pleia2meeting in 15 minutes :)01:45
akkIs the jam over? Sounded like it was going well.01:48
pleia2yeah, we just did one yesterday01:52
pleia2usps charges for shipping (thought about ordering stamps online)01:52
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pleia2hi everyone :) meeting time!02:00
pleia2#link https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Meetings/12September902:00
darthrobotTitle: [CaliforniaTeam/Meetings/12September9 - Ubuntu Wiki]02:00
pleia2nothing on the agenda ;)02:00
pleia2so, who all is here?02:00
pleia2#topic Ubuntu Global Jam02:03
pleia2so we just had one event for the Global Jam this cycle02:03
pleia2Wikimedia gave us space in downtown SF and Moka5 sponsored the pizza :)02:04
pleia2had about 12 people come and go throughout the event, got to do testing, bug reporting02:04
pleia2#link http://www.flickr.com/photos/pleia2/sets/72157631474205044/02:05
darthrobotTitle: [Quantal SF Ubuntu Global Jam - a set on Flickr]02:05
pleia2I had some videos that I tried to start the event with that walked through how to do testing, but they turned out to be a bit slow for the audience so I showed clips and then just did other demos live02:05
pleia2probably will just do live demos next time02:06
pleia2everything else went pretty well :)02:06
pleia2#topic Upcoming events02:07
pleia2anyone have anything?02:07
pleia2we didn't end up doing the Solano Stroll this year (it would have been today) since BerkeleyLUG wasn't participating and we usually tag along with them02:08
pleia2so ideas for stuff to do this fall are welcome02:08
pleia2(we didn't do the picnic this summer either, since it didn't happen!)02:08
epsSeptember is San Francisco's warmest month. A BBQ wouldn't be out of the ordinary.02:08
akkso sad02:08
pleia2the only event on loco.ubuntu.com right now is the SF Ubuntu Hour on Wednesday (no Debian dinner): http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/ubuntu-california/1899/detail/02:09
darthrobotTitle: [Ubuntu Hour San Francisco | Ubuntu LoCo Team Portal]02:09
pleia2eps: indeed!02:09
pleia2#topic Any other business02:12
pleia2anyone have anything else?02:12
pleia2anyone? :)02:15
epsLet's make some Ubuntu Hours happen, people.02:16
pleia2mt view and pasadena have been doing good with theirs too02:18
pleia2ok, I guess we can wrap up then02:19
pleia2thanks everyone02:19
darthrobotMeeting ended Mon Sep 10 02:19:48 2012 UTC.02:19
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toddcnice job thanks for the hard work!!02:26
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philballewwith btfs, can that be installed on an older computer as well?18:54
philballewalright, i just figured i'd get my dumb question in early today! thank you pleia218:59
pleia2bah, there are very few dumb questions :)19:02
* greg-g just set up btrfs saturday night for a 2tb "raid" array19:05
greg-gbtrfs raid, that is19:05
greg-greally easy19:05
philballewthinking about it for a old mac someone gave me.19:05
philballewI dont like mac, but I do like free. I am torn19:06
philballewgreg-g, mac mini19:07
philballewso desktopish I guess19:07
greg-gsure, seems useful19:08
greg-ga backup server if anything19:08
greg-gnot sure about their power usage though19:08
philballewfor sure. Its ppc, so its gonna go debian. I live in a dorm so power is not a problem.19:08
philballewThats why I do a lot of bit coin mining.19:09
pleia2philballew: actually I think you'll find more problems with using a non-x86 arch with btrfs than the age of the machine19:09
greg-gpleia2: really?19:10
pleia2I'd say so19:10
pleia2not that problems are inevitable19:11
greg-gwhy do you think that? are the kernels not built on non-x86 with btrfs support?19:12
pleia2they are, just most of the testing and development is done on x8619:12
* greg-g nods19:13
pleia2you always get weirdness when you go to older, non-core arches when you're using something that's in development19:13
* greg-g nods19:13
philballewif all I am doing is a basic file server, not a big risk.19:15
pleia2no, I think it's a cool project :)19:15
pleia2so pretty19:16
darthrobotTitle: [Adafruit Pi Box - Enclosure for Raspberry Pi Computers ID: 859 - $14.95 : Adafruit Industries, Unique & fun DIY electronics and kits]19:16
pleia2and on my way to my house!19:16
philballewsee, the raspberry pi is actually a computer in my budget.19:17
akkRupa got a box for her Pi (not entirely sure if it was that one) and was a bit disappointed.19:17
akkIt's huge compared to the Pi, and blocks access to some of the ports.19:17
philballewI could probably build one on a table saw here at school.19:18
philballewassuming I dont pull an iheartubuntu19:18
akkYou could build a nice plywood box that was a lot smaller than the plastic one.19:19
pleia2I was hoping that ordering from adafruit would avoid complications of not having hacking access :)19:20
pleia2we'll see, it looks nice anyway19:20
philballewwood might be to hot?19:20
akkYou'd think! Usually I'm a big fan of Adafruit. I should check with Rupa and see if that was really the one (dunno who else would sell a Pi box like that).19:20
pleia2there are a lot of places selling pi boxes19:20
pleia2I liked this one the best because it's clear19:21
pleia2(and pretty cheap)19:21
toddc2I like the lego case http://www.raspberrypi.org/archives/151519:22
darthrobotTitle: [Biz’s LEGO case: buy parts! | Raspberry Pi]19:22
toddc2yes that one good call19:22
pleia2yeah, the other problem is that a lot of them are being sold out of the UK, which makes the price end up a bit unreasonable with int'l shipping19:24
toddc2you can go to any lego store and print out the parts list and just buy the individual parts you need :)19:25
pleia2ah, neat19:25
akkThat's cool, but I keep wondering why everybody wants to take a tiny computer and stick it in a great big case.19:25
toddc2they have in their database already19:25
akkThough the lego case would be perfect if you were actually using the Pi in a school.19:25
toddc2clear would look cool and easy to show how and what but lego is easy to modify and has the builder apeal19:27
philballewlego makes clear blocks maybe?19:36
toddc2yes but I think I only saw them in the smaller pieces but did not really look for them19:37
philballewwell, spanish class time!19:38
toddc2waiting for godaddy to come back up19:39
bkerensapeople use Godaddy?19:42
pleia2a lot of the internet does19:42
toddc2came with the job but now I have good ammo to change dns in the future19:43
pleia2(I still have some silly domains registered with them, but I don't use any of their services, including dns)19:44
* pleia2 has never liked using registrar dns19:44
* xavian_ waves.20:31
dragonGodaddy is down?20:37
toddc2godaddy has been down for three hours20:47
darthrobotTitle: [GoDaddy Outage Takes Down Millions Of Sites, Anonymous Member Claims Responsibility | TechCrunch]20:48
bkerensapleia2: so I assume we will not be getting 12.10 CD's for LoCo's?21:52
pleia2no, because it's not possible, they will be DVDs21:53
bkerensapleia2: ahh so we will get DVD's? :)21:53
pleia2they have to be, they won't fit on CDs21:54
bkerensathey should just move to USB's and ask LoCO's to re-use them :)21:54
pleia2USB sticks are much more expensive than DVD-Rs, both to buy and image21:54
pleia2I can't imagine they'd go that route21:54
bkerensaprobably not21:55
bkerensaFedora is giving out USB's now I guess21:55
bkerensaits just smarter to re-use then print new stuff every cycle21:56
bkerensain the environmental sense21:56
greg-gexcept the point of the CDs/DVDs are to hand out, and if you hand out the USBs, they won't be reused in that sense (there are still new people you need to give something)22:09
akkI wish all those old 1 and 2 gb usb sticks had gotten turned into under-$1 buy-in-bulk things, instead of just disappearing.22:24

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