snap-lWell, both walking, and trying to get the muscles to not clench in his back00:00
rick_h_cool, glad to hear there's signs of improvement00:00
snap-lYeah, thank you.00:00
snap-lWell, the cat (Pixel) is in the kitchen, getting acclimated to the rest of teh house.00:49
snap-lOK, going to call this meeting to order01:01
snap-lWelcome everyone to the September 2012 meeting of the Ubuntu Michigan Loco01:01
snap-lCan I get a quick show of hands who is here?01:01
snap-ldon't be shy01:02
rick_h_guess so01:02
snap-lOK, well, as you all come alive, feel free to say you're here01:04
snap-lWE have some things to cover01:04
snap-l^^ Agenda01:04
snap-lcraig@lister:~$ pwgen 26 101:04
snap-lAnywho, let's start with the first item: Global Jam01:12
snap-lUnless someone hwas a better idea of where we can have it, we have the Caribou in Royal Oak (where Coffee House Coders is held) reserved on Sunday from 6 until close01:12
snap-lI know that's not ideal, but unfortunately it's the best we can do01:12
snap-lSo that would be on September 9th from 6pm - close01:13
snap-lI'm not sure when they close on Sunday.01:14
snap-lOf course we'll try to be online as well, so if someone can't make it, we'll be on channel as well.01:15
snap-lAny questions?01:15
snap-lhttp://loco.ubuntu.com/events/venues/United_States/537/detail/ <- I added this01:17
snap-lbrousch: I'm pretty sure you're not going to want to make the trek over to this side, so you may want to do an event on the west side.01:18
snap-lAnything else on the Global Jam?01:25
rick_h_nothing here01:25
snap-lAnyone planning on coming out?01:25
snap-lWEll, maybe it'll be just another CHC on Sunday. :)01:29
snap-lOK, moving on01:30
snap-lNext up: Ohio Linuxfest01:30
snap-lTalked with the Ohio folks, and they aren't planning anything booth-wise01:30
snap-lAnd I'd rather not have one if it means I'm going to be the only person behind it. :)01:32
snap-lSo, if there's somemone else who might be interested in manning  abooth, we'll see what we can do about getting one01:32
snap-lbut at this point, there doesn't seem to be much interest01:36
snap-lSo, any questions?01:36
snap-lOK, last up on the agenda: 12.10 release party01:38
snap-lIt's coming01:39
snap-lGoing to ask the list for potential locations01:39
snap-lWondering if we could have it at Liberty Street Brewing again01:40
snap-lAnywho, apparently this first Sunday of the month isn't working out. Seems like few folks are attending01:46
jjessei keep forgeting01:47
snap-lThink we either need to move it to another time01:47
jjesseforgot to add this to my google calendar sorry01:47
snap-lor just poo-poo it altogether.01:47
snap-lYYeha, 9pm01:47
jjessecool thanks01:48
wolfgerhey, look... a meeting!01:49
snap-lYou chuckleheads. :)01:49
wolfgersorry. Was out in the yard with a fire, no idea what time it was01:50
snap-lFire is probably more important. :)01:50
wolfgeras (one of) the people who suggested 9PM Sunday, let me say this time sucks :-)01:51
snap-lYeah, I'm not sure when we could have it instead01:52
snap-lsince during the day is when we're here more01:52
snap-lbut Anywho, that's something to discuss on the mailing list01:54
brouschI'm here!01:56
snap-lThank God I didn't offer videos of self-immolation01:56
wolfgeraww... you don't have to self-immolate. We'll be happy to do it to you for you.01:57
wolfgerI still have a good bed of coals out in the fire pit01:57
wolfgercrowd-source-immolation ;-)01:58
snap-lhar har01:58
snap-lwolfger: Shit, we've missed you01:58
wolfgerI've missed you guys. Sucks royally I have no means of getting to IRC from work anymore01:59
snap-lNot even via phone?01:59
wolfgerIn my current location, I have no cell signal01:59
wolfgercurrent work location, that is, but you bright people prolly figured out what i meant02:00
snap-lYeah, that was one of the fun parts of working at Chrysler02:00
wolfgerHopefully that ends in a couple months or so02:00
wolfgerMy next location should be cell-friendly02:01
wolfgeras I finish up the current project02:01
snap-lAh, cool02:01
wolfgerI might have to boot into Ubuntu again someday just so I feel like I belong here :-p02:01
snap-lOK, anything else with the meeting? If not, meeting adjourned.02:02
brouschI don't know if I'll have a bug jam event. I'll look at the calendar and see if anyone's interested02:05
brousch17 August is going to be very difficult. I don't have a Tardis02:06
brouschor is that when it was added to the agenda?02:06
snap-lThat's when it was added02:06
brouschDo people really care about when an item was added? Seems like a silly thing to have on the agenda02:07
brouschAh, next weekend02:08
brouschAh geekers. they left in all the mic problems and dead air http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=So2weWysyZc&feature=plcp02:16
snap-lAre you shitting me?02:16
brouschAt least snap-l is on video now02:16
snap-lNot really, am I02:19
snap-lI thought I was off-camera the whole time02:19
* snap-l is making a long-song version of Open Metalcast02:21
snap-lThis is a 1:40 episode02:21
rick_h_whoa of the day http://www.stuckincustoms.com/2011/02/22/hans-zimmer-in-his-studio/11:58
brouschUpgrading your home office?12:06
rick_h_heh, I wish12:57
rick_h_look at all that wood in the place <312:57
snap-lwatching a kitten, who is going to be renamed "ninja" for the way she is attacking us13:56
snap-l"Hah, you do not suspect the deadly assaults of the kitten. Watch, as I rapell off of your leg to get to the window"13:56
brouschAny claws in my flesh and it gets punted across the room14:01
snap-l Now arch nemesis rainbow mousie is getting destroyed14:01
snap-lWell, this morning she decided I was a REI climbing wall14:02
snap-lgot about 4 feet up14:02
snap-lI want that studio14:03
rick_h_snap-l: ouch, my wife says you should call the kitten snickers14:27
snap-lI'm thinking assassin14:53
snap-lBut pixel is still pretty apt for her14:53
snap-lshe's lightning quick14:53
rick_h_I like pixel14:59
jrwrennullspace: you have a kid, or is that girl on your flickr a niece?15:08
Dekkardmeetin tonight?22:10
snap-lDekkard: Last night22:24

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