inetprofp 01:45
Kilosmorning all06:20
sakhiMorning, hi Kilos. 06:22
Kiloshey sakhi long time no see06:22
Kilosmorning maiatoday  wb06:22
maiatodayhi Kilos06:25
nuvolario/ mornings oom Kilos 06:40
nuvolariand maiatoday and sakhi 06:41
Kiloslo nuvolari 06:41
Kilosnuvolari, meeting here tonight at 7.30 hey06:46
nuvolariKilos: cool! thanks for reminding me oom06:49
Kilosyw my friend06:49
* nuvolari is very forgetful these days :P06:49
Kilosha ha ha06:49
nuvolarihow was your weekend oom Kilos ?06:49
Kilosstil seun06:49
Kiloslo highvoltage you gonna make tonights meeting?07:04
nuvolariag stil is beter as sleg oom :P07:05
Kilosi'll be back tonight. have a good day all of you07:15
kbmonkeyjust popping in to test my 3G reception14:11
kbmonkeyreminder our meet is at 19h30 :-)14:12
professorXhello world...15:06
Kilosfor those who dont read the list mails15:36
KilosMaaz, announce meeting here tonight at 1930hrs15:37
MaazHear ye, hear ye! meeting here tonight at 1930hrs15:37
Kiloshiya superfly 15:37
Kiloslo magespawn 16:09
Kilosinetpro, vergadreing vanaand nĂȘ16:13
Kiloshi Mezenir 16:15
Mezenirhey kilos16:16
Mezenirhowsit going16:16
Kilosok ty and you16:16
Kilosmeeting here at 1930 hey16:17
Kilosour monthly meet 3 months late16:17
Kilosmaybe i am exagerating a bit16:17
Mezenir1930 ?16:54
Mezenirwhat happens then16:54
Mezenirdoes anyone know why there is an openssl 0.9.8s and a 1.0.0f ?16:55
Kiloslol 07.30 tonight16:59
Kilosthats if weenie makes it17:01
* nlsthzn just got a heads up on G+ about the meeting which I had totally forgotten about17:02
Kiloslol hiya nlsthzn 17:03
nlsthznHey uncle Kilos 17:03
Kiloswho reminded you?17:03
nlsthznI don't know the handle, only have the persons real name :/ (to many people to keep track of)17:04
nlsthznIt was a certain Mr. Meyer17:05
Kilosthe goose17:05
nlsthznif you say so :)17:06
nuvolario/ lo17:12
nuvolariam I early?17:12
Kilos18 mins nuvolari 17:12
nuvolariah good17:14
nuvolariat least I didn't miss it :D17:14
nuvolarig'evening oom kil17:14
magespawnHi all17:14
nuvolariekmeen :P17:14
nuvolarihi magespawn 17:14
Kiloslo magespawn 17:15
nuvolariKilos: het oom darm 'n lekker dag gehad?17:15
nuvolarilo apie17:15
kbmonkeynuvolari :)17:15
nuvolarigaan dit wel in die kaapse geweste?17:15
nlsthznhey nuvolari , magespawn and kbmonkey 17:16
kbmonkeyek sit nou in beaufort west, cross country road trip17:16
kbmonkeyhi nlsthzn 17:16
kbmonkeyhow is everybody?17:16
magespawnBit damp but otherwise good17:17
nuvolariwe're good 17:17
nuvolaria bit kooler with clouds here in KZN. Appreciating every bit of it17:17
magespawnThat's for sure, still 30 deg17:17
nlsthznFreaking freezing over here... must be about 15degC outside17:18
* nuvolari begs nlsthzn for some of that coolant17:18
kbmonkeyDriving through the Karoo today was like being inside an incinerator17:18
nlsthznIf I could bottle this weather I would... the summer approaches :(17:19
kbmonkeysjoe that is chilly nlsthzn 17:20
nlsthznFor this place it is ... brrrrrrr17:20
kbmonkeypreflight check, suggestions for any more agenda items welcome -- http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/ubuntu-za/331/detail/17:21
nuvolariooh, girl geek dinner... mebbe I should go visit in CT, find my a nice lass over there17:23
magespawnThere will be about 8517:23
nuvolarigeek lass??? wow17:24
nlsthznNice... sounds more that I would have expected...17:24
kbmonkeyyeah wear your stockings and heels and get a free coffee nuvolari ;p17:24
nuvolarihmm, I need a wig17:25
kbmonkeyis Greg here for that agenda item?17:26
magespawnThat would be me17:26
kbmonkeyah okay magespawn!17:26
nuvolarilo bytjie17:28
maiatodayhey nuvolari17:28
kbmonkeyhello maia!17:28
maiatodayhi kbmonkey 17:28
nlsthzno/ maiatoday 17:29
maiatodayhi nlsthzn 17:29
nuvolariit seems busy tonight!17:29
maiatodaykbmonkey: are you chairing?17:29
kbmonkeyindeed maiatoday 17:29
maiatodayyay for kbmonkey 17:30
Kiloslo kbmonkey maiatoday 17:30
maiatodayhi Kilos 17:30
kbmonkeybad ping times, stable enough :)17:30
kbmonkeyhi Kilos 17:30
maiatodaydon't worry, irc doesn't take a lot of bandwith17:30
kbmonkeywe'll start in a couple minutes17:30
nuvolarikbmonkey: I bet it's better than morsecode17:30
* nuvolari craves coffee17:30
kbmonkeyKilos, driving through the karoo today, I was so tempted to pull over and jump on and ride and ostrich! ha ha17:31
nuvolariwe're out of beans at work :'(17:31
Kilosha ha ha17:31
Kilosyou will fall your butt off17:31
kbmonkeynuvolari that is purple alert. A red letter day if any17:31
nuvolariKilos: did you ever ride an ostrich?17:32
Kiloseish the fly isnt here17:32
Kilosno man they are for eating not riding17:32
Kilosi used to have 6 horses though17:33
nuvolarioh yum. volstruis steak is great17:33
Kiloskbmonkey, have you got the bot set up?17:33
kbmonkeyon that note, let's call in Maaz 17:33
* nuvolari slowclaps for maaz17:34
nlsthzn*wolf whistle*17:34
KilosMaaz, hello17:34
MaazHello Kilos17:34
kbmonkeyMaaz start meeting about Ubuntu-ZA IRC meet17:34
* Maaz gets out his memo-pad and cracks his knuckles17:34
nuvolariyo Maaz!17:34
nuvolariMaaz: I'm pikachu17:35
Maaznuvolari: Sorry...17:35
kbmonkeyMaaz I am Wesley Werner17:35
Maazkbmonkey: Okay17:35
kbmonkeyMaaz coffee on17:35
* Maaz washes some mugs17:35
maiatodayMaaz I am Maia Grotepass17:35
Maazmaiatoday: Righto17:35
nlsthznMaaz, I am Neil Oosthuizen17:35
Maaznlsthzn: Alrighty17:35
KilosMaaz, I am Miles Sharpe17:35
MaazKilos: Sure17:35
nuvolariMaaz: I am Johan Mynhardt17:35
Maaznuvolari: Alrighty17:35
magespawnMass I am Greg Eames17:35
magespawnMaaz I am Greg Eames17:36
Maazmagespawn: Done17:36
kbmonkeyOh happy new years #ubuntu-za just by the by :-)17:36
Kilosbakuman, you here?17:36
kbmonkeyyes a bit late, but why not.17:36
* nlsthzn also wishes all the best for 2012 :)17:37
Kilossame there kbmonkey 17:37
nuvolarilikewise to everyone17:37
kbmonkeyMaaz topic Precise release party suggestions17:38
MaazCurrent Topic: Precise release party suggestions17:38
maiatodayyeah what does everyone want to do?17:38
maiatodayIt's a LTS so a little bit of fanfare would be cool17:38
kbmonkeylots of tequila and install discs?17:38
magespawnWhen is the release?17:39
maiatodayin APril but I wanted to get some ideas so long17:39
MaazCoffee's ready for kbmonkey!17:39
nlsthznWith the momentum Canonical is creating with their TV and what not coming I think 12.04 is a very big release and should be done right 17:39
Kiloshi Whizper2me 17:40
* nuvolari whispers to Whizper2me17:40
Whizper2meconfluency, highvoltage , kbmonkey *tips hat*17:41
kbmonkeyto be honest, I haven't been following this release as closely. Keen to support a release party though17:41
Whizper2meall the others I don't know, hallo :)17:41
nlsthznhi Whizper2me 17:41
maiatodayI know the parties are for different areas but we can start thinking about what we want to do17:41
maiatodayhi Whizper2me 17:41
kbmonkeyhi Whizper2me. would you like to join our irc meeting?17:41
magespawnMaybe something bigger than normal. Like they do for SFD.17:42
maiatodayI'll also make a reminder to myself to remember to order the disks this time. sorry about the previous release we missed the disks :(17:42
Whizper2me@kbmonkey the cats think your poi are toys17:42
maiatodayalso there were some ideas at the previous release party in cape town to have some activities to help beginners17:42
Whizper2meThanks for the invitation kbmonkey :)17:43
nlsthznWhere are the release parties normally held, uni's?17:43
maiatodaydemos or q&a or basic talks17:43
kbmonkeylol Whizper2me :)17:43
maiatodayunis or anywhere really, I've had 2 at my house before17:43
KilosWhizper2me, log in with maaz17:43
kbmonkeynuvolari I'll be around that side in April, we can coordinate something?17:43
maiatodaylast time we were at panarottis in canal walk17:43
Mezeniri like panarottis17:44
Mezenirwhen the service is good17:44
nuvolarikbmonkey: sure! I still have to organize something for here in Ballito17:44
Kiloshi POpsr welcome to #ubuntu-za17:44
nlsthznwould be nice to have it someplace with maximum exposure (but then having enough stuff to satisfy the curious)17:44
Mezenireat all you can thursday ftw17:44
nuvolariare you keen on coming here?17:44
kbmonkeyI'm thinking a banner, someplace for exposure like a restaurant 17:44
maiatodayI wouldn't suggest panarottis for a release party again becuase the tables of 6 or 8 people made the group not mingle properly17:44
Mezenirmaximum exposure like grandwest ?17:44
nlsthznNot sure if you guys have seen some of Randall Ross's blog posts for Vancouver, they know how to party :)17:45
kbmonkeysure nuvolari!17:45
kbmonkeyneed to check that out nlsthzn 17:45
magespawnMaybe a local pc shop or internet cafe17:46
nlsthznThey take over a whole restaurant... and with a projector beam one of those smart phone barcode thingies outside so if people scan they go to a special web site for the event that invite them in etc. :)17:46
magespawnSounds good17:47
nlsthznInterestingly enough... no PC's allowed.17:47
nlsthznmy 2c worth in any case :)17:47
Whizper2meMaaz I am Christel17:48
MaazWhizper2me: Righto17:48
maiatodayit all sounds good, anybody who wants to jump in and organise, go for it, you don't need an invite or permission ;)17:48
kbmonkeya release party without pc's? that can be dangerous17:48
inetproMaaz: I am Gustav H Meyer17:48
Maazinetpro: Done17:48
* inetpro is late again17:48
nlsthznAh, it is thanks to inetpro that I made it tonight :)17:49
Kiloswelcome inetpro better late than never17:49
kbmonkeysure, I will bug nuvolari with a kzn party ;)17:49
maiatodayminimum we need is a venue and a time and an external disk with repos17:49
maiatodayit could be a blanket at the beach17:49
magespawnkbmonkey I would like to come done for that if I can17:49
kbmonkeyMaaz idea Wesley and Johan to discuss kzn release party17:50
MaazIdea recorded: Wesley and Johan to discuss kzn release party17:50
kbmonkeycool magespawn17:50
nuvolariMaaz: will you be OK with Ballito?17:50
Maaznuvolari: Sorry...17:50
nuvolarimagespawn: will you be OK with Ballito?17:50
magespawnShould be okay17:50
maiatodayok I'll send an email on the mailing list to poll people for ideas too17:50
inetprocan we have a demo of the Ubuntu TV at the release party?17:51
kbmonkeyUbuntu TV?17:51
maiatodaythat sounds good inetpro 17:51
nlsthzn+ 117:51
maiatodayMaaz action maiatoday will start discussion about release party ideas on the mailing list17:51
Maazmaiatoday: Sorry...17:51
kbmonkeyrevisiting a previous idea we had...17:51
kbmonkeyMaaz idea bring a newbie friend to the next release party17:52
MaazIdea recorded: bring a newbie friend to the next release party17:52
maiatodaykbmonkey: tell maaz my action please, I forgot the syntax17:52
kbmonkeysure :)17:52
nuvolariis ubuntutv like a mediacentre?17:52
kbmonkeyMaaz idea maiatoday will start discussion about release party ideas on the mailing list17:53
MaazIdea recorded: maiatoday will start discussion about release party ideas on the mailing list17:53
maiatodayconnecting to bring a newbie is have something that would interest a newbie17:53
nlsthznnuvolari, they plan on making it a TV that will play all your content... running with Unity interface (no more boxes needed)17:53
kbmonkeyJabberwockyA19 are you in?17:54
kbmonkeylast time you had a great idea to show off some games at parties17:54
magespawnLike lg/smasung smart tv?17:54
nuvolarijust saw the video. very appealing17:55
maiatodayhey kbmonkey I just wanted to get the discussion going about this topic, it's ok if we probably won't resolve too much now17:55
Mezenirgames ?17:55
Mezenirwhat kind of games17:55
magespawnMaybe have a lan of open arena or the like?17:55
nuvolariI don't watch TV though, but if it can handle series, im game :P17:55
nuvolariminecraft :D17:55
nlsthznGet a few people to play Oil Rush... it is pretty17:56
nlsthznor minecraft, it is addictive17:56
nuvolarior counterstrike :P17:56
maiatodayand all those beautiful humble indie bundle games17:56
kbmonkeymost of us can't enjoy high bandwidth luxuries like online tv :/17:56
kbmonkeylove that idea maiatoday !17:57
maiatodaymaaz idea have a games showcase at the release party17:57
MaazIdea recorded: have a games showcase at the release party17:57
maiatodaymaaz idea make the theme for the release party games and newbies17:57
MaazIdea recorded: make the theme for the release party games and newbies17:57
kbmonkeyI bet we can make a nice poster with game screenshots too. people love pictures.17:57
nlsthznOh and Unity :p17:58
kbmonkeyokay should we work the details on the ML then?17:59
maiatodayyup 17:59
kbmonkeywow, so many ideas in advance. I like this :)17:59
kbmonkeyoh, the agenda got shuffled, we skipped the minutes review18:00
kbmonkeyMaaz topic Linux Certification18:01
MaazCurrent Topic: Linux Certification18:01
kbmonkeyping? still online?...18:01
Kilosya too18:02
nlsthznJust another link to explain Ubuntu TV - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Q-pTFEHLC4 check it out later ;)18:02
maiatodayI just checked the previous meeting and there isn't much to review18:02
kbmonkeyRevisiting our studies, who wants in?18:02
* nlsthzn can't re-visit ... he still has to visit :p18:02
kbmonkeythanks maiatoday!18:02
magespawnI do would like to be certified18:02
nlsthznBut I am still keen18:02
kbmonkeyokay then so be it nlsthzn 18:03
Kilosi will study with you18:03
nlsthznHow do you plan on doing this kbmonkey ?18:03
kbmonkeyrealistically I envisioned this study group would carry on autonomously,18:03
maiatodayis anybody actively in the process of becoming a LPIC18:04
kbmonkeyI want to restart this in the next 2-4 weeks nlsthzn 18:04
* nlsthzn is toying with the idea... but as it has no bearing on my work it become harder to motivate the effort and time 18:04
nlsthznI want to go for it to be more proficiant at Linux and be able to help myself more than anything else18:05
magespawnNo not yet18:05
maiatodaybecause if you had someone who is on a mission to become certified to drive it it may help18:05
Mezenircan it really teach you anything you cant teach yourself ?18:05
nlsthznand in a shorter time frame (plus you get feedback if you really know what it what)18:06
kbmonkeythe lpic is pretty much self study Mezenir. you do get classes based on it, but yes you can teach yourself 18:06
magespawnStructured learning makes more sense generally18:06
maiatodayalso deadlines do wonders ...18:07
maiatodaynothing like an exam to make you cram for 2 days18:07
kbmonkeybasically it is a glorified collection of linux knowledge guaranteed to make one competent 18:07
nlsthznmaiatoday, +118:07
* nlsthzn sees a dead line is needed >.<18:07
kbmonkeyokay I will mail the list into kickstart again18:07
kbmonkeymaaz agreed Wesley to kickstart the LPIC studies18:08
maiatodayor maybe challenge each other to checkout an area and present to the others in irc18:08
Kiloskbmonkey, what happened to those that already joined you two18:08
Kilos20 i think you said18:08
* nlsthzn will re-energize some peeps on this side of the world to see who is in :)18:08
MaazAgreed: Wesley to kickstart the LPIC studies18:08
kbmonkeynlsthzn indeed, a deadline is needed18:08
Whizper2mepoke 18:09
Whizper2meapologies that was going to be : poke Teepog about the LPIC Wesley, he has indicated some interest before18:09
Kiloskbmonkey, is the manual still the same18:10
kbmonkeyyes it is Kilos 18:10
Kilosok ian wants to join as well18:10
kbmonkeywe can work out a flexible deadline, with everyone's schedules, we can perhaps setup recurring deadlines for the work18:10
maiatodayso here's a suggestion, pick a day of the week and let someone commit to preparing to present a section to the others18:11
maiatodaythe others must prepare so they can ask questions.18:11
kbmonkeythat way, newcomers can still meet deadlines, and the rest can revisit old stuff to stay fresh18:11
maiatodaythen the baton is passed on to the next person18:11
nlsthznClever idea18:11
maiatodaythat way everyone gets to prepare a section thoroughly18:11
inetprosounds interesting18:11
maiatodayand you have free "lectures"18:12
kbmonkeywell maiatoday the material is layed out, so I thought everyone works through it themselves. then we meet on irc to ask, discuss and poke another about it18:12
kbmonkeyoh I like that a lot too maiatoday !18:12
maiatodayyeah I know the material is layed out but you run the risk of flippin through it and saying yeah I know that, and that18:12
nlsthznLeft to my own devices I would be better of going back to DOS18:12
maiatodaywhereas if you have to sortof lecture it you really have to know it18:12
nlsthznWhen you learn with the aim to teach you learn more / quicker18:13
inetpromaiatoday: where dowe get the learning material? Are there costs involved?18:13
kbmonkeyjust so I understand maiatoday, you say someone presents a section, like in a classroom?18:13
maiatodayand it will give structure and a deadline for one person at least and the others can hear/read an explanation instead of reading a manual18:13
maiatodayyeah kbmonkey 18:13
nlsthzninetpro, there is a free study guide...18:14
kbmonkeyinetpro the book is free, a pdf online. I will email the links through on the list18:14
Kilosinetpro, http://www.linuxcertification.co.za/lpi-study-manual18:14
inetproahh, thanks Kilos18:14
Kiloslo ZereF log in to our meet18:14
magespawnI could draw up a schedule if ppl will commit to the program18:14
kbmonkeyKilos for the win18:14
kbmonkeyinetpro the material suggests CentOS, however is generic enough to apply to most distros18:15
Mezenirnice of them to provide free material18:15
kbmonkeyIf you can magespawn, thanks!18:15
nlsthznthey do cover RPM and debs and everything in between18:15
kbmonkeywhat period between classes would you say? a week? every 2 weeks?18:16
nlsthznwill depend on the size, complexity 18:16
magespawnHow big is the manual?18:16
inetpromaiatoday: 4.2MB as far as I can see18:17
kbmonkeylet me check..18:17
inetprooops... magespawn18:17
maiatodaymake it a regular meeting even if you can't cover a whole section in a meeting, so that you get into the habit of keeping going18:17
magespawnNo I meant chapters etc?18:17
nlsthznI think it is best for the interested to get the manual and then we plan?18:18
Kilosquite big magespawn 18:18
Kiloslots of info from bios on18:18
nlsthznThe chapters only scratch the surface... need more info then it gives often18:18
kbmonkeyI don't have the book with me, but magespawn see inside it, they even show a chart of how many 'points' each section is valued, and how much time is suggested18:18
* inetpro just downloaded it18:19
inetpro329 pages18:19
magespawnI'll have a look at the manual and get an educator friend of mine to draw up class material and such18:19
kbmonkeymagespawn can we then chat about some schedule via mail then18:19
magespawnFor sure18:19
kbmonkeyawesome :)18:20
kbmonkeyMaaz agreed magespawn to help setup a LPIC Q&A IRC schdule18:20
MaazAgreed: magespawn to help setup a LPIC Q&A IRC schdule18:20
kbmonkeyI propose we skip the beginning sections on BIOS and legacy hardware18:20
inetprojust keep me us updated on here as well... I tend to ignore emails18:21
kbmonkeyit may be required, but daunting for newbies. get them stuck and interested in the juice bits, then revisit the technicals.18:21
kbmonkeysure inetpro 18:21
magespawnWill do maybe set up a page or something.18:21
kbmonkeyto that end, I'd risk saying I want to catch up with IRC meets and try for more a month :/18:22
Kilosyay kbmonkey about time18:22
Kilosbeen lonely here18:22
kbmonkeyright, I'm glad to still see interest!18:22
* kbmonkey big smiles18:22
* Kilos missed the weenie18:23
inetprokbmonkey: you mean like more than one meeting a month?18:23
kbmonkeyyes inetpro, irc meets. 18:23
Kiloslpi meets should be one a week18:23
kbmonkeythe lpi meets still need to be scheduled out18:23
inetprohmm... I guess we should try it18:24
kbmonkeyor like mini-meets. like hi/bye action grenade meets18:24
* inetpro will definitely not be able to attend them all18:24
Kilosinetpro, you can read logs18:25
inetproKilos: I like the idea18:25
kbmonkeynot required to attend all, just to make regular attempts is the idea :)18:25
Kilosmost of the course you will understand anyway18:25
kbmonkeymagespawn fyi we could try use the ubuntu-za wiki for our schedule18:26
Kiloslo WOLFEYES 18:26
WOLFEYESHeya all...18:26
nlsthznlo WOLFEYES 18:27
Kilostell maaz who you are18:27
kbmonkeyMaaz minutes so far18:27
MaazMinutes available at json: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2012-01-16-17-34-34.json :: txt: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2012-01-16-17-34-34.txt :: html: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2012-01-16-17-34-34.html18:27
MaazWOLFEYES: Alrighty18:27
kbmonkeynot what I wanted Maaz, but thanks he he18:27
Kilosgrr no fool18:27
maiatodaykbmonkey do you think we need to check previous minutes?18:28
kbmonkeycollating this topic ideas in my head..18:28
maiatodaywe sortof covered everything in there already18:28
kbmonkeymaiatoday I did and apart from previous release party feedback it seems all covered here in some form18:28
maiatodayI agree, just the ubuntu hour but that's no biggie18:29
kbmonkeyokay next...18:29
kbmonkeyMaaz topic Wiki updates18:29
MaazCurrent Topic: Wiki updates18:29
maiatodayhmm we haven't done any inages18:30
maiatodayin ages18:30
kbmonkeyUnsure what this one entails, magespawn you know?18:30
maiatodaywe should do a monthly report on the wiki18:30
kbmonkeywhat updates?18:30
maiatodaythe monthly reports are due the first sunday of the month18:30
maiatodayI am assuming that's what magespawn meant with the agenda item18:31
magespawnmaiatoday asked me to help with that but did not see anything to add. Unsure of what to add.18:31
maiatodaywe need to list what we do each month on a wiki page18:31
inetpromagespawn: I guess we can get more organised again18:31
maiatodaybut if we don't do anything there is nothing to say :(18:31
kbmonkeythere was a report in October18:32
maiatodayso for this month we have an irc meeting at least18:32
magespawnMaybe ppl could mail the list or me directly with things to be included18:32
maiatodayok that sounds good18:32
kbmonkeythere must be an easier way to post/remember team reports18:32
inetprolike updating meeting pages https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ZATeam/Meetings18:32
maiatodayif I remember I usually ask on the list for events but I think the list mails aren't read that regularly18:33
inetprosee sub-pages at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ZATeam 18:33
magespawnI will also ask for things on the list to jog ppls memory18:33
kbmonkeythere's a report for December for a meeting.18:33
maiatodayeveryone can add on the wiki so really when something happens we could add to the list18:34
maiatodaythen magespawn can just check if it's all there round deadline time18:34
Kiloscan we make an appeal to list members to visit here as well?18:34
Kilosthere are many good brains there that dont come here18:35
maiatodaydunno Kilos people either go on irc or not, and we always invite people on the list to come to irc for the meeting18:35
kbmonkeyso January Team Report is due first Sunday of Feb. 18:35
Kilosah ty maiatoday 18:35
inetproif we keep going and stay organised people will come automatically18:35
magespawnMaybe change the topic regularly for the meetings on orc18:35
kbmonkeyTrue Kilos. I try suggest the web chat to make it easier. maybe they are shy?18:36
maiatodayI hope to have more time this year for ubuntu too18:36
Kilossuperfly, welcome18:36
kbmonkeyMaaz topic18:36
Maazkbmonkey: Excuse me?18:36
WOLFEYESheya superfly :-)18:36
maiatodayis there an action for this topic18:37
maiatodaydo you have a clearer idea now magespawn?18:37
kbmonkeynot yet18:37
kbmonkeythe report is due the first Sun of Feb, maia?18:38
maiatodaykbmonkey: yes18:38
kbmonkeytrying to see the Dec report... taking a while..18:38
inetpromaiatoday: I'd say everyone should try to make renewed attempts to document stuff on the wiki18:38
superflyhi Kilos, WOLFEYES, et al18:38
superflyMaaz: I am Raoul Snyman18:38
Maazsuperfly: Alrighty18:38
inetprosuperfly: wb18:38
nlsthznhi superfly 18:39
superflyinetpro: thanks, work meeting till just after 7pm18:39
superflyhey nlsthzn18:39
maiatodayhi superfly18:39
kbmonkeyokay, so then we follow through with our plans, and we email activities for the report18:39
superflynaandsĂȘ maiatoday :-)18:39
kbmonkeyhi superfly !18:39
superflyyo kbmonkey18:39
Kilosmagespawn, wb18:40
inetproanyone who doesn't know how to drive the wiki is welcome to ask around and we'll help out as far as possible18:40
maiatodaymagespawn: you didn't miss anything :)18:40
kbmonkeyMaaz idea everyone: document the ubuntu-za wiki. 18:40
MaazIdea recorded: everyone: document the ubuntu-za wiki18:40
maiatodayonly one agenda item to go woohoo18:40
kbmonkeybefore the last, any more ideas for wiki updates to action?18:41
magespawnBack again18:41
superflyerm, anyone have a link to the previous minutes?18:41
maiatodayand todays agenda http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/ubuntu-za/331/detail/18:42
superflymaiatoday: uh, no, here they are: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ZATeam/Meetings/2011121918:42
maiatodayurk you're right time machine glitch18:42
* superfly remembers cause it was only himself, tumbleweed and Kilos at that meeting :-)18:43
maiatodaythanks for holding the pre-xmas fort Kilos and superfly 18:45
kbmonkeynow for the geek girls :)18:45
kbmonkeyMaaz topic Girl Geek Dinners18:45
MaazCurrent Topic: Girl Geek Dinners18:45
Kilosyw maiatoday 18:45
* maiatoday went to a geek girl dinner in ct once18:46
superflykbmonkey: may I add something to the agenda? I know it's late, but I haven't had an opportunity till now :-(18:46
kbmonkeyso tell us more about the Girl Geek Dinner idea...18:46
magespawnI'll put all the details on the list but they are looking for sponsor for prizes and goody bages18:47
magespawnGirls only dinner with a strpng geek flavour18:47
maiatodayno it isn't girls only18:47
kbmonkeynp superfly 18:47
magespawnThats the one 18:47
superflykbmonkey: CT Ubuntu Hour18:48
maiatodaythere were some guys at the one I went to18:48
magespawnThought it was anyway my shop is going to sponsor flash drives for the bags filled with Foss18:48
maiatodaythe geek flavour wasn't that strong either it seemed but maybe it has changed since18:48
maiatodayah that's better, last time we got marmelade18:49
magespawnWas looking for ideas of what to included18:49
maiatodayfor a flash drive of FOSS I'd consider going again :)18:49
nlsthznAny android device would be appreciated I am sure18:50
magespawnNot that rich18:50
nlsthznGuys and girls... it is way past my bed time (besides I haven't slept in 30 hours...) Good night :)18:51
kbmonkeya FOSS flash freebie!18:51
Kilosnight nlsthzn 18:51
inetprotodays minutes can go here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ZATeam/Meetings/2012011618:51
Kilossleep tight18:51
inetpronlsthzn: good night18:52
kbmonkeythanks for coming nlsthzn 18:52
superflymaiatoday, magespawn: anything else you wanna say about the GGD?18:52
magespawnSomething like that yup also trials of other software and mags etc18:52
kbmonkeyokay any actions to add for this topic to wrap up?18:52
maiatodaynope nothing else18:53
magespawnOnly that they are on the 26 th of every second month18:53
kbmonkeynoted :)18:53
magespawnJan march etc18:53
kbmonkeyMaaz idea GGD on the 26th of every second month (Jan.. Mar..)18:54
MaazIdea recorded: GGD on the 26th of every second month (Jan.. Mar..)18:54
kbmonkeya 'note' for maaz would be handy18:54
kbmonkeyokay I'm going to call it, bed time for some of you hey?18:55
kbmonkeyMaaz end meeting18:55
MaazMeeting Ended18:55
MaazMinutes available at json: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2012-01-16-17-34-34.json :: txt: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2012-01-16-17-34-34.txt :: html: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2012-01-16-17-34-34.html18:55
maiatodaythanks for chairing kbmonkey 18:56
superflykbmonkey: what about my Ubuntu hour item?18:56
kbmonkeyWe can now work out all details this week :D18:56
Kilosty kbmonkey nice to have you and maiatoday  back18:56
kbmonkeyoh superfly I'm sorry! my page is still reloading and never saw it :(18:56
kbmonkeycan I reopen the meeting?18:56
Kilosmaiatoday, howd the exams go?18:56
superflywell, I didn't add it there, I just mentioned it in here18:56
superflyfigured you'd remember it, since I only mentioned it 8 minutes ago18:56
kbmonkeyokay let us add a meeting addition quickly...18:57
maiatodaypractical exams went ok, no marks yet. busy writing thesis to be handed in 15 march18:57
maiatodaythanks for asking Kilos 18:57
Kilosgood luck with it all girl18:57
inetprowhen is our next meeting?18:57
* Kilos holds thumbs for you18:57
highvoltagehey Whizper2me 18:58
superflyohi highvoltage!18:58
inetprohighvoltage: wb18:58
kbmonkeyMaaz start meeting about Ubuntu-za IRC meeting additions18:58
* Maaz gets out his memo-pad and cracks his knuckles18:58
Kiloslo highvoltage 18:58
kbmonkeyMaaz topic Ubuntu Hour18:58
MaazCurrent Topic: Ubuntu Hour18:58
kbmonkeysorry superfly it was a loong day of driving ;)18:59
superflyWell, Stellies is a bit far for me, and that's where most of the action has been.18:59
kbmonkeyokay for additions only tell maaz your name if you have something to add18:59
superflyI recently got a netbook, and thought it would be cool to have an Ubuntu hour in Cape Town somewhere, preferably close to public transport, so that folks can access it easily18:59
superflyMaaz: I am Raoul Snyman19:00
kbmonkeyMaaz I am Wesley Werner19:00
superflyprobably mid-Feb, on a Saturday19:00
Maazkbmonkey: Sure19:00
maiatodayMaaz I am Maia Grotepass19:00
Maazmaiatoday: Sure19:00
superflyI'll send out a mail to the list this evening, see if anyone is interested. tumbleweed said he'd likely be able to make it19:00
maiatodaycool superfly, decide when and I'll try to make it19:00
kbmonkeyany location ideas yet superfly ?19:00
superflykbmonkey: No, though I was thinking the Rondebosch area would probably be fairly central19:01
Whizper2mehola highvoltage  how you keeping?19:01
Maazsuperfly: Done19:01
superflybut I don't hang around in R'bosch much, so I'll ask the list if they have any ideas of where to meet19:02
superflykbmonkey: where are you stationed these days?19:02
Whizper2meyou could poke the observatory town hall19:02
kbmonkeydoes obz town hall have internet?19:02
maiatodayyou can do an ubuntu hour without internet19:03
superflyWhizper2me: we want to rather go to a coffee shop, it's more informal, and a number have some sort of Internet access19:03
superflymaiatoday: true :-)19:03
kbmonkeyI was in obz for a while superfly but currently on a road trip cross country, not in CT anymore 19:03
maiatodayubuntu hour without coffee, now that might be tricky :)19:03
superflykbmonkey: ah, OK19:03
kbmonkeyyes, and public presence19:03
Whizper2memmm coffee shops ....19:03
highvoltageWhizper2me: good thanks and you?19:03
highvoltageWhizper2me: do I know you? :)19:03
Whizper2mea little knackered. it was hot today19:04
* WOLFEYES nodz in agreement19:04
kbmonkeyMaaz agreed superfly to mail the list with ideas for a CT Ubuntu Hour19:04
MaazAgreed: superfly to mail the list with ideas for a CT Ubuntu Hour19:04
kbmonkeycool :)19:04
kbmonkeythanks for reminding me superfly !19:04
superflykbmonkey: excellent, was just about to suggest you do that :-)19:04
Whizper2meMaaz: I am Christel Breedt19:04
MaazWhizper2me: Done19:04
kbmonkeyokay additions complete?19:05
superflyNothing more from me19:05
kbmonkeyadded agenda item 19:05
kbmonkeyMaaz end meeting19:05
MaazMeeting Ended19:05
MaazMinutes available at json: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2012-01-16-18-58-42.json :: txt: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2012-01-16-18-58-42.txt :: html: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2012-01-16-18-58-42.html19:05
inetprowhen is our next meeting?19:05
Whizper2meencore! encore!19:05
kbmonkeyExcellent! Okay If we missed anything, I propose we meet again, sooner than later19:05
maiatodayinetpro: 20 feb 19:06
inetpromaiatoday: great, thanks19:06
Whizper2meforgive me. I'm tired.19:06
kbmonkey20 Feb the next monthly meet.19:06
maiatodayinetpro:  do you use gcal? there is an ubuntu-za calendar19:06
kbmonkeyMaybe an informal meet in a week or two 19:06
inetpromaiatoday: hmm... true, have not checked there19:07
kbmonkeyto follow up on our ideas 19:07
magespawnPut it on the cla19:08
magespawnCalender and see.who comes19:08
maiatodayit's called ubuntu-za and it is shared as far as I can see19:10
maiatodayokedoke, thanks again all and kbmonkey our adept chair, bye19:11
kbmonkeyIm glad about our agenda:)19:11
inetprothanks kbmonkey19:11
magespawnWas well chaired19:11
magespawnI also off night all19:12
* Kilos happy. felt like home again19:12
kbmonkeynight magespawn 19:12
Kilosnitght magespawn 19:12
kbmonkeysure did Kilos 19:12
Kilosnight too19:12
kbmonkeyI have another 5 hour drive tomorrow, guess its timeout for me19:12
Kilosty kbmonkey  sleep tight and go safe19:13
kbmonkeywish I can email you karoo volstruis biltong oom!19:13
Kiloslol 19:14
Kilosput it in a pipe19:14
kbmonkeyand smoke it..? :p19:14
Kilosno man one of the linux pipes that moves stuff from place to place19:15
kbmonkeyha ha! I'm too slow for your witty remarks19:15
Kilos| that thing19:15
kbmonkeya fifo :)19:15
Kilosi battle to find it19:15
Kilosthat reminds me where is |30319:16
Kilosforget how to tpe his nick outa tab19:16
kbmonkeysendmail < cat ostrich | biltong19:16
kbmonkeygnite all19:18
kbmonkeykeep the geek19:19
Kilosnight laddy19:19
WOLFEYESlol @ keep the geek19:19
Kilosyou stll here WOLFEYES 19:20
WOLFEYESlook a your dials please19:21
WOLFEYESThat was a "at" lol19:25
ZereFmeh, i see i missed the meeting19:26
Kiloshey ZereF you missed the meeting19:26
Kilosnaughty boy19:26
inetprook, minutes updated at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ZATeam/Meetings/20120116#preview19:28
inetprooops.. just https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ZATeam/Meetings/2012011619:29
Kilosyou well inetpro 19:33
inetproKilos: I'm good and you?19:33
Kilosgood too ty19:34
Kilosdid you find anyone whith second hand laying hens19:34
inetproKilos: not yet19:41
Kilosinetpro, look pm19:42
inetprohad a busy weekend19:42
Kilosnight all. sleep tight20:09
WOLFEYEScheers all20:11

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