airurandoclosing the geeknic date picking poll now18:59
tdr112which date18:59
airurandohi moylan.18:59
moylanhey airurando19:00
tdr112was picked19:00
airurando14th sunday19:00
airurandomoylan I didn't get to that today.  hope to tomorrow19:02
moylanairurando: no worries. i should be in irc anyway if you want19:02
* ebel is upgrading to natty19:03
airurandomoylan: thanks :)19:03
airurandoebel right now?19:04
ebelit's downloading...19:04
ebelstarted a while ago19:04
airurandodo you want me to chair or will you do it?19:05
airurandoor does anyone else want to chair?19:05
ebelprob best if you chair...19:06
airurandowe'll start19:07
MootBotMeeting started at 14:07. The chair is airurando.19:07
MootBotCommands Available: [TOPIC], [IDEA], [ACTION], [AGREED], [LINK], [VOTE]19:07
airurandoGood evening everyone and thanks for attending19:08
airurandoIf you are here for the monthly meeting please indicate so by typing “PRESENT”19:08
airurandoThe wiki page for this meeting is here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrishTeam/IRCMeetings/2011-07-2019:08
airurando[LINK] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrishTeam/IRCMeetings/2011-07-2019:09
MootBotLINK received:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrishTeam/IRCMeetings/2011-07-2019:09
airurandoon to the agenda items19:09
airurando[TOPIC] Review of previous action items19:10
MootBotNew Topic:  Review of previous action items19:10
airurandoDuring the June meeting there was one task actioned.19:10
airurandoczajkowski to ask BK19:10
airurandomore specifically19:11
airurandoczajkowski to ask Blacknight to extend their sponsored hosting offer for our website19:11
* ebel must apologise19:11
airurandoas far as I am aware this was done and we got a positive response from BK19:11
ebeli haven't looked into the BK and told czajkowski what she needs19:12
ebelBK have sponsored another year of hosting for us19:12
tdr112good stuff19:12
airurandoyes indeed thanks to BK19:12
airurandoebel: what needs to be done?19:12
ebeli need to tell czajkowski who wil tell canonical sysadmins the ip address of the bk hosting19:13
ebelso they can change www.ubuntu-ie.org to point to thr bk hosting19:13
airurandois everything set up on the BK side?19:13
ebelthe people redoing our hosting (can't remember names) said it's easier if the real domains pointed over19:14
ebelas of last meeting, bk hosting wasn't configured yet19:14
airurandoI don't understand the detail19:14
airurandoid we point from one to the next and the next isn't ready won't we have downtime?19:15
ebelyes there would be downtimes19:16
airurandowhat to do?19:16
ebelthe people volunteering said it would be ~ weekend19:16
ebelit only occured to me afterwards about downtime19:17
ebel(after irc meeting)19:17
czajkowskiebel: yes just mail me and I'll file the RT19:18
airurandois it to hard to get the whole thing set up on BK and then get canonical to do the forwarding thing?19:18
czajkowskiI dont know the bk side of things19:19
ebelyes, you could put the ip address in your /etc/hosts19:19
czajkowskithe Canonical side is an email and can take a few days or hours depending on how busy they are19:19
ebelwhich lets you 'pretend' that www.ubuntu-ie.org is at BK for just your machine, everyone else sees the old one19:19
airurandoebel: can you define the steps to be taken from this point to effect a smooth transition.19:21
* ebel can't remember if he mentioned this at the last irc meeting19:22
* airurando can't either19:23
ebelsomeone check logs for who offered to do the hosting19:23
ebeltis a bit silly talking about it without them19:23
* airurando doesn't understand anyway19:23
airurandoinfoturtle wern't you and thethomaseffect involved?19:24
infoturtleI was ages ago but there has been work since without me and I'm unsure where things are at19:24
airurandoat a high level (keep it simple for me please...)19:25
airurandoshould the webmasters not get thinks fully set up on BK hosting first?19:26
ebelcost benefit trade offs19:26
airurandooh crikey I don't even understand that....19:26
ebelalso abilities. things that make things easier for one party can make things harder for others19:26
airurandohow can we move this forward?19:27
ebelwho's doing the web hosting?19:27
airurandoisn't that right?19:28
ebeland no matter what i do need to tell czajkowski details for our hosting19:28
ebelyes, BK are doing hosting. i meant who in ubuntu-ie is our web maintainer? who's setting it up?P19:28
infoturtleit was me and thethomaseffect but I think he's done more on it since I last helped, which was months ago19:29
airurandoshall we shelve it?19:30
airurandoseems a bit like rock and hard place to me.19:30
ebelno point in you & me deciding what someone else will do, that person needs to be here to talk about it19:31
* ebel suggests waiting till we can talk to web hoster19:31
* ebel should refresh his memory from minutes]19:31
airurandomoving on19:31
* ebel is very unprepared19:31
airurando[TOPIC] Oneiric Ocelot Ubuntu Global Jam19:32
MootBotNew Topic:  Oneiric Ocelot Ubuntu Global Jam19:32
airurandoI raised this item.19:32
tdr112when is it19:32
airurandoUbuntu Global Jam for Oneiric Ocelot takes place from 2nd to 4th of September.19:33
airurandoI just thought we should start planning for it now.19:33
airurandoDetails of this Global event can be found at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuGlobalJam19:34
airurando[LINK] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuGlobalJam19:34
MootBotLINK received:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuGlobalJam19:34
airurandoIt would be great to keep both Dublin and Limerick up and running and if possible even add to them.19:34
airurandoI believe the more we participate in these Jams the more productive  we will become during them.19:34
airurandoThoughts anyone?19:34
infoturtleI love them despite not helping much19:35
infoturtlemore that come the better19:35
airurandoinfoturtle will you lead Limerick again?19:35
Carles-091labsSorry new... I'll ask around 091labs for any interest19:35
Carles-091labsI mean I'm new here19:35
airurandoCarles-091labs welcome!19:36
infoturtlesure, I can see who I can talk to, UL is out till sept 5th AFAIK so I duno how I can do this19:36
airurandoIt would be great if something was set up for Galway19:36
* airurando loves Galway19:36
airurandowent to College there in the 80s and 90s19:36
ebelCarles-091labs: welcome! no apology needed. anything we can do to help, jsut ask19:36
Carles-091labslots of our members use Ubuntu as our main OS. Hopefully will get some interest19:37
airurandoCarles-091labs that is great19:37
moylanwhat are the numbers at the current 2 locations at the last jam.  by having more locations are we not lessening the numbers that turn up at those locations?19:37
airurandohave a look at the wiki page detailed above19:37
tdr112i will ask if tog will host the dublin one again or we can try some where new19:37
airurandoand as ebel said let us know if we can be of any help19:38
Carles-091labshaving a look at the wiki as we speak19:38
infoturtlemoylan: there were 5 at the limerick one, none of us would have made it to Dublin for it19:38
airurandotdr112 tog would be great19:38
czajkowskiinfoturtle: 5 is better than none19:39
airurandomoylan limerick of Galway folk are less likely to attend Dublin anyway19:39
czajkowskiand its nice to have an alternative venue19:39
ebel5 is a decent umber19:39
ebelthink we had 3 or 4 in dub :P19:39
moylanno arguements there but i worry that if there is a galway one there will be less than 5 at limerick19:39
infoturtleczajkowski of course, thus why multi location is a good idea19:39
airurandoI think it would be great to get better communication streams up between locations19:40
Carles-091labswhat would be the best way to communicate19:40
infoturtlemoylan: all the ones at the limerick one were from Limerick19:40
infoturtleDon't think they'll go to Galway for one19:40
moylanfair enough! i sit corrected :-)19:40
airurandoCarles-091labs at the mo all we have is IRC19:41
airurandowe toyed with the idea of ebel on Ustream last time19:41
infoturtleI don't mean to belittle, I just can't track to Dublin for them and like the set up19:41
Carles-091labswould be nice to have some video streaming on the day... ustream stream perhaps?19:41
czajkowskiit worked well the last day 1 day face to face19:41
czajkowskiand if we want to do more19:41
czajkowskiwe can all do stuff via irc19:41
czajkowskiat the end of the day we're all on irc to help one another over the day19:42
airurandoand as always19:42
airurandowe can build on things global Jam to global Jam19:42
tdr112i can set up a ustream for the day or skype19:42
infoturtlethat would be great19:42
airurandoI think it would be brilliant to get the three location up and running :)19:43
tdr112so are thinking one day in person and one day one irc again19:43
airurandoCarles-091labs can I action you to investigate the possibility of hosting one in Galway19:44
airurandono pressure19:44
Carles-091labshosting what exacly?19:44
tdr112a bug jam19:44
airurandoCarles-091labs aye a Ubuntu Global Jam19:45
airurandohosting/holding/having one.19:45
Carles-091labsI'm going to try to get people interestd19:45
tdr112a one day event , one go from about 10 am until about 5 or 6 pm19:45
airurandoCarles-091labs cool19:45
Carles-091labsbut it may be just myself :P19:46
airurandocould you report back at next months meeting?19:46
tdr112Carles-091labs: no worrys19:46
airurandoinfoturtle: can I action you with leading limerick?19:47
airurandotdr112: can I action you with asking TOG?19:47
Carles-091labsGoing need a bit on the day... never actually tackle any bug fixing before...19:47
infoturtleI'll see who I can talk to in the colleage about it19:48
airurandoCarles-091labs It really doesn't matter what's achieved19:48
airurandohave fun and learn19:48
ebelgreat way to meet people face to face19:48
Carles-091labscool... perhaps a tiny bug fixing for starters19:48
tdr112infoturtle: or milklabs19:49
airurando[ACTION] infoturtle will organise UGJ Limerick.19:49
MootBotACTION received:  infoturtle will organise UGJ Limerick.19:49
infoturtletdr112: true, I'll ask around19:49
airurando[ACTION] tdr112 will ask TOG to once again host UGJ Dublin19:50
MootBotACTION received:  tdr112 will ask TOG to once again host UGJ Dublin19:50
Carles-091labsin the wiki says from the 2 to the 4... Do we have a more exact date for this?19:50
airurandowhat ever day suits19:50
infoturtleSat the 3rd?19:50
airurandousually we hold Jams on a Sat19:50
Carles-091labsSat it is then19:51
airurandoinfoturtle I agree19:51
tdr112we find a in person is better for the sat19:51
tdr112and online on sat19:51
airurandoface to face on Sat19:51
airurandoonline Sunday?19:51
infoturtleok, so the 4th for Limerick19:52
infoturtlejust to make sure19:52
airurandoinfoturtle 3rd19:52
infoturtleso all of em on the 3rd19:52
airurandonot obligatory but it might be best19:52
tdr1123rd in person19:53
tdr112and online on the 4th19:53
airurandoanything else on this19:53
Carles-091labssounds good to me19:53
airurandomoving on so19:54
airurando[TOPIC] August Geeknic19:54
MootBotNew Topic:  August Geeknic19:54
airurandoThe poll has been closed and the results are in.19:54
airurandoThe poll can be viewed at http://doodle.com/wz7rby5ev2wr2ep819:55
airurando[LINK] http://doodle.com/wz7rby5ev2wr2ep819:55
MootBotLINK received:  http://doodle.com/wz7rby5ev2wr2ep819:55
airurandoSunday the 14th of August had the most votes at 4.19:55
Carles-091labscan anybody care to explain what is Geeknic, please19:55
airurandoa picnic for geeks19:56
Carles-091labslol brilliant19:56
airurandothere is a website somewhere19:56
MootBotLINK received:  http://geeknic.org/19:56
airurandoIt would be great to have one of these in Galway also sometime :)19:57
airurandoCan the Dublin centric guys pick a location for this?19:57
Carles-091labswe had a bbq the other day... would love a geeknic too19:57
airurandoCarles-091labs these are not ubuntu specific19:58
tdr112airurando: i am not sure if i can make this one so i better not pick it19:58
moylan70a poll for location perhaps?19:59
airurandomoylan will you do it?19:59
infoturtleI can't make it either19:59
airurandoI don't know enough about Dublin.19:59
airurandotdr112 no bother20:00
airurandoinfoturtle no bother20:00
airurandowe should have a location picked by the start of the month.20:00
airurandoebel any views?20:00
ebelCarles-091labs: geeknics are also attempted to get non-pub meet ups20:01
airurandomoylan70 will you put up the poll?20:01
ebellocation... dunno, somewhere outside, greesnspaces20:01
ebelloads of parks in dublin.... suppose...20:01
airurandowhat markets run on Sunday?20:01
ebeloh yeah20:02
airurandowe do need a location20:03
moylani'll try and put up a poll. i'll throw the link out in the email list20:04
Carles-091labsleaving soon... How do you comunicate on a regular basis ??? mainling list ?20:04
airurandothanks moylan20:04
airurandoCarles-091labs mailing list and here on IRC20:04
airurandoare you on the mailing list?20:05
Carles-091labsok. I send a request to join the mailing list earlier20:05
ebelCarles-091labs: mailing lsit or this channel20:05
infoturtlelol, link fail20:05
Carles-091labsok.. I'll be in touch20:05
infoturtlenice to meet you Carles-091labs20:06
airurandomoylan we can only give the pool till the first of the month20:06
moylanairurando: understood20:06
airurandogreat and thanks20:06
airurando[ACTION] moylan to generate a doodle poll  to decide on the location for the August geeknic20:07
MootBotACTION received:  moylan to generate a doodle poll  to decide on the location for the August geeknic20:07
airurandoanything else on this20:07
airurandomoylan locations where food can be purchased would be good20:08
airurandomoving on20:08
airurando[TOPIC] Any other business20:08
MootBotNew Topic:  Any other business20:08
moylani was going to list the last few places were geeknics were held, stephens green, peoples park, phoenix park. etc and hopefully someone will email other suggestions.20:09
infoturtleI've one bit that not realy important20:09
airurandoshoot infoturtle20:09
airurandomoylan sounds good20:09
infoturtleI've 3/4 of the stack of CD's airurando gave me, of 11.04 live CD's, if anyone needs any I'll be happy to post them if yer short20:09
infoturtleI missed the geeknic cause of a death so never got to pass em out20:10
* airurando also has 30 or so CDs20:10
airurandoinfoturtle I brought some along20:10
airurandojust want to acknowledge our reapproval20:11
airurando[TOPIC] The successful reapproval effort of our loCo Team20:12
MootBotNew Topic:  The successful reapproval effort of our loCo Team20:12
airurandoIt was great to see that our efforts in terms of hosting events and other matters were well received by the LoCo Council.20:12
airurandoOnwards and Upwards20:12
airurandostill smiling....20:12
airurando[TOPIC] Date for next meeting20:13
MootBotNew Topic:  Date for next meeting20:13
airurandoThe third Wednesday in August will fall on the 17th of the month.20:13
airurandoAny objections to that being the date for the next meeting?20:13
infoturtlenope, I'm down with that20:13
moylanworks for me20:13
airurando[AGREED] The monthly teamIRC meeting for August will take place on 17 Aug 11.20:14
MootBotAGREED received:  The monthly teamIRC meeting for August will take place on 17 Aug 11.20:14
airurandodoes anyone have anything else?20:14
airurandogoing once20:15
airurandogoing twice20:15
infoturtlea buck!20:15
airurandoha ha20:15
infoturtlewoo hoo, I win!20:15
airurandothanks all for attending and participating.20:16
MootBotMeeting finished at 15:16.20:16
airurandoinfoturtle what about the hackerspace and the learning hub20:17
airurandoCD distribution that is20:17
infoturtlegood idea20:17
infoturtleI did the hackspace alright20:17
infoturtleleft about 15 in total of the 3 types20:18
airurandothere is always the next Global Jam also and the start of the academic year20:18
infoturtleya, I hauld some to that too20:18
Carles-091labswill the meeting be at 8pm?20:20
infoturtleI must fly, got poker to play20:20
infoturtlec y'all again20:20
Carles-091labstalking about the one in August 17. Are they always at the same time?20:21
moylanCarles-091labs: yes20:21
airurandoCarles-091labs unless someone objects20:22
Carles-091labsok, thanks... (adding to calendar)20:22
airurandoit will always be at 8pm on the third Wednesday on each month20:22
Carles-091labsok. good to know20:22
airurando*of each month20:22
airurandono problem and thanks for joining in!20:23
Carles-091labsno problem20:23
airurandoCarles-091labs we also microblog on identi.ca and twitter20:24
airurandoubuntuie is the account on both20:24
airurandoinfoturtle maintains the ubuntu-ie presence on facebook.20:25
Carles-091labsthat's why i joined today... somebody retweeted about this20:25
airurandodelighted the tweets get through20:26
Carles-091labsi think it was jeffrey20:26
airurandoto people that want to hear :)20:26
airurandoaye he and angryearthling (aka moylan) tweeted this20:27
=== airurando changed the topic of #ubuntu-ie to: Welcome to Ubuntu Ireland! || http://www.ubuntu-ie.org/ || https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrishTeam || This channel is logged - logs at http://logs.ubuntu-eu.org/freenode/ || Next IRC Meeting: 17th of August 2011 @ 8pm || Ubuntu Hour Limerick last Thursday of every month, Absolute Hotel || Stay tuned for details of the next Ubuntu Hour Dublin!

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