itnet7Hey there, anyone around for the meeting tonight? I sent out a reminder, but may have done something wrong when sending it out00:58
MichelleQI'm here, for what it's worth. 00:58
itnet7Awesome MichelleQ !00:58
itnet7OMG it's a Chuck sighting.00:59
itnet7Hey there maddog_200900:59
itnet7Well, gonna ping everyone really quick01:00
itnet7bluebomber Bryanstein cjohnston dantalizing danstoner himuraken jamalta jcastro maxolasersquad_h munz ropetin RoAkSoAx thinkjson tyman zoopster zus: Meeting time, if you can join us01:02
itnet7Hey there erictee, how are you?01:02
maxolasersquad_hPresent sir!01:02
ericteeWhat 's up all !01:02
cjohnstonwho woke me up01:02
itnet7Hey there maxolasersquad_h !01:02
itnet7o/ cjohnston 01:03
cjohnstonwhats up dude01:03
itnet7Sorry, I know you need your beauty sleep01:03
cjohnstonI'm actually doing a little hacking since ive ignored ubuntu for a while01:03
itnet7Oh, wow01:03
cjohnstona nice little 1293 line MP for mhall119 01:04
itnet7Well, we were just going to discuss whether or not anyone wants to try and do a more simple event... Marianna contacted me to see if we wanted to do something on either Wednesday or Thursday evening01:05
itnet7they are print up badges and are putting the evening events on them01:05
cjohnstonthursday is the key signing iirc01:05
itnet7We really don't have to do anything this time, if everyone is really busy01:05
maxolasersquad_hitnet7: You mean at UDS?01:05
cjohnstondo we know yet what the evening events are?01:05
itnet7but I thought we could do something like the Budapest Loco01:06
itnet7let me read my e-mail01:06
itnet7re-read I mean01:06
itnet7Apparently no costume party :-(01:06
cjohnstondid they send the email to everyone, or just you itnet7 ?01:06
itnet7just me...01:07
cjohnstonwe arent 'chosen'... lol01:08
X-ManHi All01:08
MichelleQwhat kind of event do you have in mind, itnet7?01:08
itnet7lol, I doubt that's it01:08
itnet7here are the event so far.. according to Marianna01:08
itnet71) Monday 31st: Meet & Greet (this is not going to be a Halloween Party)01:08
itnet72) Tuesday 1st Nov: Happy Hour offered by Rackspace01:08
itnet73) Friday 4th: UDS Party01:08
itnet7I was thinking we could just put something like "An evening at Downtown Disney" or "City Walk"01:09
cjohnstonI'm trying to think if there is anything that would be 'special' to go to.01:09
cjohnstoni remember last year there were people asking to go to a range01:10
itnet7I was thinking of maybe asking if we can possibly have the charter bus make a stop at OldTowne01:10
itnet7Are there a bunch of Ranges close??01:10
cjohnstonnot down there..01:10
maxolasersquad_hDisney Quest is awesome.01:10
cjohnstonthe closest one that i know of thats big enough to support a large enough group is up by me01:11
itnet7Is it low cost, maxolasersquad_h ?01:11
maxolasersquad_hIIRC $20/head.01:11
itnet7cjohnston: how far do you live from there?01:11
cjohnston~40 minutes01:11
maxolasersquad_hNope prices are up.  $37-$43.01:12
maxolasersquad_hSo probably not.01:12
* mhall119 has 1293 reasons to hate cjohnston right now01:12
itnet7rofl mhall119 01:12
mhall119I also have 1294 reasons to study French instead of reviewing merge proposals01:12
cjohnstonno you dont01:13
X-ManI read online the Caribe hotel has free shuttles to all of the parks01:13
maxolasersquad_hAll the hotels in Disney have free shuttles to the parks.01:13
maxolasersquad_hSorry, Caribe not in Disney.01:13
itnet7MichelleQ: perhaps a Movie night with PopCorn and Candy, and non-alcoholic refreshments... BYOB01:14
* zus apologizes, he missed the tag flag, and was AFK....(and i actually have to leave the house...)01:15
itnet7I think we might be able to get the plenary room again01:15
X-ManIs there a projector for the room for the movie?01:15
MichelleQitnet7: popcorn/candy/etc. would be fun01:15
itnet7X-Man: yup, last year we had ironman201:15
itnet7MichelleQ: I think it would be fun and economical01:15
X-ManMaybe Office Space a movie option01:15
MichelleQcould rent a popcorn machine01:15
itnet7I was unable to secure a good deal on the pathtags01:16
mhall119OMG, maddog_2009 is here?01:16
itnet7We can get some made a little later01:16
itnet7ROFL, he is mhall119 01:16
MichelleQquick, someone get a screencap01:16
itnet7MichelleQ: I have a really, really cool idea about pathtags01:17
itnet7We'll talk about it at the loco party01:17
MichelleQsounds good01:17
itnet7I do have another idea though of something we can give away... to remember this UDS01:17
itnet7and it won't cost much at all01:17
maddog_2009sound good01:18
itnet7X-Man: I would love that01:18
itnet7Office Space Rocks!01:18
maddog_2009How about Space Balls01:18
itnet7I would say we can pick up a couple, and let everyone choose but that would be crazy01:18
itnet7Well, what night if we were to do something would be best for everyone?01:19
itnet7I wish that they would create a link like: http://uds.ubuntu.com/EveningFestivities and use a QR code on the badge, that way it's not so static01:20
maxolasersquad_hThis may sound crazy, but I think it would be fun to do a fish, grits and sweet tea night.01:21
maxolasersquad_hSomething very southern.01:21
itnet7It doesn't have to be EveningFestivities link... just an example01:21
maxolasersquad_hBoiled peanuts.01:21
itnet7maxolasersquad_h: that might be cool, but you remember what happened on "Airplane" the movie?01:22
maxolasersquad_hNo eggs then.01:22
cjohnstonitnet7: you mean like http://uds.ubuntu.com/social-events/01:23
itnet7oh is it already there01:23
itnet7Yeah, except the way that Marianna was describing, they were going to print all of the events on the Badge01:24
cjohnstonmaybe ask her not to and just qr to ^01:24
itnet7Yeah, that's what I'll do01:25
itnet7how many of us are going to be there most of the time?01:25
maxolasersquad_hI'm planning on being there all week.01:25
itnet7I know that erictee said he's not going to be there all week01:25
cjohnstoniprolly will01:25
itnet7maxolasersquad_h: I'm still working on the room01:25
cjohnstonsince im  like the crew chief or something01:25
maxolasersquad_hitnet7: Cool.01:25
MichelleQmaxolasersquad_h: love the southern idea01:26
itnet7I wish I had unlimited resources, I would rent the following: 01:26
itnet7a huge bouncy house with a slide, a set of sumo padded wrestling suits01:27
itnet7and a bunch of other things 01:27
cjohnstoni thought you did have unlimited resources01:27
maxolasersquad_hI love bounce houses.  I had one at my wedding.01:28
MichelleQmhall119's team is sprinting (I think) so he'll be there, but I'm not sure how much he'll *be* there.01:28
maxolasersquad_hAnd a slip n slide.01:28
itnet7MichelleQ and maxolasersquad_h do you think it would be expensive to have a fish fry catered, or is it something we can do?01:28
maxolasersquad_hitnet7: I think the hardest part about doing a fish fry would be having a kitchen where we could do it.01:29
cjohnstonSomething like that I think is gonna be hard.. I see the pizza thing happening all over where more people showed up than rsvp'ed01:29
maxolasersquad_hUnless we rented some big fryers and did it outside.01:29
MichelleQthe hotel would probably take issue with that, too01:29
itnet7Yeah, Party poopers01:29
MichelleQpopcorn/candy though - very doable.01:29
maxolasersquad_hMichelleQ: Yeah.  I've cooked for hundred of people many times, but catering seems the only realistic solution, if we do it.01:30
itnet7Especially with it being so close to Halloween01:30
itnet7How about a Costume Movie night, with a contest for best dressed?01:30
MichelleQCan do, but would that interfere with the costume party scheduled for Friday?01:31
MichelleQerm, that's Michigan.01:32
itnet7Oh, wow, I didn't notice that on that link 01:32
itnet7Yeah, so scratch that01:32
MichelleQah, they have one in Olrando, too. 01:32
itnet72015 Directors Row, Orlando, FL  3280901:33
MichelleQWe should be able to find one local01:33
itnet7Well, let's decide which night01:33
MichelleQWednesday to me seems like the better night.01:33
X-ManWednesday +101:34
itnet7I was thinking that night would be best, as some of the people that have told me they are not planning to be there Thursday01:35
cjohnstonas far as after stuff, i dont know what my plan will be, but i plan to be there during the day all week01:35
maxolasersquad_hI'll be doing Disney with the family that weekend.01:36
itnet7cjohnston: no worries01:36
cjohnstoni could be in pensacola or lakeland on saturday too.. lol01:37
MichelleQLoco part on that Saturday evening. 01:37
maxolasersquad_hitnet7: I may ask you to rent the room Saturday and I'll pay for that whole day.01:37
cjohnstoni have family in the panhandle that i might need to go see01:37
itnet7MichelleQ: Do you think you might have time to check on how much it would cost to rent a popcorn machine?01:37
itnet7maxolasersquad_h: I think we are planning to check out on Sunday 01:38
maxolasersquad_hOh, cool.01:38
MichelleQitnet7: I'lls ee what I can find01:38
itnet7MichelleQ: they have snow cone machines, and cottoncandy as well01:38
itnet7can you see if there's a deal for more than one?01:39
MichelleQCotton candy would be fun01:39
itnet7Yeah, I will have to stay away from it, but I think everyone would enjoy that01:39
MichelleQWe could totally do a cheesy movie night - "The Blob", "The Creature from the Black Lagoon" etc01:40
itnet7Once we find out what we're going to have as far as that stuff goes, we can mail the list for volunteers to run them... 01:40
itnet7You know what would be great! 01:40
itnet7if we could get the Creature from the Black Lagoon in 3-D and get those blue/red glasses01:40
MichelleQSorta vaguely Halloween-meets-old-Hollywood thing01:40
itnet7I don't even know if it's available on vhs/dvd, but I remeber scoring my glasses from the 7-eleven or the TV Guide when I was like 7 or 801:41
zoopsterit's likely the hotel has some if not all of that stuff01:41
zoopsteroh hi ya'll o/01:41
itnet7hey there zoopster !!01:41
MichelleQhowdy, and which stuff?01:41
zoopsterpopcorn mach01:41
zoopstercotton candy mach01:41
itnet7popcorn machine, et al.01:42
itnet7zoopster: do they have a bouncy house??01:42
MichelleQah, thought you meant 3-d glasses01:42
MichelleQmaybe Marianna could put a feeler out with the hotel for us?01:42
zoopstera lot of us will be there the week prior01:42
itnet7I will let here know what we are planning, and ask her if she can check01:42
MichelleQsounds good. 01:42
zoopstercanonical has the entire conf center for 3 weeks01:43
MichelleQI'll call around and get some quotes, too 01:43
itnet7zoopster: wowzers01:43
zoopsterso they should GIVE it to us for that01:43
zoopsterok...maybe not the entire conf center, but a large part of it01:44
itnet7zoopster: what do you think about b-rated horror movie?01:44
zoopsterI was going to suggest that01:44
jcastrohi, sorry I am late01:44
itnet7I would love to show Evil Dead II, but I think some people really might not like it01:45
itnet7hey there jcastro !01:45
jcastrothere's going to be a QA session thing on Wednesday night, but kind of early ish01:45
jcastroyou should shoot for movies for wednesday after the QA thing01:45
itnet7Any a good starting time? 8 or 9 pm ish, so that people have a chance to go and eat if they want to?01:46
itnet7that should have read, Any good idea for a...01:47
zoopster8 would likely be best01:47
zoopstermuch later and people bail01:47
MichelleQI agree01:47
zoopsterlast year most socialized vs watched the movie so having snacks/drinks/social area would be good01:48
itnet7Okay, So we're going to suggest the QR code for http://uds.ubuntu.com/social-events/01:49
itnet7but if they don't want to, I will send her a description of what we plan for 8 pm on Wednesday evening01:49
X-ManWhat time is the QA session scheduled to end?01:50
itnet7We should really try to  encourage sign ups...01:50
itnet7X-Man: it usually ends around 6:00 if remember right01:50
itnet7jcastro: ^ is it a Mark Q & A01:50
jcastrooh no, I mean QA as in quality01:51
itnet7in one of the session rooms01:51
jcastroit's like an hour long workshop01:51
itnet7what time is it scheduled to start?01:51
jcastroI don't have a start/endtime yet01:51
itnet7I still think 8 should be good01:51
jcastrohowever, someone mail marianna with the idea, CC me, and I'll ask evan to make sure that he doesn't do it all late01:51
jcastrothat works out actually, I think people would love scary/cheesy movie night.01:52
MichelleQworks for me. 01:52
itnet7jcastro: cool, I will cc you and the team on my reply to Marianna01:52
itnet7nevermind, your getting team mail, right?01:52
jcastroI have no idea actually, hehe01:53
jcastrojorge@u.c works though01:53
itnet7Cool, Maybe we can put a poll up with a couple of cheesy movies, or does everyone think we should just pick one... The Blob might be good, and there are a couple of other really good ones. Invasion of the Body Snatchers?01:54
jcastrooh also, put the AV requirements in the mail01:54
itnet7jcastro: will do01:54
jcastrowe could also do a straw poll for the movie the afternoon of plenaries01:54
itnet7I was hoping we could secure the plenary room again if it's set up similar01:54
jcastrothat should be easy01:55
itnet7Yeah, that would be cool01:55
zoopsterit should be...and don't worry about av we'll ensure there is a projector, screen, and sound that's simple01:55
jcastrowe could just reuse the stuff there01:56
jcastroit's already set up01:56
zoopsteryea, exactly01:56
itnet7Yeah, that worked pretty well last time01:56
jcastroat most we might need a DVD player, but I say just find a laptop with a DVD player, probably easiest01:56
zoopsterproviding something fun and entertaining will be key01:56
MichelleQcheesy movies should fit the bill01:57
itnet7We probably need to create the event, once I confirm with Marianna, and start trying to encourage rsvp's01:57
itnet7MichelleQ: about the LoCo Party, the weekend following... How can we help... what do we need to bring?01:58
MichelleQif you'll bring a side. Mike and I will supply meat (or non-meat, for Jimmah), and drinks01:59
maxolasersquad_his there going to be a Loco party the weekend immediately after in Orlando?02:00
itnet7maxolasersquad_h: yes02:00
itnet7Saturday evening02:00
maxolasersquad_hCool.  What times and where?02:00
MichelleQanytime after 4p, and my house02:01
MichelleQLakeland, about 20 minutes from the UDS venue02:01
itnet7MichelleQ: if you need any help with anything else for the party, please let us know!02:01
MichelleQwill do.  I likely won't be at UDS much, working on getting everything ready.  02:02
itnet7Sweet, well I think this is going to be another great event!!02:03
MichelleQYeah, I'm looking forward to seeing everyone.02:04
jcastroitnet7: aha, the BoF is at 702:04
jcastroso assuming an hour or 1.5 hours, 8 or 8:30?02:04
itnet78:30 might be better then02:06
MichelleQitnet7: keep me posted.  I'll let you know what I find re: machines. 02:07
MichelleQI'm off to bed.  Night, everyone.02:07
itnet7thanks MichelleQ, gnight02:07
itnet7I will copy the list on the e-mail I send out to Marianna. I think we should plan to have everything in place around 8 ish and look towards everyone showing up around 8:30 and shortly after start the movie. 02:09
itnet7gnight everyone, and thanks for all the great ideas!02:09
zoopstersee ya there itnet702:10
itnet7looking forward to it zoopster !02:10
X-ManGood night itnet702:11
X-Mangood night everyone02:12
itnet7ttys X-Man 02:12
ghuruhey all03:38
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RoAkSoAxitnet7: ping18:21
DammitJimdoes paying with paypal using a credit card charge you more than if using a checking account?18:40
zoopsterDammitJim: paying via paypal has no charges19:18
zoopsterDammitJim: receiving money is where they charge19:18
zushey guys19:21
zussorry i had to jet from the meeting , had some bad news drop on me19:21
itnet7RoAkSoAx: pong19:40
itnet7zus: sorry to hear that19:40
zusitnet7,  my realy good  friend was in icu all last week. and i didnt  know, 19:53
itnet7zus: is he recovering (hopefully)?19:53
zushe is  out of  icu now but  saturday he was so close...19:53
itnet7Oh... Glad to hear that he is out now19:53
zusand on top of that my step mum had a severe anxiety attack and is in icu 19:54
zusin a different  hospital19:54
zusitnet7,  yeah, miricales  happen i can say that20:48
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