P-Chanlapsusbrutus: what is kiosk mode?00:00
lapsusbrutuspretty desperate trying to locking down the panels.00:00
P-Chanlapsusbrutus: is possible lock panels in xfce?00:01
lapsusbrutushave to have a computer ready for tomorrow morning :|   with a locked down UI,  I read xfce had kiosk mode and installed.  kioskmode works on everything but the panels :\00:01
lapsusbrutusP-Chan: sais so in wiki: http://wiki.xfce.org/howto/kiosk_mode?rev=127162443300:02
knomelapsusbrutus, i think you'd be better off asking in #xfce :)00:02
P-Chanlapsusbrutus: THANKs. I love XFCE. I hope XFCE neve change00:03
knomelapsusbrutus, i mean, feel free to hang around here too, but i haven't seen pretty much any questions about kiosk mode for ages00:03
lapsusbrutusdid that,  seems like its not something most people care about :)00:04
knomemmh, probably true, it's not like people want kiosk mode at home :)00:04
lapsusbrutusI use awesomewm, and love it. but xfce is pretty nice too :)  cant get used to overlapping windows though00:05
P-Chanlapsusbrutus: when I start my xubuntu(he automatically log on) the option to chosse my session or default ever appears. How I choose login automatic?00:08
aguitelP-Chan, go  application menu and then system00:09
aguitelP-Chan, in system go to users and groups00:10
P-Chanthanks. I will try it. How put places menu INSIde XFCE menu00:10
P-Chanin the system ok00:10
tbrownAm going to install xubuntu and do a review on it and ideas for me to say:)00:11
aguitelgood look00:11
aguitelis very hard .... jejeje00:11
P-Chanaguitel: xubuntu isn't hard. Pure debian is hard.00:12
aguitelP-Chan, e piada00:12
tbrownaguitel: what do you mean that xubuntu is hard00:12
knomerock solid00:12
aguiteltbrown, is joke00:12
P-Chanmeu xubuntu tá instavel mas não tão instavel como o Kubuntu00:13
knomeaguitel, P-Chan: english only please00:13
aguitelP-Chan, stable do you say ?00:13
tbrownaguitel: I think that am going to install it on my main computer wish me luck00:13
P-Chanknome: sorry wrong tab00:13
aguiteltbrown,  i wish you00:14
tbrownaguitel: How can I get a job that has linux in it am 19 years old and am in high school still00:15
P-ChanIs possible create remastered Xubuntu in Windows XP or Seveb?00:15
aguiteltbrown, what that means ?00:15
tbrownnever mind00:16
tbrownWho in here works for linux00:16
aguiteli dont know00:16
liznevadathunar doesnt mount my blackberry as massive storage00:17
liznevadabarry and linberry detects the blackberry00:18
P-ChanOk guys other question: How put places menu inside XFCE Menu00:23
tbrownDoes Xubuntu Get Virus or Bugs:)00:26
tbrownIF so Can I get a program that will help me with that stuff00:26
Sysiunless you run random binaries/scripts from internet, no00:27
Marzatahttp://voyager.legtux.org/ is a nice spin00:27
P-ChanVirus affects all systemsn00:27
P-ChanMarzata: I don't like forks because has few programers00:27
knomeP-Chan, the places menu is a panel applet and you can't add that in the xubuntu menu00:28
P-Chanknome: ok thanks00:28
knomethere is pretty much no viruses on linux.00:28
knomeeven those which exists will need you typing your password at a wrong time (or from their POV, the right time)00:29
knomeso as long as you use common sense and think twice before typing your password, you should be fine00:29
liznevadaso a blackberry on massive storage mode must be monted by thunar right?00:29
knomeof course bugs exist in packages, but no application can fight that :)00:30
rolespwell finaly I have 12.04 working00:48
rolespall the problems gone after the install of the ati video driver00:49
foobArrrremind me to do a clean install instead of an upgrade next time ...01:20
foobArrrI still have trouble with keyboard shortcuts. I defined shortcuts for window positioning with wmctrl, they all are <Super> + a keypad key. the work fine with most programs, but not with all of them. they don't work e.g. with xchat. any ideas?01:30
lapsusbrutusmade kiosk mode work :)01:51
foobArrrkiosk mode?01:52
lapsusbrutusfoobArrr: all locked down. for public computers, or noob-extreemes02:03
Mullinshello, when will xfce 4.10 be applied to xubuntu?02:10
Unit193In 12.10.02:13
Unit193Unless you add a PPA.02:19
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fabiohi guys02:35
fabiowhen i try "Extract here" gives me an error02:35
fabioFailed to extract files. No suitable archive manager found.02:36
fabiobut ive seen on ubuntu software centre and the package its installed02:36
tbrownWhat is it called when you have two monitors and you use the other one for space. I need to use my other monitor for space but I dont know how to do it. I have two pictures that are doing the same thing:)02:56
tbrownIs anyone on this channel lol:)03:03
rolespto install java do I install do I install de jdk7 from software center or download java from the java site?03:36
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GridCuberolesp, the one in the site might be more up to date03:47
GridCubecompare the version numbers03:47
rolespok gridcube, tnks03:47
rolespthe latest in java site es 6.3103:47
GridCuberolesp, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java03:49
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mips1911waits patiently for 4.10 PPA, sigh08:14
koegsi am havin problems with the hotkeys08:36
koegsi defined "Maximize Window" with Super+UP, but it does not work after reboot08:36
koegsusing Xubuntu 12.04 AMD64 with alternate installer and dmcrypt08:37
mips1911koegs, where do you set that. I can try this side and see what gives08:45
mips1911koegs, I just tried it with the default <Alt>F7 and that does not work either, all the other shortcuts do work though.08:48
koegsin Settingshm08:49
koegshm, in 11.10 it was working without problems08:49
well_laid_lawnsaving thesession?08:49
well_laid_lawnsaving the session?08:49
koegsalso it takes some time until the standard-hotkeys for browser, terminal, etc. are working08:51
MarzataSuper is the windows' flag key?08:53
koegsalso tried ALT_L + Up as an alternative, same problem08:53
MarzataI use that key to change language layouts.08:53
mips1911double clicking a window also does not maximise it08:59
koegsthats working here08:59
mips1911koegs, just tried again, seems my double click speed is to slow to be picked up, if i click really fast it works, thx09:02
xuserxdoes anyone know how make ubuntu customization kit work with xubuntu12.04 ? >Failed to copy resolv.conf, error=109:02
xuserxplease help me09:04
ubottuLaunchpad bug 946480 in uck (Ubuntu) "Remastering Precise fails on resolv.conf" [Undecided,Confirmed]09:04
xuserxso, how can i fix this error?09:04
xuserxcan you help me?09:06
ceelightHi! Does anyone know where I could get the netboot.tar.gz of xubuntu 12.04? Thanks!09:07
ceelightxuserx: What's your problem?09:08
well_laid_lawnxuserx: from the bug report you have to remaster the iso afaict09:08
ceelightah, ok...09:08
ubottuThe Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD09:09
well_laid_lawnceelight: ^^09:10
xuserxso i cant remaster xubuntu 12.04 iso?09:10
well_laid_lawnxuserx: you can if you want09:10
xuserxbut how can i fix that error?09:10
ceelightwell_laid_lawn: thx, I'll give it a try.09:12
xuserxwell_laid_lawn: how can i fix that error?09:12
mips1911ceelight, is there not a single netboot file for all the flavours after which you do a cli install and choose you're apps/DE?09:13
well_laid_lawnxuserx: see post #10 of the bugreport09:13
mips1911ceelight, as far as i know it works similar to the alternate cd. But here is the netboot files for 12.04 http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/netboot/precise/09:14
xuserxwell_laid_lawn: what post?09:15
ceelightmips1911: thanks for the link! Problem is that on the machine where I want to install xubuntu the cdrom is broken. The BIOS doesn't let me boot from USB, so netbook.09:16
mips1911ceelight, then that link will work for you, just select the right architecture, i386, amd64 etc.09:17
ceelightmips1911: yeah, no problem. Not the first time for me... ;-) Thanks again!09:18
mips1911ceelight, no problemo ;)09:18
qwerkushi, I'm trying to upgrade Xubuntu from 11.10 to 12.04, but it stucks at "Could not calculate the upgrade"09:30
qwerkushow can I find out where exactly the problem is ?09:30
qwerkusis there any logfile ?09:30
qwerkusThank for help09:30
xuserxi cant fix that error09:35
knomeqwerkus, try to run 'sudo apt-get update', 'sudo apt-get upgrade' and 'sudo apt-get dist-upgrade' and retry09:35
qwerkus@knome: ok, on my way09:35
xuserxany ideas?09:36
ubottuLaunchpad bug 946480 in uck (Ubuntu) "Remastering Precise fails on resolv.conf" [Undecided,Confirmed]09:36
xuserxcan you help me please?09:37
qwerkus"[Waiting for headers]" = ubuntu servers too busy ?09:38
well_laid_lawnor there's lots of 'em09:39
xuserxi added that text (post #10)  to libraries/remaster-live-cd.sh script but i receive the same error09:39
xubuntu668hi, I have an issue with xubuntu 12.04: if I choose another theme (darklook for example) lots of windows won't get themed (like package manager, password request)09:39
knomexubuntu668, many themes aren't gtk3 complete - there isn't much you can do about it09:40
knomexuserx, i suppose there would be better channels to ask about UCK, but i don't know which - have you tried from #ubuntu ?09:40
Sysignome-look.org and xfce-look.org have quite nice variety of gtk3 themes09:41
xubuntu668ok, I'll try gnome-look.org and xfce-look.org and see if I find some nice dark theme09:42
xuserxhow can i install uck 2.4.6 svn?09:49
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xuserxi will try uck 2.4.6 svn09:50
xuserxhow can i empty root trash in xubuntu?09:51
xuserxhow can i empty root trash in xubuntu?09:52
ubottuDo not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo09:53
well_laid_lawnthere shouldn't be a rrot trash09:53
WhereIsMySpoonHi, how do I config my xfce session so that after x minutes the screen will fade and go to a login screen (i.e. the screen locks)?09:54
SysiWhereIsMySpoon: see screensaver settings09:55
WhereIsMySpoonSysi, ah i had screensaver disabled09:56
well_laid_lawnWhereIsMySpoon: there's a plugin - http://goodies.xfce.org/projects/panel-plugins/xfce4-time-out-plugin09:56
Marzataor xtrlock is cool too. it locks the keyboard, while screen visible.09:57
WhereIsMySpoonok thanks people09:58
xuserxi trierd uck 2.4.6 svn and the same error10:18
xuserxFailed to copy resolv.conf, error=110:18
xuserxBuild ended at 2012-05-01 13:17:4210:18
xuserxany ideas?10:19
xubuntu-lovergot d/c. is there a guide to porting a theme to gtk3 around?10:48
knomeno, not really. it's not a simple/quick task whatsoever10:49
xubuntu-loverI supposed so10:49
xubuntu-loverso no luck in the theme side10:50
xubuntu-loverwell, question 210:50
xubuntu-loverI'm using xubuntu precise on a netbook10:50
xubuntu-loverI used to be able to share the inet connection with a desktop via lan cable10:51
xubuntu-loverwifi has inet from the access point, the eth interface has "shared with other PC" set and all used to work10:52
xubuntu-loveraddress was
xubuntu-lover, and if I reboot the netbook it becames10:53
xubuntu-loverI noticed that if I reboot, I get a address, and that works as before10:54
xubuntu-loverbut it's not persistent on reboot10:54
xubuntu-loveras soon I poweroff, it loses all of this10:55
xubuntu-loverhappens just with xubuntu, older ubuntu works10:56
xubuntu-loverany idea on how to fix this?10:57
xubuntu-loverdamn! phone10:57
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knomesomebody able to suggest a good printer-scanner-copier for linux?11:30
knomefor personal use, doesn't have to be high-end or anything11:30
Myrttiknome: depends what you're looking for in it11:33
knomejust the features, in color11:33
knomedoesn't have to be anything special, just work11:33
Myrttialright, I suppose HP is good in that then. If you were looking for black and white laser I'd say Samsung11:33
knomeany hp model, or something specific?11:34
knomeit's for my mom, she already has a hp i think, but i also think that one is borked11:34
MyrttiI've got one in Finland and one in UK, SCX-4200 and SCX-4500W and they work mostly plug and play, the scanner sharing over network needs a bit more work but oh well11:34
Myrtti(of Samsung)11:35
knomehah, "over network" doesn't belong in her repertoire anyway11:35
knomebut yeah, now that you mention it, i think it wouldn't hurt if it was a network printer11:35
Myrttialmost any HP should be fine, they are usually well supported with hplip11:36
knomemm-hmm. good11:37
Myrtticheck linuxprinting etc first tho11:37
knomeheh, verkkokauppa.com is advertisin a hp all-in-one11:37
Myrttiwhat I'd really suggest tho is to consider black and white lasers11:37
knomei'm 99% confident that's a no-go11:38
Myrttithe ink is more expensive but it yields longer and is cheaper and faster11:38
Myrttiie. money used at one time at purchase is more, but it prints more pages being cheaper at the end of the day11:38
knomeyeah, i know11:39
knomebut again, it's not for me11:39
knomethough i'd go for an inkjet too, but (at least) a3 and print-over-edge11:39
Myrttithe SCX-4200 I bought in late 2007 is only now running out of it's introductory smaller ink casette11:39
knomebut that's a different story...11:39
knomehuho, yeah11:39
Myrttimain use has has been printing train/flight tickets and occasional code printout11:40
Myrttiunless she is printing photographs, which is stupid, there is relatively small benefits in having a colour inkjet11:40
Myrttijust something to think about...11:41
mips1911knome, hp officejet series. One with built in lan is even better. Got a 6313 which is great11:41
knomeMyrtti, yeah...11:42
knomewireless mice work usually well, right?11:57
ablomenknome, i second hp printers, the drivers worked for everything i attached to pc's (from 90's plotters to modern all in ones etc), and wireless mice/keyboards work fine, at least if you go for something decent like logitech etc12:12
knomeyeah, she has a logitech mouse12:12
knomeand acutally, a hp printer too ;)12:12
ablomenHeh ok that should be fine then :)12:15
knomei hope so. possibly going to install 12.04 for her tomorrow12:16
knomeor if not tomorrow, any time soon whatsoever12:17
ablomennice, I know my mom appreciated the interface/stability etc after switching from windows 7, xfce is seems very mom-friendly ;)12:19
SysiI should upgrade mom's laptop to 12.0412:19
knomeyup, wife-friendly too!12:19
mips1911knome, I also have a logitech wireless mouse on my laptop12:20
MyrttiI might be migrating my sister's machine to Xubuntu with 12.0412:22
baizonich will upgrade moms laptop from 10.4 when 12.04.1 is released :)12:23
Myrttiso it's rolereversal, I've moved from Xubuntu to Ubuntu on 11.10, and she'll move to Xubuntu from Ubuntu on 12.0412:23
yell0wbaizon: wimp12:25
* yell0w >_>12:25
knomeyell0w, please, we don't need that attitude12:25
knomeupgrading from 10.04 to 12.04.1 is encouraged12:25
yell0whahaha knome jk12:25
knomeyell0w, please don't12:25
knomeyell0w, irony is really hard to "get" over irc12:26
yell0wi am on 10.4 waiting for 12.04.112:26
baizonwords please, no shortcuts12:26
baizona ok12:26
baizonxubuntu or ubuntu?12:26
yell0wbeen using ubuntu up until 2 days ago12:27
Sysiunity offers some really interesting options for power users, but I'm happy with my xfce setup12:28
yell0wi saw 12.04 come out so i thought, time to start migrating12:28
MyrttiSysi: yeah I suspect the brilliance of Unity is lost on my sister12:28
MyrttiSysi: and XFCE is fine for her just like it was fine for me12:28
MyrttiI'd probably still be using Xubuntu if Unity hadn't grown on me when I used it on a tablet machine12:29
SysiMyrtti: I can't know if she'd hate it, but she'll probably like xfce12:29
knomeMyrtti, so, as somebody who went the other way, what's in unity that you didn't get from xfce - or is it about something else?12:29
Myrttiknome: I absolutely love the Empathy/Gmail indicator integration12:30
knomehmm. can't you have that in xfce too?12:30
MyrttiI used a lot of keyboard shortcuts on XFCE too, so that's nothing new12:30
SysiI never really got that integration when I used gnome-shell.. maybe I'm not active enough with IMs12:31
Myrttiwhat I like is the ease of looking up applications and files with the Unity search thingie, it's like a cross between Gnome-Do, Run dialog and the menus12:32
MyrttiSysi: it's more about the email integration for me12:32
baizoni use popper :)12:32
baizonvery nice for multiple email account12:33
* knome only wants email when he clicks email12:33
Myrttiperhaps I should try to do that screencast12:33
* Sysi installing synapse12:35
yell0wMyrtti: i'm the other way around. i prefer gnome-do over unity12:35
baizonyell0w: i use synapse :)12:35
baizonloving it since day 112:36
yell0wnot in the repo ?12:36
Sysifor 10.04 maybe not yet12:37
Sysibaizon: do I need to add it to autostart?12:37
baizonSysi: damn i forgot12:38
baizonif im not wrong there should be an option12:38
baizonto autolaunch12:38
Sysiseems to be, I guess that works12:38
* knome is off, see you all later12:39
baizoncu knome12:40
Sysimeh, synapse is nowhere near the usability of spotlight12:41
baizonSysi: your using xubuntu?12:43
baizoni mean its the same as spotlight =)12:44
Sysimuch worse with files12:44
baizonbut there is no spotlight for linux?12:45
SysiI have mac too12:46
yell0wSysi: kupfer ?12:54
yell0wdoes ctrl-f4 not work in xubuntu ?12:55
Sysidoes it even work for searching files?12:55
yell0wyes Sysi12:55
Sysiwhta should ctrl F4 do?12:55
yell0wclose tabs ?12:55
yell0wi swear it was working yesterday :~(12:55
yell0wnow it's not12:56
GridCubeyell0w, ctrl-w12:57
Sysikupfer doesn't really look any better..12:57
yell0wGridCube: can i change it somewhere ?12:58
yell0wSysi: it's got lots of plugins12:58
GridCubeyell0w, read this http://xubuntu.org/news/12-04-release/12:58
yell0wGridCube: i'm on 10.0412:58
GridCube10.04 used xfce 4.612:59
GridCubei dunno13:00
GridCubeyell0w, try this http://forum.xfce.org/viewtopic.php?id=597813:02
hydesterrunning xubuntu 12.04 and can't get my dual monitors working again.  only mirrored.  tried xrandr with --left-of and it flickrs and stays mirrored.  tried settings editor and changed one monitor position without any effect after reboot.  any other suggestions?  using VGA1 and DVI113:02
GridCubeyell0w, that last one should really help you13:04
GridCubehydester, try using arandr13:04
yell0wGridCube: thanks13:04
hydesterGridCube: hey.  i did and dragging them apart doesn't unmirror them13:05
hydesterclosing and opening arandr they are overlapped again13:05
hydesterokay, i was able to do this as a workaround: xrandr --output DVI1 --pos 1024x013:07
hydesterin the past i have used position only in settings editor or --left/right-of via xrandr13:07
hipparchiahi :)13:11
Myrttiknome, Sysi: http://youtu.be/ERv2SOGL2Yw13:12
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jpastorehi, where do I go to create a CIFS or SSHFS mount in xubuntu? is there a Places/connect to server? or should I just use the mount command?13:55
Tibudajpastore: for ssh, use gigolo14:01
jpastoretibuda, ok something I cna install from the ubuntu software manager?14:02
Tibudait is already installed in xubuntu, under the system menu14:02
jpastoretibuda, ok I found it and I can browse my other box, is there a way to mount with this? I want to mount a folder on the remote server into a local folder.14:05
jpastoretibuda, i think I may have figured it out before you spin wheels pointing me to docs or anything14:08
jpastorethanks for the tips. I'll let you know if I have an issue...you rock! =)14:08
autifI have a USB-serial dongle (067b:2303) - it used to work fine in Natty/Oneiric as a user, however, in Precise, I need to sudo to send/receive data from it - how do I fix this?14:11
jpastoreTibuda: ok I got it bookmarked but I don't see how to mount it. should I use sshfs/fstab?14:15
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Tibudajpastore: gigolo uses gvfs, which mounts everything in ~/.gvfs14:32
jpastoreI'll look up that syntax shortly. while waiting I started on trying sshfs14:33
jpastoreok well sshfs not working as intended. let me see if gvfs is installed and how to make that work.14:34
palmpilothi, is there another way to deliver additional options/arguments to the graphic driver than creating and fiddeling around a manually created xorg.conf?14:53
autifI have a USB-serial dongle (067b:2303) - it used to work fine in Natty/Oneiric as a user, however, in Precise, I need to sudo to send/receive data from it - how do I fix this? I am guessing that somehow udev needs to be tweaked - I just can not figure out how15:21
zthtips for a easy way to control the cpu-governors?15:41
zthin xfce15:41
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nishttal2how can i setup the SSD on this machine to always mount at /ssd on reboot16:24
Unit193nishttal2: By using fstab.16:28
nishttal2Unit193, command not found.. do i need to isntall it?16:31
ubottuThe /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions16:31
nishttal2Unit193, aah i see16:31
Unit193I use that to mount a SMB share to /mnt16:31
nishttal2so i need the UUID for the drive?16:32
Unit193Not hard to pickup.16:33
nishttal2in Ubuntu there was disk utility.. i dont see that in xubuntu16:34
nishttal2do you know how i can install that16:34
nishttal2i can just use /dev/sdb instead of UUID16:37
Unit193gparted was it, I'd think. You can also sudo blkid16:37
nishttal2ok made the entry now do i reboot or is there another way to make this show up?16:38
nishttal2i did this btw.. /dev/sdb1       /ssd    ext4    defaults        0       216:39
Unit193I don't remember what's supposed to be there, but sudo mount -a will mount it, if it's correct.16:42
nishttal2yeah that worked.. thanks :)16:43
nishttal2so at reboot this is automatically run?16:43
nishttal2Unit193, can i put samba shares in fstab?16:50
Unit193If not, better tell me quick so I can remove mine. >_>16:50
nishttal2hahah.. how do i provide the password for it16:50
nishttal2if its happening at boot time16:51
Unit193 credentials=/path/to/file16:51
Unit193// /mnt/alpha/public cifs credentials=/root/alphawvm,uid=1000,gid=1000,file_mode=0777,dir_mode=0777 0 0     (Note, this is really not a good way to do it. :P )16:52
nishttal2perfect creating credentials file now16:53
liznevadaso, anybody here has a blackberry?17:08
SandorI need some help17:08
SandorI used ndiswrapper to install a driver for Netgear WNA1000M adapter17:08
SandorThen I went to manage connection17:09
SandorPlugged in my info17:09
SandorAnd nothing17:09
SandorI believe this is Lucid17:09
SandorNot sure then17:09
SandorAny help would be great17:09
SandorOh, and I don't have ethernet connection17:11
SandorDesktop, far from modem17:11
Unit193https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs That's about all I can give you, that and there's a GUI for it too. Never had to use it.17:12
SandorWell, thank you.17:15
liznevadaso all folks use android huh?17:16
Unit193Not necessarily, just the active ones don't use BlackBerry.17:17
liznevadai mean, i try to use the massive storage but xubuntu doesnt mount it17:17
liznevadabut barry and linberry detectes the phone17:17
liznevadaand lsusb as well17:17
Unit193!info barrybackup-gui17:18
ubottubarrybackup-gui (source: barry): GTK+ based GUI for backing up the RIM BlackBerry Handheld. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.15-1.2 (precise), package size 72 kB, installed size 290 kB17:18
liznevadabarry detects the phone and can sync and all, but the massive storage mode doesnt work17:18
liznevadaxubuntu doesnt mount it17:19
liznevadabtw fedo** using KD* mounts it as USB Key17:19
Unit193You could try manually with mount.17:20
Unit193I've never used a BB before, so I'm not likely to know for sure.17:21
liznevadayeah but the pc with xubuntu is not for me. but for my brother, a non linux user17:21
liznevadaand xubuntu mounts regulars usb keys but not the god***** phone17:23
martinphonecan anyone please paste the command used to scan from the terminal? was it pnma something?17:25
Myrttiblackberries aren't even sold where I live17:26
bjornborghi! does thunar remember its window position?17:28
nishttal2Unit193, i am getting this error with samba share http://www.fpaste.org/YPt0/17:29
Unit193nishttal2: Did you check dmesg? (type that into terminal to see) and can you paste the line you use too?17:30
Unit193Also, what did you use to make the auth file? It's a bit picky on that.17:30
nishttal2i install cifs-utils and now it works.. thanks  :)17:30
Unit193I did nothing, but you're welcome.17:31
nishttal2going to reboot and see if everything shows up :)17:31
tnorris12.04 has finally been mirrored in the US, but I still can't upgrade from 11.10. any ideas?17:37
Unit193Do you have errors? Why do you think you can't update?17:39
Unit193(I'm in Ohio and upgraded 3 systems random days ago)17:40
tnorrisUnit193: don't know why. I run "sudo update" then "sudo do-release-upgrade" and it just says there's no new distro17:41
Unit193Weird, is your sources.list messed up at all?17:42
tnorrisUnit193: where do I find sources.list?17:43
Myrttiif it were 10.04 I'd know what the problem is...17:43
Unit193Yeah, but could try that anyway. :P17:43
tnorrisMyrtti: might as well give it a shot17:43
tnorrisUnit193: thanks. just took a peek. looks like it's never been touched17:44
Unit193sudo do-rel<tab> -d17:45
tnorrisoutput> "Checking for a new ubuntu release No new release found"17:46
Unit193Myrtti: We permitted to go debian style? ;)17:46
baizontnorris: or run "update-manager -d"17:46
tnorrisbaizon: nope. still doesn't think there's an update17:49
baizonyou dont get a button with 12.04?17:50
tnorrisMyrtti: what was that problem you were talking about?17:51
Unit193Just to make sure, you are connected to the internet and it's all working? No blocks on ubuntu.com?17:51
tnorrisbaizon: nope.17:51
Myrttitnorris: if you were on Lucid, 10.04 LTS, the update wouldn't show up until the first .1 update to 12.04 is available17:51
Myrttiyou'd have to try it with the -d flag on the command, then it would show17:52
tnorrisUnit193: yeah. it's the box i'm typing on now. and no blocks are in place.17:52
Myrttibut since you've already tried it, and you're not on Lucid, then it's not that either17:52
tnorrisMyrtti: -d doesn't work. already tried it.17:52
tnorrisok, yeah17:52
tnorrisis there a way I can get more verbose output so I can see what's going on?17:53
yell0wwhich version are you on ?17:53
Unit193tnorris: Well, would you mind pastebining your sources? Also check lsb_release -a17:54
tnorrisand i'm back (just installed latest kernel and had to rebuild my nvidia drivers)18:06
tnorrisso, is there a way to check for a new dist. verbosely? so I can see where it's checking.18:07
Unit193do-rele<TAB> --help didn't say much.18:07
tnorrisUnit193: nope. no verbose output or anything18:08
tnorrisUnit193: do-release-upgrade is actually just a py script that uses update-manager to check for the updates.18:10
Unit193Yep, it's not much.  I'd asked if I could look at your sources.list, but not sure I could do much.18:11
BelseruskI have a laptop with 2 approx. 35GB HDDs and want to install Xubuntu 12.04 -- at the install screen it hangs after I select to unmount the drive after the Question. What do I do now?18:14
BelseruskThe laptop is a Acer TravelMate 4220.18:14
tnorrisUnit193: wow, i'm a dumbass. in the update-manager menu, it was set to never show updates to new distributions...18:16
Myrtti... LOL :-D18:16
BelseruskI have a Acer TravelMate 4220 laptop with 2 35GB HDDs and want to install Xubuntu 12.04 -- at the install screen it hangs after I select to unmount the drive in response to the Question. What do I do now?18:17
Unit193Wow, and it won't tell you about it if you *manually* check? Crappy...18:17
tnorrisUnit193: i know, right? I thought that's the way it worked so I disabled automatically notifying me because I manually update all the time.18:18
tnorrisBelserusk: what is " the Question"?18:18
knometnorris, "will you marry me?"18:19
knomethough the installer shouldn't ask that..18:19
Belserusktnorris, you know the one where it says such a drive is in use...18:20
Belserusktnorris, perhaps it cannot unmount the 2 HDD's18:20
tnorrisBelserusk: why do you need to unmount them?18:21
tnorrisknome: choosing a distro can sometimes feel like a life time commitment though.18:21
Belserusktnorris, Because it says I cannot change partitions unless it is unmounted.18:23
tnorrisBelserusk: after you using the normal live cd, or the alternate installer?18:25
Belserusktnorris, norm18:25
tnorrisare you trying to do anything with the hdd's before you install?18:26
starnis there any major changes in 12.04?? like as long as there is no huge change like unity for ubuntu i am happy.18:26
tnorrisstarn: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PrecisePangolin/ReleaseNotes/Xubuntu18:27
starnthanks tnorris the upgrade text only had links for ubuntu..18:27
tnorrisstarn: yeah, the link is buried in a text wall.18:28
Belserusktnorris, no18:28
starnhmm the line "lots of appearance imrpovements scare me a little.. guess i'll ghosts the hard drive onto my backup drive and update...... for everything else sounds fine to me.18:29
tnorrisBelserusk: can you try physically removing the hdd you don't want to install to?18:29
tnorrisstarn: don't think you have to worry. check the screenshots of 12.04 on xubuntu.org.18:30
knomestarn, improvements, not huge changes18:31
starntnorris: ah didn't think to do that.. guess i should sleep while it updates haha.18:31
tnorrissleep is good. unwanted, but necessary.18:31
starntrue.. well i don't see any updates to anything that will drive me insane. so i'll talk to you guys later when my brain has a lil rem..18:32
BelseruskHi. Can someone help me with this?18:55
holsteinBelserusk: i would try the alternate installer http://mirror.anl.gov/pub/ubuntu-iso/CDs-Xubuntu/12.04/release/xubuntu-12.04-alternate-i386.iso18:58
holsteinor however you get there from http://xubuntu.org/getxubuntu/18:58
GridCubeBelserusk, is sdb the second disk or is the usbdrive?18:59
BelseruskHi holstein. Ok. Would me using a USB drive Live session rather than a Live CD make a difference?18:59
holsteinBelserusk: AFAIK, that works fine now19:00
holsteinGridCube will have some helful suggestions though :)19:00
BelseruskHi GridCube. My USB pen is /dev/sdb119:01
GridCubeok so sdb is mounted because you are running your system from it19:01
GridCubeif you try to install over the medium you are using to install it will fail19:01
BelseruskGridCube, Is SDA2 mounted? What does the * signify?19:03
GridCube!imagebin | Belserusk19:05
ubottuBelserusk: Screenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://imagebin.org/?page=add and post a link to it.19:05
GridCubeplease send me an screenshot Belserusk19:05
GridCubealso on a terminal write this >sudo fdisk -l19:06
GridCubeand pastebin the output19:06
BelseruskGridCube, http://imagebin.org/21053119:07
GridCubeBelserusk, yes, that doesnt help much :P19:07
GridCubeBelserusk, the asterisk means that partition is a booteable one19:09
BelseruskGridCube, I see.19:09
GridCubeBelserusk, i gather that your sdb is a 16gb pendrive19:10
BelseruskGridCube, Yes.19:10
GridCubeand you are trying to install xubuntu there?19:10
BelseruskGridCube, No, I want to install Xub onto one of the 2 HDDs.19:11
BelseruskMy 16GB pen drive contains the Xub live ISO.19:12
GridCubeok, let me see your install setup, no the error, the underit screen19:12
BelseruskGridCube, ?19:13
BelseruskGridCube, Please explain19:14
BelseruskGridCube, If I used a CD instead -- perhaps there will be no problem?19:14
GridCubethere is a stage where the installer asks you where do you want to install19:14
GridCubeBelserusk, its the same19:14
BelseruskGridCube, No. I don't get to that part. It hangs before that.19:14
GridCubethats wrong19:15
GridCubeit should not matter if you have mounted sdb19:15
BelseruskGridCube, Its a pity because the live session is zippy and everything else seems fine.19:15
GridCubeBelserusk, care to retry using another usb port?19:15
GridCubeBelserusk, please send me another image, please on a terminal write: df19:17
GridCubeand paste the output19:17
BelseruskGridCube, funny enough I was thinking that..._^^19:17
BelseruskGridCube, will do. I must turn the laptop back on. Back soon...19:18
GridCubeoh :P19:18
GridCubenevermind then, it was to know where sdb was being mounted19:18
GridCubebecause if it was to /target then it would explain some things19:19
BelseruskGridCube, what is "/target" ?19:19
GridCube/target is where the installer cd mounts the "target" destiny of partitions, say you give sda3 to /home, the live cd would mount them on /target/home19:20
GridCubesup GOMF19:20
BelseruskGridCube, I understand.19:21
GOMFnot much, i have a question about xubuntu (specifically thunar/catfish)19:21
GridCubeask away19:21
GOMFi would like to search files in a folder and copy/cut and paste the found files to another folder19:22
GOMFhow would i do this?19:22
BelseruskGridCube, changing the USB port did not make a difference.19:22
GridCubeBelserusk, when does this screen pops up?19:23
GridCubeafter what stage?19:23
BelseruskGridCube, Which screen - the "unknown partitions... one?19:24
GOMFi hoped that i could select all the files in catfish and press cut but there is no option for that19:25
GridCubeno Belserusk in the installer19:25
GridCubewhat stage, you first set the language, then19:25
GridCubewhen does it fails?19:25
GridCubeGOMF, sadly, thats not possible :(19:26
BelseruskGridCube, 3rd stage.19:26
GridCubei never understood the usefulness of catfish, it just search for stuff and thats it19:26
Unit193GridCube: Can't you do that in find with -exec?19:26
GridCubeGOMF, i always end up find with -exec19:26
GridCubes/end up/end up using/19:27
GridCubeBelserusk, thats the one when you choose disks?19:27
GOMFGridCube, ok, thanks for the help19:27
GridCubesorry GOMF :(19:27
GOMFGridCube, no problem, it's not your fault ;)19:28
GridCubeGOMF, using find with exec is rather easy, do you want some guidance?19:28
BelseruskGridCube, don't get that far. I just tried Lubuntu live session -- same problem.19:29
GOMFGridCube, i'll figure it out, i just couldn't find anything on google concerning thunar/catfish that's why i came here19:29
GridCubeBelserusk, try an alternate installer19:31
GridCubeor as last resource try a real cd19:31
BelseruskGridCube, I will try live cd first. Cheers.19:32
GridCubeand remove the pendrive, that should make all sdb warnings irrelevant because there will be none :P19:32
BelseruskGridCube, thanks for your help. Cheers.19:32
GridCubegood luck19:32
BelseruskBye GridCube .19:32
SATophow to run programs wich require root in a normal user login as another user with admin rights ?19:37
GridCube!sudo | SATop19:37
ubottuSATop: sudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (GNOME, Xfce), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo19:37
GridCube!gksu | SATop19:38
ubottuSATop: If you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)19:38
SATopsudo wont work because the user is not in the admin group19:38
GridCubeadd it19:38
SATopi dont want to add it19:39
GridCubewell, log in to a terminal as a sudoer user19:39
SATopi want to do admin taks in a normal user login as another userwith admin rights19:39
Unit193su admin-user19:40
GridCubeSATop, something like "sudo su root"19:40
SATopunit i try that19:41
Pici'sudo -i'19:41
Unit193Pici: The current user doesn't have admin, and doesn't want to add it.19:42
PiciUnit193: er, I was correcting GridCube.  Selecting reading :/19:43
Unit193Yep, had that.19:43
SATopunit your method works19:44
Unit193Great, glad that gets it.19:44
SATopunit i had another method "pkexec sudo -s"19:48
dpyrohi, I have a xubuntu guest VM in VMWare that just ran out of space, it was 9GB ext4 mounted for / and 1GB of swap19:49
dpyroi shutdown the VM, added 1GB in disk space to the VMware disk, and booted back up19:49
dpyroand fired up gparted19:50
dpyroright now i have the same 9GB ext4 / partition, then 1GB unallocated, then 1GB swap19:50
dpyroi can succesfully disable the swap partition online and move it around19:50
dpyrocan i extend the 9GB ext4 / partition online to also use the unallocated space (which is on the right)?19:51
dpyroi know you can extend ext4 online, but i don't know how to do it with a partition itself :S19:51
dpyrothanks for any help in advance19:51
GridCubedpyro, how important is your data there?19:54
GridCubemoving partition and resizing them can be a tricky work19:54
GridCubeto start with, you need to umount the disk you are wanting to resize, so you need to be using something like a live-cd to do that, you can use gparted live (http://gparted.sourceforge.net/livecd.php) then you resize and move to your pleasure19:55
dpyrowell ideally i just want to do this quickly and get a dedicated disk for the VM later on when I have $/time19:56
dpyromy other option i guess is to try and trim down the xubuntu os itself19:56
GridCubedpyro, think that /etc/fstab uses UUID to work, so if you resize your disks the UUID for them would change, edit your fstab before starting and give them static locations, like /dev/sda1 because else you wont be able to boot again19:57
GridCubealso if grub points to UUID you will find the same problem19:57
dpyrodoes it UUID the disk itself or its partitions?19:57
dpyrooh my19:58
dpyroi guess size is included in that hash19:58
dpyroor endpoint19:58
GridCubei pretty much guess so, im never sure of how those things work19:58
dpyrois there a way to list installed packages and their sizes?20:00
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GridCubei don't know about the sizes but in synaptic you can sort all the installed software20:01
hydesterdpyro: if you usv LVM then you can extend partitions online20:01
hydesteryou extend the lv partition then extend the underlying ext420:02
dpyroi'm not using LVM :(20:02
dpyroi didn't think xubuntu would grow to use 9GB20:02
dpyrowhat's the size of base xubuntu and the UI?20:03
GridCube:P it can20:03
dpyroerm DE20:03
GridCube!info xfwm420:03
ubottuxfwm4 (source: xfwm4): window manager of the Xfce project. In component universe, is optional. Version 4.8.3-1ubuntu1 (precise), package size 1135 kB, installed size 3992 kB20:03
GridCubenot that big20:03
dpyro4GB for the DE20:04
hydesterperhaps upgrade (or whatever you'd consider it) to btrfs and use compression20:04
hydesteri'm have not personally embraced btrfs yet, but just an idea20:04
dpyrowell i'm shooting for any hackish idea that frees up 500MB-1GB20:04
dpyrootherwise it would be more time efficient to just reinstall20:05
dpyroas its a VM20:05
hydestera VM?  so you have more space, just not in the VM?20:05
dpyroi mostly use it for programming in python3/numpy/scipy20:05
dpyrono, the space is IN the vm20:05
dpyroi allocated more diskspace from vmware20:06
dpyroits just unallocated20:06
hydesteri'd guess there is a vmware way to do it.  just create a new vmdk or whatever it is called and copy it there20:07
hydesterthen extend ext420:07
dpyrovmdk = vm disk image?20:07
hydesteri use virtualbox, here is info on how to do it with that - http://www.collage6.com/2011/01/06/resize-and-expand-a-virtualbox-hard-drive-and-media-made-easy/20:08
dpyrowell i can't just extend ext4 without extending the partition first20:08
hydestershould  be similar process with vmware20:08
hydesterbasically migrating the partition to a new virtual disk20:08
dpyrois virtual box OSS?20:08
hydestergray area.  there is an OS version and a non-OS free version20:09
hydestermore open than vmware20:09
dpyroi'd imagine, vmware is completely closed20:10
dpyroi think the problem is i have vmware player20:10
hydesteri mean more free than vmware20:11
dpyrovmware workstation has tools to help you resize linux partitions without running the VM20:11
hydestervbox is very good.  but some advanced features are command line only.  but mostly it just works and has seamless mode too, which i think vmware copied from them20:12
dpyrois there a way to list all installed packages? i'm thinking apt-cache can do it20:13
dpyromy only requirement is host/guest integration20:13
dpyroi couldn't get file transfer integration working on this vmware player anyway, but just copy/paste is invaluable20:13
GridCubedpyro, you can run vmware disks with vboxOSE20:14
dpyrootherwise i get along with dropbox but that's an unnecessary duplication of space20:14
GridCubevirtualbox-ose, its the manager for vboxes20:15
rolespa good two pane file manager for xubuntu?20:22
knomekoegs, suggesting things that aren't in the repositories is generally not useful20:40
knomebesides, it is alpha20:41
GridCuberolesp, if graphical is more your cup of tea, then emelFM220:43
GridCube!info emelFM220:43
ubottuemelfm2 (source: emelfm2): file manager for X/gtk. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.4.1-0ubuntu2 (precise), package size 692 kB, installed size 1671 kB20:43
GridCubeits not "pretty" but does the work20:43
GridCube:P i like to use mc in any case, it feels more hackerly20:44
GridCubeand you can use it when your computer wont go into graphical mode and still feel safe if youhave to delete or move some files, not having to remember and probably typo something that you might regret20:45
knomebetter to take backups20:45
knomeeven better is not to make mistakes20:45
hydesterif you pipe a lot then i'm guessing mc would be very limiting20:46
rolespI think mc is good, it was my favorite in dos, until norton commander was born20:46
GridCuberolesp, being that mc born out of nc, i dont see how thats possible20:47
hydesteri think he just said it backwards20:47
hydesternothing beats a find | xargs sequence... :)20:48
SATopnot in the repo's but there is a ppa http://code.google.com/p/sunflower-fm/20:49
rolespgridcube after dos norton commander come a windows version20:49
knome... #xubuntu-offtopic20:49
rolespvery similar to total commander20:50
GridCubeyes we shoul take this to ot20:51
rolespapears that double commander is not in the repositories20:51
knomerolesp, #xubuntu-offtopic if you want to continue that discussion.20:52
manitouhi is im trying to set my brightness to 75% when i boot ! is it anyone can point me in some directions how ? its acer aspire S3 (must in boot acpi_backlight=vendor so i can regulate it manual )22:15
ThePendulumI am definitely going to be around more often22:17
GridCubemanitou, try this http://www.upubuntu.com/2011/10/how-to-adjust-monitor-brightness-from.html22:20
ThePendulumThis really, really, really amazing person transacted a decent amount of money to my PayPal account for helping him out. I don't know if that person is in this channel, but if you are, may I thank you a lot. It really wasn't nessecary!22:20
manitouhe nice ThePendulum22:20
ThePendulumIf only I remembered his nickname22:21
manitouGridCube: not working :(22:23
ThePendulummanitou: I just came in, what's the issue?22:24
ThePendulum(Don't worry, I still do free support)22:24
manitoum trying to set my brightness to 75% when i boot ! is it anyone can point me in some directions how ? its acer aspire S3 (must in boot acpi_backlight=vendor so i can regulate it manual )22:24
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ThePendulumI haven't been able to set the display brightness on this Asus laptop at all22:25
ThePendulumInteresting matter22:25
GridCubei used a thing the other day that worked, but was on my laptop and now i cant remember22:25
manitoutru parametar in grub acpi_backlight=vendor22:25
* GridCube is not being very useful22:26
ThePendulumAll I can think of, is wearing stylish Ray-Bans after boot22:26
manitouThePendulum: yea22:26
* ThePendulum isn't as supportive as I was yesterday either22:26
GridCubemanishe, http://www.ubuntuka.com/ubuntu-command-line-tricks-set-1/22:26
ThePendulumI'm in a hotel, and we planned to stay until Friday. However, it's so boring that we will probably go home tomorrow22:27
GridCubebut i dont have a /proc/acpi/video :P22:27
GridCubeso you might need to create them=22:27
manitoui will try GridCube22:27
GridCubefound it :D22:30
GridCubeits xgamma -gamma 0.7522:30
GridCubethat should set your brightness to 75%22:30
pygewhen will be the update to kernel 3.3? i heard it will improve my battery and temperature...22:31
GridCubeofcourse thats a command you need to run from x, so you can add it to your start applications22:31
manitouand what is default gamma ?22:34
manitoui is it 122:34
GridCubeyes its 122:35
manitouok i try to play with it :)22:35
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manitouand i have problems with Atheros AR9485 disconect from ap , and cannot restart device ? i tryed nohwcrypt=1 no help :(22:46
manitoui just change atheros with intel 5100 and using wicd and works22:47
Barridushow can i get rid of the keyring prompts?  (i think it's gnome keyring but i'm not sure)23:08
GridCubeits the gnome keyring23:09
GridCubewhen do you get it?23:09
Barridushmm, i think only when i save a password or use a saved password in chromium-browser23:10
GridCubeyou autologin?23:11
GridCubeor you type your password to log in?23:11
GridCubeif you type your password then you can simply delete the contents on ~/.gnome2/keyrings/ and it should start working as it should again23:12
Barridusyeah i log in with password23:15
Barridusand i deleted the whole keyring folder yesterday, i just got the prompt a few mins before i asked today23:15
GridCubebarridus then it should be the last time23:16
Barridusso i don't need to keep re-deleting it?23:16
GridCubeit should just ask you once23:17
manitouhow i can control how long timeout disable touchpad while typing ? its about 3 sec its too long ! 1 will be fine23:17
GridCube!synaptics | manitou23:18
ubottumanitou: For a comprehensive Synaptics Touchpad guide, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SynapticsTouchpad23:18
GridCubemanitou, http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/how-to-disable-the-touchpad-while-you-are-typing/23:20
manitouGridCube: syndaemon is it ! thx23:21
dwangoACGreetings!  I'm working with Xubuntu 12.04 trying to use OSS4 and I've encountered https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/oss4/+bug/969733; there's a patch but I am unsure where to start looking as to how to use it.  Any pointers?23:22
ubottuLaunchpad bug 969733 in oss4 (Ubuntu) "oss4-dkms 4.2-build2005-2ubuntu1: oss4 kernel module failed to build (cp: cannot stat `/lib/modules/3.2.0-23-generic/source/include/linux/limits.h': No such file or directory)" [Undecided,Confirmed]23:23
dwangoACThanks, ubottu!23:23
dwangoACLong and the short of it, there's a patch at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/oss4/+bug/969733/+attachment/3085110/+files/dkmspatch.txt but I do not know if I need to grab the raw source of oss4-dkms and apply it then build from scratch or what...23:23
dwangoAChttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuPackagingGuide/BuildFromDebdiff looks like it might be the right answer, trying now23:29
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BarridusGridCube, sorry late reply.  ok then let's hope it's gone for good XD23:40
Barridusthanks for the response23:41
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