jjessemeeting tonight right?01:40
gamerchick02i got an email about it01:41
snap-l Yep, we'll get started in 7 minutes.01:53
gamerchick02Downton Abbey is on, so i might not be paying much attention01:57
snap-lgah, I tried to watch that show01:57
brouschtivo it01:57
snap-lFelt like a big load of "why am I watching this?"01:58
gamerchick02it's bloody awesome01:58
gamerchick02it's got Maggie Smith in it, so it's good. ;)01:58
snap-lEven she couldn't assuage me01:59
gamerchick02it's like a soap though. i like Doc Martin too. *shrug*01:59
snap-lbut we only watched one episode01:59
gamerchick02i love Maggie Smith01:59
gamerchick02oh you have to see the whole thing01:59
gamerchick02i don't have a tivo, brousch01:59
gamerchick02i have cable, but no dvr01:59
snap-lI don't think I need an entire fruitcake to let me know I don't like fruitcake01:59
* gamerchick02 is cheap01:59
gamerchick02good point, snap-l.01:59
brouschdo you knap your own knives from obsidian too?02:00
gamerchick02i like it. it's my thing though02:00
gamerchick02brousch, no.02:00
snap-lOK, let's get started02:00
gamerchick02i have a VCR.02:00
brouschi'm riding th exercise bike. sorry if i smell funny02:00
snap-lThat's got the agenda02:00
snap-lFirst order of business: moving the meeting02:01
brouschwhat tme is it in budapest?02:01
snap-lquite honestly, I broached this, but I think this time works best02:01
snap-lProbably morning02:01
jjessei agree02:01
gamerchick02Sundays aren't the best for me, but that's just... me02:01
snap-lWe seem to get enough people02:02
snap-lI know there's always going to be people who can't make it, but I think we should keep this for a while until it really becomes a problem02:02
gamerchick02i'll try to make as many as i can02:02
snap-lAny further comments?02:03
gamerchick02sounds silly but it conflicts with Masterpiece. :-P (if it were Sherlock, i would definitely not be here)02:03
snap-lThat's what laptops are for. ;)02:03
gamerchick02i'm watching with the laptop. ;)02:03
gamerchick02anyway, continue02:03
jjessethis time works the best for me out of any02:03
gibJust finished watching Once upon A Time. Ends at 9PM EST.02:03
tbemusI like getting the reminders,  Thanks~02:04
snap-lYeah, I think the only regulars that really can't make it are Wolfger.02:04
gibI'd prefer earlier since I get up early on weekdays.02:04
snap-lYeah, I'll make a habit of sending out the e-mail to let folks know02:04
snap-lgib: Not bloody likely02:04
gamerchick02i like the email though.02:04
jjessethis works the best, any earlier cuts into bed time02:04
snap-lbut we can make the meetings briefer02:05
gamerchick02bed time?02:05
jjesseson's bed time02:05
gamerchick02oh. sorry.02:05
gibHow does earlier than 9PM EST cut into bed time?02:05
snap-lso, without further ado...02:05
jjesseif i'm home i'm helping out w/ bed time02:05
jjessewe have SWAG?02:05
gamerchick02swag is always welcome.02:06
snap-lbrousch: You added it, please elaborate. ;)02:06
gibOH, so you need to keep it later for a child's time to coordinate.  I get it.02:06
jjesseyeah and i think snap-l is in the same boat02:06
brouschwe have a lifetime's worth of cds02:06
snap-ljjesse: I don't have children02:06
brouschstickers are much bette for handing out02:06
snap-lbrousch: Agreed02:06
gamerchick02stickers are always welcome.02:06
gibSo, what kind of stickers?02:07
brouschubuntu/kubuntu stickrs02:07
snap-lhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuAtConferences <- These are the ones that I'm aware of02:07
brouschwe have 3 or 4 canonical employees in th group. i would think they could hook us up02:08
snap-lI'm not sure how we got them in the past02:09
snap-lI know Ohio got a conference pack for OLF02:09
brouschgreg-g sent me 2 sheets. i gave them away in about 4 months02:10
brouschone sticker at a time02:10
snap-lI'll look into getting some swag02:11
snap-lworst they can say is "buy it". :)02:11
brouschi did02:11
brouschshipping sucks02:11
snap-lbut we do have Penguicon coming up02:12
snap-lAnd some release parties I would assume. :)02:12
brouschit seems like a blob of stickers would be a good thing for official locos02:13
snap-lSo, we have some things we'd be available for.02:13
gibWe can make some stuff at http://techshop.ws   they just opened a Detroit location.02:13
snap-lgib: Why don't you look into that? There's info here on using the brand: http://design.canonical.com/the-toolkit/02:14
snap-lSpeaking of which, 12.04 is going to be released soon02:16
snap-lAnd as is customary, we have release parties.02:17
tbemusDo you know the date?  late April?02:17
snap-lNot offhand02:17
brouschsnap-l: and a bug jam02:17
brouschmy annual trek to AA02:18
snap-lThe release of Ubuntu 12.04 is scheduled for April 26th.02:18
snap-lI haven't heard when the gloal jam is scheduled02:19
snap-lgenerally we coincide with that02:19
tbemusRelease party at Penguicon?02:19
gibWell I'm just a beginner - I bet we can make some cheap really bad art that would be cool.02:19
snap-lgib: There's some PDF files on there02:20
snap-lGlobal Jam is 2-4 of March02:20
snap-lYeah, I think the release party will be at Penguicon again02:20
brouschgib: we have a decent ubuntu-mi logo02:20
gibWhich files do we like?02:21
snap-lgib: Why don't you take them and see what techchop could do wtih them?02:22
gibI see some Commical t-shirts that look interesting.  But they may be copyrighted.02:23
snap-lSo, to recap, plan on some jam activity in March02:24
brouschtechshop sounds like i302:24
snap-lI'll ask jrwren if SRT will be available during that weekend in March02:25
gibSimple designs: http://shop.canonical.com/product_info.php?products_id=71802:26
gibTechshop is like i3 but they have a million dollars of equipment.02:26
snap-lAny other business that anyone would like to discuss?02:27
gibHumm:   https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DIYMarketing?action=AttachFile&do=view&target=UbuntuPoster-Virus.png02:27
snap-lSo, to recap:02:27
gamerchick02uh, Downton Abbey is awesome?02:27
snap-l1) Meetings will stay on Sundays # 9pm02:27
snap-l2) I'll look into getting some swag from our events02:27
snap-l3) We'll start planning the global jam at SRT02:28
snap-l4) Release party is during Penguicon (anyone want to coordinate this? :) )02:28
brouschwe lost greg-g in ann arbor, but jrwren is still there02:28
snap-lOK, I'll add those agenda items to the next meeting02:30
snap-lAnythig else?02:30
gamerchick02not from here.02:30
gibGoodnight all  . . .02:31
snap-lNext Meeting is Feb 5th02:31
snap-lThanks everyone!02:31
brouschthank you snap-l02:31
gamerchick02see you all then. or earlier, i hope. i've been bad about not being in irc but it seems dead in the evening.02:31
gamerchick02i don't have internet at work. :(02:31
gibSo, we do this every week? ON Sunday ant 9PM EST?02:32
brouschgib: month02:32
jjesseevery month02:32
gibOh, ok.02:32
jjessebut we hang out here all the time02:32
gamerchick02i'm off to finish Downton Abbey. see everyone tomorrow after work.02:32
gibFirst Sunday?02:33
snap-lgib: Generally, but this year it was on New Years Day02:33
gibOkay.  See ya.  I've got this on my calendar now.02:34
snap-lhttp://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/ubuntu-michigan/ical <- iCal feed02:34
brouschgib: you could subscribe to the ubuntu-mi calendar, then it's put on for you02:35
snap-lHas all of our events.02:35
gibYeah, I really prefer to control my calendar myself.02:35
gibWell - bye bye for now  - zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz02:36
snap-lI guess I shouldn't tell him about copying events to your calendar.02:37
brouschprobably using some crusty open source calendar that doesn't handle subscriptions well02:38
snap-lAlso, ust once I'd like to not hear about tech shop02:38
snap-lI swear, ever since it opened I hear about it at least once per encounter with Gib. :)02:38
brouschhah, well i think we all have those projects we pimp all the time02:39
snap-lYeah, I'm guilty of that02:39
snap-lBut I'm to the point where every time it gets mentioned adds one more month of me ignoring it.02:40
snap-lI think I'm up to most of 201302:40
brouschis it different from i3 or a competitor?02:41
brouschi suppose you east siders have enough space to have several hackerspaces02:41
snap-lI think it's something in partnership with Ford02:43
jjesseis that what it is?  a hackerspace?02:43
jjessei seem to just ignore it02:43
brouschfrom the description it looks like a hackerspace02:44
jjesseso who watches downtown abby?02:49
jjessejust found it on netflix02:49
brouschis that like sister act?02:50
jjesseno idea02:52
locodir-userAnyone here?02:54
snap-llocodir-user: Hello02:56
snap-llocodir-user: We just finished the meeting, so it may be a little quiet here. :)02:56
jhansonxiTried to pay attention.  Was busy playing Shadowgrounds (Humble Bundle game).03:01
snap-lno worries. ;)03:01
snap-l Note: Apparently JoDee is not used to me hitting on a drum practice pad03:43
snap-lI believe the phrase she used was "I will kill you"03:43
rick_h__morning from Budapest08:01
rick_h__sleep is good, but ugh still08:01
snap-lhow's budapest?11:32
rick_h__cool, finally starting code to cood11:33
rick_h__code that is11:33
rick_h__bah, sorry talking to 3 people at once11:33
snap-lI bet it's pretty hectic over there.11:34
Wolfgerforgot all about last night's meeting. Actually was in bed by 9 :-p12:33
Wolfgerso we're keeping monthlies on Sunday at 9?12:33
snap-lWolfger: Looks that way.12:34
WolfgerWell then I look forward to completely forgetting about many more.12:38
WolfgerCrappy thing is, this day/time was originally my idea12:38
Wolfgeroh well. Life changes, things go on.12:38
brouschbut sometimes THINGS DIE12:39
WolfgerGot your e-mail reminder yesterday morning and was fully determined to show up for the meeting, too.12:39
WolfgerThat's it, brousch. Always look on the bright side of life.12:39
* Wolfger whistles12:39
brouschdamn you12:40
snap-lSpeaking of which, off to work.12:40
brouschalways look on the bright side of death!/just before you draw your terminal breath12:41
WolfgerNow you've got it! :-)12:43
brouschnow i've got it stuck in my head you mean12:48
snap-lAlso, Dropbox is awesome.13:52
snap-lsynced my read / review files without too much trouble.13:56
snap-lGah, forgot the goofy little cable for my Sansa player13:58
brouschsnap-l: it's the same as many cameras13:58
snap-lWell, that was fun.14:24
snap-lHad my computer do all sorts of interesting things (not display the theme properly)14:31
brouschwelcome to unity!14:32
snap-lI hope part of the precise cycle is fixing this wonkiness14:34
snap-lSeriously want to love Unity, but it's getting on my nerves.14:34
WolfgerUnity has already converted tjagoda to KDE... come join the fun14:58
snap-lI'm not ready for that yet.15:01
brouschWolfger: and me15:01
snap-lI'm going to hold out for 12.0415:01
snap-lIf I feel it's not moved in the right direction, I'm bailing as well15:01
WolfgerI'm actually very happy with KDE under 32-bit Ocelot15:02
Wolfgermuch better than the last two times I tried to come back to KDE15:03
ColonelPanic001<3 KDE15:03
ColonelPanic001I approve of the increased discussion of KDE in this channel15:03
brouschit feels so much more mature than gnome3 and unity15:03
brouschlike everything you need is there and you can tweak it to your liking15:04
WolfgerThough I'm going to have to bail on Rekonq. It's a much better browser than it used to be, but it crashes too often.15:04
brouschgnome3/unity always feels like a feature isn't there, or if it is you have to use it just how the author wants you to15:05
WolfgerIt does suck less resources than FF or Chromium, though. At least, it seems that way. Haven't done a true comparison.15:05
Wolfgerbrousch: that has always been my problem with Gnome... You have to use it the way somebody else wants you to :-p15:05
brouschwell it's not a problem as long you agree with the dev15:06
WolfgerHey, any other WeatherSpark users here?15:06
WolfgerSeems like there should be a forecast for amount of precipitation, but all I'm seeing is % chance of precipitation.15:06
ColonelPanic001I use it15:07
ColonelPanic001see nothing there about rain15:07
WolfgerI'm looking at "40% chance of light snow" on Friday... Sure would be nice to know what "light snow" is...15:08
WolfgerI mean, I consider 1-2 inches to be light, but there's a huge difference traffic-wise between "no accumulation" and 2 inches15:09
ColonelPanic001heh, yeah15:11
snap-lThe thing about Unity / GNOME3 is that there are lots of ways to tweak things, and they're all inside dconf / gconf15:11
snap-lWolfger: Any forecast that's more than 24 hours is highly suspect.15:12
snap-lhence the chance of snow, but no real numbers to back it up15:12
brouschthat's like tweaking Windows by hacking the registry15:13
brouschi <3 linux15:15
brouschnepomuk has had both CPUs at 100% all morning while it indexes, but my performance is not affected at all15:15
ColonelPanic001I often just turn that off. I know where my files are. That's why I have directories15:16
brouschi want to give it a try15:16
brouschgnome has that zeitgeist thing15:16
WolfgerNepomuk does a decent job of staying out of the way of real work.... only issue I have with it running at 100% is the heat15:18
Wolfgerit's especially bad (or used to be) when indexing NTFS.15:18
brouschwell i think the fans in this MBP are running all the time, so heat isn't an issue15:19
snap-lbrousch: MBP is terrible for heat dissipation15:20
snap-lat least the older ones were15:20
brouschthis one keeps my hands warm in the winter15:20
snap-lwhen I had one, it felt like I was BBQing my nads if I didn't have a lap desk15:20
brouschdissipates through the aluminum15:20
snap-lI find the thinkpads are much more efficient for keeping cool15:21
WolfgerSince installing Ocelot, I have not had any CPU heat issues yet... Of course, I also don't have my NTFS automounting in FSTAB yet either.15:22
brouschyeah, no heat issues with this, but again, i think the fans are always on15:23
brouschwhich means i get about 75% of the battery life it had unser OSX15:23
brouschgood enough15:23
nullspacesnap-l: that doctoro talk has me totally uninterested in tablet devices15:36
nullspacethanks, you saved me $50015:36
brouscha friend of mine has hacked debian onto his $99 nook simple touch15:38
brouscheink device15:38
snap-lnullspace: you're welcome.16:16
WolfgerThat Doctorow talk has me... completely unphased about my purchase of a Kindle Touch. It's still awesome. Looking forward to a better world, though.16:42
brouschi had almost forgotten just how much i missed the MBP touchpad16:44
brouschsuch a beautiful thing16:44
krondorno scrollback, doctorow talk link?17:01
Wolfgerkrondor: the link was on G+17:05
Wolfgerwhich I can't access again now that I'm back at work :-p17:05
krondorWolfger:  Thanks :) I'll find it17:06
snap-lkrondor: It's been all over the net17:07
WolfgerI just googled it17:07
Wolfgera 28c3 talk17:08
krondoroh yeah I read the transcript, didn't watch the video good stuff17:08
Wolfger"I came across your resume as your experience is relevant to one of my current openings" .... Liar!17:09
Wolfger"Required Skills:    3+ years experience supporting open source email at an enterprise level (10K + users)"  <-- I do not have that requirement. Why are you bothering me?17:10
snap-lWolfger: You don't support open source email at an enterprise level? :)17:23
nullspaceWolfger: I don't see e-readers replacing general PCs18:05
nullspacebooks maybe but not a computer18:05
brouschtablets could replace laptops for most people18:07
brouschmaybe even home PCs18:08
brouschif printing were easy, i could replace my dad, grandma, and FIL's cpmputers with a tablet18:08
ColonelPanic001yeah, we had a Asus Transformer here with the keyboard18:13
ColonelPanic001if not for code, I easily could use it for 90% of stuff18:13
ColonelPanic001plus, it pops off and suddenly is a tablet. It's pretty awesome18:14
brouschright, coding and printing18:14
ColonelPanic001I very rarely print, so for me just code18:18
ColonelPanic001but yeah, could be an issue. Never tried printing from android18:19
brouschsupposedly you can go through google cloud print now18:20
brouschbut that requires you have a Windows or OSX computer sitting around that handles the print sharing for you18:21
brouschthough it's kind of cool that i can print to the big printers at work from anywhere18:23
ColonelPanic001there's a big color plotter here18:23
ColonelPanic001I kind of want to use it for something. anything18:24
ColonelPanic001preferably lolcats18:24
ColonelPanic001just find a good "OH HAI" one, hang it by the door in the morning18:24
krondorbrousch:  yeah cloud print works kind of well actually, but you do need that print server.18:32
brouschi have not actually tried it with android, but it worked well with my chromebook18:33
WolfgerResolved: Technology should be an aid, not a crutch.18:43
WolfgerWe have tech here at the plant to assist people in doing things better/faster/efficiently, but when the tech fails they act like they suddenly can't do their job at all.18:44
snap-lWolfger: Yep18:48
snap-lThat wouldn't surprise me in the least.18:48
brouschit's frightening how much arguing with apple-lovers is like arguing with religious people19:21
Wolfgers/religious people/religious zealots/19:35
snap-lGive peace a chance, maaaaaaaan19:37
Wolfgerthat's all we are saying19:37
greg-gyou might call me a dreamer19:40
WolfgerDream On19:42
snap-lDream on19:42
brouschyou're right. i may be drawing that comparison because those are pretty much the only people i argue with19:47
snap-lbuffer #ubuntuone22:22
Blazeixooh, asus just unveiled a 1920x1200 resolution tablet...23:31
Blazeixthat's tempting23:31
brouschhow big is it?23:40
brouschthese things really need an integrated IDE23:46
brouschcreate apps right on the device23:46

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