snap-lbrousch: Yes, yes I am 85 years old01:08
snap-lReminder: There's a monthly IRC meeting at 9pm01:23
snap-lhere, yes.01:51
rick_h__irc meeting > work meeting?01:52
rick_h__sorry, thinking of you always talking about XXX meeting at work01:56
rick_h__trying to think of the name, web something?01:56
rick_h__yea, that's it02:01
rick_h__anyway, irc linux mtg > webex work meeting to start the week off02:01
snap-lOh most definitely02:01
snap-lI wish all of my meetigs were on IRC02:01
rick_h__it's time!02:01
snap-lWell, most of them02:01
rick_h__so anyone know if greg-g made it back yet?02:01
snap-lYep, let's call it to order02:01
snap-lgreg-g: Are you online?02:01
snap-lOK, I think he's still making way back to the great catcher's mitt02:02
rick_h__anyone have the link to the agenda then?02:03
snap-lThat's the link to the agenda02:04
snap-lAnyone have anything to add?02:04
rick_h__was going to bring up mug this tues02:04
rick_h__if anyone wants to submit a lightning talk on something loco-ish would be cool02:04
rick_h__some natty love, or maybe something else02:04
snap-lYeah, the more the merrier02:04
snap-lI'll be talking about Gogle Voice02:05
rick_h__so first, anyone else here in this meeting betsides me and snap-l ?02:05
snap-lDon't be shy. :)02:05
snap-lGreat, three people... let's start a magazine. ;)02:06
rick_h__I get the back page02:06
snap-lI was going to call back page.02:06
snap-lSomeone listened to TWiT recently.02:06
rick_h__ok, so MUG meeting tues, you coming _stink_ ?02:06
_stink_rick_h__: very unlikely. :/  Tuesdays are more or less impossible02:06
rick_h__gah, ok well then02:07
snap-l_stink_: So, yes, then?02:07
_stink_hah.  you sound like a former boss of mine.02:07
rick_h__ok, so our group is giving two lightning talks so far02:07
rick_h__sounds like some good rep of the loco, not ubuntu topics, but still cool02:07
rick_h__next up, penguicon...so anything interesting happen?02:08
snap-lWell, regardless, if anyone is going, and wants to talk, by all means let the folks at MUG know02:08
snap-lPenguicon, as always was awesome02:08
snap-lnot as much tech as I would have liked, but good stuff02:08
snap-ljcastro spread the love on Unity and Natty02:08
snap-lGot me considering running the damn thing. :)02:09
snap-lRelease party was awesome. If anyone has any photos on flickr, please add them to the group02:09
_stink_... does it work now?02:09
rick_h__just don't touch it02:09
snap-l_stink_: Works as well as the beta02:09
snap-lso if you were working prior to the beta, then you'll still be working02:10
snap-lbut if you were hosed, you're likely still hosed.02:10
snap-lBut I have to say it's pretty sweet overall02:10
rick_h__so I wanted to see what people thought about the release party like that02:10
rick_h__I'm wondering if we need to find a better room/way going forward?02:11
snap-lrick_h__: if we're doing it at Penguicon, it would be nice to have a room party02:11
snap-lThat way we would be on the schedule02:11
rick_h__ok, what's the time frame for that to put together?02:11
rick_h__should we put some notes on a calendar now for "schedule room" or something?02:12
greg-gheya, home now02:12
rick_h__yay, greg-g can take over now02:13
greg-gyeah, so, the date for the LoCo sponsored MUG meeting is... June right? or was it may :/02:13
rick_h__it's june02:13
greg-gok, good02:13
rick_h__mug meeting is this tues for lightning talks02:13
rick_h__and they'd love some more talks so if anyone is coming and wants to spend 5-10min on something cool, encourage you all to submit02:13
* greg-g nods02:13
greg-gsend an email to the ubuntu-us-mi list?02:13
greg-gI can, if you want02:14
rick_h__I didn't, I figured that's mug board people :P02:14
* greg-g looks at snap-l 02:14
snap-lWhat did I not do now? :)02:15
rick_h__do you think we should send to the mi list for mug this week?02:15
rick_h__or too late don't bother?02:15
snap-lYeah, I'll send something02:15
snap-lI'll send that out tomorrow02:16
greg-gsnap-l / rick_h__ : other than the need for an actual room next year, anything else from the release party?02:16
snap-lWe had a LOT of people there02:17
snap-lsome who were part of the loco, and some new faces02:17
snap-lPlus some folks just hanging out02:17
rick_h__yea, we should start pimping the Loco MUG meeting02:17
rick_h__try to get a lot of the new faces there02:17
greg-gso, I'm wondering if I should make up a basic template for a "sign-in" kind of sheet, or at least, "add me to the mailing list"02:17
* greg-g nods02:17
rick_h__greg-g: what about the other way, like business cards to hand out?02:18
rick_h__with the site, list, irc info, etc02:18
greg-gnot a bad idea02:18
rick_h__I guess I just don't don't want to be the one collecting info02:18
rick_h__but don't mind handing stuff out02:18
greg-gyeah, hear ya02:18
greg-gso, ok, I'll put that on my list for this week, creating a basic business card02:19
rick_h__cool, I know some other locos have done some things02:19
rick_h__maybe we can crib off them02:19
greg-goh yeah, I'll take a look around02:19
rick_h__https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-us-in/2010-October/000914.html for instance02:20
rick_h__but yea, I think that would be cool before the next release party02:20
rick_h__and willing to help sponsor that02:21
greg-goh right, forgot about that02:21
* greg-g nods02:21
greg-gduly noted02:21
snap-lThat would be cool02:21
greg-gawesome.. so, are we good on speakers for our meeting?02:21
snap-lI think the only one confirmed is rick_h__02:21
rick_h__I've not heard, do we have a wiki page up with submissions?02:21
greg-gall I have in my tomboy note is you, rick_h__02:21
rick_h__and have we written the check to MUG?02:21
greg-gwe haven't, but i have the money02:22
greg-gso I can whenever02:22
rick_h__it's all confirmed/what not02:22
rick_h__ah ok02:22
rick_h__ok, well some ideas: some ubuntu one talk would be awesome I think02:22
greg-galright, so, after the MUG meeting this week, on Wed, I'll send a note to the list asking for participation02:22
greg-ggood idea02:23
rick_h__let me know before you send it out02:23
greg-gyeah, def02:23
rick_h__we can try to generate a list of interesting bits02:23
rick_h__and try to recruit people for talks vs just "anyone want to do anything"02:23
greg-gright right, much better02:23
snap-lI'm creating an event on the calendar now02:23
greg-gthanks buddy02:23
* greg-g has been using "buddy" too much recently02:24
rick_h__greg-g is just friendly like that02:24
greg-gmy friendliness got me through security today without ID :)02:25
rick_h__happened ot my wife a while ago02:25
rick_h__got her purse stolen in DC02:25
rick_h__glad you made it safe02:25
snap-lYeah, greg-g, that sucks (no ID)02:26
brouschloco meeting in eefect?02:26
greg-gbrousch: indeed02:26
snap-lbrousch: Yeah, boyeeeee02:26
greg-gjust in time for the near ending ;)02:26
rick_h__brousch: how was the west side release party?02:26
rick_h__any notes to think about going forward?02:27
brouschit was pretty good02:27
brouschit was held at the usual wmlug meeting, and had about double normal wmlug attendence02:27
snap-lrick_h__: I think we need to get some more folks to commit to the meeting02:27
snap-lthe mug meeting, I mean02:27
rick_h__snap-l: yea, definitely02:27
brouschit's bigger if held with grlug02:27
rick_h__I mean, we don't need 10min lightning talks02:27
snap-lWe'll have one more meeting prior02:27
rick_h__but 4 or so would be good02:28
greg-gbrousch: awesome02:28
snap-lbut would be good to get some more folks to commit02:28
snap-lI'll commit as a last resort to showing off Unity02:28
rick_h__well will ping smoser and jcastro02:28
rick_h__I think it'd be cool to see jcastro show off some ubuntu one/banshee goodness02:28
greg-gbrousch: oh yeah, nice blog post on unity, btw02:29
rick_h__and smoser maybe something interesting cloud-side for things going on02:29
snap-lAssuminghe's in town. ;)02:29
rick_h__yea, well they're gone this week I know02:29
rick_h__so next couple of weeks, but should be back in June02:29
* greg-g nods02:29
snap-lOK, so who wants to bang the drum for participants?02:30
greg-gfor LoCoMUG? I can02:31
rick_h__so after the meeting this week greg-g and I will work on an email02:31
snap-lOK, cool02:31
rick_h__but we'll wait until Tues clears02:31
greg-gwith rick_h__ , of course02:31
greg-gbut you'll do this week, right snap-l ?02:31
greg-g(ie: hey! give lightning talks!)02:31
snap-lYeah, I'll mail out for this week's MUG meeting02:32
snap-lAny more to talk about re: MUG foo?02:33
rick_h__well just need to cooridnate the dollars there02:33
greg-gsnap-l: question for you/board: just bring the check the day of?02:33
snap-lYeah, that sould be fine02:33
greg-gok, cool02:33
snap-lThere's no worries about getting paid.02:33
rick_h__anything else they need from us?02:33
greg-gyou know how to get me :)02:33
snap-lwe know greg-g is good for it02:33
rick_h__I'm sure they want some committed stuff to pub before hand02:34
snap-land we'll lay the smack down if not. ;)02:34
snap-lMost definitely02:34
snap-lThe sooner the better. :)02:34
greg-gI'd like to write up a little one pager with the list of names from the people who donated to give with the check, just for ceremonial sake :)02:34
snap-lesp before 5/3102:34
brouschget one of those giant checks02:35
greg-gbrousch: yeah, definitely!02:35
greg-goh ed mcmahon02:36
rick_h__has widox done anything lately? maybe we'll rope him in during a CHC meeting02:36
rick_h__love irc'ing when people are afk02:36
greg-gneed to get him up here02:36
rick_h__we're coming widox, watch out...02:36
snap-lAnything else, or should we put a bow on it, and call it a day?02:37
greg-ga day02:38
snap-lAlso, Michael Arrington is an ass02:38
rick_h__lol, what did he do now?02:38
snap-lAlso, Facebook comments are bullshit02:39
snap-lOK, I think we're done then. ;)02:40
snap-lThanks everyone!02:40
greg-gthank you for getting it started without me!02:40
jjessewe have a meeting?02:40
snap-lHope to see each and every one of you special snowflakes at MUG on Tuesday02:40
rick_h__bookie demo woot02:41
snap-lLooking forward to taht.02:42
brouschucast it02:46
jordon_Does anyone have a good irc client suggestion?03:03
jordon_I'm not a fan of konversation03:06
brouschrunning kde?03:07
jjessequassel is the default03:11
* widox hides under desk03:41
widoxrick_h__:  --^03:42
brouschrick_h__: did you see this article? http://sontek.net/turning-vim-into-a-modern-python-ide13:17
brouschvery thorough13:18
rick_h__brousch: yea, saw it and have it open13:20
rick_h__haven't had a chance ot read it yet, home with sick boy13:20
brouschug, good luck13:20
rick_h__heh, no problem, just another round of pink eye13:27
brouschluckily we haven't encountered that one13:27
brouschcross-platform mobile dev is full of fail13:28
brouschi'm afraid i will have to re-learn java if i want to work on my android apps13:29
rick_h__it's not that bad13:33
rick_h__very contageous, but we get it regularly it seems13:33
rick_h__as for mobile, web or fail13:33
rick_h__going to have a jquery mobile version of bookie coming next13:33
brouschi need the camera and i need to mess with maps13:33
rick_h__well maps is ok with geo location13:35
rick_h__but yea, camera I'm not sure on13:35
rick_h__google is working on it, but it's not there yet13:35
brouschi need to actually add elements to the maps and move them around13:36
brouschwell, i need the user to do that13:36
greg-gbrousch: what is this for? work or pleasure?13:49
brouschgreg-g: at least they were pleasure until i realized i will have to use java ;)13:58
snap-lGoogle just needs to implment Objective C on the JVM. ;)14:00
snap-lThen you can have developer bliss14:00
brouschi need a pyjamas-like thing that generates java (not bytecode) from python14:01
rick_h__brousch: have you checked out phonegap and such?14:01
brouschthey seem very hacky14:02
snap-lThey keep saying that platform fragmentation is scaring away Android developers, but I think the real reason is nobody wants to do more than one project in  Java14:02
brouschi can't get titanium to sync its example project to the emulator14:02
brouschand phonegap seems really light on documentation14:02
brouschmaybe i'm wrong about phonegap. i just found another big chunk of docs14:03
rick_h__brousch: yea, I'm not sure to be honest. It's one of those things to check out when I get a chance14:04
rick_h__ColonelPanic001: was checking out osmething that was ruby based I think14:04
rick_h__rather do ruby than java14:04
rick_h__ColonelPanic001: what was the mobile thing?14:06
wolfgersnap-l: devs are being scared away? Or is it just that they realize the world doesn't need another flashlight app?14:06
brouschi don't think i gave phonegap a fair shake14:06
snap-lwolfger: The world always needs flashlight apps14:06
ColonelPanic001personally, I often kind of hate rhomobile. Seems like some very basic things (like setting a cookie in a webview in iPhone) don't work, get filed as a bug, and I have  yet to hear back14:06
snap-lespecially ones that make sure your phone is charged before turning it on14:06
ColonelPanic001ymmv, etc14:06
rick_h__brousch: yea, I've heard a lot of good things on phonegap14:06
snap-lafter all, in every horror movie, the first thing to die is the flashlight. ;)14:07
rick_h__but anything non-native will have it's complications14:07
rick_h__which is why I keep thinking one day I'll end up getting that Java book14:07
rick_h__just trying to avoid iOS and C14:07
brouschright. i really need an iphone+android version of these apps i'm making, and i'd rather not learn objective-c14:08
brouschlooking at phonegap again, i think it might work. html+javascript is worth some pain if i can avoid java14:10
brouschalso it would be just plain weird to use python at work and java at home14:11
snap-lBut it wouldn't be weird to use java at work and python at home. ;)14:14
brouschwhoa, it worked. i have a map centered on my location14:48
brouschi think i am supposed to use the usual javascript google maps api, so there should be a lot of help for me going forward14:59
wolfgerjjesse sent me spam? (no, not really)15:06
wolfgergot spam from "Jessie J" and looked at it on the off chance it was legit, since the name sounded familiar15:06
jjessenope not me at all15:09
wolfgercreeps me out how some spam e-mails manage to use names that are not *quite* names of people I know, but very close15:10
jjessei've been getting a lot of email in my gmail account from people who either write down the wrong email address when applying for something or the person entering the data types it wrong15:12
jjessestuff such as dental appointments, car buying information and even alumni funds15:13
wolfgerI get e-mails from German speaking people trying to communicate with some other Wolfger 2-3 times a year15:17
snap-lwolfger: Thing is, if jjesse was sending you a mail, he'd begin it "Fellow Komrade"15:18
snap-lThat's how you know. ;)15:18
wolfgersnap-l: wtf? Lightning talks on 5/10?15:19
wolfgerThat's a Wings playoff game night :-p15:19
snap-lSorry, I know that hockey will still be played until September15:19
snap-lAt which point we _might_ know who won the Stanley Cup15:20
wolfgerI'm pretty sure we'll know definitively before July15:20
wolfgeryou should have the decency to postpone the meeting until 5/1115:20
snap-lwolfger: If gib shows up, you'll be able to watch the meeting over his conferencing system15:21
wolfgeroh, right... (computer geeks) == !(sports fans)15:21
snap-lAssuming that the network works, the camera isn't pointed up someone's nose, and there aren't solar flares.15:21
wolfgerI'm not going to make all 3 of those assumptions15:22
wolfgerwell I plan to watch the video conference, and derive some value from it, just to prove snap-l wrong. :-D15:23
snap-lPlease do. I want this to work15:23
wolfgerbut I will probably see the inside of somebody's nose instead15:24
brouschbah, tivo the game and watch it later15:30
wolfgerare you insane???15:30
brouschif you're lucky you'll hear the score before you watch and can save yourself 2 or 3 hours15:30
jjessewatch the game in fast forward15:30
wolfgerexactly why that's not acceptable15:30
wolfgerI don't want to save myself 2 or 3 hours15:31
wolfgerI do tend to dvr the game and start watching a half hour late so I can FF through commercials and intermission15:31
_stink_that is the best strategy for sure15:32
wolfgerjjesse: watching in FF is what I do when the game sucks (i.e. most Lions games prior to last season)15:32
jjessei watch tiger games like that as well15:32
wolfgerbaseball *must* be watched in fast forward, just so you can see the action15:32
_stink_the thing about watching in FF is that you can catch all the 'important' stuff, but you don't get any feel for how the game is.15:33
wolfgerotherwise you get 10 minutes of the pitcher looking over his shoulder at the runner on first base15:33
_stink_like who is playing well, poorly, which team is better15:33
wolfger_stink_: That's why I save it for games where I already know my team is sucking... and baseball...15:33
wolfgerscratch that. i don't actually watch baseball15:34
_stink_i would love to watch baseball, but that is the lowest priority among all the sports, so i never get to it.15:34
wolfgeroh, I give basketball the basement priority15:35
wolfgerI would rather even watch nascar15:35
brouschall sports are a waste of time15:35
wolfgerwhich is sad15:35
brouschwatching them15:35
_stink_hmm, i had forgotten about basketball.15:36
_stink_and nascar is not a sport.15:36
_stink_i guess for me it's soccer -> hockey -> other awesome stuff like rugby/aussie rules -> football -> baseball.15:37
_stink_but i can't even watch all the soccer that's on, so really it's soccer and red wings.15:37
wolfgerMy watching priority is: Lions (when they don't suck), Red Wings, Lions when they suck, poker (not really a sport, but it's on the sports channels), soccer, everything else that I never watch intentionally but will if somebody else is.15:38
_stink_so you're a Lions fan? :)15:39
wolfgerDepends on the year :-)15:39
wolfgersome years, I watch Lions games just to root for the other team15:39
wolfgerbut last year I was a fan, and this year I plan to be as well15:39
ColonelPanic001I've seen a grand total of maybe an hour of football. It was a fascinating display of walking around.15:40
wolfgerColonelPanic001: you watched golf and thought it was football? ;-)15:40
ColonelPanic001Golf at least doesn't pretend it's much more than walking around.15:40
wolfgergolf... the only thing more boring than basketball15:40
_stink_i would take watching golf over pro basketball.15:41
_stink_golf is great background TV for a Sunday.15:41
ColonelPanic001background TV == radio15:41
wolfgerfootball became a lot more interesting to me once I started looking at it from a combat perspective. Formations of people out to hurt each other whilst pursuing an objective.15:42
ColonelPanic001yeah, might be fun to play, but boring as hell to watch.15:42
_stink_i would love to know more about blocking schemes, yeah15:42
_stink_but i am just a nerd15:42
wolfger_stink_: that is so FTW. Aside from the price.15:54
brouschi like to bowl and golf, but i can't stand to watch either on tv16:00
snap-lI'll believe it when I see it (re: the C64 PC case)16:08
snap-lSeems whatever entity calls itself commodore has a real problem with delivering anything16:10
tjagodaSays its supposed to ship in june16:12
tjagodayou dont have long to wait16:12
snap-lThey were also planning on resurrecting the AMIGA16:13
snap-land that pretty much died16:13
snap-lOh, I love conference calls where something is found defective, and someone wonders why testing didn't find this16:15
snap-l"the barn door is open, and the horse is gone. How did this happen?"16:15
wolfgeryeah, that's always great16:16
wolfger"The good news is, your hindsight is perfect. The bad news is, your foresight needs a stronger prescription."16:17
snap-lAnd I suspect that the testing is done to make it easy for humans to do testing16:17
snap-lwhich is why I'm very much for automated testing16:17
snap-lcomputers don't look for shortcuts.16:17
wolfgernow if only we could get  a computer to *write* the automated tests....16:19
wolfgerAlas... until Skynet goes fully operational, there will always be a human element to contribute to failure.16:20
snap-lThis makes me happy17:01
greg-gsnap-l: awesome!17:02
rick_h__wheee, the review I've been waiting for17:34
rick_h__so, do I go for soul crushing peer review?17:34
rick_h__light peer review17:34
rick_h__or just flat out due/evil?17:35
binbrainI can't wait till peer review time here. The new guy likes to use slots for everything17:44
rick_h__no one at my work knows what slots are17:44
binbrainthat's good for the most part17:44
binbrainvery few use cases for them17:45
rick_h__I don't know, if you know what slots are you've at least looked at nametuples and probably know a little about performance tuning17:45
wolfgerpeer review?17:46
rick_h__ok, that reads mean, but there's no way to get around it.17:46
* rick_h__ clicks submit17:46
wolfgerhow does that work?17:46
wolfgerI am without peer... :-D17:46
rick_h__heh, your boss asks 5 people to fill out an online review of your work17:46
rick_h__then combines it all and lets you know how you pissed off everyone during the year17:46
wolfgeryeah, it's way too easy for that to become a popularity contest17:47
binbrainand the person that receives the most criticism is immediately killed17:47
* rick_h__ goes back to edit more bad stuff into his review17:47
rick_h__I didn't know that part17:47
wolfger"I don't like this guy" and/or "I feel threatened by how much smarter he is" turns into "bad review"17:48
rick_h__well bosses job to read between the lines17:48
binbrainrick_h_, eXtreme peer review17:48
rick_h__end of the day you sit down with your boss, go over your goals for the year, set new ones, maybe ask about a raise17:48
rick_h__yea, fun stuff ...ugh17:48
wolfgerI'd like a job with performance reviews and raises. I almost remember what they were like.17:49
rick_h__heh, it's my first17:49
rick_h__but already hating it17:49
wolfgerand it's always nice to know everybody else thinks I'm more talented than I am17:49
rick_h__since you get asked to do reviews for people you barely work with17:49
binbraingoals... here goals are basically I'll assign you a ticket and you fix it. I remember goals at my other job "Ensure streamlined process flow for business success at an enterprise level"17:49
rick_h__and the whole 'how honest, cagey, or flat out lying' do you do17:50
rick_h__well, I had goals to prepare and preset 'classes' for the staf17:50
wolfgeroh, I meant regular reviews, not peer reviews. That sounds crappy17:50
rick_h__that ended up being complete waste of time since they don't use the crap anyway17:50
snap-lShoot me now17:51
* rick_h__ loads up17:51
snap-lUser posted Java code that is escaped XML code with string concatenation17:52
rick_h__snap-l: so the request for your new machine with eclipse pre-installed go through?17:52
rick_h__how nice that he escaped it for you17:52
snap-lYeah, I'm happy.17:52
snap-lShe, I believe17:52
* wolfger simultaneously laughs at the described Java code and hides some of his old Perl code that was the same way....17:56
snap-lThis is also someone who was asking when they can move their code to production last week17:56
snap-lwolfger: Perl is different17:56
wolfgerbecause people expect it to look like garbage?17:57
snap-lI'd expect someone to piece together an XML response like this in Perl17:58
snap-lbut when Java has a built-in-library for this express purpose, I'd expect people to use it17:58
snap-lI mean, if there's a reason, I'm all for hearing it18:05
snap-lbut this is just ridiculous18:05
wolfgerperson is a perl coder using Java for reasons beyond their control?18:05
snap-lThat can be fixed with education18:06
wolfgerI mean, there's perl modules to handle XML and HTML in refined ways... but for the single-purpose scripts I was writing, learning to use those tools seemed kind of like a waste of time. :-p18:07
snap-lwolfger: It also depends on the level of control, yes.18:07
snap-lif you need to carefully craft a stanza, I get that18:07
snap-lbut then again, that's a reason. ;)18:07
rick_h__http://www.webkit.org/blog/1620/webkit-remote-debugging/ and the web always wins, hell yea18:09
snap-lI have to say, webkit keeps impressing me18:10
PainBankyo, anyone have suggestions for an IT Help Desk ticket system?18:22
PainBankrick_h__: saw your post about the Review Board.  we are starting to use it at my work.. any suggestions?18:25
greg-gI dislike Footprints (windows server only, I believe)18:25
jjessei used request tracker a long time ago18:26
jjessealmost 5 years ago18:26
rick_h__PainBank: we just went with redmine, but that's more for software side vs help desk18:26
rick_h__PainBank: and jealous with your reviewboard install18:27
rick_h__I'm dreaming of getting it in use at work18:27
PainBankrick_h__: ya we have redmine going to, but I was looking for something a bit more non-software friendly.18:28
rick_h__yea, that's what I figured. I don't have a good one for you18:29
rick_h__there's a bunch of paid ones that are supposed to be nice, but we'd never fork over the $$18:29
PainBankrick_h__: don't worry, the manager desires certain features, which are not there.... thinking...18:29
PainBankrick_h__: I know someone that we could pay to implement these for us... :D18:29
PainBankya, the code review software is mucho $$ that is out there right now.18:30
PainBankfound this link for help desk: http://www.opensourcehelpdesklist.com/18:30
PainBanklooks like a lot fit the bill, butjust figuring out which one is nice...18:31
PainBankmeh, could just go with it. :018:31
rick_h__http://www.zendesk.com/ is supposed to be ok18:32
rick_h__I've not used a single oss package that would make good end user support except maybe RT if you can keep it to email18:33
snap-lSo the reason that they're concatenating XML is because they ran into a problem with the JAX-WS libraries under Weblogic18:46
snap-lwhich would lead me to think that maybe the problem is with weblogic. :)18:46
snap-lbut hey, what would I know.18:47
brouschandroid dev is pretty fun with phonegap19:12
* ColonelPanic001 says, as he gets pissed off at RhoMobile19:13
snap-lNo development should be fun19:13
ColonelPanic001Don't rub it in.19:13
snap-lIt's all sadness and tears19:13
ColonelPanic001it is.19:13
brouschColonelPanic001: html and javascript19:14
brouschand i kind of like eclipse, so even that doesn't bother me19:15
wolfgerbrousch: html and javascript written entirely in notepad19:15
ColonelPanic001yeah, RhoMobile is all Ruby/HTML/Javascript19:16
ColonelPanic001when it works19:16
brouschwolfger: eh?19:16
brouschyou can use whatever editor you want to19:16
wolfgerno, for maximum "sadness and tears" it needs to be Notepad.19:17
wolfgerOr actually Wordpad. That's worse.19:17
PainBanknow you tell me19:17
snap-ledit.exe. ;)19:19
snap-lThat's a real programmer's editor19:20
PainBankhaha, nice19:20
wolfgerok, let's bring it back to the realm of Linux.... you must code in red19:26
snap-lThe coder in red.... is compiling for me19:28
wolfgerbyte to byte19:28
snap-lwolfger: You get a gold star for catching that reference. :)19:29
wolfgerthere's no errros here.... it's just running right19:30
wolfgergah.  s/errros/errors/19:30
wolfgernow isn't that ironic. Don'tcha think?19:31
wolfgerIt's like Pai-ai-ain, in your Baa-aa-ank19:34
binbrainthe following error appears 100+ times in a systems dmesg.... "Err;Fc.ToDs". Someone needs a medal for ultimate error message19:47
_stink_we can guess, right?19:48
_stink_Error; Feral cat. Teeth of Destructions19:49
binbrainthat was my 2nd guess19:50
wolfgerbinbrain: http://linux.sourcearchive.com/documentation/2.6.28-9.31/cmm__data__2870_8c-source.html19:56
wolfgerthough I like _stink_'s explantion better19:56
wolfger // Drop ToDs promiscous frame, it is opened due to CCX 2 channel load statistics19:57
binbrainwolfger: I was hoping that wasn't the device messing up20:05
binbrainerr, driver likely20:06
wolfgergreat thing about FOSS... got an obscure error message? Google it and fight the code that generated it. :-)20:07
wolfgers/fight/find/  geez... time for me to go home20:08
wolfgerwell, you can fight the code that generated it, too... submit a patch for a more meaningful error message. :-p20:09
binbrainwolfger: that was so a Freudian slip20:09
snap-lI'mm be very happy when iOS has OTA updating20:14
snap-lAnyone know of a good source of 3GP video?20:57
snap-lChecked archive.org, but came up a bit short20:58
snap-ln/m, found some21:06
snap-lAlso learned some things that can't be unlearned. Thanks, archive.org!21:07
rick_h__and Mark makes sure I don't install ubuntu this week21:21
rick_h__thanks Mark, appreciate it21:21
jjesselet see some real numbers on how many users of ubuntu are and then we can set some goals ;)21:22
snap-lYeah, I love how veryone glommed on to the Unity part of the equation21:36
snap-l"Well, if you want 200M users, you need to start by stroking my ego of what a desktop should be"21:36
rick_h__I'm just cranky at the whole "we're not trying to win over developers" crap21:37
rick_h__every OS out there knows they need and caters to developers21:37
snap-lDevelopers are a fickle breed21:37
rick_h__and here you've got canonical going "psh, we'll test/dev/do it our selves"21:37
snap-lusers are an easier target21:37
snap-lDevelopers do what they're told. ;)21:38
snap-lI <3 proving folks wrong.21:57
snap-lGot a note that our product doesn't support certain attachmens21:57
snap-lAnd I've created a bundle that has proven that this is not true21:58

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