cyberangerMeeting in 30 minutes00:00
JuzzyI should timestamp chat00:01
Unit193[20:00:01] < cyberanger> Meeting in 30 minutes00:01
Unit193VERY on time!00:01
Juzzyso 8:30 EDT00:01
Juzzyoh lol00:01
Juzzy@ topic00:01
Unit193I wasn't going to say that part...00:01
cyberangerMeeting in 15 minutes00:15
Unit193Script or do you sit there camping for the second? (I'm guessing script...)00:15
cyberangerMeeting in 10 minutes00:20
cyberangerMeeting in 5 minutes00:25
pace_t_zulucyberanger: you chairing this one?00:26
pace_t_zulucyberanger: ping00:28
cyberangerMeeting Time00:30
MootBotMeeting started at 19:30. The chair is cyberanger.00:30
MootBotCommands Available: [TOPIC], [IDEA], [ACTION], [AGREED], [LINK], [VOTE]00:30
nathandyerHello :)00:36
pace_t_zuluhi nathandyer00:36
nathandyerThis is my first meeting, is this unusual?00:37
pace_t_zulunathandyer: a bit00:37
pace_t_zulucyberanger: ping00:37
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cyberangerhey pace_t_zulu00:42
netritioushey cyberanger, pace_t_zulu00:43
cyberangeryeah, sorry, modem lockup (torrent bug, won't happen twice)00:43
pace_t_zuluShall we do this?00:43
netritiousI'm in and out atm00:43
cyberangerright after  I started mootbot, real bad timing00:43
pace_t_zuluI have limited typing ability00:44
cyberangerpace_t_zulu: of course, if everyone is reade (sounds like it)00:44
netritioustried to catch the meeting on time but didn't work out for me either (unpacking)00:44
cyberangerI've only got one item, and it can wait00:44
cyberangerany other item for this meeting?00:45
netritiousI'm here for a min or so00:45
cyberangernetritious: anything for the meeting?00:45
netritiousno sure don't cyberanger00:46
pace_t_zuluI have no agenda items00:46
cyberangerok, guess my two are are it00:46
cyberangeritem one, elections next month00:46
cyberanger[topic] Elections next month00:47
MootBotNew Topic:  Elections next month00:47
cyberangerat our meeting, aug 4th00:47
cyberangeritem two, I've got busy two months, and am focusing on a project to start a state lug00:48
cyberangerand resigning my trustee position this month, and will run for east tn leadership next month00:49
cyberangerI'm appointing pace_t_zulu the trustee pending next months election00:49
cyberangerunless anyone here objects00:49
pace_t_zuluNone here00:49
nathandyerSounds good to me00:50
cyberanger[vote] appoint pace_t_zulu Trustee Pro Tempre00:50
MootBotPlease vote on:  appoint pace_t_zulu Trustee Pro Tempre.00:50
MootBotPublic votes can be registered by saying +1/-1/+0 in the channel, private votes by messaging the channel followed by +1/-1/+0  to MootBot00:50
MootBotE.g. /msg MootBot +1 #ubuntu-us-tn00:50
* cyberanger hopes he spelled that right00:50
MootBot+1 received from cyberanger. 1 for, 0 against. 0 have abstained. Count is now 100:50
MootBotAbstention received from pace_t_zulu. 1 for, 0 against. 1 have abstained. Count is now 100:50
MootBot+1 received from nathandyer. 2 for, 0 against. 1 have abstained. Count is now 200:51
pace_t_zuluInterim trustee works too00:51
cyberangerlol, yeah, that it would have00:51
cyberangernetritious: ?00:51
cyberangerwrst: ?00:51
cyberangerany body else00:51
netritioussounds good +100:52
cyberangernetritious: ccan MootBot heear that (it's in vote)00:52
MootBotPrivate +1 vote received. 3 for, 0 against, 1 have abstained. Count is now 300:52
netritiouswas getting there lol00:52
cyberangerand one private, last call for votes, I'll wait one minute & if there isn't close votes00:53
MootBotFinal result is 3 for, 0 against. 1 abstained. Total: 300:54
cyberangerour yearly terms end next meeting, with elections for new leadership00:55
cyberangerI've already begun transitioning trustee duties to pace_t_zulu, for this month00:56
cyberangerhe's just finishingg my term for this month, unless he runs for trustee next month00:56
cyberangerthat's all I have, any new items?00:57
pace_t_zuluI have nothing to add.00:58
* wrst checks in for a bit00:58
nathandyerNeither have I00:58
cyberangercongrats Trustee Pro Tempre, pace_t_zulu00:59
netritiouscongrats pace_t_zulu :)00:59
cyberangerand see everyone next month00:59
nathandyercongrats pace_t_zulu!00:59
MootBotMeeting finished at 19:59.00:59
cyberangerI wish I could end a month that easily00:59
wrstwoot pace_t_zulu|ec200:59
Unit193Congrats pace_t_zulu! At what point do you find who is running?00:59
wrstcyberanger: me too01:00
pace_t_zuluThanks guys01:00
nathandyerI've gotta split. Fun first meeting!01:00
cyberangerUnit193: mailing list or during the meeting01:01
cyberangerit's pretty open forum01:01
Unit193Thanks! I was just wondering...01:02
cyberangerin tennessee to lead, in tennessee to vote, not much else required ;-)01:02
pace_t_zuluGotta run y'all01:02
cyberangerand too tight knit a group to have any issues usually ;-)01:02
cyberangersee you pace_t_zulu01:02
cyberangerpace_t_zulu: see pm01:02
cyberangerat your leasure01:02
Unit193pace_t_zulu: Adios! cyberanger: :D01:03
wrstcyberanger: not a lot of politics even in the politics01:03
cyberangerUnit193: see you later01:03
Unit193And good luck with the lug!01:03
Unit193cyberanger: Not me, I was saying adios to pace01:04
cyberangerUnit193: thanks (I'll still be here, just as a leader gotta insure I can do it, if I can't insure that, insure someone else can)01:04
cyberangeroh, I was highlighted for the big smile01:04
cyberangerwrst: yeah, we keep it simple, have opinions, and hate everyone for it01:05
cyberangerbut keep it out of politics, keep it civil01:05
wrstyep good stuff01:05
cyberangerI'd elect any policitan that could do that (and let my budget look like Washington DC's)01:06
cyberangereven funnier, most of our opinions agree01:09
cyberangerincluding ones hating unity01:09
cyberangerwrst: that's why some of us here (myself and I'll let others name themselves) are creating a statewide lug01:11
cyberangernot to conflict with any other lug or this loco01:12
cyberangerbut allow small towns without a lug have a place to goto01:12
cyberangerand allow differing ideas (esp if ubuntu council someday cared about my debian talk here, or somebody else assisting in arch, so on)01:13
Unit193I know people in main -offtopic or even support channels that talk about debian a little01:14
cyberangeror some other offtopic01:15
cyberanger(cause #ubuntu even sounds off topic to me ;-))01:15
cyberangerUnit193: ^^01:16
Unit193Xubuntu and Lubuntu, I don't ever go to ubuntu*01:16
wrstcyberanger: I think its a good idea01:16
wrst#ubuntu is a mad house01:17
Unit193Mostly because I don't use "Ubuntu". Going to have a lug channel? (Not going to troll it...)01:17
cyberangerUnit193: I avoid it like the plauge, but some things are unavoidable01:17
cyberangerUnit193: yes, but I'll have to get back to you on that (I didn't set that part up)01:18
Unit193cyberanger: Na, I was just asking01:18
cyberangerand your welcome to join (as am I, I just dunno what channel to join)01:19
cyberangersome other lugs have members from 10, 20 years ago, that moved out, joined the air force, I'd only ask there be an intrest in linux, unix, etc.01:20
cyberangerand the state is more a focus area, not a limiter01:20
cyberangerUnit193: we setup a few channels, I think we decided on one, with the plan to follow is to forward the others to it01:21
cyberangerthat's why idk which is the channel that we planned for01:21
cyberangerUnit193: #tn-lug is the one I know of, if you (or anyone else) want's to join that01:23
Unit193I'm not an exclusive Liunx user, but I sure as heck use it! (Sadly, the best computer for VBox is windows >_> )01:23
Unit193cyberanger: I don't think there are any active lugs close to me01:24
cyberangerI'm into FreeBSD, pfsense, m0n0wall, debian, ubuntu01:24
cyberangeravoid windows, been years I've chosen to use it01:24
cyberangersometimes the choice isn't your own though01:25
cyberangerUnit193: well, idk your actual town, I might have a better idea where it'd be otherwise01:25
Unit193I've never use a *BSD, but I kinda want to try one and OpenIndiana while I'm at it01:25
cyberangerI followed that regions lugs, anything about 150 miles from Erie, PA01:26
cyberangera town that didn't have a lug when I left, and appears to have died since01:26
wrstUnit193: i tried out pcbsd here a few weeks ago... not for me but for server security i suspect it would be great01:28
cyberanger(mainy FreeBSD was for work, but I used it for a small while myself, as a server, esp when learning pfsense)01:28
cyberangerUnit193: ah01:28
cyberangerwrst: yeah, it's a different beast01:28
cyberangerservers mainly01:28
cyberangerand routers (pfsense and m0n0wall are FreeBSD or NetBSD derived)01:29
cyberangeroh, I left out CentOS01:29
wrstyeah cyberanger i tried pc-bsd meant of course to be a desktop version it was ok, but kde based and a really awkward implementation of kde01:29
cyberangeron my list01:30
wrstcentOS :\01:30
cyberangerwrst: yeah, but cpanel is a limiting factor01:30
Unit193cyberanger: If you want to know what location and LUG I'm talking about, PM?01:30
cyberangerleaving it FreeBSD or centos pretty much01:30
cyberangerI think they support Red Hat, but that's costly for it's worth01:32
wrstcyberanger: I do like the state lug idea could have a little wider topic area01:38
cyberangerchugalug is more of a work focus (to a point)01:39
cyberangerand a little outside my area01:39
cyberangertoo far, too little notice (usually)01:39
cyberangerservers, programmers01:39
cyberangerklug seems to die often enough (my guess, too tied to utk for anything in summer)01:40
cyberangernlug is great, cookelug seems an in-person group01:40
cyberangerhaven't heard golum recently01:40
cyberangerwnclug (ashevliie nc area) is a great desktop focus01:41
cyberangerI'm a routing and networking person, found some in the area where dial up is it, I support it more than any lug I know of01:41
cyberangervarity is nice01:41
cyberangersee everybody shortly, leaving the hotspot, heading home01:43
cyberangersome stops on the way, 45 minuts I guess01:43
wrstlater cyberanger01:48
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wrstwb pace_t_zulu02:35
pace_t_zuluhey wrst02:35
pace_t_zuluhad to improvise for a bit02:35
wrstwell sometimes thats fun02:36
Unit193I've had to SSH into router > Computer 1 > Computer 2 to get to my screen02:38
wrstUnit193: tell me more of tomato, if you have the time?02:38
Unit193wrst: I'm  not the best at this, but sure! I can tell you the b/w usage back to September if you wish (Upload, download, both)02:39
Unit193I have options for Realtime, Last 24 Hours, Daily, Weekly, Monthly. Keyfile ssh access, good QOS (that I don't use)02:41
Unit193Great Access Restrictions with iptables as a backend02:41
wrsthmm Unit193 I think I'm sold :)02:42
Unit193wrst: Haha! Nice! Any questions that you may be looking for?02:42
wrstno just curious why you liked and I think cyberanger uses it also?02:43
Unit193Tomato-USB has VPN and USB support too02:44
wrstI might give that a try looking at some screen shots pretty impressive stuff02:46
Unit193Screenshots from? http://www.polarcloud.com/tomato02:47
Unit193I'll be back in a few (Shower in case you REALLY wanted to know ;) )02:48
wrstUnit193: i just put one of these in for my aunt today http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16833162034&cm_re=dd-wrt-_-33-162-034-_-Product02:48
wrstand Unit193 I'm perfectly ok with lack of detail, I'm out for the night probaby see you later02:49
Juzzymtg still going on?03:33
JuzzyWhere is minutes?03:34
cyberangerwrst: not used it in awhile, built my own03:40
cyberangerout of debian (was ubuntu)03:40
cyberangerand I used pfsense since then too (but prefer my own, more support for my needs)03:41
Unit193cyberanger: Built your own? Works on normal routers too?03:42
cyberangerwrst: you use something similar, dd-wrt right?03:42
cyberangerUnit193: no, not yet, desktop or server (or laptops)03:42
cyberangertwo nic's are needed. my case I have 4 I think, one lan ethernet card, one celluar card, one 56k modem ( for a bad day) and one wan ethernet card03:44
cyberangerperhaps I miscounted, cause I think I'm forgetting one03:44
Unit193Seen untangle? (Linux distro, kinda)03:44
cyberangeryeah, prefer pfsense to it though03:44
netritiousUnit193: untangle is such a resource hog03:45
cyberangerand celluar and dial up support seem lacking in any modern router distro too03:45
Unit193netritious: I've never used it, just a glance03:45
cyberanger(granted dial up isn't modern, but what I need to support it, is the same thing I need to support modern celluar cards)03:45
netritiouscyberanger: pfsense, at least when you start adding packages, doesn't seem so stable to me...to many things break03:45
cyberangernetritious: I didn't see that, but it was awhile ago, things changed I suppose03:46
netritiouscyberanger: I ran the 2.0-RC1 for about three maybe four months on the watchguard, updated one day from pfsense and would never boot03:48
netritioussince the watchguard doesn't have a monitor and I could never get the console working properly I have to disassemble everytime to pull the CF card to reload03:49
cyberangeryeah, not a good thing, one more reason DIY is sometimes best03:50
netritiousso call it a corner case but it did the same thing on 1.2 a year or so ago and remember I bad mouthed in here a bit03:50
netritious*bad mouthed pfsense03:50
cyberangeryeah, I do, when I was first starting swissknife-router03:50
netritiouscyberanger: I compeltely agree03:50
netritious...that DIY at least for me (and you?) is working out great03:51
netritiousshorewall is pretty cool03:51
netritiousbut buggy in lucid03:51
cyberangeryeah, trying to turn it into a project too, but right now the project is on hold03:52
cyberangerchilispot on debian is great, dunno if I've done much with shorewall03:52
netritiousno project for me...real application or moving along to maybe LFM03:52
netritiousor back to FreeBSD03:53
netritiousLinux From Scratch03:53
cyberangerah, right03:53
netritioussorry, LFS03:53
cyberangerFreeBSD is nice, but idk if shorewall works on it03:54
netritiousI'm not so strapped into shorewall that it's required03:54
cyberangersince shorewall deals with iptables, not ipfw (which means I've not used it, prefer to write my own rules)03:54
netritiousit just manages Netfilter03:54
cyberangerjust like iptables does (forgot I can say Netfilter to you, most people don't know iptables isn't the firewall, Netfilter is)03:55
netritiousFreeBSD actually has a few native firewalls03:55
netritiousipfw is most like Netfilter/iptables, but I do believe there is one that is significantly more sophisticated...03:57
netritiouscan't put my finger on the name atm03:57
netritiousbeen a while for me and (real) FreeBSD03:57
cyberangerI'd guess it's pf03:57
netritiousI think that's what pfSense uses? or does pfSense use ipfw?03:57
cyberanger(pfsense was named for making more sense out of pf, to an end user, but nowadays idk)03:58
cyberanger(now it may tie into ipfw, or both might tie into the same kernel code, so you can use both?)03:58
* netritious is out of touch with Unix03:58
cyberangerwell, I prefer debian, and unfortunately my hands are tied sometimes03:59
netritiouscyberanger: any time you want to give me a 1:1 rundown on the finer points of using iptables I'm all ears.03:59
netritiousI still haven't mastered it, but I'm learning04:00
cyberangerI'm still learning too (it's sorta like trying to see every inch of the US in a week, can't be done)04:01
cyberangerbut I've used it's DNAT feature to redirect port 80 to a transparent intercepting proxy (squid)04:01
netritiousI'm kinda sort of (very slowly) working on a web gui for iptables using lighttpd, php5 (fastcgi) and sqlite04:02
cyberangerI've done the same rule, adapted for dns, to beat another firewall forcing me to use their dns server04:02
netritiousmy goal is to create a meta-package for my ppa04:03
cyberangerfound that if you set it right, it's extremely lightweight, extremely versitale, and there is a rule for anything04:03
cyberangerbut I think the finer bit is in the NAT table, from a router's prospective04:03
netritiousNetfilter? (..is extremely lightweight?) just asking what you mean04:03
netritiousit *is* lightweight04:04
cyberangerport forwarding, DMZ04:04
cyberangeryes Netfilter/iptables combo is all that, lightweight, versitle, with a rule for any need04:04
netritiousright now my dev box is 1GB ram, 1.3 GHz celeron (mobile), and 4GB CF, and I am only using 38 mb ram and <700MB on the hdd04:05
netritiouswith a running fw04:05
netritiousI started with ubuntu jeOS (8.04) and upgraded to lucid, changed kernel from -virtual to -generic-pae (for servers) and went from there, basically cutting out the ubuntu-standard package altogether04:07
cyberangerI've had it do portforwarding to a ampache server on port 8080, since I didn't trust ampache on day one, didn't want it as root04:08
netritiousthe -virtual kernel isn't built with Netfilter04:08
cyberangerbut to all computers, it was listening on 8004:08
netritiousampache? is that a typo or a cool web server I don't know about?04:08
cyberangerthis case not a typo, derived from apache2, multimedia web player04:09
cyberangerlike lala.com (prior to apple buying it, damn I hate that to this day, no great replacement yet even)04:10
cyberangerit's worth the trust, but I didn't fully trust the source recommending it04:11
netritiouscool cyberanger04:11
cyberangerso I played it carefully04:11
netritiouswell I'm out for the night... have to get up early in the morning... Unit193 nice to see a new face in here :)04:11
netritiousnite cyberanger, err'body :)04:12
cyberangermy dev box is anything with virtualbox 256mb ram, debian04:12
cyberangernight netritious04:12
cyberangerI rsync between desktop and laptop04:12
Unit193Too late to say adios...04:12
cyberangeryeah, gotta be quick with alot of the people here04:13
Unit193I had to file a bug :/04:14
cyberangeron what04:15
* cyberanger grabs the can of RAID04:15
Unit193Silicone spray and match got 'em04:16
* Unit193 has done that ^^04:30
* cyberanger borrows a line from Independence Day, Let's Nuke the Bastards04:32
Unit193The flame from silicone spray is so much better than others!04:33
cyberangerorias: a real eye opener, huh05:30
oriasfire cleanses almost everything05:30
Unit193Now is as good as ever...07:22
Unit193pace_t_zulu: Now you get to watch me be stupid too ;)  (Though I don't plan to say anything...)07:23
wrstcyberanger: yes10:34
cyberangerwrst: ^11:18
wrst<cyberanger> wrst: you use something similar, dd-wrt right?11:42
Xpistoshow did the meeting go last night?13:00
Xpistosmorning wrst13:00
Xpistoset all13:00
wrstmorning Xpistos13:00
twaynepricemorning wrst13:39
wrsthey twayneprice got the email I may try to join in on that if my work cooperates, thanks13:48
twaynepricewrst:  Cool.  I'm looking forward to it.13:59
wrstyes hopefully I will be able to make that13:59
XpistosOkay so I finally broke down and am byuying a new computer15:25
wrstcool XP15:34
wrstcool Xpistos15:34
Xpistosmy wife is a bit upset that I would spend that much but it was my bonus money15:35
Xpistosshe said we could buy a car for that15:35
* cyberanger wonders what a bonus is, considers *looking at* Xpistos's20:12
* cyberanger could use a car ;-)20:12
cyberangercongrats on the reward for some hard work Xpistos20:13
XpistosThank you20:21
XpistosI have been doing network support and web maintence - 2 jobs for the price of one20:21
XpistosI have an interestign question.21:33
XpistosI have a VIDEO_TS folder that I need to transfer to a DVD. How do I go about doing that? I don't believe I can do a straight copy to a DVD but is there another way?21:34

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