Kilosmorning all06:57
KilosMaaz, coffee on06:57
* Maaz starts grinding coffee06:57
Kiloslo nuvolari hoe gaan dit06:58
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos!07:01
Vince-0surp durp07:02
KilosMaaz, ty07:03
MaazYou are welcome Kilos07:03
Kiloshi Vince-0 07:09
Kiloshiya maiatoday superfly sdehaan 08:36
maiatodayhey Kilos08:48
KilosMaaz, coffee on11:21
* Maaz puts the kettle on11:21
superflyhi Kilos11:24
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos!11:25
KilosMaaz, ty11:26
MaazYou are welcome Kilos11:26
Kilosxubuntu is kinda doff. pidgin sound works but no other sound11:28
Kilosand i unmuted everything i can find11:31
=== inetpro_ is now known as inetpro
inetprothat is out of line!13:17
kbmonkeyhello :)16:41
Kiloshelli kbmonkey 16:41
kbmonkeyhow are you sir?16:42
Kilosgood ty. just kinda mad at xubuntu16:42
Kilosand you?16:43
kbmonkeyi got an ill. sore throat. its strange, haven't been ill in months!16:44
kbmonkeywhat is xubuntu doing to your pc?16:44
Kilosstupid thing, after sudo apt-get update synaptic downloaded stuff that i had copied to /var/cache/apt/archives/16:45
Kilosyou can get to archives 2 ways on xubuntu16:45
Kilosone had all packages in and other one only partial of 2m16:46
kbmonkeyyou can? maybe the archives were updated since you last got them16:46
Kilosnope installed pidgin and noted the packages as they installed16:46
kbmonkeyso does xubuntu and ubuntu share the saem repo...?16:47
Kilosbut i fully installed xubuntu when 11.04 came out and saved those packages as well16:49
Kilosthere is something apt-get isnt doing in synaptic and update manager16:49
Kilosmaybe theres a broken pipe tween them16:50
Kiloshee hee16:50
Kilosand the stupid shutdown button in top panel right reboots everytime instead of shutdown16:51
Kilosbut the other way works still16:52
kbmonkeywow. sounds like you have your work cut out for you ;)16:52
Kiloshi magespawn 16:56
magespawnEvening all16:56
magespawnHi Kilos16:56
Kilosand it will take a while to get used to bottom panel disappearing and what does what16:56
kbmonkeyhi there16:58
magespawnHi kbmonkey16:59
magespawnAi the meeting on tonight16:59
Kilosya in 30 mins17:00
kbmonkeywana start early? ;P17:00
Kilosstill gotta eat17:00
magespawnThought is was 19:0017:02
Kilosoh my i thought 19.3017:04
magespawnMy google calender beeped at me no worries17:05
Kiloslol i go try eat fast17:05
kbmonkeyi'd love to climb into bed, my head has a cold.17:05
magespawnI see I have the alarm set half an hour before the start17:06
kbmonkeyyes 19h30 is the clock :]17:06
magespawnBeen up since 04:15, and the sun caught me this afternoon17:06
magespawnSo a bit sonked17:07
magespawnOr is that zonked17:08
magespawnEither way feel a bit like a steam roller got me17:08
kbmonkeythat makes two of us ;) he he17:10
=== queery is now known as Guest89898
Guest89898nick queery17:19
=== Guest89898 is now known as queery1985
queery1985is the meeting still busy17:20
Kilosnot started yet17:20
queery1985oh oops what time does is start17:21
Kilos9 mins17:21
queery1985ag damn ok so im early not late17:21
queery1985Maaz, coffee on17:21
* Maaz flips the salt-timer17:21
queery1985mazz coffee for all17:21
Kilos  you gotta /nick17:21
queery1985maaz coffee for all17:21
MaazCome on ya buncha geeks. Rock up with your mugs with the correct amount of sugar added already17:21
KilosMaaz, coffee please17:22
MaazKilos: Yessir17:22
queery1985maaz seen drubin17:22
Maazqueery1985: drubin was last seen 28 days, 40 minutes and 16 seconds ago in #ubuntu-za on freenode [2012-02-20 08:42:11 PST], and has been online on freenode since 2012-03-16 17:06:20 PDT17:22
superflyflippin Afrihost... Go to Axxess, and I have Internet in 5 minutes17:23
nuvolari:O I made it!17:25
kbmonkeyMaaz: coffee please17:25
Maazkbmonkey: Sure17:25
nuvolariam I late?17:25
maiatodaynot yet17:25
Kilosno nuvolari 17:25
nuvolarihey apie!17:25
nuvolariand oom Kilos and superfly 17:25
MaazCoffee's ready for queery1985, Kilos and kbmonkey!17:25
kbmonkeyhi nuvolari queery1985 Maaz 17:25
nuvolariMaaz: coffee please17:25
Maaznuvolari: There isn't a pot on17:25
superflyhi Kilos, nuvolari, kbmonkey17:25
kbmonkeyMaaz: med lemon please!17:25
Maazkbmonkey: Go get it yourself!17:25
superflyand maiatoday17:25
queery1985maaz ty17:26
MaazYou are welcome queery198517:26
nuvolariMaaz: coffee on17:26
* Maaz starts grinding coffee17:26
nuvolarioh, is bytjie here?17:26
nuvolario/ maiatoday 17:26
maiatodayhi nuvolari 17:26
maiatodaythesis is in, so I have 6 weeks before corrections, enough time to have a release party17:27
kbmonkeywe have our agenda here: http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/ubuntu-za/379/detail/17:27
kbmonkeythat is good news maiatoday :)17:27
Kilosgood luck maiatoday but we know it will be good17:27
magespawnWow and suddenly there were people17:28
maiatodayty Kilos 17:28
queery1985so happy for you!!17:28
queery1985im graduating the 28th17:28
maiatodayyay queery1985! 17:29
Kilosyay queery1985 well done17:29
kbmonkeycool! :D17:29
queery1985ty oom Kilos 17:29
magespawnmaiatoday what is the thesis topic?17:29
MaazCoffee's ready for nuvolari!17:30
maiatodayin non academic speak, looking at software dev from an Agile perspective, when you are making artwork that is software based17:30
magespawnSounds cool17:31
kbmonkeydigital mediums :D17:31
maiatodayit is in the art department, but I also had an engineering supervisor17:31
maiatodayyeah digital mediums17:31
nuvolari Maaz: thanks you kind bot17:31
Maazno worries, nuvolari17:31
maiatodaytime to start yet?17:32
magespawnWhen i hear thesis I tend to think history is such17:32
kbmonkeybeen a while nuvolari! 17:32
kbmonkeyyes we can start. methinks.17:32
nuvolariye kbmonkey :-/ been a while17:32
nuvolariare you around here yet?17:32
kbmonkeynot yet, i'll make plans for a release party.17:33
kbmonkeyMaaz: start meeting about Monthly IRC Meeting17:33
* Maaz gets out his memo-pad and cracks his knuckles17:33
maiatodayMaaz I am Maia Grotepass17:33
Maazmaiatoday: Yessir17:33
kbmonkeyour agenda can be found at: http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/ubuntu-za/379/detail/17:33
magespawnMaaz I am Greg Eames17:34
Maazmagespawn: Sure17:34
kbmonkeyMaaz: I am Wesley Werner17:34
Maazkbmonkey: Sure17:34
queery1985maaz i am Dewald17:34
Maazqueery1985: Sure17:34
KilosMaaz, i am miles sharpe17:34
MaazKilos: Alrighty17:34
nuvolariMaaz: I'm Johan Mynhardt17:34
Maaznuvolari: Huh?17:34
nuvolariMaaz: I am Johan Mynhardt17:34
Maaznuvolari: Yessir17:34
maiatodaypicky bot17:34
nuvolariya lol17:34
kbmonkeyhe was a parrot in his past incarnation17:34
magespawnNo contractions17:34
maiatodaycontractionless bot17:35
queery1985maaz botsnack17:35
MaazYay, at last someone thinks about me as well17:35
kbmonkeyokay ^.^17:35
kbmonkeyMaaz: topic Review previous minutes17:35
MaazCurrent Topic: Review previous minutes17:35
kbmonkeyI went through and summarized our minutes17:35
kbmonkeyLooking for people to email feedback about the Global Jam17:36
maiatodaydid we have one?17:36
kbmonkeySo we can put it up on our wiki, include it in th emonthly report17:36
superflyMaaz: I am Raoul Snyman17:36
Maazsuperfly: Yessir17:36
kbmonkeyWell for anybody who did participate in any way17:37
kbmonkeydid anybody here do any Global Jamming?17:37
nuvolarinope :-/17:37
* kbmonkey did not. shuffles feet17:37
* maiatoday did not, stares at the ceiling17:38
superflykbmonkey: no, tumbleweed was talking about it, but he didn't have the time to actually organise anything, afaik17:38
kbmonkeysjoe, okay. Next item :]17:38
nuvolarimaybe we should apply for DST in ZA. an extra hour now and then can come in handy17:39
magespawnI think everyone has been fairly busy17:39
nuvolarimagespawn: daylight savings time17:39
kbmonkeynah, I'd prefer using standard universal swatch time17:39
nuvolariI don't know if they loose or win time17:39
magespawnDuh. Lol17:40
kbmonkeyUbuntu Experience: Send in your stories!17:40
kbmonkeyA reminder, for all and new friends, to email in your Ubuntu experience stories to the mailing list17:40
magespawnAnything specific?17:41
kbmonkeyTrying to build awareness, so your stories count, even more than experienced users17:41
maiatodayI have a one-liner: "android dev is WAY quicker and more stable on ubuntu"17:41
kbmonkeyNothing specifc magespawn, more like if you want to share :)17:42
nuvolari++ maiatoday 17:42
kbmonkeyoh really maiatoday? now that I have a droid, I'd love to develop for it17:42
nuvolariwhoot! you got one kbmonkey ?17:42
kbmonkeyAnd last on our previous minutes: Ordering Ubuntu CD's.17:42
nuvolariwhat did you get?17:42
maiatodayI'll take that action17:43
kbmonkeyYou got this covered maiatoday, you said in the email17:43
kbmonkey:D thank you17:43
maiatodayI spoke to drubin about the CDS and we'll sort it between the two of us17:43
kbmonkeyabout 2 weeks ago nuvolari 17:43
magespawnPerhaps another learning channel for that, kbmonkey?17:43
queery1985we need 64 bit versions17:43
nuvolarimeh. I still have some CD's left. but they're old. I'm not going to acquire CD's this time17:43
maiatodayqueery1985: I agree re 64bit but I don't know if they ship those17:44
magespawnI can down load the ISO if people need them.17:44
kbmonkeyI got all my CD's out by shifting them into botiques and shops of friends17:44
kbmonkeyworked well17:44
kbmonkeyI wrote the ubuntu-za URL on every CD too17:44
kbmonkeyMaaz: topic Ubuntu Hours17:44
MaazCurrent Topic: Ubuntu Hours17:44
queery1985i want to org one in JHB soon17:45
queery1985just don'tknow where yet17:45
maiatodayHmmm I'll try to do one in Stellenbosch again too17:45
Kilosnuvolari, what cds you got?17:46
Kilosxubuntu 11.10 alternate?17:46
magespawnIf there is one in Durban iwould likevto trybto make it17:46
nuvolariKilos: 11.04 I think oom17:46
nuvolariand not xubuntu :-/17:46
kbmonkeynuvolari: I plan to go to durbs sometime in the near future. Meet up for an Hour or a release party17:46
nuvolarimagespawn: you can join me and kbmonkey 17:46
kbmonkeyI think Kilos had enough of xubuntu ;)17:46
nuvolarikbmonkey: I vote for a meet at M&B again?17:47
magespawnThat would rock.17:47
Kilosno i gotta fix it kbmonkey because pc cant do unity17:47
kbmonkeyM&B sounds great!17:47
nuvolarioh wait, magespawn can you make it to gateway?17:47
kbmonkeyI can drive through to Balito if need be. The scenic drive will do me good17:48
Kilosjust remember to set your parties for after cds ahve arrived17:48
magespawnDepends on the dates, i live in hluhluwe so has to be on a trip tovdurbs17:48
* nuvolari checks googlemaps17:49
maiatodaykbmonkey, I'll take the monthly reports again for a while17:49
maiatodaywho was doing them, I can liase and we can do it together17:49
magespawnI need to come down sometime soon ish17:49
Kilosmagespawn, i did that trip every weekend for about a year except when demoina killed the bridges17:50
nuvolarimagespawn: south of durbs?17:50
magespawnWay north.17:50
queery1985what is the release date, im thinking of org the ubuntu hour only after that17:50
Kilosmaiatoday, wb17:50
kbmonkeyI did them maiatoday, I can carry on but some help would be very well appreciated17:50
Kiloswe missed you17:50
maiatodayok, I'll take them for a while17:50
maiatodaythanks for doing them kbmonkey 17:51
maiatodayThey aren't hard to do, just have to remember to do them17:51
magespawnkbmonkey i meant to help but seemed to forget all the time, sorry about that17:51
queery1985+20 karma for kbmonkey 17:51
nuvolarioh wow, it's far!17:51
nuvolarimagespawn: will ballito be better for you?17:51
kbmonkeynuvolari: magespawn we will plan a meet via email :)17:51
magespawnOkay I have to come to get stock for the shop sometime next or month after17:52
Tonberrywhy do i suspect i missed a meeting17:52
maiatodayare missing :)17:53
maiatodaybut you are here now17:53
kbmonkeywow that is up by st Lucia magespawn17:53
nuvolariwhich makes it all good17:53
Kilosyou just late Tonberry but forgiven if you sign in17:53
maiatodaykbmonkey:  are there more items from the minutes?17:53
* kbmonkey gives Tonberry and maiatoday a cookie17:53
TonberryMaaz i am Hendrik van Wyk17:54
MaazTonberry: Righto17:54
magespawnAbout  half an hour past that turn17:54
kbmonkeyMaaz: topic17:54
Maazkbmonkey: What?17:54
kbmonkeywe are talking about Ubuntu Hours17:54
kbmonkeybut next topic is due now :)17:54
kbmonkeywe got side-tracked17:54
queery1985well some of us are17:54
kbmonkeyMaaz: topic Precise Pangolin release parties (26 April)17:55
MaazCurrent Topic: Precise Pangolin release parties (26 April)17:55
kbmonkeyTo remind us all of the upcoming release...17:55
maiatodayWhat do people wanna do? where shall we have one?17:55
kbmonkeyStart thinking about ideas17:56
maiatodayTonberry: shall we organise one for Stellenbosch17:56
Tonberryi think so17:56
maiatodayor do people wanna go thru to cape town17:56
kbmonkeyI'd like to ride on a giant float in the shape of a Penguin17:56
kbmonkey... ideally17:56
kbmonkeyor Pangolin...17:56
Tonberry26 april is a thursday?17:57
maiatodayyes it seems, so will we have it 28 then17:57
queery1985would have to hold it on the 28th then17:57
queery1985what she said17:58
Tonberrykde is telling me the 27th is a holiday17:58
Kilosif the cds have arrived17:58
kbmonkeythat would be handy, to have a holiday weekend17:59
maiatodayyeah freedom day, then the tuesday after is workers day17:59
magespawnDo the cd have17:59
kbmonkeyindeed the extra day for ubuntu would be auspicious! 17:59
maiatodaythis means everybody will be going away17:59
queery1985is there a mirror at wits or UJ we can hack into?17:59
maiatodayqueery1985: chat to me after, maybe there is someone at wits I know18:00
Tonberrywhy do i suspect that i will be summoned home that weekend...18:00
queery1985ok awesome18:00
kbmonkeyMaaz: agreed Precise Pangolin party over the weekend of 27th April (freedom day) 18:00
MaazAgreed: Precise Pangolin party over the weekend of 27th April (freedom day)18:00
maiatodayHmm I think my family might also teleport me elsewhere18:00
magespawnDo the CDs have to. be   18:00
kbmonkey*bzzz* energize18:00
queery1985I just don't know how to do the "offline" repo's18:01
kbmonkeyno we do not need to have the CD's for a release party18:01
maiatodayTonberry should we postpone to the weekend after the long weekend?18:01
queery1985and don't have the resources to get them all18:01
magespawnDo the cd have to be canonical ones? Damn that wa hard to get out.18:01
Tonberryway too many people go home on those loooong weekends18:01
kbmonkeyokay you folks who might go away, cnofirm that and we can shift the release party onwards :)18:01
Kiloslol no but they look better magespawn 18:02
magespawnKeyboard was nit playing nice18:02
kbmonkey^ ha ha ha18:02
Kilosunless covers get printed on downloaded ones18:02
magespawnRight could also inkjet print some.18:02
kbmonkeyfor install fests we will need them :]18:02
kbmonkeyfor release parties, cake will do nicely!18:03
maiatodaykbmonkey: I think it makes sense to move the relase party on by a week because else there won't be anyone around18:03
queery1985need to find a spar neer me that does that18:03
Kilossigh younguns always thinking of their tummies18:03
queery1985we would I think18:03
maiatodaywe don't all have to have a release party at the same time18:04
kbmonkeyMaaz: agreed Move the release party on a week after the public holiday18:04
MaazAgreed: Move the release party on a week after the public holiday18:04
kbmonkeyno we don't need to, so if there are enough who want to have 2 parties...18:04
kbmonkeymore cake for us18:04
maiatodayI was kinda hoping people in durban and in jo'burg would have one as well18:05
kbmonkeyKilos: we will have to snailmail you some cookies18:05
kbmonkeywell I'm keen to have one in Durban. Will definitely plan with nuvolari and magespawn ITR18:05
Kilosi will bake my own chilli bites18:06
queery1985Ill try and have one in JHB just need a geek to help set up the Repo's18:06
nuvolarioom Kilos, when can we come visit?18:06
kbmonkeyremember: there are also install fests to be had!18:06
* nuvolari craves chillibites18:06
Kilosthere are some guys there queery1985 that did the last ones at irene club18:06
maiatodayqueery1985: I'll mail you the contact of the people who did the release parties there before18:06
Kiloscheck on the lists18:06
* maiatoday drools at the thought of chillibites18:06
kbmonkeyyes Kilos! I want some chilli bites. I'll bring you some Mangos18:06
Kilosnuvolari, anytime18:07
queery1985thanx maiatoday 18:07
kbmonkeythat went well18:07
kbmonkeyany closing words?18:07
magespawnBut the dates up there for parties etc.18:08
kbmonkeyMaaz: end meeting18:08
MaazMeeting Ended18:08
MaazMinutes available at json: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2012-03-19-17-33-30.json :: txt: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2012-03-19-17-33-30.txt :: html: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2012-03-19-17-33-30.html18:08
maiatodaythanks kbmonkey 18:09
Kiloswow that was quick18:09
kbmonkeyokay Thank all you geeks18:09
Kilosty kbmonkey maiatoday 18:09
Kilosand others18:09
queery1985thanx guys18:09
queery1985chat soon18:09
kbmonkeyyes Kilos we are efficient hey18:09
Kiloslooks like kbmonkey 18:09
Kilosbetter than last one18:09
magespawnLot more than some of the other meetings I go to18:09
queery1985maaz bye18:09
Maazqueery1985: Bye18:09
Kilosbut that was 3 months all in one18:09
maiatodayvetgesmeerde blits18:09
Kilostoods queery1985 18:10
queery1985maiatoday, ek is die 28st in die bos, weet nie hoe baie tyd ek gaan he nie maar dalk kan ons 'n coffee org18:10
kbmonkeysorry, Im feeling very ill and have no patience for dawdeling .18:10
queery1985bye oom kilos18:10
Kilosand the fly didnt say anything tonight18:10
kbmonkeythe fly is likely very busy, doing the good work (tm) :D18:10
Kiloseish kbmonkey 18:11
maiatodayhope you feel better soon kbmonkey 18:11
* magespawn send kbmonkey a med lemon18:11
kbmonkeyawe thanks Maaz maiatoday 18:11
kbmonkeymay be flu, cant say. may be new meds im on. time will tell :)18:11
kbmonkeycool we got some nice agenda items done18:12
magespawnKbmonkey what droid did you get?18:13
kbmonkeysamsung galaxy magespawn 18:13
maiatodaykbmonkey it's super easy to get the droid dev stuff going, just need some bandwidth18:13
maiatodayeclipse and the android sdk and plugins18:14
kbmonkeyfunny how they advertise it as latest, yet its an old model everywhere else18:14
magespawnI have HTC flyer, so would also like to learn18:14
* kbmonkey wish he took HTC18:14
nuvolarihmm. which htc kbmonkey ?18:14
maiatodayif you go to developer.android.com and follow the install steps it's pretty straightforward18:14
nuvolariI'm still indecicive18:15
kbmonkeyill make a plan to get bandwidth, I'd love to get that going18:15
magespawnThe new one is pretty cool evo one or something like that.18:15
kbmonkeynot sure nuvolari. will have to do serious research18:15
maiatodayit's a good skill to have18:15
kbmonkeyindeed, most online jobs like at elance ask for mobile development18:16
magespawnYup trying to broaden my skills am learning python at the moment18:16
Kilosdoes xubuntu come from somewhere else18:16
Kilosnot canaonical18:16
maiatodaydoes anyone here do J2ME or blackberry dev?18:16
Kiloscanonical either18:16
nuvolarimaiatoday: stay away18:17
nuvolarias far as you can18:17
nuvolariit's horrific18:17
magespawnHah. Lol nuvolari.18:17
maiatodayno I don't wanna do bb or j2me, I'm just looking for someone who can18:17
magespawnExperience speaks18:17
nuvolariif you find someone who can, label that person a masochist18:18
superflymaiatoday: it sounds like nuvolari is your man :-P18:18
maiatodaywhere were you based again nuvolari? and would you be a masochist again?18:18
nuvolarito make matters worse, you can't do anything without windows18:19
nuvolarimaiatoday: ballito18:19
nuvolariI'm not a masochist18:19
nuvolariI just tried to get a web icon working18:19
maiatodayyeah the windows thing18:19
nuvolariand that was no easy task18:19
Kilosmaiatoday, post it with the cd's18:19
Kilosright i go play with xubuntu some. if i dont come online sleep tight all. 18:24
nuvolarilekker slaap oom Kilos 18:24
Kilosty for the cool meet18:24
magespawnmaiatoday is there anothe ide besides eclipse?18:24
nuvolariya, thank you too oom!18:24
magespawnLater Kilos18:24
Kilosnag nuvolari , miskien sien ek jul later18:24
nuvolarimagespawn: intellij18:24
nuvolari(community edition is perfect for android dev)18:24
maiatodaymagespawn: you can build with ant so you can use vim18:24
magespawnWill check it tomorrow.18:25
maiatodaymagespawn: I have only used eclipse18:26
nuvolarieclipse became the "jack of all trades, master of none" of the IDE world :P18:26
nuvolaribut if that's the only thing you've ever used, it's good enough18:26
maiatodaybut you can do most things from the command line so you could hook another ide up18:26
magespawnI had a look at but was a bit heavy for the machine I had then18:26
superflyyay! finally I have uncapped!18:26
* nuvolari is envious18:27
nuvolarioh my word! today was horrible at the office. I nearly fell asleep18:28
nuvolariI need my sunday afternoon nap18:28
magespawnHave been using aptana for python on my windows machine18:28
magespawnAnd for html 18:29
magespawnOn Monday?18:29
nuvolarimagespawn: I needed it yesterday, hence the tiredness today18:29
maiatodaymagespawn: ^^18:30
nuvolarianyone watched Jeremiah?18:30
magespawnTy maiatoday18:31
maiatodayok ubuntu people and Maaz, I'll see you all later18:32
magespawnI am aslo out of here, night all.18:34
KilosMaaz, coffee on18:46
* Maaz starts grinding coffee18:46
superflyhi Kilos18:48
Kiloshi superfly xubuntu makes me thirsty18:48
superflyKilos: is it that bad?18:49
Kilosdoes stupid things superfly like drag and drop on desktop says n18:49
Kiloshasnt gotr backends to do that18:49
Kilosand no beeps on xchat18:50
Kilosbut pidgin and vlc sound works18:50
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos!18:50
KilosMaaz, ty18:55
MaazYou are welcome Kilos18:55
Kilosand the synaptic doesnt show size of packages18:56
superflyKilos: I'm sure that's just a setting18:57
Kilosmost likely but they arent as easy to find as ubuntu. but keeping me outa mischief for a while18:58
Kilosit also hangs a coupla times a day18:58
Kilosthe alerts in xchat i have ticked same as on ubuntu but there must be some other bit of software needed still19:00
Kiloshooks or something19:01
superflyKilos: check if "pulseaudio" is installed, and check in xchat what sound system it is set to use19:01
Kilosi have told xchat to use alsa as did i with pidgin19:02
Kilosalso thought it was pulse19:02
Kilosthere is also no sound on bootup but so far i havent found the startup options19:03
Kilosbut ill get it going to my prefs sooner or later. quite a challenge. sleep tight superfly . 19:09
kbmonkeythat was a long outage :/19:43
superflyohi kbmonkey19:49
kbmonkeyyes sir19:51

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