rick_h_anyone know how to do shell alias with the parameters inside the alias00:37
rick_h_should just be a bin script I guess to use $1, not working in alias00:37
rick_h_morning...ugh monday11:31
brouschbreadability! i shall fill it with baking tips and articles on peanut butter11:38
brouschbut really, very cool11:44
rick_h_thanks, been a rough week trying to get that out/working. But honestly it's 80% converting JS to python11:44
brouschis the "b" for bookie?11:45
rick_h_yea, just needed my own namespace11:45
rick_h_there's already readabitilty, python-readability, etc11:46
rick_h_and many of them have a package name but you import readability11:46
rick_h_so they can't co-exist11:46
rick_h_stupid devs11:46
rick_h_I've got my own name, own api11:46
brouschshould be "rreadability" for rick's readability11:48
brouschrrrreadability: rick's really radical readability11:48
rick_h_and changed over readable.bmark.us to now use my library...bye bye python-readability http://goo.gl/y02Je12:10
shakes808Good morning all12:45
shakes808rick_h_: How was your weekend? Anything exciting go on?12:45
rick_h_lots of time with teh boy this weekend12:46
brouschgood weekend then12:46
shakes808What did you do?12:46
rick_h_yea, good stuff. wife was working this weekend12:46
brouschrick_h_: is your boy into trains?12:47
rick_h_and pretty nice out to get out and play around12:47
shakes808I took my son to a couple of birthday parties and the Tiger's game Sunday12:47
rick_h_brousch: on the todo list to figure out I think. He's just learning about thomas from day care I think12:47
rick_h_ah, very cool12:47
brouschThomas was in dearborn last weekend and this weekend12:47
rick_h_he's 2 so we're still at learning the joy of bubbles12:47
brouschyeah, a bit too young for that event12:48
brouschit gets a little crazy12:48
rick_h_did get in the longest bike ride of the year trying out a new path around hte area12:48
rick_h_feeling the pain of the 17miles12:49
brouschoh come on. i ride that in an hour according to my exercise bike12:49
rick_h_lol, well this was 1:15 and avg 13.9mph12:49
rick_h_and had hills :P12:49
brouschyeah, i'm quite sure the exercise bike is lying12:50
rick_h_hey, next time you're out this way bring your bike and we'll go for a ride12:50
shakes808Where are you biking at? I do a 20 mile track, from my house to the Nautical mile and back12:51
rick_h_so I just hit sidewalks, through a subdivision, up to a state park, did a round through the park, and home again12:51
rick_h_so was bout 7mi to the park, little over 2mi in the park and back12:52
shakes808What park do you go to?12:53
rick_h_independence oaks12:53
shakes808Isn't that out in the Waterford / White Lake area?12:54
rick_h_yea, that's where I'm at12:54
rick_h_out by Dte12:54
shakes808Cool, How is that park? They do camping there right? I used to work for a RV Dealer and I think we had some displays there a few weekends a year. Got to drive the Big RVs and Trailer there to set them up :D12:55
rick_h_yea, they've got some campgrounds, we've only ever really done the paved river trail and some of the non-paved walking trails12:55
rick_h_it's so close we just go up for the excercise and haven't used it as a campgrounds12:56
brouschdamnit MS, focus should follow mouse12:56
shakes808If you ever find yourself in the Sterling Hieghts area and want to do some biking, go to Dodge Park. They have some nice paved trails and the back trails are nice as well :D12:56
rick_h_I need to get in shape to do the macomb orchard trail again this year.12:58
rick_h_about killed me last year, 40mi of phew12:58
shakes808I used to do a lot of biking. Kensington has some nice trails and so do Stony Creek.12:58
shakes808That sounds amazing12:58
rick_h_yea, I've heard kensington is nice, one of the MUG guys rides there a lot12:58
shakes808I like doing the trail at 25? mile and Shelby road all the way to Rochester and back. Not long but fun12:59
rick_h_24mi out, stop for lunch, 24mi back, all paved pretty nice12:59
shakes808that is the one I just mentioned12:59
shakes808Didn't know the name of it12:59
shakes808That is the start of another trail, I think. I start at the 25 mile area and head south13:03
shakes808I take that to downtown Rochester and stop at the Brewery there for a drink and light bite and then head back. :D I am always tempted to fill my camel pack up with some fine drink :D Make the trip back that much more enjoyable ;)13:05
snap-lGood morning, again13:08
shakes808G'day Chap!13:11
snap-lI'm at that point in Pyweek when I'm happy I have something simple to display on the page, but then the realization of how far I have to go sets in13:33
shakes808Did I tell you, I got my game working13:34
shakes808Here it is: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/13889126/Python/FINAL222.tar.gz13:35
shakes808Enemy sprites are there. Levels are working. It runs better on in Linux then Windows. It doesn't lag like I was saying it did in Windows.13:35
brouschbig surprise13:36
snap-lshakes808: Yeah, I didn't get a chance to look at it yet.13:36
snap-lWill probably look at it after this week13:36
shakes808Gotcha, I didn't know if I updated you on it13:37
snap-lYeah, you did13:37
shakes808What are you making for pyweek?13:37
snap-lWith any luck, a working game that's fun to play. :)13:38
snap-lThe theme is "Mad Scientist". Right now, you're a lab assistant who needs to clean up the lab before the professor puts together his experiment wrong13:38
snap-lYou have the ability to distract him, but every distraction makes him mad13:39
shakes808counds cool13:39
snap-lwhen he's mad, he does something (chases you out, or something of that nature. Not sure what at this point)13:40
snap-lBut the hard part is to get the professor to bumble about13:40
* snap-l has only done simple AI in the past.13:40
shakes808What do you want him to do?13:41
snap-lPath finding, bumbling, pick up the wrong item if it isn't in the right spot.13:42
snap-lpick up the right item if it is in the right spot13:42
snap-lchase the lab assistant13:42
shakes808So just pick up random items?13:42
snap-lYes and no13:43
shakes808Why not have specific locations where there are items but have a random item generate in those spots13:43
snap-lI think he'll have a timer before he starts picking up things13:43
snap-lthat'll give the player some time to get things into the right spots13:44
shakes808OH, you want the player to be able to put the items in the spots13:44
snap-lshakes808: Oh, I can figure out how to get him to find objects in different locations. That's not a problem13:44
shakes808or switch them around like a puzzle13:44
snap-lproblem is if I put walls and stuff in there.13:44
snap-lI may need to simplify the problem so I don't have to resort to A* pathfinding13:45
shakes808Could make a simple map of 1s and 0s and denote each as an object that blocks or not13:45
snap-lwhich wouldn't be so bad, but it's all in how much time I have to finish13:46
snap-lbusy-busy-bugs became that sort of simplification13:46
snap-lcut out that which can't be coded in time13:46
shakes808I still need to try that out13:46
snap-lshakes808: Just understand that it only has 20 coded levels13:46
snap-lso if you get to level 160+, you've essentially beaten the game13:47
snap-lhad someone actually lodge that as a complaint during the judging13:47
jrwrenrick_h_: 13.9mph 17 miles!!!  holy crap! very impressive.13:47
jrwrenwtf are you riding?13:47
snap-lwhich surprised me.13:47
shakes808That is a lot of levels13:47
shakes808Why would they complain?13:47
jrwrenbrousch: https://sinewalker.wordpress.com/2010/03/10/ms-windows-focus-follows-mouse-registry-hacks/13:48
brouschheh, thanks13:48
snap-lshakes808: Because they couldn't "win". It never got harder than level 2013:48
snap-lbrousch: Trust me, Windows can't handle focus follows mouse13:48
snap-lat least Win 95 / 98 couldn't.13:48
shakes808Could increase the speed :D13:48
snap-lshakes808: If I ever get the itch to play with that code again, yes. :)13:49
shakes808"make smaller pong paddles"13:49
snap-lIt needed more animation too13:49
snap-lagain, compromises to finish. :)13:49
shakes808If you need any help with animation / graphics, I know someone that MIGHT be willing to help out with it. She is a graphics major and wants to do games.13:50
snap-ltwisted twister never got sound either.13:50
shakes808I understand13:50
snap-lshakes808: That's the fun / beauty of these competitions.13:50
shakes808I play a little guitar and bass if you want some sounds :D13:50
snap-lshakes808: I do a little composition. :)13:50
shakes808electronic or instrumental?13:51
snap-lElectronic, as I only play drums13:51
shakes808I believe you have some drum sticks in  your cube.13:51
shakes808Space Noodle sounds like something the Blue Man Group would do :D With the PVC Pipes13:53
shakes808Not sure if that is what you were going for or if you take that as a compliment, but it is cool :D13:53
snap-lThanks. :)13:56
snap-lEventually I'll learn melody / harmony. :)13:56
shakes808HA HA13:56
shakes808Some of the best is just by ear and what sounds good, not what is technically suppose to be the next note(s).13:57
shakes808Santriani is a good technical player, but Claypools is a good, meh this sounds cool13:57
snap-l4J2006 is the latest of them13:59
shakes808lol That one just started :D14:00
snap-lOriginally wanted to make a song for JoDee to sing14:00
shakes808Jamacan :D14:00
shakes808I am assuming that JoDee is your wife?14:00
snap-lUses an old Roland14:00
snap-lROland D11014:01
shakes808This what you are using?14:01
snap-lThat's what I used for 4J14:01
snap-lI use software synths most of the time14:01
shakes808wow, that looks like it is a fully functioning software like the suit I bought14:03
snap-lshakes808: Yeah, it's pretty sweet14:04
snap-lMost of the stuff that I used previously was rosegarden and MuSE14:04
snap-lbut LMMS is where I do my noodling now.14:04
rick_h_jrwren: running a specialized crosstrail bike. <3 clip in pedals :)14:05
shakes808That is pretty sweet. lol The software that I got is quite few years old and haven't even installed it. Bought it from Guitar Center with a bunch of gift certs.14:05
rick_h_jrwren: it's actually higher than that, but my bike computer doesn't stop when I stop for lights and such so those stops bring the avg down14:05
snap-lshakes808: what did you pick up?14:06
shakes808?? Sonar14:06
snap-lAh, OK14:07
snap-lHaven't played with any of the commercial packages since Cakewalk14:07
shakes808I couldn't install it on my PC I built because I didn't get a DVD Drive.14:07
snap-l(and we're talking Cakewalk on a Win 3.1 machine)14:07
shakes808HA HA14:07
shakes808Sonar is Cakewalk14:07
snap-lThough I did try some demo Mac programs on a 68040-based mac (Quadra 840AV)14:08
shakes808I think it is in storage atm. When I get to take my stuff out of storage, I will mess with it :D14:08
shakes808And if you want to play around with it, you are more than welcome to it14:08
snap-lNah, that's fine. I have enough to get into trouble with at the moment. :)14:15
snap-lthank you, though14:15
jrwrenare those roland d110 wave forms for fmsynth? what year was it?14:18
jrwrenrick_h_: crosstrail, like CX?14:19
rick_h_jrwren: like this: http://www.specialized.com/us/en/bc/SBCBkFamily.jsp?sid=11CrossTrail&scid=0&scname=14:19
rick_h_but a couple of years old now14:19
jrwrenrick_h_: *nod* i don't even use a bike computer, just GPS and it tells me my 7mi trips are 12mph14:20
rick_h_ah, yea $30 bike computer easier to replace so the phone just plays music in the sadlebad protected (hopefully)14:20
jrwrenoh, i keep the phone in my pocket on my person :)14:21
shakes808Camel pack is where it is safest14:21
rick_h_jrwren: I've got http://www.amazon.com/Topeak-QR-Beam-Rack-Bicycle/dp/B000FI6WSG/ref=pd_sim_sg_5 on there14:22
rick_h_jrwren: but since I've gotten some bike shirts now with the pockets in teh back tempted to try to keep the phone in there instead14:22
rick_h_I've just fallen a couple of times with the clip in pedals so don't want to land on my $$$ phone14:23
rick_h_honestly almost tempted to do music another way and start leaving it at home14:23
snap-ljrwren: I have a D110. Was doing MIDI with MuSE.14:24
snap-lWas mostly because I wanted to play with it, and JoDee was busy working on something, so I could use headphones. :)14:24
jrwreni don't wear bike clothes, just shorts and a tshirt to show my lack of commitment.s14:28
rick_h_jrwren: I've started going bike clothes this last week, much much more comfy for sure14:28
jrwreni have something veyr similar to this: http://www.amazon.com/Topeak-63107030-Explorer-Bike-Rack/dp/B000FIE3WI/ref=pd_sim_sg_214:28
jrwrenkids seat used to slide onto it.14:28
jrwrenI guess I can remove it since kid is too big now :)14:28
rick_h_yea, less weight ftw14:28
jrwrenlol, i'm on a 2000 Trek 830, I'm already super heavy.14:29
jrwrenmy tires weigh more than a lot of street bikes14:29
rick_h_jrwren: heh yea mine's pretty heavy for a 'new' bike so like the idea of getting hte rear bag off when I don't need it14:35
rick_h_but afraid of walking 10mi home if something goes boom so like to have my emergency gear in that rear bag14:36
jrwrenya know, I've ridden for 10 yrs (although not much for 5 in the middle there) and never had an emergency bag and never had an incident.14:41
jrwrenits one thing i really like about my Trek, i abuse teh hell out of it, and it keeps going14:42
rick_h_I went on a 40mi ride with a guy on a road bike that had a flat for no obvious reason14:42
rick_h_just up and went flat, paved clean trail, took him 20min to pip off, replace, put back on, etc. so kind of convinced me having a mini toolset, etc would be good14:42
rick_h_so carry spare pump, inner tube, patch kit, tool deal, and air pressure gauge14:43
jrwreni road with a guy on a touring bike an dhe had flats all the time.14:43
jrwreni'll stick with my rugged mntn bike14:43
rick_h_should probably carry some bandages the way people like to take intersectinos sans-signals and looking while on the phone14:43
jrwrenoh a kit and a tube is definitely a good idea.14:44
jrwrenI'm a high risk person in general.14:44
shakes808rick_h_: Wise choice. I seen someone that was on their bike get hit crossing over Schoenherr and Hall Rd.14:44
rick_h_ugh, I know it'll happen one day. Everyone that rides much seems to get hit a few times, but not looking forward to the feeling14:45
shakes808Someone should invent the bicycle air bags. :D14:46
jrwreni got clipped by a truck that came into bike lane.14:46
shakes808surround you like the boy in the bubble14:46
rick_h_more weight14:46
jrwrenbut they clipped my pannier bag14:46
jrwreni barely noticed it14:46
shakes808People are stoopid14:46
rick_h_jrwren: yea, not all stories are hard full collisions, but everyone's had the scary moments14:46
jrwreni was pissed because it broke my bag mount.14:47
rick_h_so the new bike clothes are bright yellow/orange14:47
snap-lshakes808: Schoenherr and Hall Road is a bad intersection even in a car.14:49
snap-lHell, anywhere on Hall road is a bad deal for anything other than a car14:49
snap-lI almost for run over crossing Hall road on several occasions, in a crosswalk14:50
rick_h_I'm learning to despise the green arrow turn light14:50
rick_h_people don't know the diff between green arrow and green light wrt pedestrian crossings14:51
snap-lrick_h_: I wish it was accompanied by the "no turn except on green arrow" sign14:51
shakes808rick_h_: Yes, I don't like that area and I try to avoid it as much as possible14:51
rick_h_people see green arrow, and keep speed up, and it turns into a green light and I get a happy 'cross now' light14:51
shakes808That whole area is full of inconsider drivers.14:51
rick_h_but the car just keeps thinking "it's still green...go go go"14:52
snap-lshakes808: Yeah, no kidding14:52
jrwreni just ride on the road as a biker, like i"m supposed to, and ignore crosswalks. cars see me then.15:10
brouschi don't ride because i don't want to die15:11
brouschespecially since they upped our streets to 45MPH15:12
jrwrendaily UDS summaries are welcome <-- to anyone at UDS this week.15:34
brouschdeclaring objects with a type is so tedious15:41
jrwren*sigh*  https://plus.google.com/115547683951727699051/posts/X3fUhyJREKq15:43
jrwrenworse than reinventing the wheel every few years is some peoples absolute defense of reinventing the wheel.15:44
rick_h_oh that's so crap...15:46
rick_h_compare systemd and upstart and there's a crap ton more to it than that15:46
jrwrenbtw, happy day: on saturday I finally installed a battery UPS ifor my modem, router, and server AND migrated from a failing disk to LVM mirrored boot. First time doing that ever and first time using grub2 to do it!  HURRAY FOR Linux getting REALLY AWESOME15:46
jrwrenrick_h_: agreed, i'm reading the G+ thread and it is a little depressing but Lennart just seems blind to reality15:47
rick_h_let's just say it's been heavily disussed and not everyone likes code with little tests and massive combined responsibility15:49
jrwrendude, you don't have to defend anything.15:49
rick_h_sorry, the way that was phrased rubbed me very wrong15:50
jrwrenLennart seems to be just barely walking the line of how to influence people RMS style.15:50
rick_h_"From what I am hearing behind the scenes this appears to be very much about control. They control Upstart (both by being maintainer and even enforcing copyright assignment), and they think they don't control systemd. "15:50
jrwrenoh yeah.15:50
jrwrenLennart is CRAZY15:50
jrwrenI've now read (well, mostly skimmed) the whole thread.15:50
rick_h_there's a solid dozen 'technical' reasons nothing to do with freaking control15:51
jrwrenJeff Waugh and Scott James Remnant chime in.15:51
jrwrenand if you want to argue about control, why is systemd encompassing udevd like they are? *sheesH*15:52
jrwrenit all seems a bit parandoid15:52
rick_h_love this "who uses upstart?" http://docs.redhat.com/docs/en-US/Red_Hat_Enterprise_Linux/6/html/Technical_Notes/deployment.html15:52
jrwrenhahaha, yeah!15:53
devinheitmuellermy experience is that Lennart is as crazy in person as he is in email (unfortuantely).15:58
devinheitmuellerFor some people I know, they communicate poorly via email and are much nicer in person.  Lennart is not one of those people.15:58
rick_h_hah, well ok glad this impression I'm forming I'm allowed to hold onto :)15:59
rick_h_snap-l: http://arstechnica.com/gadgets/news/2012/05/google-hangouts-on-air-live-broadcasting-is-now-out-of-beta.ars16:01
snap-lrick_h_: Wondered how long it would take for you to notice. :)16:40
snap-lDoes this mean I need to get a camera? :)'16:40
rick_h_snap-l: I tried to order you one and get it sent to you, but I only have your old apt address in the system :(16:40
rick_h_if I were to get a copy of a new address...16:41
snap-lI think my wishlist has the updated address.16:43
snap-lat least, I updated it since Christmas16:43
rick_h_I can't see it from there, just your city16:44
rick_h_ah nvm16:44
jrwrentestdrive using lxc instead of kvm could be sweet. http://www.stgraber.org/2012/03/04/booting-an-ubuntu-12-04-virtual-machine-in-an-lxc-container/16:46
jrwrenoh, and I didn't explicitly say it, but the UPS i got is a cyberpower and they ship a deb that works perfectly for me. YAY! so cool.17:09
jrwrenMark is just really smart and a good leader17:13
jrwrencompare that attitude to the guy we read earlier. Lennart17:13
rick_h_kind of cool: http://bartongeorge.net/2012/05/07/introducing-project-sputnik-developer-laptop/17:15
greg-gjrwren: except when you actually get to have a "conversation" with him (in, say, Community Council meetings)17:15
* greg-g has been burned by too many unhelpful CC meetings where in the end it is "well, I envoke my sabdfl status"17:16
brouschhow's debian treating you?17:16
greg-gbrousch: wonderfully.17:18
greg-gGNOME Shell actually, you know, works.17:18
brouschi have to keep looking around what with kubuntu's uncertain future17:18
brouschfor some definition of work17:18
greg-gKDE users have it been in Ubunut than GNOME users17:18
greg-gKubuntu is basically straight up KDE whereas GNOME is, well, not.17:19
jrwrenso... is it me or was open week a little scaled back compared to years past? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuOpenWeek17:19
greg-g(as in, Kubuntu devs work with upstream first, as opposed to an afterthought "gotta make the upstreams happy or we here it in the blogs" thing)17:19
brouschright, but now kubuntu is being run by the mysterious blue systems17:19
greg-gbrousch: funded by with Kubuntu governance, but yeah, he who weilds the money weilds power17:20
greg-gwow, I just did a hear/here "typo"17:20
rick_h_jrwren: yea, they did fewer days across more timezones to enable more worldwide participation17:21
brouschgreg-g: the internet rots your brain17:21
rick_h_jrwren: so longer days, fewer days17:22
rick_h_jrwren: then again I look at that page and go...hmmm17:22
jrwrenbut even number of sessions seems smaller.17:22
rick_h_yea, guess it gets harder to get people to do these things maybe?17:23
greg-gbrousch: this is your brain on the internet17:23
snap-lY'know, does this UDS seem kind of fatalistic to anyone else?17:24
rick_h_snap-l: how so?17:24
snap-llike "who cares what I think, it's just business as usual"17:24
snap-lI pretty much couldn't care less what comes out of this UDS.17:24
rick_h_I've not been following so not sure what's come up17:24
snap-lI have 12.04. I'm happy. I'm not concerning myself with it for a while.17:25
brouschsnap-l: it might be a symptom of the LTS. you know you can sit on it for years if you need to17:25
snap-lKind of in the greg-g camp of "well, sabdfl and some cabal will do what they want, so who cares what I think?"17:26
snap-lbrousch: Exactly.17:26
rick_h_yea, I think that's a good sign though really. People (except greg-g :P ) seem pretty happy with 12.04...kind of that satisfied post-thanksgiving time17:26
snap-lI just dread what sort of clusterfuck will come out of this UDS17:26
rick_h_well the debate on just how much input/etc you have has been a debate for years though17:26
snap-lMaybe that's it, right there.17:26
brouschi mean, even with the blue systems thing i feel like i'm in good shape for 2 years17:26
rick_h_we've had that discussion many times17:27
snap-l12.04 was so it could get to a stable point17:27
snap-land now 12.10 will get the astronauts mucking with it again17:27
brouschthere's more than 1?17:27
rick_h_yea, but I think you'll be safe if the goals from mark's post work out. Pretty up, font rendering, etc17:27
greg-gsnap-l: right, LTS+1 is crazy release17:27
snap-lrick_h_: I don't buy it. There's gotta be at least one community piss-off17:28
rick_h_snap-l: hah, yea I guess something will come along17:28
rick_h_but I'm hoping things aren't going to get the normal 'let's repave the road' of normal LTS+117:29
snap-lBut even so, I don't feel the need to even think about it17:29
snap-lI'm not scrambling to figure out how to listen to it17:29
snap-land I know I'll be deleting the UDS posts from Planet Ubuntu17:30
snap-lHah, I already paused it post 12.0417:30
greg-gpaused what?17:32
snap-lpaused the Planet Ubunt feed under r2e17:32
snap-lso it won't e-mail me changes17:32
rick_h_greg-g: ?17:33
greg-gpausing the planet.ubuntu.com feed seems like a big step, to me :)17:33
snap-lgreg-g: WEll, there's only so much self-congratulatory I can take17:34
snap-lafter a while, it's just noise17:34
shakes808snap-l: What is going on for Mug tomorrow?17:51
jrwrenpretty awesome: http://oss.oetiker.ch/remocular/17:53
jrwrenfont rendering.17:54
jrwrenif they go true DPI, I'll be happy :)17:54
jrwrensadly, i've not even seen it proposed17:54
shakes808rick_h_: thank you17:58
shakes808I keep going to the Ubuntu.com LOCO17:58
snap-lrick_h_: breadability?18:18
rick_h_snap-l: yea18:18
snap-lThat sounds like a bad marketing pitch18:18
rick_h_snap-l: yea, well I suck at names and wanted to keep readability in the name18:19
snap-lWOnder Bread, now with more breadability.18:19
rick_h_need to show up in http://pypi.python.org/pypi?%3Aaction=search&term=readability&submit=search18:19
snap-lrick_h_: Expect the next fork to be creadability.18:19
rick_h_and I cna even do crap like say it's "Better Readabliity" later if I want :P18:20
rick_h_which it's not atm, but working on it18:20
greg-gthere, its even in there twice18:20
rick_h_in that case I'd just call it testedReadability18:20
snap-lWhich is readability in Bulgarian18:21
rick_h_ah, good plan18:21
greg-gbecause Bulgarian is sooooo readable18:21
snap-l^ Russian18:21
rick_h_not readable, readability, I keep hitting that difference18:22
snap-lleggibilità <- Italian18:22
snap-l^ estonian18:22
greg-gneed something translated, send it to snap-l18:22
snap-lsend it to translate.google.com18:22
greg-ghe'll be the best Google Translate bot ever18:22
snap-lHow do you think I handle the cyrillic translations. ;)18:23
greg-gcan someone using Unity on 12.04 confirm something for me?18:36
greg-gopen nautilus, select a file (click on it, or arrow down to it), press the menu key (to bring up the menu for that item), press "r".  Do you then have to press enter or are you automatically brought to renaming the item?18:37
greg-gactually, do you have to press "r" twice?18:37
greg-gI do.18:37
greg-gso much for efficient keyboard shortcuts18:37
* greg-g grumbles more18:37
* greg-g goes to get lunch so he stomach stops grumbling18:37
jrwrenbreedability - because i am so beautiful i have high breedability18:48
greg-gI think I was just hit by some flying corn18:49
rick_h_watch out! it's dangerous18:50
rick_h_have I mentioned how much I hate bzr lately? *sigh*19:12
rick_h_ok, that's kind of cool https://plus.google.com/111121889834083374588/posts/HMCHb5bp8yn19:14
Scott_firebetais that the raspberrypi?19:16
rick_h_heh no19:16
jrwrenprobably an ubuntu tv device19:26
snap-lApparently the Google / Oracle trial concluded that doing a jury trial for technology cases is stupid.19:35
greg-gjury for a copyright trail, also stupid19:35
greg-gthey said: 1) They infringed but 2) we couldn't decide if it was fair use19:35
greg-gthose are contradictory statement19:36
snap-lWell, and infringed on what?19:48
greg-gyeah, apparently not the docs19:49
* greg-g hasn't fully read everything, so can't really comment authoritatively19:49
snap-lgreg-g: Yeah, I'm talking out of my posterior as well19:49
snap-lThe entire jury did agree on the first, and most important, question -- that's 1A, for those of you following with the scorecard -- finding that Google did infringe the overall structure, sequence and organization of Oracle's Java language. However, the jurors were at an impasse on the second part of Question 1, which asked if Google proved that it had made "fair use" of that material or not.19:51
snap-lThat's asinine19:52
greg-gpoorly structured question that encourages a certain outcome19:52
greg-gand shows a lack of (C) understanding19:52
snap-lIf this stands, it means making clones of languages / apis could be infringing19:52
snap-lgreg-g: Exactly.19:52
snap-lGoogle also claims that pending further rulings by Judge Alsup, there is "zero finding of copyright liability" outside of nine lines of code. Google similarly claims that Oracle attributed "no value" to those nine lines in its damages report.19:53
snap-lOh FFS.19:53
snap-lWow, these questions are pretty leading19:54
snap-l1. As to the compilable code for the 37 Java API packages in question taken as a group:19:55
snap-lA. Has Oracle proven that Google has infringed the overall structure, sequence and organization of copyrighted works?19:55
snap-lB. Has Google proven that its use of the overall structure, sequence and organization constituted "fair use"?19:55
greg-gugh..... if yes to A then skip B as well19:57
snap-lgreg-g: Precisely19:58
snap-lAnd 4A... sheesh19:59
greg-gmy lord, Unity is a buggy interface21:26
greg-gdrag something slightly down and it disappears to another workspace21:26
greg-ghit some key combo and all windows disappear (minimize)21:26
greg-gnot know where your windows are since they aren't listed in alt-tab21:26
greg-gswitching between workspaces forgets which window was on top21:27
Blazeix<3 gimp's new single window mode with a tiling wm23:24
rick_h_oh yea? I'll have to check that out23:25
Blazeixit isn't enabled by default in 2.8, but you can turn it on23:25

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