binarymutantpulse is awesome00:14
binarymutantwish I knew a command to control it better though00:15
binarymutantamixer isn't working very well00:15
Unit193No, I am ticked because I was trying to get skype to work (it needed pavucontrol), now VLC, firefox, and anything but pianobar doesn't have sound :/00:16
binarymutantthey probably just need a change of settings00:17
binarymutantfirefox - flash?00:17
binarymutantlibcanberra or something like that00:17
Unit193And I'll do quite a few things to get it to work, reboot is not really an option though (Stability is hard to come by on this computer)00:19
* wrst will be around more or less for the meeting00:21
Unit193Yep :/00:21
Unit193I have some error output from Gish though :P00:22
binarymutantidk what gish is but pastebin it00:23
wrstis it related to a fish?00:24
Unit193Game :)00:24
wrstUnit193: getting in here late but pulse audio?00:25
wrsthello Netizen2700:25
Unit193wrst: pavucontrol started it (I did because of skype :P )00:25
wrstwhat do you use to control audio? i know in gnome you can control the individual apps in pulse00:26
* wrst is out of his league00:26
Unit193http://pastebin.com/f5mgZcMi had just installed it00:26
binarymutantsudo /etc/init.d/pulseaudio start00:27
wrsti love pulse when it works on my recording machine its wonderful but when it doesn't it is like grub2 to me00:28
binarymutantpulse is awesome, I love how I can play 2 things at the same time :D00:29
Unit193Already tried it, but did again with same as nromal * PulseAudio configured for per-user sessions00:29
wrstyeah binarymutant that's really helpful on my recording machine00:29
wrstand it and JACK work well together00:29
Unit193VLC http://pastebin.com/drD9st7j00:30
meetingologyMeeting started Fri Oct  7 00:30:14 2011 UTC.  The chair is johnhaitas. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/AlanBell/mootbot.00:30
meetingologyAvailable commands: #accept #accepted #action #agree #agreed #chair #commands #endmeeting #endvote #halp #help #idea #info #link #lurk #meetingname #meetingtopic #nick #progress #rejected #replay #restrictlogs #save #startmeeting #subtopic #topic #unchair #undo #unlurk #vote #voters #votesrequired00:30
johnhaitas#link https://wiki.ubuntu.com/meetingology00:30
johnhaitaswho do we have here?00:30
wrsti'm sorta here johnhaitas00:30
johnhaitaswrst … Unit193 … anyone else?00:31
binarymutantI'm here :D00:31
Unit193I'm not here00:31
johnhaitasthis is a treat :)00:31
johnhaitascyberanger: ping00:31
wrstwell Unit193 doesn't really count does he?00:31
wrstand binarymutant first time in like... years?? :)00:31
johnhaitaswrst: did cyberanger mention he wasn't going to be able to make it?00:31
wrsti thought that was it00:32
* wrst checks the logs00:32
binarymutantwrst: a couple of years yeah :D00:32
johnhaitaswell it's great to have you back binarymutant00:32
johnhaitasbinarymutant: btw, i'm running znc now00:32
johnhaitasso guys … those of you that are here ...00:33
johnhaitas#link http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/tennessee.team/157/detail/00:33
wrstjohnhaitas: cyberanger response was "dunno"00:33
johnhaitasour agenda00:33
johnhaitaswrst: cool00:33
johnhaitasso yea… meetingology … our new meeting bot … replacing MootBot00:34
wrstjohnhaitas: i and the wife are cleaning and swapping out the baby so i may be hit or miss00:34
wrstbut I support what you support ;)00:34
johnhaitas#meetingtopic Meetingology Bot00:34
johnhaitasso… i don't see any logs being produced00:35
* wrst wonders if a startmeeting command is needed00:35
johnhaitas#meetingtopic Tennessee Team October Meeting00:36
johnhaitas#chair johnhaitas00:36
meetingologyCurrent chairs: johnhaitas00:36
johnhaitas#meetingtopic Tennessee Team October Meeting00:36
binarymutantsite says it's very quiet00:36
johnhaitas#nick Unit193 wrst binarymutant00:37
johnhaitas#topic Meetingology Bot00:37
johnhaitasi wonder if the bot knows we're talking about it :p00:37
johnhaitasor is that :P00:37
wrsthmm maybe we should say bad things about the bot?00:38
johnhaitasgo for it00:38
johnhaitasif you have bad things to say00:38
binarymutanthttp://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/ubuntu-us-tn/2011/ -- logs00:38
johnhaitasbinarymutant: +100:38
johnhaitas#link http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/ubuntu-us-tn/2011/00:38
johnhaitasok … i get it now00:39
johnhaitasbinarymutant: thank you00:39
johnhaitasthis is more useful now that you point that out00:39
johnhaitasi motion we move on to the next agenda item00:40
johnhaitasunless anyone has anything to add about meetingology00:40
binarymutantwhat was the reason for the change?00:40
johnhaitasbinarymutant: meetingology is just a newer version of MootBot00:41
binarymutantseems cool, to me00:41
johnhaitas#agreed meetingology  seems cool to us00:42
johnhaitasi motion we move to the next agenda item00:42
johnhaitasanyone second that motion?00:42
meetingologyAvailable commands: #accept #accepted #action #agree #agreed #chair #commands #endmeeting #endvote #halp #help #idea #info #link #lurk #meetingname #meetingtopic #nick #progress #rejected #replay #restrictlogs #save #startmeeting #subtopic #topic #unchair #undo #unlurk #vote #voters #votesrequired00:42
binarymutant#help agreed00:43
binarymutant#help agree00:43
johnhaitas#topic Ubuntu 11.10 Release Party00:43
binarymutantalthough it should msg me00:43
binarymutantand it doesn't00:43
johnhaitasme neither00:43
johnhaitas#link http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/00:43
johnhaitasso i noticed the map there00:43
johnhaitasfor the ubuntu 11.10 release parties00:44
johnhaitasand i reckon we can get one in tennessee00:44
johnhaitas#idea Ubuntu 11.10 Release Party in Tennessee00:44
binarymutantthe available commands listed aren't in the actual bot...00:44
johnhaitas#link https://wiki.ubuntu.com/meetingology00:45
binarymutant`msg meetingology list meetbot`00:45
johnhaitasthere are no parties scheduled for the southeast00:46
johnhaitasbinarymutant, is it fair to assume nashville will be too long a drive for you?00:46
binarymutantyeah it's a 3 hour drive, too soon00:46
johnhaitasso i'm the only one here for planning a nashville release party00:47
johnhaitasbut i am determined to get a release party on that map00:47
wrstjohnhaitas: wish i could tell you i would be there, i would like to be there but my current situation does not lead me to a lot of flexibility :\00:49
johnhaitaswrst: i will plan as if you can't make it00:49
johnhaitaswrst: if you do make it … bonus00:49
johnhaitasno other team in the southeast is having a release party00:49
johnhaitas#subtopic Nashville - Ubuntu 11.10 Release Party00:50
johnhaitas#idea Friday evening to accomodate schedules.00:50
wrstjohnhaitas: i will try to be a bonus... hmm could you tell my wife that having me around is a bonus?00:50
johnhaitas#idea Possible dates include (but not limited to) Oct 14, 21, 28 and Nov 400:50
johnhaitas#idea Suggested location:  J & J's Market & Cafe, 1912 Broadway, Nashville, TN 3720300:51
johnhaitasJ & J's has WiFi, coffee, and beer00:51
johnhaitasthe owner (Sam) is great00:52
johnhaitasand the atmosphere is better than a restaurant or bar00:52
wrstjohnhaitas: that's a great looking spot you have found there00:52
johnhaitas2600 holds their meetings there first friday of each month00:53
johnhaitaswrst: yea … i met w4ett there a few times00:53
johnhaitasanyone have any input regarding the date?00:53
johnhaitasrelease is next thursday00:54
johnhaitas#idea tentatively schedule for Oct 21 or 2800:54
binarymutantdo something online too for those that can't make nashville?00:55
johnhaitasanyone out there?00:55
johnhaitasbinarymutant: for sure00:55
johnhaitasshould we say the 28th of october?00:55
johnhaitaslike 6:30?00:55
johnhaitasi'm going to mark that00:56
johnhaitasseems as if we are few at the moment00:56
wrstbinarymutant, johnhaitas mentioned skype earlier today00:56
johnhaitas#action Ubuntu 11.10 Release Party in Nashville on Friday, October 28 at 6:30pm (central) at J & J's Market & Cafe, 1912 Broadway, Nashville, TN 3720300:57
meetingologyACTION: Ubuntu 11.10 Release Party in Nashville on Friday, October 28 at 6:30pm (central) at J & J's Market & Cafe, 1912 Broadway, Nashville, TN 3720300:57
johnhaitasok good00:57
binarymutantthat's cool, def. skype or some sort voip works for me00:57
binarymutantI like that idea00:58
wrstbinarymutant: that was all johnhaitas01:00
johnhaitaswe are now on the map!01:04
johnhaitasok then01:04
johnhaitasdoes anyone have anything to add on that?01:05
johnhaitasso if no one has anything to add ….01:05
johnhaitasi motion we adjourn this meeting01:05
wrstwoot shortest meeting ever and I give a hearty second01:06
johnhaitaswrst: i feel like accomplished stuff here :)01:06
binarymutantjust like how I remember them :D01:06
wrstyes :)01:06
wrstagreed johnhaitas01:06
johnhaitas#agreed we accomplished something here ;)01:06
meetingologyMeeting ended Fri Oct  7 01:06:54 2011 UTC.01:06
meetingologyMinutes:        http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/ubuntu-us-tn/2011/ubuntu-us-tn.2011-10-07-00.30.moin.txt01:06
binarymutantah it gives a link at the end01:07
Unit193Yep, formatted for wikis01:07
Unit193Well, moin syntax01:08
johnhaitascan someone paste that to the wiki01:08
johnhaitasi gotta go01:08
binarymutantlater johnhaitas01:09
johnhaitaslater y'all01:09
binarymutantUnit193: did you get your pulse working yet?01:11
binarymutanthttps://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/PulseAudio    -- brb01:13
Unit193He was following the meeting and playing Gish :P01:16
cyberangerseems I'm late01:28
cyberangerjohnhaitas: I metioned sept & oct were likely to be late01:30
cyberangergetting the salvation army youth group on ubuntu here for their youth service, they only do one thursday a month (same thursday as us)01:30
cyberangerI think I'm gonna be late to every meeting now, just some worse than others01:31
cyberanger(there's a group trip this saturday, so service announcements were longer)01:31
cyberangerwrst: ^01:32
wrsthey cyberanger01:32
wrstcyberanger: you using openlp?01:32
cyberangerwrst: ^^^ I metioned at the last two meeting I saw this happening at least for the first few youth group meetings (that conflict with our monthly meetings a little, the service starts at 7PM but doesn't necessarlly wrap up in an hour and a half)01:33
cyberangeryep, or I will be01:33
cyberangerskipped this month to focus on audio issues01:34
wrstwell you are accomplishing open source things in your absence cyberanger :)01:34
cyberangeryeah, in east tn too01:34
Unit193binarymutant: I don't know why I didn't look there first, but I guess it's good because a forums post helped mostly, the wiki just got it the last step01:34
cyberangerbinarymutant: intrest for an east tn release party?01:38
cyberangerjohnhaitas: I checked the adgenda earlier this week, saw nothing, so I didn't add anything either01:40
johnhaitascyberanger: which agenda?01:40
cyberangersince the three things I have can wait for november, when their pressing01:40
cyberangerjohnhaitas: the one for tonights meeting01:40
cyberangerthat just passed01:40
cyberangerchecked monday maybe, tuesday, early in the week, blank01:41
johnhaitascyberanger: http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/tennessee.team/157/detail/01:41
johnhaitasthat agenda has been there since Friday01:41
cyberangerthe difference between monday & friday was which direction the car was heading for 12 hours, guess it was friday01:43
wrstcyberanger, johnhaitas i forget people go to the forums for loco stuff :\01:45
=== johnhaitas changed the topic of #ubuntu-us-tn to: Welcome to the Ubuntu Tennessee Team IRC Channel | Next Meeting: Nov. 3 @ 7:30PM CDT/8:30 PM EDT | Please add agenda items to the LoCo Directory Meeting Page located here: http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/tennessee.team/158/detail/
* wrst also wonders when ubuntu one went to 5GB01:49
johnhaitascyberanger: wait, what was your original point about the agenda being empty?01:55
cyberangerjohnhaitas: I told you I'd comment on the adgenda before the meeting01:58
cyberangerno adgenda when checked, no comment01:58
johnhaitascyberanger: sorry, i don't recall that01:58
johnhaitaswrst: what loco stuff is in the forums?02:06
* Unit193 wonders if johnhaitas forgot to deop, or if he loves teh powar ;)02:08
binarymutantcyberanger: not sure02:09
binarymutantcyberanger: I was thinking about voiping into the main release party though02:11
johnhaitascyberanger: i removed w4ett02:11
johnhaitasremoved your founder status02:11
johnhaitasadded orias and Svpernova09 as ops02:11
johnhaitasand removed ericG02:12
johnhaitaswtf is this http://www.wired.com/threatlevel/2011/06/silkroad/02:35
binarymutantjohnhaitas: just now seen silkroad?02:41
johnhaitasbinarymutant: i was previously unfamiliar02:41
johnhaitasbinarymutant: fill me in?02:41
binarymutantone of the first bitcoin sites - the wired article describes it fully02:41
wrstwow, didn't see that coming johnhaitas02:42
cyberangerjohnhaitas: removed him from what?02:44
cyberangermy founder status? for what?02:44
johnhaitasfrom #ubuntu-us-tn op list02:54
johnhaitasno sense in being nostalgic … right?02:54
cyberangerjohnhaitas: see pm02:54
johnhaitasw4ett and ericG will be welcome when they show back up :)02:54
cyberangerjohnhaitas: what's our moderator status on the forums, looks like w4ett & tideline are the only two actually in our loco (at a prior time, not current members)03:01
cyberanger(based on launchpad's status)03:01
johnhaitascyberanger: i'll look into this later03:03
johnhaitasi have to go pick up my black mock turtle neck for black mock turtle neck friday03:04
cyberangerjohnhaitas: see you later then03:04
* cyberanger wonders who johnhaitas is mocking in that black turtle neck03:04
cyberangerjohnhaitas: as much as I love J&J's I doubt I'll be there two weekends in a row (already aiming for PhreakNIC the weekend after)03:06
* cyberanger facepalms, that probally should have been in this meeting03:07
binarymutantwhat should have?03:08
johnhaitascyberanger: should we coordinate the ubuntu release party with phreaknic?03:08
cyberangerjohnhaitas: coordinate? in what manner (we already bounced the idea of having it's own event)03:29
cyberangerbinarymutant: phreaknic03:29
binarymutantI had no clue Nashville had it's own "Defcon"04:52
cyberangerfor years, tried to get to the one in 2008, wreaked the car earlier that day though04:54
cyberanger2009 I forgot why I didn't go & 2010 couldn't04:54
cyberangerfinally I can go04:55
binarymutantlol no jinx04:55
binarymutantwhat are you looking forward to the most out of of phreaknic?04:57
cyberangerused to be the wifi foxhunt, but that isn't happening this year04:59
cyberangerso I'll find something04:59
cyberangerpartial schedule05:00
binarymutantI looked at the schedule online, but like defcon I can't really find a speech that "speaks" to me05:00
cyberangerpartial schedule was only released yesterday05:00
cyberangerthree things speak to me05:01
cyberangerWhat makes an identity, fixing wifi security once and for all05:02
cyberangerCounter Espionage Strategy and Tactics05:03
cyberangerand there will be more05:03
vychuneanybody up?10:11
* vychune is using dialup10:26
vychunesome css files wont even download10:27
wrstvychune: dial up... yuck10:27
binarymutantdialup irk :/10:27
vychunebut it's free lol10:28
vychunemy service is off at home so i have to sneak and use the phone line10:28
vychuneno ads10:30
binarymutantthats cool10:30
binarymutantanything is better than nothing, even if it only gets 14kb a second10:31
vychunekinda yeah10:31
vychune2kb a sec :/10:32
binarymutant2kb? wth is up with that?10:32
binarymutant14kb is what I got in the 80's10:32
vychunenothing i can do about it lol10:33
binarymutantthat sucks :/10:33
binarymutantis it the wiring? I mean 56k has been around for awhile now...10:34
binarymutantthat's cool10:36
vychuneaccording to my OS i'm getting 44kbps10:36
binarymutantvychune: that's good. Much better than 2k10:37
binarymutantwrst: ...wouldn't Canonical be competing in that market against HP?10:37
vychunemind you my OS is winblows :/10:38
vychunebinarymutant: HP sponers Linux Foundation10:38
vychuneoh screw it10:38
binarymutantOpenstack vs Ubuntu's cloud... whatever it's called - hng on will search10:39
binarymutantah nevermind, I'm thinking Ubuntu One10:40
wrstbinarymutant: i'm thinking having HP's backing is a reallly good thing especially since they are pretty big in the server market10:41
binarymutant^^ agreed10:42
vychunewrst: dang rgiht10:43
binarymutantfor some reason I though Ubuntu One was canonicals version of EC2 - brain fart10:43
wrstbinarymutant: i have to say I love ubuntu server, much more than ubuntu desktop10:43
binarymutantvychune: amazon's cloud10:43
wrstalso a VPS10:43
vychunebinarymutant: btw whats your os?10:44
binarymutantit's all the same10:44
vychunewrst: why?10:44
vychunebinarymutant: ok10:44
vychunethen wth are u using for a browser?10:45
wrstvychune: i just don't like unity mainly :)10:45
binarymutantluakit :D10:45
wrstvychune: i'm using arch on my laptop and desktop and ubuntu on my server10:45
* wrst loves gnome 310:45
vychunewrst: don't what i did, install lubutu-desktop :)10:46
* binarymutant loves awesome and luakit10:46
vychunewrst: DO what i did, install lubutu-desktop :)10:46
wrstvychune: lubuntu is ok but I like a destkop that looks like it is from this century10:46
wrstand gnome3 didn't work in 11.04 and in 11.10 its a possibility but I really like how "light" i have my arch setup even though I'm running a real heavy desktop10:47
wrstnot a fan of kde either vychune, if i were I wouldn't use kubuntu, they are better but have  a long way to go10:47
vychunei didnt say lubutnu for a reason lol10:48
vychunei didnt say kubutnu for a reason lol10:48
vychunelord my typing this morning10:48
wrstvychune: but if you install lubuntu-desktop or kubuntu-desktop you in essence get them :)10:49
vychunei know10:50
vychuneinstall basic kde is what i mean10:50
wrstthen i might as well use arch :)10:50
vychunebut that is the same thing nevermind10:50
vychuneOH YEah that's what i meant10:51
vychunehow do you change the size of a ping packet?10:51
binarymutant`ping -s` what for though?10:52
vychunespeed test10:53
vychunepinging google10:53
vychuneenter the unit in bytes?10:53
binarymutantI'm guessing ya10:53
binarymutantman page says default is 5610:54
vychunewindows is 3210:54
binarymutantoh that's right your not on a nix box10:54
binarymutantit's prolly the same option though, \s10:55
binarymutantno wait... /s10:55
vychunemy nix drive burnt out...literally10:55
binarymutant<-- can't remember how options work in dos10:55
binarymutant"/" or "\" ?10:56
binarymutantno way10:57
binarymutantit's "/"10:57
binarymutantlooked it up on wikipedia10:57
vychunemy system says -10:58
vychuneso there10:58
vychune10000 bytes is?10:58
binarymutantthat's a gianormous *packet*11:00
binarymutantwhy don't you just send a regular one?11:01
vychunei want to send 1 kb11:01
vychunedid already11:01
binarymutantwhat was the ms time?11:02
binarymutantor speedtest.com ...11:02
vychuneaverage time was 465ms11:02
binarymutant~35ms on cable11:03
vychunespeedtest.com wont work11:03
binarymutant~12x slower than what I'm one11:04
binarymutantthat's prolly really bad math too11:04
vychune488ms at 2 kilobits11:05
binarymutant( although I did read this earlier http://bentobooks.com/2011/10/math-girls-sample/ )11:05
* vychune is not clicking that lol11:06
binarymutantit's a book*11:06
binarymutantvery SFW and children :P11:06
binarymutantand should be in every school library across the nation lol11:07
binarymutantbut yeah i probably would click on a nsfw math girls sample too lol :P11:08
vychunei hope your touge goes dry lol11:09
vychunethe frigging page wont load11:09
binarymutantuh on dialup, everything takes more than a second to load...11:10
vychunespeaking of bentos, when's breakfast lol11:10
binarymutantwoot woot poptarts11:21
vychunesmh lol11:26
vychunewell i'm gonna go see you guys later11:27
binarymutantttyl vychune11:27
xpistosMORNING Y'All!13:03
wrsthowdy xpistos!13:06
johnhaitasmorning xpistos, wrst15:32
xpistosjohnhaitas: hey15:32
johnhaitasxpistos: did you ever get to talk to jj?15:34
wrstmorning johnhaitas15:40
xpistosstupid stuck control key16:06
xpistosjohnhaitas: nope. he never called me16:07
xpistosjohnhaitas: or he never called me back after that one day16:07
johnhaitaswe have been really busy16:07
johnhaitasxpistos:  i'll pm you16:07
johnhaitasi've had no indication that jj isn't interested - i'm sure he'd tell me16:08
johnhaitasso i don't think he's blowing you off16:08
xpistosI didn't think he was16:11
johnhaitasgood … i'm sure that wasn't the case16:11
xpistosaccount list16:40
* cyberanger doesn't see xpistos in the books16:58
wrsthmm xpistos working on bitlbee?18:35
wrsthowdy cyberanger where are you at today?18:35
xpistoswrst:  a little18:36
binarymutantfor the eye candy crowd: http://www.markusfisch.de/PieDock22:28
cyberangerbinarymutant: for the diabetics worried about the risks of consuming candy, there is always byobu22:30
binarymutantthats a good one22:31
cyberangerwrst: if I said north korea, would you believe me? ;-)22:31
wrstyes actually I might :)22:31
cyberangerlol, good thing I'm not there22:31
wrstha ha22:33
wrstcyberanger: :P22:33
cyberangerall my top secret bunkers are at undisclosed locations in north america22:33
cyberangerback in cleveland again22:34
binarymutanthome sweet tn22:34
cyberangerhome sweet apartment22:34
binarymutantthere's apts in cleveland??22:34
* binarymutant mindblown22:35
binarymutantno apts in Wellsville :(22:35
cyberangerbinarymutant: but there are some hotels that are priced well too22:36
binarymutantin Hellsville or Cleveland?22:36
binarymutantCleveland I'm guessing22:36
binarymutantbrb my head is swimming22:37
cyberangerand cleveland, but comment was for Wellsville22:38
binarymutantthere's a hotel in hellsville? wow22:46
binarymutantdidn't know22:46
binarymutantyour not talking about the 411 motel are you ?22:46
cyberangerthe "motorcycle resort" on US 129 & TN 7222:47
binarymutantnever heard, doesn't sound like a quiet place lol22:49
cyberangerthis is the offseason, not always quiet22:49
binarymutant<- is excited about Precise Pangolin22:57
* cyberanger is excited about pink panther22:59
* binarymutant didn't like the movie23:02
* binarymutant *does* remember the cartoon :D23:03

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