itnet7mhall119 I am kind of stuck at our home owners association meeting. I am not sure I will make it out of here in time to attend tonights meeting00:07
itnet7if we don't have one tonight, then I would like to get together with you to find the best way to handle mwetings with the LD integration00:21
mhall119itnet7: I'll be happy to chair tonight's meeting00:22
mhall119though the only agenda item is about the new meeting feature00:23
mhall119doh, and I fail at UTC time00:23
MichelleQI think everyone fails at UTC.00:24
mhall119yeah, we already have a bug report to do something about that00:24
mhall119if anyone has anything to dicuss in tonight's meeting, go ahead and add it to http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/team/1/detail/00:32
mhall119cjohnston crashsystems dantalizing himuraken jamalta jtatum mianosm1 munz rmcbride RoAkSoAx ShawnR statik zbrown zoopster 30 minutes until the team meeting00:33
MichelleQwhat time is the meeting?  UTC requires I math.00:58
mhall119in about 5 minutes00:58
mhall119cjohnston crashsystems dantalizing himuraken jamalta jtatum mianosm1 munz rmcbride RoAkSoAx ShawnR statik zbrown zoopster Meeting time01:02
mhall119hey, where's mootbot?01:03
zoopstero/ from sunny california01:03
mhall119whatcha doing in cali?01:04
zoopstermeetings with Canonical partners01:04
mhall119ah, gotta make money for the man01:04
mhall119okay, well it seems we're going bot-less tonight01:05
zoopstercan't get mootbot to join again?01:05
mhall119how do you get it to join?01:05
akgranerOMG you killed mootbot...01:05
MichelleQmootbot's probably in cali with zoopster01:05
mhall119akgraner: it was an accident, i swear!01:05
* akgraner apologizes for the random outburst there and slinks back to the NC channel :-)01:06
mhall119you know we're always happy to see you01:06
mhall119okay, meeting agenda is at http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/team/1/detail/01:06
mhall119unlike previous meetings, our agenda is no longer in the wiki, it's now on the LoCo Directory01:07
mhall119which brings us to our first topic01:07
mhall119[TOPIC] Discuss new LoCo Directory features01:07
* mhall119 pretends mootbot is still here doing' it's job01:08
zoopsterhopefully akgraner will help mootbot find it's way back01:08
mhall119so cjohnston and I, along with the other loco-directory developers, have added Meeting tracking to http://loco.ubuntu.com to go along with the Event tracking we've been using it for01:08
mhall119any team member can create/edit meetings for the team01:09
mhall119they can also add/edit agenda items for any of our team's meetings01:09
zoopsterwoop! great job! \o/01:10
mhall119from now on we should use this for planning our IRC meetings01:10
rmcbrideindeed Great job!01:10
mhall119because it's much easier to extract useful data from LD than the wiki01:10
mhall119and eventually this will automatically feed our montly team reports01:11
mhall119so please use it, report any bugs you encounter of features you wish it had01:11
mhall119it's a new feature, and we're looking for ways to improve it01:11
mhall119our next meeting is already up there: http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/team/14/detail/ so you can add agenda items to it at any time01:12
mhall119any questions about LD or the meeting feature before I move on?01:13
mhall119you have a question?01:13
mhall119or just signaling that you're here?01:13
mhall119okay, moving along01:16
mhall119[TOPIC] Ubuntu Developer Week01:16
cjohnstonsaying hi01:16
mhall119Starting Feb. 28th is the next developer week01:16
mhall119for anybody who doesn't know what that is, it's a week long series of online (over IRC) classes about developing for and on Ubuntu01:17
mhall119on Mar. 2nd at 1700 UTC cjohnston and I will be teaching a class on how to get started hacking on the LoCo Directory01:18
mhall119if anybody is interested in getting involved in this project with us, that'll be a good way to get started01:19
mhall119any questions?01:20
mhall119okay, gonna be a short meeting01:21
mhall119last one01:21
mhall119[TOPIC] Ubuntu Global Jam01:21
mhall119The next Global Jam is scheduled for April 1st (not my idea)01:21
mhall119for those who don't know what a Global Jam is, it's an excuses to get together with other people in the loco team or other groups and work on something Ubuntu related01:22
mhall119people hold bug jams where they triage and/or fix bugs01:22
mhall119documentation jams where they write/edit documentation01:22
mhall119packaing, translations, testing and all kinds of other jams01:23
MichelleQI've failed to be paying attention.  Anything I need to be doing?01:23
mhall119all you need is a small space for people to gather and something you want to do01:23
mhall119if you want to hold a jam near you, just add it to the link above and let the rest of us know so we can attend if possible01:24
mhall119[TOPC] Open...01:25
mhall119anybody have anything else they want to talk about before we end the meeting?01:25
MichelleQ... nope.  Nothing that I can think of01:26
mhall119akgraner: how was FUDcon?01:26
akgranervery interesting01:26
* itnet7 is here, sorry I'm late01:27
akgranerI didn't realize how many people I knew there01:27
akgranerbut it is very different from UDS 01:27
mhall119I think you know 50% of the FLOSS community by now01:27
akgranernah - I wish I did01:27
mhall119oh, word on the street is that UDS is coming back to Orlando this fall!01:28
rmcbrideIt is01:28
itnet7That's going to rock!01:29
rmcbrideI think it was pretty much a done deal before the last one was over. Everyone was very happy with the venue, from what I was told01:29
mhall119itnet7: did you have anything you wanted to talk about before I end the meeting?01:31
itnet7Not really, but thanks so much for holding it!01:31
mhall119no problem01:31
* mhall119 continues to pretend Mootbot is here01:31
itnet7akgraner: you seriouls made the plunge? Are you vegan? or just vegetarian01:32
akgranerjust vegetarian01:33
akgranerI know right...it's hard for me to believe01:33
itnet7That rocks, good for you!01:33
mhall119aw, I was going to make BBQ for the next UDS01:33
itnet7Well if you're doing it to help you feel better01:34
itnet7then kudos01:34
itnet7+1 mhall119 !01:34
akgraneritnet7, yeah needed to make some changes...01:34
itnet7I have been trying to get more exercise myself... need to work on the diet too, but not sure what will work for me01:35
itnet7I need some serious help :-P01:35
mhall119akgraner: I'll smoke some veggies for you then01:35
akgranermhall119, awww thanks!01:35
itnet7Smoked veggies rock too!01:36
mhall119speaking of, has anyone heard from pak33m lately?01:36
itnet7I talked to him last week for a bit, he was doing well01:37
mhall119okay, good01:37
itnet7I was gonna try to see if everyone might want to meet up soon in either Orlando or Lakeland geocache01:39
mhall119oh, geocaching01:39
itnet7s/geocache/and geocache/ 01:40
itnet7Yeah, I thought we could do it as a family fun event01:40
* MichelleQ resumes paying attention again.01:41
itnet7At some park, unless you guys feel like traveling and camping out at Jonathan Dickinson State Park01:41
cjohnstonlets meet up next week in vegas01:41
itnet7cjohnston: bet!01:41
itnet7yeah right01:41
cjohnstonI'll be there01:41
mhall119cjohnston: if you're paying, we'll be there01:41
cjohnstonim not paying01:41
MichelleQsign me up01:41
MichelleQoh dammit01:41
cjohnstonleaving friday headed to NC, then end of next week is vegas01:42
MichelleQitnet7: if you decide to geocache this direction, let us know.01:42
MichelleQWe'll fire up the smoker for dinner.01:43
itnet7I will check and see how many caches are near you guys!01:43
MichelleQsounds good01:43
itnet7I just finished a 5 stage cache that required close to 20 miles of hiking01:43
MichelleQholy mackerel01:43
itnet7but that was a personal goal/challenge01:44
MichelleQwe'd have to do a kid-friendly one.01:44
* itnet7 is trying to get back in shape01:44
MichelleQa particular kid-with-muscle-fatigue-issues one.01:44
itnet7I will check online and see if any of the parks near you have any01:44
itnet7most of them are stroller accessible01:44
MichelleQhe's got a wheel chair, so distance isn't an issue, as long as it's accessible01:44
itnet7that will work01:45
itnet7are there any nature preserves or county parks near you that you guys really enjoy visiting?01:46
itnet7I will check there first01:46
MichelleQhhm.  Lake Parker Park's really kid-friendly and accessible, but not big01:46
MichelleQthere's the Van Fleet trail - that might have something interesting. http://www.bikingflorida.com/index.php?module=pagemaster&PAGE_user_op=view_page&PAGE_id=2101:47
itnet7Wow, at Lake Parker Park there are 227 hidden caches within a 5 mile radius01:49
mhall119they have a nice playground too01:49
MichelleQit's a really nice plave01:50
MichelleQitnet7: signing up for geocaching.com - :-)01:57
MichelleQWe're TheSuperHalls01:59
itnet7MichelleQ: sweet!02:01
itnet7It's definitely fun, and good exercise02:02
MichelleQFigured I'd remember that02:02
itnet7Just send you a friend request through there02:03
MichelleQso, there are, supposedly, 25k caches within 10 miles of us.02:03
mhall119yeah, but probably 10k of them are all one one guy's yard02:05
itnet7There is like 4000 in brevard02:05
MichelleQno.  25k02:05
MichelleQit returned 25543 results for a search for our zip within 10 miles02:05
MichelleQI did a double take02:06
itnet7that includes all cache types though02:06
MichelleQdunno - no clue02:06
itnet7Yeah, When I visit by then I'll learn to filter and will let you guys know what I learn02:06
itnet7You have an android phone right?02:07
itnet7you can install c:geo02:07
itnet7and add your geocaching.com account02:07
MichelleQyeah, I've got an android02:07
MichelleQok, will do02:07
mhall119anyone got an interesting little FLOSS project they'd like to talk about during UDW? http://justanothertriager.wordpress.com/2011/02/09/have-an-interesting-project-you-want-to-talk-about/12:30
mhall119woohoo Mootbot-UK is back@12:57
amougehey just in case anyones interested, I have an entry level php position full time in tampa13:33
amougehey tiemonster13:54
akgraneritnet7, mhall119 and zoopster - see mootbot-uk :-)  it's in your channel now..let me know if you need to know anything about this one there is really on one difference in the -uk and the old one14:15
reya276Morning Everyone14:28
tiemonsteramouge: hi. sorry. I was at class.14:57
itnet7akgraner: ?15:16
itnet7Alan added some stuff?15:16
akgraneritnet7, yep I'll get you the how to I wrote for it15:17
itnet7Sweet thanks!15:17
amougeall good15:21
mhall119akgraner: I think we'd been using mootbot-uk15:51
mhall119it's just that something happened to it15:51
reya276does anyone know when we will get the flash update http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2011/02/flash-player-10-2-released-with-stage-video-hardware-acceleration/18:41
DammitJimis there a google chrome channel?18:52
DammitJimsomeone at work got his CR-4818:52
DammitJimI want mine, dammit!!!18:52
reya276yeah I too applied for one, but I have not gotten a response from google or the device either19:02
DammitJimafternoon, dantalizing 19:10
DammitJimreya276, they don't tell you anything! they just show up!19:10
DammitJimI want one!!! someone here at work just bought an acer one for 199 with a free cover at target or something19:11
reya276hey Dan19:14
reya276DammitJim, oh that is cool19:14
reya276DammitJim, so for $200 bucks they got one at Target?19:14
mhall119not the CR-4819:16
mhall119you can probably get a $200 Atom CPU netbook for $200 at target19:16
DammitJimyeah, talking about the acerone19:16
mhall119ah, ok19:17
crashsystemsThe CR-48 is nice.19:21
DammitJimdo you have one, crashsystems ?19:25
crashsystemsno, but a few coworkers were hunting security vulns on one, and I got to hold it for a few minutes.19:25
jck77hello everyone19:26
jck77I heard that to that the CR-48 is a nice netbook19:26
crashsystemsit is. ubuntu would be great on it19:27
jck77are they still sending it with the pilot program? I applied but never received a message back :(19:28
DammitJimcrashsystems, ubuntu flies on it19:31
DammitJimjck77, I heard the 3rd batch is on its way19:31
zillarit's a beautiful notebook19:31
DammitJima co-worker just got it 4 days ago19:31
DammitJimand I've seen some posts of people getting them today19:32
jck77DammitJim: great, but do they let you know before via email that you were selected?19:32
DammitJimnope, I heard that they are just showing up at doorsteps19:33
jck77great to know then19:33
DammitJimgood luck to us all19:34
zillaroddly, that's contrary to the sign-up form19:37
zillar"We'll review the requests that come in and contact you if you've been selected. "19:37
jck77thats why I asked19:38
jck77we really need luck I guess there is a lot of people applying19:39
jck77what makes me mad is that there is people that received and they are selling it. so they dont care about improving neither giving feedback about the netbook19:40
DammitJimselling it?19:41
jck77look on ebay19:41
jck77google should track those mf and blacklist them from any google service19:42
jck77thats what pissed me offff19:47
dantalizingsame with google io ... people just wanting to sell free stuff from the goog19:47
DammitJimdo you guys know of a fax machine that you can check remotely to see if it has received a fax?20:53
dfusedmake the secretary do it20:56
reya276so what is the deal on the USB hack21:37
dantalizingtheres a usb hack?21:42
maxolasersquaddantalizing: Did you get a chance to look at the osmand code?21:43
dantalizingmaxolasersquad: downloaded it and tried to build, but kept getting errors and didnt have time to dive too deep ... at a high level, the code looks fine21:43
dantalizingmaxolasersquad: do you have logcat output?21:44
maxolasersquadI don't know.21:45
maxolasersquadWould that be on my phone, or in Eclipse?21:46
dantalizinghmm... i alway use the command line21:46
dantalizingstart up the app in an emulator or phone ...21:46
dantalizingthen "adb logcat"21:46
dantalizingyou'll at least get the java exception21:47
reya276before I rudely got kickout the channel, check this out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ovfYBa1EHm421:47
reya276what is up with that, security risk on Linux21:47
dantalizingreya276: i need at least 51:07 to understand21:48
dantalizingwell just opening the video doesnt really give anyone a chance to understand the issue21:48
dantalizingfirst i heard of it21:48
dantalizingreya276: is it really a usb exploit or just using autorun to exploit apps?21:50
reya276bah, nevermind this is all BS, the guy is talking about an Ubuntu OS that has not been patched and running without no security, he also does not show how you can compromise the system21:51
reya276so it seems like an FUD video21:51
reya276ok here is the writen version http://www.theregister.co.uk/2011/02/09/linux_autorun_problems/21:52
dantalizingi would doubt that its total fud if he's standing up at shmoocon to demo it21:52
dantalizingso this is not a usb hack, this is configuration and app hacking21:55
reya276ok, great so this is legit which is exactly what I wanted to know21:56
reya276so this guy is actually talking about something that can be done21:56
reya276specially to Ubuntu system21:56
reya276I say not good21:56
dantalizingThe demo relied on taking advantage of a flaw in GNOME Evince document viewer that was patched in January21:57
dantalizingeven so, was kind of "weak" because it was shown on a machine with in-built exploit mitigation disabled, as Larimer himself clearly explains.21:57
reya276ah ok so this was patched21:57
maxolasersquadLast month I saw two different people complain about having their Linux box hijacked.  One guy took no security precautions because he just assumed he was invinsible running Linux.21:58
reya276ok so Linux/Ubuntu is still secure, so why bother even showing this21:58
dantalizingAppArmor – might be defeated21:58
dantalizingubuntu uses apparmor21:58
reya276ok so then anyone can Hijack Ubuntu21:59
reya276sorry just trying to understand, as right now all of our servers are running Ubuntu21:59
dantalizingreya276: i dont think its an all or nothing game .. no OS is totally secure21:59
mhall119reya276: make sure you have all available updates21:59
reya276right I understand that, but I'm thinking is safer than Windows, which is the reason I moved away from it22:00
dantalizingi dont think that has changed in the past 10 yrs :)22:00
reya276ok all the servers are always updated22:00
mhall119then you have very little chance of problems22:01
reya276ok so I should not be too worried about this22:01
dantalizingrestrict physical access to all servers22:01
dantalizingrule #122:01
mhall119Disney is hiring Java devs, anyone want the info?22:03
zillari would22:13
zillari am interested*22:13

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