thezombifiedhook:thanks for the info! I actual saw a tweet from Mike Putnam00:00
thezombifiedI apparently can't type tonight either..00:00
h00kbludude, EgyParadox, KBme, lostson, mikeputnam, nickmoeck, ripps, thezombified: we're going to get this started, who'se around?00:01
blududeI'm here. connection is spotty though00:01
h00kEgyParadox: we're having our LoCo Meeting for August00:01
h00kltseeley: welcome :)00:01
* mikeputnam here00:01
mikeputnamthezombified: welcome00:02
ltseeleyThanks! =)00:02
h00kWe can get started right away.  You can follow along our agenda here: http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/ubuntu-us-wisconsin/164/detail/00:02
h00kFirst off, let's go around and do a meet-and greet, I'll get started.  I'm Anthony, the LoCo contact. I [try to] help the LoCo have events and fun things. I'm from Rhinelander.00:03
h00kand especially welcome to the new faces we have :)00:03
h00kWho'se next?00:04
thezombifiedI'm Joel, from Oskosh, just kinda scoping things out :)00:04
h00kthezombified: welcome, welcome. Are you familiar with what the LoCo is?00:04
thezombifiedNot really, no00:05
h00kthezombified: http://loco.ubuntu.com/about-loco/ It's a Local Community of users, usually organized by state or country.00:05
h00kFrom the site, "the LoCo project is here to help groups of Ubuntu fans and enthusiasts work together in regional teams to help advocate, promote, translate, develop and otherwise improve Ubuntu.:00:06
h00kwe occasionally hold meetings, talks, events, and things like that. Both online, as well as meatspace.00:06
h00kltseeley: do you want to go next?00:07
ltseeleySure. I'm Logan and I'm from Westby. I've been using Ubuntu for a year and want to start getting involved.00:07
h00kltseeley: welcome, this may be the first time we've met, apologies if my brain is fuzzy00:08
ltseeleyHaha, no worries.00:08
h00kanyone else care to go?00:08
mikeputnamI'm Mike Putnam, from Appleton. Casual Ubuntu user, open source fan, ERP programmer by day, generally nerdy.00:09
h00kCheesehead, we're doing meet-and-greets yet. Name, rough location (whatever you're comfortable with, etc)00:09
h00kwelcome back, mikeputnam.00:09
mikeputnamthezombified: Madison and Milwaukee have "Ubuntu Hours" where they demonstrate or otherwise espouse the good stuff about Ubuntu to prospective new users.00:09
h00kHe does a lot of stuff with DHMN as well00:10
mikeputnamand that00:10
h00k^ this is next (the Ubuntu hour stuff ;))00:10
h00kCheesehead: care to go?00:10
thezombifiedmikeputnam:ahhh okay00:10
h00kSome movie on TV, (AMC) is talking about "Linux, the preffered OS of hackers" or something00:11
h00kmentioned Torvolds.00:11
h00kCheesehead's connection is terrible, he can step in when he wants00:11
h00kchris___1: Hi! We're doing meet-and-greets, care to go?00:11
h00kChime in when you can, we'll keep truckin'00:12
h00kNext up is Ubuntu Hours00:12
mikeputnamltseeley: Have you been to http://orangecomputerlax.com/  in LaCrosse?  The owner Matt is very Linux-oriented00:12
h00kmikeputnam: you killed him.00:13
mikeputnamwith kindness!00:13
h00kSo, back to Ubuntu Hours. We have two spots hosting them now, which is pretty awesome00:13
h00kbludude: welcome back00:14
blududethanks. I have yet to figure out these wifi issues with my laptop :(00:14
h00kUbuntu hours cal be held in a public place like a coffee shop, someplace visible,00:14
h00kbludude: it turns out LoCo's can do support as well ;) we can check that out after the meeting00:14
h00k*can be held00:15
=== chris___1 is now known as twopoint718
mikeputnamTomorrow night NEWLUG is having a remote meeting via Google+ Hangout as well as their usual in-person meeting in Appleton. If I can stop by, I'll suggest an Appleton Ubuntu Hour.00:15
twopoint718h00k: ha, not before I change my nick00:15
h00kHere's a wiki about them, which I largely clarified: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Hour00:15
h00ktwopoint718: feel free, jump on in00:15
h00kmikeputnam: I would tomorrow as well, but I won't be available :(00:16
mikeputnamwe got yer back00:16
h00kThere's this sweet map: http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/ and an events listing00:16
h00kas well as http://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/ubuntu-us-wisconsin/events00:17
twopoint718sorry to crash and dash, but I gotta run.  I'll check the logs (Chris, your Madison correspondent signing off)00:17
h00kThere you can check out where and when they are, and if you care to host an Ubuntu Hour, please feel free.00:17
h00ktwopoint718: sounds good, take care.00:17
h00kI may consider doing one up here in Rhinelander, as well.00:18
twopoint718(Next Madison Ubuntu Hour is on the 20th IIRC)00:18
h00kAnyone have any questions about the Ubuntu Hours?00:18
h00ktwopoint718: yep00:18
h00kthezombified, ltseeley, do you two have any questions?00:19
h00kdoes anyone else have anything to add about the Ubuntu Hours?00:19
thezombifiedNot so far!00:19
ltseeleyNope, thanks.00:20
h00kanyone else?00:20
h00kI just got an email from Cheesehead, network issues, may be here, may not be00:20
h00kSo, next up is the Global Jam00:20
CheeseheadHere for now00:20
h00kI'm not even going to make a 'large sandwich' joke because that'd be lame00:21
h00kThe Global Jam is an awesome opportunity for Communities around the world (hence Global) to get together on the weekend of Sept 2-4 to improve Ubuntu00:21
h00kthezombified: meatspace, online, or both00:22
h00kThis says the things LoCos can do quicker than I can retype them:00:23
h00kBugs, Testing, Upgrade (testing the upgrade process, reporting feedback), Documentation, Translations, Packaging, and Other00:23
h00k(other types of contribution such as marketing and advocacy etc. You can also help fix papercuts or Unity Bitesize Bugs)00:23
h00kI think it'd be cool if we had a few meatspace meetups around the state, and we could all work on things00:24
h00kand/or if you cannot, on IRC or some other for of online participation00:25
h00k*form of online participation00:25
h00kltseeley, Cheesehead, thezombified, mikeputnam, bludude: are there any forms of helping you'd particularly be interested in helping with?00:26
thezombifiedI can probably do online stuff in the afternoon of the 2nd, but that weekend has already been well planned out for me...00:27
blududewell, uh, the Ubuntu GNOME remix is trying to become an official part of Ubuntu in 12.04 as Gubuntu. I really have no idea what I'm doing on a lot of things, so I could use some help with that00:27
ltseeleyI'm not a really experienced programmer, but I'd be interested in testing.00:27
thezombifiedthat asside, I'd be interested in going through installation/upgrade stuff00:27
blududeI'd also like to start helping with ubuntu bugs and such00:27
h00kbludude: cool, I haven't heard of that at all00:28
h00kthezombified: that's alright, it happens00:28
h00kI like the bug testing, reporting, and upgrading tracks, because I have a few machines with different hardware to test things on00:29
h00kbludude: fixing, or triaging, or reporting? Or not sure?00:29
blududemostly fixing00:29
h00kso, are you (all) interested in meatspace meetups in your areas?00:31
h00kwe're spread out, so it makes it a bit more difficult00:31
bludude'd like to see how ubuntu does things00:31
h00kbludude: where about are you from?00:32
blududemenomonee falls. a few minutes outside of milwaukee00:32
mikeputnamIf there is some traction with NEWLUG meeting I may be able to be at an Appleton meetup. Otherwise remote.00:32
h00kmikeputnam: cool.00:32
h00kI think Milwaukee and Madison will probably be the big points of meatspace meetups00:32
h00kI know we have a few other members from down there that'd probably be interested00:33
h00kltseeley: hello on Twitter ;)00:33
h00kand a few around Appleton, cool.00:33
* mikeputnam @mikeputnam and "Mike Putnam" on Google+00:33
h00kSo, basically what would work best is to have some 'host' at each location to be a point of contact00:34
h00kalso, location, time, (internet access should probably be considered)00:34
h00kfood/snacks/drinks too, don't forget the good stuff.00:35
h00kWe can reach out to the mailing list to see if people are interested in being this, I suppose00:35
h00kmikeputnam: I suppose let me know if you're at NEWLUG, and I'll check with the Madison Linux User Group00:37
mikeputnamhello ubuntuWi-Guest00:37
mikeputnamh00k: will do00:37
h00kubuntuWi-Guest: feel free to change your nickname, /nick newnickhere :) also, welcome00:38
ubuntuWi-GuestHi, I have never done this and am kind of new to linux00:38
h00kubuntuWi-Guest: welcome :) How did you find us?00:38
=== ubuntuWi-Guest is now known as tBast
tBastHey... I 'm learning already00:39
h00ktBast: welcome to IRC :)00:39
tBastThanks H00k00:39
h00ktBast: we can fill you in on what's happened so far in a few, I just want to run down the rest of the items on our list00:39
h00kDoes anyone else have any questios about Global Jam?00:40
h00kIt sounds like we have interest in bugs, upgrading, and bugfixing, which is awesome.00:40
tBastYou mean besides "What is Global Jam?"00:40
h00ktBast:D yes, it's basically the coolest collaboration ever. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuGlobalJam00:40
Cheeseheadh00k: Did you mention the MKE Ubuntu Hour, Sept 2?00:41
h00ktBast: we're going to get together in our state, along with Local Communities all over the world, to help make Ubuntu better00:41
h00kCheesehead: not explicitly, feel free!00:41
CheeseheadThe date was set to be part of the Jam.  http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/ubuntu-us-wisconsin/1093/detail/00:41
tBastI went to the link and am now doing some reading.00:42
h00kAwesome, looks like we have a Milwaukee location already. Missed that one ;)00:42
h00ktBast: Cool. Let us know if you have any questions00:42
h00kbludude, ltseeley, doing alright? any questions?00:43
blududeI'm good00:43
ltseeleyI'm good too! =)00:43
mikeputnamOoo I like that idea.  Do an Ubuntu Hour as participation in the Global Jam00:43
h00kAlso, I just want to mention - this is our LoCo. We can do events whenver, it doesn't have to be on Global Jams day, Ubuntu Hour day, etc.00:43
Cheeseheadmikeputnam: Could you please forward the event infor to relevant LUGs?00:44
h00kWe had a guy do a seminar in Minocqua, WI today with the public at a library about Ubuntu00:44
h00kCheesehead: I have MadLUG taken care of00:44
h00kor, will00:44
Cheeseheadh00k: thx00:44
mikeputnamCheesehead: sure.00:44
h00kSo, don't wait for meetings or anything, if you feel like doing activities or events! Feel free to shoot an email to the mailing list00:44
Cheeseheadmikeputnam: thx00:45
h00kBy the way, for the people new, ltseeley, bludude, tBast: I invite you (please, please!) to join the Mailing List: https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-us-wi00:45
ltseeleyAlready joined a month ago!00:46
mikeputnamhello ubuntuWi-Guest00:46
h00kltseeley: perfect.00:46
h00kHello, ubuntuWi-Guest :)00:46
blududeditto, been on it for awhile00:46
Cheeseheadh00k: One note about events - We need to report them. If I'm not there in person, somebody please shoot me a text summary, attendance estimate, (optionally) a photo or two...00:46
h00kCheesehead: roger.00:46
CheeseheadSo I have something to say in the reports.  Thx00:46
h00kbludude: also perfect00:46
h00kIf we keep activities regular, like the hours and meetings, we can become an Approved LoCo00:47
Cheeseheadh00k: Meeting again next month?00:47
h00kthen we get cool things like CDs00:47
h00kCheesehead: I'm not there yet ;) but ys00:47
blududeare we an approved loco atm?00:47
h00kAlso, bragging rights00:48
h00kbludude: not right now :( I'm hoping soon.00:48
blududeI always thought we were...00:48
h00kbludude: no :(00:48
h00khttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoGettingApproved, also http://loco.ubuntu.com/loco-council/approved00:48
h00knot *yet*00:48
h00kbut we have people that want to be00:48
h00kso, I'll move on to artwork, and then anything else people have.00:49
h00kAny questions on events and things?00:49
h00kI blame EgyParadox for this next one.00:50
lostsonam I fashionably late?00:50
h00kThe Egypt team, which EgyParadox is a part of (EgyParadox is a former Wisconsin resident), has some *awesome* artwork00:51
h00klostson: HI!00:51
h00kwe're just on the last point, I can fill you in after00:51
h00klostson: basically, we're doing some local meetups for Global Jam, which is awesome.00:51
h00kSo, I thought it'd be cool if anyone wanted to bust out their skillz and work up some artwork00:52
lostsonare the meetups all on saturdays ?00:52
h00klostson: here's the schedule: http://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/ubuntu-us-wisconsin/events00:53
mikeputnamegypt loco art is awesome100:53
h00kmikeputnam: I know, right?00:53
ltseeleyAgreed, it's really well done.00:53
h00kSo, if someone wanted to fire up their skills...00:53
h00kyou know...we'd look pretty good with some artwork...00:54
h00kI wouldn't even mind going in on some T-shirts.00:54
ltseeleySame here. T-shirts would be awesome.00:54
lostsonthe logo should have some cheese in it00:54
h00ktBast: are you alright? Do you have any questions?00:54
h00klostson: #ubuntu-locoteams was just discussing Cheese and Wisconsin00:55
tBastSlow reader... just trying to keep up00:55
lostsonok got to go being paged by the family have to catch up late00:55
h00klostson: Peace :)00:55
h00kSo, we already had one person say they might fire up some artwork on the mailing list00:56
h00kbut feel free if anyone's interested.00:56
h00kThen we can talk tshirts00:56
h00kI get kinda jealous when other LoCos have their sweet Approved tablecloth, tshirts, etc.00:56
h00kubuntuWi-Guest: Are you around yet?00:57
h00kubuntuWi-Guest: or did we lose 'ya00:57
tBastAre most of you from the Milwaukee area?00:57
h00ktBast: I'm up in Rhinelander00:58
h00ktBast: where abouts are you from?00:58
tBastI am in De Pere... suburb of Green Bay00:58
h00ktBast: alright, cool00:58
tBastI have started to go to the NEWLUG meetings in Appleton and like learning about this stuff00:59
h00ktBast: we havce some from Appleton and Oskosh00:59
tBastI figured it out :o)00:59
ltseeleyAnybody in La Crosse area?01:00
h00kSo in concluding with artwork (do some, it's cool), we should plan our next LoCo meeting01:00
h00kltseeley: We have at least 1 other, I'm pretty sure01:00
tBastnot having done this before... if I preface what I am going to say with a username and a colon, does that notify the person who I am writing to?01:00
ltseeleyOkay, cool.01:00
h00ktBast: yep, and you can even start typing their name and press [tab]01:00
h00kltseeley: feel free to ask the mailing list, too, to catch people that aren't here01:01
tBastWhat does the tab do?01:01
h00ktBast: autocompletes their nickname, and appends a colon01:01
h00kdepending on what client, but I'm pretty sure the web-interface does the same thing01:01
h00ktBast: try it01:01
tBastI typed "hoo" followed by a tab and nothing happened01:02
h00ktBast: use zeroes, or just h[tab]01:02
tBasth00k: Nevermind. I got it01:02
h00kI'm the only 'h' in here01:02
h00kI think a meeting next week would be good, keep things fresh in our head about the global jam, then we can talk about more of what we want to do, how we want to do it01:03
mikeputnamtBast: Will you be at tomorrows NEWLUG meeting?01:03
tBasth00k: if I send this to you, do others see what I have sent?01:03
h00kwhat does everyone else think?01:03
h00ktBast: yes01:03
tBastmikeputnam: My son is playing in the championship softball game... fatherly duty to go cheer his team on01:04
h00knext week? does the same time work on Wednesday?01:04
tBastmikeputnam: I was thinking of bringing my laptop and seeing if there is wifi around there01:04
mikeputnamWednesdays at 7pm seems ok to me. 8pm would be better (easier to get the kids in bed)01:04
h00kwe should be able to catch up with NewLUG and MadLUG01:04
h00kmikeputnam: sure01:04
h00kMadLUG is the Madison Linux Users Group, for anyone that isn't familiar01:05
ltseeleyYeah, 8:00 would work better for me too.01:05
h00k8:00pm next Wednesday it is.01:05
h00kAnyone else have anything to add?01:05
h00kAlso, this channel is always open for chatting, hanging out, etc, so feel free01:05
tBastHow about 3 + 2... Ha!01:05
mikeputnamtBast: I'm going to try to attend NEWLUG if only briefly (and remotely)01:05
h00ktBast gives us 5.01:06
tBasth00k: gotta love those prime numbers01:06
h00ktBast: Aye :)01:06
h00kMeeting next Wednesday (one week, 8:00pm), keep ideas flowing for Global Jam, keep the mailing list up-to-date if you have any ideas you want to do01:07
tBastWhat does Loco stand for?01:07
h00ktBast: Local Community01:07
h00ktBast: http://loco.ubuntu.com/about-loco/ is a bit more about them01:07
h00ktBast: we're the Ubuntu US - Wisconsin team01:07
h00kwe even have a domain and everything01:08
tBastSounds like this might be a good place to get some of my questions answered... when I have some01:08
h00ktBast: the channel?01:09
h00koh, the website01:09
h00ktBast: the mailing list, chat room, forums (I don't know how active those are...I think they're fairly stale)01:09
tBastSo far, I have found I like Ubuntu and I think I am converting my brother over to it soon. I would love to take a class on all the commands01:10
tBastkind of like taking a DOS class01:10
h00ktBast: this could definitely be a good starting point, there's a fairly large support base for Ubuntu01:11
h00kand feel free to hang out, I usually leave my client connected to this channel01:11
tBastThat might be, but every time I have googled how to do things I find that the users who give methods assume that you know a lot and the tend to leave little things out01:12
h00ktBast: If you're fairly new to Linux in general, I don't know your level, but the Manual might be a good start01:12
h00k!manual | tBast01:12
lubotu1`tBast: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/01:12
tBastI think that is the easy stuff. Here is an example of what I was looking for a while back.. I wanted to know if there was a way to create a shortcut that opened up a spreadsheet file directly01:14
tBastI finally figured it out myself.01:15
tBastit was as easy as adding the file name after the command to start the spreadsheet. However, I could not find that in any documenatation01:15
tBastWhat I am working on now is trying to figure out how to log into my work computer from home. I can do it with Windows, but so far haven't figured it out for Ubuntu01:16
h00ktBast: command-line, or graphical?01:17
tBastMy office computer is Windows xp01:17
h00ktBast: there's a remote-desktop client installed, you just have to make sure that you have ports open properly on your work network01:17
tBastOne of our corporate guys said he did it and the most important part is to have the latest Java loaded01:17
h00ktBast: what are you trying to remote in with?01:18
tBastI think we have to use VPN01:18
tBastWith Windows, I use neoterris01:18
h00kI've never heard of it :/01:19
h00kJuniper Networks01:19
tBastIt's pretty neat. We use an RSA number generator for authentication and when we get in, I am right on my desktop.01:20
blududeh00k: my wifi issue is a known issue with some system76 laptops01:21
lubotu1`Launchpad bug 724464 in System76 "Starling WifFi goes out" [Undecided,New]01:21
h00kbludude: ah, okay.01:21
h00k??!?! Apparently we had 5 people show up today for the Ubuntu seminar in Minocqua. Which is awesome.01:21
h00kI'll be forwarding this email to the LoCo01:21
tBasth00k: Going to get going. I will read up on the site and perhaps be back soon.  Night all!01:22
h00ktBast: good luck, nice to meet you01:22
h00kbludude: to help, there are a few things you can add to that bug report01:23
ltseeleyNice to meet you, Anthony!01:23
h00kltseeley: you as well, thanks for coming around01:24
h00kltseeley: drop by anytime, keep in touch, etc.01:24
h00kbludude: for instance, can you add the following:01:24
ltseeleyAlright, thanks. =)01:24
h00kbludude: output from the terminal: lsb_release -a01:25
h00kbludude: uname -r01:25
h00kbludude: dmesg > dmesg.log (attach dmesg.log to the reprt01:25
h00kbludude: lspci -vvnn > lspci.log (attach lspci.log to the report)01:26
h00kbludude: I'll add that comment to the bug as well, so other people can get a snapshot of their logs and things01:27
h00kwell, that was cool.01:36
h00kmikeputnam: do you want me to throw NewLug in this meeting announcement (mailing list)?01:43
mikeputnamgo ahead.  that way i'm not the only one crossposting.  ;)01:44
mikeputnam(some people get annoyed by that)01:44
h00kdo they? :(01:46
h00kWisconsin's so small :(01:46
h00kit's almost hard not to01:46
h00kI have an idea.01:46
h00kI'm going to formally invite them with a crosspost.01:47
h00kheh. then they can't even get mad.01:47
h00kmeh, I donno.01:48
h00kmikeputnam: is there a newlug-sc?01:49
mikeputnami can see the perspective though. if they were interested, they explore the ubuntu-wisconsin-loco stuff on their own.01:49
h00kit's true. I'll hold off on newlug, sending to madlug-sc if they want to post it.01:50
mikeputnamno newlug-sc that i'm aware of01:52
h00kmikeputnam: roger.01:54
mikeputnamnor newlug-roger01:54
mikeputnamsounds like a nice fellow though01:54
h00kmikeputnam: is your email mikeputnam@gmail.com ?02:05
mikeputnamdid you get that logger bots?02:06
h00kmikeputnam: no:(02:06
mikeputnamit's okay. it just funnels through gmail's most awesome spam filter02:07
h00kmikeputnam: I keep chat logs, if that helps, but didn't get moobo02:07
mikeputnamh00k: just send that straight to NEWLUG02:09
h00kmikeputnam: hmmmm.... okay.02:10
mikeputnamas long as we don't make it a regular thing i'm sure it's fine02:10
h00kalright, working one up for ubuntu-us-wi right now02:11
h00kwriting up emails yet, post-meeting02:14
BuglouseHello [#TinyCoreLinux]02:26
h00kBuglouse: oh, hi02:27
h00kBuglouse: this is #ubuntu-us-wi, however ;)02:27
h00kmikeputnam: you think I should just straight-up forward it?02:32
h00kI invited MadLug and NewLug02:49
h00kbludude: I added a comment on your bug ;002:51
blududeadded logs, should have done that in the first place02:58
h00kbludude: They may need more, I'm not sure02:58
blududethe wifi always drops at the worst possible times, like when I'm pushing code or just submitting a blueprint :(03:00
h00kbludude: 13:00.0 Network controller [0280]: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RTL8191SEvB Wireless LAN Controller [10ec:8172] (rev 10)03:02
h00kbludude: I'm trying to help, anyway, I hope I'm not screwing up the triagers in any wy03:05
lostsonok then03:05
h00klostson: hi friend :)03:06
mikeputnamh00k: nicely done.  meeting and emails.03:10
h00kmikeputnam: cool, thanks.03:10
h00kI tried.03:10
mikeputnamnitey-nite now03:11
lostsoni thought i had to re-up on launchpad ?03:15
h00koi, that took a lot of time tonight03:15
h00klostson: you...lemme check03:15
h00klostson: I thought you were expired03:15
lostsonno im not or so it says03:16
h00kJoined in03:16
h00klostson: 2010-02-28Deactivated03:16
h00klostson (lostson) is a Deactivated Member of Ubuntu Wisconsin LoCo Team.03:16
h00klostson: however, it says you expire on 2012-08-1003:17
lostsonim on the page and it says i am a member03:17
h00klostson: huh, I just clicked a button, you're back.03:17
h00klostson: there we go.03:18
h00ksorry about that, whatever happened.03:18
lostsonoh well03:18
* h00k shrugs03:18
h00kno harm.03:20
h00klostson: anyway, did you see the emails?03:20
h00kI'm exhausted.03:22
h00kThat consumed most of my evening03:23
lostsonreally though it shouldnt be using my lostson account that account should be deleted it should be using my mister jones account03:23
lostsonthat is also weird03:23
h00kaah. is that there?03:23
lostsoni did not see it in the active members list no03:23
h00klostson: me either03:23
h00klostson: can you change your lanchpad ID?03:24
lostsoni dont know03:24
blududetheoretically you can change your id if you don't have PPA's03:24
blududeyou can also merge accounts03:25
h00klostson: there 'ya go ^03:26
blududewould you like links with that shake, sir?03:27
blududehttps://help.launchpad.net/YourAccount/NewAccount has name info03:30
blududehttps://launchpad.net/people/+me/+edit is where you can change it03:32
h00kI just changed my launchpad picture03:33
h00ksweet action.03:33
h00kokay, I should get some sleep.03:34
blududei need to get around to uploading a picture...03:34
h00kPeace, all.03:42
h00kI forgot if I sent the mail to madlug or just the sc15:59
bigbashJust want to stop by say hi, saw the crosspost to the newlug group, unfortunately I missed the IRC meeting last night16:09
h00kbigbash: ah, that's alright16:10
h00kand ehllo16:10
h00kbigbash: I don't want to make that a habit (make anyone mad, etc)16:10
h00kbut it's cool to have some LUGs to collaborate with16:10
bigbashno prob, i just found out about that group16:10
mikeputnamh00k: you sent it to madlug-sc only16:22
h00kmikeputnam: bah, okay.16:22
h00kthere we go16:41
mikeputnamwelcome shalomoreo17:33
mikeputnam(and twopoint718)17:33
* mikeputnam goes for a walk outside17:37
twopoint718it *is* a nice day outsite17:37
* twopoint718 just got coffee and is settling down for a long session of Windows Deployment Services wranglin'17:38
h00kI just stepped out with the smokers, and am back17:44
h00kApparently everyone's picking the first of next month to quit17:44
h00kshould be interesting17:44
twopoint718watch out for grouchiness17:48
h00kI just ordered some pizza17:58
h00kI finally figured out how to get poached eggs done nicely in this microwave, but I'm egg'd out17:59
twopoint718This was one of those "duh!" moments, but it once slowly dawned on me that an egg timer is for cooking eggs18:00
h00kI kept having the damn yolk explode18:03
h00kI had it covered with things, poked a hole, etc18:03
h00kbut I got a nice container with a lid, need a bit more water, and let the yolk drain a bit first18:03
h00kMissed them.18:46
h00kSome people must be finding the link to the webchat, though, which is cool18:48
twopoint718h00k: missed who?18:50
twopoint718err, "whom"18:50
h00ktwopoint718: a ubuntuWi-Guest joined18:50
h00kand then quit18:52
twopoint718Ah, I don't think I saw it.  I'm hiding leave/join events18:56

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