste the step to me?07:38
wizzo50seidos: http://hplipopensource.com/hplip-web/install/manual/distros/ubuntu.html07:38
glicksexcuse me, how can i adjust the speed at which my panels hide07:38
zebaztianwhat was the command necessary to open /etc/udev/rules.d/60-persistent-storage.rules ?07:39
zebaztiangkdesu gedit?07:39
seidoswizzo50: double check your version of Ubuntu.  If you are running Heron (8.04) or Ibex (8.10) you will need to do the 2nd step under c by copying and pasting into a terminal07:39
fezgksudo I assume you mean07:39
fezor something07:39
fezi dunno07:39
abe3kHello guys, I'm having ridiculous slow speed when writing to an external usb harddisk, its a WD 500GB harddrive with an NTFS partition, I'm copying large files which are 1 GB per file, they start at a transfer rate of 4 MB Per second, and decrease to 12 KB per second, anyone can shed a light to what could be going wrong ?07:39
rwwglicks: Alt-F2, run "gconf-editor", go to /apps/panel/toplevels/[panel ID here], change hide_delay07:39
wizzo50seidos: Its Ubuntu 9.0407:40
wizzo50                - the Jaunty Jackalope - released in April 2009.07:40
seidoswizzo50: sudo aptitude install --assume-yes libcupsys2 cupsddk cupsddk-drivers libcupsys2-dev cupsys-bsd libcupsimage2-dev libdbus-1-dev build-essential gs-esp openssl libjpeg62-dev libsnmp-dev libtool libusb-dev python-imaging policykit policykit-gnome python-qt4 python-qt4-dbus python-dbus python-gobject python-dev python-notify python python-reportlab libsane libsane-dev sane-utils xsane07:41
seidoswizzo50: copy and paste that line in your terminal07:41
wizzo50seidos: Copy all that07:41
seidoswizzo50: that's what it says to do07:41
abe3kHello guys, I'm having ridiculous slow speed when writing to an external usb harddisk, its a WD 500GB harddrive with an NTFS partition, I'm copying large files which are 1 GB per file, they start at a transfer rate of 4 MB Per second, and decrease to 12 KB per second, anyone can shed a light to what could be going wrong ?07:42
wizzo50seidos: I am just afraid I am going to do the wrong thing and screw the computer up07:42
seidosabe3k: are you copying the files in a terminal?07:42
glicksrww, do i have to restart gnome then?07:42
seidoswizzo50: running aptitude install shouldn't cause a problem07:42
CoUrPsECan i get comp specs on desktop wallpaper sorta thing?07:43
abe3kseidos : I tried both terminal and nautilus, they both start fast then decrease to very low speeds07:43
LogomachistPeddy: I can't seem to rename them from within the new account I just created.07:43
=== birink_cantex is now known as t393r
rwwglicks: no, it should apply instantly.07:43
Blizzerandhey CoUrPsE07:43
wizzo50seidos: ok, you know that but I am just new at all this within the last few months and still learning07:43
PeddyLogomachist, right - open a terminal and type 'su username'07:43
seidoswizzo50: take your time07:44
wizzo50seidos: oK, it finished07:44
Peddythen move the files using the 'mv' command. like 'mv .gnome .gnome.old'07:44
wizzo50seidos: now what?07:44
CoUrPsEAll this GUI stuff is harder than tty*07:44
PeddyLogomachist, then rename the files using the 'mv' command, like 'mv .gnome .gnome.old'07:44
seidoswizzo50: what is the next step?07:44
wizzo50seidos: was that just step 207:44
seidoswizzo50: step 3:  Download HPLIP07:45
zebaztianwhen i open 60-persistent-storage.rules it's blank07:45
zebaztiancan someone help me figure out why this is07:45
seidoswizzo50: just take your time and do each step.  it should work07:45
seidosabe3k: what kind of external usb drive is it?07:45
abe3kseidos : WD 500 GB07:46
domino14wtf? ubuntu just updated my firefox and now it wont open07:46
PeddyLogomachist, FYI, .gnome .gnome2 house configuration files.07:46
domino14i click firefox and it says starting firefox and it just quits!07:46
glicksdoes alltray not work in compiz07:46
zaccouri want to install kubuntu-desktop and remove ubuntu-desktop. can i do both at the same time in synaptic or do i have to do one at a time?07:46
timothyarnoldquestion: could a boot hang indefinitely if a mount from fstab isn't able to happen?07:46
seidosabe3k: I searched the forums for wd 500 gb performance and found this link:  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1150108&highlight=wd+500gb+external+usb+performance07:47
wizzo50seidos: Ok, it downloaded it to my Desktop07:47
PeddyLogomachist, after that, log out and log into your other account. .gnome etc will be recreated using the Ubuntu default. You probably want to put the some of the subdirectories from your .config.old in the newly created one, if they pertain to programs you are certain don't affect GNOME (ie, torrent client prefs). Then, you can systematically restore your old .gnome files using this method, logging out and in each time, until it breaks agai07:47
Peddyn. Then you'll see what caused it. Once you found the offending folder, just delete it, and restore all your other configuration folders (it's probably just 1 file that caused the problem).07:47
wizzo50seidos: It says to enter this command: tar xvfz hplip-3.9.8.tar.gz07:48
wizzo50seidos: Where at?07:48
timothyarnoldmy booting of Fedora is hanging without any error messages and I'm not sure why. Does someone know how to make things more verbose to tell me what's going on?07:48
rjb1i couldn't find XdbeQueryExtension in -lXext what does it means?07:48
domino14ubuntu updated my firefox and now it wont start07:49
domino14god damn it07:49
zaccouri want to install kubuntu-desktop and remove ubuntu-desktop. can i do both at the same time in synaptic or do i have to do one at a time?07:49
seidoswizzo50: go to a terminal.  you want to go to the directory the file is in.07:50
Blizzerand_zaccour : Its better to do one at a time07:50
seidoswizzo50: and copy and paste the tar command in the terminal07:50
wizzo50I did07:50
zaccourBlizzerand, whats the command to remove everything ubuntu-desktop?07:50
Blizzerand_zaccour : First install kubuntu07:51
zaccourBlizzerand, ok then what?07:51
joe__--2009-09-11 23:54:05--  http://www.google.com/search?q=google07:51
joe__Resolving www.google.com...,
joe__Connecting to www.google.com||:80... connected.07:51
FloodBot1joe__: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:51
rjb1i couldn't find XdbeQueryExtension in -lXext what does it means?07:52
zafrondomino13: check that you are not running moe than 1 instance of firewall....07:52
LogomachistPeddy: I logged back in to my original account but there's no change.07:52
zebaztiani'm tryign to paste a file on etc/udev/rules.d but it won't let me do it, i am doing it on the gui07:52
Linux-idiotI have a noob question, I am going to: ftp://ftp.idsoftware.com/idstuff/et/linux/  to grab ET and the source pops up, should I just save file as and run it in terminal or...  I'm pretty tired, Ive been on here for about07:52
zebaztianhow can i sudo on this?07:52
Linux-idiot14 hours07:52
PeddyLogomachist, is the old wallpaper gone?07:52
wizzo50seidos: file:///home/wizzo50/Desktop/Screenshot.png07:52
Blizzerand_zaccour :Are you sure you want to remove very single component of gnome07:52
LogomachistSame default wallpaper. I never customized it.07:53
zaccourBlizzerand, yes07:53
Linux-idiothow do you get rid of the system beep?07:53
=== my-ip-is- is now known as root
wizzo50seidos: I acidently closed the wrong thing but took a screenshot of it, with what it said07:53
=== root is now known as jkkjdkjdg
dserban_so when I hit ctrl-alt-f1, I get a black screen, any reason known why?07:53
MeXTuXI have succesfully mounted a NFS export on Windows XP. I'm working on a file server project for a customer. My question is: Do I have to create a system user for every user that is going to work on the server files??? (don't speak english quite well)07:53
seidoswizzo50: that file isn't on the Internet.  you would have to upload it somewhere.  facebook?07:54
seidoswhat does everyone else use for posting screenshots?07:54
ubottuScreenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://tinyurl.com/imagebin and post a link to it.07:54
LogomachistPeddy: Same default wallpaper. I never customized it.07:54
Blizzerand_zaccour : Here is the link , but , the first command  from the terminal (To remove every gnome app)  http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/purekde07:54
seidos!screenshot | wizzo5007:54
ubottuwizzo50: please see above07:54
zaccourBlizzerand, thanks07:54
* seidos loves ubottu 07:54
wizzo50seidos: I have never uploaded on facebook and am not sure how to do it there07:55
zebaztianhelp, i want to open /etc/udev/rules.d with privileges on the gui from the terminal, what do i have to type?07:55
PeddyLogomachist, hmm. bizarre. You're completely sure you renamed .gnome .gnome2 and every other file I said?07:55
=== jkkjdkjdg is now known as mausschubser
Blizzerand_zaccour ; but its not at all recommended though , you could run both you know07:55
rjb1what does it means configure: error: Could not find XdbeQueryExtension in -lXext?07:55
seidoswizzo50: ubbotu says http://tinyurl.com/imagebin07:55
LogomachistThere was no .gnome - I deleted it earlier in my attempts to fix the problems as per directions I found on the web. The rest of the files I renamed as you instructed.07:56
dm-madmanjoe__: wtf was that07:56
seidos!flooding | joe__07:56
ubottujoe__: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. Ubuntu pastebin is at  http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from  command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic07:56
hossamhello i installed compiz-fusion, then removed it with apt-get remove --purge now i cannot get ubuntus default "Visual Effects - Extra" to work07:56
=== mausschubser is now known as newnick
AviramI got my hdmi working07:56
Blizzerand_zebaztian : first make it executable . to do so sudo chmod 777 /etc/udev/rules.d . Then you can use it without the help of the terminal if thats what you meant07:56
seidosAviram: cool07:57
PeddyLogomachist, you said you haven't customised this login. How long have you had it for?07:57
dm-madmanseidos: that wasn't even a flood, was it?  it looked like a malfunction of some sort07:57
wizzo50seidos: http://imagebin.org/6356507:57
hossamwhat should i reinstalled to fix ubuntus "Visual Effects - Extra" feature07:57
=== newnick is now known as wurzel
Aviramand my sound, but I wonder which program is good for playing HD?07:57
AviramI tried VLC, was bit choppy on the big screen07:57
=== wurzel is now known as dualboot
LogomachistA couple months. Maybe 3. Not too long.07:57
wizzo50seidos: Did you get it07:57
Aviramoh and I wonder how can I make the HDMI output pass to the TV sound also?07:57
seidoswizzo50: clicking on it now07:58
zebaztianBlizzerand, can you explain a little bit more specifically, i am not used to operating on the shell07:58
LogomachistI customized the applications menu to make it look like the one I had in WinXP, that's about it.07:58
Aviramanyone? D:07:58
LogomachistPeddy: I customized the applications menu to make it look like the one I had in WinXP, that's about it.07:58
brutushey, how to give global key bindings to rhythmbox?07:58
hossamAviram: what hdmi port are you using, motherboard or other?07:58
Linux-idiotwhen I run rmmod pcspkr it says operation not permitted....  Can I get some help here?07:58
joe__Xԡ'ẙ=`_; rb~0/]^09SI0/R-;opw]Ѿca`Í"EpO3brmc0Sz":J@p^OqqJs߼ٚuDt07:58
seidoswizzo50: black on white, interesting choice of colors.  hmmm, let me see07:58
AviramI think of my graphic card, hossam, I have a laptop, dv607:58
AviramIt came with it.07:58
Blizzerand_zebaztian : I think i m confused , you want to edit /etc/udev/rules.d without using the terminal right !!07:59
seidosjoe__: it makes no sense to me :(07:59
Linux-idiotwhen I run rmmod pcspkr it says operation not permitted....  Can I get some help here?07:59
hossamAviram: oh ok, i recently installed a sound card (asus xonar hdav1.3) which is currently not supported for hdmi audio out07:59
Aviramanyone knows a good proggy to run HD movies?07:59
brutusAviram, vlc07:59
CoUrPsEbrutus, Setting these in System/preferences/keyboard shoutcuts should work.07:59
AviramBrutus, VLC is a bit choppy in the LCD07:59
joe__k1j^r9wolcCN)dԼ𳍍OL?Osk{Tr<K˵oyP[MEc X'JS/C~D9yXJ7ΞhkU+K|!5;L07:59
hossamwhat should i reinstall to fix ubuntus "Visual Effects - Extra" feature i broke it with compiz-fusion08:00
Aviramno any other better HD Movie watching?08:00
Linux-idiotwhen I run rmmod pcspkr it says operation not permitted....  Can I get some help here?08:00
zebaztianBlizzerand, i just did what i wanted to do, i pasted the files08:00
Blizzerand_Linux-idiot : What ever you are doing use sudo with it08:00
seidoswizzo50: did you type cd ~/Desktop first?08:00
* dm-madman thinks someone should really kick joe__ 08:00
wizzo50seidos: http://imagebin.org/6356708:00
Avirambrutus, anyone?08:00
wizzo50seidos: no08:00
Peddy Logomachist, I'm sorry, I've exhausted my knowledge. Perhaps someone with more experience could help you. If you're going to ask, make sure you explain how running gnome-panel makes the panel appear, and how window decoration still doesn't appear. You could always move all your settings (seeing as it doesn't look like it's their problem) and data onto a newly-created user account. Good luck!08:00
Flanneljoe__: Please stop that.  Please use english, ad a normal encoding in this channel.08:00
pravinscan some one guide me08:00
pravinshow can i install lohit fonts in ubuntu?08:01
wizzo50In the terminal?08:01
seidoswizzo50: you need to type that first.08:01
seidoswizzo50: yes08:01
kermitwhy can i never get the screen to power down on any loptop in any version/install of linux?08:01
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about spam08:01
=== m4v_ is now known as m4v
DigitalKiwijoe__: WHAT08:01
dm-madmanwow, and there's ONE op in here...08:01
Linux-idiotdude, I should have figured that one out, blizzerand, thanks08:01
brutusAviram, HD movies run fine in vlc for me, don't know any better players08:01
* pravins saying something off-topic :(08:01
Blizzerand_zebaztian : I don't get your question quite really08:01
Aviramso maybe it's a hardware issue?08:02
dm-madmanokay, thanks Flannel08:02
zebaztianBlizzerand, it worked thank you08:02
LogomachistPeddy: OK... thanks for your help so far.08:02
PeddyLogomachist, I'm sorry I couldn't help more. Goodnight.08:02
AviramWhat's your hardware? Brutus, I have 4530 ATI HD and T something, 2 gHz08:02
Blizzerand_zebaztian : Glad you got it , np08:02
AviramI think it should run HD fine.. :o08:02
brutus2.1 gigs, nvidia 860008:03
zebaztianis there a way to check if my laptop has a bluetooth device?08:03
metelliusI'm running ubuntu off one harddrive, but I want to install it on another harddrive that I just formatted. is it possible to simply start the installer from the cd and do it from there?08:04
noshelterdoes anybody here have experience with cpufreq-selector? i've underclocked my cpus, but at times it goes at a higher freqs, is that normal?08:04
Blizzerand_metellius : You could install ubuntu in any hd08:04
wizzo50seidos: On Step 4, I am not sure which mine is, 32 or 64? What do I type in next?08:04
Doc-SaintlyI just put a radeon 4650 card into my ubuntu box and the hdmi isn't putting out sounds. any ideas? I see a lot of forum posts describing the problem but no fix08:05
wizzo50seidos: on the ./configure?08:05
seidoswizzo50: hold on08:05
DanXbixhow do i fix system paths08:06
wizzo50seidos: It doesn't tell you for version 9.1008:06
Blizzerand_DanXbix : How do you mean by *fix system path*08:06
seidoswizzo50: try this first, sudo apt-get install hplip08:07
brutusAviram, 2.1 gigs, nvidia 860008:07
nosheltercd /somethin08:08
noshelterwrong window08:08
noshelterso nobody played with cpufreq-selector :-< ... ?08:09
Avirammaybe I need to install some codecs? or the built-in codecs of VLC are enough?08:09
wizzo50seidos: http://imagebin.org/6356808:09
DanXbixlike i have todo this all the time PATH=$PATH:/bin:/usr/bin:/usr/sbin08:09
wizzo50seidos: There is a screenshot above, is that what you wanted?08:09
Flanneljoe__: not anymore08:10
mostafa_can anyone give me the link how to mount partitions manually?08:10
DanXbixi added a cross compiler t08:10
Flanneljoe__: Looks like pidgin is fixed?08:10
DanXbixand been playing up since08:10
mostafa_can anyone give me the link how to mount partitions manually with editing the fstab?08:10
seidoswizzo50: type hplip08:10
rww!ntfs | mostafa_08:10
ubottumostafa_: To view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions - For write access, see !NTFS-3g or !FUSE08:10
rww!fstab | mostafa_: or maybe this08:11
ubottumostafa_: or maybe this: The /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions08:11
joe__ctrl c didnt work and someone told me /exec -o cat /dev/random would fix it, it hasnt and now im sad08:11
mercutio22hello is it possible to share GPG keys from each entry in the sources.list file?08:11
Munnahelo every us and buntus08:11
mostafa_rww: thanks dude08:11
seidoswizzo50: skip to this step, http://hplipopensource.com/hplip-web/install/manual/hp_setup.html08:11
mercutio22I mean08:11
mercutio22between two pcs08:11
wizzo50seidos: http://imagebin.org/6356908:12
mercutio22I need to list the keys in a file so I can add them at another pc08:12
DanXbixlike i have todo this all the time PATH=$PATH:/bin:/usr/bin:/usr/sbin08:12
DanXbixand been playing up since08:12
rwwmercutio22: see "man apt-key". you probably want "apt-key exportall" and "apt-key add <filename you saved output from last command to goes here>"08:12
seidoswizzo50: sorry dude, I'm kind of tired.  skip to this step http://hplipopensource.com/hplip-web/install/manual/hp_setup.html08:12
Blizzerand_mostafa_ : but you simply could use mount -t command08:13
wizzo50seidos: What is CUPS or YaST?08:13
seidoswizzo50: cups is "unix printing system"08:13
wizzo50seidos: I am too, no problem08:13
seidoswizzo50: I forget what the c stands for08:13
mostafa_Blizzerand_: thank you for your info ;)08:13
ubottuPrinting in Ubuntu is done with cups. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Printers - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsPrinters - http://linuxprinting.org - Printer sharing: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NetworkPrintingFromWindows08:13
seidosI should go to sleep soon08:13
rachaGnea: u are here :) ?08:14
mostafa_rww: what is the difference between ntfs and ntfs-3g?08:14
wizzo50seidos: I got to get up for the #1 Nebraska CORNHUSKER state football game at 1:0008:15
Munnai have a quick question will real vnc cope with x11vnc because im using realvnc on a windows computer and im using x11vnc on an african ubuntu computer now i wanted to know if i typed : vncviewer <HOSTNAME>:5920 will it connect and will i be able to controll the windows computer. i realy need this so that i can be trained for the practice of P.C.O (Penitration of Computers Organisation)08:15
wizzo50seidos: But anyway08:15
Blizzerand_DanXbix : I am not sure about which way of specifying a path  are talking about  ;sorry08:15
seidoswizzo50: I have to wake up for a day long meditation session at 8am08:15
rachaAny1 here can help me with pulseaudio, or anything else to get my 5.1 to work ?08:15
rwwmostafa_: ntfs-3g has support for reading and writing ntfs partitions. ntfs can only read from them.08:16
wizzo50seidos: oh boy08:16
wizzo50all for you08:16
rwwmostafa_: ntfs has been around forever, ntfs-3g is relatively new (only been stable for a few years)08:16
mostafa_rww: thanks and what 3g itself?08:16
seidoswizzo50: thankfully not all for me08:16
mostafa_rww: thanks and what is 3g itself?08:17
MunnaDoes anyone know the answer08:17
wizzo50seidos: I just wanted to get a letter mailed out tomarrow before I left and need to scan a copy of it for myself08:17
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about wait08:17
wizzo50seidos: That is why I was wanting to get this scanner setup on here08:17
hemant_hay what happening08:17
seidoswizzo50: I'm just doing my best to help a fellow ubuntu dude08:17
Blizzerand_!hello |hemant_08:17
ubottuhemant_: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!08:17
hemant_help  me08:18
hemant_ubottu pls help me08:18
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about pls help me08:18
Blizzerand_!ask hemant_08:18
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ask hemant_08:18
wizzo50seidos: You are. And I appreciate it all. I help others to in with whatever I can.08:18
wizzo50not just computers08:18
Blizzerand_!ask |hemant_08:18
ubottuhemant_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)08:18
ubottuPulseAudio is a sound server intended as a drop-in replacement for !ESD - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PulseAudio for information and installation instructions08:18
hemant_what is dis08:18
Blizzerand_hemant_ : What is your question08:19
rwwmostafa_: no idea. I'd assume it's the third major attempt at writing a driver for ntfs ("3rd generation" = 3g), but am not sure.08:19
hemant_is dis live chat room08:19
seidoswizzo50: sudo hp-setup, then you're out of terminal and in a gui08:19
wizzo50seidos: Is their someone else that can continue so you can go to bed. I don't see sedsedsed on here08:19
mostafa_rww: very good thank you man ;)08:19
Blizzerand_hemant_ : Yes can't you see that already08:19
seidoswizzo50: I'm already in bed :).  go ahead and execute su hpsetup, I'm not sleeping yet08:20
wizzo50seidos: It went into a HP Device Manager - Setup now08:20
rachaAny1 here can help me with pulseaudio08:20
Blizzerand_racha : What do you need help with08:20
Sassyhello there. I'm looking to install yahoo! messenger 708:21
seidoswizzo50: yes!08:21
Sassycan someone please help?08:21
Munnadoes anyone know the answer to my question?08:21
zaccouri'm using kubuntu and use to ubuntu, where is add/remove at?08:21
wizzo50seidos: Its a usb port08:21
wizzo50So tha 1st one08:21
Munnazaccour: use the kickstart08:21
rachaBlizzerand: idk how to set it up to hear something ... and one more thing i need to change some of my ports on Sound card to be like on this picture http://img24.imageshack.us/img24/7892/windowsvu.jpg08:21
MeXTuXWhich one is the best? NFS or Samba?08:21
ubottuKubuntu is Ubuntu with KDE, the K Desktop Environment, instead of Gnome. See http://kubuntu.org for more information - For support: #kubuntu - See also !KDE08:22
zaccourMunna, where is kickstart?08:22
administrator__how to format pen drive08:22
Ten-EightSassy: use Pidgin instead. it's already there.08:22
Blizzerand_Sassy : I think its possible only to install an older version or use wine08:22
Blizzerand_!wine | Sassy08:22
ubottuSassy: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu08:22
SassyI've tried I don't know how to use it... please help08:22
Munnazaccour:  its the same thing like in gnome applicatins08:22
administrator__how to format pen drive using g parted08:22
wizzo50seidos: I clicked on next and no device found08:22
Ten-EightSassy: don't know how to use Pidgin?08:23
zaccourMunna, i don't see kickstart in applications menu08:23
seidoswizzo50: is your printer plugged into the usb port and is it turned on?08:23
SassyNo Ten-Eight....08:23
zaccourMunna, i found it08:23
zaccourMunna, thanks08:23
mostafa_rww: last thing what is "locale=en_US.utf8" in this command "/dev/hda2 /media/windows ntfs-3g defaults,locale=en_US.utf8 0 0" for?08:23
Munnazaccour: its like the windows thing08:23
wizzo50yes, I returned it off and back on now08:23
Blizzerand_Sassy : Did you try it via wine08:23
administrator__how to format pen drive using gprarted08:23
administrator__how to format pen drive using gparted08:24
rachaBlizzerand: can u help me with that or no ?08:24
zaccouradministrator__, format it to fat3208:24
mostafa_rww: it is an example in your suggested link08:24
Ten-EightSassy: I am assuming that you already have a yahoo account?08:24
SassyNo Blizzerand... I'm so sorry I'm new to all of this but I have Wine Installed.08:24
wizzo50it even has red error in the Terminal box08:24
SassyI do have a Yahoo Account Ten-Eight08:24
administrator__what is the command08:24
rwwmostafa_: it sets the locale for file names. If you have files named using some script other than Latin (e.g., Japanese characters, etc.), you'd want to change that, otherwise it should be fine.08:24
oye[N]kcan someone help me..?08:24
wizzo50seidos:  it even has red error in the Terminal box08:25
Ten-EightSassy: okay then, open up Pidgin and go to Accounts (on the menu bar).08:25
seidoswizzo50: terminal box?  you mean in hpsetup?08:25
SassyDone Ten_Eight08:25
Ten-EightSassy: Select "manage accounts"08:25
oye[N]kwhy when i login in my pidgin...after that its closee08:25
mostafa_rww: then if  I have two file name types just add that08:26
Ten-EightSassy: then click on ADD08:26
administrator__what is the command08:26
mostafa_rww: like this08:26
administrator__to format pen drive08:26
rwwmostafa_: I don't know, to be honest. I've never had to use that option.08:26
SassyYes Ten-Eight08:26
Ten-EightSassy: from there, select your protocol from the drop down list...Yahoo is almost at the bottom.08:26
Sassyok Ten-Eight08:26
mostafa_rww: np dude thanks for your response ;)08:26
Ten-EightSassy: enter your yahoo ID and password08:26
Blizzerand_Sassy : Do as Ten-Eight says or install it via this link http://download.yahoo.com/dl/unix/ymessenger_1.0.4_1_i386.deb08:26
wizzo50seidos: http://imagebin.org/6357008:27
Ten-EightSassy: click "Remember password" so you won't have to enter it everytime.08:27
administrator__what is the command to format pen drive on ubuntu 908:27
Blizzerand_Sassy : Its quite an old vers though as you can see08:27
wizzo50seidos: In the Terminal, I sent a screenshot of it08:27
zirodayadministrator__: you can use gparted to do that in a nice graphical way08:27
mercutio22rww: thanks08:27
administrator__how its do08:28
Ten-EightSassy: then click the ADD button at the bottom and you should be good to go.08:28
administrator__how i find gparted08:28
wizzo50seidos: Then what?08:28
oye[N]kwhy nobody answer08:28
Blizzerand_administrator__ : try this http://girnartech.blogspot.com/2008/12/how-format-pen-drive-in-ubuntu.html08:28
SassyThanks Ten-Eight.... You're awesome! Thanks so much for your help! and also Blizzerand!!08:28
Ten-EightBlizzerand is correct, the Linux ver of Yahoo is an old one.08:28
Ten-EightSassy: you are soooo welcome!  Glad to be of service :)08:29
wizzo50\join #unity-coders08:29
* Blizzerand_ huggles Ten-Eight08:29
rachaAny1 here can help me with pulseaudio08:29
seidoswizzo50: I don't know.08:29
SassyI am very grateful for all the help! Keep up the excellent work peeps! :)08:29
Ten-EightBlizzerand_ heh heh...thanks :)08:29
Ten-EightSassy: have fun!08:30
wizzo50seidos: What time tomarow night will you be on here?08:30
* Blizzerand_ is great fan of empathy but not pidgin08:30
SassyWhat is empathy? Another Chat server?08:31
seidoswizzo50: I'm on every day.  I'll probably on at around 7 pacific08:31
Ten-EightBlizzerand_: I have not tried Empathy yet. I read it's included in 9.10 instead of Pidgin...is this correct?08:31
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about empathy08:31
wizzo50seidos: Thanks for you help. ok. Talk to you another time on it. Bye08:31
Ten-EightSassy: it's another IM program.....like Pidgin.08:31
wizzo50seidos: Goodnight08:31
jmarsdenSassy: empathy is a newer instant messaging client program, not a server08:31
Blizzerand_Sassy : Its something better than pidgin and yes Ten-Eight , its included in 9.1008:31
Sassyhow I get that??08:32
rachaAny1 here can help me with pulseaudio08:32
Ten-Eightheheheheh.....dontcha wanna learn Pidgin first? :)08:32
seidoswizzo50: I hope we can get it working.  good night dude.08:32
Blizzerand_Sassy : Download it08:32
LogomachistWhen I log into Ubuntu I get a blank desktop with a mouse cursor and my wallpaper and that's it. The panels don't appear and alt + F2 doesn't work. By pressing the help button I can get a help window to appear but it is stuck in the upper left hand corner of the screen with no menu or title bars; I can't move it around or resize it.08:32
Sassynope.... I think it's not working for me.... It says there is an error...08:32
seidosis there a difference between su and sudo?08:32
wizzo50seidos: Thanks!08:32
LogomachistI can still get to the command line via ctrl+alt+F1, and using that I got gnome-panel running with some assistance. But even then the window decoration still doesn't appear. If I log in to another account the panels and window decorations do work. Thinking the problem might lie with my settings files I deleted user settings files such as .gnome and .gnome2 to no avail.08:32
ubottusudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (Gnome, XFCE), or !kdesudo (KDE)08:33
jmarsdenseidos: Yes there is a difference08:33
Ten-EightSassy: Pidgin not working for you?08:33
LogomachistSo seems my problem is particular to one account but not tied to the user preferences. Any suggestions?08:33
Blizzerand_Sassy : from terminal --> sudo apt-get install empathy , but I think you'd be better off with pidgin for now08:33
SassyNo - I get this Error Unknown error number 1013. Logging into the Yahoo! website may fix this.08:33
zaccourhow do i know what version of kubuntu i am using?08:33
seidosjmarsden: do you think su vs. sudo would keep hp-setup from working right?08:33
jmarsdenzaccour: lsb_release -rd08:33
Ten-EightSassy: what version of Pidgin are you using?08:34
jmarsdenseidos: Pretty unlikely08:34
DantonicHI seidos08:34
=== lucas_ is now known as hellues
seidoshi Dantonic08:34
SassyI'm not sure of the version08:34
zaccourjmarsden, thanks08:34
Ten-EightSassy: mine is the latest. version 2.6.108:34
Blizzerand_administrator__ : Did it solve the prob08:34
zaccouris the array kernel worth installing?08:34
jmarsdenzaccour: No problem.08:34
rww!empathy is an instant messaging and video chat client for GNOME. In !karmic, Empathy will replace Pidgin as the default IM client.08:34
rwwzaccour: no08:34
Ten-EightSassy: click on HELP in the top right of the Pidgin main window08:34
zaccouri think gyachi should be the main IM client08:35
zaccourcan i install gyachi in kubuntu?08:35
SassyJust A sec08:35
Blizzerand_zaccour : Never tried that lol08:35
SassyPidgin 2.5.508:35
Dantonichey seidos, never got that network to fire back up after suspend.  I remember last time before I left for work you had some kind of other suggestion... you said something along the lines of: if I knew it was gonna be this difficult I would have had you do ...something... What where you talking about would you remind me?08:35
Dantonicseidos,  if you remember08:35
Ten-EightSassy: yeah...you need a later version.08:35
Blizzerand_zaccour : Is it in ubuntu repos08:35
owen1i installed something with 'python setup.py install'  how do i uninstall it?08:36
Sassyhow do I get it Ten-Eight08:36
jmarsdenBlizzerand_: No, http://array.org/ubuntu/08:36
mostafa_rww: I wanna write the command that copy the current address to other place what should I do?08:36
zaccourBlizzerand_, no i had to install it from sourceforge before08:36
Ten-EightSassy: visit the Pidgin website - http://www.pidgin.im08:36
seidosDantonic: ohhh yeah.08:36
zaccouri'm new to kde but so far it looks better than gnome08:37
Ten-EightSassy: download from there.08:37
seidosDantonic: what did we talk about?  I don't recall?08:37
rwwmostafa_: I don't know what you mean, can you rephrase?08:37
seidosoops -?08:37
zaccourseems a bit slower though08:37
SassyThanks Ten-Eight - You're AWESOME!!!08:37
seidosI still have to figure out how to check my log in irssi08:37
Dantonicseidos, cant remember we tried a bunch of things then we never where able to get it to work... I think you asked me to see the "interface" file or something?08:37
mostafa_rww: I wanna copy a folder contents to other place ok?08:37
Ten-EightSassy: when you go there, you'll get instructions on how to get the latest version. Just follow along and you'll be good.08:38
Blizzerand_jmarsden : What was that link about08:38
zaccourhow do i unmount my sd card in kde?08:38
seidosDantonic: ohhh yeah, ethernet port not working after suspend08:38
seidosDantonic: but after restarting it works, right?08:38
rwwmostafa_: "cp -R /path/to/source /path/to/destination"08:38
seidosDantonic: do you have a posting on the forums?08:38
diogo_79anyone knows how to gadmin openvpn client works?i cannot find any tutorial on the web08:38
mostafa_rww: yeah I know this08:38
SassyThanks Ten_Eight!! More than Thankful!!! Bless!!08:38
jmarsden"Is it in Ubuntu repos" (regarding the array kernel)08:38
Dantonicseidos, yes that's right.  I don't have post on forums but I have a bug listed08:38
Ten-EightSassy: your very welcome :)08:38
zaccourjmarsden, no08:38
mostafa_rww: I wanna put it in the script08:39
seidosDantonic: you may want to list something on the forums too...attack the problem at all angles :).08:39
Blizzerand_jmarsden : Just for security reasons , sorry08:39
Dantonicseidos, good Idea, think I'll do that08:39
SassyI keep getting a network error08:39
mostafa_rww: and when ever I run that script it copies the folder cnotent in that current address08:39
mostafa_rww: got me?08:39
seidosDantonic: what is your user name on the forums?08:39
* Blizzerand_ yawns08:40
Ten-EightSassy: you will...the old version you have will not connect to the Yahoo IM server as Yahoo made some changes recently.08:40
seidosDantonic: I'm going to bed.  I'm thinkingfrog on the forums.  good luck, good night all08:40
Dantonicseidos, to be quite frank I've never posted there, so I'll have to create one08:40
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about yawn08:40
ReplopHi !08:40
helluesi need help08:40
Dantonicseidos, ok thanks I will talk to you another time!08:40
Ten-EightBlizzerand_: you gotta stop that...it's catching ;)08:41
helluesi cant write data to cd k3b,brasero,cdrecord produce an error08:41
ReplopI just burned a Ubuntu  dvd .  what's the nickname of  9.04 ?08:41
* Blizzerand_ hides08:41
helluesdamn it08:41
Blizzerand_Replop : Jaunty08:41
jmarsdenReplop: Jaunty Jackalope08:41
Blizzerand_I call it JJ lol08:41
linuxguy2009How would I go about running "sudo hdparm -S 3 /dev/sda" which sets my netbook hdd spindown time from 1min default down to 15sec to save battery power? Is there a file I simply add it to and it will run automatically on bootup without asking for a password?08:42
ruby_on_tailsi installed pidgin on ubuntu, where can I find its directory ?08:42
hellueshelp me pls08:42
Ten-Eightruby: hellues is correct.  look in your home directory for .pidgin08:43
Blizzerand_hmm these #fedora guys are quite nice08:44
helluespls someone help08:44
Blizzerand_!ask | hellues08:44
ubottuhellues: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)08:44
Ten-EightBlizzerand_: been a long time since I talked to the fedora guys. been ubuntu for such a long time now.08:44
ruby_on_tailsthanks :)08:45
Ten-Eightruby: you're welcome. enjoy.08:45
helluesi have a problem when i try to writre data to cd or make iso image08:45
Blizzerand_Ten-Eight : I am much of a Fedora fan . Fedora rocks (no offense)08:45
helluesbrasero, k3b, cdrecord gives an error opt ends with an error08:45
helluescd is blank and clean08:46
majnoonthey took out mp3 players (afraid of getting sued)  :(08:46
Ten-EightBlizzerand_: none taken...I used to used it full time with FC2,3 and 4.08:46
helluesi guess ubuntu has a problem in writing cd08:46
Blizzerand_Ten-Eight : I've been a fan since F6 i think08:47
Ten-Eighthellues: what are you trying to burn?  music, data or video?08:47
Ten-EightBlizzerand_: I've not used FC6.08:47
helluesrar files08:47
Blizzerand_Ten-Eight : It was buggy , worst but still I stayed with it08:47
helluesi try to burn cd with rar files everytime i took an error08:48
helluesand my cd becoming trash08:48
BellinXFeloncan someone help me install a tar.gz file ive never done it before, i can pastebin the readme for the install08:48
aaron113here we are barba papa08:48
helluesbecause i cant use cd anymore08:48
aaron113helo pepole08:48
Ten-Eighthellues: I've used only Brasero.  Don't know why it wouldn't work for you unless the CD blanks are bad or cheap.08:49
helluesbrasero always produce an error08:49
Blizzerand_BellinXFelon : tar.gz are compressions like that of zip . First uncompress it and tell me what is it off08:49
Ten-Eighthellues: I have had problems with cheap cd-r's that gave errors and had to toss it.08:49
helluesTen-Eight,  wait a second08:49
Blizzerand_!hi | snooky08:50
ubottusnooky: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!08:50
BellinXFelonBlizzerand_: i have already uncompressed it, i just need to install it08:50
BellinXFelonBlizzerand_:I can pastebin the install instructions08:50
shreyis it necessage to install source code when we r installing from a PPA.08:50
hellues!hi | ubottu08:50
ubottuhellues: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!08:50
Blizzerand_BellinXFelon : Please do that , what is it off ,08:51
jmarsdenhellues: If you pastebin the comamnds you are using and the actual error somewhere, so we can see them,  we may be better able to figure out what is happening...08:51
jmarsdenshrey: Not if the PPA has binary packages in it, no.08:51
helluesokey i do that08:51
BellinXFelonBlizzerand_:It is nicotine 1.1.12 the newest version08:51
helluesbut how can i learn capacity of dvd08:51
Blizzerand_!info nicotine08:52
ubottunicotine (source: nicotine): graphical client for the SoulSeek peer-to-peer system. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.2.9+dfsg-3ubuntu1 (jaunty), package size 823 kB, installed size 3696 kB08:52
shreyjmarden: actully i m upgrading my open office from 3.0 to 3.1 so there are two links one is main and another is souce code. i m only installing main as i dont want my memory space to fill..will it work08:52
Blizzerand_BellinXFelon : D08:53
Blizzerand_BellinXFelon : Download from the ubuntu repos .  From terminal --> sudo apt-get install nicotine08:53
jmarsdenshrey: You don't nee dsource code unless you want to compile it, and you definitely do not want to try to compile OpenOffice.org yourself :)08:53
BellinXFelonBlizzerand_: I am locating the install08:53
shreyjmarsden: thanks...08:53
Blizzerand_BellinXFelon : Its the newest version in ubuntu repos (I think) and it much easier to install it that way08:54
BellinXFelonBlizzerand_: it says its already the newest version, which isnt true08:54
jmarsdenhellues: cddrecord --atip should get you info on the media (blank CD or DVD) in your drive.08:54
BellinXFelonBlizzerand_: We gotta do the tar.gz file08:55
Blizzerand_BellinXFelon : Sorry dude , but I actually have to leave , ask somebody else here08:55
jmarsdenBellinXFelon: Then you should learn how to package stuff for Ubuntu, or wait for someone else to package it for you... https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide/Complete08:55
Ten-Eighthellues: OR you just look at the dvd...most say what their capacity is.08:55
snookyi dont really good speakt english but i need help with truecrypt, how can halp me?08:55
helluesdont ay anything08:56
helluescdrecord --atip i do that08:56
helluesis saişd unknown capacity08:56
moonoshi, i'm using moonos and i want to change font (gtk). how do i do that?08:56
geniimoonos: Maybe ask in #lxde08:58
moonosbut it's running enlightment on 'gtk' libs08:59
moonose17 or something08:59
moonoslxde is a totally different de isn't it?08:59
jmarsdenhellues: Sounds liek it is not recognizing your blank CDs very well...08:59
geniimoonos: moonOS is based on an lxde desktop08:59
moonosi'm using the new v3, which is totally e1709:00
Ten-Eighthellues: I don't know the command for getting that info. does it not put a little icon of a dvd on the desktop for you when you insert it?09:02
geniimoonos: Since theres no one in #e17 and #moonos doesn't exist, your best bet is still #lxde for answers.09:02
DigitalKiwigenii: ...09:02
moonosok, thanks. dumb question but, how do i get there? i'm new to irc09:03
geniimoonos: /join #lxde09:03
aaron113does anyone know why my mouse clicks and keybord types dont get through my x11vnc connection? im using jaunty and a person called subcomandante controld mine with his mouse and he had no problem why do i have these problems is there a setting i have to change09:03
geniiDigitalKiwi: ?09:03
aaron113please pm me thank you! :)09:03
jmarsdenhellues: Does   dvd+rw-mediainfo /dev/dvd    get you more info about your DVDs?09:05
aaron113does anyone know why my x11vnc mouse clicks and keyboed taps isnt getting through?09:06
aaron113holy crap09:09
aaron113lot of people goes and comes09:09
pengwynbusy distry09:09
pengwyndistro even09:09
W12345why can't I find beryl in the repo of Ubuntu?09:09
aaron113ok can someone tell me how to add a fourm09:09
pengwynadd a forum in what?09:10
pengwynask at the url it's on09:10
pengwynThey may not want it09:11
pengwynany help bots in here?09:11
rachaany1 can help me to setup pulseaudio on my 5.1 ?09:11
aaron113pengwyn: can you help me with my problem09:11
=== char0ss is now known as _--charles
jmarsden!ubottu | pengwyn09:12
=== _--charles is now known as Charl0ss
ubottupengwyn: Hi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots09:12
pengwynaaron113-  it's a forum, owned by a domain, contact the admin of the forum, or the admin of the domain09:12
metelliusmy linux keeps kernelpanicing when I try to format my new harddrive. but whats more scary, is this panicing seems to trigger data loss bugs on my old ext4 installation. first random programs wouldnt run, now X wont run because it complains about missing system files09:12
Artemis3or ask in the forum :)09:12
metelliusis this the legendary ext4 data loss bug?09:13
aaron113pengwyn: huh no i meant do you know why my mouse clicks and keybord taps arent getting through my x11vnc connections09:13
Artemis3metellius, i suspect hardware failure, check memory with memtest09:13
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pengwyn!ubottu help09:14
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ubottu help09:14
aaron113pengwyn: can you help me09:14
rachaany1 can help me with pulseaudio ?09:14
aaron113racha: i can09:14
metelliusArtemis3: how long would you estimate testing 8 gb of ram?09:14
pengwynwhat vnc what mouse, what keyborard what kvm09:14
jmarsdenpengwyn: Don't experiment with a bot in the channel, .msg ubottu whatever and then chat with it/him09:14
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aaron113racha: allmost everyone can09:15
pengwynjmarsden-  I tried09:15
rachaaaroll3: i need to get it to work  http://img24.imageshack.us/img24/7892/windowsvu.jpg09:15
jmarsdenpengwyn: Then try agin or youyr IRC client is broken... works for me :)09:15
pengwyn /msg ubottu  thing  nothing09:15
Artemis3metellius, i'd leave it until all standard tests are done at least twice, just in case...09:15
rachaaaroll3: i need to change uotput Jack's to get my 5.1 to work09:15
pengwynsorry jmarsden09:16
aaron113racha: ? what the hell is that ! :/09:16
metelliusArtemis3: does it say standard tests then?09:17
rachaaaronll3: that is how i need it to get ... i get it to work ... but he have diferent Jack ouputs from my Windows .. now i need to change Outputs Jac's09:17
aaron113racha: i dx11vncont know any information about hardware09:17
pengwynjmar xchat09:17
pengwyner ychat09:17
Artemis3metellius, if you just start memtest, it does all standard tests by itself09:17
rachaaaeon113: Its 113 or ll3 ?:D09:17
metelliusArtemis3: ok, ill do that. thanks09:17
pengwynaaron113-  I don't know what's wrong with your X11 vnc connection09:18
aaron113racha: i dont know information about windows or macs and even hardware09:18
aaron113113 stupid internet wont work09:18
aaron113pengwyn: can we try it?09:18
rachaaaron113: ok anyway i just need to change Jack Outputs because pulseaudop dont use corects09:18
pengwynI don't have a VNC setup for the public aaron113  Or i would09:19
rachaaaron113: pulseaudio*09:19
Artemis3racha, in terminal, do alsamixer -c 0 and try moving these :)09:19
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pengwynaaron113-  make sure you have rules in your iptables to let it through09:20
jmarsdenracha: This is probably specific to whatever make and model of audio card (or on-motherboard audip chip) you have.09:20
pengwynaaron113- check your keyboard, and mouse are actually working.09:20
rachaArtemis3: there i can just + or - Sound ... but i need to change outputs09:20
jmarsdenArtemis3: That adjusts levels not which physical jack maps to which input or output :)09:20
rachajmarsden: someone say me its possible to change outputs with pulseaudo so i installed it :S but i cant find how to change it :S09:21
GPLhow to format a usb drive (to prepare it for a bootable installation) in ubuntu ?09:21
Artemis3racha, those things... hmm are shown in alsamixer too, if you see some without volume but just some value you can change, such as input from linein vs mic, etc. i forgot exactly and it does change with different cards09:22
Artemis3racha, and press TAB too09:22
jmarsdenracha: It's possible pulseaudio can do that, but I don't know the specifics, my audio card doesn't do software jack remapping.09:22
Artemis3racha, its pg-up pd-dn to change the values once you find them09:23
duckx0ri'm having problems with this new widescreen monitor I bought. When KDM loads I can get to the login screen just fine with the max resolution of the monitor, but when KDE loads the screen gets all distorted as if it is out of the range of the monitor. Setting it in Xorg.conf seems to do the same with anything above 1024x768. How can I get into KDE with 1366x768 like it should be?09:23
rachaArtemis3: u talk about alsamixer -c 0 ? there is Card: HDA NVidia but i need to config My C-Media sound card not onboard one ... or PulseAudio09:24
Artemis3racha, then its not 0 :) might be 1? you have more than one it seems09:24
pengwyn /msg ubottu  help09:26
jmarsdenpengwyn: That had a space at the front, try without the space :)09:27
Keifferhow can i see if someone is shhing in my machine?09:27
thorehi guys09:27
rachaArtemis3: i can just change it to use Mic out as Bass/C and Linein as L/R09:27
jmarsdenKeiffer: If they actually logged in, w   will show their login session.09:27
duckx0rnevermind I got it working yay! the stupid monitor says it is capable of 1366x768 but it's only capable of 1360x768. so setting it to that setting worked. Stupidity of AOC09:27
jmarsdenKeiffer: Also read /var/log/auth09:27
Keifferthank you, jmarsden09:27
rachaArtemis3, but i dont need to get it like on http://img24.imageshack.us/img24/7892/windowsvu.jpg09:27
Artemis3racha, i don't know if the alsa driver can handle those things for your card model, you did press TAB so views changes to ALL no?09:28
pengwynjmarsden-   Bot's working now.  I had to open dialog.  duh09:29
rachaArtemis3: there is no Option for that .. but someone told me i can du that with pulseaudio ... but idk. how :S09:29
Artemis3whats the model?09:29
LogomachistWhen I log into Ubuntu I get a blank desktop with a mouse cursor and my wallpaper and that's it. The panels don't appear and alt + F2 doesn't work. By pressing the help button I can get a help window to appear but it is stuck in the upper left hand corner of the screen with no menu or title bars; I can't move it around or resize it.09:29
LogomachistI can still get to the command line via ctrl+alt+F1, and using that I got gnome-panel running with some assistance. But even then the window decoration still doesn't appear. If I log in to another account the panels and window decorations do work. Thinking the problem might lie with my settings files I deleted user settings files such as .gnome and .gnome2 to no avail.09:29
LogomachistSo seems my problem is particular to one account but not tied to the user preferences. Any suggestions?09:30
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pengwynLogomachist-  Delete / Rebuild the account for the one user09:31
pengwynLogomachist-  Create a new account and test09:31
pengwynLogomachist-     or Maybe if you were messing with the settings, just CTR-ALT-BACKSPACE to reload the xserver09:32
rachaAny1 here can help me with pulseaudio09:33
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP309:34
Blizzerand!sound | racha09:34
ubotturacha: please see above09:34
Blizzerandracha : Not sure that would help but try the link09:34
rachaBlizzerand: that dont work....09:34
rachaBlizzerand: I need to mod. my Outupt Jack's :) they need to be like in pic : http://img24.imageshack.us/img24/7892/windowsvu.jpg09:35
aaron113pengwyn: are you there09:35
icerootis there a way to use auto-complete with scp? because often i dont know the filenames and have to use an extra ssh to look up  something like scp user@>tab = mail-for-friends.odt09:35
rachaBlizzerand: and someone say me it can be done with pulseaudio09:35
pengwynaaron113-  yeah09:36
ubottuThe Ubuntu forums can be found at http://www.ubuntuforums.org. There is also a channel on IRC Freenode #ubuntuforums.09:36
aaron113pengwyn: ok just type in a terminal :sudo aptitude/apt-get install x11vnc09:36
mostafa_James147: I wanna write this command "sudo shutdown -r now" and ofcourse before doing that I want to ask the user to do this or not how could I do that?09:36
aaron113pengwyn: i use aptitude09:36
phuxWhats the difference between aptitude and apt-get ?09:37
Blizzerandracha : try ubuntu froums , those guys may be able to help you out09:37
mostafa_I wanna write this command "sudo shutdown -r now" and ofcourse before doing that I want to ask the user to do this or not how could I do that?09:37
pengwynaaron113-  you don't want me connecting to your box man09:37
pengwynThis is just a vm, but hey, I don't want to be on your files.09:37
pengwynYou can test yourself can't ya?09:37
aaron113pengwyn: do you know why im having that problem09:38
jmarsdenphux: aptitude has different (more complex) dependency handling, but they are both tools that do the same task.09:38
ace__how can i install opera 10 in xubuntu09:38
pengwynI would assume bad rules for the X1109:38
pengwynOr bad iptables rules09:38
duckx0race__: go to the oepra website and downoad the .deb file09:38
mostafa_I wanna write this command "sudo shutdown -r now" and ofcourse before doing that I want to ask the user to do this or not how could I do that?09:38
aaron113pengwyn: then why isnt it working09:39
Artemis3i like apt-get more, as i have seen aptitude going real crazy trying to "solve" dependencies09:39
duckx0rmostafa_: that question makes no sense09:39
pengwynaaron113-   does it connect09:39
mostafa_duckx0r: why ?09:39
jmarsdenmostafa_: Read a good guide to bash scripting such as http://tldp.org/LDP/abs/html/09:39
ace__But is that safe?.I mean i cannot find opera in synaptic09:39
duckx0rmostafa_: you want to ask the user to do this or that? what do you mean?09:39
Artemis3opera has a repo in their own page i think, or a .deb09:40
duckx0race__: perfectly safe, yes.09:40
aaron113pengwyn: yes it connects to a computer very fast but i cant control it09:40
pengwynaaron113-   and your keys and mouse are in a kvm right?09:40
duckx0rArtemis3: yes, you are right, they have a repo too09:40
ace__Thanks alot duckx0r.09:40
icerootace__: opera is in the canoncial-repo (imo)09:40
ManDayThis night, I had my laptop updating from 9.04 to 9.10 on battery power. It had about three to four hours of power left when it started installing packages (stated: remaining 40 minutes). Today morning I started it and just goes into an empty black screen with a white underscore in the upper left corner instead of booting up the kernel. Taking a look into GRUB, it only has kernels from 2.6.28-11 through 2.6.28-15, which is weird because it shoul09:40
ManDayd have updated to 2.6.30 - any suggestions?09:40
aaron113pengwyn: whats a kvm?09:40
pengwynokay your keys and mouse are directly connected to the cpu right?09:41
mostafa_duckx0r: I wanna restart but before that I want to ask the user to do this or not? and ofcourse this is a script command09:41
jmarsdenaaron113: Kernel Virtual Machine09:41
Artemis3ace__, also i suggest you give midori a try ^^09:41
rachaany1 knowe why is my Flash Videos Laggy :S ?09:41
pengwynjmarsden-  Keyboard Video Mouse Switch09:41
duckx0rmostafa_: if users are using sudo, they should know what they are doing before they try to restart09:41
aaron113pengwyn: kernel virtual machien?09:42
ace__Installing midori right now.09:42
Artemis3racha, could be many things, but dont try fullscreen (flash sucks)09:42
pengwynaaron113-  No.  Keyboard Video Mouse Switch09:42
jmarsdenHmmm... depends on context, I suppose.  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/KVM09:42
Replophum. after booting on Ubuntu's dvd, and selecting "install ubuntu" ,  I got a grey screen with a white rectangle in the upper left corner and a laggish round cursor.    Doesn't look like normal behavior09:42
jmarsdenIn the Ubuntu world, KVM is a virtualization technology...09:42
aaron113pengwyn: never done that before?09:42
rachaArtemis3 : i knowe ... but all my videos on Youtube are lagy :S how to fix that ?09:43
pengwynwhere 1 key does a ton of boxen09:43
mostafa_duckx0r: K but i just wanna to prompt the user that's all09:43
pengwynDoin it now .09:43
mostafa_duckx0r: how could I prompt?09:43
Artemis3racha, which video card?09:43
aaron113pengwyn: why not try vnc09:43
jmarsdenmostafa_: Learn bash.  Especially the read buildin.   Tyep   help read    for some info on that.09:43
rachaArtemis : ATI X165009:44
pengwynaaron113-  I have hardware09:44
duckx0rmostafa_: i don't think that you can. if a user is issuing a shutdown command, they should know that that's what they want to do09:44
wangjian2012ubuntu 关闭不需要 的 服务 已经安装了sysv-rc-conf09:44
aaron113pengwyn: ? :o09:44
duckx0rmostafa_: especialy if they are sudo'ing to do it09:44
jmarsdenduckx0r: Of course you can ask users a question in a shell script...09:44
wangjian2012怎么关闭阿 那么多的 运行等级09:44
aaron113pengwyn: no i meant we both try it09:44
Artemis3racha, ouch, im not expert with catalyst..09:44
aaron113wangjian2012: noone can read thAt sorry09:44
duckx0rjmarsden: i think he was saying in the shutdown command itself though09:45
Replopseeing thoses kanjis, but not understanding them, indeed09:45
pengwynaaron113-  I could try it, you could give me your nfo to logon, and I could delete or snatch your files.  That's not what you want dude.09:45
Artemis3might be chinese...09:45
jmarsdenduckx0r: No, he wants to know how to write shell scripts without actually learning bash :)09:45
duckx0rjmarsden: lol ahh yeah i think i see what you mean now09:45
aaron113no looks like japaniese09:45
bazhang!cn | wangjian201209:46
ubottuwangjian2012: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk09:46
mostafa_duckx0r: how could I prompt the user to press sth can you help me with this?09:46
pengwynaaron113- looks like big 509:46
jmarsdenmostafa_: The read command... help read09:46
Artemis3its chinese, see, no hiraganas :)09:46
aaron113pengwyn: ? what!09:46
aaron113pengwyn: pm cani09:46
aaron113pengwyn: can i pm u09:46
aaron113pengwyn: private09:47
duckx0rmostafa_: just do a google search on bash programming and learn how to give the user a prompt09:47
mostafa_duckx0r: thanks for your help;)09:48
duckx0rmostafa_: you have to create a script that will ask the user whether or not to continue and if so, issue the shutdown command. they'll also have to enter their password too since it uses sudo (and be a member of the wheel group)09:48
duckx0rman... why couldn't i remember yesterday that the name of the group was wheel?09:49
mostafa_duckx0r:  yeah exactly I want to do such thing09:49
grizmжопа какая то09:49
duckx0rmostafa_: unfortunately you're going to have to learn how to program a bit09:49
jmarsdenduckx0r: Because in Ubuntu, there is no wheel group?09:50
mostafa_duckx0r: I wanna prompt the user that if he don't want to reboot press N and then it cancels the restart09:50
Artemis3jmarsden, there is adm :)09:50
Chibbleduckx0r: there is no wheel in Ubuntu09:50
jmarsdenmostafa_: help read     # I already told you what command to use to prompt the user and get his response.09:50
duckx0rthere's a wheel group in my kubuntu 8.04 :P09:51
genii!ru grizm09:51
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ru grizm09:51
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genii!ru |grizm09:51
ubottugrizm: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke09:51
grawityduckx0r: He means "by default, there is no wheel group"09:51
grawityChibble: But there is 'admin'09:51
jmarsdenduckx0r: Then you added it.  I don't know of a default Ubuntu install that creates a wheel group.09:51
Chibblegrawity: I will state it again for you. There is no wheel group in Ubuntu.09:51
jmarsdenduckx0r: So telling others they need to be in a wheel group is a bad idea.09:51
ManDayThis night, I had my laptop updating from 9.04 to 9.10 on battery power. It had about three to four hours of power left when it started installing packages (stated: remaining 40 minutes). Today morning I started it and just goes into an empty black screen with a white underscore in the upper left corner instead of booting up a login shell. Taking a look into GRUB, it only has kernels from 2.6.28-11 through 2.6.28-15, which is weird because it sh09:51
ManDayould have updated to 2.6.30. Manually selecting 2.6.28-15 (recovery) hangs up at "[   9.54600] sd 2:0:0:0: Attached scsi generic sg1 type 0". Manually selecting 2.6.28-15 it shows the ubuntu loading bar (not progress bar) and goes into the black screen then.09:51
mostafa_jmarsden: thank you, you are right I should go and learn more ;)09:52
duckx0rjmarsden: k my mistake09:52
grawityChibble: I know that. But there is an "admin" group, which is for all purposes the same thing.09:52
mostafa_mostafa_: then I come back ;)09:52
Artemis3why would you update distro on battery power? thats crazy :P09:52
Chibblegrawity: for the last time I will state: There is no wheel group in Ubuntu. Please drop the matter.09:52
* grawity sighs09:52
grawityI didn't even start it.09:52
mostafa_duckx0r: jmarsden: thank you both09:52
Artemis3ManDay, i say, dl rc5 and install fresh09:53
duckx0rbut that's weird because i remember removing a user from the wheel group and then they were unable to sudo in my kubuntu 8.04 install and i don't remember adding the group...09:53
Artemis3i mean alpha 509:53
ManDayArtemis3, rc5 is what? the kernel?09:53
ManDayor jaunty?09:53
Artemis3no no karmic09:53
Artemis3alpha 509:53
Artemis3or the latest09:54
ManDayi beg your pardon but how could i download karmic?09:54
ManDaywould i have to do it manually?09:54
BlizzerandKarmic Alpha 6 in 1 1/2 week09:54
ManDayor is there something like a live-install package?09:54
jmarsdenArtemis3: But that would potentially lose all ManDay's data on the laptop!  That's not really a solution to a non-booting machine with an existing OS and data on it.09:54
Artemis3ManDay, http://distrowatch.com/ubuntu09:54
ManDayjmarsden, screw the data09:54
duckx0rManDay: karmic is still in alpha, so it's not recommended unless you are testing it09:54
jimisanyone gay09:55
Artemis3well he can always backup first from the live cd09:55
ManDayI was just planning to get jaunty fresh and then update that again.09:55
jimisanyone gay09:55
ManDayduckx0r, i want the INTEL graphics fixed. 2d performance is horrible09:55
BlizzerandManDay : : http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/karmic/alpha-5/09:55
Artemis3and he was going into 9.10 anyway...09:55
* grawity tries to decide between !ot and !ops09:55
duckx0rManDay: do they fix that in karmic?09:55
Artemis3yes its for testing, no one should be upgrading into 9.10 unless the data doesnt matter and can be wiped, etc.09:56
Chibblegrawity: in future use either one as you see fit. However, do not clog the channel with your "ruminations" on the matter. Thank you.09:57
aaron113grawity: ops is simple09:57
Artemis3And actually, when you finish installing karmic, you have to fsck once because of a silly bug :P09:57
duckx0rArtemis3: lol that is rather silly09:58
Artemis3and yes, it seems intel is better with 9.1009:58
grawityChibble: And that's kinda the reason why I took it to PM.09:58
davidscotthi! is it a french version of ubuntu channel?09:58
davidscotthi! is it a french version of ubuntu channel?09:59
grawitydavidscott: Try #ubuntu-fr09:59
grawitydavidscott: And there's really no need to repeat your messages.09:59
duckx0rArtemis3: ooh that's good. does it support compiz?09:59
Chibblegrawity: please ask before PMing me in future. Thank you.09:59
MadAGuhey guys i have a problem with 9.10... i can't click the youtube player buttons when i use kde and compiz is activated09:59
Artemis3in the 3 machines with intel gma i tried it enables compiz09:59
aaron113Chibble: ya right u didnt ask me! >:(10:00
duckx0rArtemis3: that's good to know thanks10:00
tomas1heu guys any way to set a mail server up on 9.04 desktop10:00
aaron113tomas1: i can help10:00
grawitytomas1: Just install Postfix or Exim4, then configure it.10:00
Canadian_TrencheSO question i just installed 9.10 on acer one and of course wireless drivers arent working try to install madwifi and doesnt want to accept any ideas ?10:00
nemesis1911I gotta problem with my computer freezing up my mouse and keyboard stops working when I start to play mp3 using any player in Ubuntu 9.0410:00
aaron113tomas1: install mozila thunder bird10:01
tomas1ok will try10:01
nemesis1911can anyone help me10:01
aaron113tomas1: it is the best10:01
tomas1i have that but its not what i ment10:01
duckx0raaron113: he said a mail server, not a mail client10:01
pengwynnemesis1911-  what kind of power supply you got?10:01
aaron113!wait | MadGu10:01
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about wait10:01
duckx0rnemesis1911: no10:01
Chibbleaaron113: I have tried to help you two times. Both times you refused to perform the simple tasks I outlined. Once more; please find out your specific input hardware.10:01
duckx0rnemesis1911: sorry didn' see your first comment. ignore me.10:02
Canadian_Trenchechibble aaron was here last night he is kinda thick headed when it comes to being helped10:02
LogomachistWhen I log into Ubuntu I get a blank desktop with a mouse cursor and my wallpaper and that's it. The panels don't appear and alt + F2 doesn't work. By pressing the help button I can get a help window to appear but it is stuck in the upper left hand corner of the screen with no menu or title bars; I can't move it around or resize it.10:02
LogomachistI can still get to the command line via ctrl+alt+F1, and using that I got gnome-panel running with some assistance. But even then the window decoration still doesn't appear. If I log in to another account the panels and window decorations do work. Thinking the problem might lie with my settings files I deleted user settings files such as .gnome and .gnome2 to no avail.10:02
ManDayduckx0r, yes, it's said to be fixed. Otherwise I wouldn't update10:02
LogomachistSo seems my problem is particular to one account but not tied to the user preferences. Any suggestions?10:02
FloodBot1Logomachist: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.10:02
Canadian_Trenchedude dont flood10:02
nemesis1911its a 300w10:02
NumLockHi Everyone10:02
tomas1where do i get exim410:03
pengwynLogomachist-  Make A NEW ACCOUNT and TEST10:03
aaron113google it tomas110:03
ChibbleCanadian_Trenche: I thought he was being deliberately obtuse. As I was giving him instructions he was insulting me.10:03
Chibbleaaron113: I will still help you, but you *must* perform the tasks asked of you10:03
tomas1and does it run on the desktop version10:03
Canadian_Trenche>.> yeah same as last night10:03
pengwynnemesis1911-  Maybe not enough?  for all your drives and usb?10:04
duckx0rLogomachist: what WM are you using?10:04
Chibbleaaron113: and, for your own security, do *not* keep asking people to connect to your machine.10:04
LogomachistCanadian_Trenche: Sorry, didn't think 3 lines were unreasonable. I'll write it all in one clump next time.10:04
duckx0rLogomachist: err desktop environment i mean10:04
shreyhey when i press ctrl+alt+f1 i m in konsole mode. But how to come back to KDE mode ?10:04
ManDayOk, I'm downloading the Karmic install CD.10:04
aaron113Chibble: i didnt ask anyone10:04
Myrttictrl - alt - f7, shrey10:04
pengwynLogomachist-  have you tested by making a new user account?10:04
aaron113ManDay: realy!10:04
Logomachistpengwyn: I already did make a new account. The new account works decently, I'm trying to figure out what is wrong with the old one.10:05
nemesis1911pengwyn : I don't have a lot pluged in.. it just does it when I play MP3 when I play movies its fine10:05
dell_hello, can anybody have any experiences for intel gm45 graphic driver. i have a sloppy picture in HD flash movies on youtube ...10:05
Logomachistduckx0r: I'm using the default Ubuntu environment.10:05
zaccouris there something like computer janitor for kubuntu?10:05
ManDayI assume there isn't any way to strip the ubuntu installation down to a set of essentials apart from installing it all manually, is there?10:05
NumLockI would like to create my own remixed ubuntu10:05
pengwynLogomachist-  what window manager?10:05
shreyKarmin is Gnome or KDE.10:05
Myrtti!mini | ManDay10:05
ubottuManDay: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD10:05
bazhang!remaster > NumLock10:05
pengwynrm -rf ~/.kde .gnome10:05
ubottuNumLock, please see my private message10:05
ManDayMyrtti, something like that available for Karmic?10:06
MyrttiManDay: ask in #ubuntu+1 ?10:06
shreyKarmic is Gnome or KDE ? i m using Kubuntu KDE so should i switch to Karmic, if yes than why?10:06
pengwynor rename them  SORRY  Logomachist10:06
Myrttishrey: no10:06
Chibbleaaron113: I'll tell you in channel. Write it down, or copy and paste it somewhere. The "lshw" and "lspci" commands will aid you in the first instance10:06
Myrttishrey: karmic is the name of an upcoming release10:06
bazhangshrey, karmic discussion in #ubuntu+110:06
NumLockbazhang: can i release my iso when finished?10:06
duckx0rshrey: when it is released, you can switch if you want10:06
Myrttishrey: it's either10:06
Logomachistpengwyn: By window manager do you mean Gnome or compiz? Sorry I'm not exactly sure of Linux terminology.10:07
bazhangNumLock, share with others? sure why not10:07
Artemis3Canadian_Trenche, in the zg5s i tried with 9.10, wireless work out of the box10:07
shreyMyrtti: thanks10:07
grawityLogomachist: Compiz is the window manager, GNOME is the entire desktop environment.10:07
pengwyngnome, kde, e, poisonbox, etc10:07
Logomachistgrawity: OK.10:07
grawitypengwyn: GNOME is not a window manager.10:08
jfcgauss_hi. synaptic 0.62.5 that comes with ubuntu 9.04 keeps selecting Preferences>"consider recommended packages as dependencies" while i keep unselecting it. what could be the reason (my systems is updated) ?10:08
NumLockbazhang: cool, once i've compiled my iso can i share it streight away?10:08
grawityLogomachist: (And if you turn off Compiz, you get Metacity, the simpler window manager)10:08
bazhangNumLock, of course10:08
Artemis3these are called Desktop Envireoments (Metacity would be the default Window Manager)10:08
Logomachistpengwyn: I'm sorry, what did you want me to rename? .gnome and .kde files?10:08
Logomachistpengwyn: .gnome I deleted earlier10:09
pengwynLogomachist-  I suggested you try to rename the window manager config files10:09
pengwynLogomachist- Or the entire account10:09
aaron113Chibble: i didnt see anything about touch pad or mouse10:09
Logomachistpengwyn: What exactly should I rename and where do I find it?10:09
pengwynbeyond that, you'll have to compare to find WHAT went wrong10:10
Chibbleaaron113: please direct all further questions to grawity. Good day to you10:10
pengwyn /home/theaccountyourtalkingabout10:10
Logomachistpengwyn: WIll do that now.10:10
aaron113grawity: you there10:10
NumLockI'm looking to install the very latest apache, as ubuntu doesn't come with the very latest version, if someone types tasksel and selects LAMP, will ubuntu over-wright the apache install or error out that apache is already installed?10:10
ninelmy upgrade of  hardy to intrepid and then to jaunty   disabled the  unified button for IM status indicator + shutdown button how can I recover that?10:10
S33K3Rcan anyone give a reason why i shouldn't upgrade from jaunty to karmic?10:10
pengwynLogomachist-  Wait10:10
aaron113S33K3R: because the stable version isnt redy or comeout yet10:11
bazhangS33K3R, its not released; discussion of karmic in #ubuntu+110:11
pengwynIf you already have one working in a test account you could just rename stuff.  nevermind.10:11
grawityaaron113: ?10:11
pengwynaccount juggle10:11
aaron113grawity: chibble said you could help me10:11
NumLockI'm looking to install the very latest apache, as ubuntu doesn't come with the very latest version, if someone types tasksel and selects LAMP, will ubuntu over-wright the apache install or error out that apache is already installed?10:13
=== pingu is now known as Guest77509
dell_does anybody have any experience about intel gm45 video chipset ?10:13
ManDayCan someone tell me the name of the (Windows) tool which puts an iso onto a thumbdrive and makes it bootable?10:13
grawityManDay: Unetbootin is the most popular one.10:14
ManDaygrawity, thanks thats exactly what i was thinking of10:14
aaron113grawity: please see my private mesage.10:14
abhi_ManDay: unetbootin10:15
ManDayDoes the mini-installation support the same drivers for Wireless as the normal one?10:15
miguelonnnnplease how can i know where is my grub 1.5 installed?10:19
xuckx0rmiguelonnnn, /boot/10:20
merma/boot/grub ?10:20
miguelonnnni don't have boot10:20
miguelonnnnah yeah you mean the folder10:20
miguelonnnnok xd10:20
miguelonnnnesto no va tio10:20
miguelonnnnle doy a aceptar y no pasa nada10:20
miguelonnnnque es eso  dcc?10:21
xuckx0rmiguelonnnn, wrong chat window?10:21
miguelonnnnno me deja aceptarlo10:21
SassyHi All - can someone please tell me if there is a sudo apt-get install for a CD burning program please????10:21
grawitySassy: Brasero is already included with Ubuntu.10:21
xuckx0rSassy, are you using gnome or kde?10:21
grawitySassy: The package name is 'brasero'. If you're on Kubuntu, K3B may be better.10:21
Sassyumm.... gnome i think10:21
pengwynk3m in kde10:21
pengwynk3b ha I mean10:22
Logomachistpengwyn: I renamed my home directory, and when I logged in things were worse than before- I didn't even have wallpaper. So I changed the directory back to the way it was, logged in again, and now am back to the original problem: no panels and no window decoration. Do you recommend turning off compiz? If so, how do I do that?10:22
SassyThanks Guys... dumb arsed me.... my bestie just found it for me lol!!! thanks heaps!!10:22
=== xuckx0r is now known as duckx0r
Doc-SaintlyHello, i'm having some sound problems on ubuntu. running 9.04, i can do the sound tests, but VLC has no audio10:23
pengwynLogomachist-  renamed /home ?  not that.10:23
LogomachistNo, /home/username10:23
pengwynoh okay10:23
pengwynyou scared me there10:23
jmarsdenLogomachist: sudo apt-get purge compiz   # will uninstall compiz if that is what you want to try10:23
=== mue_ is now known as mue
Logomachistjmarsden: I guess?10:24
pengwyndon't guess10:24
duckx0rLogomachist, this is what I would do: log into your test account and copy the hidden folders over from your old user's account one by one and log in every time until you can reproduce the error, then you know that's the culprit folder. then you can either delete it or try to fix it10:25
pengwyndux0r = spot on10:25
pengwynis it a missing symbolic link?10:26
duckx0rLogomachist, also, have you checked your log files? they might say something about what's going on10:27
pengwynxorg.conf's are fun to make now10:28
macshai guys10:28
macsI am new to IRC ....10:28
Logomachistduckx0r: Have not checked log files. That's a good idea. Where would these log files be stored?10:28
duckx0rLogo /var/log10:28
pengwyn /var/log/messages10:28
macsThis is the first time I am here in am IRC10:28
grawitymacs: Welcome to Freenode, then10:28
Logomachistduckx0r:  kk. ::runs off to check log files::10:29
macsHai ..can you help me to register a nick name10:29
S33K3Ri installed yahoo messenger.exe using wine in jaunty, but its not working. what could be wrong?10:29
aaron113S33K3R: lol never heard of a person doing that!10:30
pengwynmacs /msg nickserv help10:30
duckx0rmacs, type /msg nicserv help10:30
duckx0rerr what pengwyn said10:30
macstype where ......10:30
kandjar`hi there; quick question: i installed ubuntu 9.04 which came with gnome; and I d like to try kde; what's the easiest way to do so?10:30
macsI amusing Pidgin10:30
Doc-Saintlykandjar`: use xubuntu10:30
aaron113i forgot my root passwd is there a way to change it10:31
Doc-Saintlyer wait kandjar` , kubuntu10:31
grawitymacs: Type commands in the box below - in the same box where you type messages.10:31
duckx0rkandjar`, type sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop10:31
grawityaaron113: Yes.10:31
Doc-Saintlykandjar`: ubuntu = gnome, kubuntu = kde, xubuntu = xcfe10:31
aaron113then grawity how10:31
macs /msg nickserv help10:31
pengwynpubuntu = poison box?10:31
grawitymacs: Without spaces before :\10:31
kandjar`Doc-Saintly: i know that :) but i dont feel like reinstalling ubuntu :P10:32
grawityduckx0r: I see nothing funny in that.10:32
grawitykandjar`: apt-get install kubuntu-desktop, like you've been told already.10:32
Dr_Willis_ArchI think they just need to make a 'ask me what window manager to install ubuntu' :)    AmwWmtIbuntu10:32
duckx0rgrawity, you have no sense of humour then10:32
pengwyngrawity-  sorry10:32
aaron113grawity: how do you change ur root passwd10:32
kandjar`grawity: :) oops didnt see it :)10:32
grawityduckx0r: My sense of humor doesn't include laughing at someone who typo'd a command.10:32
macsthanks I got some help ..10:32
macslet me read it10:32
kandjar`thanks grawity, duckx0r :) i ll give it a try10:32
Dr_Willis_Archaaron113:  boot live cd and chroot over and set it.. or use rescue mode  perhaps.10:32
duckx0rgrawity, mine does10:32
Dr_Willis_Archaaron113:  how did you set it the first time? root  has no password by default its 'disabled'10:33
=== franek is now known as ors
grawityduckx0r: Yours is a strange sense of humor, then.10:33
duckx0rgrawity, it's "special"10:33
rekhi,how can i use xvesa in ubuntu?10:33
pengwyn(I ain't laughing, I gave out rm's )10:33
aaron113Dr_Willis_Arch: there is no need for that10:33
Dr_Willis_Archaaron113:  no need for what?10:33
pengwyntried to say wait though10:33
aaron113i know thereis another way for it10:33
Dr_Willis_Archaaron113:  you mean the actual 'root' users password . or the initial 'admin user' password?10:34
Dr_Willis_ArchIf the admin user can still sudo , you can set other users password via sudo passwd username10:34
pengwynI think it's in Kee-Pass10:35
duckx0rDr_Willis_Arch, i think you can set the root password that way too10:35
aaron113Dr_Willis_Arch: no remember u type in su in a terminal and it promts the user to a passwd and now i forgot that passwd can u tell me how to change it back?10:35
=== root is now known as Guest89134
kandjar`duckx0r, grawity: i suppose if I want to try xcfe I should do: apt-get xubuntu-desktop? is it easy to switch between the different wm?10:35
ikoniaaaron113: set the users password with sudo passwd $username10:36
ortsvorsteher!u | aaron11310:36
ubottuaaron113: U is the 21st letter of the modern latin alphabet. Neither 'U' or 'Ur' are words in the English language. Nor are 'R', 'Y', 'l8', 'Ne1' or 'Bcuz'. Mangled English is hard for non-native English speakers. Please see http://geekosophical.net/random/abbreviations/ for more information.10:36
duckx0rkandjar`, yes very easy10:36
duckx0rkandjar`, you select them when you log in10:36
kandjar`ok :) nice :)10:36
Dr_Willis_Archaaron113:  'su -' would want the 'root' users actual password. There is no root users actual password by default.   Unless you set one.  If you set one, then need to 'reset' it - you can use one of the 3 ways i mentioned. live  cd, rescue mode, or sudo passwd username10:36
pengwynkandjar, try poisonbox  ;o)10:37
duckx0raaron113, do you mean "su" or "sudo"?10:37
aaron113ikonia: thank you very much10:37
pengwynoh yeah, poisonbox10:37
duckx0rpengwyn, what is poisonbox?10:38
pengwynduckx0r-  it's a window manager . hard core10:39
Dr_Willis_Arch!info posionbox10:39
ubottuPackage posionbox does not exist in jaunty10:39
duckx0rpengwyn, must be hard core. it doesn't even show up on the first page of google10:39
Dr_Willis_Arch!info poisonbox10:39
ubottuPackage poisonbox does not exist in jaunty10:39
nemesis1911how to i get my iPhone to work with Ubuntu 9.0410:39
pengwynthen look up poisonbox10:39
pengwynIt runs on somethin around here10:40
duckx0rpengwyn, that's what i searched for10:40
=== nsh_ is now known as nsh-
ortsvorsteher!iphone | nemesis191110:41
ubottunemesis1911: For information on how to sync and add tracks to your iPod, see the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IPodHowto - For the iPhone and the iPod Touch, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PortableDevices/iPhone - See !RockBox for information on liberating your iPod10:41
pengwynFravia spanks ye10:41
rekRemember that since you cannot use IRQs or DMA in a user-mode program, you will probably have to write a kernel driver to use ECP/EPP; I think someone is writing such a driver         what does this mean?  i think i can open my parallel port and use it whenever i want10:42
pengwynrat poison  poison box same thing10:42
TruthLikerHello :)10:43
reki just need to open the port and read data10:43
pengwyn"Do it! dont like the window manager? use rat poison."10:43
ikoniapengwyn: why do you keep saying rat poison10:43
TruthLikerHow do I turn on the ftp server in ubuntu ?10:43
pengwynikonia-  I'm sorry10:43
ikoniaTruthLiker: which one did you install ?10:43
nemesis1911if anyone has a iPhone here and need it to work with Ubuntu 9.04 i found the page that explains it http://ivkin.net/2009/04/synching-iphone-over-usb-under-ubuntu/comment-page-1/10:44
pengwynduX0r was askin10:44
pengwynI spelled it like an -F10:45
ikonianemesis1911: if you had that page - why did you ask how to do it?10:45
nemesis1911i just found it10:45
ManDayInstalling mini-ubuntu what hostname should i specify as the source for downloading ubuntu?10:45
ikonianemesis1911: then don't recommend it until you know it works10:45
ikoniaManDay: mini-ubuntu ?10:45
duckx0rpengwyn, i was asking the same thing lol10:45
ManDayikonia, mini install10:46
brijithhai I am using Pidgin 2.6.1 on ubuntu 8.04, From some where I heard that latest version of pidgin support voice and video chats ......10:46
ikoniaManDay: pick any repo you want then, I assume you mean the minimal install10:46
ikonia!minimal | ManDay10:46
ubottuManDay: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD10:46
=== bullet is now known as Guest63289
TruthLikerikonia: Looks like I don't have any server installed which explains I why I could not find a setting for activating it. :\10:46
ubottuGRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto10:46
twrightbrjith: I am not sure it is in ppa versions10:46
ManDayikonia, there is nothing to pick from.10:46
ikoniaTruthLiker: didn't think so, one is not installed by default10:46
guilrobrijith: you must know it doesn't work for msn10:46
ManDayit just promts me to enter a hostname, ikonia10:46
duckx0rbrijith, as far as i know it's only supported in 9.10 or later but it may work if you compile it yourself10:46
DJ-Nomadif anyone finds a page telling how to make a lg rumor's memory card accessible via bluetooth or usb cable hook me up10:46
ikoniaManDay: yes, so pick a repo hostname10:46
ikoniaManDay: check out the url ubottu just sent you10:47
duckx0rbrijith, also, it's not available for msn yet10:47
ManDayikonia, there are only downloads there10:47
ManDayi dont know the hostname i should enter10:47
pengwynnet install is the best10:47
twrightbirjith: It is coming in karmic anyway with the switch to empathy10:47
rekhow can i use xvesa in ubuntu10:48
=== ripps_ is now known as ripps
ManDayCan anyone tell me what to enter there?10:48
ikoniaManDay: you need to pick a repo off the web10:48
ManDayikonia, where FROM? www.ubuntu.com is down10:48
ManDayi dont know where to find one10:48
twrightbirjith: empathy in the repos should support video10:48
duckx0rManDay, www.ubuntu.com is working fine for me10:49
ikoniaManDay: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Ubuntu10:49
ManDayok, can you give me a valid hostname for a repo then?10:49
duckx0rManDay, how can a repo have a hostname?10:50
pengwynmanday I start with proxy.org10:50
ManDayikonia, that page you gave me is more or less useless10:50
ManDayit describes activating sources in ubuntu10:50
ikoniaManDay: no it's not10:50
ikoniapengwyn: proxy.org is not an repo10:50
Logo2This is Logomachist logging in from the affected computer. I checked var/log/messages and it doesn't have anything older than a day ago, so I can't compare what it looked like before the problems started to what it's looking like now. Even so I don't see anything suspicious. In case any of you wanted to take a look at it, if you want. Give me an email addy and I'll email it to you.10:50
pengwynlemme look what mine is ManDay, I know ikonia .  Shush10:50
ManDaythanks pengwyn10:51
Logo2(For some reason I can't get pastebin working)10:51
ManDayi ONLY need the hostname though!i10:51
ManDayit only asks me for a hostname10:51
=== andrew_ is now known as Guest41219
ikoniaManDay: there are many repo's on the web, you can see some listed in the exmaple page I gave you10:51
ManDay[!!] Choose a mirror of the Ubuntu archive    :    Please enter the hostname of the mirror from which Ubuntu will be downloaded.   An alternat port can be specified using the standard [hostname]:[port] format.    Ubuntu archive mirror hostname: ________10:52
duckx0rLogo2, did you try copying over the hidden files from your user's home directory into a working test directory one at a time until you can reproduce the error?10:52
ubottuThe packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories and http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/components - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories10:52
ikoniaManDay: any if you look in the exmaple images you'll see archive.ubuntyu.com ftp.ticklers.org mirror.ox.ack.uk, ubuntu-archive.datashop.it10:52
Logo2DuckxOr, not that would be what I'd try next.10:53
aaron113how di i put a fourm in http://ubuntufourm.org/10:53
ManDayurgh, images, okay ikonia you are right10:53
Logo2duckxOr: unless someone else had a better idea.10:53
pengwynManDay, still ubuntu.com here crap..  I seen some .de's10:53
duckx0rLogo2, the only other thing I could think of is renaming your configuration folders, which is essentially the same thing10:54
Logo2duckxOr: Well I'll go try that. Wish me luck.10:54
duckx0rLogo2, also keep in mind that if you copy the folders over to the other account that the permissions are changed to the test user's as well10:54
aaron113how do i add a fourm in ubuntufourm10:55
ikoniaaaron113: add a forum ?10:55
duckx0raaron113, you mean start a topic?10:55
aaron113duckx0r: yes10:55
duckx0raaron113, are you logged in?10:55
aaron113yes linuxbrother1110:55
ikoniaaaron113: ubuntu forum support is in the channel #ubuntuforums10:55
ManDayone big pita, one would assume that ubuntu after all has it somewhere documented like "list of repositories", but no...10:56
DJ-Nomadanyone know how to switch my default sound to use my external usb soundblaster instead of my intel?10:56
ikoniaManDay: there are many lists on the web, and as ubuntu doesn't maintain the mirrors it doesn't know about them10:56
ManDayikonia, they could at least present their OWN mirrors...10:56
=== six is now known as Guest76891
duckx0rDJ-Nomad, i know this isn't a great fix, but i had a similar problem a long time ago and i just disabled the onboard sound directly from the bios and everything worked extremely well after that10:56
ikoniaManDay: it's on ubuntu.com - that's it own mirror10:56
pengwynI still looking ManDay10:57
DJ-Nomadduckx0r,  that might be the best option10:57
ManDayikonia, then tell me word for word: what do i have to enter at "hostname" and what to enter at "directory"!10:57
ikoniaManDay: gb.archive.ubuntu.com10:57
DJ-Nomadcause I do not need it for anything10:57
pengwynikonia-  wins10:57
ikoniaManDay: there is the british archive for you10:57
ManDaywhats the path to the repo there?10:58
pengwynit's still ubuntu.com10:58
ManDayi also need to enter a directory!10:58
ikoniaManDay: /ubuntu10:58
ikoniaManDay: you need to start searching the web for the right information, the point of the minimal CD is to know all this in advance10:58
[Spooky]Can i have moving images as a wallpaper in 9.04?10:58
pengwyniso into a virtualmachine is nice10:59
unimatrixwhy does compiz.real constantly use 3% of my CPU even when i'm not doing anything?10:59
ikoniaunimatrix: it's a process - it needs cpu to you and just draw the screen10:59
ikonia[Spooky]: there is a trick to do this, but it's quite a resource hog10:59
ikonia[Spooky]: you can even do it with a movie file10:59
duckx0rewww a movie file as a desktop wallpaper?11:00
unimatrixikonia, well i'm sorry but even Vista's Aero doesn't require so much CPU11:00
=== pheonix is now known as a
=== a is now known as pheonix
ikoniaunimatrix: the window manager for windows it broke down differently so you can't compare like that11:00
ikoniaunimatrix: disable it if you don't like it11:00
=== sharperguy2 is now known as sharperguy
=== pheonix is now known as PHEONIX
=== ubuntu_904 is now known as c_nick
unimatrixikonia, i need it because without it even moving a window will cause the CPU to spike up to 99%11:01
[Spooky]ikonia: Yes i know VLC have that option...11:01
=== PHEONIX is now known as thisdotpheonix
ikonia[Spooky]: you can do it without vlc, I'm trying to find it, I've done it before but it's a real hog11:01
edenrozhello am installing UNR on a eeepc901 but during installation mouse dont work11:01
ikoniaunimatrix: it sounds like your video card is not setup correctly11:02
twrightultimatrix: aero does use more cpu in the names of other processes11:02
duckx0runimatrix, sounds like something is wrong if you are using 99% of your cpu just to move a window11:02
unimatrixikonia, trust me, it is11:02
[Spooky]ikonia: Hehe ok.. ;) Fun to try out...11:02
ikoniaunimatrix: I doubt that very much11:02
twrightultimatrix: you probably need proper drivers11:02
ikonia[Spooky]: it was a very obscure method, tweking fbset etc etc, I'm sure I had a note on it11:02
unimatrixikonia, unless ubuntu doesn't know how to install nvidia's drivers, it's set up correctly11:02
ManDayikonia, no it doesnt work11:03
ikoniaunimatrix: it can go wrong, it can select the wrong options11:03
duckx0runimatrix, did you restart your x server after you installed them?11:03
ManDaythats not the right directody11:03
Doc-SaintlyI still can't get sound to work on my install. I'm open to just about anything now, i've tried all the stuff i could find on the forums11:03
unimatrixikonia, it's been like this for years11:03
ikoniaManDay: that is the correct hostname and directory, you can even see it at http://gb.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/11:03
Doc-SaintlyI think it has to do with it selecting the OSS sound instead of ALSA for my hdmi connection11:03
duckx0runimatrix, maybe it's time to upgrade that many years old card then?11:03
ManDaymy bad11:03
ManDaysorry ikonia11:03
unimatrixikonia, and i've reinstalled everything countless times... it's more likely that nvidia's drivers suck11:03
ikoniaManDay: try setting your hostname to http://gb.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ and your directory to jaunty11:03
ikoniaunimatrix: what card is it ?11:04
unimatrixikonia, GeForce 660011:04
twrightultimatrix, can you post your fps results from planet penguin racer11:04
dyfhello.. is there a way to get a pre-compiled version of audacity 1.3.9 beta?11:04
duckx0r6600 isn't going to handle compiz very well11:04
unimatrixduckx0r, why?11:04
ikoniaunimatrix: I've had very good results with that in the past11:04
duckx0risn't that card like 5 years old now?11:05
ikoniabut that's still fine11:05
dyf6600 should be able to handle compiz11:05
guilroduckx0r: i got an ati X200 integrated card and compiz work very well --_--11:05
SubdolusI'm having dramas while trying to use two wifi cards on two seperate access points at the same time. I need to learn how to route in/out through specific interfaces (wlan0 and wlan1)11:05
twrightultimatrix, the nvidia drivers are usually excellent - which version are you using11:05
Subdolusany tips or reading suggestions? I can't really 'explain' what I'm trying to acheive11:05
unimatrixikonia, by "very well" you mean it's normal for compiz and Xorg to use 10% of the CPU?11:06
Subdolusall I want to use wlan0 for is to accept VNC connections for remote control11:06
Subdoluseverything else I want through wlan111:06
twrightultimatrix, it is for xorg11:06
SubdolusI'm dying here :<11:06
unimatrixtwright, well then it sucks11:06
Doc-SaintlySubdolus: you could create a firewall rule or changeroute tables11:06
ikoniaunimatrix: compiz I don't know as I don't think I ever used a 6600 with compiz, but with a native xorg config - worked fantastic11:06
twrightunimatrix, well does it feel slow? Stats alone are not that much help.11:07
SubdolusDoc-Saintly: I can? So using nm-applet to connect to one, then the other on the other interface is correct? then figure out iptables?11:07
unimatrixtwright, it sometimes feels slow with scrolling, like in rhythmbox or with longer web pages11:08
ortsvorsteher!cn | happy11:08
ubottuhappy: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk11:08
twrightunimatrix, that is probably just a bit of firefox issues11:08
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unimatrixtwright, happens in all browsers11:08
ikoniaunimatrix: can you find out what nvidia package you have active please ?11:09
guilroSubdolus: I don't know at all if http://wicd.sourceforge.net/ can handle what you want to do ?11:09
twrightunimatrix, do the slow pages usually have flash on11:09
unimatrixtwright, not necessarily11:09
Subdolusguilro: sadly no11:09
twrightunimatrix, it is a lot faster for me with flash block anyway11:09
Subdolusguilro: it's an excellent tool, but can't configure two interfaces like nm-applet11:09
unimatrixikonia, 185.18.36, but it's been like this since 166 or probably even earlier11:10
ikoniaunimatrix: do you fancy doing a test - it's not 2 minutes, but I'd be interested in knowing the results ?11:10
unimatrixikonia, yes, i'd love to11:10
guilroSubdolus: ok =) I have actually never used wicd11:10
kholzerAnyone in here know math really well?11:10
ikoniaunimatrix: first disable compiz - as it won't work with the test. Then in your /etx/X11/xorg.conf change the line "Driver "Nvidia" " to "Driver "nv" "11:11
duckx0rkholzer, i might know11:11
ikoniaunimatrix: reboot and see how your generic experience is11:11
guilrokholzer: what do you mean by very well ?11:11
Subdolusguilro: it is very nice. I hear alot of talk about being suggesting it should be the standard for Ubuntu installs11:11
twrightkholzer, I hope I am quite good :-)11:11
unimatrixtwright, even faceboook will be enough... grab the scroll and move it up and down really fast... you will notice it lag a little behind the mouse cursor11:11
aaron113PLEASE VIEW http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=7936589#post793658911:11
minchehow do i fix "null output (pulseaudio mixer)" error11:11
kholzerLets talk more in #ubutntu-offtopic....11:11
kholzerWrong channel.  But I've got a programming question to do with math...11:11
unimatrixikonia, ok in a few minutes11:11
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twrightunimatrix, facebook has hidden flash11:12
twrightunimatrix, with the ads it can be really slow sometimes11:12
unimatrixtwright, ok fine, slashdot with adblock is the same11:12
ikoniaunimatrix: don't worry - I'm not suggesting you use this setting for ever, just curious in the results11:12
twrightkholzer, ok11:12
duckx0rfacebook runs slow for me on a fast computer and a good video card sometimes11:12
Tuxisti have trouble with network-manager and script how can i do that the script wait for network-manager is given a ip via dhcp11:13
unimatrixikonia, i know11:13
unimatrixtwright, even if it was flash, that doesn't explain why it happens in rhythmbox too