jrwrenomg, the window management is just excellent.  the ctrl-alt numpad and ctrl-alt-(shift)left/right00:00
jcastroI keep telling people it has advanced stuff00:00
jcastrothey just don't like that it's missing what they consider advanced00:00
jrwreni know rick_h_ thinks it blase, but IMO it is great.00:01
jcastrorick is content in tiling land00:01
jcastrowhich is totally fine00:01
jcastrojust not for me00:01
jrwrenthe ctrl-alt numpad stuff just feels perfect to me.00:01
jcastrowe've actually had that feature for like 3 years00:02
jcastrojust never turned it on!00:02
jrwrenlolz to the image too00:02
jrwrenok, so i can configure "broadcast accounts" but what do I use to read and post to them? (twitter)00:03
jcastroor "social network" or something like that00:03
jcastrodunno, I use seesmic00:03
jcastroseesmic web ftw00:03
jrwrenthat works great. ty.00:07
jrwrenimpressive, you triaged it last july.  good memory!00:09
jcastroyou can shut off the global menu for certain apps00:12
jcastroas a workaround00:12
jcastroactually, we do that for the one in the archive iirc00:12
jrwrenis there a way I can view the source of this patch on the web? https://bugs.launchpad.net/dbusmenu/+bug/606470/comments/300:13
jcastroyeah, one sec00:14
jrwrenwho can I tell that the svn url here https://code.launchpad.net/monodevelop is wrong... its actually http://github.com/mono/monodevelop now instead of that svn url00:14
jcastrooh, I can change that actually00:15
jcastrojrwren: can you ask about the monodevelop patch on askubuntu?00:15
jcastroI'd like to just start building up the info there00:15
jcastrowhilst I fix this URL00:16
jrwrensounds good00:16
jrwreni'll bet teh workaround works.00:18
jcastroit does00:20
jcastrowe have the same issue with like eclipse00:20
jcastroprograms that generate dynamic menus (like IDEs) are problematic unfortunately00:20
jrwreni tried to tag with monodevelop and UBUNTU_MENUPROXY but I dont' have the rep for new tags00:25
jcastroI'll tag it right00:32
jrwrenso the monodevelop.in file just generates the menushortcut eh? hrm... i sure would like a more general fix.00:38
jrwrenWhat is the recommendation? will the menu proxy support dynamic menus eventually?00:38
jrwrenlibappmenu... i'll check out their bugs and discussions on dynamic menus00:39
jrwrenthanks for the help jcastro00:39
jcastroI am not sure00:39
jcastrooutside of the patch and bug workflow we're in your neck of the woods.00:39
jcastrojrwren: found it00:40
jcastroand answered00:41
jjesseanchorman is perhaps the greatest movie ever, nuff said00:47
snap-ljjesse: I completely disagree with the Anchorman assessment. :)01:27
jjesselove that movie01:27
jjessetalledega nights is a close 2nd01:27
snap-lGooooood eeeevening01:54
greg-gholy crap: https://ftbeowulf.wordpress.com/2011/04/03/disapointment-in-rochester/01:55
greg-gthat sucks01:55
greg-ghe put a lot of effort into that, it looks like01:55
snap-lOh man, that sucks.01:58
rick_h_yea, ouch02:01
greg-gwhy hello there!02:03
greg-gmeeting time!02:03
snap-lLong time no see. :)02:03
snap-lI think the West MI folks might not be as well represented.02:04
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greg-gyeah, :/02:04
snap-lI'm kinda upset at the host at ABC02:05
greg-gyeah, me too, not the best way to deal with that situation02:05
greg-ghe was one of those "but I must follow every rule blindly"02:05
greg-goh well02:06
snap-lAnd the Blue Tractor was packed as well with an hour wait02:06
snap-lApparently AA was bumpin'02:06
greg-gsorry about that guys02:06
snap-lnot your fault02:07
snap-lI blame the rest of AA. :)02:07
greg-gso, yeah, meeting....02:08
snap-lSo, first up: Natty Release Party is on02:09
snap-lPenguicon, Friday, 7pm02:09
snap-lBe there, or don't.02:09
greg-gawesome. Thanks for taking the lead on that one02:09
snap-lI think next year we might want to look into a room party02:09
greg-gthat's always fun02:09
snap-lthere's nothing official about the release party, so if the bar is full, we're SOL02:09
greg-gright right :/02:09
snap-lI asked about putting it in the program, but since it's not in an official space, no program mention02:10
snap-lThe bar is rennovated, so it may be a little more spacious02:10
greg-goh, cool, good to know02:10
snap-lI know last year it was a tad crowded02:10
snap-lAlso, there's a Natty release panel scheduled for Penguicon02:11
snap-lso if you want to talk Natty, please come to the panel02:11
snap-leven if you don't, you can act as bouncers. ;)02:11
snap-lbring your own sunglasses and wife-beater T-shirts.02:11
greg-gI have some extras02:11
snap-lSeriously, though, should be good, and from what I've seen of this release tonight, it should be a pretty congenial panel02:12
greg-gcool, so, other than blogging/mailing list/twitter announcements, anything we need to do between now and then?02:12
snap-lNot to my knowledge02:12
snap-lJust let folks know that they need to register for P-con02:12
snap-lAnd register soon if they want to participate and haven't registered yet.02:13
* greg-g nods02:13
* rick_h_ whistles02:13
snap-land tell Rick that he'll be leading the panel02:13
snap-lrick_h_: see above. ;)02:13
rick_h_panel? missed that02:14
greg-g"Unity from the outsider's perspective"02:14
snap-lNah, I think he'll need to go deep to be able to lead it02:15
snap-lWe'll install Natty on his laptop from scratch02:15
jrwrenwas that Rochester, MI or MN or NY?02:15
snap-ljrwren: ny, I believe02:15
rick_h_yea, they've had some good loco stuff up there, suprised at that02:15
snap-lanything else on release stuff / Penguicon?02:16
greg-gdon't think so02:16
snap-lMUG Meeting: As far as I can tell, we're OK to sponsor either June or July02:16
snap-lI think we need to firm up our plans on what to present and just let MUG know02:17
rick_h_did we raise the $$ greg-g ?02:17
greg-gso... I need to do another press for donations/memberships, I only have us three :/02:17
rick_h_actually, did I donate to that?02:17
jrwrenshould have pressed today.02:17
greg-grick_h_: yeah, you did, and snap-l02:17
rick_h_I think I did, but don't recall02:17
rick_h_heh, sucky02:17
greg-gyeah, I totally forgot, I thought about it last night in bed :(02:17
snap-lYeah, I forgot to mention it as well02:17
rick_h_well yea, maybe do a "we only need XX more" call02:17
snap-lI'll mention it at the MUG meeting as well02:18
greg-gcool, I want to blog about it, I think02:19
snap-lThen we can post it on reddit...02:19
greg-g(I added tasks for release party to the agenda)02:19
snap-lI added the Natty release party to th events schedule02:20
snap-lNext thing that I had was using the events calendar over the Google calendar02:20
greg-gyeah, so, have you used it in evolution yet? how does it do?02:20
snap-lbut I don't think it's there yet02:20
snap-lIt doesn't do the time zones properly02:21
snap-land meetings aren't showing up02:21
snap-lso we'll need to update both until it gets fixed up better.02:21
greg-ghmmm, ok... so, we'll just keep an eye on that one02:21
snap-l(which is a bummer)02:21
snap-lThat's all that I had on the agenda02:22
greg-gyeah, so, I think that's good02:22
greg-gbtw, does anyone know if I add an ical URL in gcal, if it periodically updates/pulls from that ical url?02:23
snap-lYeah, it should02:23
greg-gcool, never used it like that before02:23
snap-lnot sure what the polling rate is02:23
greg-gjust added it to test02:23
snap-lUnder evo you can set the polling timeframe02:23
* greg-g nods02:23
snap-lGoogle Calendar gets the tz right02:24
greg-gour events line up with what was in the original gcal we have02:24
snap-lwell hell, the meeting is showing up now02:24
snap-lwhen I checked earlier, it wasn't.02:24
snap-lDoing a quick check w/ google -> evo02:25
* greg-g nods02:25
snap-lEvolution doesn't like it02:28
snap-lWell, it doesn't allow me to set the timezone for it02:29
snap-lotherwise, it would work perfectly.02:29
snap-lGoogle manages to get it right02:29
jrwrenmy bar just crashed... wtf is the bar called? I didn't get an appport for it either :(02:29
greg-gthat's the hardest part for me, relearning what things are call in this new paradigm :)02:30
snap-ljust call it the mark bar02:30
greg-gso, release party announcement stuff, and MUG sponsorship pressing, I think thats all we got02:30
greg-gany good ideas for the MUG thing?02:31
snap-lQ&A on broadcom cards. ;)02:31
greg-gI mean, how to get money :)02:32
rick_h_I was going to talk about PPA stuff02:32
snap-lBake sale02:32
rick_h_good uses, examples, how to get stuff from there02:32
snap-lrick_h_: that's awesome02:32
greg-gcool, I like02:32
rick_h_not sure I'll get all into building your own02:32
rick_h_but more as an undisovered resource02:33
greg-gstill good02:33
snap-lgreg-g: I think posting to the list as a reminder02:34
snap-land mentioning it at the release party02:35
snap-land broadcasting at MUG02:35
snap-lAlso, garnisheeing paychecks02:35
snap-lthat should do it02:35
rick_h_yea, will try to recall to bring up at CCHC02:35
snap-land CHC02:35
rick_h_and bring my enforcement bat02:35
rick_h_gah, typing lag sucks02:36
greg-gI'll send a reminder to the list02:36
snap-lAlso, huge thanks to SRT for the space, and thanks to everyone that came on out02:38
snap-lit was amazing and awesome!02:38
greg-gthanks again, jrwren02:38
greg-galways love going there02:39
snap-lYes, thank you do much jsjgruber_02:39
snap-ler, jrwren02:39
snap-l(blasted tab complete)02:39
greg-g(I don't know why IRC tab complete is always implemented badly, instead of how it is done on BASH, where if there are more than one possible completion, it just makes you type more)02:40
jsjgruber_That was a nice location at SRT.02:40
snap-lAnything else anyone would like to add?02:46
* greg-g shakes his head02:46
greg-gI'm writing up the MUG sponsorship reminder now02:46
greg-gand will do a thanks for coming to the jam post soon02:46
snap-lOK, so with that, I think we'll call this meeting closed for now02:47
snap-lbrousch: You made it home OK?02:47
greg-gsnap-l: thanks for creating that agenda/meeting page02:48
snap-lHey, NP02:48
snap-lI'll copy that over for the next meeting02:48
snap-lthough I think we'll want to reschedule the meeting to perhaps Monday02:49
snap-lor the next Sunday, since it'll be after P-con weekend02:49
snap-lAnyone opposed to making it the 7th?02:50
snap-ler, 8th?02:50
brouschwe just got back. ended up eating at the indian place02:50
snap-lbrousch: Ah, very cool02:50
greg-gbrousch: I've only been there once, during "Restuarant Week" (which means, it was busy), how was it?02:50
snap-lbrousch: Thank you for bringing the beer02:51
snap-lThe Scotch Ale was awesome.02:51
greg-gsnap-l: the 8th sounds good to me02:51
greg-gsnap-l: yes, thank you so much for the beer02:51
greg-gbrousch: yes, thank you so much for the beer02:51
snap-lbrousch: Next time I see you, beer is on me. :)02:51
brouschit was awesome food02:52
brouschand it was empty02:53
brouschblue nile was empty too02:53
snap-lBah, maybe next time, then02:54
greg-gsnap-l: MUG indivindual membership is $35?02:55
greg-gthankya sir02:56
snap-ly'know, the site doesn't have that info on it02:57
greg-gFigured there'd be a "Membership" page or similar02:59
snap-lYou would think02:59
brouschok, bedtime03:00
brouschseeyou tomorrow03:00
greg-gbrousch: g'night, great seeing....03:00
greg-gsnap-l: I'm thinking a deadline for the sponsorship might be a good idea, what should it be to be convenient for MUG?03:03
greg-gend of April? May?03:03
snap-lhurm... I think May should work03:11
snap-lbut have NFC otherwise.03:11
snap-lI'll ask03:11
greg-gI'll wait on the reminder then03:11
snap-lGo ahead and send it out03:12
snap-lI'd rather not have you wait on us03:12
rick_h_Yea, shoot for may 103:13
* greg-g nods03:13
rick_h_I don't kinow why we can't get it settled in 30 days03:13
snap-lYeah, it should be oK03:13
rick_h_and gives up last minute time to collect $$ at PC03:14
* greg-g nods03:17
greg-ghttps://bugs.launchpad.net/loco-directory/+bug/749885 my bug about the LD and flickr photos :)03:47
snap-lHey jcastro03:48
greg-gsnap-l: nice photos03:48
snap-lgreg-g: Thanks!03:52
snap-lbtw: got a response back from Cloudkicker, so hoping to have a show with them03:52
snap-lThey're one of my favorite new CC discoveries. :)03:52
rick_h_0.1 is there, yay03:52
snap-lI think you made a typo03:52
rick_h_crap, url didn't change03:52
rick_h_dammit, just put on twitter,03:53
snap-lnever fails. ;)03:53
rick_h_ok, updated03:57
rick_h_and wordpress seems smart to redirect the bad url to the good one03:57
rick_h_ok, time to rest, 0.2 starts tomorrow04:06
greg-g:) g'night rick_h_04:09
greg-gI'm on a roll: http://blog.grossmeier.net/2011/04/03/mug-sponsorship/04:20
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brouschsnap-l: awesome https://picasaweb.google.com/craigmaloney/GlobalJam20110403#559155183252968835413:14
=== greg_g is now known as greg-g
rick_h__woot! first python based trigger for postgresql working13:36
brouschrick_h__: do i know will fuqua?13:44
rick_h__brousch: yea, Blazeix_13:46
=== jjesse_ is now known as jjesse
brouschah, ok13:47
brouschdarn non-real-name-like irc handles13:47
snap-lbrousch: Heh. :)14:04
snap-lMeetings Meetings, causing a commotion; giving me the notion that I won't get shit done today.14:16
rick_h__hah, didn't think you had them on monday14:18
snap-lNormally have two14:19
snap-lbut today I have three, because I wanted to do the weekly review that I couldn't do on Friday14:19
snap-lSo we can talk about the next iteration of the thing that we haven't completely released the latest iteration of. ;)14:19
snap-lConsidering it's 6:30am for anyone on west-coast time, this should be fun14:22
snap-lAnd I'm still listening to conference call music14:30
snap-lI feel a reschedule in my future14:30
snap-lWell well well, we're on14:33
greg-gfancy that14:36
rick_h__anyone need a coffee table? glass top with metal base14:37
snap-lI'm set for coffeetables at the moment, thanks14:39
brouschrick_h__: sounds hazardous14:39
rick_h__got the giant ottoman so no need for it now14:40
rick_h__brousch: survived a long time without injury14:41
brouschdoes your boy climb?14:41
rick_h__yea, but he's not allowed downstairs so it's not been an issue14:42
brouschtime to write up my unity love post14:45
wolfgersnap-l: +1 for filking the Narwhals tune14:46
greg-gfilk? film?14:49
wolfgersee "used as a verb" definition #214:52
wolfgerand for goodness sake, attend a Tom Smith concert at Penguicon!!!14:53
jrwrenwow, apparently a couple of my coworkers were interested in the jam yesterday. I guess I need to publisize more.14:58
jrwrenmabye they are just saying that though.14:58
rick_h__it was the beer :P14:59
snap-lBeer and people14:59
wolfgerthere was beer? Damn. ;-)14:59
wolfgerSadly, it was in AA on a weekend. I'm near AA all week long. Decided I really ought to spend the weekend at home with family.15:00
snap-lbah, family15:01
wolfgerIf I'd gone, I may as well have stayed in Dundee for the night :-p15:01
snap-lIt's not like AA is across the damn planet. ;)15:01
wolfgerYeah, and I've got all those west-siders that showed up making me look bad, too15:02
snap-lyep. ;)15:02
wolfgerbut again, I'm only home 2 days a week, so, you know...15:02
wolfgermy wife likes to see her husband sometimes15:03
wolfgerHmm. Gmail still says "Coming Soon: Better ads in Gmail."15:05
wolfgerI thought that was an April Fool's joke15:05
tjagodaGoogle's always there15:05
tjagodapretending to not be evil15:05
tjagodaSucking away at your information.. =P15:05
wolfgerThe Japanese word of the day is コギャル. Which means "teenage girl who wears gaudy clothes". That's one heck of a specific word...15:07
tjagodaAnd I bet it gets used a TON in Japan =P15:08
jrwrenok, i won't talk smack about metallica anymore.  S&M is great to code to.15:14
jrwrenin the us we call them teeny boppers.15:15
wolfgerS&M coding?15:15
wolfgerIs that all the ease-of-reading of Perl combined with the freedom and power of Java?15:16
jrwrenany coding is S&M coding.15:19
snap-lSo many ways to go completely wrong with that thread.15:21
wolfgerSQL like a pig?15:22
snap-lIs throwing an exception like a safe word?15:24
greg-gfrom now on, my error message variables will all be safeword :)15:25
jrwrenI knew MySQL was a rapist.15:26
binbrainrick_h_: great chat w/Michael Foord about testing15:26
snap-l"Now let's just see you DROP that database." "Drop?" "Just take it right out"15:27
jrwrensnap-l: LOL'15:27
rick_h__binbrain: cool, glad you liked it15:27
rick_h__ok, SQL quiz time since it came up: http://paste.mitechie.com/show/270/15:28
rick_h__I'm missing the right way to do this15:28
rick_h__and I can't find my Sql Cookbook15:28
rick_h__one->many relation and I want to join them, but only grab the 'latest' of the many side15:29
rick_h__doing it this way is waaaay to slow15:29
jrwreni don't think you need the subquery.15:29
snap-lis HotAlert_Detail"."InsertDate" indexed?15:29
jrwrenjust a regular join with the groupby and having.15:30
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rick_h__bah, that was a bad reduction of the original query15:30
rick_h__missing the join correctly15:30
jrwrenoh, you can't aggregate on the same field you are grouping can you?15:30
jrwrenerr, no. hrm..15:31
jrwrenno, that should work.15:31
rick_h__k, trying to clean it up, sec15:31
rick_h__the problem is if I do the MAX I have to add all the columns from the tables into the gruop by15:32
rick_h__right, but too many rows to do it outside like that15:32
rick_h__I want to limit the join to only a small subset first15:32
jrwrendo it select n+1 then?15:33
jrwreni can't believe I just suggested that :)15:34
greg-gthanks, smoser ! (you know what for!)15:35
rick_h__see, if you do that have to do a massive group by of all the cols15:35
rick_h__umm, ok... greg-g :P15:35
smosergreg-g, no problem. other people send greg-g money for mug if you have not done so.15:35
greg-grick_h__: MUG sponsorship (i hope its ok I outed him like that :) )15:35
rick_h__cool, yea definitely. Shame those that have not contrib'd15:35
rick_h__ :P15:35
smoserdid you talk to jorge about getting some money from canonical?15:35
smosersurely we can scrape up $5015:36
rick_h__no, we want to do this as community15:36
rick_h__the idea is the loco as a community org helping a LUG and such15:36
greg-gthe power of the community!15:37
rick_h__yea, I mean we've only had some 4 people donate and there's 8+ that go to MUG15:37
rick_h__shouldn't be an issue15:37
* greg-g nods15:37
greg-gwe're 2/3's of the way there, btw15:39
DBOwhat is the money for?15:41
DBOgreg-g, ^^15:42
DBOwhere are we at?15:44
rick_h__2/3 done15:44
rick_h__I think we just need to poke widox_ and waldo and guys15:44
greg-gDBO: yeah, what rick_h__ said while I was afk15:51
DBOcan I donate without a paypal account15:51
greg-gDBO: sure, however you can get money to me15:52
greg-gpaypal is the easiest even though one of the most evil :)15:52
snap-lA check via traditional mail should work as well15:53
snap-lassuming greg-g wants to give out his home address.15:53
snap-lIf not, I'll give you mine via e-mail15:54
snap-land then paypal greg-g ;)15:54
snap-lwe can make this work. We have the technology.15:54
DBOgive me your routing info15:54
DBOi'll wire you whatever is left15:55
snap-lJust like the IRS15:55
greg-gDBO: whats your email?15:55
DBO$50 exact or is it more?15:55
greg-gright now, $50 exactly15:56
DBOyeah I refuse to do business with them15:58
DBOthey fucked me15:58
DBOI can wire this right into your account however, no problem15:58
greg-gDBO: sent16:02
DBOgreg-g, thats a checking?16:03
DBO(account type is required info for some reason on this interface)16:04
greg-gDBO: yep16:10
DBOgreg-g, sent16:11
greg-gthanks buddy!16:11
DBOit will take however long your and my bank take to work out the transfer16:12
DBO(hopefully not long, seen it take 72 hours once...)16:12
DBOi hope thats not a big problem16:12
smoserhow did paypal $*#@ you, DBO16:13
smoseroh, and i have a question for you DBO.16:13
smoserin unity, i bring up that mlauncher menu thingy by clicking on the ubuntu logo in the top left.16:14
DBOsmoser, they put a hold on my account that had $200 in it and refused to tell me why16:14
DBOthey still have it16:14
smoserthen i want to launch something that is in it.16:14
smoserto do that i have to quickly double click16:14
smoseris that right ?16:14
DBOput the mouse against the top left corner16:14
smoserits quite awkward16:14
smoserah. so that seems to work, but i did not know that you could bring up the menu like that.16:14
smoseri woudl do so via windows key16:15
DBOhold the windows key16:16
DBOyou can do that too16:16
greg-gDBO: yuck, sorry about the paypal suckery16:22
smosernice. i pushed windows key while i was saying that16:22
smoserand doing an upgrade16:22
smoserand that was bad.16:22
smoserit went into a unity restart cycle16:22
smoserso i have the thing on auto-hide16:23
smoserand if i hold it it pops up16:23
smoserbut then i have numbers ofver the icods. i guess it works.16:23
smoseri think its somewhat awkward when i click on the ubuntu logo that if i try to launch an item by middle clicking the  menu goes away16:23
smoserah. it seems that that is now improved behavior16:24
smoseras it is greyed out if i click the ubuntu icon16:24
smoseralthough it still seems strnage to me that i have to hold it down and then click while holding or it goes away16:25
smoseranyway, i'll quit ranting16:25
DBOsmoser, i agree with a lot of what you say16:27
DBOthe system is not perfect16:27
DBOI think next cycle there will be some changes16:27
DBOunfortunately, I am not in design16:27
DBOI cant make changes until design performs a head-ass-ectomy16:28
smoserDBO, thats fine. if you want i can open bugs16:29
smoseri'm trying to give first time (or new) user input16:29
smoseri really am somewhat confused by  a lot of it, but i know that i'm not the target16:30
DBOyou are the target16:33
DBOeveryone is16:33
DBOif it doesn't work for you16:33
DBOthat is something I care about16:33
DBOI wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't care16:33
DBOfiling bugs is awesome16:33
smoserwell, i am most definitely not the target for "design team"16:33
DBOit gets marks attention16:33
DBOeven if he "dismisses" the bug16:33
DBOhe wont forget16:33
DBOyou are my target however16:34
DBOand the only time I get say is at sprints16:34
smoseri'll file a bug then.16:34
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greg-gsmoser: luckily at the global jam we all gave some good/bad/ugly feedback to jcastro for dissemination to mark et al16:35
smoseryeah, i wish i could hvae come16:35
greg-gsmoser: coming from first time users and various use-cases16:35
smoseri actually *did* come16:35
smoserbut came on saturday16:35
smoserdoor locked16:35
smoserchecked phone16:35
greg-greally? oh sad!16:35
smoseryeah. i couldn't come yesterday though16:35
greg-g:( next time16:36
* DBO was there too16:36
DBOthen I ran away16:36
smoserDBO, one more thing16:37
smoserok. i just dist-upgraded16:37
smoserand then did unity-reset16:37
greg-gused his gf as an excuse when really it was "oh man, they're getting ready to slit my throat with this unity stuff!" ;)16:37
smoseri launch a gnome-terminal from the launcher using middle click16:37
smoserand its window border goes under the top border16:37
DBOgreg-g, the real reason for my coming was to prove she exists!16:37
DBOsmoser, I fixed that in trunk already16:38
DBOthat was a very dumb bug :/16:38
smoserDBO, good enough for me.16:38
smoserthank sman.16:38
greg-gDBO: and there's pictures now on the planet of you two, so mission completed.16:41
greg-ggeez, gmail seems slow today16:43
greg-gat least their imap/smtp servers16:43
wolfgerMan, CNN polls lack so many choices.17:01
wolfgerToday it's "If the government shuts down this week, will you blame the Democrats or the Republicans?"17:01
wolfgerThere is no option for "both" or "blame them?"17:01
brouschi blame bin laden17:02
wolfgerI vote "can't we just keep it shut down permanently?"17:02
wolfgerbrousch: Bin Laden has nothing to do with why the Dems and Pubs can't agree on a single thing. Unless you're blaming him for not causing another country-uniting atrocity.17:03
jrwrenthey agree on many things.17:04
wolfgerBut even that, I'm afraid, would separate us into "Obama failed to protect us!" versus people with an ounce of common sense (of which there are too few)17:04
jrwrenthey love corporations.17:04
jrwrenthey love money.17:04
jrwrenthey agree on lying to american people.17:05
wolfger2 out of 3, jrwren17:05
wolfgerthey can't agree on which corporations to love17:05
jrwren3 for 3.17:05
jrwrenyes they can.17:05
jrwrensee Dow30.17:05
snap-lI'm sorry, if the government shuts down, it's a failure of those charged with keeping it running17:25
snap-lDemocrats, Republicans, Libertarians, and the people who vote for them17:26
_stink__are any Libertarians charged with keeping it running?17:27
snap-lI'm not sure, but they seem to get their rocks off at hurling insults at the other two17:28
snap-lQ: What's the quickest way to get a Libertarian to shut up about the government? A: Elect them17:29
wolfgersnap-l: I like that solution, and accept your vote18:03
snap-lwolfger: I knew one guy that was running as a Libertarian18:09
snap-lI swear, he would have shit his pants had someone elected him18:10
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brouschno matter how dumbed down you make a wizard, someone dumber will still be unable to use it18:39
rick_h__so got the query from 26s down to 9s18:43
rick_h__well, I guess query + everything, whole page load time18:43
brouschug, seems long still18:43
brouschi'm hitting times like that one my rpc calls to my legacy access db18:43
brouschi don't like it18:44
rick_h__yea, well it's generating a 6.1mb xls file on the fly18:44
rick_h__I don't like it, but nearly 3x faster is an improvement18:44
rick_h__I could make it faster if i did a materialzied view, but that's a lot more work since pgsql doesn't do them ootb18:45
brouschi'm starting to ask those people if they really need that whole file, or are they just looking for one nugget of info they happen to exists in that report18:45
rick_h__yea, that's what I told the boss. It's a year of data now. Do they really need it all or can we start limiting to only the last 3mo or so18:46
brouschi mean, wtf do they do with 6.1MB of excel data?18:46
rick_h__it's a data export, so I can understand if they don't trust us18:47
rick_h__but they use it because they can create filters/views based on the data in excel18:47
rick_h__market research is all about getting things into excel, they're masters at the thing18:47
brouschwe have a 10-20 page report that gets printed every week and handed out to like 10 people. nobody looks at it but it makes them feel good to see all the data18:49
rick_h__yea, we built them a whole web app with sorting, filtering, etc...but until they could print it and take it to a meeting (guess no projectors) they weren't happy18:50
rick_h__hmmmm, paper18:50
brouschthey say they like the weight of the report. if the report is light they know we need more hours in the shop18:51
brouschif the report is heavy, we are too busy18:51
rick_h__time to force all the printers to do dual sided 6pages per side printing18:52
brouschthis is the problem with running the same report for 15+ years18:52
brouschit is double-sided now18:52
brouschthat switched about 10 years ago18:52
snap-lbrousch: Seriously? Why not save the paper and just give them a weight18:54
snap-l5 grams, 10 grams, and 20 grams18:54
snap-lif that's all they care about, why knock yourself out making the report in the first place18:55
snap-ljust have the program tell someone what weight to distribute18:55
brouschgood idea18:56
_stink__sounds like the rumor that law school profs grade their exams by tossing them down a flight of stairs.  those that travel the farthest get the best grades.18:56
rick_h___stink__: using a heavy ink when I write18:56
rick_h__can you still get some lead ink? :)18:57
_stink__no kidding18:59
_stink__how depressing18:59
wolfgerbrousch: The ultimate wizard is a single button that says "Do what I want". And you will then encounter a user who doesn't know what he wants.19:09
brouschthis recent email breach is hitting a lot of companies. i've gotten notices from tivo and best buy19:15
wolfgergreg-g: what happened to our logging?19:16
wolfgerThere's a huge gap. today19:18
wolfger (let the conspiracy theories begin)19:19
rick_h__brousch: yea, got my Chase notice today :/19:20
wolfgerThey sent you a notice that they are a greedy soul-sucking bank?19:22
jjesseme 219:22
jjesseyay for epsilon19:22
jjessemight be a smaller list of people who didn't get breached19:22
_stink__hmm, i'm a chase customer19:23
_stink__i hadn't heard about this19:23
rick_h__just got it today, their farmed out email service got hacked19:23
rick_h__so tons of big companies are having to notify their base about it19:23
jjessethey outsource some of thier work to epsilon which was hacked19:23
_stink__heh, i have accounts with 3 of the companies listed in this article19:24
rick_h__yea, I've got 2 and the wife one19:25
jjessefun times19:26
snap-lrick_h__: ^^19:28
snap-lI told him to just use PostgreSQL. ;)19:28
snap-lno problems with pronunciation19:28
rick_h__snap-l: lol19:30
Blazeixhm, I'm sometimes guilty of pronouncing it as "my sequel"19:33
greg-gif wolfger were here, I would tell him that a netsplit is probably to blame19:33
BlazeixI blame "Sequel server"19:33
_stink__wait, do people in here really usually call it 'my ess queue ell'?19:34
_stink__i always say 'my sequel'.19:34
rick_h__yea, I used to always make sure I spelled it out19:35
rick_h__but everyone uses the short hand that it started to seep in19:35
rick_h__I'm 50/50 now19:35
snap-lI like his RT response: RT @jayscript: @merlyn I've always understood MySQL to mean "Please don't"19:36
snap-lHeh, someone is using a sink19:38
snap-lon a conference call19:38
_stink__probably just pooped19:40
rick_h__better than hearing a toilet flush19:40
snap-lI think we might have19:40
snap-lnot sure19:40
snap-lsomeone sounded a little rushed.19:40
Blazeixanybody know anything about this? http://detroitcloudapril2011.eventbrite.com/19:54
Blazeixthinking I might check it out later today19:54
jcastrohey snapples19:57
jcastrosnap-l: can you try unity2d on your eee?19:57
snap-lhey jorgler19:57
jcastroI wonder how m uch better it will run19:57
snap-lhow would one install it, should one wish to try it?19:58
jcastrosudo apt-get install unity-2d19:58
jcastrolog out, and select 2d in the session/gdm thing19:58
brouschi think chrome and unity 2d were very slow19:58
snap-lgiving it a try19:58
jcastrobrousch: how did 2d end up running for you on the one thing?19:59
brouschit ran well sometimes, then was ass-slow other times19:59
brouschi think it was chrome, but haven't had time to make sure19:59
jcastrohow much ram?19:59
jcastroif you run out of ram it's chrome19:59
jcastrochrome needs like 2gb just for itself19:59
brouschthat seems silly20:00
jcastrothat speed comes from somewhere. :)20:00
jcastroI find FF to use less ram, but launch/run slower20:01
jcastroso I guess it's a tradeoff20:01
snap-lMan, that's a lot of disk space. ;)20:01
snap-lTrying unity 2d on my VM as well20:03
snap-lUm, only complaint is the gnome theme daemon goes for a toss20:04
snap-lSeriously, it looks like 2001 Gnome20:06
smosersnap-l, you are so unhip its not even funny20:08
greg-gyeah, major issue that one20:08
Blazeixyeah, I guess that's because it's QT, right? So you'd need to install that qt-gtk theme.20:09
snap-lYeah, I had to20:09
snap-lreset the settings, I mean20:09
snap-lIt seems snappier20:09
snap-lhas a few usability issues, though20:11
snap-lI promise I'll keep natty on that machine, so if you want me to test things with it, I will20:11
greg-gsnap-l: which package did you install to get it to look better?20:19
greg-gapt-cache search gtk qt didn't help too much20:19
snap-lgreg-g: I think I was mistaken20:20
snap-lI tried setting the theme again, but it still looked like gtk plain20:20
greg-goh, I mis-read you anyways20:20
greg-gBlazeix: what package are you referring to?20:21
Blazeixgreg-g: qgtkstyle, I think20:24
BlazeixI'm not a unity dev, but that's what I've used before to make qt blend with gtk apps20:26
Blazeixlooks like in ubuntu if you have qt4config you can just enable it20:27
Blazeixapparently it ships with Qt4.5 and later20:27
snap-lI think the opposite problem is happening20:28
Blazeixoh, did I misunderstand?20:29
Blazeixah, so gtk apps are foobar, not qt20:29
snap-lThe gtk apps aren't getting themed20:29
greg-gyeah, I have no clue what the deal is :/20:29
snap-lanyone know of a QT app that isn't Lyx?20:30
snap-lI don't want to download 500MB just to try a hunch20:30
snap-lThat works20:31
snap-lhrum, still looks like gtk 2 native20:33
Blazeixis gnome-settings-daemon running?20:33
snap-lWhat's strange is appearance preferences seems to change20:33
snap-lIt seems like it gets frozen or something20:36
snap-ldid a kill -9 on it, and now it's back to beautiful20:36
snap-lI really hate these job posting e-mail cold calls:20:40
snap-lI feel like responding:20:40
snap-lZeus was eliminated by Siberia and pitches the cannibal.20:41
snap-lLet's go dancing at 5pm, and toss our cares away.20:41
snap-lie: please read my fucking reasume20:41
gamerchick02yeah, i get the feeling, snap-l20:42
_stink__snap-l: response with this: http://paste.mitechie.com/show/A6UdqkvQq4dE5lm5w515/20:44
_stink__(nsfw text if you care.)20:44
snap-lEven a simple "Hey, I saw on your resume that you did VB back in 1998, are you looking to get back into it?"20:44
snap-l_stink__: Hahahahahaha20:45
gamerchick02oh, that is awesome, _stink_20:45
snap-lWhere did you get that?20:45
snap-lThat was quick turn-around. I'm hoping it's a script. :)20:45
_stink__snap-l: my brain20:47
jcastrohey snap-l20:47
jcastrodo you guys remember if the nautilus icon on people's machines were little orange houses or filing cabinets at the jam?20:48
jcastrothe icon on the launcher20:48
_stink__sadly, no.  i needed a break. :P20:48
snap-ljcastro: Not offhand20:48
snap-lon mine it was a house20:48
snap-lthe filing cabinet is the non-themed version20:49
jcastrobrousch: what did yours look like?20:50
brouschactually it was a house, then later bcame a filing cabinet20:50
jcastrowhat do you mean became a filing cabinet?20:50
jcastrodid it change or something?20:50
jcastroalso, which one did you guys prefer?20:50
brouschit was an orange house at one point, and a gay filing cabinet later20:51
brouschi prefrred the house20:51
brouschor it might have been house on eee and cabinet on tablet20:51
snap-lI like the house, but both metaphors are pretty ughly20:51
brouschi'll look tonight. ignore me for now20:51
gamerchick02i've got an orange house on my unity launcher.20:52
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jrwrenI never knew *.domain ssl certs didn't work on domain.20:54
snap-lYeah, ssl certs are very particular20:55
jrwrenso... $50 for the domain cert, and $1000 for the *.domain cert :)20:56
snap-land trying to do something self-signed is even more fun.20:57
jrwrenI rarely self sign anymore. I find it easier to just start my own CA and sign with an unknown CA20:57
brouschjcastro: house icon on unity, filing cabinet on unity 2d22:35

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