nuvolarimornings mornings!03:57
* nuvolari dies03:57
superflymorning nuvolari05:00
superflyand why are you dying all the time?05:00
nuvolarisuperfly: mornings05:14
nuvolarisuperfly: all the time it feels as if I'm about to say my last words :P05:14
nuvolaribut this morning in particular we had extra inspiration along the road on our bicycle trip, so pedalled extra hard05:15
superflynuvolari: you're so dramatic, you could be emo05:15
nuvolarinemo is a fish, I'm not a fish05:16
superflymy point exactly.05:16
nuvolariOH-Kay, I'll try to be a little more subtle :P05:17
nuvolariwhat's wrong with dramatic anyway? it's the only bit of excitement I have :P05:18
superflynuvolari: typically we leave drama to the girls ;-)05:22
cocooncrashWell said.05:32
nuvolaripdf ffft.05:36
superflyoh, nuvolari, I bought myself a netbook last night05:38
Kilosmorning superfly and others05:53
superflymorning Kilos05:55
superflymôre maiatoday05:58
Kiloshiya maiatoday 05:59
nuvolarisuperfly: cool! what did you get?06:09
nuvolarimorning oom Kilos 06:09
Kilosmornin nuvolari 06:09
superflynuvolari: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B004G8QZPG06:11
nuvolarisuperfly: awesome! looks cool too!06:16
nuvolarimorning sakhi 06:26
Kiloshi sakhi 06:26
superflynuvolari: thanks. it's being delivered to my mom-in-law, so I don't pay postage... I just pick it up from them when we visit there in a few weeks06:47
magespawnmorning all08:33
Kiloshi magespawn 08:33
magespawnwhats up kilos?08:42
Kilosn othing new, and there08:43
magespawnnot much. opened a can of worms last night hey?08:43
magespawnnice to have their concern though08:46
Kilosthe guys will look after you and guide you08:47
Kilosand maybe one or two will come feed you peanuts08:48
magespawni am missing something, why would i need the peanuts08:50
Kiloslol when you locked up08:50
magespawnha they are never going to catch me. i am invincible.08:51
magespawnwait till they have read the blog post. they might just decide to come and shot me straight away to save the internet./08:53
Kilosdont be naughty08:53
magespawnanyway i have to go do some work now.08:53
superflyKilos: do you know what magespawn's blog address is?09:47
Kilosi got it somehwere in history superfly 09:48
Kilossec i look for it09:48
Kilosis this it09:51
superflythanks Kilos09:52
Kilosis that it??09:52
superflyit looks like it might be09:53
=== sdehaan_ is now known as sdehaan
Kilosi see these 2 in history09:54
inetproMaaz: coffee on13:34
* Maaz starts grinding coffee13:34
inetproMaaz: and rusks please13:35
Maazinetpro: Go get it yourself!13:35
inetproKilos: who taught this thing to be so nasty?13:36
MaazCoffee's ready for inetpro!13:38
inetprothanks Maaz13:39
superflyafternoon inetpro13:46
inetprohiho superfly13:46
* nlsthzn waves... meeting tonight?13:49
=== scar[w]_ is now known as scar[w]
KilosMaaz, coffee on14:59
* Maaz starts grinding coffee14:59
KilosMaaz, with milk15:00
MaazYay Kilos You aren't one of those skinny guys that needs to drink black coffee to cast a shadow15:00
KilosMaaz, and rusks15:00
MaazI hid them away Kilos Pm me and I'll tell you where they are15:00
Kilosafternoon inetpro 15:02
KilosMaaz, define jabberwocky15:02
MaazKilos: jabberwocky n 1: nonsensical language (according to Lewis Carroll)15:02
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos!15:03
KilosMaaz, thank you15:04
MaazKilos: Sure15:04
KilosMaaz, ping15:06
MaazKilos: pong15:06
Kilos10 secs15:07
Kiloshi nlsthzn kbmonkey 16:31
superflynaandsê oom Kilos16:32
Kilosnaand superfly 16:32
kbmonkeynaand :)16:33
superflyhiya nlsthzn and kbmonkey16:34
nlsthznHello superfly kbmonkey and uncle Kilos 16:34
kbmonkeyi <3 linux :] i just deleted a windows setup iso and recycled all my old CD's. i don't own a single copy of win now. he he16:35
Kiloswell done16:36
kbmonkeycleaning out everything for the move16:36
Kilossometimes you need to use windows at work or with clients16:36
Kiloswhen are you actually moving kbmonkey 16:37
Kilosits a long trip16:37
kbmonkeymy licenses have all expired so no point in keeping them16:37
Kilossore bum far16:37
kbmonkeyha ha. i fly next week thurs Kilos 16:37
kbmonkeyhope my arms dont go sore from the flying16:38
Kiloslol. you not allowed to be online or use cellfones i think16:38
kbmonkeyi think youre right16:39
kbmonkeyonly 2 hour flight but16:39
Kilosah yeah thats not too bad16:39
Kilostime to eat only16:40
kbmonkeyis everyone here for the meeting? :)16:40
Kilosstill early16:40
kbmonkeyah true. 16:42
octoquadhey everyone :)16:42
Kiloslo octoquad 16:42
kbmonkeyhello octoquad 16:42
octoquadis the IRC meeting still on for this evening?16:43
kbmonkeyand other ninjas nlsthzn and superfly 16:43
kbmonkeyyes let me make up some meeting agendas16:43
* nlsthzn will soon be going sleepy... day shift... I R sorry16:43
kbmonkeynp :]16:44
Kilos no nlsthzn 16:44
Kilosno missing meetings16:44
nlsthznhehe :'(16:44
kbmonkeysticky bun fines16:44
Kiloslol at least be here for the opening registration16:45
kbmonkeyI heard someone proposed a monthly Ubuntu release schedule. hectic.16:47
Kiloshi |3o|3 16:48
nlsthznWas just a blog post... the response on the forum was hectic16:48
nlsthznend of the world type posts16:48
kbmonkeyKilos you remember Maaz did not listen to me last time. Do you think he has been told to listen now?16:49
Kiloslol , unless you been removed as an admin16:49
Kilosask him16:50
Kilosdrubin, will you be here to attend the meeting and check maaz listens to kbmonkey 16:50
kbmonkeydoes anyone here have anything they like to talk about in our meet? let me know, ill add to the agenda...16:51
* nlsthzn is always here for the snacks... even if he should be sleeping16:55
nlsthznbtw, what time is the party starting... half past?16:55
kbmonkeyhe he16:55
Kiloskbmonkey, you using xchat16:56
kbmonkeydo you think more people will join for then?16:56
kbmonkeyyes Kilos 16:56
Kiloslook at who is all online and ping some of them16:56
KilosOwkkuri, you attending tonights meeting?16:57
kbmonkeyMaaz coffee on16:57
* Maaz flips the salt-timer16:57
OwkkuriKilos: nope16:57
KilosMaaz, coffee please16:57
MaazKilos: Okay16:57
Kilosaw why Owkkuri ?16:58
kbmonkeyi went on a kungfu camp this weekend Kilos. i really acquainted with the floor, lol.16:58
kbmonkeyin a nature reserve nogal, there were zebras and duikertjies all around us.16:59
Kiloshe he16:59
Kilosi gotta go eat quick.16:59
kbmonkeybring us back a doggie bag pls17:00
* nlsthzn goes for a quick shower... there better be cookies when I get back... nom nom nom17:01
MaazCoffee's ready for kbmonkey and Kilos!17:01
kbmonkeyMaaz thanks17:14
Maazkbmonkey: Sure17:14
kbmonkeyMaaz what did you do with the rusks?17:19
Maazkbmonkey: I'll remember that17:19
superflyMaaz: what did17:20
Maazsuperfly: *blink*17:20
superflyMaaz: what did you do17:20
Maazsuperfly: Huh?17:20
superflyMaaz: what17:20
Maazsuperfly: Huh?17:20
superflyMaaz: last factoid17:20
Maazsuperfly: What?17:20
superflyMaaz: last fact17:20
Maazsuperfly: Huh?17:20
superflyMaaz: how do I use factoid17:20
Maazsuperfly: Factoids are arbitrary pieces of information stored by a key. Factoids beginning with a command such as "<action>" or "<reply>" will supress the "name verb value" output. Search and replace functions won't use real regexs unless appended with the 'r' flag.17:20
MaazYou can use it like this:17:20
Maaz  search [for] [<limit>] [(facts|values) [containing]] (<pattern>|/<pattern>/[r]) [from <start>]17:20
Maaz  literal <name> [( #<from number> | /<pattern>/[r] )]17:20
Maaz  forget <name> [( #<number> | /<pattern>/[r] )]17:20
Maaz  <name> is the same as <other name>17:20
Maaz  <name> [( #<number> | /<pattern>/[r] )] += <suffix>17:20
Maaz  <name> [( #<number> | /<pattern>/[r] )] ~= ( s/<regex>/<replacement>/[g][i][r] | y/<source>/<dest>/ )17:20
Maaz  <factoid> [( #<number> | /<pattern>/[r] )]17:20
Maaz  <name> (<verb>|=<verb>=) [also] <value>17:20
Maaz  last set factoid17:20
superflyMaaz: last set factoid17:20
Maazsuperfly: It was: what did you17:20
superflyMaaz: forget what did you17:21
Maazsuperfly: Righto17:21
kbmonkeyoops :p17:21
kbmonkeyis everyone feeling energetic tonight?17:23
nlsthznSo... I hope we have a fun filled agenda... or I may just fall asleep zzzzzz17:23
superflywell, my toddler is17:23
Kilosnope. been a bad head day17:23
kbmonkeyouch Kilos that can't be too nice 17:24
Kilosno slept near the whole day17:24
Kilosbut didnt wanna miss the meeting17:24
kbmonkeyso dedicated!17:24
nlsthznI nominate Kilos for team mascot17:25
Kilosno man, just nosy17:25
kbmonkeywe need to build an electronic brain skullcap to transfer Kilos's mind into irc and be our new Maaz 17:25
Kilosbmg505, meeting in 517:25
Kilosmaaz is too clever17:26
KilosKerbero, meeting in 517:26
Kilosconfluency, you attending?17:27
* nlsthzn wishes the marker line was working in this channel :(17:27
Kiloswhat marker line nlsthzn 17:28
Kilosinetpro, ping17:28
nlsthznIn XChat you can have the last place you read have a read line so if you come back after a while you can easily catch up with the conversation... works in most channels... but not this one :/17:29
Kilosif you just go to another  channel it does it as soon as someone chats17:30
Kilosor even another workspace at times17:30
kbmonkeyshould we give it 1 more min17:30
Kilosxchat needs a nudge function like pidgin to shake everyones screens17:31
Kilosor attention button17:31
kbmonkeynothing shakes my screen except me17:31
nlsthznKilos, nope... most channels work that way, but not ubuntu-za... very odd... oh well :)17:32
kbmonkeywow good point nlsthzn, never realized that.17:32
kbmonkeyvery odd indeed17:32
Kilosno maia even17:32
superflykbmonkey: I reckon we should start17:33
superflyI have to go give a little boy a shower soon17:33
kbmonkeyMaaz start meeting about Monthly IRC meeting17:33
* Maaz gets out his memo-pad and cracks his knuckles17:33
kbmonkeyMaaz I am Wesley Werner17:34
Maazkbmonkey: Yessir17:34
octoquadnlsthzn: it works for me, it's a red line right17:34
nlsthznMaaz I am Neil Oosthuizen17:34
Maaznlsthzn: Okay17:34
superflyMaaz: I am Raoul Snyman17:34
Maazsuperfly: Alrighty17:34
nlsthznoctoquad, odd...17:34
mrs_flyMaaz: I am Hannah Snyman17:34
Maazmrs_fly: Alrighty17:34
KilosMaaz,  I am Miles Sharpe17:34
MaazKilos: Righto17:34
Kiloswelcome mrs_fly 17:35
kbmonkeyoctoquad, tell our bot Maaz who you are via 'maaz, i am <real name>' :)17:35
octoquadMaaz: I am Bruce Pieterse17:35
Maazoctoquad: Alrighty17:35
nlsthznMaaz, You are Maaz17:35
Maaznlsthzn: I already know stuff about You17:35
kbmonkeyKilos if you please, kind sir17:36
kbmonkeyMaaz topic Review previous meeting minutes17:36
MaazCurrent Topic: Review previous meeting minutes17:36
superflyWhere are the minutes again?17:37
kbmonkeyokay, software freedom day and the Oneiric Jam release parties, how did those turn out?17:37
kbmonkeythe minutes for last meeting are found at: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2011-08-15-17-35-56.html17:37
kbmonkeyI'm sadly reporting that KZN did not have a release party17:38
superflykbmonkey: release party? for what?17:38
nlsthznSaw the photo's of the Jam held... 17:38
nlsthznSmall but dedicated group :)17:39
kbmonkeymmm, I'm quoting the last minutes, perhaps its a typo and just meant to be "Global Jam"17:39
superflyYa, tumbleweed blogged about it17:39
nlsthznAnd Maia17:39
kbmonkeyokay strike the release party.17:39
superflykbmonkey: I think the release party is about organising it17:39
kbmonkeywas that for 11.10?17:40
Kilosthats for ocelot right17:40
octoquadkbmonkey: has there ever been a release party in KZN?17:41
kbmonkeynot that I know of octoquad17:41
kbmonkeyWhat else can we add here? sorry I'm a bit behind on the Ubuntu releases and their respective names at the moment17:42
octoquadyou know, durban and probably kzn is slack when it comes to linux events in fact anything global17:42
marcogMaaz: I am Marco Gallotta17:42
Maazmarcog: Sure17:42
Kiloshi marcog 17:42
* marcog was at the global jam it went really well17:43
kbmonkeythat is good to hear marcog :)17:43
octoquadwhere can I read more about this global jam?17:43
marcogwe need to gradually grow a couple more people attending17:43
marcogbut the focus was great17:43
kbmonkeyhow many KZN residents do we have online tonight?17:43
marcogoctoquad: it happens every 6 months just before release17:43
superflynuvolari: *poke*17:43
kbmonkeythanks superfly 17:43
octoquadthanks superfly 17:44
Kilosat the release parties cds are handed out right?17:44
marcogSFD in CT went well apparently, there were about 10 people17:44
Kilosis there ever any feedback from people that get copies?17:44
marcogplans for CT release party are a bit of a mess, due to the ACM and rugby being on that weekend17:44
nlsthznKilos, normally the CD's are a bit late (official) but there are always burnt ones17:45
kbmonkeyOneiric is set to release October 1317:45
marcogKilos: the 11.04 ones went out, i hope all people have them by now. 11.10 will come ~1 week after release17:45
kbmonkeyokay this topic actually joins with the next agenda item too17:46
Kilosok. i just want to know if any of the people that actually take copies ever give any feedback17:46
kbmonkeyI had some interest for CD's this week and hope to get them out before I leave17:47
kbmonkeyMaaz topic Ubuntu CD feedback17:47
marcogKilos: most end up going to people who use ubuntu already or people we'll never see again17:47
MaazCurrent Topic: Ubuntu CD feedback17:47
Kilosmight help to add a little note on how to get here after installing17:47
superflyKilos: exactly what I was thinking17:47
kbmonkeyKilos that is a great idea. Add to that contact email to send feedback so we can post it on ubuntu-za.org17:48
Kilosthe windows mentality can be a prob if noobs try the install and dont do an update and things arent so good17:48
kbmonkeyMaaz idea include a note on how to submit feedback for Ubuntu CD's, and how to get to the IRC channel for #ubuntu-za17:48
MaazIdea recorded: include a note on how to submit feedback for Ubuntu CD's, and how to get to the IRC channel for #ubuntu-za17:48
* nlsthzn was at an installfest, 30 machines installed... with contact info given, response was zero...17:49
kbmonkeywow nlsthzn, that sounds amazing. I don't think I have ever met more than 8 linux users / pc's at any given time. 17:49
octoquadhow are responses handled at the moment? web interface, e-mail, phone calls?17:49
kbmonkeycurrently we work through the Ubuntu-za mailing list octoquad 17:50
Kilosi think also people should be informed that ubuntu is not a complete install till updated17:50
kbmonkeynot everyone is likely on there, just like irc17:50
nlsthznlast off topic, kbmonkey was at a uni, in between classes we installed on the laptops those that wanted... 17:51
kbmonkeyany suggestions for other means of feedback?17:51
octoquadi'm trying to understand this feedback process, tell me more, how do you use this information?17:51
superflyoctoquad: we don't use any information17:51
marcogkbmonkey: the fb group?17:51
Kilosoctoquad, join the mailing lists17:51
superflyoctoquad: feedback means that people who use the CDs let us know that they have used them, at a guess17:52
marcogkbmonkey: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ubuntuza/17:52
kbmonkeyusually we just post the feedback and pictures (if any) on ubuntu-za.org octoquad. maia was the person who did most of our feedback reporting in the past17:52
Kilosand if they are having probs they should know how to get here17:52
kbmonkeywe don't use it for anything other than reporting like news17:53
octoquadsuperfly: ok, so wouldn't it be easier to setup a web interface with simple questions and comments about how the installation went?17:53
superflyoctoquad: where does that information go then?17:53
superflyoctoquad: and what use would it be?17:54
* nlsthzn has to get up in a few hours... sorry all, would have loved to stay a bit longer but this +2 time zone has caught up with me... night17:54
octoquadsuperfly: it can be a simple counter then? with the source of the cd/17:54
Kilosnight nlsthzn ty for staying17:54
kbmonkeygn nlsthzn, go well17:54
octoquadKilos: i'm on the the ubuntu-za mailing list already17:54
octoquadjoing the facebook group now17:55
Kilosgreat octoquad we need to let first time installers know about our lists as well17:55
kbmonkeywell if people don't email, they're less likely to fill in a web form. am I wrong saying this?17:55
octoquadsure, after they have given the source, then we can provide them with a thank you page and additional resources to get started17:56
octoquadmailing list, facebook page, wiki, ubuntu-za web site etc17:56
superflyoctoquad: that's a good idea, but I think kbmonkey has a point17:56
kbmonkeyoctoquad if you like to draft the start of such a feedback form, like with google docs for draft work. we could then move it onto the ubuntu-za site if it seems viable :)17:57
Kilosbasically i am saying we need to provide basic info on our local contact places17:58
kbmonkeypersonally I'm bad at making up such things :p17:58
octoquadkbmonkey: it all depends on how tech savvy theya re and how much time they want to invest, if they at least give  a source you can have some sort of statistics as to how well the distribution is going17:58
Kilosthe main mailing list takes days before you get an answer and there are just too many mails17:58
octoquadkbmonkey: I can do with PHP/MySQL/HTML5/CSS3 and i'll put it on my site for feedback?17:59
superflyoctoquad: http://ubuntu-za.org/get-started17:59
kbmonkeythis is an interesting point of talk, we can think this over some time17:59
kbmonkeythat would be great octoquad 17:59
* superfly spits at PHP17:59
superflykbmonkey: ^^ we already have a page on the site17:59
octoquadsuperfly: I know I know, I'm learning python, really want to get into that full time17:59
* Kilos laughs @ superfly 18:00
kbmonkeysuperfly is right, there is a "get started" page, and a get support and get involved.18:00
kbmonkeykilos do you mean we need to make people aware more of our contact and help methods18:01
octoquadok, so can we add the source of the cd which is optional to fill in on that page? How many visits have you had to that page since inception?18:01
Kilosye3ah but is that link given with each cd handed out18:01
kbmonkeyI see18:01
octoquadKilos: ditto18:01
Kilosyes kbmonkey 18:01
kbmonkeyno it is not given at the moment Kilos 18:01
Kilos#ubuntu is murder for a noob18:02
octoquadwho is supplying the cd's?18:02
Kilosthe last lot maiaitoday sorted out18:02
kbmonkeyUbuntu ships the CD's to country contacts who then spread them to regional contacts18:02
Kilossent to different peeps in different centres18:03
kbmonkeyI have a couple left, I gave half to nuvolari and some folks in CT have too IIRC18:03
kbmonkeyokay I will add a note to the CD's with Ubuntu-za's site 18:04
octoquadit would be awesome if we could have QR stickers with the URL and a link underneath that QR sticker just in case they don't have a smartphone with a QR scanner, but cost is another factor18:04
kbmonkeyMaaz idea Include notes with Ubuntu CD's that point to ubuntu-ZA's website for feedback and support contact18:04
MaazIdea recorded: Include notes with Ubuntu CD's that point to ubuntu-ZA's website for feedback and support contact18:04
kbmonkeyokay anything else to add before the next topic? :)18:05
octoquadum, under events, we have 1 January 1970 at 0:00 for three events on that page. that needs to get fixed18:05
octoquadMonthly Meeting18:05
superflyoctoquad: yeah, I think it's a problem with the RSS library... I need to go fix it again -_-18:06
kbmonkeyMaaz topic Ubuntu-za site spam comments and 1970 events18:06
MaazCurrent Topic: Ubuntu-za site spam comments and 1970 events18:06
kbmonkeythere has been some spam getting through on the site comments, and event dates.18:07
superflykbmonkey: I'll have a look at that next week - this week is too hectic18:07
kbmonkeywe know you are a very busy guy superfly :)18:07
kbmonkeyit's not mission critical 18:07
superflydistracted is more the word... toddlers keep you "busy"18:07
kbmonkeybut if you would like to recruit some peeps here to help..?18:07
octoquadsuperfly: is there any way I can help you with this?18:08
superflykbmonkey: yes18:08
superflyoctoquad: do you have a user on the site?18:08
superflyoctoquad: it's running Drupal 618:08
kbmonkeyI recently had a quick jab at recaptcha, it could be an option for guest commenters18:08
superflyI thought I had recpatcha on there...18:09
superflyand  I thought guest commenting was turned off18:09
octoquadsuperfly: I think so, give me a sec18:09
kbmonkeyguest comments are off, my bad. but seems like some openId spammers are involved. eek that is scary stuff18:09
superflymaybe turn openid off?18:09
kbmonkeyI use openId to log into ubuntu-za 18:10
octoquadyeah i'm doing that now as well. but I got this: Fatal error: Out of memory (allocated 45350912) (tried to allocate 1 bytes) in /var/www/www.ubuntu-za.org/sites/all/modules/gcal_events/simplepie.inc on line 1327618:10
octoquadok fixed now18:11
kbmonkeyokay I don't want to let the meet run for too long, so octoquad if you and superfly like to have a jab at this in the next few weeks, I think all of Ubuntu-za would appreciate your efforts :)18:13
octoquadsuperfly: ok, my username is octoquad18:13
superflyoctoquad: cool18:13
octoquadkbmonkey: sure no problem18:13
kbmonkeyfeel free to cc me too, I'll help out where I can18:13
kbmonkeyokay last topic...18:14
kbmonkeyMaaz topic Meeting chair needs a helping hand18:14
MaazCurrent Topic: Meeting chair needs a helping hand18:14
kbmonkeyI'm going to be without a desktop and a permanent residence during October. 18:15
kbmonkeyLikely I'll find opportunity to chair for October, but just in case a backup chair might be nice if I'm not online at the time18:16
superflykbmonkey: if you can't find anyone else, I can do it... I just have a 2 year old distraction so I can't guarantee anything18:16
kbmonkeyI'll address this in the mailing list too, just mentioning it here for the minutes :)18:16
Kilosgo Zak18:17
kbmonkeynoted and thanks superfly, maiatoday is also around18:17
kbmonkeyworst case, we just reschedule18:18
octoquadwhat is involved in chairing?18:18
kbmonkeypretty much what I am doing now octoquad 18:18
octoquadi see...18:18
kbmonkeyI create a meeting on the loco.ubuntu.com site for us (http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/ubuntu-za/220/detail/)18:18
kbmonkeyand I tell Maaz or resident meeting bot what to do18:19
kbmonkeyand I guess that is all for tonight. before I close off, anything to recap or we missed?18:19
octoquadok :)18:20
octoquadI've joinged the facebook page, could someone join me?18:20
Kilosnope. thanks kbmonkey 18:20
octoquadyou guys need to get on diaspora as well18:20
kbmonkeyyou can see what meeting command maaz has by sending him '/msg maaz help meet'18:20
octoquadsorry could someone accept me lol18:20
kbmonkeybut someone needs to give maaz permission to listen to you specifically18:20
kbmonkeyokay, thanks everyone for being here. we appreciate it!18:21
kbmonkeyMaaz end meeting18:22
MaazMeeting Ended18:22
MaazMinutes available at json: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2011-09-20-17-33-53.json :: txt: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2011-09-20-17-33-53.txt :: html: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2011-09-20-17-33-53.html18:22
Kiloskbmonkey,  have you applied for that job18:22
kbmonkeyI hope it wasn't toooo boring18:22
kbmonkeyI did Kilos, thanks for asking :)18:22
Kilosno ty , good meeting18:22
superflyoctoquad: I'm already on Diaspora18:23
superflyoctoquad: superfly@diasp.org18:23
kbmonkeyoh is diaspora open now?18:24
kbmonkeywow I have been away for a while18:24
kbmonkeythe meeting page, with minutes link, is http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/ubuntu-za/220/detail/18:25
kbmonkeyglad about some of those ideas18:26
kbmonkeythanks to Kilos! :D18:26
octoquadsuperfly: cool I added you to my ubuntu-za aspect18:26
Kilosits just you guys are way ahead of most noobs so dont see the probs they come up against18:27
* superfly is off to wet the kid18:27
Kilosenjoy superfly 18:28
kbmonkeythanks for staying superfly :)18:28
kbmonkeyokay i need to feed the face and continue packing soon18:28
Kilosty for chairing kbmonkey 18:29
Kilosi go sleep more18:29
kbmonkey... and write some labels to stick in the Ubuntu CD's ;)18:29
Kilosnight all18:29
Kilosactually there is lots that noobs need to know18:29
kbmonkeyI signed up for a diaspora invite months ago, not received one yet18:30
kbmonkeyKilos you have real insight in bridging that gap it seems18:30
kbmonkeywe are too clever for our own good!18:30
Kilosthats why i say they need to know how to get here18:30
Kilosmost peeps are scared to use the cli or even know what it is18:31
Kilosso some will need to know how to use synaptic18:31
octoquadkbmonkey: ask @joindiaspora on twitter. Tell them you still waiting for an invite18:31
kbmonkeywill do octoquad. will reopen twitter account, killed it a while ago. and facebook too.18:32
Kilosfacebook is a data hog18:33
marcogand google isn't?18:33
marcogand ms isn't?18:33
Kiloslol i hardly google 18:33
kbmonkeygoogle has credit for contributing to FOSS :)18:34
Kilosand wget saves lots18:34
kbmonkeythat it does!18:35
kbmonkeyi haven't been using lynx as much though18:36
Kilosyeah me too18:37
Kilosactually forgot18:37
Kilosgotta go sleep guys. night all. see ya morrow18:38
octoquadi use duckduckgo for my searches nowadays...18:44
octoquadok i'm out, chat soon...superfly, can we discuss the website here in a private conversation or what would be a convenient channel of communication for you?18:48
kbmonkeyokay thanks for joining octoquad!18:55
kbmonkeyi think superfly has gone to bath the little one18:56
octoquadoh ok, well, I'll come back tomorrow then18:57
octoquadcheers kbmonkey 18:57
kbmonkeyemail is also good. it keeps better records than irc18:57
octoquadi mean ciao18:57
superflyoctoquad: channel is fine18:57
kbmonkeywe need a self aware AI CMS for the site. it shall be called... skynet18:59
* inetpro arrives late as usual19:04
inetpronice to see that you guys had another meeting19:06
kbmonkeybetter late than never huh19:11
kbmonkeythe minutes are here for your perusal http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/ubuntu-za/220/detail/ :D19:13
inetprokbmonkey: thanks, I quickly scanned through it19:19
KerberoSymmetria: 21:35
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Kerbero  403  Forbidden21:35
KerberoFailed to fetch http://za.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/t/telepathy-indicator/telepathy-indicator_0.0.6-0ubuntu2_amd64.deb  403  Forbidden21:35
KerberoE: Unable to fetch some archives, maybe run apt-get update or try with --fix-missing?21:35
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