itnet7bluebomber: we were doing a lot of activities. Install Fests, Bug Jams, Ubuntu Hours, Presentations at Linux Shows.00:45
itnet7We have a couple of events upcoming and that is what chaynie was planning to discuss00:46
X-Manhello everyone00:57
bluebomberCool, I'm here.00:57
itnet7Hey there X-Man !00:57
bluebomberHi, X-Man!00:57
itnet7Hello again bluebomber !00:57
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chaynie_stupid character limit.00:58
itnet7chaynie_: do you know how to use mootbot?00:58
* chaynie_ nods00:58
Mootbot-UKMeeting started at 23:58. The chair is chaynie_.00:58
Mootbot-UKCommands Available: [TOPIC], [PROGRESS REPORT], [IDEA], [ACTION], [AGREED], [LINK], [VOTE]00:58
chaynie_We'll give everyone a couple more minutes, but if you're already here, why don't you go ahead and introduce yourself.00:59
munzhey all01:00
bluebomberMy name is Mike, and I'm a grad student in the Department of Computer Science & Engineering at the University of South Florida. Good evening, everyone.01:00
itnet7Hey there munz01:00
itnet7Welcome Aboard bluebomber !01:01
chaynie_bluebomber: Hi mike, nice to meet you!01:01
munzhey itnet7 01:01
X-ManI'm Chris from Tallahassee, evening everyone01:01
bluebomberLikewise, Chaynie. Thanks, itnet7.01:02
chaynie_X-Man: Hello, chris, glad you could join us!01:02
chaynie_Right, let's go ahead and get this thing started.01:03
bluebomber[VOTE] yes.01:03
Mootbot-UKbluebomber, Only the meeting chair can do that01:03
chaynie_[TOPIC] Natty Narwhal Release Parties01:04
Mootbot-UKNew Topic:  Natty Narwhal Release Parties 01:04
chaynie_Ok, so far, we've got two release parties planned for this weekend. One in Orlando, and the other one in Viera01:04
chaynie_I think, correct me if I'm wrong, itnet7.01:05
bluebomberSounds great! I've only seen the Orlando one mentioned.01:05
chaynie_bluebomber: I think so far, only the Orlando party has been officially registered with the loco-directory site.01:05
Mootbot-UKLINK received:  http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/team/811/detail/ 01:06
Mootbot-UKLINK received:  http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/team/925/detail/ 01:06
chaynie_itnet7: Thanks! You beat me to it!01:06
itnet7I actually added the Viera party after Lupine received confirmation that we had the venue01:07
chaynie_The above links are for both release parties.01:07
chaynie_If you planning to attend, please add yourself to the guest list, so we have an idea of how many people are coming.01:07
bluebomberI'm coming, but delaying registering until I hear back with people who plan to ride with me :-(.01:08
bluebomberI'll register tonight, I'm sure.01:08
itnet7Nice bluebomber !!01:08
chaynie_itnet7:  will you have any swag to hand out, or did we not think of it in time?01:09
itnet7chaynie_: I think that chuck is also going to come01:09
itnet7We might have a couple of things to give away! Probably not a whole lot though01:10
munzi'll be coming and bringing 2 peeps01:10
itnet7Cool munz01:10
chaynie_itnet7: cool. pak33m added himself to the list, but I've not talked to him.01:10
itnet7Cool, It will be good to see everyone again, I know that pak33m has been really busy!01:11
cjohnstonI'm working Saturday.. And Panera is just outside my coverage area01:12
munzwhat normaly goes on at the launch party?01:12
munzbring laptops etc? anything else?01:12
chaynie_cjohnston: if we replaced you with a cardboard cutout for a couple hours, would anyone notice?01:12
bluebomberGood question. Will this be like a meet-&-greet? What's the itinerary?01:13
itnet7cjohnston: that stinks, would have been good to see you!01:13
itnet7chaynie_: we can gimp him into photos!01:13
cjohnstonchaynie_: not really01:13
mhall119chaynie_: what the heck? it's not 0100UTC yet01:13
cjohnstonitnet7: I'm prolly less than 5 miles away01:13
itnet7bluebomber: Yes, kind of like a meet and greet, 01:13
chaynie_munz, bluebomber: It's a meet & greet, install fest, and general hangout with fellow ubuntu users.01:13
chaynie_mhall119: itnet7 posted it as 8pm01:14
itnet7mhall119: We have usually held the meetings around 8:00, It's my bad sorry01:14
mhall119okay, carry on I'll be in and out, cooking dinner01:15
* itnet7 wishes the LD could allow us to put our local time for local events01:15
chaynie_[ACTION] come to a consensus on the actual meeting time.01:15
Mootbot-UKACTION received:  come to a consensus on the actual meeting time. 01:15
bluebomberFor what it's worth, it would probably double the size of our party if it were hosted later.01:15
bluebomber"Our" being mine.01:15
itnet7bluebomber: the release party? or the meeting?01:15
bluebomberI have a couple friends attending the Rays game, another a soccer tournament, etc.01:15
bluebomberOh, sorry, I meant the Panera event.01:15
chaynie_bluebomber: we've reserved the time, but we usually go late.01:15
mhall119itnet7: there's a bug for it already, but it's gonna require a fair bit of refactoring01:15
bluebomberOn Saturday.01:15
chaynie_since mhall119 brought it up, would 8 or 9pm work better for most people?01:16
bluebomberFor what are we trying to achieve a consensus? Another meeting before the release party?01:16
itnet7I wouldn't mind 9pm either01:17
itnet7X-Man: ? bluebomber ?01:17
itnet7dantalizing: ?01:17
chaynie_bluebomber: Historically, we've always held meetings @ 8pm.01:17
chaynie_itnet7: no one cares what dantalizing thinks.01:17
itnet7chaynie_: :-(01:18
bluebomberI have no preference between 8 and 9. :)01:18
* chaynie_ kids.01:18
* mhall119 cares what dantalizing thinks01:18
itnet7Okay, cool, let's go with 9 then!!01:18
itnet7mhall119: I secretly do too, just don't tell him01:18
mhall119I'd be happy if it just wasn't changed multiple times the dayof01:18
chaynie_[AGREED] Hold future meetings at 9pm01:18
Mootbot-UKAGREED received:  Hold future meetings at 9pm 01:18
X-Man9:00 works for me01:19
itnet7mhall119: agreed01:19
itnet7It won't happen again, I will pay attention to where it says UTC in the future01:19
itnet7I saw Wednesday01:19
itnet7and was trying to be helpful, So I messed it up01:20
chaynie_mhall119, itnet7: let's blame coordinated universal time and be done with it.01:20
dantalizing9pm ftw01:20
mhall119chaynie_: +101:20
itnet7dantalizing: :-)01:20
chaynie_ok, back to the task at hand, does anyone have any questions/concerns about the Orlando release party?01:21
chaynie_they'll have wifi, fyi.01:21
mhall119how about power?01:21
dantalizingwe've run squids around in that place before01:22
chaynie_I can probably bring a couple strips, but dantalizing is correct.01:22
itnet7We will bring some power strips01:22
chaynie_though it would be easier if everyone brings what they need.01:22
mhall119itnet7: do we have any swag?01:23
itnet7Not too much01:23
itnet7I will go through and doublecheck01:23
mhall119I think I have a sheet or two of stickers if I can find them01:23
mhall119the new logo ones01:23
munzstickers :)01:23
dantalizingsry guests visting .. afk01:23
chaynie_mhall119: didn't they start shipping swag to you when you joined the cabal?01:23
mhall119chaynie_: that's how I got the stickers01:23
itnet7I was thinking of giving out some of the band we have left over from UDS01:23
itnet7the Natty01:23
mhall119itnet7: that's be cool, since it's the right release01:24
mhall119I got a mousepad too we can give away, since I have a laptop01:24
itnet7I thought about blogging about the bands and giving 10 away to the first 14 teams that send me a snail mail address or something01:25
itnet7I have a copy of the 5th Edition Ubuntu Book01:25
mhall119itnet7: I say we just give them away to random people at Panera01:25
chaynie_itnet7: Do you want to give a quick speel about the Viera release party?01:26
itnet7We could do that too!! They might not appreciate it if we wrestle them to ground and make them wear it though!01:26
mhall119itnet7: only one way to find out01:26
bluebomberWho wouldn't appreciate a quick wrestle and banding with their half turkey sandwich?01:26
itnet7This is going to be the second release party that we are hosting at the Pizza Gallery at the Avenues of Melbourne01:26
itnet7They have a really cool back room off to the side01:27
bluebomberHi, Chloric.01:27
itnet7that has a projector and French Doors that we can close in case the bar area is noisy01:27
ChloricItnet! its been a loooooooooong time01:27
itnet7I have invited the SpaceCoast Linux Users Group, The Melbourne LUG, and the Brevard Group Linux Sig01:28
itnet7hey there Chloric !!01:28
itnet7we Should have plenty of powerstrips 01:28
itnet7and their wifi Rocks!01:28
itnet7That's about all I can think of!!01:28
bluebomberHow late do you estimate the parties will last?01:29
itnet7bluebomber: viera is scheduled from 6 - 9 pm01:29
chaynie_bluebomber: probably until 4-5pm.01:29
itnet7Oh, I think I forgot to mention, I did request our CD's. They won't be hear in time for this weekend01:31
bluebomberWhat CDs will you get and how many?01:31
itnet7but if anyone is planning to still add a Natty Release party for their area and are planning to do it next weekend, we might have them by like Thursday01:31
ChloricGovatent and I might have a sporadic one01:32
itnet7Ubuntu Natty I'm not sure of the quantity01:32
bluebomberCoincidentally we are planning a Natty release party at USF.01:32
itnet7bluebomber: Sweet!!01:32
bluebomberGNOME, then? 32bit?01:32
itnet7zoopster: might be able to help you with it if he has the time01:32
itnet7bluebomber: Well, usually it was Gnome/KDE/Server01:33
itnet732 bit01:33
itnet7Desktop for Gnome/Unity01:33
itnet7and KDE01:33
itnet7and I think 64 bit server01:33
bluebomberI see. Thanks.01:33
zoopsterI can post the USF release party on the meetup group01:34
itnet7What we usually do is get the release by bit torrent the day it comes out, and create usb install disks01:34
itnet7zoopster: bluebomber has recently joined the team01:34
bluebomberI'm new! :)01:35
itnet7bluebomber: if zoopster posts it to the meetup group you might get between 15 - 20 other people01:35
munzhey zoopster 01:36
zoopstermunz: hey chris01:36
itnet7Well Chloric even if it's only you and govatent, can you please add it to the LoCo Directory, and we can help promote it01:36
bluebomberHmmm, ok. I'll see what we can do about public events. This would be for a local USF organization chapter. We can definitely discuss in coming days.01:37
chaynie_Ok, is there anything else anyone wants to discuss before we wrap this puppy up?01:38
itnet7bluebomber: No Problem01:38
itnet7chaynie_: sounds good for the most part if anyone wants to discuss anything else we can do it without Mootbot-UK !01:41
chaynie_itnet7: Alright, then.01:41
zoopsterhaving another balloon launch on 29 April if anyone is inclined to help01:41
itnet7Looking forward to coming to Panera! :-)01:41
chaynie_Thanks for coming everyone. See you at the release parties!01:41
zoopsternot ubuntu related01:41
Mootbot-UKMeeting finished at 00:41.01:41
itnet7zoopster: I wish I could, but I doubt I will be able to01:42
bluebomberBalloon launch?01:42
zoopsterbluebomber: look at questforstars.com01:43
munzwhats it looking like zoopster time location wise?01:48
bluebomberHas anyone been to the Florida Linux Show?01:51
munzno u?01:53
Chlorici think govatent went01:53
bluebomberNope. I'm trying to see when it is. The site's up but no mention of date/time.01:53
zoopsterbluebomber: it's in October I'm told01:55
zoopsterbluebomber: oct 28 in orlando01:56
zoopsterand I've presented at it both times01:56
zoopstermunz: current models show deltona01:56
zoopsteror south daytona01:57
zoopstermunz: it keeps changing01:57
bluebomberThanks, zoopster.02:02
zoopsterbluebomber: sure thing02:02
bluebomberI'm clocking out for today. I'll reconnect later and continue networking with you all (definitely be back for the meeting tomorrow night). Thanks for the welcome and information.02:04
mhall119zoopster: is there gonna be another FLS this october?02:05
mhall119Brian was talking about trying to organize a community show02:05
munzzoopster, cool whats the time line?02:05
zoopstermhall119: according to Rod who texted me back in Feb...yes 28 Oct02:06
mhall119hmmm, when is UDS-P going to be?02:06
zoopstermhall119: and I cannot remember the guys name, but there is something else trying to something around uds02:06
zoopstermhall119: 20-24 Oct I think02:07
zoopstermunz: we set it off at 2:45p and expect it to land around 5p sometime02:07
itnet7mhall119: fossetcon02:07
mhall119that's not a M-F02:07
itnet7ping Bryanstein 02:07
zoopsterthen it's 24-28 Oct02:08
munzcool, i should be around to help :)02:08
zoopstermunz: awesome02:08
itnet7mhall119: Bryanstein is putting it together02:08
mhall119itnet7: FLS or the community show?02:08
zoopsterthat's it...Bryan!02:08
itnet7the community show02:09
itnet7right zoopster 02:09
zoopstercould not remember his name02:09
itnet7I am not sure whether or not it's totally live.... http://fossetcon.org/02:16
mhall119chaynie: at least we've amused all of Facebook today02:30
chayniemhall119: Apparently so. We should take our show on the road.14:59
DammitJimwhy is rsync over ssh so slow? I'm only getting about 1.1Mbps!!!16:24
mhall119because it's having to encrypt it16:24
DammitJimwould an rsync server be much faster?16:25
mhall119is it one big file or lots of smaller ones?16:25
DammitJimdifferent sizes... anything from config files to 10GB videos16:26
mhall119it could be disk i/o slowing you down then16:29
DammitJimI'm doing this on a buffalo linkstation running debian16:29
mhall119rsync has to compare the files looking for differences16:30
maxolasersquadmhall119: Doesn't rsync use the timestamp and filesize to do the compare?16:31
mhall119maxolasersquad: hmmm, I thought it would do a diff and only transfer what's different16:36
DammitJimit depends on what switch you give it... but normally it's used by comparing the files and if they are newer, then it overwrites them16:50
maxolasersquadPython question, does it make sense to have a module that has two components, a class defining connections, and a function that returns a collection of saved connection?18:04
maxolasersquadAnd have the module be collection.py18:04
maxolasersquadMore specifically, does that sound like a sound way of providing an interface into connections?18:07
chayniemaxolasersquad: there is a couple schools of thought on this.18:08
chaynieerr, there are.18:08
chaynieOn one side, advocates of dynamic/duck-typing argue against the use of explict interfaces.18:09
chaynieWhile proponents of static typing insist that correctly and explicitly defined interfaces reduce run-time errors.18:10
chayniePython, being the snazzy dyanmic language that it is, tends to favor the dynamic model, wherein, if an object responds correctly to all of the calls required by an interface, than it can be said to implement that interface, even if it's not explictly doing so.18:12
maxolasersquadI need for users to define database connection parameters, and for interfaces to pull those parameters out and be able to establish connections with them.18:13
maxolasersquadI have a Connections class for defining a db connection, and can store them in seahorse.18:14
maxolasersquadI then have a function that returns a collection of stored connection objects.18:15
chayniedoesn't sound too bad.18:15
chayniebut isn't seahorse for storing encryption data?18:16
maxolasersquadI then have a GTK app that displays the connections in a tree.  They don't actually do anything yet, but my next step is that expanding a tree node will show the db objects under that connection.18:16
maxolasersquadyes, I store user/pass and sid/server18:16
maxolasersquadI use seahorse so I can store the password encrypted.18:16
maxolasersquadJust like Nautilus does for ssh, smb, ftp, etc. connections.18:16
chayniemaxolasersquad: i don't see any problem so far.18:17
maxolasersquadOk.  I just don't know when my C upbringing is blinding me from seeing the Python way. :)18:18
chayniemaxolasersquad: the rule of thumb is when it feels as painful as it would be to do the same thing in C, you should probably rethink it.19:43
pete_Hi all! Anybody in here know anything about recovering a open office spreadsheet?20:59
maxolasersquadpete_: To the best of my knowledge, if the autorecovery doesn't come up when you run OO, then there is not recovering it.21:03
pete_I just spent 20 hours entering in inventory items... and then my computer froze up and I had to kill the power... I tried to open the spread sheet and it did the auto recovery thing, but it opened it as a writer document and obliterated all of my data21:04
pete_I don't want to have to re-enter all this data21:05
maxolasersquadSo your data is in the writer document?21:05
pete_yeah, but it is all "#####", 21:06
pete_I was on my way to making a back up when all this went down21:06
maxolasersquadWhere you saving along the way?21:07
pete_is there a way that I could recover a previous version?21:07
pete_yeah I saved after each set of items I entered... I saved 100 times21:07
maxolasersquadSave your "recovered" version elsewhere, and then try to reopen.21:07
pete_but only in one location21:08
maxolasersquadI don't think when you recover that it overwrites the last version until you manually save over it.21:08
pete_For some reason it converted it to a writer doc and auto saved it... I think I accidentally opened it in writer and recovered it there21:09
pete_Can I send the file to somebody and see if they can un screw it?21:10
maxolasersquadIs the .ods file still on your hard drive.21:10
maxolasersquadSpreadsheets or .ods and documents are .odt21:11
maxolasersquadDo you have both a .ods and .odt, or just an .ods that only opens in writer?21:11
pete_.ods, but everytime I try to open it with spread sheet it opens in writer21:11
pete_.ods , and it only opens in writer21:12
maxolasersquadYou can send it to me and I'll see if there's anything I can do, though I'm certainly no expert.21:12
maxolasersquadMy address is my hande @gmail.com21:12
maxolasersquadmy handle is maxolasersquad21:13
maxolasersquadthen @gmail.com21:13
pete_should be there21:15
maxolasersquadgot it21:16
maxolasersquadthe document looks pretty far gone to me.21:18
maxolasersquadIt was opening in Calc for me, but it was just one cell with binary data.21:19
maxolasersquadAnd some text defining the XML layouts.21:19
pete_$#&#%^^%*$*%$&% Rarrrr... Ok, Thanks... I guess I have to redo it for free....Customer will not be pleased21:19
maxolasersquadThis is the only time I've heard of the autorecovery messing up a document, but probably not the first time its actually happened.21:20
pete_I was about to move it to my google docs and be done with it... I'm going to cry a little now21:21
pete_I'm going to do it better this time... I just told the boss... he was almost cool with my failure... I only have to Sepaku a little bit21:26
pete_Thank all for the help... later21:31
madbovinechatty group22:44
madbovineis there anyone actually here?22:47
madbovineguess not22:48
bluebomberI'm sorta here, madbovine who left.23:13

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