nlsthzncatch you all later...02:15
kbmonkeymorning all06:22
scar[w]morning kbmonkey06:24
superflyhi morgs07:15
morgshi superfly07:15
Kilosmorning superfly and others07:24
Kiloshi sdehaan kbmonkey 07:25
superflymorning Kilos07:26
Kiloslo nuvolari 07:26
* Kilos wonders where the daytime apie is07:30
KilosMaaz, coffee on07:31
* Maaz starts grinding coffee07:31
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos!07:35
KilosMaaz, ty07:35
MaazEnjoy Kilos07:35
KilosMaaz, weather in pretoria south africa07:35
MaazKilos: That didn't seem to agree with me07:35
Kiloseish wassup maaz?07:35
kbmonkeymorning Kilos my friend!07:42
Kilosyou well kbmonkey 07:43
kbmonkeyi just collected my passport from home affairs :)07:43
Kiloscold here07:43
kbmonkeyyes cold but sunny07:43
kbmonkeydie koffie help maar warm hou!07:45
superflykbmonkey: how long did it take?07:45
kbmonkeynot long, i waiting about 2 weeks after application superfly 07:47
kbmonkeythat time of the season, there are no queues yet ;)07:47
kbmonkeyalso lgha revised their process and its much faster now 07:48
kbmonkeysurprisingly... someone there does have some brains07:48
Kilosyeah mine wasnt bad either07:48
Kilosjust the visa taking forever07:49
superflykbmonkey: yeah, they've really upped their game recently07:51
superflykbmonkey: I've been waiting about 3 weeks now for my son's passport07:52
superflyI'll give them a call next week maybe07:52
Kiloswhere do you wanna go superfly 07:52
superflyKilos: Die VSA07:52
superflyThe USA07:53
Kilosah for a holiday 07:53
kbmonkeygood :)07:54
kbmonkeyI want to go to london for a holiday07:54
Kiloseish. thats even colder kbmonkey 07:54
superflyKilos: yeah, to visit the family07:55
Kiloswow you have family there?07:55
superflyKilos: mrs_fly is American, remember07:55
Kilosoh yes. sorry man07:56
kbmonkeyCanada is another place I'd like to visit07:56
Kilostalking about that what happened to mrs_fly here07:57
Kiloskbmonkey, go work for Symmetria they see the world07:57
kbmonkeyhave family in Germany, maybe Ill swing by there :)07:57
kbmonkeyDas ist gut07:58
Kiloszehr gut07:58
Kilosi also have fam there but dont even know them07:59
kbmonkeynow it's the Visa to sort out08:00
kbmonkeybut I have to study now, until later geeks08:00
Kilosthats the time consumer unless they can see how much money you are gonna spend there08:01
Kilosi think ian said they wanna see 30k eu $08:02
kbmonkeythat's a lot of dosh08:03
Kilosi will ask him again08:04
kbmonkeywonder if it also depends on your income08:04
Kiloscould be yes08:04
Kilosim totally lost with all this visa stuff08:05
Kilosbut think i made a political booboo years ago thats affecting my visa app08:06
Kiloslol. the part in my blog i couldnt expand on08:06
kbmonkeythat sounds mysterious Kilos - secrative like a secret agent08:10
Kilosnee man was net bietjie regs08:11
Kilosif i tell you i will have to kill you08:12
superflyKilos: oh, I had to restart my server after some upgrades, and I don't think she logged in again...08:17
Kilosthere you go08:18
Kilosmrs_fly, wb08:18
Kilosi watched carte blanche last night on the idiot box and they say there is R17 mill stolen monthly08:20
Kilossounds kinda much08:20
Kiloscopper that is08:21
nlsthznhola peeps08:32
Kiloshola nlsthzn 08:32
nlsthznHey uncle Kilos ...08:35
nuvolarimorning oom Kilos nlsthzn superfly kb<tab>08:54
Kiloslo nuvolari 08:55
nlsthznhey nuvolari 08:56
drubinMaaz: announce #ubuntu-za meeting tonight at 19:3009:18
MaazHear ye, hear ye! #ubuntu-za meeting tonight at 19:3009:18
drubinwhat an anti climax 09:19
drubininetpro: tumbleweed superfly marcog ^09:19
marcogeish, the ubuntu-za calendar keeps changing url or something cause it goes missing from my gcal09:20
drubinmarcog: no gcal url is static.09:39
marcogdrubin: well somehow it falls off my gcal dunno why09:39
marcoganyway, i don't really have the time to help out today unfortunately got loads of others stuff09:42
drubinmarcog: I pinged people that are normally at the meetings, I will be going straight from work to pub to do irc meeting before #linux beer thing10:18
nlsthznMeeting tonight... and beer afterwards... sounds good10:39
superflydrubin: cool10:45
nlsthzn:/ can't add this event to the calender... must be because I removed evolution and installed Thunderbird10:46
LangjanHi the boffins, help asb. die ou toppie. 10:47
LangjanMy Thunderbird used to sporadically lose the "insert special character" function.10:47
LangjanSince the last update, seems like its lost all the time now.10:48
confluencyLangjan: what kind of special character?10:54
LangjanThe ones that I use are mostly the Afrikaans eg two dots on the e or i etc, but the whole function is not working - insert and format commands are grey11:05
Kiloshi there Langjan sorry i know niks about thunderbird11:07
Kiloswill compose keys not work there guys or is that only here and evolution etc11:07
confluencyCompose keys should work anywhere, hence my question.  If you want kappies and akuut aksents, you should configure compose keys and then you won't have to rely on whatever weird thing Thunderbird does.11:09
Kilosohy thats good to know11:10
KilosLangjan, try this link http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=136295611:12
superflyLangjan: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ComposeKey11:13
superflyKilos: ^^11:13
Kilosah ty superfly 11:13
Kilosdoesnt my link show how to settup compose key11:14
Kiloshere we go system - keyboard - options - compose key11:15
Kilosthen tick on the little triangle to select which key you want to use11:16
Kilosmaybe i got it wrong some. dont see the option to use the windows key11:22
Kilosoh ya. left win11:27
nlsthznCan Maaz leave messages for users even if they are on other channels on Freenode?11:28
Kilosyes nl11:28
Kilosnlsthzn, 11:28
Kilosyou just say maaz tell and the nick then your message11:29
nlsthznEven if they are not on this channel?11:29
Kilosif they are registered with irc i think so11:29
drubinnlsthzn: but he will only give them the message if they login to one of the channels he is on11:29
Kilosor freenode at least11:29
nlsthzndrubin, ah, thought as much... thanks :)11:29
LangjanThanks kilos & superfly, but these compose keys are as clear as mud to me. What I would like to know is why T bird has deactivated a useful facility. Seems like the more you update the more your hassles...11:53
KilosLangjan, if you make the left win your compose key and want to make a รด11:55
Kilosyou go left win11:55
superflyLangjan: the compose key is by far the better option, because it applies to ALL your applications, not just one11:55
Kilosthen shift 611:55
Kilosthen the o11:56
Kilosonce you have done it a few times it gets easier11:57
Kiloshi Squirm 12:03
Kilosis thunderbird better than evolution you gnome guys?12:10
Kilosdrubin, hi **12:11
Kilosgrr ^^12:11
nlsthznKilos, I think so...12:17
Maaznlsthzn: By the way, Kilos on freenode told me "tell nlsthzn thanks i will keep my eyes open for the 20th" 45 minutes and 59 seconds ago12:17
nlsthznI am using it currently12:17
Kiloswhat was the reason for choosing thunderbird over evolution12:18
superflyKilos: it's lighter, it only does mail12:18
Kilosmy evo works lekker12:18
KilosO.o what else does evo do then. i only use it for mail12:19
nlsthznThunderbird is so much easier to set up... all it lacks at the moment is integration and Ubuntu one12:19
KilosLangjan, wb12:20
LangjanThunderbird is also no longer showing my account settings. Is die ding nou heeltemaal befoeter?12:20
superflyLangjan: did you close it and re-open it?12:21
nlsthznThunderbird... DonderVoel12:21
Kiloswe need to get Langjan to do backups of all settings12:21
Kilosevo makes lekker backups12:22
Kilosyou thunderbird guys must help him12:22
LangjanI did not close it. Did now and the account settings are showing, but still not the insert and format menus.12:23
KilosLangjan, try the compose key12:23
Kilosit works12:24
Kilosor close your thunderbird and reopen it and check then12:24
LangjanI did, as I said it sorted uot the accounts setings but not the others. Kids are arriving from Cape Town, will chat again later, many thanks 12:26
=== zero is now known as Guest99360
Kiloslo Guest99360 12:30
Kilosbye guest12:30
KilosMaaz, coffee on12:31
* Maaz flips the salt-timer12:31
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos!12:35
KilosMaaz, ty12:35
MaazEnjoy Kilos12:35
=== scar[w]_ is now known as scar[w]
scar[w]has anyone used icinga? I'm used to nagios, but from what I'm reading icinga could be a better option12:57
superflyi think icinga is a fork of nagios12:58
superflyyou'd have to ask someone like froz<tab>12:58
superflyscar[w]: yeah, it's the community fork of nagios, but apparently that doesn't make it good...13:02
scar[w]yeah fork started in 2009, I never knew nagios had a commercial side to it. I suppose that's why icinga started13:02
superflyscar[w]: well, I don't know about that... I just know that it had/has one developer who doesn't like to accept patches13:03
scar[w]I'm interested in the api icinga provides. I like their logic, but just concerned how it works in practice. I wil do some tests later today.13:08
superflyscar[w]: you might want to investigate other monitoring software too13:10
nlsthznTried ubuntu in afrikaans... scary funny13:12
highvoltagenlsthzn: I tried that too once and I found it incredibly confusing :)13:28
nlsthznhighvoltage, I would tough it out for the lols if everything played along... but the mixture annoyes me :)13:29
highvoltageespecially with gnome that does things like order some menus in alphabetical order, so things aren't quite where you're used to finding them13:29
superflyI'm glad Qt doesn't do that...13:30
superflythat would mess up the manual for folks using one of my open source apps in their own language13:31
inetprodrubin: thanks for the reminder... unfortunately I can not make it tonight, again14:02
highvoltagesuperfly: indeed. at least it's not in applications just for the main menu.14:40
highvoltagesuperfly: at least I can look at icons when doing something weird like using a chinese desktop, that's also whey I find it really annoying that upstream gnome decided to remove the icons in the preferences menu14:41
superflyhighvoltage: I have to be honest when I say that I think that the Gnome devs don't understand usability14:57
superflythey remove more and more in a bid to become "simpler" but end up affecting usability14:57
superflyI remember reading a study done on usability of applications, and they said that icon+text was always the best in terms of usability14:58
highvoltagesuperfly: yep, that's been my experience with users too. and besides that it just looks broken when only one menu doesn't have icons but the rest do15:01
highvoltage(at least that's been fixed in gnome 3 fallback mode by not having a "System" menu anymore15:01
nuvolariremeber irc meeting tonight!15:23
highvoltagewhat time is that nuvolari 15:28
queeryi might be late15:32
queery11.04 still uses synaptic right?15:32
aquaratdon't they all use Synaptic ?15:34
aquarator rather Synaptic is available for all of them15:34
aquaratbut I see aptitude has to be installed now15:35
Symmetriahttp://shinn.me/pictures/temp/P3040033.JPG <=== LOL, cisco packaging at its best 15:59
Tonberryoverkill much?16:02
Symmetria*HRM* how interesting16:37
Symmetriasourceforge and mozilla have more connected entries between em on mirror than everything else combined by a mile16:37
=== apie is now known as kbmonkey
kbmonkeyhello :)17:13
nlsthzn... class in session #ubuntu-classroom17:13
kbmonkeyOh it's Community week17:14
kbmonkeyreminder: za meet starts in 15-20 mins, still time to grab some tea17:14
nlsthznoh crapples I forgot about that again :p17:15
kbmonkeywe don' have a large agenda (or none really) so wont be too bad nlsthzn :)17:15
Symmetriaman, reading back on news in years past17:16
nlsthznI must just show up :p17:16
Symmetriabrings back memories17:16
Symmetriahttp://www.iol.co.za/news/south-africa/three-killed-as-blast-rocks-suburban-pretoria-1.50456 <=== I remeber that one very clearly :P17:16
Symmetriamainly because it blew out every window in the house I was staying in and brought down all our ceilings17:16
kbmonkeyhi Kilos 17:21
maiatodaykbmonkey: I am going to make a meeting page on loco.ubuntu.com quickly17:21
kbmonkeyhi maiatoday, okay17:21
Kiloshi kbmonkey couldnt miss the meating17:21
Kiloshiya maiatoday 17:21
kbmonkeygood form :]17:22
nlsthznlol... I think locos must get away from setting up stuff like that the same day as the meetings :p17:22
Kilosmaia is very busy nlsthzn time is never enough17:22
nlsthznSure... but even ubuntu-ae is always doing it on the last moment... 17:23
Kiloslol maybe they work too17:23
nlsthznit is a loco thing I guess... nothing against the awesome work maiatoday and others are doing17:23
maiatodayI would prefer if we did it in advance but I don't have another hand17:24
maiatodayluckily kbmonkey reminded us17:24
kbmonkeyi had a bunch of monkeys scale the building and climb in my place today Kilos.17:24
kbmonkeystole my fruits! monkeys.17:25
Kiloslol you musta felt at home17:25
maiatodayat the previous meeting I asked if anyone wants to take over just making sure we get to having the meeting17:25
Kilosoh they not the kb type17:25
nlsthznI have failed... I feel ashamed17:25
* nlsthzn goes away to look for sharp japanese sword17:26
Kilosnlsthzn, ?17:26
maiatodayso nlsthzn it really is if there are volunteers to just do some of the admin stuff that would be great17:26
kbmonkeyi will adjust my reminder maiatoday, make it a few days sooner17:26
kbmonkeyI use Google calendar and it emails me a reminder when something is due17:26
maiatodaycool that will help and then with the reminder we should really put a place where people can add to the agenda and make the loco page17:26
maiatodayyes I usually do too but I have had to trim my email and social media activity to twice a day at the moment17:27
* nlsthzn likes that17:27
maiatodaykbmonkey: I made you the chair on the loco page so lets see how it goes, if the bot won't listen to you I'll help you out17:28
nlsthzndo we get the date for next meeting on ubuntu-za.org?  all dates look wacko for me there17:28
maiatodayhere is the page:17:28
kbmonkeydoesn't someone need to add me to the bot's list of people 17:28
nlsthznso decentralized17:28
maiatodayI can't do that I think17:28
tumbleweedcocooncrash: ^17:29
kbmonkeyah thanks tumbleweed :)17:29
kbmonkeyso no agenda maiatoday, how shall we proceed with that17:30
kbmonkeyI'll add some...17:30
maiatodayok I'll just type an agenda here17:30
maiatodayAgenda for upcoming meeting:17:30
maiatoday1. review previous meeting17:30
superflyphew! just in time!17:30
maiatoday2. discuss how to get volunteers to help out when people are busyu17:31
maiatoday3. feedback on CDs to regions17:31
maiatodaywhat else people?17:31
nlsthzndid za keep official status?17:32
maiatodaywait I can add it to the loco page 17:32
nlsthzn:) party17:32
kbmonkeynoted nlsthzn :]17:32
maiatodaywoops wesley are we cross posting on the page?17:33
maiatodayI'll back off17:33
maiatodaysorry people we are just getting our ducks in a row, meeting to start in a few minutes17:33
kbmonkeyI thought you irc them for me to post :/ my bad :]17:33
maiatodayyeah that will work, you can update the page17:33
kbmonkey(im a fast typer as you can see)17:33
nlsthznfrom to little to too many :)17:34
Kiloshehe hi there lost_and_unfound 17:34
lost_and_unfoundgreetings fellow geeks17:34
kbmonkeyhello there17:34
Kiloswelcome to ubuntu-za17:34
maiatodayok kbmonkey do you wanna see if Maaz will listen to you?17:34
kbmonkeyokay maiatoday I added a couple more, think that's fine to start17:34
maiatodayyeah the agenda looks good17:35
* lost_and_unfound lurks in the background like a daemon17:35
kbmonkeyoh, the agenda items add in reverse? :/17:35
tumbleweedMaaz: start meeting about Ubuntu-ZA monthly meeting17:35
* Maaz gets out his memo-pad and cracks his knuckles17:35
queerymaaz, i am dewald17:35
Maazqueery: Sure17:35
maiatodayMaaz I am Maia Grotepass17:35
Maazmaiatoday: Done17:35
tumbleweedMaaz: I am Stefano Rivera17:35
Maaztumbleweed: Yessir17:35
nlsthznMaaz, I am Neil Oosthuizen17:35
Maaznlsthzn: Sure17:35
KilosMaaz, i amj miles sharpe17:36
MaazKilos: What?17:36
superflyMaaz: I am Raoul Snyman17:36
Maazsuperfly: Done17:36
lost_and_unfoundMaaz, i am Wynand Meijer17:36
Maazlost_and_unfound: Yessir17:36
kbmonkeyMaaz, I am Wesley Werner17:36
KilosMaaz, i am miles sharpe17:36
Maazkbmonkey: Sure17:36
MaazKilos: Yessir17:36
nlsthznmaax: I am the easter bunny17:36
tumbleweedkbmonkey: I assume you are chairing?17:37
kbmonkeyyes tumbleweed, lets see if Maaz will listen17:37
tumbleweedkbmonkey: he probably won't but maiatoday or I can repeat anything that he won't hear from you :)17:37
queeryhe should17:37
* nlsthzn hopes Maaz is going to be his charming self17:37
kbmonkeyMaaz, topic review previous minutes17:38
Maazkbmonkey: You're not the boss of me17:38
kbmonkeyI guess not17:38
maiatodayMaaz, topic review previous minutes17:38
MaazCurrent Topic: review previous minutes17:38
nlsthznkbmonkey, you need to speak with more authority17:39
maiatodaykbmonkey ignore the bot, just pretend she is listening I'll just paste what you say after you say it17:39
Kilosping some of the lurkers to sign in17:40
* nlsthzn is getting dizzy jumping between the UCW and here...17:40
Kiloshighvoltage, you sitting in?17:40
kbmonkeythanks folks17:40
maiatodaythe minutes : http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2011-06-20-17-34-15.txt17:40
kbmonkeyokay, last meeting we agreed to organise more task volunteers on the mailing list17:41
highvoltageKilos: kind of listening with half an ear :)17:41
maiatodayyay and kbmonkey is doing the meetings17:41
highvoltage(at work so I have lots of distractions)17:41
maiatodaythanks for helping kbmonkey we'll smooth the hitches17:41
Kilosjust tell maaz i am highvoltage 17:41
highvoltageMaaz: i am highvoltage 17:42
Maazhighvoltage: Done17:42
Kilosfor attendance count\17:42
nlsthznlol... maybe use your real name highvoltage 17:42
KilosHodgestar, come on17:42
maiatodayso if anybody sees stuff they think should be done, jump in and help out17:42
highvoltageah I thought highvoltage was my real name :)17:42
kbmonkeyI believe that means via the mailing list, we need people to help out with admin stuff, maiatoday is pretty busy some times17:42
highvoltageMaaz: I am Jonathan Carter17:42
Maazhighvoltage: Righto17:42
nlsthznmaiatoday, how would we know what needs done... maybe some peeps need to blog about it ... like the news team... I helped them out :017:43
Kilossf55, scar[w] log in to the meeting please17:43
lost_and_unfoundjust to confirm, the mailing list will be ubuntu-za@lists.ubuntu.com ?17:43
kbmonkeyI am happy to nominate myself, I am just ignorant about specific tasks, so just email them through to us maiatoday and we'll jump in17:43
maiatodaywell at the moment I was just doing meetings and wiki and monthly report and queery was doing ubuntu hour and release party17:43
maiatodaywe don't know the tasks we sortof make them up as we go17:44
queeryand im ok doing that for now17:44
maiatodayroughly based on what we think needs to be done17:44
nlsthznplay it by ear :)17:44
kbmonkeyokay, if there is any wiki stuff you want done, email that through maiatoday - we'll handle that too17:44
maiatodaywhat I am saying is if anybody wants to do something you don't need to wait for us17:44
* nlsthzn will do stuff...17:45
maiatodayalso if anybody is organising anything like an ubuntu hour we can add it on ubuntu-za.org17:45
queeryplease do that at the moment only WC is posting there17:45
maiatodayok I'll take an action to write sub-set list of things we can do17:46
kbmonkeyMaaz, agreed Wesley and Neil to help with more wiki/mailing/admin tasks17:46
Maazkbmonkey: You're not the boss of me17:46
maiatodayMaaz, agreed Wesley and Neil to help with more wiki/mailing/admin tasks17:46
MaazAgreed: Wesley and Neil to help with more wiki/mailing/admin tasks17:46
kbmonkeyjust so everyone knows if they have any ideas17:46
maiatodayMaaz agreed maiatoday to make a suggestion job jar list on the mailing list17:46
MaazAgreed: maiatoday to make a suggestion job jar list on the mailing list17:46
* nlsthzn will have a giggle everytime maaz says that17:46
kbmonkeygreat idea maiatoday17:47
kbmonkeyokay, does anybody have anything to add?17:47
lost_and_unfoundthe mailing list... is that ubuntu-za@lists.ubuntu.com ?17:48
tumbleweedlost_and_unfound: yes17:48
kbmonkeycorrect lost_and_unfound 17:48
nlsthznare we automatically on the list when we are added on laucnhpad to za/17:48
kbmonkeythe URL for the mailing list is https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-za17:49
tumbleweednlsthzn: no17:49
kbmonkeyyou can subscribe via that link17:49
* nlsthzn thinks he is not on the mailing list... oh no wait he is... many problems has spammed his inbox17:49
kbmonkeyokay let's move on...17:50
kbmonkeyMaaz, topic Feedback on Ubuntu CD's sent to regions17:50
Maazkbmonkey: Just do it yourself17:50
maiatodayMaaz, topic Feedback on Ubuntu CD's sent to regions17:50
MaazCurrent Topic: Feedback on Ubuntu CD's sent to regions17:50
queeryi sent 1 CD and it has been received17:50
maiatodayOk I sent the parcels to the people who responded on my list. Some of them arrived I haven't got feedback from everybody yet17:51
tumbleweedmaiatoday: saw your e-mail today, I'll organise collection soon, thanks17:51
nlsthznthe province of UAE has not received any as of yet... :/ ;)17:51
maiatodayAlso I am hoping to get some photos so I can make a blog post17:51
Kiloscan someone make not of asking cocooncrash to get Maaz  working for kbmonkey as well17:51
maiatodayok tumbleweed cool17:51
kbmonkeyTo those who received them, we need some photos of your parcel. Or better yet, photos of you handing them out to other people17:51
maiatodayI was hoping for just a pic with cd with two hands but anything will be good17:52
lost_and_unfoundwhat happend with the 'freedom toaster' project. Not sure if that was also part of the loco's. Those unfamiliar, in short it's a stand alone pc in a stand and you just go there and select which distro you want to burn. http://www.meraka.org.za/news/2006/freedomtoast_6june06.html would that not help with distibution of disc's ?17:52
queeryooh good idea17:52
nlsthznthey still work at some uni's afaik17:52
maiatodayI saw the freedom toaster in the library at Stellenbosch last week17:52
tumbleweedlost_and_unfound: probably best discussed after the meeting, if you want more information on it17:52
lost_and_unfoundperhaps some bigger malls would be a nice offset if we can get some sponsorss ?17:53
* nuvolari pulls out his hair17:53
maiatodaySo the plan is before the next release which is an LTS I'll update the list of regional contacts and then when the CDs get here I'll to the contacts again17:53
Kilosnuvolari, youre late17:53
nuvolarithe first time ubuntu lets me down with the audio17:53
nlsthznmaiatoday, next isn't lts17:53
cocooncrashMaaz: grant chairmeeting to kbmonkey when authed17:54
Maazcocooncrash: Alrighty17:54
nuvolariKilos: I know oom, but rather late/no meeting than no sound. and Im stuck without sound now :(17:54
maiatodayok then we'll practise till the lts comes around :)17:54
kbmonkeythanks cocooncrash 17:54
maiatodaythanks cocooncrash 17:54
kbmonkeypractice makes perfect.17:54
kbmonkeyI can take some photos of CD's you sent me maiatoday, but I'll make a mission to hand them out soon17:54
maiatodayAlso I am happy to say one of the contacts put some money in my bank account for postage17:54
Kilosnuvolari, di the i am bit17:55
maiatodaykbmonkey: we could probably move on17:55
kbmonkeyMaaz, topic Feedback on LPI certifications17:55
MaazCurrent Topic: Feedback on LPI certifications17:55
kbmonkeythought I'd mention this again17:56
Skarr[m]my adsl stopped working today :(17:56
* nlsthzn is a neophyte on the lpi study group17:56
nuvolariMaaz: I am Johan Mynhardt17:56
Maaznuvolari: Righto17:56
kbmonkeythe LPI (Linux Professional Institute) offers certifications. 17:56
nuvolarithanks oom Kilos 17:56
kbmonkeywe have set up a mailing list for discussion surrounding that, if anyone is interested, whether you want to write the exams, or just learn with us, visit http://groups.google.com/group/linux-studies17:56
Kilosnuvolari, yw17:57
Skarr[m]Maaz: I am Willem Dreyer17:57
MaazSkarr[m]: Okay17:57
kbmonkeyI have received lots of interest from Ubuntu-ZA and the Durban LUG. 17:57
nuvolariMaaz: lpi.link17:57
Maaznuvolari: lpi.link is http://groups.google.com/group/linux-studies17:57
nlsthzneven from over seas17:58
kbmonkeyyes the group is for anyone, we help another online17:58
nuvolariwe're not bound by landscapes17:58
nuvolariexcept we can't go to UAE for exams :P17:58
nlsthznwould it be ok if I tried to get a few more peeps here in on the action... we have exam centres/17:59
kbmonkeyThere's an international group who does the same, they use mumble and audio conferencing, but not all of us have that luxury, so we will stick to emial and irc17:59
maiatodaykbmonkey do you want to post info about this on ubuntu-za.org?17:59
kbmonkeygood idea nlsthzn, I have the same idea17:59
Kilosenquire if nlsthzn can skype the exam so someone can watch him17:59
kbmonkeymaiatoday, I will do so, thanks 17:59
kbmonkeyMaaz, agreed Wesley will post LPI information on ubuntu-za.org18:00
nuvolaribrb. restart and hope my audio worx18:00
kbmonkeydid Maaz hear me?18:01
MaazAgreed: Wesley will post LPI information on ubuntu-za.org18:01
tumbleweedkbmonkey: shuttleworth foundation used to offer the paper LPI exams locally, ocassionaly. Spoken to any of the guys who used to run them?18:01
Kiloshe had to think first18:01
kbmonkeytumbleweed, no not yet. I made contact with the training center in JHB but there are none for us in KZN. Apprently we can write them and Coptia centers, and I will coordinate with the LPI foundation, more on this on the list though.18:02
* nlsthzn will rally up interest in the UAE...18:02
kbmonkeythanks nlsthzn!18:02
kbmonkeyokay I think we can move on18:02
tumbleweedkbmonkey: cool18:03
kbmonkeyMaaz, topic Ubuntu hours and meets18:03
MaazCurrent Topic: Ubuntu hours and meets18:03
kbmonkeyI'll be the first to admit I have been too bad in not organizing more hours18:03
kbmonkeySo as a reminder, let us have more Ubuntu hours! :)18:04
maiatodayif it wasn't for queery the hours here would dwindle too18:04
maiatodaythank you queery18:04
kbmonkeySo I will make some plans with my local peeps (nuvolari) 18:04
queeryhehe but i also forget18:04
kbmonkeyand I prod everyone else to do the same where possible18:05
kbmonkeyif anyone present would like to say so now...?18:05
* nlsthzn is a tad far18:06
* kbmonkey adds ubuntu hour to ~/todo18:06
* queery does so too18:06
kbmonkeyon a semi-related note, to get attention and promote the logo when in coffee shops: where can we get stickers or decals?18:07
tumbleweedI have the ubuntu-za table cloth and banner18:07
maiatodayI still have some stickers I had made, also you can have some made the images are on spread ubuntu18:07
queerymaiatoday has some left18:07
tumbleweedanyone is welcome to get it from me if they need it18:07
kbmonkeyokay I'll grab those images and get some quotes. 18:08
kbmonkeywhere are you base tumbleweed?18:08
tumbleweedkbmonkey: UCT18:08
tumbleweed(cape town)18:09
kbmonkeyah, okay in that case rather give them to someone there along with an Ubuntu CD. I'll get some printer18:09
* nlsthzn couldn't type anymore :/18:09
kbmonkeysorry my fingers are going too fast18:09
nuvolariiz back with audiowaves18:09
kbmonkeydoes anyone want to add anything on this note?18:10
nuvolariare we still on the LPI topic?18:10
kbmonkeywe are on Ubuntu hours nuvolari :)18:10
nuvolaribah :-/18:10
nuvolarioh, ya we should organise one18:11
nuvolariuh... was'nt it my turn??18:11
kbmonkeythat topic was more of a casual mention, any in-depth talk about it would be appreciated on  it's mailing list rather :)18:11
* nuvolari totally forgot18:11
nlsthzncrap... I have some outstanding dishes :/ cheers all... sorry for bailing a bit early... keep up the awesome work... you guys rock!18:11
Kiloscheers nlsthzn 18:12
kbmonkeyi have some free time now nuvolari, apart from studying, so i can take a road trip to your side this time :)18:12
kbmonkeyciao nlsthzn 18:12
nlsthznjust for lols before I go http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=11060408&postcount=35318:12
nuvolarikbmonkey: I just need to find an open weekend18:12
queeryis the meeting still going?18:12
nuvolarimy parents are visiting18:12
nuvolariso a bit busy :P18:12
kbmonkeythat's fine, my people will call your people, we'll coordinate18:12
Kilosqueery, yes18:12
queeryoh ok18:13
kbmonkeyI think the meeting is about done18:13
maiatodayI think we are about done, queery 18:13
maiatodaysnap :)18:13
queeryhehe ok18:13
maiatodayyou can end it kbmonkey 18:13
lost_and_unfoundon the ubuntu hours, probly a bit late, but the coming week it is Internetix, would that not be an idea to get into some of those types of shows ? Was also at rewired a few weeks back.18:13
kbmonkeyhow do I tell Maaz to end?18:13
* Kilos thanks kbmonkey maiatoday tumbleweed 18:13
kbmonkeyMaaz, end meeting18:14
MaazMeeting Ended18:14
MaazMinutes available at json: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2011-07-18-17-35-25.json :: txt: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2011-07-18-17-35-25.txt :: html: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2011-07-18-17-35-25.html18:14
kbmonkeyMaaz, thanks18:14
Maazkbmonkey: Okay :-)18:14
maiatodayyay thanks kbmonkey 18:14
queerymaaz ty18:14
MaazEnjoy queery18:14
KilosMaaz, dankie man18:14
MaazGroot plesier my vriend18:14
queerymaaz botsnack18:14
Maazqueery: :-)18:14
kbmonkeyokay that was fun, and not too long. good for a no-agenda meet :p18:14
lost_and_unfoundtumbleweed, i was refering to the freedom toaster earlier to perhaps assist in getting the CD's to regions or for more exposure.18:15
queeryok im off18:15
kbmonkeyyou're welcome maiatoday, I can always fill in if you need :)18:15
Kilosqueery, cheers18:15
maiatodaykbmonkey: good job! do you want to put the minutes link in the loco website?18:15
kbmonkeysure thing18:15
tumbleweedlost_and_unfound: sure18:15
tumbleweedlost_and_unfound: so, the toaster project was originally a TSF project, got spun off into a separate company, breadbin.co.za18:16
kbmonkeythose freedom toasters sound cool lost_and_unfound! cant find a list of their locations ...18:16
tumbleweedthey have been selling toasters commercially (e.g. to unisa, and UCT law library)18:16
tumbleweedbut the community toasters have all dried up, and the ones that are left are all (as far as I know) maintained by volunteers18:17
lost_and_unfoundand also these expo's there was one a few weeks back in PTA named ReWired, note a bg list of people talked there, that sould also give some exposure18:17
kbmonkeyah, forgot to mention, I found out they use Ubuntu at CTI here in KZN Durban north.18:17
kbmonkeyso there's an opportunity to get people too :]18:18
lost_and_unfoundyeah, this coming week is Internetix and also ZaCon18:18
kbmonkeythat would be the "add new meeting" link on the loco site maiatoday ?18:19
kbmonkeyah yes looks like it18:19
maiatodayyeah also the link to the minutes of this meeting18:19
kbmonkeygotcha :)18:20
maiatodaythere are no topics in the linux studies group yet 18:20
kbmonkeyno, I will repost the one from the previous list (had problems with mail going lost then moved to g-groups)18:21
kbmonkeyprobably later tonight or tomorrow, to get the ball rolling. still get people joining :)18:22
nlsthznI have returned18:24
lost_and_unfoundwhat is the general offset / interest to drop off a few discs and whatevers at pc shops ?18:25
tumbleweedlost_and_unfound: considering the general level of cluelessness at pc shops, I'd be hesitant to do that18:25
kbmonkeyoh, maiatoday that meeting was added automatically via our agenda. there are two now :p18:25
nlsthznI am a bit excited about trying to get some peeps here involved with LPI... would be good for both loco's if there was some team work :)18:25
tumbleweedI'm not quite sure if we should be spreading ubuntu to people who don't have anyone to support them18:25
tumbleweedI'm also open to being persuaded otherwise :)18:26
lost_and_unfoundtumbleweed, and ig you can convince them it could be an additional revenue stream? i mean, ubuntu these days is pretty idiot proof18:26
kbmonkeygreat point tumbleweed, but I believe those people most interested are likely knowledgeable enough to want to try it18:26
tumbleweedlost_and_unfound: but unlesss they have a linux geek on tehir staff, people who bought machines using it would probably be worse off than if they had windows18:26
kbmonkeyunless it's a family member you convinced18:27
lost_and_unfoundkbmonkey, i would like to get in volved in linux training, however can't seem to find a decent place here in PTA18:27
kbmonkeylost_and_unfound, jumping bean is the place that offers certified training18:27
lost_and_unfoundkbmonkey, they are in randburg if i recall correctly18:28
kbmonkeyI'm in KZN though, and must self-study. that is why we have setup a mail list18:28
nlsthznhttp://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/ is it only official loco's that put there meetings here? or Any loco?18:29
kbmonkeymaiatoday, can I ask you to delete this duplicate meeting I added. only admins can remove them: http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/ubuntu-za/139/detail/18:30
lost_and_unfoundShould I get in contact with maiatoday  to get some disc (i.e are they call-pressed and have pretty pics?) or are they just plain CD-W's with printing on them ?18:30
kbmonkeythey are awesomely printer lost_and_unfound!18:31
kbmonkeywhere are you based?18:31
nlsthznofficial cd-s are great18:31
maiatodaykbmonkey: I'll try18:31
kbmonkeyprinted in sleeves too18:31
maiatodaylost_and_unfound: I sent cds to pta18:31
nlsthznI still have 6.06 cd-s someplace :)18:31
Kiloslost_and_unfound, there were some sent to pta18:31
nlsthznofficial ones18:32
Kilosask maiatoday  to who18:32
maiatodaythe contact people should add themselves to the list on ubuntu-za,18:32
maiatodaybut I have a list18:32
Kilosi too slow18:32
nlsthznKilos, you are mr info... awesome job18:32
lost_and_unfoundmaiatoday, where will i be able to get to distibute around here ?18:32
lost_and_unfoundhow can i add myself as a contact person, I am already n te mailing list18:33
maiatodayI made a list of regional contact people and I split the CDs among people on the list18:33
Kiloshi trev_ redspark 18:33
maiatodaylost_and_unfound: you are on the mailing list aren't you, mail me and I can send you the pta contact info18:34
redsparkhey all, wassup. I missed the meeting? :)18:34
lost_and_unfoundmaiatoday, just let me know what you need from me and what are the procedures to follow so i can get more involved18:34
lost_and_unfoundmaiatoday, ah, tx18:34
* nlsthzn feels like he is spitting against the wind and will stop now...18:34
kbmonkeymaiatoday, looks fine on the lcoo site now, thx18:34
redsparkah, the meeting is in progress. good.18:34
maiatodaylost_and_unfound: for this round, I already have a pta contact, but you can certainly contact them and work with them18:35
lost_and_unfoundthats even better thanks, busy sending mail to you now18:35
Kilosredspark, you a bit late18:35
kbmonkeysorry you missed it redspark :)18:35
Kilosbut only by an hour18:36
redsparklol, was busy with work .. maps, gis ... fun stuff :) i missed a lot?18:36
KilosLPI classes18:36
Kiloscoming soon18:36
KilosMaaz, LPI.link18:37
MaazKilos: lpi.link is http://groups.google.com/group/linux-studies18:37
nlsthznnight all18:37
kbmonkeyaarg, what happened, both meetings are gone now :(18:37
Kilosnight nlsthzn  sleep tight18:37
maiatodaykbmonkey: I fixed the duplicate meetings18:37
Kiloskbmonkey, slow down18:37
redsparkmay i introduce myself ... full name > percy langa, location > mtunzini. i few guys on the list know me from the cape :) wassup highvoltage, sakhi & superfly18:38
Kilosmore haste less spead18:38
maiatodayredspark: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2011-07-18-17-35-25.html18:38
kbmonkeyokay maiatoday, ill add it again thanks :]18:38
maiatodaydon't worry kbmonkey I had the link in my clipboard so I just added it when I just did the bit of admin18:38
superflyohi redspark!18:38
highvoltagewow nice seeing you online redspark, we haven't spoken in... years!18:38
redsparkello mate :)18:39
superflyredspark: saw you on the mailing list a few weeks ago, awesome to "see" you again!18:39
redsparkyep, lurkin....lol18:39
kbmonkeyhi there redspark and superfly too18:39
lost_and_unfoundthanks geeks, cheer </chat>18:39
redsparki see the ubuntu family is alive. good :)18:40
nuvolaritrying to uninstall the virus on my dad's lappy18:41
nuvolarirunning at 100% cpu usage for no reason at all18:42
Kiloswinsucks nuvolari ?18:42
nuvolarija oom Kilos 18:42
nuvolariwas my swaer s'n18:42
Kilosget avast antivirus18:42
Kilosand zonealarm firewall18:42
nuvolariKilos: oom, die ding is useless :-/ ek kan niks doen nie18:42
nuvolarinie eers 'n browser launch nie18:43
* nuvolari boots ubuntu 11.0418:43
kbmonkeyI remember back when using Knoppix to live boot and run AV. ah memories. dont miss viruses, _at all_18:43
Kilosas jy reboot wat doen dit18:43
nuvolarikbmonkey: I have to agree with you there18:43
redsparkmust be some app running up the cpu ... task manager info?18:43
kbmonkeysaves time, saves money, saves bandwidth ;)18:43
redsparklol @ kbmonkey18:44
nuvolariredspark: there's 1 process using 97%, but I can't kill it, it says the process doesn't exist. I suspect a virus18:44
maiatodayI just got reminded of this event https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuCommunityWeek18:44
redsparkname of app?18:44
maiatodayit is happening as we speak and has lots of info about how to get involved in the local community18:45
maiatodayyou access it via lernid or any irc client18:45
kbmonkeyI was trying to follow the classroom during the meet. my multitasking was maxed out >_>18:45
Kiloshi markrich 18:46
markrichHi There18:46
Kilosnuvolari, try find the path to that package18:46
kbmonkeyoh, thanks to everyone who made the meet!18:47
Kilosthank you for chairing kbmonkey 18:47
Squirmgood evening18:47
kbmonkeyi have to eat eat now, had a big physical and im _starving_ :D18:47
redsparkwill join the meeting early next time :D18:47
Kilosgo eat18:47
kbmonkeybbl, afk :)18:47
Kilosyeah redspark normally start at 193018:48
Kilosnuvolari, can you find the path to that running program18:48
nuvolariKilos: I'm already starting up the live cD oom18:49
nuvolariI'm not going to give the virus a 2nd chance18:49
redsparkwill block my time properly :)18:49
Kilosnuvolari, live cd?18:50
nuvolarithe ubuntu cD oom18:50
nuvolario.O what's with my bad capitalisation?18:50
Kilosother way is with wincd18:50
Kilosthen go install and if i member you can boot from command prompt18:51
redsparkk cool. later guys and girls. t'was good to meet ya :)18:52
Kilos and the old dos command was del c:\path to program18:52
Kiloscheers redspark 18:52
redsparkwhen is the next meet?18:52
Kiloswill be anounced in our lists redspark 18:53
superflyredspark: once a month, on a Monday evening at 19:30, watch the mailing list for the date18:53
Kilosaw i forgot nuvolari if you know the name of the hog program running you can go control panel add/remove and uninstall from there18:58
Kilosor find it in search and delete everything related by right click delete18:58
Kilosthen you will need a registry cleaner to clean up19:00
Kilosnuvolari, good luck. 19:07
Kilosnight everyone see ya tomorrow19:07
afrodeitymaaz: are you here?20:35
Maazafrodeity: *blink*20:35
afrodeityjust checking20:35
afrodeityhope the logs are up for today20:35
* afrodeity thinking about the proverb: downtime = whois?20:36
kbmonkeyhello afrodeity 20:38
afrodeityterminal blues20:39
kbmonkeydon't know that proberb20:39
afrodeityas in whois kbmonkey20:40
kbmonkey*proverb - 20:40
* kbmonkey == apie20:40
afrodeityamazing when my terminal is up20:41
afrodeityI lost all my weechat commands because I was doing something20:42
afrodeitylost in a basement I guess20:43
kbmonkeylost? eek20:43
kbmonkeywere they saved in the weechat .config files?20:43
afrodeitykiller problem20:43
kbmonkeyi symlink all my configs into dropbox so they always backed up :)20:44
afrodeitywish marco would build me a latin-bot20:45
kbmonkeyokay all, gonna cash in and read a book. no more monitor for me tonight :D20:53
aquaratwow it's difficult to get the AsteriskGUI going on ubuntu22:03

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