philipballewnice. who all showed up pleia200:05
pleia2might be a couple minutea late for mweting, on way home drom solano stroll npw :)01:27
grantbowmeeting time?02:02
grantbowI hope it starts soon. I woke up at 5 AM for this :-)02:03
pleia2who all is here?02:03
guai'm here!02:03
greg-gI'm partially here, might go for a walk with the pregnent wife soon-ish02:05
pleia2ok, we don't actually have anything on the agenda02:05
* pleia2 waits for wiki to load02:06
pleia2https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Meetings/11September11 empty agenda :)02:06
pleia2but we have had some events lately02:06
pleia2DWonderly: you about?02:06
pleia2philipballew wrote a writeup about the san diego jam last weekend: https://philipballew.wordpress.com/2011/09/04/ubuntu-global-jam-san-diego-wrap-up/02:07
greg-gcool! add it to a team report! :)02:07
* greg-g didn't do that as they happened for Michigan, and had a big backlog of reports to do with reapproval next week02:08
pleia2we've done them monthly for the past couple of years02:08
guais there a designated time for comments/questions from random people (like me)?02:08
pleia2and we add posts like this to the project page after the event so making team reports are easy: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Projects/OneiricGlobalJam02:09
pleia2gua: since we have no agenda this meeting is pretty free-form, anyone can make comments/questions any time :)02:09
guaah alright02:10
pleia2today up in berkeley we did the solano stroll, just plugged in my camera to get the pictures ;)02:10
pleia2gave out over 100 CDs, lots of people at the booth all day, lots of fun, too much funnel cake02:10
guathat sounds good02:10
greg-gpleia2: how many -us-ca people were there?02:10
rww(here, not there)02:11
philipballewis here!02:12
pleia2greg-g: jyo, jdeslip at least, the rest were mostly berkeleylug02:13
grantbowdid Ian make it?02:14
pleia2yep :)02:14
pleia2we're going to play 3ds at the next berkeleylug02:14
pleia2anyone have announcements, comments, questions, other things?02:15
pleia2san francisco ubuntu hour on wednesday evening: http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/ubuntu-california/1209/detail/02:15
greg-gdang, I'll be out of town02:16
grantbowa week from Thurs I am hosting a Global Jam in Kenya to jump start the wiki.ubuntu.com/KenyanTeam - virtual support would be most appreciated. Details to follow.02:16
grantbowerr, not Global Jam, Ubuntu Hour02:16
grantbowone step at a time02:16
guaIs anyone taking part in the Stanford ai-class, ml-class or db-class and has heard of Bay Area meetup plans for study groups or would be interested in attending study groups?02:16
akkI'd be interested in a study group for ai or ml ... haven't heard of any plans for one.02:17
greg-ggrantbow: nice.02:17
makushimuI had applied for that online AI class, really looking forward it.02:17
grantbowonline? excellent02:18
akkgrantbow: online and free, offered by stanford. ai-class.com02:18
guaI've heard second-hand stuff about a study group at Hacker Dojo, but if there's demand i'd prefer to have one a bit closer to the East Bay (where I am). I was thinking the places where the DV LUG people meet might be good, or Noisebridge in SF could also work.02:18
akktens of thousands of students taking it worldwide :)02:18
pleia2my boss wants me to take the db class, but I can't imagine when I'd have time :\02:19
akkI'm closer to Hacker Dojo than either of those places, myself.02:19
guagrantbow: http://www.ai-class.com/    http://www.ml-class.com/    http://www.db-class.com/02:19
grantbowgua: dvlug.org and noisebridge.net are both weekly, sounds good02:20
guamakushimu: Would you be interested in attending a study group?02:20
makushimuOh, I didn't know about db and ml classes, thank you for sharing!02:20
guagrantbow: Is there somethng weekly related to AI at Noisebridge?02:20
grantbowlocodir-user: no02:20
locodir-userIN CALIFORNIA02:20
pleia2locodir-user: please turn off your caps lock :)02:20
makushimugua: I would love to try02:21
grantbowgua: not sure about AI02:21
locodir-userok thank youy02:21
grantbowgua: at noisebridge02:21
akkA list of all Ubuntu users in California would be a very very long list. :)02:21
guagrantbow: Ah, well related to any of the classes really then?02:21
pleia2I'd say the wednesday linux night class at noisebridge from 6-8 would be happy to have the study group people join them02:21
pleia2everyone pretty much does their own thing there anyway02:21
guamakushimu: alright. fyi there are subreddits for each class too. http://www.reddit.com/r/aiclass    http://www.reddit.com/r/mlclass    http://www.reddit.com/r/dbclass02:21
grantbowpleia2: +102:22
makushimugua: Most excellent, thank you!02:22
guaI was thinking of attending a few local meeting things like DV LUG and bringing up the study group topic.02:22
locodir-useri see02:22
guapleia2: that's a good idea to bring it up then02:22
pleia2yeah :)02:22
locodir-userwell im very new to this ubuntu  its alot of work02:22
pleia2ok, anything else?02:23
guaAny ideas for groups besides DV LUG and the various Noisebridge groups that might be interested in those classes?02:24
pleia2my solano stroll pictures are now up (I'll add the good ones to the california flickr too): http://www.flickr.com/photos/pleia2/sets/72157627650086116/02:24
pleia2gua: you might mention it to the sf-lug.org folks02:24
locodir-userthe only reason i got into this system and im glad i have is that somoene in ontario california that is really good with the system has been hacking me for 2 years02:25
guapleia2: Ah, good idea.02:25
locodir-userand im still in luimbo02:25
pleia2ok, I think we can wrap up the meeting02:26
akklocodir-user: If you have specific questions, you might want to wait 'til the meeting is over, then ask -- people are usually happy to help.02:26
pleia2anything else before we finish? :)02:27
locodir-userwow great yes i need help lol02:27
pleia2thanks for coming gua, nice to see new faces!02:27
guaThat was a fast meeting.02:27
pleia2no agenda will do that02:27
philipballewgood meeting though gua :)02:27
guapleia2: Sure! I figured people here would be into AI and things like that.02:27
pleia2locodir-user: what area are you in? we've got folks all over the state and could probably point you to some local help02:28
guaphilipballew: Cheers :)02:28
locodir-userontario california02:28
guaWalnut Creek area here. Haven't had to make it out to a DV LUG meeting but a friend of mine (Dan) has gone to some I think.02:28
philipballewSan Diego!02:28
locodir-userand beleive me ive been hacked good02:28
guahad the time*02:29
philipballewlocodir-user, you from so cal as well I see?02:29
locodir-useryes i am02:29
DWonderlySorry I'm late02:30
grantbowgua: Iand and I know Dan02:30
DWonderlyIs it over yet?02:30
grantbowgua: Ian and I know Dan02:30
philipballewi think DWonderly02:30
grantbowDWonderly just finished, sorry02:30
philipballewnot sure, but i get the feeling02:30
pleia2locodir-user: not sure how far you're willing to drive, but a little bit south of you nhaines does ubuntu hours in lake forest, details here: http://nhaines.livejournal.com/62455.html02:30
DWonderlypleia2: did you talk about elections at all?02:30
=== DWonderly is now known as DarkwingDuck
pleia2DWonderly: no, there was nothing on the agenda02:30
grantbowphilipballew end was at #endmeeting02:30
philipballewpleia2, dave does the Pasadena02:31
DarkwingDuckpleia2: I'll do the email thing.02:31
* philipballew should pay more attention :)02:31
pleia2philipballew: ah, right :)02:31
guagrantbow: I'm pretty sure Dan mentioned you before. Good to know.02:32
DarkwingDuckI am so happy to be back on irssi again.02:32
grantbowirssi rocks!02:33
DarkwingDuckAye, Now that my server is actually working...02:33
DarkwingDuckI can use it. Just in time for UDS too.02:34
guaIf X-Chat didn't treat me so well I might be on Irssi already. But it does so totally switching hasn't happened.02:34
philipballewcongrats on the server DarkwingDuck I know that took some time02:35
grantbowgua: tmux or screen + irssi = better than xchat if you have a server somewhere02:35
guagrantbow: Yeah, a persistent session alone would be pretty nice. I'm familiar with screen already at least.02:37
grantbowI'm glad to hear Solano Stroll went well02:38
jyoSo what are we going to do with the Maverick Meerkat stickers?03:02
philipballewhey! pleia2 would it make anybody un-easy if i sat in on the ubuntu women classroom meeting on Saturday? Im trying to learn to become a linux sysadmin sometime04:27
* philipballew is contacting her with any questions... haha04:30
DarkwingDucknhaines: ping05:15
bkerensaphilipballew: You awake :)07:11
philipballewbkerensa, yeah!07:25
philipballeware you?07:25
bkerensacan I pm?07:25
MarkDudeOhio, not much to do here15:55
MarkDudeOLF is for sure worth the trip tho15:55
MarkDudebkerensa: was subject of discussion15:56
MarkDudeHe needs to go to the Ohio Ubuntu channel, maybe offer up a few ideas15:57
nhainesDarkwingDuck: pong16:00
=== rbarot__ is now known as rbarot_
bkerensaMarkDude: What are you on about? :P The buckeyes dont need me16:55
bkerensaMarkDude: How was your trip though?16:55
MarkDudebkerensa: still good. I am still here16:57
MarkDudeI thought there was stuff to do on Monday16:57
* MarkDude leaves tomorrow16:57
* bkerensa has to go setup the Ubuntu Booth at PuppetConf on Thursday16:57
MarkDudeWell that would be one of many reasons other local teams could LEARN from you16:58
bkerensa:) I learned everything I know from you MarkDude17:00
akgranerDarkwingDuck, do we have an Ubuntu-leadership channel yet? or Mailing list17:06
akgranerwas going to blog about it today17:06
bkerensaLOL :) someone at U.S. Customs seriously does not like Ubuntu.... Our conf kit got stuck on a customs hold and today our CD's arrived and it had a customs declaration plus a big green sticker that said "OK" and was signed by a customs supervisor17:09
MarkDudebkerensa: make sure the value of cds is at least one penny17:11
MarkDudeor 5 cents17:11
MarkDudemakes customes easier17:11
MarkDudebkerensa: FB app just named you as my #2 friend. I question their algorithm17:13
MarkDudeNothing against you- I thinkk maybe you are in my top 2017:14
* bkerensa was thinking top 2517:14
bkerensaakgraner: What is Ubuntu-Leadership ?17:15
* MarkDude avoidsd the like 20+ jokes I could make about Ubuntu leadership17:17
MarkDudeakk: is leader17:17
MarkDudetab fai;17:17
MarkDudeakgraner:  is leader17:17
rwwlies, akk is!17:17
MarkDudeNo akk is leader that chooses not to lead17:18
bkerensaMarkDude: You know AWS offers a free EC2? You could setup ZNC so you can idle 24/7/365 :)17:18
MarkDudeakgraner: tried it and said no thank you17:18
akkI don't do well as a leader, except (I hope sometimes) by example.17:18
akkI'll leave it to folks like akgraner and pleia2 who are better at it.17:20
bkerensaoh snap akk thanks for reminding me... I got buy orange frosting this weekend so my fiancee can make Ubuntu pastries17:21
nhainesMy mom used to be a professional cake decorator.17:21
* akgraner catches up17:21
nhainesI literally did not realize you could *buy* colored frosting until I was like 25.17:22
nhainesAlso apparently the red coloring doesn't taste terrible anymore.  :)17:22
akkLeading by pastries, best kind of leadership!17:22
rwwthe pastry hat @ irc ops get seems relevant17:22
nhainesrww: especially for pleia2.  Or is it @pleia2@ ?17:23
pleia2nhaines: +117:23
akgranerbkerensa, back during UDS in Dallas like 4 cycles ago I proposed and Ubuntu LoCo leadership Handbook - however life being what it is and all - I has just sat there - DarkwingDuck decided to kickstart it once again - the goal is to help people understand what being a leader means and to give the community tools to become new, better, more effective and efficient leadership17:23
rwwalthough we think of ourselves as janitors more than leaders :P17:24
rww(irc ops, that is)17:24
akgranerit's an open team...MarkDude if you or anyone wants to join you can17:24
akgranerwe approve anyone asking to join17:24
akgranerand want all the help we can get17:25
akgranerI'll be blogging about it soon - DarkwingDuck blogged a little about it last week17:25
bkerensaakgraner: You dont say? LOL I was just talking to pleia2 about making a ebook cover resources and tools for LoCo's17:25
* akgraner doesn't have the link to his blog handy but if you look on planet Ubuntu he should have his name there so you can get a link to it17:26
akgranerbkerensa, :-) great join the team and in the meantime I'll share the doc with you and anyone else17:26
bkerensaakgraner: is the channel invite only17:27
akgranerbkerensa, https://docs.google.com/Doc?docid=0AdKZelXU8Y2LZGNrcHRkYmhfNzhmNnNmM2RjdA&hl=en_US  here is the googledoc link17:27
akgranerbkerensa, the channel shouldn't be but I'm not setting it up DarkwingDuck is17:27
akgranerrww thanks17:27
rwwbkerensa: yes, it's currently +i17:28
akgranerhmm I wasn't aware of that channel17:29
rww(let me know if y'all need help setting it up, btw)17:29
akgranerwhich was why I was asking -  hopefully DarkwingDuck can let me (and you all) know about it sometime today17:30
akgranerrww thanks join the LP team and then kick DarkwingDuck about it :-)17:30
rwwakgraner: oh, I'm not actually interested in doing (more) leadershippy things, just able to poke at channel modes if you'd like :P17:30
akgranerbkerensa, ebook is a goal but first we need to get the information included in it ironed out...which is why I set up the googledoc on it...but it still needs things added to it and formated etc...17:31
akgranerrww  :-P17:31
akgranerok thanks17:31
rwwI'll kick DarkwingDuck anyway, though!17:32
* rww kicks DarkwingDuck 17:32
bkerensaakgraner: I can help :D17:32
akgranerbkerensa, great - join the LP team - as soon as requests come in and I see them I approve them17:32
akgraneryou have the link to the google doc and there is the wiki page that DarkwingDuck set up17:33
akgranerI'm going to blog once a week on the principles of leadership and skills and styles of leadership used for leading volunteer organizations17:34
akgranerif you make changes on the googledoc just use a different color font17:34
akgraneruntil we can get this into bzr and get some revision control implemented17:35
akgraner(now there is something I never thought I would say)17:35
akgranerI just love all the loco teams :-)  this rocks!  Thanks Y'all!  pleia2  - I wanna move to CA and Vancouver  just to hang out with the loco teams...oh and FL I can't forget them either...Oh and the UK...:-)17:39
MarkDudebkerensa: link?17:39
MarkDudenhaines: that makes sense - ypou have an artisitic sensibility17:40
MarkDudeI figure you can cook up a storm17:40
MarkDudeYou figure we can do a geeknic for scale17:41
rwwWe need to get akgraner obsessed with gnupg keys and send her around the planet to single-handedly strengthen the web of trust through LoCos :P17:41
akgranerrww, don't temp me17:41
bkerensaMarkDude: Link for what?17:41
bkerensaMarkDude: If I win the AOL About.me contest will you go to NYC with me? :) http://t.co/Am2PnZY17:41
bkerensaMarkDude: http://aws.amazon.com/free/ <-- Free Cloud Server.... You can pop your Fedora on there and run a irc bouncer :D17:42
rwwor just use irccloud or something :P17:45
bkerensarww: Thats a pretty cool service =o17:45
MarkDudebkerensa: sind me link afte I get back from waffle house17:46
MarkDudeBut yes17:46
MarkDudeI can get NY trip paid by Dadddy Shadowman17:47
nhainesIn regards to Geeknic at SCaLE, the parts of LA I know aren't amenable to picnics.18:05
nhainesAlso, Ubucon (plus any potential speaking engagements for SCaLE proper) will probably consume all of my resources as in years past.18:06
* bkerensa feels nervous about giving sudo to his main box to someone but he gave sudo acct to Cloudflare because they wanna let me beta test their new Plesk plugin :D18:07
rwwhope you're not doing anything important on it :P18:09
nhainesNot the only test that begins.  :)18:09
bkerensarww: I have backups being set to run every hour until they are done doing there thing18:10
DarkwingDuckWhy am I getting kicked?18:33
nhainesWhy indeed!18:33
* DarkwingDuck backreads18:33
nhainesDarkwingDuck: start with "pong" from me.  :)18:33
DarkwingDucknhaines: I think it was a question re Inkscape.... I answered it last night with google18:34
DarkwingDuckakgraner: today I should have it finished18:35
* bkerensa pings DarkwingDuck and runs18:36
DarkwingDuckAye bkerensa?18:37
* bkerensa was just horsing about18:37
* DarkwingDuck sighs18:38
DarkwingDuck3 days for docs18:38
akgranerDarkwingDuck, sweet - I just wanted to blog some more about it - but wanted the resources in place before I did18:38
akgranerthank you...18:38
DarkwingDuckakgraner: I'm still waiting for a logging bot from the IRC gods...18:41
akgranerso ubuntu-leadership is ours then right18:42
akgraneralso ask Daviey to drop meetingology in there as well please18:43
akgranerso we can use it for meetings and stuff18:43
akgranerI'd like to hold the ubuntu-leadership meetings in -meeting though18:43
DarkwingDuckakgraner: Aye, it's registered and you have access18:43
akgranerif at all possible18:43
DarkwingDuckit's +i right now18:44
DarkwingDuckI wanted to keep it that was till the bot pops in.18:44
akgranerNope for some reason I don't have access :-(18:44
akgranercan you fix that for me18:44
DarkwingDuckakgraner: join #ubuntu-leadership18:46
pleia2I think you want a log bot, not meetingology18:46
DarkwingDuckYes, I'm waiting for log bot18:46
pleia2it may take a while18:47
pleia2let us know once the channel is open so the rest of us can join :)18:47
rwwDarkwingDuck: how is the bot supposed to pop in if the channel's +i :P18:47
* rww would probably -i+m it, if you need people to not talk until the logbot gets in there18:48
DarkwingDuckrww: I was following https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/CreatingChannels18:49
rwwDarkwingDuck: mind if I join it a sec? i have a thought18:50
DarkwingDuckGo for it.18:50
rwwdidn't think so. One option would be +iI $a:ubuntulog, so the bot can still get in there, if you really want it +i until Canonical gets around to it18:51
DarkwingDuckNo, I think we'll wait.18:51
DarkwingDuckI autolog everything with irssi always on so, I'm always logging18:52
bkerensaDarkwingDuck: The irc gods of Canonical idle in our channel sometimes18:56
bkerensaDarkwingDuck: Cinerama in #ubuntu-us-or is the person from Canonical who handles Ubuntulog ;)18:56
DarkwingDuckbkerensa: thanks!18:56
pleia2DarkwingDuck, akgraner, I might also suggest emailing the CC once you get this all announced with a channel and all19:02
pleia2I'm sure some of my fellow CC members would be interested in participating and helping19:02
DarkwingDuckpleia2: Thanks! I was planning on letting people know about it too. :)19:03
akgranerpleia2, we will :-)19:04
akgranerfor sure19:04
DarkwingDuckpleia2: are CDs ordered seperate from the conf packs?19:32
pleia2DarkwingDuck: if you need CDs they need to be specifically added to the conference pack request19:34
pleia2DarkwingDuck: the timing is unfortunate though, the team should get the oneiric CDs around that time but not sure if they'll arrive fast enough19:35
pleia2approved teams should use CDs for events like this (we used them for the picnic, and solano stroll, and scale...)19:36
DarkwingDuckBugger... Okay, I'll toss a request in with shipit19:37
pleia2the team contact has to and they haven't opened up oneiric for requests yet19:37
pleia2I'll do it as soon as we can19:37
pleia2(always do :))19:37
DarkwingDuckOkay, I'll figure something out for the event... I don't think we will get Oneiric CDs in time.19:38
philipballewdoes ubuntu give people the right to make those official cd's themselves or are the cd art copyrighted?19:39
DarkwingDuckWe can do pressed CDs ourselves.19:40
DarkwingDuckI'm waiting for a callback on the booth. Unsure if we will have power or not.19:40
pleia2it's expensive though, people at all our events are happy enough with burned CDs in our california team sleeves19:41
* DarkwingDuck nods19:41
* philipballew begins to hunt down large solar panel19:41
DarkwingDuckThe biggest issue is if we can burn on demand at the event.19:41
philipballewi can bring my spare laptop and main one to be a dedicated burner.19:42
DarkwingDuckI have my laptop as well.19:43
philipballewwe should just have iso's of every possible version they want.19:43
philipballewxubuntu ubuntu kubuntu edubuntu and all the others19:44
rwwfor the more niche ones, can always write to a USB stick if they have one19:44
rwwwith dd for oneiric <319:44
philipballewwho doesnt carry a usb flash drive with them at all times. I know I do19:45
DarkwingDuckI have one of my keychain. XD19:45
philipballewwe should set up a email list sign up thing at the booth for our  ca email list19:46
DarkwingDuckI have 2 Ubuntu books. 2 Linux in a nutshell and 2 Ubuntu for non-geeks books19:47
DarkwingDucka couple t-shirts and hats19:47
DarkwingDucklanyards stickers and buttons19:47
philipballewcan we just go old fashioned with pen and paper for a email sign up sheet or would we be able to get it done on a computer?19:48
DarkwingDuckEither or. I can put my netboot to use for that.19:48
rwwif you can get online, just leaving the subscription page up so people can do it themselves would be good19:48
rwwgets around horrible handwriting19:48
DarkwingDuckI agree19:49
philipballewpleia2, those Linux brochures you had at the solono stroll. what did they say?19:49
pleia2philipballew: they were berkeleylug brochures: http://www.berkeleylug.com/?page_id=219:50
pleia2we also had the little ubuntu california info sheets that are up on launchpad19:50
pleia2the brochures are berkeleylug specific (their contact details), but the license is "Feel free to use and modify these files for any purpose and in any way." so you can add your own info, the source files are on that page too19:51
pleia2we worked on them at a global jam last year, some of the screenshots need to be updated19:52
pleia2and jdeslip just had them printed by vistaprint19:52
philipballewI might do something like that here. maybe just on regular paper though if its cheaper19:53
philipballewhave you seen any sponsors yet DarkwingDuck19:54
philipballewor will we need to sneak out way onto the venue?19:56
philipballewI might be sneaking into toorcon next month. but you didnt hear that...19:59
DarkwingDuckI'm still in talks... :/20:02
philipballewsounds good. who puts on this event actually?20:04
akgranerpleia2, email sent to all the councils and boards with invitation to join - and I cc'd jono as well so no one was left in the dark...I'll be blogging as soon as we get the log bot in the channel20:17
akgranerall await moderation :-)20:17
pleia2akgraner: I let your membership boards list email through :)20:20
akgranerthanks :-)20:21
akgranerI think it sums up where we are now ....20:21
akgranerand invites the leadership councils to be part of it - them we'll start inviting the whole community :-)20:22
akgranerI'm excited20:22
pleia2yeah, me too20:22
DarkwingDuckThis is going to be really cool.20:29
philipballewserious potential20:31
DarkwingDuckFianlly finished Star Trek Enterprise21:21
DarkwingDuckI <3 hulu21:21
DarkwingDuckrather netflix21:22
erichammondDarkwingDuck: Yep, my son and I are going through the 200+ episodes of StarGate SG1 on Netflix through TiVo, and I'm catching up on various series on Netflix through my iPad and Android phone.23:44
DarkwingDuckI have it on my PS323:52

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