nuvolarihrr :-/05:39
nuvolari"Seeing you are so good with the photo club website and seem to be an IT techi etc I would like to ask you a question.05:39
nuvolari 05:39
nuvolariWould you be able to help me to unlock our wi-fi modem."05:39
nuvolariwebsite != modem05:40
DigiGramlol but modem and website has both to do with the internet, so you MUST be an expert on both05:52
DigiGramDoes the monthly meetings take long?05:55
Banlambut usually less than an hour06:00
Banlamalthough talking can carry on past that06:00
Banlamsome times start 5-10min late06:00
Banlamwaiting for people to arrive06:00
DigiGramah cool, will try to sit in tonight06:01
superflygood morning sleepy heads!!06:27
nlsthznmorning SubOracle 06:32
nlsthznmorning superfly 06:32
superflyyo nlsthzn06:32
=== Tonberry is now known as Guest18800
DigiGrammy first take at designing a blog: http://beinganengineer3.blogspot.com/2012/08/blog-designing.html07:00
DigiGramI think my next mission will be to forget it and stick to templates hehe07:01
tonberryE352the numbered list and the red line in the background overlap on http://beinganengineer3.blogspot.com/2012/08/the-last-24-hours-of-24.html07:17
DigiGramI saw that tonberryE352 but my blog's template was used straight from source, I'll start editing my template next, most of my time went into my wife's template07:29
DigiGramAnd its been a while since I've done some HTML editing, so even her's is a work in progress, such as the stupid search bar, need to fix that07:30
tonberryE352oh i see07:31
tonberryE352still looks way better than the html i write...07:32
tonberryE352would help if I could properly use CSS...07:32
DigiGrambut I saw the issue with the numbered list after I posted it, but I was on my way for a a day's leave, so didn't worry hehe07:33
DigiGramCSS is great!! And those templates are based on an XML template, so I did not create it from scratch07:34
Kilosevening superfly and others08:49
Kilosyo jurgie08:50
KilosMaaz, announce Don't forget the meeting tonight at 19.30 peeps08:51
MaazHear ye, hear ye! Don't forget the meeting tonight at 19.30 peeps08:51
DigiGramwill try to be here08:52
DigiGramany of you guys/gals teachers, principles or in any way involved with education? Want to ask your input on an ill defined question09:00
Kilosask anyway DigiGram must be lotsa opinions here09:04
DigiGramwell, the question is: what is the differances and similiarities between mini-independant education systems and mini-dependant education systems09:05
KilostonberryE352, Guest18800 bad connection other side09:05
DigiGramthe issue is the subject does not give a definition for [in]dependant systems, but the lecturer mentioned its dependance upon the "students"09:06
DigiGramstupid question IMHO, so hopefully the TA will clarify it quickly, I hope09:06
Kilosmorning inetpro 09:20
jrgnshelo kilos09:21
Kiloshiya maiatoday dont forget tonights meet hey. goosie wont be here09:25
maiatodayok I'll do my best09:25
sflrmorning all!09:34
Kiloshi there sflr long time no see09:34
Kilosyou forgot us hey?09:35
sflrhey Kilos! not at all :) life got busy :|09:35
Kilosoh my09:35
Kilosyou all well sflr 09:35
Kiloshi nlsthzn 09:44
Kilosprepaid manager looks good tumbleweed  will save lotsa sim changes ty09:44
Kilosif it could only see the data as well09:44
nlsthznalo uncle Kilos 09:45
Kilosdont forget tonight hey neil09:45
nlsthznGetting a bit late... first it was 19:00 and now I see it is 19:30... I should make it... at least the first half in any case :)09:46
superflyhi Kilos09:50
Kilosno man always been 19.30 isnt it?09:51
Kilosdid you use my right addy for that mail superfly ?09:51
superflyjammer Kilos, things are hectic round here. can you just mail me a reminder please?09:57
Kilosnp superfly will do ty09:57
Kilosthis has been a bad year for spare time it seems. everyone super busy all the time10:09
Kilosluckily not many peeps need help anymore10:10
Kilosonly me10:10
DigiGramthe rest of us just suck it up10:10
Kilosfew years back this channel really worked10:11
Kilosspose thats the modern way. put more in and get less out10:12
nlsthzn>.> ah the good old days ... when the internet worked on parafien10:12
Kilosha ha ha10:13
DigiGramand people knew about IRC10:15
Kiloshi falling 10:20
Kilosah you been here before10:21
Kilossi i see10:21
DigiGramokay I know it's not what you guys spend your time with, but in Winblows, is there a way to using something like the AT command to run a program say 5minutes after startup?10:27
DigiGramotherwise I'll need start a counter at startup and wait 5minutes then excecute, but I'm trying not to install extra stuff10:28
nlsthznDigiGram, can't you make a bat file and something like the pause command (can't remember if you can add a timer)10:28
fallingDigiGram: Try making an counter with VBScript? :)10:28
DigiGrampause waits until the user pressees a key, but I can use ping -w1000 -n3600 >nul as a pause maybe10:29
fallingDigiGram: yes, you can :)10:29
DigiGramthats what I normally use but timed to wait 3 seconds, not 5minutes, should work I guess10:30
DigiGramwhy oh why couldn't they just use Ubuntu on the lab computers...10:30
fallingDigiGram: dual boot ;)10:31
DigiGramthat will make the issue larger hehe. I don't work on those PC's, I just need to backup them regularly10:32
DigiGramand I don't like BackupPC, so I wrote one using cygwin's version of rsync10:32
DigiGrambut I need to wait until the WiFi is connected before I can start the script10:33
fallingDigiGram: I see10:33
fallingDigiGram: just install some additional programs. The full adobe suite and some games ;)10:33
fallingissue solved xD10:33
=== falling is now known as lets-smile
lets-smile^^ :)10:34
DigiGramthe PC's range from Pentium I's, to i3's, Win95 to Win7 (and my lone Ubuntu Server)10:34
Kiloswhat place uses old pcs like that still?10:35
DigiGramKilos they are used on very old equipment that only works on 8bit10:36
DigiGramso as we upgrade those equipment (a few hunder thousand Rands at a time), we dump those pc's and get newer ones, but until then..10:37
DigiGramthey won't buy a new R3M Xray machine just so I can rather use Win 7 on it than Win2000 lol10:37
DigiGramand the equipment doesn't support any Linux, most of it can't even be used without MS Office installed, not other office suite works for them, wth10:38
Kilosxp is easier and more managable than win7 methinks10:38
DigiGramdepends, but I quite like 7, some good issues were adressed10:39
DigiGramalmost as good as ubuntu 10.04 now10:39
=== lets-smile is now known as smile
Kiloshi psydroid 11:33
DigiGramso what does the Ubuntu community think of iOS? and the iPad 3rd gen for that matter?11:34
bakumanI can only speak for myself. The products itself is cool enough, but I do not like Apple, and the fact that if you get one apple product you basically need to replace everything with apple, otherwise it is useless11:36
psydroidhi Kilos11:39
psydroidhi Digigram and bakuman11:39
Kiloshi psydroid bakuman 11:39
bakumanhi hi11:39
DigiGramhi hi11:40
DigiGrambakuman I hear you, but currenly I have nothing on my iPad that I feel does not work on my Windows PC, haven't tried it with Ubuntu yet11:40
DigiGrammaybe just because it's jailbroken, don't know11:41
psydroidmy cousin even told me she is getting frustrated by the limitations of her iPhone and iPad11:41
tonberryE352we deal with bug, they deal with limitations11:42
DigiGramyes the limitations is frustrating11:42
DigiGramI'm used to Android, so the iPad is very limiting11:42
DigiGrameven when JB11:42
DigiGramanother question, anyone here working for an Engineering company, such as Sasol, Eskom or similiar?11:50
superflyDigiGram: I'm writing this from my rooted, flashed Kindle Fire, running the latest Android. You can't do that with Apple.11:58
DigiGramYeah I know, my ARMv6 Samsung Galaxy Ace has ICS now (Jelly Bean is still Beta)12:00
DigiGramApple will never support devices that far12:00
tumbleweedSymmetria: do you still have access to mirror.ac.za? apparently ambo doesn't atm12:18
DigiGramis it the TENET mirror?12:20
DigiGramI love being on the TENET ring, speeds are awesome12:21
DigiGramare there any speedtest.net servers on TENET somewhere? will love to see the speed12:29
DigiGrambut I get this to Cell C's server in Jhb: http://www.speedtest.net/result/2120673249.png12:29
=== Trix[a]r_za is now known as Trixar_za
DigiGramI think I have too much work for tonight, if I miss the meeting tonight I'll check the logs tomorrow13:44
DigiGramcheers, maybe I'll be around for the meeting, I hope14:16
=== DigiGram is now known as DigiGram_away
=== Trixar_za is now known as Trix[a]r_za
Kilosyo nuvolari 16:10
nuvolarihi oom Kilos 16:11
* nuvolari kyk die agenda uit16:11
Kilosi think we gonna be min here tonight16:11
nuvolarimeh :-/16:11
nuvolariwell, we had 2 great meetings to buffer this one16:11
Kilosons sal maar sien. daar is niks nuut op agenda nie ne?16:12
nuvolariek't niks bygesit nie oom16:12
nuvolarija, die agenda is maar eil16:12
Kilosek ook konnie dink aan iets nie, te besig met die dom unity16:12
nuvolarikry xfce oom16:13
nuvolaridis nie so gesukkel nie16:13
Kilosit really doesnt work well with externals16:13
nuvolaribaie meer soos gnome2 16:13
Kilosnee als werk maar so stadig teenoor maverick16:13
nuvolarixfce oom?16:13
nuvolariwelcome smile16:13
Kilosnee man xubuntu is nie selle nie16:14
smilethanks nuvolari 16:14
nuvolariprobably not the best dinner, but biltong is darm maar lekker16:14
smilenuvolari: bodhi linux is die snelste ;)16:14
Kiloseish now my mouth is watering16:14
nuvolarismile: I tried it, but with 2 screens it was a bit of a headache wrt. fokus and desktop switching16:14
Kilosim sure im missing something thats all, and i said i will give unity a fair chance16:15
smilenuvolari: install lubuntu-core over bodhi ;)16:15
nuvolarismile: hmm, maybe I expressed myself wrong :P I meant to say that I have tried enlightenment, not bodhi itself16:17
smilenuvolari: Oh I see. Bodhi has the nicest Enlightenment implementation of all16:17
smileSo give it a try :)16:17
nuvolarismile: dual screen handling?16:18
smileand if you don't like it, install lubuntu-core16:18
smilenuvolari: I hope so. every day new version arriving16:18
=== smile is now known as Oer
=== Oer is now known as smile
smilegood evening, Squirm :p16:34
Kiloshi Squirm 16:35
nuvolarianything I can add to the agenda?16:38
Squirmwhere can I find it?16:38
Squirmfound it16:38
nuvolariMaaz: agenda16:38
Maaznuvolari: Huh?16:38
nuvolariMaaz: meeting.agenda16:38
Maaznuvolari: meeting.agenda is http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/ubuntu-za/446/detail/16:38
nuvolarinothing much really16:39
Kilosin the topics bar at the top of xchat. dunno what you guys use16:39
nuvolarilooks like it's going to be a hello, hi, bye meeting16:39
Kilosmaybe we can add some unity gripes16:40
SquirmI was about to say I don't really see anything :P16:40
nuvolariawww, dayly squee: https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-kXE05lBbb3g/UDIrFTaCARI/AAAAAAAAzhU/9IgFbBOcTUo/w497-h373/268631_412420568793812_585430064_n%255B1%255D.jpg16:41
Kilosgoing over last minutes will use most of the time16:41
nuvolari+1 on that16:41
Kilosoh well there cant always be new and important things to discuss16:42
Kiloswe can discuss why all you geeks got less freetime this year than last year16:42
Squirmcause last year I wasn't really working16:43
Squirmthis year, on the otherhand...16:43
Squirmspeaking of which.16:43
* nuvolari wasn't working as hard16:43
* Squirm might be slow16:43
* Squirm gets studying16:43
Kilosya but everyone else seems to just be that much busier16:43
nuvolarirather, I had less responsibilities16:44
Squirmlies nuvolari, you never spoke16:44
Kiloshaha he helped me lots Squirm 16:44
nuvolariSquirm: so you mean I say more this year round?16:44
Squirmwell, I've spoken to you more this year than last16:45
nuvolarihmm, good point16:45
Squirmlast time we really spoke a lot was before I was in Ballito16:46
SquirmI actually think that's the last time I was there16:46
nuvolarithe bad thing about dvorak is that if you missplace your fingers, you might just type something that still makes sense :P16:47
Squirmnuvolari: have you done any LPIC?16:49
SquirmI mean, the exams16:49
nuvolarinoo :-/16:49
Squirmafter my exam on Friday, I'm going to look at getting them16:50
Squirm1,2 and 316:50
nuvolariMaaz: coffee on16:50
* Maaz puts the kettle on16:50
nuvolariMaaz: coffee please16:51
Maaznuvolari: Now now, we don't want anyone getting caffeine overdoses16:51
SquirmMaaz: coffee please16:51
MaazSquirm: Yessir16:51
nuvolariMaaz: end meeting16:51
Maaznuvolari: Sorry, no meeting in progress.16:51
nuvolariclever bot16:51
nuvolariSquirm: are you going to study it full-time?16:52
Squirmnuvolari: no16:52
SquirmI have my RHCSA exam on Friday16:52
Squirmso hopefully that will help for my LPICs16:52
Squirmand hopefully my LPICs will help for my RHCE I want to do next year16:52
nuvolariwhoa! awesome :D16:53
SquirmI don't know16:53
Squirmthat's if I pass16:53
* nuvolari was at a split in the road between development or linux16:54
MaazCoffee's ready for nuvolari and Squirm!16:54
Squirmthanks Maaz16:55
* Squirm sips16:55
nuvolarithanks Maaz 16:55
nuvolariMaaz: botsnack16:55
MaazYay, at last someone thinks about me as well16:55
Squirmnuvolari: yeah, I'm not a big dev fan16:55
Kiloshi HawkiesZA 16:56
nuvolariI am :P16:56
nuvolariwelcome HawkiesZA 16:56
Squirmhello HawkiesZA 16:56
HawkiesZAEvening ya'll16:57
Kilosi go have supper quick guys16:58
nuvolariSquirm: when you're around ballito again, there is one shop you have to buy biltong from17:03
Squirmnuvolari: I can make my own biltong :P17:03
nuvolariok, when you get the urge to buy someone else's biltong :P17:04
SquirmI lie17:05
SquirmI was in Ballito in April17:05
Squirmstopped at the Lifestyle centre :P17:05
nuvolariheh 17:05
nuvolariclose enough17:05
Kilostummy full eyes pulling closed17:17
* nuvolari voel nou so17:20
nuvolariklein hondjie sindroom17:20
queeryi sorry not staying long17:22
=== Trix[a]r_za is now known as Trixar_za
queerywill be late for meeting17:22
Kiloswhy queery 17:22
Kiloshi there17:22
nuvolarihello hi17:22
nuvolariwelcome queery, jrgns 17:23
jrgnshi all17:23
bakumanai queery, te haastig17:23
queerystill driving and phone dying17:23
jrgnsi might drop off early17:23
Kiloseish queery bad planning17:23
Kiloskeep n phone charger in the car17:23
queerydriving to quaqua tomorrow17:23
nuvolariqueery: then put down your phone and arrive rather than be the dying one in your circumstances :P17:23
queerydont have one17:23
queeryim on 0km/h at the moment...17:24
nuvolarithen you aren't going anywhere17:24
nuvolari0km/h in which direction?17:25
Kilosanyway thanks for letting us know queery 17:25
nuvolariI bet you're always travelling downwards17:25
Kilosmaybe just login when we start17:25
Kilos5 mins17:25
Kilosjrgns, gonna be a short meet where you going?17:26
jrgnswife's coming home :P17:26
smilejrgns: so you're leaving :p17:26
nuvolariit's not like we're sharing pr0n links17:26
Kiloslet her sit on your lap by the pc17:26
jrgnsshe doesn't like sharing me with the computer17:27
nuvolarithen get her a computer too17:27
Kilosyeah they dont17:27
jrgnsshe has one, but doesn't like it. i even got her a pink one, doesn't help17:27
Kilosnuvolari, het jy al gekyk of Maaz jou like17:27
nuvolarinee noggie oom17:27
Kiloscheck gou seun17:28
nuvolarihoe nou weer oom?17:28
nuvolariMaaz: jump17:28
MaazHow high?17:28
nuvolariMaaz: so high17:28
Maaznuvolari: Excuse me?17:28
nuvolariMaaz: you're excused17:28
Maaznuvolari: *blink*17:28
nuvolarioh, she's a female17:28
* nuvolari blinks back17:28
KilosMaaz, are you female17:29
MaazCome on, be realistic. I'm a Bot17:29
nuvolariMaaz: are you a female bot?17:29
Maaznuvolari: Sorry...17:29
nuvolariMaaz: we still love you17:29
Maaznuvolari: *blink*17:29
Kilosnuvolari, probeer iets wat jy in die meet moet gebruik en sien of hy luister17:30
nuvolariMaaz: start meeting about Monthly IRC Meeting17:30
* Maaz gets out his memo-pad and cracks his knuckles17:30
nuvolariyup. dit werk :>17:30
nuvolariMaaz: I am Johan Mynhardt17:30
Maaznuvolari: Alrighty17:30
nuvolariHowdy everyone17:30
KilosMaaz, I am Miles Sharpe17:30
MaazKilos: Alrighty17:30
nuvolariwelcome to tonight's meeting17:30
KilosMaaz, welcome17:30
MaazWelcome to tonights meeting everyone17:30
nuvolariwe're not that high in numbers, but we are here17:30
nuvolariwe are sparta!17:30
superflyMaaz: I am Raoul Snyman17:31
Maazsuperfly: Done17:31
Kilosbakuman, Banlam login17:31
Kiloshi superfly 17:31
nuvolariThere isn't much planned for the meeting, so I guess tonight will be a quick meeting (depending on surprises)17:31
KilosTrixar_za, come on login17:32
nuvolariwelcome superfly :>17:32
nuvolarioh dear17:32
nuvolariMaaz: topic 1. Welcoming and introduction17:32
MaazCurrent Topic: 1. Welcoming and introduction17:32
nuvolariwe're acutally kind of past point 1 :P17:32
nuvolariTrixar_za: introduce yourself to Maaz 17:33
nuvolariif you want to17:33
jrgnsMaaz: I am Jurgens du Toit17:33
Maazjrgns: Sure17:33
HawkiesZAMaaz: I am Gerrit Vermeulen17:33
MaazHawkiesZA: Yessir17:33
Kilos just type maaz i am full name Trixar_za 17:33
superflyKilos: it's not logging in, it more like signing a register17:33
Trixar_zaMaaz: I am Brenton Scott17:34
MaazTrixar_za: Okay17:34
bakumanMaaz, i am Jedri Visser17:34
Maazbakuman: Righto17:34
nuvolariroukol - I don't know the english for that 17:34
Trixar_zaNot my full name, because it's Brenton Edgar Scott and that's a little long17:34
nuvolariMaaz: topic 2. Review previous minutes17:34
MaazCurrent Topic: 2. Review previous minutes17:34
Kiloslol like saying sign the register17:34
nuvolariwhere's not_found?17:35
plustwoMaaz: I am Oupa Mokhine17:35
Maazplustwo: Alrighty17:35
nuvolarihe's missing out tonight17:35
Kilosyeah he said he would be here17:36
nuvolarialternatively, the txt log: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2012/07/16/%23ubuntu-za.txt17:36
* nlsthzn is late... sorry17:36
Kiloswelcome nlsthzn 17:36
nuvolarinlsthzn: we were just talking about you17:36
nuvolariall good things17:36
kbmonkeyhello all! o/17:36
nuvolaridon't worry17:36
nlsthznMaaz, I am Neil Oosthuizen17:36
Maaznlsthzn: Alrighty17:36
nuvolariapie is hier!17:36
nuvolarilo kbmonkey 17:37
Kiloshi kbmonkey sign in please17:37
kbmonkeyMaaz, I am Wesley Werner17:37
Maazkbmonkey: Righto17:37
nuvolariKilos: sign attendance :P17:37
Kilosthat thing ya17:37
kbmonkeynuvolari, :)17:37
nuvolaridoes anyone want to bring up something from the last meeting?17:38
Kilosnice to see you again kbmonkey 17:38
nuvolarino? 17:39
nuvolariMaaz: topic 3. Administrativia & Announcements17:39
MaazCurrent Topic: 3. Administrativia & Announcements17:39
kbmonkeythankyou Kilos. thanks for the reminder mail17:39
nuvolariThere's nothing administrative that I'm aware of17:40
nuvolarieverything seems to be hunky dory17:40
* nuvolari is bad at monologues17:41
Kilossuperfly, anything to add?17:42
nlsthznI am responsible for "reporting"17:42
nlsthznso I added the last meeting and sent out one e-mail...17:42
Kilosgonna be an easy one nlsthzn 17:42
nlsthznnot sure what else I was to do17:42
nuvolariI think that's covering the bases?17:42
Kilosno one has had UH or anythint17:42
nuvolarias long as we do not not do it17:43
nlsthznk... just don't want to drop the ball and miss anything and make us look bad :p17:43
nuvolariMaaz: accepted nlsthzn is doing well17:44
MaazAccepted: nlsthzn is doing well17:44
Kiloswe can never look bad, we too cute17:44
nuvolariack. with the reporting... 17:44
nlsthznthx nuvolari , lol @ Kilos 17:45
Kilosty nlsthzn 17:45
* jrgns drops off. Thanx all17:45
nuvolariMaaz: topic 4. Events17:45
MaazCurrent Topic: 4. Events17:45
nlsthznI saw there was a call for some Jams again...17:45
nuvolariRight, the windy month is here and everything seems blown topsy turvy, but if there's a jam or 2 tha would be good17:46
nuvolariI know the durban people are discussing a Raspberry-Jam17:47
nlsthznand pi?17:47
kbmonkeyi'm back, ssh hung :p17:47
nlsthznwb kb17:47
nlsthznwb kbmonkey 17:47
nuvolariI'm not into the Raspberry thing yet, but I've seen an awesome post on google+17:48
nuvolarilet me try to find it17:48
nuvolarihi magespawn 17:48
Kiloshi magespawn 17:48
nlsthzno/ magespawn 17:49
Kilostell the bot your here17:49
superflysorry Kilos busy making and eating supper17:49
Kilosnp superfly 17:49
nlsthzno/ superfly 17:49
nuvolarihere we go: http://www.pcworld.com/article/260966/this_raspberry_pi_camera_grip_turns_your_dslr_into_a_smart_camera.html17:49
* magespawn waves tp the room o/17:49
Kilosmagespawn, sing in with maaz17:50
kbmonkeythe Pi looks like a fun project17:50
nuvolariI think that's a very cool thing to do and the new features! I can only imagine17:50
nuvolarihi mazal 17:50
mazalEvening all17:50
Kiloshi mazal 17:50
nuvolariah, it's called the Camera Pi17:51
plustwoo/ mazal17:51
mazalIt's meeting yes ?17:51
Kilosyes mazal  sign in with maaz17:51
nuvolarimazal: affirmative17:51
mazalMaaz, I am Wikus van Dyk17:51
Maazmazal: Righto17:51
nuvolarihmm, events topic is flatlining this month17:52
Kilosyip everyone just too busy17:52
nlsthznbusy time of year?17:52
magespawnMaaz I am Greg Eames17:52
Maazmagespawn: Sure17:52
nuvolariAny last words, thoughts, wishes before we move to electing the next meeting chair and closing?17:53
Trixar_zaI vote for nuvolari as next chair17:53
* Trixar_za runs17:53
mazalDone already :-(17:54
nuvolariwhy are you running away like a li'l girl Trixar_za? :P17:54
queerymaaz i am dewald17:54
Maazqueery: Done17:54
* nlsthzn might be able to stay awake @ work tomorrow :)17:54
nuvolarimazal: yeah :-/ there wasn't much on the agenda and everyone seems busy this month17:54
queeryok my adsl is not working so im on my phone, sorry for any delay17:54
nuvolarimazal: except if you have something exciting? :D17:55
magespawnStrange but seems to be a busy time ofnye17:55
Kilosnp queery 17:55
nlsthzno/ queery / mazal 17:55
Kilosty for coming back17:55
magespawnOf year even17:55
mazalNot for the meeting no17:55
nuvolariwe're open for any last topics17:55
nlsthznso no other Jams :/17:55
mazalBut I do have an interesting stat17:55
queeryubuntu hour17:55
queerywe had one and it was fun17:56
nuvolarigood :> we're still on events17:56
* nlsthzn just remembers reading about it *face-palm* it wasn't added to the report (or it still needs to be added in any event)17:56
kbmonkeynuvolari, how bout an impromptu ubuntu hour this weekend? :D17:56
nlsthznqueery, link with photo's ... I think Maia posted a blog post yes?17:57
Kilosaw queery did you guys get picks17:57
nuvolariqueery: growing in numbers, or not yet?17:57
kbmonkeyis the meeting over? my ssh keeps lagging too badly17:57
queeryshe did17:57
Kilosand you can report on it to nlsthzn 17:57
nuvolarikbmonkey: I don't have anything planned and it's a good weekend17:57
nlsthznqueery, thanks... will add it etc. within the next week (first some sleep and work)17:57
queerywe had 2extra17:57
nuvolariexcept for saSaturday morning17:57
nuvolarikbmonkey: I'm in if you're in17:58
nuvolarishould contact the others too17:58
Kilosnuvolari, try get william invloved17:58
nuvolariit seems that this way is the only way we ever get anything done :P17:58
kbmonkeyokay, i'm in. yey.17:58
nuvolariKilos: he's always up for it oom! it's us young ones that can't get around17:59
nuvolarikbmonkey: gateway, durbs?17:59
Kilosgood to here17:59
Trixar_zabbl - Amazing Race time17:59
Kiloshear as well17:59
queerynow how do you test a telefone line withpoit a phone17:59
Trixar_zaSomehow I'm only addicted to it and Survivor17:59
Trixar_zaeverything else sucks17:59
Kilosqueery, just push the wires in the 22017:59
Kilosthey will come see what happened soon and fix it18:00
nuvolariqueery: depends on what kind of testing it needs :P (as long as an actual connection isn't required)18:00
=== Trixar_za is now known as Trix[a]r_za
nuvolarimagespawn: you're not around this weekend are you?18:01
queeryi just want tot know if there is a dial tone18:01
KilosTrix[a]r_za, record it18:02
magespawnI do have to come down to Durbs, but was going to be on Wednesday18:02
queeryits not the isp it has to be hellkom18:02
* nlsthzn was wondering if any of the IRC lurkers wouldn't mind lurking in #ubuntu-ae cause we are struggling to build critical mass for technical help (even if it just points people to #ubuntu-beginners or #ubuntu)18:02
Kiloswhen nlsthzn 18:02
Kilosall the time18:03
nlsthznbasically... when ever on IRC18:03
magespawnnuvolari I will let you know if that changes18:03
mazalWhat's the ae stand for ?18:03
nlsthznUnited Arab Emirates18:03
nuvolarimagespawn: ok good18:03
nlsthznbuilding up and sustaining a LoCo is hard work :/18:03
kbmonkeygateway is fine, we can even to umdloti (some cafes by the seaside)18:03
nuvolarithe netz are broken!18:04
kbmonkeydo you need manouvoureability, nuvolari 18:04
nuvolariwhat do you mean by that kbmonkey ?18:04
nuvolariI like the idea of umdloti18:04
nuvolaribeen there once only18:05
kbmonkeyoh i mean, you have a car to get around nuvolari :)18:05
nuvolarikbmonkey: oh ya, I'm good on that part :> 18:06
Kiloswb magespawn 18:06
magespawnDid not even see myself go lol18:06
Kilosnuvolari, move on if there no more events18:06
nuvolariMaaz: topic 5. Elect chairperson for next meeting18:07
MaazCurrent Topic: 5. Elect chairperson for next meeting18:07
nlsthzn+1 for nuvolari 18:07
Kilosnuvolari, ++18:07
nuvolaririghto, ok, I'm up for it :)18:07
Kiloswb magespawn 18:07
nuvolariwhat's the date, the 2nd last monday?18:07
nuvolariwhoa! deja-vu18:08
Kilosgood connection you have there18:08
nuvolariMaaz: agreed next meeting chair nuvolari 18:08
MaazAgreed: next meeting chair nuvolari18:08
kbmonkeyI think nuvolari does a good job, thanks buddy XD18:08
nuvolariMaaz: agreed next meeting date September 17, 201218:08
MaazAgreed: next meeting date September 17, 201218:08
Kilosnot second last either18:08
magespawnThats a glich in the matrix, they have changed something18:09
bakumanoh no!18:09
nuvolariwait, what did I miss?18:09
Kiloswhat bakuman ?18:09
bakumana glitch in the matrix is always bad18:10
magespawn [20:07] (nuvolari) whoa! deja-vu18:10
nlsthznGangnam Style?!18:10
magespawn [20:09] (magespawn) Thats a glich in the matrix, they have changed something18:10
nuvolariMaaz: topic 6. Closing18:11
MaazCurrent Topic: 6. Closing18:11
nuvolariSo, that was that for tonight18:11
nuvolarithanks for attending everyone18:11
Kilosty nuvolari  went smoothly18:11
nlsthznthanks guys18:11
nlsthznhave an awesome month :)18:11
nlsthznoh and don't forget - http://youtu.be/9bZkp7q19f018:11
Kilosty all attendees18:11
nuvolariNot as exciting as the last 2 times, but not dull either!18:11
nuvolariBe good in the community and practice Ubuntu to your fellow users :)18:12
* nlsthzn goes for a shower and bed... good night ZA land... \m/ rock on...18:12
mazalThanks all18:12
mazalSleep well18:12
Kilosnuvolari, do you guys see the message from christel?18:12
mazalGod bless18:12
nuvolariWe'll see veeryone at the next meeting! Thanks for attending again!18:13
Kilosnight nlsthzn 18:13
Kilossleep tight18:13
kbmonkeygn nls!18:13
Kilosnuvolari,  have you closed18:13
nuvolarinot yet oom18:13
nuvolarinight nlsthzn 18:13
nuvolariMaaz: end meeting18:14
MaazMeeting Ended18:14
MaazMinutes available at json: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2012-08-20-17-30-06.json :: txt: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2012-08-20-17-30-06.txt :: html: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2012-08-20-17-30-06.html18:14
Kiloskbmonkey, 18:14
Kiloswe gotta work a way around them blocking irc 18:14
nuvolariwho's blocking IRC oom Kilos ?18:14
Kiloscant you use the fox18:14
magespawnkbmonkey did you put up that github or bazaar repo?18:14
Kilosfrom his work18:14
nuvolari:O serious? kbmonkey ?18:15
bakumanjust forward to another port Oom Kilos 18:15
Kilostell kbmonkey bakuman 18:16
Kilosthats his excuse for ignoring us for a month18:16
* Kilos ducks18:16
Kiloskbmonkey, coowee18:17
kbmonkeyhi hi, soz, this 3g is making me mad tonight XD18:18
nuvolarihe's treating oom Kilos like a stop sign18:18
nuvolarikbmonkey: convert to 8ta and your soul will be less troubled18:18
Kiloskbmonkey, where is the bot script18:18
nuvolariwhat ore you using btw? :P18:18
Kilosyeah kbmonkey 8ta rocks18:18
kbmonkeydo you mean that bot script magespawn ?18:19
kbmonkeythe ibid greeter plugin script is on my pc in pmb, I *still* haven't been back to copy it :p I know, I'm terrible18:19
Kilosyou telling us18:20
magespawnNo worries18:20
Kilostoo lekker in durbs18:20
kbmonkeywork is at a financial institution, they block ssh which I can use to irc. silly work.18:21
Kiloskbmonkey, is there no workaround?18:21
queerybye all18:21
superflysome IRC networks have port 80 open18:21
kbmonkeybye queery 18:22
Kilostoods queery 18:22
Squirmkbmonkey: how do they block it?18:22
kbmonkeythat place is locked down. even the users cannot browse the net. only like management can. go figure ;)18:23
nuvolarioh oh! anyone using chrome/chromium: black menu chrome extension18:23
nuvolariprovides access to all/most of google's services via a menu18:23
Squirmnuvolari: will have a look18:23
kbmonkeyoooh really? will check it out nuvolari :)18:24
nuvolariI just need to keep on reminding myself to use it18:24
kbmonkeyoh for anyone using ssh, looksey at this adaptation. going to try it out. for slow connecctions ;) http://mosh.mit.edu/18:25
Kilosnuvolari, het die pc a wireless ding in18:27
nuvolariKilos: nee oom, hy's nie so smart nie18:27
Kilosek sien partykeer in nm dit se connected 7 mins ago18:28
Kiloskort dit nie net die antenna nie18:28
kbmonkeynuvolari, will chat on email about UH. sal William ook saamnooi + anyone else18:28
Kiloskbmonkey, do me a favour18:29
Kilosfind out from william why he dont come on here18:29
Kilosi cant figure peeps18:29
kbmonkeySquirm, I guess it's a firewall block. But not the kind of place I can just ask to open up a port.18:30
kbmonkeysure thing @kilos18:30
nuvolarikbmonkey: cool! will see you on the lists!18:30
Kilosand any other ubuntu users that dont use irc18:30
smilebye :)18:31
Kilossleep tight smile 18:32
magespawnkbmonkey  the tor?18:32
Kiloskbmonkey, ty for joining us tonight18:32
smilethanks Kilos :)18:32
Kilosnet unslpit18:33
kbmonkeytor magespawn ? the anonymizer network? 18:34
magespawnYup that might work18:34
Kilosa tor is a beatle/bug kinda thing18:34
Kiloshi acherv 18:36
achervhi Kilos 18:36
achervhi @all18:36
magespawnO/ acherv18:36
kbmonkeythanks nuvolari  for the chair. 18:37
achervi'am late18:37
achervcan i have a log?18:37
Kilosacherv, rather18:37
=== Guest18800 is now known as Tonberry
Kilosmagespawn, how we read logs18:38
Squirmkbmonkey: sorry18:38
Squirmmaybe you can tunnel out?18:38
kbmonkeysorry to <3 you # and leave you. saying cheers for now. be back tomorrow even18:38
achervthe link ?18:38
Kilostoods kbmonkey keep well laddy18:38
Squirmget a server that listens on port 8018:38
Squirmyou can't exactly tunnel past a proxy18:39
kbmonkeynope. all is blocked cept port 80. is okay, ill investigate the networks further...18:39
Kilosacherv, i dunno but someone will give it now18:39
Squirmunless it's transparent18:39
Kilosnuvolari, how do we get to our logs18:39
Squirmkbmonkey: that's what I'm saying. tunnel through port 8018:39
magespawn [20:14] (Maaz) Minutes available at json: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2012-08-20-17-30-06.json :: txt: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2012-08-20-17-30-06.txt :: html: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2012-08-20-17-30-06.html18:39
Kilosty magespawn 18:39
magespawn[20:07] ** Topic: Ubuntu South Africa http://ubuntu-za.org || MMList: http://bit.ly/MCOujZ || PBin: http://paste.ubuntu.com || Logs: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com || Next Meeting: Mon, 20 Aug 19:30, Agenda: http://bit.ly/LqWDYY || Twitter: https://twitter.com/ubuntuza18:40
kbmonkeyindeed. thanks Squirm :)18:40
* acherv like to know the topic maybe18:42
achervmagespawn: thx18:42
Kilosacherv, you been here before?18:46
achervno 18:47
Kiloswelcome to ubunt-za then18:47
achervit's my first time 18:47
achervi'm a newcommer18:47
Kilosdo you use ubuntu?18:47
achervof course18:47
Kilosnice to see new faces here18:47
Kiloswhere is za are you?18:48
Kilosacherv, ^^18:53
achervabd U?18:53
Kilosthere quite a few of our guys there18:54
Kilosnight guys. sleep tight19:05
magespawnNight all19:37
nuvolariI'm out19:57
Squirmnight nuvolari 20:27
Squirmoh, that was 30min ago:P20:34
* zeref :YawwwwnnnnNs:20:36
Squirmzeref: much luck with the comression issue?20:36
Squirmmy spelling has gone to the dogs tonight20:36
zerefyeah, got th cd. tried first my removing that dubious bptfz file, rebooted. BSOD20:38
zerefso friend just asked to fresh install20:39
Squirmshould have just tried a repair20:40
zerefyeah, i gave him that option20:42
zerefbut he said clean install would remove the viruses :P20:43
zerefshould have asked: "what are viruses?" ;)20:43
Squirmwell, I'm off20:46
zerefhmmm, whats that site called were you can get involved in fixing bugs?22:30

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