bluebomber_usfDoes anyone have tonight's agenda, yet?00:02
munzbluebomber_usf: http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/team/75/detail/00:19
bluebomber_usfThanks. I was looking in the wrong place.00:20
munzno prob00:21
munzhey did you hear of this yet http://www.hackersbay.in/2011/05/skype-exploit-gives-attackers-root.html00:21
munzskype 4 mac had bad hole00:22
* munz sinisterly snickers00:24
cjohnstonbluebomber_usf: the wiki header needs to be updated to link to tonights if your interested ;-)00:27
bluebomber_usfWow, munz00:28
munzyea, i was like wow!00:42
bluebomber_usfcjohnston, nah, it's already pointing away from the wiki. Are we moving00:57
=== itnet7 changed the topic of #ubuntu-us-fl to: || Our Next Team Meeting: Tuesday, May 24th, 9:00 pm EST || Please add agenda items to our LoCo Directory Meeting Page located here: http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/team/75/detail/|| http://www.ubuntu-fl.org
itnet7sorry 'bout that!01:20
itnet7cjohnston: are you planning to attend SELF?01:21
cjohnstonitnet7: are you?01:21
itnet7I was thinking about it... I would really like to01:21
cjohnstonI'd like to.. but $$ is my issue01:22
itnet7pak33m and I were talking about going again01:22
itnet7Let's see what he says... it will be here before we know it01:22
cjohnstonI know01:24
cjohnstonTrying to get the day off now01:27
bluebomber_usf...moving away from the wiki?01:32
bluebomber_usfSorry. Apparently xchat sends your message if you leave it in the input box long enough. lol01:32
bluebomber_usfI think I'm going to SELF.01:32
cjohnstonbluebomber_usf: much to my disagreement, not that I know of01:33
bluebomber_usfSo hungry.... Will there be food at tonight's IRC meeting?01:36
cjohnstonyour providing01:38
munzplease pass the chips to munz please01:40
itnet7chaynie: ping01:51
itnet7bluebomber_usf: cool RE: SELF01:52
itnet7bluebomber_usf: we are beginning to rely more on the LoCo Directory for events and meetings. Such great work has been put into it, and there are some really great plans for the future features01:54
Mootbot-UKMeeting started at 01:00. The chair is itnet7.02:00
Mootbot-UKCommands Available: [TOPIC], [PROGRESS REPORT], [IDEA], [ACTION], [AGREED], [LINK], [VOTE]02:00
itnet7Okay, Guess we'll get started... Hopefully chaynie will be along shortly :-)02:00
itnet7[link] http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/team/75/detail/02:00
Mootbot-UKLINK received:  http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/team/75/detail/ 02:00
itnet7tonights agenda02:01
itnet7cjohnston: are you ready for the first topic?02:01
itnet7Show of hands?02:02
itnet7bluebomber_usf chaynie cjohnston danstoner erictee himuraken jimmah maxolasersquad mhall119 munz zoopster 02:03
itnet7hey there himuraken !02:03
zoopstergeez...brb my friend is being empathetic atm02:04
ericteeHi All02:04
itnet7Hey there erictee !02:04
itnet7Let's just give everyone a couple of minutes.... we have changed the meeting time to 9 pm hopefully that will work out better for most folks02:05
himurakenWow I just randomly connected and it happens to be Right on time02:05
itnet7himuraken: sweet!02:06
himurakenVia honeycomb nonetheless :-) 02:06
itnet7have you tried the "hacker" keyboard? it gives you arrows for connectbot02:06
itnet7among other really cool things02:06
himurakenFree on market?02:07
itnet7Ah, There's chaynie !02:07
itnet7himuraken: yes!02:07
chaynie_Ah HA!02:07
* chaynie_ does dramatic pose.02:07
cjohnstonitnet7: I'm ready02:07
itnet7let me put up the topic02:07
itnet7[TOPIC] UbuCon @ Self Speakers - Chris Johnston @ Tue, 24 May 2011 22:01 UTC02:07
Mootbot-UKNew Topic:  UbuCon @ Self Speakers - Chris Johnston @ Tue, 24 May 2011 22:01 UTC 02:07
cjohnstonLD is beautiful02:07
itnet7It is!02:07
cjohnstonSo.. GTswagger needs speakers at UbunCon.. If you will be attending SELF or want to attend SELF, and can speak about something related to *buntu on Friday 6/10 or Sunday 6/12, let GTswagger know.02:08
chaynie_mootbot/locodirectory integration would be an awesome project for someone.02:09
itnet7It surely would be, and I believe it's somewhat in the works chaynie !02:09
cjohnstonits a wishlist that needs devs.02:09
itnet7Is anyone seriously planning to go to SELF?02:09
* cjohnston looks at chaynie_ 02:09
chaynie_*cough* summer of code *cough*02:09
itnet7I am...02:09
itnet7i think02:09
bluebomber_usfI'm seriously planning to go to SELF. I'm comparing airline prices.02:10
itnet7bluebomber_usf: that's a good idea, though we'll probably drive again02:10
bluebomber_usfOh, even better!02:10
himurakenBattery is done sorry all.02:11
itnet7too bad danstoner isn't around, i would like to know if he was planning to go02:11
itnet7next topic?02:11
itnet7[TOPIC] UDS Breakdown - Cary Haynie @ Mon, 02 May 2011 16:42 UTC02:11
Mootbot-UKNew Topic:  UDS Breakdown - Cary Haynie @ Mon, 02 May 2011 16:42 UTC 02:11
cjohnstonbreak it down02:11
zoopsterwhere is SELF again?02:12
itnet7zoopster: Spartanburg, sC02:12
chaynie_OK, since I didn't actually go to UDS, can someone who actually went talk about it a little?02:12
* chaynie_ looks at cjohnston02:13
itnet7cjohnston: you want to?02:13
cjohnstonI'm still disgruntled02:13
itnet7200 million users in 4 years!!!!02:13
cjohnstontoo many work items02:13
itnet7cjohnston: definitely02:13
chaynie_cjohnston: Do you think they over commited this release?02:14
itnet7chaynie_: I'm not quite sure what you have heard and haven't02:14
itnet7This is going to be refinement cycle, staying away from major inclusions02:14
chaynie_I've been out of it for the last two weeks. On purpose.02:14
itnet7and fixing/fine tuning things02:14
cjohnstonchaynie_: they overcommitted a few web devs02:14
cjohnstonwe have a core team of 3 with an extended team of 6... and have ALOT of work02:15
cjohnstondjango dev anyone?02:15
* chaynie_ raises his hand.02:15
itnet7I'm learning python finally, and should be able to help soon02:15
chaynie_But I'm already stretched pretty thin. 02:15
chaynie_I'll see what I can do though.02:15
cjohnstonand one of our core devs is now much less available02:15
bluebomber_usfI know python. <.<02:16
cjohnstonchaynie_: /j #ubuntu-website  - tell nigelb_ to show you how to fix the stuff he broke02:16
itnet7cjohnston: lol02:16
itnet7bluebomber_usf: sweet!02:16
cjohnstonbluebomber_usf: if your interested in learning django, we can always use help02:16
chaynie_cjohnston: I'm copy/pasting that line into that channel.02:16
jimmahitnet7: be right there :)02:16
itnet7cool jimmah !02:17
cjohnstonhe is in here, so he will see the ping02:17
cjohnstonbut thats fine02:17
cjohnstonchaynie_: testing was done on summit production during uds ;-)02:17
chaynie_cjohnston: Ewwwwww.02:17
* chaynie_ feels dirty all of a sudden.02:17
itnet7chaynie_: There is going to be a focus on quality, Canonical is going to be posting a bunch of QA positions02:18
zoopsteryes...large change in QA this cycle02:18
bluebomber_usfCool. Hey, zoopster!02:18
chaynie_itnet7: Isn't it a little late in the cycle to start hiring people?02:19
itnet7hey there russ_ !02:19
itnet7chaynie_: they are gearing up for the LTS02:19
chaynie_you're looking at a 1/2 month spin02:19
cjohnstonchaynie_: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/2494160/y7Hm9.jpg02:19
zoopsternot for qa02:19
itnet7cjohnston: you kill me02:19
chaynie_cjohnston: That's how we pros do it. ;02:19
cjohnstonwhat did i do now itnet7 02:19
chaynie_crap, can't type today. =(02:20
itnet7I love that .jpg02:20
cjohnstonI need a drink02:20
cjohnstontoo bad im at work02:20
itnet7you can have water02:20
chaynie_cjohnston: What station?02:20
cjohnstonby disney02:20
cjohnstonon 53502:20
itnet7So, trying to think of other important things with UDS, There is going to be a huge developer outreach02:21
chaynie_sorry dude. if it was one of the 3 or so close by, I'd drop some by.02:21
bluebomber_usfWe still on topic?02:21
* bluebomber_usf scrolls up for topic02:21
chaynie_bluebomber_usf: topics are relative.02:21
cjohnstonyes.. uds >  coding... coding > drinking.. its all the same02:21
bluebomber_usfI really wasn't sure. And your notice just dropped my scroll bar back to the bottom of the window. lol02:21
chaynie_ergo, uds > drinking.02:21
chaynie_ah, I love math.02:21
itnet7okay well here's a topic for chaynie_ to discuss02:21
cjohnston200 million users and qa was most of wat I had a chance to gather from uds itnet7 02:22
itnet7[TOPIC] Discuss Summer Jams - Cary Haynie @ Mon, 02 May 2011 17:43 UTC02:22
Mootbot-UKNew Topic:  Discuss Summer Jams - Cary Haynie @ Mon, 02 May 2011 17:43 UTC 02:22
itnet7ditto cjohnston !02:22
cjohnstonchaynie_ is going to teach me django and python?02:22
bluebomber_usfSummer Jams. Cool.02:22
chaynie_Ok, so no really new features planned then?02:22
bluebomber_usfI saw USF listed as a prospective site.02:22
chaynie_cjohnston: I can teach anyone python.02:22
bluebomber_usfWe definitely can do that.02:22
cjohnstonchaynie_: not really.. refinement02:22
itnet7cjohnston: check out learn python the hardway... you cand download it for free02:23
chaynie_except rabbits, they refuse to listen. :(02:23
cjohnstona couple things with server and openstack02:23
itnet7it has opened my eyes :-)02:23
cjohnstonitnet7: I refer back to my .jpg02:23
chaynie_zed shaw's book is quite good.02:23
cjohnstonthats how im learning python02:23
itnet7It surely is02:23
cjohnstonpak33m: !!!!02:23
cjohnstonROAD TRIP!02:23
itnet7yeah!!! pak33m 02:23
chaynie_we can do some zen of python stuff over the summer if you want.02:23
bluebomber_usfAre these Summer Jams for learning?02:23
bluebomber_usfYeah, pak33m!02:23
cjohnstonbluebomber_usf: whatever you want them to be02:24
* bluebomber_usf joins in peer pressure02:24
chaynie_pak33m: wut wut!02:24
* chaynie_ raises some sort of roof.02:24
pak33mthank for the luv all02:24
itnet7bluebomber_usf: Yes, we just need to come up with some ideas of what people would like to do 02:24
cjohnstondont drop it too hard.. i dont want to have to work chaynie_ 02:24
chaynie_cjohnston: noted.02:24
munzchaynie_: that sounds cool, i would loveto learn python :)02:24
cjohnstonHacking jams on community-web-projects02:24
itnet7Packaging Jams, Bug Jams, etc.02:24
itnet7cjohnston: definitely!02:25
chaynie_Django Djams!02:25
* bluebomber_usf shakes head02:25
cjohnstonI volunteer mhall119 to lead those02:25
bluebomber_usfTampa's an option.02:25
cjohnstonlakeland or orlando02:25
bluebomber_usfAnd I can help with Python events, but I don't know Django.02:25
cjohnstontampas forever away02:25
itnet7cjohnston: good show lad... especially when he's not here to say No!02:25
chaynie_cjohnston: It's an hour and a half.02:25
chaynie_less, if I kick in the turbo.02:25
cjohnstonchaynie_: you made my point02:26
bluebomber_usfYeah, Lakeland's 45 minutes from us here. I don't know where everyone is, though.02:26
chaynie_cjohnston: I'll drive if you get the day off.02:26
itnet7chaynie_: were you planning on having something monthly, or just trying to get a feel for who would be interested?02:26
pak33mme me02:27
itnet7Me too of course!02:27
chaynie_itnet7: I think I want to gauge interest, and potentially set a date for a intro jam.02:27
chaynie_as well as a topic for said jam.02:27
itnet7chaynie_:  sweet!02:27
mhall119cjohnston: what are you volunteering me for?02:27
chaynie_itnet7: poll?02:27
cjohnstonnothing ;-)02:27
itnet7chaynie_: sure02:27
chaynie_mhall119: You're donating your kidneys to poor children. You generous soul.02:28
itnet7we can put it up on ubuntu-fl.org and send it out to the list02:28
chaynie_bluebomber_usf: What sort of facilites are available in tampa?02:28
chaynie_I think Orlando has few good venues that will hold us all at this point.02:29
itnet7chaynie_: maybe as a central place for most we can do it at USF - Lakeland Campus potentially02:29
itnet7at least once or twice02:29
chaynie_itnet7: That's an idea.02:29
bluebomber_usfWe have conference rooms, computer labs, two campus-wide wifi networks, one open, the other secured, and a Beef O Brady's.02:29
bluebomber_usfI have never been to the Lakeland campus.02:29
munzlakeland is slightly better for me coming from daytona02:30
chaynie_bluebomber_usf: How much of that would be able to get access to?02:30
bluebomber_usfWe have lots of stuff here on campus; did you want to know more about Tampa or USF?02:30
itnet7Okay, so we'll get the poll up, let's talk particulars after the meeting if you have time chaynie_ !02:31
chaynie_itnet7: Done!02:31
itnet7Last topic02:31
itnet7[TOPIC] Party with jamalta - Cary Haynie @ Mon, 02 May 2011 20:52 UTC02:31
Mootbot-UKNew Topic:  Party with jamalta - Cary Haynie @ Mon, 02 May 2011 20:52 UTC 02:31
bluebomber_usfGood question. I'm sure of access to all that except the computer labs. I'm not sure about our policy to reserve them.02:31
chaynie_This one has a hard dependency on jamalta being present.02:31
bluebomber_usfPlus parking will be an issue for any USF campus, including Lakeland.02:31
chaynie_bluebomber_usf: We travel in packs, fret not. :)02:32
bluebomber_usfchaynie: Do you walk in single file to hide your numbers?02:32
itnet7chaynie_: any inklings of when and for how long he'll be here?02:32
itnet7bluebomber_usf: sometimes02:32
chaynie_bluebomber_usf: astride, to increase them.02:32
chaynie_itnet7: nah, We were gonna wait until the meeting to dicuss it so no one missed out on the info.02:33
chaynie_Only you can guess the irony now. ;)02:33
chaynie_I've got to talk to him about a job here though, so I'll get the info and disseminate it via itnet7.02:34
itnet7Well if no one has anything else...02:35
chaynie_And now that I've got irc back on my work pc, I'll be around more.02:35
itnet7+1 chaynie_ !02:35
chaynie_because this beats 133k lines of flash code EVERY TIME.02:36
itnet7[TOPIC] Open Discussion, Anyone have something they'd like to talk about?02:36
Mootbot-UKNew Topic:  Open Discussion, Anyone have something they'd like to talk about? 02:36
zoopsterso what was the outcome of the party on 2 May?02:37
zoopsterya lost me on that one02:37
itnet7zoopster: ?02:37
itnet7Oh, those were the dates that the topics were put up02:37
itnet7I believe02:38
bluebomber_usfI wanted to tell everyone about the great talk that zoopster gave here at USF recently.02:38
itnet7bluebomber_usf: ?02:38
bluebomber_usfYeah, yeah ^02:38
itnet7go ahead!02:38
bluebomber_usfLast Friday zoopster gave a great presentation on Ubuntu and Canonical at an IEEE-CS meeting we had. We packed out the room at 3p.m. on a Friday afternoon.02:38
itnet7great news!!02:39
zoopsterI kept the pizza hot.02:39
bluebomber_usfThe event gathered a lot of interest and students (and staff) came with some great questions. Thanks go to zoopster!02:39
itnet7\o/ good job zoopster !02:39
chaynie_zoopster: Which talk was it? Was the hamster one?02:39
bluebomber_usfYeah, it's a good sign when we have nothing leftover but napkins. My labmates got mad (usually we have leftover food), but whatever.02:40
itnet7I do want to learn more about the hams02:40
chaynie_itnet7: http://projecthamster.wordpress.com/about/02:40
itnet7bluebomber_usf: We never have any food leftover at events, (last UDS Pizza party comes to mind)02:40
bluebomber_usfI don't remember mention of a hamster.02:40
itnet7cool chaynie_ I thought you were referring to ham radio ops02:41
zoopsterchaynie_: shhh.02:41
zoopsterthat's MY super secret project02:41
chaynie_zoopster: Sorry, I keep ruining your gigs.02:41
zoopsterI have one thing itnet702:41
itnet7go for it02:42
zoopsternot ubuntu related, but we had another successful balloon launch...got some cool vids of the shuttle taking off from about 60k ft.02:42
itnet7any links for everyone?02:42
zoopsterdidn't do much telemetry this time around...but maybe I can work with the USF guys and do that02:42
Mootbot-UKLINK received:  http://questforstars.com 02:42
itnet7doh!, I guess I could have remembered that :-)02:43
zoopsterlast launch is set for 8 July right now...get out and see it....you won't see another.02:43
bluebomber_usfzoopster, one of the guys up front who knew what ham radio was has changed his profile pic on Facebook to match mine (the Natty logo).02:43
bluebomber_usfWhere's the launch?02:43
chaynie_zoopster: Are you still interested in that chat about gaming on ubuntu?02:44
* bluebomber_usf looks up questforstars02:44
zoopsterchaynie_ yes I am02:44
itnet7bluebomber_usf: sweet!02:44
zoopsterbluebomber_usf: was talking about last space shuttle launch02:44
chaynie_zoopster: How would you like to proceed then? I've got a couple people who might interested, but I'll need some lead time to corral them all together.02:44
zoopsterset it up...I'll come to you02:45
itnet7Well, everyone is welcome to stick around and chat, but I'm going to issue the endmeeting for mootbot02:45
bluebomber_usfAhhh. Nice pics on the site, though.02:45
zoopsterthanks itnet702:45
Mootbot-UKMeeting finished at 01:45.02:45
chaynie_zoopster: Which days work best for you?02:45
zoopsterchaynie_: where at? Orlando/Winter Haven?02:45
munzitnet7: qa positions? when are they to be posted?02:46
chaynie_zoopster: Orlando definitely. Probably either maitland / winter park or the ucf area.02:46
zoopsterchaynie_: any morning works for me02:46
chaynie_zoopster: would a lunch thing work then?02:46
zoopsterI'm at E3 Expo 6-8 June02:46
zoopsterchaynie_: yea...I can do lunch02:46
itnet7munz: they just added about 8 jobs since last friday02:46
chaynie_zoopster: lucky b@$tard.02:46
itnet7let me get you the rss link02:47
bluebomber_usfWhen will we know more about the travel plans to SELF?02:47
chaynie_zoopster: ok. one last thing.02:47
munzk, thanx02:47
zoopstermunz: http://www.canonical.com/about-canonical/careers02:47
chaynie_would canonical consider sponsering some game development?02:47
chaynie_sponsoring, even?02:48
itnet7munz: I just pm'd you the long link02:48
chaynie_because if that's the case, I might be able to get my boss interested.02:48
itnet7You can add that as one of your feeds if you want02:48
zoopsterchaynie_: possibly...depends on what it involves. I'd need to understand the details. We have been fronting $$ for game dev02:48
itnet7pak33m: were you still thinking about going to SC for SELF?02:49
chaynie_zoopster: That's very interesting. I'll talk to my boss and get back to you.02:49
zoopsterchaynie_: ok02:49
munzlol, how do i see it in irssi?02:49
itnet7munz: ?02:49
munza pm02:49
itnet7do you have a channel display at the bottom?02:50
itnet7or somewhere02:50
itnet7is there a number by itnet7?02:50
itnet7if there is do /window <#>02:50
munzlooks like this: (21:45) (munz[+i]) (2:freenode/#ubuntu-us-fl[+ntz]) (Act: 1,3)  02:51
itnet7I'm guessing /window 302:51
munzyes! just got it02:52
itnet7then /window 2 to come back02:52
munz:) thx :)02:52
itnet7you can also do 02:52
itnet7alt + 2, and alt + 302:52
itnet7to switch02:52
itnet7more quickly02:52
bluebomber_usfHooray for keyboard shortcuts!02:53
itnet7you should get some of the other scripts02:53
itnet7I can e-mail you a copy of mine02:53
itnet7I have a nick list on the right side02:54
itnet7and a whole bunch of other cool stuff working02:54
munzcool :)02:54
itnet7bluebomber_usf: the only problem comes in when you have 20 or so channels02:54
munzi have used xchat in the past02:55
munzbut now im set up like you explained02:55
bluebomber_usfI'm using xchat currently.02:55
munzirssi on server02:55
bluebomber_usfI like it much more than Empathy IRC.02:55
itnet7I used to really like xchat, I still do02:55
munzand ssh to it run byobu02:56
itnet7but nothing beets screen + irssi02:56
munzthen everything is there02:56
itnet7and byobu for sure02:56
bluebomber_usfSo, pak33m has become unresponsive. Anyone else/new thinking about going to SELF?02:56
munznice b/c i am on diff pc's and diff places02:56
bluebomber_usfOh, that mention of byobu reminds me: I think we should do a Jam on Screen/Byobu02:56
itnet7I think I might make a screen cast on it02:57
itnet7That was one of the other things that everyone talked about at UDS02:57
itnet7making short, appealing videos that show off really cool features etc.02:58
pak33mbluebomber_usf: sorry busy with some work fun. doesn't look like i'll be going to self this year. 02:58
pak33myeah, i was hoping to have more money to do it because really that's the main issue.02:59
pak33mi'm even kidless that weekend02:59
itnet7pak33m: If I am able to go we can all work something out02:59
itnet7I will know soon03:00
pak33mi mighta missed it but do we know who all is going?03:00
itnet7cjohnston bluebomber_usf and me so far03:00
itnet7cjohnston still has to clear it with work03:00
pak33mitnet7: well, keep me posted.03:01
pak33mitnet7: think you all would leave on friday?03:01
itnet7Well, Friday is part of the Ubucon, So I was thinking of trying to get there by Thursday Evening03:01
bluebomber_usfErr, I can leave on Friday. Hehe. I can't speak for everyone else.03:01
pak33mi'd really like to go. so, lemme see what i don't have this friday.03:02
pak33mitnet7: i would be good to take off that friday but have to work on thursday until 503:03
pak33mitnet7: nobody has contacted dj pak33m either03:03
pak33mmaybe this time icould get round the show03:04
itnet7How long did it take us to drive last time?03:04
pak33mdj pak33m plays too loudly03:04
pak33m6 hours maybe03:04
itnet7to SC?03:04
pak33mor 8 03:04
pak33mam i warm03:05
itnet7I think it was at least 8, looking it up now03:05
Chloric_hey guys03:08
itnet7Hey there Chloric_ !03:09
pak33mchaynie_: foprgot to ask. do we need dj pak33m for the jamal party?03:11
Chloric_hows it going itnet??03:13
itnet7Chloric_: good and you?03:14
cjohnstondo be do be do03:16
bluebomber_usfKeep us updated re SELF. Have a good night.03:18
itnet7well gonna catch a movie with my lady!03:18
mhall119bluebomber: parking at the lakeland campus wouldn't be an issue03:26
mhall119the lakeland campus doesn't have any restrictions on parking, and more than enough space03:29
MichelleQpak33m: when's jamal going to be back, anyone know?03:37
cjohnstonlooks like itnet7 has work to do :-P http://status.chrisjohnston.org/ubuntu-oneiric/community-web-developers.html03:39
cjohnstonMichelleQ: http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/team/956/detail/03:40
itnet7cjohnston: I know, still trying to think of how I can get that achieved03:50
cjohnstonI know.. I was showing off the burndown03:50
cjohnstonenjoy your movie03:50
mhall11919% done, sweet04:02
MichelleQcjohnston: thanks.  :-)04:08
=== nigelb_ is now known as nigelb
jamaltaParty? o.O05:24
jamaltaMichelleQ: I'll be flying in tomorrow, leaving next tuesday.05:24
jamaltaOh, nvm.. chaynie_ was talking about the long term option :P05:30
chayniezoopster: ping.13:50
dorganmhall119: ping16:26
mhall119dorgan: pong16:31
dorganmhall119: so not sure if you noticed or knew but Sencha Con 2011 is the same time as UDS again this year16:32
mhall119is it in Florida?16:32
mhall119so, easy choice16:32
dorganif it was in Florida that would be awsome I would just split my time16:32
dorganyeah TX it is :)16:32
dorgansorry...company is paying for it...and UDS doesnt have a benefit for the company16:33
mhall119my choice is easy because it's made for me, I have to be a UDS16:33
mhall119same situation, different outcome16:33
dorganI would lovwe to go to UDS but that would mean me using vacation time which I am saving so I can visit my Family in NY this october16:33
dorganalso there is a webinar today on migrating from ExtJS3->416:34
mhall119cool, but I don't have to worry about that anymore16:34
dorganoh yeah?16:34
dorganNo more Ext work?16:35
mhall119no past Ext work that I need to support16:36
dorganso just new stuff now?16:37
mhall119hopefully soon16:37
dorganhave you started using 4 at all?16:37
mhall119not yet, but I looked at the changes they were making16:37
dorganthe changes are incredible...performance alone on the grids is awesome....  and they just release 4.0.1  which showed on average a 300% increase in performance over the initial 4.0 grids16:38
dorganthey also got rid of list view...since gridPanel is much more efficient now16:39
dorganI am having some issues with the charts...but I am just waiting on documentation for that16:39
mhall119I need to put JSON/REST api on read feeder so I can start building the UI with ext16:39
dorganAnd I believe thanks to my suggestion...a themeing section should soon appear on the forums under the ExtJS4 community section16:42
dorganThemeing is very simple with ExtJS4 once you get the hang of compass/saas16:43
bluebomberWho's going to SELF?17:52
bluebomberAnyone going to SELF?19:08
dorganwhat is SELF?19:16
itnet7South East Linux Fest19:17
itnet7In South Carolina19:17
dorganif it was in Florida I would go19:17
itnet7dorgan: it's only 9 hours19:18
dorgan:) plus hotel and gas19:19
maxolasersquadIs SELF this weekend or next?20:13
mhall119jun. 10-1220:13
maxolasersquadI could probably make it if someone was able to pick me up and take me, which is unlikely.20:19
quintuxamtrak to south carolina is cheap i would imagine.20:22
maxolasersquadamtrak doesn't run through Tallahassee unfortunately.20:28
maxolasersquadI'd love to ride the train though.20:28
bluebomberAmtrak costs just under $300 round trip, and adds 36 travel hours onto either side of the conference.20:32
bluebomberMan, the train did sound like fun, though.20:32
maxolasersquad"Amtrak made a bureaucratic decision to permanently disband passenger service to the Gulf States region Via the Sunset Limited and shifted funding resources to improve Amtrak passenger service to States along the Northeast Corridor." - https://secure.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/wiki/Tallahassee_%28Amtrak_station%2921:10
maxolasersquadThis saddens me.21:10
munzitnet7: when ever you have a chance can you send me the scripts you were talking about please?21:25
raubvogelWow. I went to the Amtrack site and see how much it would cost to go  from Jacksonville Fl to Spartanburg SC. Well, forget about the price. I would  depart at 10:57pm on saturday and arrive at 4:14am on *Monday*. Come on! This  is ridiculous! And, either I would have to make a stop in NC or, get this,   Washington DC!21:58
itnet7munz: sure, I will in a moment22:07
itnet7munz: you will have add your own channels and stuff, but I will leave Florida and a couple of others for examples22:10
itnet7maxolasersquad: what about Greyhound? I have hard they have outlets and wifi in some of their buses nowadays22:15
itnet7raubvogel: do you live towards tallahassee? or tampa?22:16
raubvogelinet7, Gainesville. 22:16
itnet7I wonder how much out of the way it would be for us to go to SC through Gainesville22:17
raubvogelI dunno22:26
MichelleQitnet7: when we came home from Clemson in 09, we left there at around 5p, and pulled into our driveway at almost 7am.  22:26
MichelleQmind, we had the kids with us, but we came down 7522:27
itnet7Ah, thanks MichelleQ !22:27

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