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thelinuxerashams: r u coming today ?13:52
ashamsthelinuxer: Oh no, I  won't be able to come, sorry14:24
thelinuxerashams: np i sent u an email please read it14:24
ashamsI did, it's what I'm talking about14:24
thelinuxerdo u know if there is a way to send an automatic email once every month or so ?14:24
ashamsbut the etiquette is not very clear14:25
thelinuxerthat email will contain the guide lines in both arabic and english14:25
thelinuxerwhich part ?14:25
ashamsno, but will search14:25
ashamsone sec14:25
thelinuxeri am checking it now bardo14:25
ashamsMailing list etiquette and Summary sections14:26
ashamsthey are not giving enough guidelins14:26
thelinuxerthis just the title the rest of the article explains the etiquette14:26
ashamsyeah :)14:27
thelinuxerthis is enough details14:27
thelinuxerpeople won't read an article this long aslan :D14:27
ashamsit will need to be rewritten14:27
thelinuxerwe need it to be concise as much as we can14:27
thelinuxersure np14:27
ashamsmailman sends a msg once every month , reminds of pass and user id14:28
ashamscan this be modified?14:28
thelinuxeri never received this before from our mailing list ...14:28
ashamsit's somehow disabled14:29
thelinuxerashams: i am checking but can't seem to find that option anywhere14:30
ashamsI think I found something14:30
ashamsthe ubuntu-l10n-ar sent me this once14:31
ashamsIn addition to the URL interfaces, you can also use email to make such14:31
ashamschanges.  For more info, send a message to the '-request' address of14:31
ashamsthe list (for example, mailman-request@lists.ubuntu.com) containing14:31
ashamsjust the word 'help' in the message body, and an email message will be14:31
ashamssent to you with instructions.14:31
ashamsall ubuntu list has one server14:32
ashamswe might need some help14:32
thelinuxeri guess that's the best way to stop the bad manners on the mailing list without moderating it14:32
thelinuxerand yeah i think we need help14:33
thelinuxeralso we can change the welcome email ...14:33
thelinuxeradd our mailing list guidelines to it14:33
ashamsGr8 idea14:33
thelinuxerok i guess we will have some free time when i come to Mansoura isA and we can do it together14:34
ashamsmuch easier :)14:35
ashamsthelinuxer: I think editing the welcome msg will be the best14:47
ashamsit doesn't make sense to reminder ppl of guidelines every month14:47
ashamsthey will feel uncomfortable with it :)14:47
thelinuxerashams: hmmm14:52
thelinuxerin the welcome msg it will be cool for now14:52
thelinuxerlet revise the reminder thing later14:52
thelinuxerbut we have to remind people14:52
ashamswhen you will come to mansourah?14:53
thelinuxermesh 3aref ezzay ba2a14:53
thelinuxer10 am i guess14:53
ashamsyou need to be near to Mo2assas/Shoubra ~ 9:20 to be on time14:54
ashamsI meant 7:3014:55
ashamsrailroad will be fine morning, good luck, we'll be waiting :)14:56
thelinuxerashams: eshta ya me3alem15:01
thelinuxer7atesel a3raf arkab eih belzabt ba3den isA15:01
ashamsok ya man, good speed :D15:04
ashamsEgyParadox: hi man, howdy!19:05
ashamsAny body has Lenovo machine here?19:30
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EgyParadoxI mentioned the wrong person23:25
ashamsi'm here23:25
ashamsEgyParadox: you have a lenovo, right?23:26
ashamsso, I want to buy a lap, but I can't make a choice23:27
ashamsI just have one question23:27
ashamsIf I bought an i5 dell will it perform like an i5 on dell23:28
ashamsI mean the overall performance with the same specs23:28
ashamson the two machine23:28
ashamsEgyParadox: same specs on dell Vs. same specs on Lenovo, which one of them perform better?23:30
EgyParadoxtab boss pm a7san23:31

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