* nlsthzn waves04:43
superflymorning nlsthzn05:52
nlsthznsuperfly: Good morning :)05:52
* superfly is back on a PC again... the work PC05:54
* nlsthzn isn't on the work PC for a change... well until tonight ;(05:56
* superfly shakes his head06:01
superflysome people...06:01
superflythey are too lazy to read the documentation, so they ask all their silly little questions on the mailing list, one mail at a time... dude, just spend *FIVE* minutes reading the documentation!06:02
nlsthznsuperfly: That is one of the reasons I am not that fond of mailing lists... if you are being a noob on a forum people can just ignore you, on a mailing list you force your stupidity into someones inbox06:03
superflythe converse is that in a forum no one responds to you, and you think there's no community out there (like 2 active people in the ubuntu-za forums)06:04
nlsthznI never think to even check the -za forum on UF...06:07
superflyi have a notification set up06:07
nlsthznI could do that but I am not clued up enough to be of any assistance (mostly)...06:09
superflyI'm not terribly clued up either... but at least I can mumble something about using the mailing list ;-)06:10
nlsthznsuperfly: lol... and so the circle continues :p06:11
kbmonkeyMaaz, coffee on07:16
* Maaz starts grinding coffee07:16
superflymorning kbmonkey07:16
kbmonkeymorning superfly 07:16
superflyeish, it's cold - I need some more tea07:17
MaazCoffee's ready for kbmonkey!07:20
kbmonkeyMaaz, thank you!!07:22
Maazkbmonkey: Okay :-)07:22
kbmonkeyhow you superfly 07:32
kbmonkeycar wont start today. oops. suspect the cut wires are leaking juice. eeek. 07:36
kbmonkeyand all I keep thinking is where I can find a patch to fix car-battery-bug o.O07:36
nlsthznkbmonkey: :)07:43
marcogMaaz: announce IRC meeting 19:30 this evening!09:56
MaazHear ye, hear ye! IRC meeting 19:30 this evening09:56
Kerberowho is going to join us @ The Braven Head tonight?12:15
Kerberothe stellenboscher's will be IRCing from there12:15
* drubin 12:48
superflyhi drubin12:49
drubinhi superfly 12:55
drubinSo basically our beer evening is awesome. And any one that feels like the mission out to stellenbosch is more then welcome to come with12:58
marcogbeer evening? where's this?12:59
drubinmarcog: stellenbosch 12:59
drubinwe do one once a month 12:59
drubin#linux at sun 12:59
drubinmarcog: yip12:59
marcogmeh, weekdays12:59
marcogif it was weekend, i'd try join once12:59
drubinmarcog: meh, cape town is far for your "week days"13:00
drubinmarcog: what else are you doing :)13:00
marcogdrubin: work!13:00
drubinlies! ;-p13:00
marcognot at all13:00
drubini was joking13:00
marcogyeah yeah ;)13:00
* nlsthzn waves16:38
* kbmonkey waves back16:46
nlsthznhey kbmonkey and all other lurkers :)16:48
kbmonkeywhich debian release is natty 11.04 based on? cant seem to find this info16:54
tumbleweedkbmonkey: Ubuntu is always based on Debian unstable16:55
tumbleweedi.e. the latest packaging in Debian16:55
kbmonkeyreally? I did not know that, thanks tumbleweed 16:55
tumbleweed(some bits will come from Debian experimental, and some bits from the latest upstream releases)16:55
tumbleweedfor lucid, I think we synced from debian testing, but that was an experiment, it may not happen again for the next LTS16:58
nuvolariraaight, when's meeting time?17:33
nuvolariguess I'm too early17:34
nlsthznnuvolari: only by one hour :)17:34
* kbmonkey tummy grumbles17:37
nuvolaribooyah! at least I'm early17:38
nuvolarilo kbmonkey, nlsthzn 17:38
nuvolariMaaz: I am NAME SURNAME17:39
Maaznuvolari: Sorry...17:39
nuvolariheh, smart bot17:39
nuvolarior do you symathise?17:39
* nuvolari drags a dictionary closer17:40
nlsthzndouble :)17:40
nuvolarinlsthzn: jy lyk soos 'n kat wat melk gesteel het? :P17:41
nuvolariwavoor al die smiles?17:41
nlsthznnuvolari: hehe... possible... or at least one that has spell check built into his IRC client :p17:41
nuvolaripffft. somehow I know aspell or something work in the cli but I don't know how it works17:42
nuvolaridrubin: help? you're the weechat master17:44
* nlsthzn stroked his X-Chat based IRC client for Windows... nice p-chat...17:45
* nuvolari skins his head. V. o. d. a. c. o. m.17:46
nuvolariWarning: The word "wag-'n-bietjie" is invalid.17:46
afrodeitytumbleweed: which is why Ubuntu is more of a hobby system than a Desktop alternative to some more commercial systems 17:47
superflyNaandse oom Kilos!17:48
nuvolariKilos: hallo oom!17:48
Kilosnaanse almal17:48
nuvolarilo superfly 17:48
Kilosnet betyds nĂȘ17:48
superflySup nuvolari 17:48
Kilosi love my hobby system17:48
Kiloswhats news with the mb superfly 17:49
superflyMy job requires I use this hobby system that is largely immune to viruses and is stable17:49
superflyKilos: no word yet17:49
* nlsthzn waves @ uncle Kilos 17:50
Kilosrev them superfly . or claim another one17:50
Kiloslo nlsthzn 17:50
nuvolariwe also use this hobby system at work17:50
Kilostime for coffee before the meeting17:53
KilosMaaz, coffee on17:53
* Maaz starts grinding coffee17:53
KilosMaaz, coffee for all17:54
MaazCome on ya buncha geeks. Rock up with your mugs with the correct amount of sugar added already17:54
Kilosnlsthzn, forget tea for now, havva cuppa17:54
nlsthznKilos: sorry, already on my first cup o tea... I will wait for more advanced AI that can also handle tea17:55
magespawneveninga all.17:56
Kiloslo magespawn 17:57
magespawni am on gprs tonight from my phone17:57
magespawnhi kilos17:57
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos!17:57
Kiloslol im on gprs through a 3g modem17:58
Kilosvodacom very sick here17:58
KilosMaaz, ty17:58
MaazEnjoy Kilos17:58
superflyI'm on my phone too! Though I'm using the wifi at home.17:58
Kilosand you guys still use caps and exclamation marks and all17:59
magespawnI am using my N90017:59
superflyKilos: that's cause my phone runs Linux18:00
Kilosah superfly thats great18:00
superflymagespawn: Quassel2go on my N900 here18:00
Kilosis the meeting still on guys?18:00
magespawni am still learning all this 'phone' can do.18:01
nuvolariKilos: ja oom, in 30 minute18:01
superflyKilos: 19:3018:01
magespawnas far as I know18:01
Kilosthanks guys. i didnt read the mail properly18:02
Kilosas usual18:02
superflymagespawn have installed OpenArena?18:02
* nuvolari fires up minecraft18:03
magespawnno, whats that? superfly can you run a wifi hotspot through the N900?18:03
superflymagespawn: it's quake 3 arena with open source artwork18:05
magespawnnice. i'll have a look tomorrow.18:06
* nlsthzn approves of OpenArena18:06
superflyAlso, I haven't been able to get the wifi hotspot to work, but since this is the only wifi device I own, I don't have much to test.18:06
magespawnaccording to the news we have the largest number of asylum seekers in south africa in the whole world18:11
nlsthznmagespawn: asylum from where?18:13
superflyMostly other african countries, at a guess18:15
marcogMaaz: announce IRC meeting in 10 minutes!18:20
MaazAnnouncement from marcog! IRC meeting in 10 minutes18:20
magespawnyup from countries mainly in africa18:21
=== Queery is now known as Guest53949
superflyHallo maiatoday 18:22
maiatodayhi superfly 18:22
magespawnhi maiatoday18:23
maiatodayhi *18:23
drubinssh lag ftw18:24
drubinQueery1985: waar is jy?18:25
magespawnsuperfly how is battery life?18:26
Queery1985hold on18:26
Kiloshi maiatoday drubin Queery1985 18:26
Kiloshi arthurrilke you new here?\18:27
arthurrilkeKilos: Hi there. Kind of, although I did attend the meeting before last.18:28
kbmonkeyhello hello18:28
Kilosdid anyone welcome you arthurrilke 18:28
Kiloslo kbmonkey 18:28
lost_and_unfoundgreetings fellow geeks18:29
nuvolariwelcome lost_and_unfound 18:29
Kiloslol lo lost_and_unfound 18:29
afrodeityhi everybody18:29
lost_and_unfoundmy first meeting =]18:29
drubinKilos: :) dankie oom 18:29
Queery1985ok fine im just going to use this nick18:29
* nuvolari tags lost_and_unfound with an RFID chip18:29
Kiloswelcome lost_and_unfound 18:29
drubinKilos: hoe gaan dit daar?18:29
arthurrilkeKilos: Yeah, I'm sure somebody did :)18:30
Kilosgoed dankie drubin 18:30
lost_and_unfounderm... Kilos ... did you chat on lagnet way back when days?18:30
Queery1985hi all18:30
* nuvolari recalls lagnet18:30
* nlsthzn waves at all the peoples... we likes the peoples18:30
kbmonkeylagnet irc servers :)18:31
lost_and_unfoundnah just ignore that =]18:31
maiatodayok we wait a few more minutes then we can get started18:31
Kilosi only been online for about a year and a half18:31
kbmonkeygood, gives me a extra min to chomp more rusks!18:31
nuvolariKilos: shjoe, that long already?18:31
kbmonkeyhey it's my 1st irc bday coming up ;P lol18:31
nuvolarinow I crave rusks. thet ones my mom make18:31
Kilosja boetie van nov 2009 ek dink18:32
lost_and_unfoundhmmm rusks will go good with this weather18:32
nuvolariKilos: ons moet vir oom 'n party gooi18:32
Kilosgooi net data18:32
Kilosdie res het julle al gegee18:32
* nlsthzn going for some more tea... brb18:32
kbmonkeyhi and welcome to all our new friends18:33
Kilosonline=connected to the internet18:33
lost_and_unfoundonline = clothes on the washing line ?18:33
KerberoMobilei am18:33
KerberoMobilei am jpmeijers18:33
=== nuvolari is now known as kuber_pietie
Kilosand tried with winsucks for 6 months before that18:34
kuber_pietieKerberoMobile: too early18:34
superflySo who is chairing this meeting? marcog?18:34
maiatodayMaaz: start meeting about ubuntu-za June 2011 irc monthly meeting18:34
* Maaz gets out his memo-pad and cracks his knuckles18:34
maiatodayI am18:34
kuber_pietieKerberoMobile: maaz is not in meeting mode18:34
kuber_pietienow is18:34
maiatodayMaaz I am Maia Grotepass18:34
Maazmaiatoday: Righto18:34
marcogMaaz: i am Marco Gallotta18:34
Maazmarcog: Sure18:34
kuber_pietieMaaz: I am Johan Mynhardt18:34
Maazkuber_pietie: Sure18:34
superflyMaaz, I am Raoul Snyman18:34
Maazsuperfly: Righto18:34
KilosMaaz, i am miles sharpe18:34
MaazKilos: Alrighty18:34
lost_and_unfoundMaaz, Wynand Meijer18:35
Maazlost_and_unfound: What?18:35
Queery1985maaz, i am dewald noeth18:35
MaazQueery1985: Righto18:35
magespawnMaaz, I am Greg Eames18:35
Maazmagespawn: Righto18:35
drubinMaaz: I am David Rubin18:35
Maazdrubin: Alrighty18:35
oogwayoogway, Hilton Gibson18:35
arthurrilkeMaaz: I am Arthur Rilke18:35
Maazarthurrilke: Yessir18:35
KerberoMobilemaaz i am jp meijers18:35
MaazKerberoMobile: Sure18:35
Queery1985maaz, coffee on18:35
* Maaz puts the kettle on18:35
kuber_pietielost_and_unfound: you need "I am"18:35
lost_and_unfoundMaaz, I am Wynand Meijer18:35
Maazlost_and_unfound: Righto18:35
KilosMaaz, coffee please18:35
MaazKilos: Alrighty18:35
kbmonkeyMaaz, I am Wesley Werner18:35
Maazkbmonkey: Okay18:35
nlsthznMaaz: I am Neil Oosthuizen18:35
Maaznlsthzn: Alrighty18:35
maiatodayThis meeting is also happening in real life in the Brazen head woohoo together with sulug beer evening18:35
KerberoMobilemaaz, beer on18:35
MaazKerberoMobile: Sorry...18:35
lost_and_unfoundah... thanks kuber_pietie 18:35
KerberoMobilek bye18:36
maiatodayMaaz topic review previous minutes18:36
MaazCurrent Topic: review previous minutes18:36
* nlsthzn wants some beer too18:36
Queery1985im at the beer evening18:36
kuber_pietiewhut? where is Kerbero gone to?18:36
drubinmaiatoday: why aren't we using the loco team website>?18:36
maiatodayalso agenda here http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/team/115/detail/18:36
maiatodaywe are18:36
maiatodayluckily there aren't any agenda points18:37
* nlsthzn sees a short meeting18:37
kuber_pietienlsthzn: you'd be surprised :P18:37
Kilosdrubin, you didnt mention those lappy's on the lists18:37
kbmonkeyyes I could not think of any points to add18:37
Kilosmust be someone near paarl18:37
marcogmaiatoday: how's it going with the regional contacts?18:38
maiatodayurk I still haven't mailed pretoria people about pics18:38
maiatodayI have a list of regional people and adresses for about 4 of them.18:38
kuber_pietieI mailed one Ubuntu disk last Saturday18:38
magespawnhow regional are we talking?18:38
maiatodayI have requested address so that I can mail all cds in one batch18:38
maiatodaymagespawn: we discussed on the mailing list and made a list of people to represent different regions18:39
maiatodayso the idea is that I have someone to send the CDs to18:39
magespawnahh okay will go back and review18:39
MaazCoffee's ready for Queery1985 and Kilos!18:39
KilosMaaz, ty18:39
MaazEnjoy Kilos18:39
kuber_pietiekbmonkey: when I get around to it, will you help with multi-ubuntu install? 18:39
maiatodayalso we did discuss the loco contact take over on the mailing list18:39
Queery1985maaz, ty18:39
MaazEnjoy Queery198518:39
maiatodayand drubin is still helping me :)18:40
afrodeityI have to be somewhere in half-hour18:40
kbmonkeykuber_pietie, yes no problem :)18:40
afrodeityso how is ubuntu LoCo doing?18:40
maiatodayQueery1985:  hasn't made a list of lugs, but it's ok because we have a list regional contacts and we have a url with a list of lugs18:41
kuber_pietieDurbs is doing OK, we had a meeting, unofficial18:41
marcogjust in case it's worth mentioning, tumbleweed has been mentoring a few uct students starting to get into some ubuntu dev18:41
drubinkuber_pietie: cool18:41
kuber_pietiebut planning an official one for July 16'th18:41
marcogif that goes well it could grow18:41
Queery1985i will be a contact in 4 monthes18:41
maiatodayI did get CDs to stellenbosch people18:41
afrodeitythanks Maia18:41
kuber_pietiekbmonkey: thinking what I'm thinking?18:42
superflymaiatoday: I finally upgraded the web site18:42
kuber_pietiewe should get the rest of the dbn people on here18:43
superflyAnd I've been keeping an eye on the forums18:43
maiatodayI'll take another action item to sort out volunteers for more people to help18:43
maiatodayMaaz action maiatoday will organise more task volunteers on the mailing list18:43
Maazmaiatoday: Sorry...18:43
kbmonkeyand take photos of CD exchange kuber_pietie!\18:43
lost_and_unfoundwhat is generally on the cd's? (sorry for noob question new to the Loco) 18:44
maiatodaymaaz agree maiatoday will organise more task volunteers on the mailing list18:44
Maazmaiatoday: What?18:44
kuber_pietiemaiatoday: gesundheit18:44
maiatodaymaaz agreed maiatoday will organise more task volunteers on the mailing list18:44
MaazAgreed: maiatoday will organise more task volunteers on the mailing list18:44
marcogmaiatoday: agree*d*18:44
afrodeitymaaz: google Ubuntu CD18:44
Maazafrodeity: "Download | Ubuntu" http://www.ubuntu.com/download/ubuntu/download :: "ShipIt has closed | Ubuntu" http://www.ubuntu.com/shipit :: "LiveCD - Community Ubuntu Documentation" https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCD :: "CDs and DVDs | Ubuntu" http://www.ubuntu.com/download/ubuntu/cds :: "Use Ubuntu Live CD to Backup Files from Your Dead Windows Computer ..." http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/windows-vista/use-ubuntu-live-cd-to-backup-18:44
drubinafrodeity: Not now18:44
drubinafrodeity: we are in a meeting18:44
afrodeitythanks drubin, I know, was just trying to answer noob question18:44
maiatodayanybody want to add anything about the training we discussed last time?18:45
superflylost_and_unfound: Ubuntu CD's18:45
Kiloslost_and_unfound, the full ubuntu installation and then you update after that18:45
kuber_pietiemaiatoday: the LPI?18:45
lost_and_unfoundthanks,will keep noob questions till after the meeting =]18:45
maiatodayok strictly we are at the end of the agenda18:46
kbmonkeymust be a new record time18:46
kuber_pietieI so so want to do it. But I'm not sure that I'll always have the time to study18:46
afrodeitywhen's the next jam?18:46
nlsthznsuperfly: do you need more assistance keeping an eye on the forum?18:46
maiatodayI will leave the meeting open the floor is open until 20:00 for people to discuss what they want18:46
nlsthzn*some assistance18:46
kbmonkeymaiatoday, the LPI training manual has been updated and now (apparently) includes material for tutors too18:47
afrodeitymore jam I think18:47
kbmonkeyI haven't gone over the new material yet. That is all.18:47
afrodeitylocal oggfest would also be kewl18:48
superflynlsthzn: not hugely, but I'm sure a few other faces would be good... i just have a notification set up18:48
Queery1985just want to say that, though it did not go as planed we had a ubuntu-hour WC last saterday 18:48
kuber_pietieo/ question: what do you think of a yearly award? community-wise for influenital people18:49
maiatodayyay for Queery1985 18:49
Kiloshi Skarr[m] 18:49
maiatodayhmm that's tricky who would decide18:49
afrodeitywe can post suggestions on the wiki?18:49
magespawnwe could also vote18:50
* nlsthzn has subscribed to the -za section of UF... I will scare away any trolls and troll when it is to quiet...18:51
marcogi don't necessarily think we should be pushing for influential individuals18:51
kuber_pietieI know it's hard, but there's definitely people out there that make deeptracks18:51
Queery1985its gonna be a lot to adminastrate18:51
* marcog prefers lots of people contributing little bits18:51
kbmonkeyAdding: the link for that LPI manual is http://www.linuxcertification.co.za/linux-system-administration-training-manual18:51
afrodeitymaybe its just some way to reward local devs somehow?18:51
* maiatoday prefers if people to do stuff cause the want to not for a reward18:51
afrodeityjust a cake I think18:52
kuber_pietiebut i'm thinking outside of devs, people that work with other people and in that way promote ubuntu on a daily basis18:52
marcogmaiatoday: agreed!18:52
kuber_pietieok, then instead of an award, a mention :P18:53
marcogkuber_pietie: speaking as someone who does lots of influential stuff, a thank-you is adequate for me18:53
kbmonkeyI guess the act is reward itself?18:53
kuber_pietieya, it's definitely something that need some thought, but I just thought of it in the moment :P18:55
afrodeitymaybe if we just take photos of local ubuntu users in action, in everyday situtions, that would be good?18:55
kuber_pietieooh, like that idea18:55
kuber_pietieand maybe do an article on all the people we can find?18:56
lost_and_unfoundI have been unable to find evening classes for linux in PTA, I would like to become involved in training.18:56
afrodeitythere's this icafe in salt river which is totally ubuntu last time I looked18:56
magespawnpromoting from the inside outwards18:56
kbmonkeyreally? that's neat and unheard of in KZN18:56
magespawnmy mine in hluhluwe is too.18:56
maiatodayok people, I am going to end the meeting now18:57
afrodeityany sign of normality would be good18:57
maiatodaymaaz meeting end18:57
Maazmaiatoday: What?18:57
maiatodaymaaz end meeting18:57
Kilosty maiatoday 18:57
MaazMeeting Ended18:57
MaazMinutes available at json: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2011-06-20-17-34-15.json :: txt: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2011-06-20-17-34-15.txt :: html: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2011-06-20-17-34-15.html18:57
kuber_pietiegreat meeting18:57
nlsthznhmmm... that was the strangest meeting ever... felt more like a free for all :p18:57
maiatodaythe end of it was18:57
afrodeityexperiential meet18:57
magespawnmeeting mash18:58
maiatoday but also there wasn't any agenda points18:58
drubinoogway:  where are you?18:58
kuber_pietiesometimes a bit of freedom can be very productive18:58
maiatodaythanks for making it everybody, it was very short notice18:58
afrodeityI think we need to ask people to put up points for discussion18:58
afrodeityat least to remind them18:58
oogwaydrubin: bit sick @ home18:58
afrodeityI off, ty18:58
marcogmaiatoday: when's the next one?18:58
maiatodaythanks to reminding us marcog18:58
Queery1985im off18:58
maiatodayin a months time18:59
marcogmaiatoday: that was actually drubin 18:59
magespawngood idea18:59
maiatodayit is supposed to be on the ical18:59
marcogfor some reason today's wasn't18:59
marcogit was there at the time of the last meeting though18:59
marcogand that's how i totally forgot about it18:59
* afrodeity gets into its silicon shorts and jets away18:59
maiatodayhmmm I actually want someone to be master or mistress of meeting reminders18:59
* marcog was thinking the same19:00
maiatodaykbmonkey don't you wanna make sure we remember the meeting, check the ical and send a reminder on the list?19:00
Queery1985maaz, goodbye19:00
Kilosbye Queery1985 19:00
MaazQueery1985: Excuse me?19:00
Queery1985bye oom kilos19:01
kuber_pietiewhut/ "Oracle Thinks Google Owes $6.1 Billion In Damages" what does that even mean?19:01
kuber_pietiewhy do they think it?19:01
kbmonkeywill do maiatoday !19:01
nlsthznOracle will be Oracle19:02
maiatodaythanks kbmonkey19:02
marcogmaiatoday: is next one 18 july?19:02
maiatodayit's supposed to be the third monday every month19:02
marcogwhich is 18th so that's it19:03
maiatodayyes 18th july19:03
=== marcog changed the topic of #ubuntu-za to: IRC meeting 18 July 19:30 || Ubuntu South Africa LoCoTeam || Website: http://ubuntu-za.org/ || Forum: http://za.ubuntuforums.org/ || Join: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-za || Mailing list: http://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-za ||Events: http://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/ubuntu-za/events || Pastebin: paste.ubuntu.com or codepad.org
maiatodayok I'm gonna talk to the other lug people here now, bye everyone19:04
Kilosnight maity19:05
Kilosmethinks me go find a warm hole too19:05
Kilosnight all sleep warm19:05
kbmonkeywhat a pleasant meeting19:06
nlsthznwe needs moar flame wars :p19:07
kbmonkeywe do! but not during the meeting lol19:07
kbmonkeypico! rabble rabble! vi! rabble rabble!19:08
nlsthznnano vs emacs... :p19:11
kbmonkeyemacs? no but thats an operating system! ;P19:11
superflyThere is no contest. vim always wins.19:52
nlsthznPlease... nano all the way...19:54
nlsthznIt is easy enough that I can use it19:54
kbmonkeypfft, nano hardly constitutes a 'sane' editor19:55
superflyNano is braindead - I don't think you want to be associated with a braindead editor :-P19:55
superfly(just kidding)19:56
kbmonkeyi'd sooner add words to my file via piping than nano </jokes>19:56
* kbmonkey <--- used nano for a good few years before and notepad for even longer! 19:56
kbmonkeyokay next flame...?19:58
nlsthznThe little I have had to use an editor in terminal has made nano a good choice, however I will have to know the more advanced editors for LPI T_T19:58
nlsthznI was in the slackware IRC channel for less than a minute mentioning I use(d) Ubuntu and I got the first stinging remark thrown my way... was so cliche it was funny :p19:59
kbmonkeybwha ha ha. I'm sure it damaged their big egos ;D20:00
nlsthznnah, only a few guys... most just ignored me :D permenantly20:01
superflynlsthzn: what did they say?20:02
nlsthznI made another blog post showing off slacware 13.37 and kde 4.6 etc..20:02
nlsthznsuperfly: can't remember exactly :)20:02
nlsthznJust typical FUD... took me one comment to stop it in its tracks... pretty funny20:04
tumbleweedafrodeity1: I don't follow your logic21:00
* nlsthzn is awoken from his slumber by a random comment... before settling down again... zzzzzz21:06

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