superflyhey Symmetria, it's your birthday, happy birthday!05:58
nlsthzncool, happy b day Symmetria.... and good morning superfly07:42
superflyheya nlsthzn07:43
nlsthznbrb, got to assit the wife in a "game" ... her mouse control not the best :D07:44
Kilosmorning superfly and every one else07:56
superflyhi Kilos07:58
superflyKilos: you're late... did you oversleep? :-P07:58
Kiloshehe i was up at 4 to great debs when she got home from work then went back to sleep07:59
Kiloshiya corrie206 howzit08:04
nlsthznhey uncle Kilos :)08:05
Kiloshiya nlsthzn 08:07
Kiloshows arab land08:07
nlsthznIn unrest it would seem :)08:07
Kilosoh yes08:07
Kilossaw on the idiot box08:08
Kilosdoesnt look good08:08
nlsthzninteresting times08:08
Kilosanyone know how to tell xchat to use alsa. i have removed pulseaudio08:09
nlsthznKilos: Hello, xchat, how are you? Fine thanks... please use also kthxbai08:10
Kiloswith pidgin when you use pulse it closes pidgin now and again08:11
Kilosif you change it to alsa probs gone08:11
Kiloshere  in xchat it asks if you want to use an external sound playing program08:12
superflyMaaz: google for xchat use alsa08:12
Maazsuperfly: "XChat | Linux App Finder" http://linuxappfinder.com/package/xchat :: "Debian -- Details of package xchat in sid" http://packages.debian.org/sid/xchat :: "Debian -- Details of package xchat in squeeze" http://packages.debian.org/squeeze/xchat :: "Bug #249: Маскировка пакетов и обновление" http://www.calculate-linux.org/issues/249 :: "Gentoo Wiki Archives - FAQ_USE_Flags" http://www.gentoo-wiki.info/FAQ_08:12
Kilosbut i think you need to give it the path to alsa08:12
superflynope, that doesn't work08:12
Kilosand thats got me08:13
Kiloswith pidgin there a button called method and when pressed it gives a choice08:14
superflyKilos: which version of xchat do you have, the gnome-ified version, or the normal version08:16
Kilosthe normal one superfly 08:16
Kilosi dont like the gnome one08:16
Kilosif i go search files08:17
Kilosi find lotsa alsa files in /usr08:17
Kilosbut dunno which one to use or even if thats the right way08:17
superflyno, that's not the right thing08:19
superflyyou need to select a device usually08:19
superflyKilos: what's the version number of your xchat?08:19
Kilosi look if there anything in /dev08:19
Kilosi dunno how to find that superfly 08:20
Kiloslo zerlgi 08:20
nlsthznKilos: should have info in help/about08:20
superflyKilos: x-chat should use alsa automatically08:21
nlsthznversion number etc08:21
Kilosty nlsthzn 08:21
superflyKilos: otherwise, select "external program" and type in /usr/bin/aplay08:22
Kilosi had to tell pidgin to use alsa08:22
Kilosmaybe evrything uses pulse as default08:22
zerlgiHi Kilos08:22
superflyKilos: probably... you probably need to tell gnome to use alsa08:23
* nlsthzn strokes Quassel and it purrs back contently08:23
* zerlgi waves at ubuntu-za's08:23
Kilosi go look if there a plugin in synaptic08:23
* superfly strokes OSSv4 and Quassel08:23
superflyhi zerlgi08:24
superflyKilos: run gconf or whatever it is, and look for a sound section08:25
Kilosalso i am using karmic08:25
Kiloseverything working well08:26
nlsthznwhat does ubuntu/kubuntu use for sound by default, alsa or pulse?08:26
nlsthznzerlgi: thx... I have never had issues with pulse then :)08:26
Kilosbefore only prob i had with alsa was pidgin08:26
Kilosi mean pulse08:27
Kilosi member superfly  saying its the first thing he killed. and didnt know why08:28
superflynlsthzn: actually, both08:28
superflyPulseAudio is a solution looking for a problem that no one has08:28
superflybut now both Ubuntu and Kubuntu seem to think that they can't function without it08:30
superflyand in Kubuntu, it means that you have ZERO control over your volume08:30
Kilosnow since i removed pulse my volume button also gone08:31
nlsthznI seem to have very good volume control in Kubuntu?08:35
Kiloslater. i try add xchat-xsys08:41
superflynlsthzn: how many volume controls do you have? with pulse you get 1 - I want to be able to set my individual channels08:44
nlsthznsuperfly: only one it seems... then again that is as many as I need/want :p08:46
Kiloswhat does ctcp sound mean?08:47
kbmonkeyhi superfly, is this through alsamixer? :)08:48
Kiloshi kbmonkey 08:48
superflykbmonkey: no, KDE's default volume control applet, KMix08:48
kbmonkeyhi Kilos and everyone08:48
Kilosi got it08:49
Kilostold xchat to use that ctcp sound08:49
kbmonkeyaah okay. man I'm sleepy today, but I just had to watch dexter!08:52
=== frozty_sa is now known as froztbyte
nlsthznBusy looking at the requirements of setting up a LoCo for the UAE again... this definitly feels like eating a elephant :D09:21
Cantidehas anyone experienced missing ibus icons?09:23
marcognlsthzn: do you have much support there?09:29
nlsthznmarcog: there is a group which is actually becoming more and more active here in the UAE but so far they don't seem to be biting on the whole "official" loco thing...09:30
marcogroughly how many people?09:30
nlsthznhere is a link to the group and what they have been up to in the last 4-6 months09:31
nlsthznI think getting the group and there activities on the loco's list is a great way to attract more like minded ppl09:32
marcogso 14 signed-up to attend the installfest09:33
marcogthat's pretty solid09:33
marcogfor a new group09:33
marcogi think you need to have a word with drubin about the usefullness of being an official loco09:34
nlsthznmost all are locoted in the same city, Dubai... and there is an older inactive group http://www.meetup.com/uaelug/ with many people from there also helping/attending09:34
nlsthznfunny thing is I have not been able to attend anything yet as I live to far away :(09:35
nlsthznmarcog: will try and catch drubin when he is online again 09:35
marcognlsthzn: i get the feeling this will fall apart quickly if you're the one driving it when you can't attend events09:41
marcogperhaps leave the others who are attending to drive it their way for now?09:41
marcogand try get a small group nearby where you are09:41
nlsthznwell I won't say I am driving anything to be honest... I did provide a "spark" :D just trying to assist as best I can...09:42
marcogthen if that works, then look into forming an official loco09:42
nlsthznmarcog: ok... will give them this year to make or break and take it from there?09:42
marcogperhaps, i dunno i just get the gut feeling you might annoy them if they're already resisting becoming an official loco09:43
nlsthzntrue... I must also remember everything here runs on the speed of mud09:44
drubinReminder about meeing later14:19
marcogdrubin: sadly, i will probably miss it again :/14:21
marcogsomehow i always have something else at the time14:21
nlsthznI almost forget :)14:21
kbmonkeyI finish class at 7 so Ill make it this time drubin 14:21
tumbleweedcocooncrash: care to bump Maaz up to current 0.1?14:21
cocooncrashMaaz: wb14:24
MaazThank you so much cocooncrash my good good friend14:24
cocooncrashtumbleweed: Done14:24
tumbleweedcocooncrash: thanks :)14:24
nlsthznI don't seem to be part of ubuntu-za according to launchpad... eh?14:27
nlsthznAh... I am a "pending" member https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-za/+members ... I demand a SHRUBARY!14:49
drubinnlsthzn: never got email notificationw ill accept later or during the meeting :)14:54
kbmonkeypad slaan - I'll be back for the meeting 14:56
nlsthzndrubin: thanks :D15:01
nlsthznthe meeting will be how late tonight btw?15:17
drubinshort i hope 15:18
drubinthere is nothing on the agenda15:18
nlsthzndrubin: lol, time of start?15:18
superfly7:30 SAST15:23
nlsthznsuperfly: thanks... had a look on ubuntu-za.org but could not find the info :/15:25
superflynlsthzn: it's usually on the mailing list15:27
marcogdrubin: nothing on the agenda? what agenda are you looking at? ;P15:27
nlsthznsuperfly: yup, that is where I saw it a few days ago (but forgot about it there :p) thx again (still, the site would make sense to have the same info)15:28
drubinnlsthzn: the one in the email15:28
drubinand there are stuff i hope15:28
nlsthzndrubin: lol, suspect that was meant for superfly ;)15:29
nuvolarioh oh! meeting tonight.15:31
* nuvolari pins his earlobe to his laptop15:31
* tumbleweed waves goodby to tenet16:21
drubinmarcog: there is stuff on the agenda for the meeting16:29
Morganvdhowdie all17:17
arthurrilkehi there17:18
drubinhi arthurrilke  welcome17:19
drubinmarcog: you joining right?17:24
drubinmostly because you added stuff to the agenda17:24
drubinMaaz: list permissions for drubin17:24
Maazdrubin: What?17:24
drubinMaaz: help with permissions17:25
Maazdrubin: I use the following features for bot accounts and permissions: accounts and auth17:25
MaazAsk me "how do I use ..." for more details.17:25
drubinMaaz: how do I use permissions17:25
Maazdrubin: Please be more specific. I don't know if you mean auth or test17:25
drubinMaaz: how do I use permissions auth17:25
Maazdrubin: Adds and removes authentication credentials and permissions. You can use it like this:17:25
Maaz  authenticate <account> [on source] using <method> [<credential>]17:25
Maaz  auth <credential>17:25
Maaz  (grant|revoke|remove) <permission> (to|from|on) <username> [when authed]17:25
Maaz  permissions [for <username>]17:25
Maaz  list permissions17:25
drubinMaaz: list permissions17:25
Maazdrubin: Permissions: admin, chairmeeting, config, core, debug, eval, factoid, factoidadmin, feeds, karma, karmaadmin, nmap, plugins, recvmemo, regex, saydo, sendmemo, sources and summon17:25
tumbleweedthat's not what you want17:25
tumbleweedMaaz: permissions17:25
Maaztumbleweed: Permissions: chairmeeting and nmap17:25
drubinMaaz: Announce meeting in 5mins17:25
MaazHear ye, hear ye! meeting in 5mins17:25
tumbleweed^ that's what you want17:26
* nlsthzn lurks17:26
drubintumbleweed: I have chairmeeting17:26
drubinMaaz: permissions17:26
Maazdrubin: Permissions: admin, chairmeeting, factoidadmin, karmaadmin, saydo, sources and soures17:26
drubin tumbleweed oops just saw it wasn't listing my permissions :)17:26
drubinarthurrilke: Hey did you join to lurk around the meeting? Or did you need any or any thing?17:28
arthurrilkehere for the meeting, was I supposed to sign up somewhere first?17:28
* kbmonkey sips tea mmmm17:29
Morganvdum yeah17:30
Morganvdshould i sign up17:30
drubinarthurrilke: No not at all :) just wondering if you needed help with any thing17:31
arthurrilkedrubin: i'm quite alright, but thanks for asking:)17:31
drubinOk going to give it another 5mins waiting for people, Also I would like something to drink17:31
* nlsthzn also has a spot of tea17:32
kbmonkeyohi superfly 17:33
kbmonkeyits an irc tea party17:33
* Banlam prefers coffee17:33
* maiatoday is eating an almond magnum17:34
superflywow, for a short-notice meeting, we sure have a number of folks here17:34
drubinit is ALL miaia17:34
drubinand Queery 17:34
kbmonkeyI'm jealous maiatoday! :)17:34
Queeryhello all17:35
maiatodayhello Queery 17:35
maiatodayand everybody else of course17:35
* nlsthzn waves 17:35
maiatodayour first meeting for 201117:35
kbmonkeyhi Queery and nlsthzn 17:35
drubinMaaz: Start meeting17:36
* Maaz gets out his memo-pad and cracks his knuckles17:36
tumbleweedMaaz: I am Stefano Rivera17:36
Maaztumbleweed: Done17:36
superflyMaaz: I am Raoul Snyman17:36
Maazsuperfly: Sure17:36
maiatodayMaaz: I am Maia Grotepass17:36
Maazmaiatoday: Done17:36
drubinHi guys agenda for this meeting https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ZATeam/Meetings/2011022117:36
drubinMaaz: I am David Rubin17:36
Maazdrubin: Sure17:36
nlsthznMaaz: I am Neil Oosthuizen17:36
Maaznlsthzn: Sure17:36
kbmonkeyMaaz: I am Wesley Werner17:36
Maazkbmonkey: Okay17:36
Queerymaaz: i am Dewald Noeth17:36
MaazQueery: Yessir17:36
arthurrilkemaaz: i am Arthur Rilke17:36
Maazarthurrilke: Done17:36
drubinSo any one that feels like telling us who they are is free to tell the bot just like we did17:36
TonberryMaaz: i am Hendrik van Wyk17:37
MaazTonberry: Righto17:37
BanlammaazL I am Gareth Cawood17:37
Banlammaaz: I am Gareth Cawood17:37
MaazBanlam: Done17:37
drubinSo basically welcome to any one that hasn't attended an online IRC meeting before17:37
cocooncrashMaaz: I am Michael Gorven17:37
Maazcocooncrash: Okay17:37
kbmonkey(For those using XChat, you can use the TAB key to auto-complete names :))17:37
drubinwe seem to have lots of new people and some rather old people lurking around so welcome! To the first meeting of the year17:38
Queerythanx drubin17:38
drubinSorry we have been kinda slack about events/meetup/meetings but December is kinda dead time for most people17:38
drubinmarcog: are you around for your agenda points?17:38
Queeryhe seems to be away17:39
drubineither way moving onto point 1: Review previous minutes https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ZATeam/Meetings/2010121317:39
* nlsthzn sees his name on the minutes and is happy :)17:40
drubinmaiatoday: Do you remember if you mailed the list about open office?17:40
maiatodayno I didn't17:40
maiatodayI remember, I didn't17:40
drubinOk it would be nice to do something like that soon since schools are actually struggling with the whole MS not renewing their licenses thing17:41
drubinMaybe it would be cool if we could find some one on the OO/Libre office team to help us write something up?17:41
maiatodayok let me take that action point again17:41
* nlsthzn wonders, openoffice or libre office?17:41
tumbleweedso, I went to a meeting with the western cape school IT support people last month17:42
tumbleweedthey're all pretty afraid of OSS17:42
drubintumbleweed: tell us more17:42
* tumbleweed was there with my supervisor, and we were doing a talk on OSS17:42
Tonberrydoes their curriculum not require the use of ms office?17:43
drubinTonberry: yes but that can be changed.... (theoretically)17:43
tumbleweedhis message was "be careful, OSS doesn't guarantee lower TCO" but also that he supports it and uses it17:43
tumbleweedthere were all sorts of concerns and questions, but basically, I don't see much changing17:43
drubinsince MS is no longer free and the goverment requires that they explore FLOSS they can't make it MS specific any more17:43
tumbleweedthere aren't enough staff, and they loose the good people...17:44
Queeryi like that17:44
drubinTonberry: the problem isn't the technical exams.. it is training the teachers to be able to teach FOSS stuff17:44
drubintraining + supporting it17:44
tumbleweeddrubin: yes, but there's obviously significant motivation to stay with the status quo here17:44
nlsthznppl fear change :/17:45
drubintumbleweed: true, doesn't mean we shouldn't try17:45
Tonberrybut it would mean that all the schools have to change and not just some of them?17:45
drubinTonberry: Most of the stuff can be done in OO provided they alter the wording/marking sheet SLIGHTLY17:45
tumbleweedquite simply, switching major packages would require re-training, which iwon't be cheap17:45
kbmonkeyI propose we investigate current LO issues first, I heard there were a couple major stability issues17:45
tumbleweedbut yes, nothing will happen unless someone pushes them17:46
drubinkbmonkey: stability isn't their major concern as tumbly pointed out it is the proccess/traning/money17:46
Tonberrycode can be fixed17:46
tumbleweedand the concern that "this isn't whaht th industry uses"17:46
kbmonkeyso getting them to adopt OSS is the hurdle17:47
nlsthznany plan for change will have to be long term17:47
Banlamare schools really concerned about what the industry uses?17:47
drubintumbleweed: I guess that is why they are pushing delphi in schools right?17:47
QueeryI think most of the staff knows the old ms office and OOO is very much like it, that might help get them to move over to it17:47
tumbleweedBanlam: yes, schools in general are very concious of industry17:47
Tonberryhaha @ delphi17:47
drubinBanlam: Yes they are "training students to become competent in the work place"17:47
Banlamok, they never really relayed that to us when i was in school :P17:47
Tonberryi thought they were on java these days17:47
drubintumbleweed: I think education department more then schools17:47
drubinBanlam: "trying" doesn't mean they are good at it :(17:48
Banlamtonberry, lots of private/ieb schools are on delphi17:48
tumbleweeddrubin: I took industry more seriously when I was in school than I do now17:48
Tonberrypoor things17:48
drubinI don't think us debating this in this channel right now is going to solve stuff though...17:48
tumbleweedI think some good case studies would be a start17:48
tumbleweedpeople pushing their own children's schools to experiment...17:49
drubintumbleweed: True but where/who/how do we go about that17:49
Queeryi agree17:49
drubinAny one have any thing more on this or can we move on?17:49
tumbleweedno, lets move on17:49
drubinI am going to move stuff around slightly because my point effects the events for 201117:50
drubinMaaz: Topic Loco-Contact replacement17:50
MaazCurrent Topic: Loco-Contact replacement17:50
drubinSo basically over the last few months I have not been doing enough.17:50
drubinmaiatoday has honestly been helping me far far beyond what is required and been the driving force behind ubuntu-za (un officially)17:51
drubinthe problem is over the last 2 or so months maiatoday has had other more important things to be doing so has helped see so, and it started to show how little I am doing for ubuntu-za17:52
maiatodaydrubin is there a reference somewhere where one can see what a loco contact typically does?17:52
drubinnot that I was ever trying to hide it from any one, It just worked out that I did offical paper work stuffs and maia did an amazing job at events17:52
Queerywhat is the official structure of the loco team17:52
nlsthznunderstandable, this is all above and beyond stuff...17:53
drubinQueery: We don't have one (and I don't think we should)17:53
tumbleweedthe loco contacts are the point of contact between the loco council and us (as I understand it), and that's about it17:53
maiatodayif we have a list of things we want to do then maybe we can delegate some tasks which would help17:53
drubinbut the reason I am brining it is, is I have no problem continuing to do what I have been doing for the last almost 3 years BUT I do feel that some one with fresh blood and more motivation can do more for ubuntu-za then I can at the momment17:53
maiatodaywell then drubin is doing a great job because he is our contact17:53
drubintumbleweed: yes, but we ubuntu-za take loco-contact as being the "TeamLeader" and "Driving force" 17:54
kbmonkeypointing out there is a generalized LoCo Howto at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoTeamHowto17:54
* nlsthzn thinks delegation is the name of the team game17:54
maiatodaybut it is always a good idea to step away before you fall down dead :)17:54
drubinbecause every one ha always asked me "can I do this" which is kinda not the way things should work IMHO17:54
* tumbleweed would happily serve as a contact, for the paperwork side, but I don't have the time/energy left to be a decent leader / driving force17:54
drubinmaiatoday: Hence brining it up17:54
drubintumbleweed: that can work if we can find some one to handle the other side of things17:55
drubinthis kinda the way maiatoday and I did things17:55
maiatodaytumbleweed: I am planning to continue to do whatever I dream up to do, but I will have sparser time slots this year17:55
maiatodayso whoever becomes the contact will have my support17:55
kbmonkeyso delegating tasks out to more people, making lighter work for everyone17:55
Queeryi am more than willing to halp with organising events17:56
drubintumbleweed: And mine.17:56
tumbleweedQueery: awesome!17:56
drubinbut I just think the offical title needs to be moved on to some one else17:56
tumbleweedkbmonkey: th problem is one can't delegate to volunteers, somebody has to stand up17:56
tumbleweederr to unnamed volunteers17:56
drubinkbmonkey: Deligation does NOT work in this type of setup17:56
drubinit never has..17:56
drubinpeople need to just do stuff17:56
kbmonkeyas of this month I have fixed net access, want to help again :)17:56
tumbleweedwe call it a do-ocracy17:56
drubinthat is why I became contact because I kinda wanted to do stuff so did it, then maia came about and did amazingly awesome stuff with stellenbosch and she did stuff17:57
* nlsthzn finds doing stuff when not knowing what stuff needs done can be... troublesome17:57
drubinany how I have never really cared for the title thing, I just owe it to ubuntu-za to mention this.17:57
tumbleweednlsthzn: there's nothing that needs to be done really17:57
tumbleweedwe just want to do as much as we can :)17:58
drubinI had planned on writing up the wiki page of stuff I do, but my net access was kinda flaky17:58
* maiatoday doesn't know what needs to be done either :)17:58
Queeryi think that we need atleast oe rep per region17:58
nlsthzncool, at least I am on the same page as you guys then :p17:58
drubinmaiatoday: I think we need more of what you did last year (but by every one around the country) more in person meetings/events17:58
maiatodayI agree17:58
drubinhonestly the paper work/team reports/ML is nothing and takes 2mins17:59
maiatodayand it's fun and easy too17:59
kbmonkeyI like that idea 17:59
drubinmaiatoday: but requires motivation 17:59
* nlsthzn thinks drubin is fine as the guy with the title 17:59
drubinkbmonkey: You do *not* need to be loco contact to do any of those things17:59
Queerycan we set up a list of things we need/want to do17:59
drubinthe problem I have with finding a new person is that almost all people that want to do it are people that haven't done it before18:00
tumbleweedQueery: that's a good chuck of what these meetings are about18:00
kbmonkeyOkay drubin 18:00
superflydrubin: so are we proposing that maiatoday or tumbleweed become team contact(s)?18:00
drubinnot that experience is the issue the issue is driving motivation18:00
tumbleweedsuperfly: I'd like to see somebody newer stand up18:00
maiatodaywhich is why Queery is a good candidate18:00
drubinie the "get up and do atitude"18:00
Queeryubuntu hour and release parties are the main events at the moment18:00
kbmonkeydrubin, I'd like to nominate myself, but also propose we nominate at least two 18:01
drubinkbmonkey, nlsthzn not that I think you wouldn't make a good candidate that isn't what I am saying.18:01
Queeryand i am more than willing18:01
kbmonkeythe Ubuntu wiki mentions "at least one"18:01
drubinI am saying that having a title changes nothing18:01
maiatodayI think it is good if there is more than one person18:01
tumbleweedhowever, if having a title gives someone motivation, then awesome :)18:01
drubinyou need to continue to do what you have already been doing18:01
* nlsthzn is to far away... but will always help if possible, when and where 18:02
Banlamwill people not feel more obliged to do things with a title? although i agree this isn't the best way to look at i18:02
Queerymaiatoday: per region?18:02
* drubin is uses the term "we" to be whole ubuntu-za18:02
kbmonkeyI think team contacts communicating between another often is good motivation18:02
superflyso we have two nominations?18:03
superfly(or nominees)18:03
* superfly has a few other things to do this evening and is hoping the meeting will roll quickly18:03
Queeryi nominate maia and myself for stellenbosch/ct18:04
* Kerbero nominate queery too :P18:04
kbmonkeyAnd myself for Durban18:04
Queeryor at least ct18:04
drubinBanlam: I have been contact since 2009 it is time to get rid of the old people18:04
drubinwe do need single contact for the loco-council though18:05
Banlamthat was aimed at me because?18:05
drubinBanlam: can't remember ;/ oops18:05
drubinBanlam: I think I started typing something else18:05
Kerberolets nominate banlam18:05
superflymaiatoday: for loco-council contact?18:05
Banlami respectfully decline18:05
maiatodayhang on, are we looking for contact or more people to do stuff18:05
* nlsthzn thinks the wider loco should be included via mailing list maybe?18:06
maiatodayI don't have time for the admin role, but I am not intending to stop organising whatever I want to organise :)18:06
Queerysame here18:06
kbmonkeyis local council contact diff than team contact?18:06
Queerydoes the loco contact need to be ubuntu member?18:06
nlsthznbut must have signed the code of conduct etc18:07
drubinSorry should have been more clear this meeting is NOT to decide who to replace me18:07
drubinbut rather how we should go about it18:07
drubinnlsthzn is completely right we aren't going to pick any one now.18:07
superflydrubin: oh, nominations and then elections at the next meeting?18:08
drubinnlsthzn: and should preferably be an ubuntumember OR working towards it18:08
Queerythat should happen on the mailing list18:08
drubinsuperfly: IMHO elections are pointless18:08
drubinwe give every one in ubuntu-za (ie the mailing list) a chance to vote and most of them either don't care or they don't have a clue who does stuff around here18:08
tumbleweedhowever, I'd like to see some new blood helping to organise things18:09
kbmonkeyinstead of elections, lets nominate ourselves, try set up some system, and see how it works18:09
Queerybut you give them the choice18:09
maiatodayWe do want to give someone who is keen but hesitant a chance to jump in and help too18:10
drubinmaiatoday: with out a doubt18:10
drubinbut that is the problem with voting..... would those people get voted in?18:10
maiatodayso I propose that people elect themselves and then the smaller group of self elected people figure out what to do next18:11
drubinEither way I will continue to do my useless thing and deal with the ML's / website / ubuntu hours / Ubuntu release parties18:11
Queerythe discussion and nominations can happen on the mailing list and voting on the irc18:11
drubinbut I do think that by after this release party we should kick me out :)18:11
maiatodaynot useless drubin, you are too modest18:11
nlsthznubuntu-za rocks and so too all that make it happen18:12
drubinit really isn't that must work18:12
kbmonkeyYes if you feel to bring in new people drubin I agree, it would help others learn the proces too!18:12
drubinany how think we should can this this "quick" meeting has gone on for 1:15mins :)18:12
drubinkbmonkey: I have NO intention of just disapearing just don't want to be offical any more18:13
maiatodayok so do we send a call for self-election out on the ML as an action, and move on?18:13
Tonberryand we haven't even gotten to the bashing SU studnets part....18:13
drubinMaaz: Agreed drubin will post to the ML about self nominations18:13
MaazAgreed: drubin will post to the ML about self nominations18:13
Queerysecond maiatoday 18:13
kbmonkeyI thought so :)18:13
drubinTonberry: ?18:13
drubinwhat did I miss18:14
TonberryUCT LEG stand got >100 sign-ups, mostly beginners. How about Stellies? Can we do anything for these beginners that's more technical than a release party? 18:14
Tonberrythat part18:14
drubinTonberry: margo wasn't here and no one really knew what else to say18:14
drubinTonberry: you can speak for stellies if you want? :)18:14
Banlamwhat happened when Kerbero handed out the ubuntu discs to all the first year BSC people?18:14
drubinwow stellies has a big turn out in here18:14
Banlamwas there any follow up?18:14
Kerberoalready did18:14
Tonberryi wont have anything good to say....18:15
Banlamor feedback?18:15
Kerberoabout 100 of them18:15
Kerberoherad nothing yet18:15
Kerberowill go and ask osmetime18:15
* maiatoday hopes they aren't using them as beer coasters18:15
drubinMaaz: agreeed Kerbero to find out about this mass ubuntu CD hand out18:15
Maazdrubin: Excuse me?18:15
Queerystellies is in a rut, ill try to get them out18:15
drubinMaaz: agreed Kerbero to find out about this mass ubuntu CD hand out18:15
MaazAgreed: Kerbero to find out about this mass ubuntu CD hand out18:15
Tonberrythe server edition cds make great beer coasters....18:15
Kerberohehe ja18:15
drubinQueery: No actually stellies is doing the most events/stuff out of the whole country 18:15
Kerberodis crap om met so baie van hulle te sit18:15
Tonberrybut few of the ones participating are students18:16
* nlsthzn wants some to be shipped to the UAE ;)18:16
drubinnlsthzn kbmonkey: The location thing *really* is kinda helps btw18:16
drubinwe do need more people around SA18:16
Queerystellies it self is just attending ubuntu-za events18:16
drubinAny one else have any thing to say? 18:16
Kerberomy dvorak fail18:16
Kerbero<Banlam> wie gaan die volgende sulug beer evening reel?18:17
Kerberobaie valid vraag18:17
Banlami think that's specific top stellenbosch18:17
Kerberoons run basies sulug18:17
Banlamand not really for discussion here18:17
* Kerbero gaan slaap maar weer18:17
drubinevery single person that comes bar gareth is an ubuntu user18:17
drubinMaaz: End meeting18:18
MaazMeeting Ended18:18
MaazMinutes available at json: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2011-02-21-17-36-01.json :: txt: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2011-02-21-17-36-01.txt :: html: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2011-02-21-17-36-01.html18:18
Banlamother gareth*18:18
drubinBanlam: They didn't know it was you18:18
drubinthat I was refering to you18:18
Tonberrythey do now18:18
drubinwhich I wasn't18:18
Banlambut i am the only gareth mentioned here18:18
nlsthznwow... that ended... suddenly :p18:18
drubinblah meeting minutes on the wiki then shower18:18
drubinBanlam: if I was talking about you I would have said Banlam 18:18
Banlamfair enough :)18:18
kbmonkeythat flew by18:18
Kerberoyou could have said garson18:18
drubinnlsthzn: sorry asked if any one wanted to say any thing else and people started drifting :) so assumed no one had any thing else18:19
drubinwe an discuss any thing else now thoug?18:19
maiatodaywell we can still organise a party with the table cloth and the banner some day18:19
kbmonkeyNo I had nothing to add atm :018:19
Kerberodie cds...18:19
drubinKerbero: maar niemaand weet wie garson is nie18:19
nlsthznoh lol... am following severed fifth on irc too so struggled to keep track on both18:19
Kerberohoeko kry ons so bai eserver en so min desktop?18:19
drubinmaiatoday: Release party18:19
maiatodaydid the table cloth and the banner go to ct18:19
drubinmaiatoday: Yes marcog has them and is looking after them18:19
Queerysfd can use the table cloth18:19
maiatodayand will we have a global jam event?18:20
nlsthznbtw, jono and severed fifth is making an appeal, they need another $2000 dollars to finish the new album please assist if you can http://www.severedfifth.com/pay/  kthxbai18:20
maiatodayshall I mail the ML reminding about the Developer Week?18:20
Queeryyes please18:20
maiatodayI guess those are all marcog's agenda points18:20
tumbleweedpeople better comte to my UDW talk :P18:21
tumbleweeddeveloper week18:21
kbmonkeybeen a fan of severed fifth a while, and only made the link a year later :)18:21
drubinmaiatoday: Sure18:21
drubintumbleweed: wait are you going this year?18:21
kbmonkeyUDW yay! 18:21
drubinor just doing it remotely18:22
drubinnever mind UDW != UDS18:22
nlsthznkbmonkey: apparently the studio recordings going awesome18:22
tumbleweeddrubin: I can apply...18:22
* Banlam bids the people of freenode adieu18:24
Kerberotatta ban18:25
kbmonkeygood turnout for the first irc meet!18:26
drubinkbmonkey: Ye it was 18:28
drubinour channel also has a decent turn out we normaly idle on like 3518:28
froztbytedrubin: bots are people too!18:29
* nlsthzn like Maazkwaai18:30
* nlsthzn like Maaz kwaai18:30
maiatodaydrubin, I want to mail the ML about the Open Office thing, but I don't really have all the facts18:31
maiatodayalso drubin, shall I do the minutes for you?18:31
drubinmaiatoday: it is fine we need to figure out what we intent doing about it18:31
drubinmaiatoday: nah already doing it18:31
arthurrilkecheers all18:33
Queeryok bye!18:35
maiatodaybye Queery 18:35
* kbmonkey is speechless after a long monday :)19:05
nlsthznnight all19:10
marcogdrubin: sorry, i said earlier i wasn't gonna be around :(20:32
* marcog will read minutes20:32
drubinmarcog: I didn't get your answer20:32
drubinthat you weren't going to be here20:34
* marcog really wants to be involved in the meetings but things magically always seem to crop up20:35
marcogdrubin: btw, they reverted the delphi decision and chose to keep status quo20:38
superflymarcog: which is Java?20:38
drubinmarcog: blah doesn't matter20:38
drubinmy point was that they were wanting to do things like that20:38
marcogsuperfly: for 4 of 9 provinces, yes20:38
marcogdrubin: i understand, just thought i'd point it out20:38
drubinmarcog: :)20:39
marcogdrubin: finally got through that20:48
marcogno plan for release part or global jam?20:48
marcogthey're not far away20:48
drubinWhy me?20:50
marcogyou chaired the meeting :P20:50
drubinmarcog: No plans yet20:51

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