derekvcan get $(eval ) to do what I want00:21
derekvok i'm sortof looking at it wrong I think00:29
jrwrenrick_h_: what did I find?00:45
derekvdamn i'm so obsessive... but I got it to work ( for bsd )00:55
derekvso whats needed from here is no have an include file that defines install-program-template00:58
derekvfor each platform00:58
derekvor just some sort of switch00:58
derekvin fact, you could probably define a template for each system01:01
derekvfreebsd-ports-template , freebsd-pkg-template, apt-template, yum-template etc01:01
derekvthen just assign the template to install-software-template with some sort switch on the system type01:03
AhukaIs there a lo-co meeting here tonight?01:08
AhukaOK, I will make a wild guess that there is no lo-co meeting tonight. CYa later.01:23
derekvthere's a really cool web animation effect, on coderwall , if you add a protip then click preview, it does a 3d flip on the edit window to the preview window01:23
jrwrenrick_h_: what is this dt sidebar in bookie (i am running my own)01:55
jrwrenrick_h_: ha! your mysql bug was the leap second bug? http://marc.info/?l=linux-kernel&m=134113577921904&w=202:14
rick_h_jrwren: it's the pyramid developer toolbar02:17
rick_h_it's listed in the .ini middleware section02:17
rick_h_meant to help trace performance, sql queries, etc for dev02:17
rick_h_jrwren: yea, saw that. reboot fixed it on the laptop thankfully and my EC2 instances aren't running mysql02:17
rick_h_jrwren: so I'm wondering if the duplicates bug is related to this issue of urls coming in and their escaping02:20
rick_h_I'm working out getting things from a urlescaped source (bookmarklet) into the template (template escaping) and then back to an API request to readable.bmark.us (url escaped again)02:20
rick_h_and wonder if dupes are sneaking in somewhere in there because it thinks the urls are different02:21
jrwrenyou are getting dupes since you cleaned 'em?02:21
rick_h_no, I shouldn't but at some point that thing that caused the dupes will throw an application error because I've added db constraints to not allow the dupes at the db level02:22
rick_h_so there's still a bug in the app logic somewhere I've not found yet02:22
rick_h_amen! thought the same thing for early twitter ^^02:22
rick_h_jrwren: but after looking at this escaping bug some more I'm not sure it is the source. Will see, working on it, but not done yet.02:23
derekvso if I have a make recipie like  command || echo "I failed, try doing this ..."02:34
derekvthen the echo has an ok exit status02:34
derekvbut I want it to fail02:34
rick_h_(echo "I failed trying to do this && exit 1)02:35
derekvrick_h_: thanks02:38
rick_h_derekv: np02:39
derekvrick_h_: took me all afternoon but I got a pretty good makefile started now02:39
derekvhow to use eval took me a while02:40
rick_h_very cool02:40
derekvwhats wrong with if ![-d  $@] then clone $(MAGIT_REPO) $(first-word $^); fi03:50
derekvsays unexpected fi expecting then03:50
rick_h_I think you need spaces ![ -d $@ ] but not sure tbh, my shell fu is weak03:52
derekvrick_h_: yea it has to do with the syntax in the conditional03:53
jrwrenyou need spaces, remember that [ is just a symlink to test.04:04
jrwrenprefer [[ to [ or test if using bash04:04
derekvyea its the spaces04:04
derekvalso the error was actually coming from elsewhere in the makefile04:04
derekvmultiple errors04:04
jrwrenif ![[ -d "" ]]; then echo hi ; fi04:04
derekvyou need a space before the ]04:05
snap-lHappy Birthday, greg-g04:05
derekvand a ; before the then04:05
snap-lat least, in a few hours it will be, your time04:05
jrwrenyou done figured it out04:05
derekvif using \ at eol to split onelines, gotta watch out for a space after the \04:09
jrwrenyeah, i have a vimrc line that highlight trailing whitespace04:10
derekvit lives ! https://gist.github.com/3030284 !!!!!04:39
snap-lThank you, whomever used the referral link on Ting.com.10:41
rick_h_hah, congrats derekv !10:44
snap-lGotta love the 4th of the July11:04
snap-lIt's 7am and someone lit off a firework11:04
rick_h_yea, they've been going off for days around here11:34
rick_h_they setup a booth to sell them on the corner at the video store11:35
snap-lYeah, I'm not opposed to them selling the fireworks11:44
snap-lI'm opposed to them setting them off at 7am. ;)11:44
rick_h_yea, but easy access has more of them going off at midnight-whatever am11:49
rick_h_ok, strange news of the morning. I never thought I'd see a headphone company buy a music service. http://goo.gl/LzO4E11:51
brouschI'd prefer 7AM to 3AM11:59
brouschI am whipped today12:07
brouschGolf and Binder PArk Zoo killed me12:07
rick_h_that'll do it12:07
brouschAnd a 3:30AM wake up due to someone having "too much boogers"12:10
tony-smlrbrousch, what made you drive to battle creek for the binder park zoo?12:35
brouschtony-smlr: We had a bunch of friends with kids staying in Niles, so Binder is in-between12:36
tony-smlrCool,   I grew up about 20mi north of there12:36
brouschI didn't know there was anything north of there12:37
brouschYou grow up in a log cabin?12:37
tony-smlrYea there isn't much between there and GR but lots of lakes12:37
brouschI'm in GR12:40
tony-smlrGR is nice,  I dont get there much any more12:42
tony-smlrgot to run12:43
brouschOoooh, Flask 0.9 came out12:45
rick_h_more oatmeal/court news http://goo.gl/tS9l912:47
rick_h_gotta love it12:47
rick_h_man, who'd have thought when it started it'd go this far?12:47
snap-lrick_h_: Yeah, I think this lawyer thinks it's all just free publicity.13:04
snap-lHe comes across as someone who thinks he's a rock-star13:04
snap-lwhen he's just a wanker.13:04
rick_h_http://thecodelesscode.com/contents lol awesome13:11
rick_h_http://thecodelesscode.com/case/41 priceless13:13
snap-lrick_h_: Where did you find this?13:14
rick_h_posted to twitter13:14
rick_h_yea, that's the one I linked above love that one13:15
rick_h_http://thecodelesscode.com/case/39 yes!13:16
snap-lI'm slow today.13:16
rick_h_man, don't tempt me Mozilla! So now Firefox OS is a phone OS while Chrome OS is a laptop OS13:19
snap-lWebOS gets a new name. ;)13:27
rick_h_tease! I've already had my heart broken once, I don't know if I can handle it again13:27
jrwrenthere is a FF OS?13:27
rick_h_Boot2Gecko == Firefox OS13:28
snap-lrick_h_: I think Mozilla will have more of a go with it than Palm did13:28
snap-lbut then again, Mozilla isn't beholden to corporate overlords who could snap the neck of a project during an acquisition13:29
snap-lI could see it getting abandoned before getting killed like WebOS.13:29
snap-l(And yes, technically WebOS isn't dead, much in the same wy Blackberry isn't dying.)13:30
brouschIf they can make something you can flash to an existing Android phone, they'd be in good shape13:30
jrwrenit isn't dead like MSDOS isn't dead13:40
rick_h_well supposedly it's built around snapdragon processors, not sure on drivers/etc13:42
brouschrick_h_: Can you make 4 of these for me? http://imgur.com/Mh3ae14:28
rick_h_brousch: lol14:29
brouschActually those don't look very hard. I think I could do it14:31
brouschThey look really heavy. Are those 4x4 legs?14:34
brouschOK, obviously I missed something. WTF is gittip?14:45
brouschI am going to tip mitechie $0.08/wk for Bookie14:59
rick_h_woot! I knew this OSS thing would work out15:00
rick_h_ugh, stuck on caribou wifi today.15:16
jrwrenbut that might actually be better than my office wifi :(15:16
jrwrenat least I can stream music from home, but i can't watch the djangoconeu videos i wanted to.15:17
rick_h_stupid mondays15:17
jrwrenCURSE THEM15:18
jrwrenthere is a good side. this music is excellent and much more soothing than videos which educate15:18
jrwrenIn Strict Confidence \m/15:18
brouschrick_h_: Did gittip send you an email when I turned on a donation for you?15:27
brouschIt's unclear what happens if you donate to someone who's not on gittip yet15:27
rick_h_brousch: looking15:27
rick_h_brousch: doesn't look like it yet15:28
brouschMaybe it doesn't notify you15:29
rick_h_might be a batch job thing, or something over a certain amount?15:29
brouschDistributed every friday, so maybe then15:30
rick_h_man, I follow a lot of repos that I don't use, but are on my "I need to use this" list15:33
brouschmcdonc is on there15:33
rick_h_ok, signed up and added a couple of sources15:37
brouschzzzek is on there too15:38
rick_h_heh yea, but I've given him some $$ over the last year15:38
rick_h_but yea, the people I tried to add weren't on the system yet15:38
brouschI kind of like this setup for donating to open source devs15:38
brouschIf it gets big enough it would be pretty cool. I donate to people whose stuff I use, they pass it on to people whose stuff they use15:39
brouschAlmost like rick_h_'s "Donate $5 each month" thing15:40
rick_h_right, like the idea. Almost wish it was a per project thing, but understand15:40
rick_h_want devs to know what I'm using that I like so much15:40
brouschThat would be a good thing to suggest. Anonymous donation, but let the donator add a note15:42
rick_h_yea, ping'd them on twitter with a comment.15:42
brouschHm, I don't think Twitter: gittip is them15:43
brouschThat looks like an accunt that tweets actualy tips for using git15:44
rick_h_lol, oops15:44
greg-gno snap-l?15:44
rick_h_he must be working today15:44
rick_h_heh, actually he said 'brb' over two hours ago15:45
brouschThat looks like the creator, and he did Aspen. Wasn't that a talk at last year's PyOhio?15:45
rick_h_yea, not a fan of aspen at all15:45
rick_h_but seems an ok guy15:46
rick_h_I tried out snot (nose library) for a bit from him15:46
brouschgood name15:49
rick_h_there he is16:10
greg-gthanks for the bday wish, snap-l :)16:10
snap-lSorry, managed to hose up my machine while rebooting.16:29
snap-lAlso, Google does not understand :q16:56
snap-lI wish companies would stop putting "do not use this if you aren't authorized" sgns on the login screens of machines16:58
snap-lIt's like saying "Don't do anything illegal". It's irrelevant for all of the law-abiding folks, and the non-law-abiding folks aren't going to pay attention to it.16:59
Blazeixwhile we're at it, i'd like to get rid of the 'delete this email if you aren't the intended recipient" email footers16:59
snap-lBlazeix: Yeah, those are priceless.16:59
snap-l"If you aren't the intended recipient of this mail, remove it from your machine immediately. You shouldn't have read it. You are dealing with forces you cannot understand. By merely glancing at these words, you have doomed humanity itself"17:01
snap-lWe need more B-movie horror shows.17:03
brouschI am in one. It's called: I lost my car insurance card and got pulled over and now I'm in SoS hell17:04
snap-lbrousch: Night of the Living Dead17:06
brouschHad State Farm fax a copy to me, but they dated it today so court can't take it because the ticket was last week17:07
brouschSoS messed up on my car reg, so I have to go back there to get it fixed, but the wait was about 2 hours at lunch today17:08
brouschSo I spent an hour driving around at lunch and madezero progress17:09
brouschDrowning my sorrow in Taco Bell Volcano Nachos17:13
rick_h_@$#@#@$#@$#@ MUST NOT REWRITE CODE17:24
brouschThat looks like perl. You are justified in re-writing it17:25
rick_h_it's days like today I'm glad I work from home17:25
rick_h_else someone's cube would be getting a visitor with a bat and a demand that this shit gets rewritten before I have to look at it again17:26
brouschHop on a plane!17:26
rick_h_"this time, let's try having it MAKE SENSE!"17:26
rick_h_and setup is not a place for tear down code dammit17:27
brouschBlame Windows with their Start button to Shut Down17:28
brouschOh come on, WTF is this? http://paste.mitechie.com/show/720/17:30
brouschCan't we just let Wave die?17:30
snap-lbrousch: What the fuck?17:30
jrwrenrick_h_: just remember, you are a great coder, and not everyone else is. with your great power comes the great responsibility of educating the rest of us.17:36
jrwrendon't get mad, just put on your teacher hat.17:36
* rick_h_ does a bzr revert to start over, this is too big of a mess17:37
rick_h_Blazeix: widox snap-l and other CHC regulars, the pie my wife promised has begun and Wed will be cherry pie day at CHC.17:39
rick_h_so don't 'just eat dinner' so that it goes away kthx :)17:39
brouschWill there also be punch?17:42
brouschPunch and pie at CHC?17:42
rick_h_Coffee and Pie17:43
Blazeixooh, yum17:49
snap-lrick_h_: So that it "just goes away?"17:59
rick_h_snap-l: as in there's no bowing out of eating some18:04
brouschrick_h_: Mark Ramm went to EuroPython and you're stuck here?18:05
rick_h_Mark Ramm is special, he's the super genius...I'm lackey 101 updating JS tests written by idiot savants to work in a new version18:06
snap-lBlazeix: I thought we already had a zombie apocalypse in Detroit18:09
widoxrick_h_: blarg, I won't be there this Wed. :(18:14
widoxBlazeix: haha18:15
brouschI love my wife http://paste.mitechie.com/show/721/18:48
snap-lUgh, apparently Wunderground is being acquired by The Weather Channel20:09
snap-lJust one of those things to brighten your day.20:41
brouschActually Weatherbug on Android is my go-to weather app for any medium20:42
brouschI used to hate weatherbug on Windows with a passion20:42
MaskedDriverraises are fun20:51
snap-lDId you get one, or is this just in general?20:52
MaskedDriverjust got one20:52
MaskedDriveryeah.. a big one.. got promoted to Sr. Web Developer last month but it didn't come with any perks but more work20:53
MaskedDriverso my manager fought for me and hooked a brother up20:54
jrwrenI used to be a Sr. Developer, but I lost a lot of weight, so I'm a Jr. again.20:55
MaskedDriveryeah, that'll happen20:58
brouschIt would take plastic surgery, not weight loss, to make that change20:58
snap-lI just want the Senior Discount21:01
snap-l(note: not really)21:01
MaskedDriverjust get AAA insurance.. I get tons of discounts with that21:02
brouschI am so tired I just poured beer on my steak instead of A122:40
Blazeixi'm pretty sure that means you need to chug the A1.22:42
brouschThat might wake me up22:46

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