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* Kilos greets ubuntu-za05:04
Kiloshi Tonberry acherv 06:13
achervhi Kilos06:13
tonberryE352o hi Kilos06:33
Kiloshi superfly 06:43
superflyhi Kilos06:48
Kilosnuvolari, dont forget tonights meeting Mr. Chair06:58
Kiloshi not_found-droid 07:35
Kilossuperfly, which virtual drive maker thingie will be best and easiest for me?08:25
Kilosyou know how i sukkel08:25
Kiloshi jr08:25
not_found-droidKilos: silly app crashed 08:29
Kilosthem fones08:29
not_found-droidWe have a party tonight so no meeting for me... 08:30
not_found-droidYup 08:30
Kilosboys and their toys08:30
Kilosok , you cant login and give excuses08:30
Kilosthink we gonna be min08:30
not_found-droidWill try 08:30
Kilossave the rum for later08:31
not_found-droid:-) 08:31
Kilosi thought they shoot you if you drink in ahab land08:31
not_found-droidBe quick or be dead 08:35
not_found-droidThis should look better now. 08:55
Kiloshi morgs 09:02
WOLFEYESGood day everyone.09:44
kiloshi WOLFEYES 09:48
kilosyou come to see how to fix09:49
kilosi need some help please guys. wanted to install tinycore on virtualbox and before i could install it captured my mouse so i pulled the plug and now cant boot past password09:51
kilosso in here as a guest now09:51
kilosafter entering password it goes straight back to the password screen09:52
WOLFEYESheya kilos 10:11
WOLFEYESno I just come to greet10:12
kilosgo look here anyway10:12
WOLFEYESbusy reading the link you gave me before this10:12
kilossave to stick and take home with you10:12
kilosthis one might be a better bet10:13
kilosi think i did it once before, login as guest with my credentials and it worked10:13
kilosso weird we end up with same prob hey/ you bewitched me10:17
WOLFEYESOr maybe someone is looking after me by giving you the problem to solve lol10:18
kilosaw thats not fair10:21
WOLFEYESWhy, you got the time lol10:22
kilosi move modem to other pc10:23
WOLFEYESWhy you Hmming?10:36
kilos-battling to get in as a guest and be me10:37
kilos-aw need to take modem back10:41
KilosWOLFEYES, ping10:47
Kilosthe second link is the one to use10:48
Kilosim back again10:48
Kilosbut we need to ask a kde user if you can install gdm on kubuntu10:49
Kilosyou will need internet though10:49
tonberryE352why gdm?10:52
KilosTonberry, its a bug in the lightdm thingie i think10:52
Kiloscant get past password screen10:52
Kilosinstall gdm and it works again10:53
tonberryE352sounds more like corrupt kde settings10:53
tonberryE352can you log in on a tty?10:54
tonberryE352ctrl-alt-f7 or 8 is usually the graphical session if you want to get back10:54
tonberryE352i think gdm will start kde10:55
tonberryE352kdm will as well if its still included10:55
Kilosi dunno if kubuntu installs the lightdm thingie in place of kdm10:56
tonberryE352i seem to still be on kdm10:57
Kilosthen it might be affecting kdm by ian but it hit my lightdm here10:57
Kilosdid the ctrl+alt+F1 to get to that serious terminal and installed gdm and then disabled lightdm and now it be fixed10:58
tonberryE352but as long as it work10:59
Kilosit has happened to others10:59
Kilosi found a link10:59
tonberryE352i think it once happened to me when some update decided to remove kubuntu-desktop11:00
Kiloshere is the link11:03
Kilos12.04 stuck on login screen11:03
Kilosoh you use kubuntu tonberryE352 11:04
Kiloswell i hope installing gdm on kubuntu fixes ians prob too11:05
Kilosbut weird he had the prob last night and i get it today on a different version11:07
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inetprogood mornings everyone12:19
Kiloshehe timekeeper probs inetpro 12:20
inetproKilos: BTW, I won't be at tonights meeting, something else that needs to take priority12:20
Kiloseish thats 2 inna row12:20
Kilosyou forgiven12:21
inetproI try to be back next time12:21
Kiloshows the chillens12:21
inetprokiddies are doing fine thanks12:21
inetprojust a bit of coughing that has started, hoping that it will be over soon12:22
inetproand hoping that the rash will just stay away12:22
inetprothanks for the concern12:23
Kilosnp one must be concerned about friends families12:25
Kilosis a cable connection tween 2 pc's also classed as a tunnel12:50
Kilosme read some secure tunnel stuff but dunno what it all means12:50
Kilosgstm in repos12:50
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magespawnhey Kilos13:55
Kiloshi magespawn 13:55
Kiloshi Trix[a]r_za 13:55
magespawnwho is going to chair tonight?13:57
Kilosnuvolari, said he was gonna at the last meet but i havent heard from him13:57
magespawndid you remind him?13:58
Kiloslast night i think13:59
magespawnis there a wiki or such on how to chair?13:59
Kilosforget now13:59
Kilossjoe ask inetpro 13:59
magespawnnuvolari are you still going to chair tonight?13:59
Kilosyou got a bot man its part of the goodies inside14:00
Kiloschairmeeting or something14:00
Kiloswhere is gc14:00
magespawninetpro is there a wiki/how to/man page for chairing a irc meeting? 14:00
Kiloswhats with the apartheaid14:00
magespawnhave not reinstalled her yet14:01
Kilosinet said there was something you had to add in the conf or data base or something14:02
Kilosya qp lonely14:02
Kilosher greeter stopped greeting for some reason14:06
Kilosstupid bot14:06
Kilossuperfly, if nuvolari doesnt make it will you chair for us ?14:09
superflyKilos: I don't know... I am very busy these days14:09
Kilosits using the bot as well14:09
Kilosonly you and pro got rights14:09
Kilosor grant permissions to magespawn or so14:10
Kilosi forget what its called14:10
magespawni don't mind, but if there is a summury of the commands to use i would appreciate that before hand14:13
Kilostumbleweed, can you help with commands for maaz in chairmeet please14:13
tumbleweedKilos: what do you need help with?14:15
Kiloswhat commands to use when having a meeting. in case nuvolari  doesnt pitch tonight tumbleweed 14:15
Kilosor you can chair for us too14:15
tumbleweedMaaz: help meetings14:16
Maaztumbleweed: Take minutes of an IRC Meeting. You can use it like this:14:16
Maaz  (start | end) meeting [about <title>]14:16
Maaz  I am <True Name>14:16
Maaz  topic <topic>14:16
Maaz  (agreed | idea | accepted | rejected) <statement>14:16
Maaz  minutes so far14:16
Maaz  meeting title is <title>14:16
tumbleweedKilos: ^ that's about all there is to it14:16
KilosMaaz, announce monthly meeting tonight guys at 1930 hrs14:16
MaazAnnouncement from Kilos! monthly meeting tonight guys at 1930 hrs14:16
Kilosty tumbleweed 14:16
Kilosmagespawn, you looking?14:17
Kilosgoing maverick14:23
Kilosmagespawn, just mail nuvolari , i got a password prob with gmail14:34
magespawnokay will do.14:34
magespawni have copied those commands14:34
Kilosgood then it is still permission or somethiong to get in case nuvolari  not here14:35
magespawnwe will need somebody who has maaz permissions14:36
Kilosinetpro, and superfly 14:36
Kilosotherwise he says Im not your bitch14:38
magespawngoing to see if i can mail nuvolari14:41
Kilosim getting there14:42
Kilosstand by14:42
Kilosyip mail went magespawn 14:43
magespawnokay i was going to do it, no worries then14:44
Kilosi gotta figure how to get an evolution backup to work to this firefox thing14:44
Kilosi go back to 12.0414:51
* WOLFEYES waves 15:22
WOLFEYEScheers all15:22
Kilostoods wolf15:22
SquirmI think I'm going to switch to Gnome 1315:23
SquirmI'm just highly annoyed15:24
KilosSquirm, install mate man it so like gnome215:24
Squirmit's gnome 13 MATE15:24
Kilosvery easy to use15:24
Kilosno fork of gnome 215:25
SquirmI don't really mind the usability15:25
SquirmI just don't like Gnome 3/Unity15:25
Squirmso am going to install MATE15:25
KilosMaaz, google mate for 12.0415:25
MaazKilos: "Ubuntu 12.04 – How to Install the MATE Desktop | Complete ..." http://complete-concrete-concise.com/ubuntu-2/ubuntu-12-04/ubuntu-12-04-how-to-install-the-mate-desktop :: "How to Install MATE Desktop in Ubuntu 12.04/Ubuntu 11.10 ..." http://ubuntuportal.com/2012/04/how-to-install-mate-desktop-in-ubuntu-12-04ubuntu-11-10.html :: "How to install MATE desktop environment in ubuntu 12.04(precise ..." http://www.linuxtoday.com/upload/ho15:25
Kilosit works kiff and they help on #mate15:26
KilosSquirm, at least i held out for 2 months with unity15:33
Squirmbbl, food15:47
Kilosmagespawn, i dunno if nuvo got my mail15:48
KilosBanlam, bakuman you gonna be here tonight15:49
Kilosnot many peeps seem interested so far15:49
Tonberryim busy this evening15:49
Tonberryso can't make it15:50
Kilosbeer night Tonberry 15:50
Kilosoh well next time ill warn you earlier ok?15:51
Tonberrywont help15:51
Kiloshi Cantide 15:51
Kilossounds serious15:51
Cantideevening Kilos :)15:51
Tonberryif I want to stay in this house I need to sacrifice most monday evenings15:52
Banlamkilos, not sure. may be15:55
KilosTonberry, what do they do monday nights15:59
Tonberrymeeting and or speaker15:59
Tonberryboth tonight15:59
Banlamshucks, you guys are more active than we were15:59
Tonberrynew management16:00
Banlamwho's talking this evening?16:00
Banlamyou guys should just go to the medialab mondays every week instead :P16:00
Banlamor whenever they have oen16:00
Kilosmessage from nuvolari 16:05
Kilosoom, ek sal moet sien of ek dit gaan maak want ons het nie krag hier nie.16:05
KilosEk sal my bes probeer,  'n bietjie battery spaar 16:05
Kilostough in africa16:06
superflyKilos: I forgot, it's date night tonight16:20
Kilosoh my16:20
Kilossuperfly, can you give magespawn permissions on maaz?16:20
Kilosor maybe we must postpone16:21
superflyOK, I'll do that16:21
Kiloswill check how many peeps rock up16:21
superflyKilos: it sounded to me like kbmonkey would b here tonight16:22
Kilosoh yeah16:23
Kilosthat can help too16:24
Kilosdidnt he need to get permissions every time too?16:24
Kilosand no maia either16:26
* Kilos cries16:26
superflyMaaz: grant chairmeeting to magespawn16:36
Maazsuperfly: I don't know who magespawn is16:36
superflyI think magespawn needs to auth with Maaz first16:36
Kilosmagespawn, ping16:37
Kilosauth with maaz16:39
Kilosauth magespawn  or auth password16:39
Kilosim not sure16:40
magespawnMaaz auth magespawn16:40
Maazmagespawn: Authentication failed16:40
magespawnMaaz auth magespawn tsessebe16:40
Maazmagespawn: Authentication failed16:40
superflymagespawn: see my private message16:41
* superfly doesn't have much time16:41
Squirmand here I go16:49
Kilosyo nuvimob 16:50
* superfly has to go16:50
nuvimobhi guys, and ladies 16:50
Kilostoods superfly ty16:50
magespawncheers superfly16:50
nuvimobhaving lectricity blues :(16:51
Kilosnot lekker hey?16:51
nuvimobHoe laat is die meeting oom kilos? 16:51
Kilos1930 16:51
Kilos40 mins16:52
nuvimobnope,  and tomorrow there's no water 16:52
nuvimobfreaking terrible16:52
SquirmMint 13 looks quite nice16:56
Kilosyou got 13 on the brain16:56
Kilosdidnt you install mate?16:57
magespawnKilos I wonder if there is a way to have Maaz announce the meeting at timed intervals16:57
Squirmgoing to install Mint 13 MATE16:58
nuvimobmaar help with at16:58
Kilosoh not mate on 12.0416:58
nuvimobmaaz help with at16:58
Maaznuvimob: Please be more specific, I don't know if you mean administrative functions (admin), calculations (calcul) or system administration (sysadmin).16:58
magespawnThere is nothing on the agenda for the meeting guys16:59
Kilosi go eat16:59
SquirmI have a windows partition, Mint asked me if I wanted to import any settings from it17:02
SquirmMozilla, documents, etc17:02
magespawnthats pretty cool aids on the transfer17:03
Squirmyeah, thought it was a nice feature17:03
Squirmnever really looked at it though, just glanced cause I never needed it17:04
magespawnwonder how it does that17:05
magespawni suppose it works with default install location17:05
Squirmit picked up I had a windows partition already17:05
Squirm/dev/sda1 is where I'm installing it, I think /dev/sda3 is windows17:06
Squirmthat was quick. Mint installed17:07
magespawnnuvimob: are you going to chair the meeting?17:16
Kilosoh well im not late17:19
magespawnnot yet Kilos youcan go away and try again if yo want17:20
nuvimobhrr,  is someone available to chair? besides me? Or can we maybe postpone? 17:22
magespawnhad a fairly charged day, started with me the wife and fish 2 getting stuck in the bedroom17:22
magespawnsuperfly gave me chair permisson too, but there is nothing on the agenda so it would be short meeting i guess17:23
nuvimobI don't want to go back to the dark ages :(17:23
magespawnsolar power and batteries17:24
nuvimobshould really consider that 17:24
nuvimobor go to the office :P17:24
magespawnif you have a decent ups then that works well too17:24
queeryhi guys17:26
queeryforgot about the meeting17:26
magespawnif you go to the office you can score points for over time 17:26
queeryin spur17:26
nuvimobwell, last time it kept the office running for a day and a bit,  with the bare minimum of devices running and no luxury of dual screens17:26
magespawnhi queery17:26
mazalEvening all17:26
Kiloshi queery 17:26
Kiloshi mazal 17:26
magespawnhas not started yet and there is no agenda yet17:26
nuvimobmagespawn, we don't get overtime 17:26
magespawnhi mazal17:27
magespawnthen browny points with the boss, unless you are the boss17:27
queerythere is a link in the topic17:27
magespawnmm on the agenda page there are no points17:27
queeryok can we make the first topic then release party please17:27
magespawnsure, can you add it to the agenda page? i seem to have lost/forgotten my launchpad sign on17:29
magespawnhave a book but that is not here17:30
Kilosnuvimob, open now17:30
Kilosoh my17:31
magespawnwell give him till 19:3517:32
queeryok who else know how to run the meeting?17:32
Kilosmaybe fone battery flat too17:32
Kilosgo magespawn he can take over or help out when/if he gets back17:35
magespawnI can queery17:35
magespawnstart meeting Ubuntu-za Monthly Meeting17:35
magespawnMaaz start meeting Ubuntu-za Monthly Meeting17:35
Maazmagespawn: Sorry...17:35
Kilosyou gotta put maaz in17:35
magespawnand how to do that?17:36
magespawnso maybe i can't17:36
Kilostry just start meeting17:36
magespawnstart meeting17:36
Kilosno man17:36
Kilos first maaz17:36
magespawnMaaz start meeting17:36
* Maaz gets out his memo-pad and cracks his knuckles17:36
queeryMaaz: i am Dewald17:36
Maazqueery: Yessir17:36
KilosMaaz, welcome17:36
MaazWelcome to tonights meeting everyone17:36
KerberoMaaz: i am jp meijers17:37
MaazKerbero: Yessir17:37
mazalMaaz I am Wikus van Dyk17:37
Maazmazal: Righto17:37
KilosMaaz, I am Miles Sharpe17:37
MaazKilos: Okay17:37
magespawnMaaz I am Greg Eames17:37
Maazmagespawn: Done17:37
magespawnmeeting titile is Monthly Meeting17:37
KilosBanlam, bakuman ?17:37
magespawnmeeting title is Monthly Meeting17:37
magespawnMaaz meeting title is Monthly Meeting17:37
Maazmagespawn: Alrighty17:37
magespawnright into the first topic17:38
magespawnMaaz topic Release Parties17:38
MaazCurrent Topic: Release Parties17:38
queeryright, the next release is on 18 Sep17:39
queeryif I remember correctly17:39
Kilosi see nico michael is organizing the pta one17:39
queeryI have not been able to get hold of him17:39
Kilosi suggest we try get him to come on here and arrange things from irc as well as the lists17:40
Kiloshe is always on email17:40
magespawnmaybe we can put a list up on the wiki with the organisers details etc?17:41
queeryThat is where I tried him, twice17:41
Kiloswe need a diplomat to convince him to use irc17:41
queerywhat is his nick17:41
Kilosdont know if he has ever been here17:41
Kilosemail addy is nick.michael@ptaisp.co.za17:42
queeryfor those that want to use a repo on a external hdd here is how (via tumbleweed's blog): http://tumbleweed.org.za/2010/10/09/release-party-ubuntu-mirror17:42
magespawntry sending a direct mail17:42
queeryjip thats where i emailed17:42
queeryI sent twice17:42
Kiloskbmonkey, welcome17:43
magespawnhey kbmonkey17:43
mazalEvening kbmonkey17:43
Kilosqueery, are you organising a party there?17:44
Kiloseish one of those nights17:45
queeryill join nico17:45
magespawnyup look like it 17:45
queeryjhb is dead ito ubuntu17:45
Kilosthats why they join with the few pta peeps available17:45
queeryproof from ubuntu hours17:45
magespawnqueery maybe get all the release info you can and put it on the wiki?17:46
magespawnidea queery to gather release party info for the wiki17:46
Kiloshi kbmonkey 17:46
magespawnMaaz idea queery to gather release party info for the wiki17:46
MaazIdea recorded: queery to gather release party info for the wiki17:46
queeryso far its in Pta at house4hack on 13 oct17:46
magespawnis that cool queery?17:47
magespawnkbmonkey please identify17:47
kbmonkeyMaaz, I am Wesley Werner17:47
Maazkbmonkey: Yessir17:47
kbmonkeyplease excuse my lag17:47
Kilosyou here thats the main thing17:47
magespawnMaaz accepted queery to gather release parth info for the wiki17:48
MaazAccepted: queery to gather release parth info for the wiki17:48
Kilospoor nuvolari has no power17:48
magespawnMaaz accepted queery to gather release party info for the wiki17:48
MaazAccepted: queery to gather release party info for the wiki17:48
magespawnneed to check typing before hitting enter17:48
queeryanyone else planning something17:49
Kilosall the cape peeps are boycotting us tonight17:49
queeryuse Die Bloukamer17:49
queeryyou have set up there before17:50
Kerberobestaan die bloukamer nog?17:50
Kerberoi think we should convince maia to have a braai again17:51
queeryja but only for private parties, so book it at centrum management17:51
Kilosyeah maia been very quiet17:51
queeryshe is in jhb17:51
magespawnKerbero please id for the meeting17:51
queeryshe has a exhibition this week17:51
queeryhe did17:51
Kerberoi did17:52
Kilosyip he did magespawn 17:52
Kilosyou need alarge screen17:52
Kilosor glasses17:52
Kerberoor coffee17:53
KilosCantide, you not joining us??17:53
queeryok so will Kerbero org something?17:53
magespawnMORE coffee17:53
Kerberono i won't17:53
Cantidewait.. what's happening?17:53
magespawnCantide monthly meeting17:54
KilosCantide, monthly meeting17:54
queerykom nou17:54
CantideSorry, I wasn't following the chat17:54
Kiloshere dodo17:54
magespawnKerbero will you talk to maiatoday?17:54
Cantideohh, haha17:54
Kerberowhen i see her i'll ask her17:54
kbmonkeywhat is the current topic?17:54
magespawnrelease parties17:55
Kilosrelease parties17:55
queerytumbleweed:  any chance you are org something17:55
Kerberobut i don't have time to organise anything myself17:55
magespawnthe only topic17:55
magespawnMaaz idea Kerbero to talk to maiatoday about organising a release party17:55
MaazIdea recorded: Kerbero to talk to maiatoday about organising a release party17:55
queerythen get Tonberry to help17:55
Kilosmagespawn, you can try push nuvolari and william to do one in durbs17:55
queerydo it17:56
magespawnis thay okay Kerbero?17:56
queeryoom kilos you can also help17:56
magespawnidea magespawn to talk to nuvolari and william about a release party17:56
Kilosi will supply online help17:56
magespawnMaaz idea magespawn to talk to nuvolari and william about a release party17:57
MaazIdea recorded: magespawn to talk to nuvolari and william about a release party17:57
Kilosi will mail the list and see if someone bites17:57
magespawnMaaz agreed magespawn to talk to nuvolari and william about a release party17:57
MaazAgreed: magespawn to talk to nuvolari and william about a release party17:57
magespawnqueery if i can get details i will send them to you17:57
tumbleweedqueery: I haven't planned anything b,ut we should totally do something17:58
magespawni'll try to get kbmonkey there as well17:58
Kilosgood idea17:59
queeryok will you lease with Kerbero and Tonberry, tumbleweed17:59
Banlammaars i am gareth cawood17:59
queeryjys op die verkeerde planeet Banlam18:00
Banlammaaz i am gareth cawood18:00
MaazBanlam: Sure18:00
Banlamdid i miss it by that much?18:00
magespawnBanlam welcom current topic release parties18:00
Kiloskbmonkey, wb18:00
queeryBanlam: you can also help Kerbero18:00
kbmonkeythanks Kilos 18:00
Kerberolol he can't18:00
Banlamqueery, i can?18:00
Banlamwith what specifically?18:01
Kerberoqueery: Banlam is in germany atm18:01
KerberoBanlam: release party18:01
Kiloskbmonkey, you and nuvolari  and william are gonna do a party in durbs area18:01
magespawncpt release party18:01
queerymoral support?18:01
Banlamcool :)18:01
BanlamKerbero, Kerbero he's our man, if he can't do it no one can!18:02
* Banlam waves some pom poms18:02
magespawnKerbero said he would talk to maiatoday about a braai that she could orgainse18:02
queeryany bloem parties18:02
magespawnif she can18:02
Kiloswho is in bloem18:03
queery2 people, but I don't know who they are18:03
magespawnqueery perhaps you can put out a general question on the list?18:03
Kilosmaiawill know who gets the cds there18:03
Kilosshe has a list18:04
Kilosor getubuntu methinks18:04
queeryim seeing her tomorrow, will get detaild18:04
magespawnwe need to ask her 18:04
magespawnask about the disks at the same time18:04
KilosMaaz, get ubuntu18:04
MaazKilos: 301 Moved Permanently to http://www.ubuntu.com/, which gets a 200 OK "Home | Ubuntu"18:04
Kilosi dunno if maia has put them in there as the cd guys18:05
queeryill ask tomorrow18:05
magespawnidea queery to ask maiatoday about details for various contacts18:05
magespawnMaaz idea queery to ask maiatoday about details for various contacts18:05
MaazIdea recorded: queery to ask maiatoday about details for various contacts18:05
queeryMaaz: accept18:06
Maazqueery: Huh?18:06
Banlamhas SFD been discussed/on the menu?18:06
queerynot yet18:06
queerywe can change the topic18:06
magespawnMaaz accepted queery to ask maiatoday about details for various contacts18:07
MaazAccepted: queery to ask maiatoday about details for various contacts18:07
magespawnMaaz accepted queery to ask maiatoday about details for various contacts18:07
MaazAccepted: queery to ask maiatoday about details for various contacts18:07
magespawnsorry went all laggy18:07
queerytoppic added18:08
magespawnnew topic anyone? that was the only one on the agenda18:08
queerytwice by accident18:08
Banlami saw some stuff on twitter about a SFD thign up in gauteng18:08
Banlamwouldn't mind hearing if there is any feedback?18:08
magespawnMaaz topic SFD18:09
MaazCurrent Topic: SFD18:09
Cantide12.10 is being released on my birthday :) :) :)18:09
queeryI havent been checking18:09
mazalWhat's SFD ?18:09
Kerberosoftware freedom day18:09
magespawni think you might need to get hold of the peeps who went to one Banlam18:10
Kerberomagespawn: define sfd18:10
KerberoMaaz: define sfd18:10
MaazKerbero: SFD Simple Formattable Document (CCITT, MHS, X.420) , SFD Start Frame Delimiter (ethernet) , SFD Symbolic File Directory 18:10
Kerberowrong one18:10
Banlammagespawn, ok. i just remember there being qutie a well planned 'big' event up in gauteng18:10
kbmonkeyyes Kilos we will be keen to have a dbn release party XD18:10
Banlamassumed someone here would've been involved18:10
magespawnOkay Software Freedom Day18:10
queeryMaaz: search software freedom day18:10
Maazqueery: sfd <reply>Software Freedom Day (SFD) [1]18:10
queeryMaaz: google software freedom day18:11
Maazqueery: "Software Freedom Day - SFD Home" http://softwarefreedomday.org/ :: "About SFD - Software Freedom Day" http://softwarefreedomday.org/en/sfd :: "Software Freedom Day - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Software_Freedom_Day :: "Software Freedom Day 2012 "Open Education", Wednesday ..." http://www.softwarefreedomday.eu/ :: "Home - Software Freedom Day" http://softwarefreedomday.org.nz/ :: "Software Freedom 18:11
Kiloskarl fischer is normally involved18:11
KerberoMaaz: what is software freedom day18:11
MaazKerbero: Erk, dunno18:11
magespawni think he was, there was some posts on g+, and some with nuvolari18:12
kbmonkeyapologies, I'm not receiving any messages...18:12
KilosMaaz, SFD18:12
MaazSoftware freedom day18:12
magespawnBanlam I am not sure where they did it, but it might ahve been at WITS18:13
Squirmthey did18:13
Squirmat Wits18:13
Squirmthere was a mybb post on it18:13
kbmonkeywe had a fun SFD meeting in Durbs with the DLUG folks18:13
queerySquirm: please identify18:14
queeryplease post those on the blog for the report18:14
Kiloshes all minty tonight18:14
queeryif you have any pics please add18:15
SquirmMaaz: I am Sinjin Swanepoel18:15
MaazSquirm: Okay18:15
queerythanx you Squirm18:15
Squirmqueery: I never went18:15
queerykbmonkey: do you have pics or info?18:15
magespawnkbmonkey was there any form of a report back on that?18:16
Squirmqueery: http://mybroadband.co.za/news/software/59679-software-freedom-day-event-in-sa.html18:16
Squirmnot that I've seen on mybb18:16
mazalHave a good evening all18:17
queerythat staff writer might be hawkiesza's brother18:17
Kilostoods mazal ty18:17
queeryok anything further?18:18
queeryspur is kicking us out18:18
Kilosby another steak18:19
queeryits burger special18:19
Kilosok a burger then18:19
queeryalready have 2 extra18:19
Kilosmail one here18:19
Kilosmagespawn, ten mins18:20
queeryany ubuntu hours?18:20
Kiloswell have to hear from superfly and sflr about that18:21
Kilosthey are organising one soon18:21
queeryok awesome18:21
magespawnty Kilos18:21
magespawnany else guys?18:22
Kilosforget the place they discussed18:22
magespawnanything else?18:22
Kiloswe need feed back and pics from nuvolari  and kbmonkey  on theirs18:22
Kilosalso maybe we need to think about changing 3rd mondays'18:23
magespawnMaaz idea get SFD feed back from Ubuntu-za members18:23
MaazIdea recorded: get SFD feed back from Ubuntu-za members18:23
Kiloswell chat during the week18:23
magespawnMaaz agreed18:23
Maazmagespawn: Excuse me?18:23
magespawnMaaz agreed get SFD feed back from Ubuntu-za members18:24
MaazAgreed: get SFD feed back from Ubuntu-za members18:24
Kilosqueery, the fly and inetpro have kinda been unable to make last few\18:24
Kilosand Tonberry cant make mondays18:24
magespawn6 minutes18:24
Kilosmethinks weekends kills them18:25
queeryok need to discuss on mailing list18:25
magespawni think for the fly and inetpro situation is temp18:25
Kilosmagespawn, didnt you get pics by the uh with nuvolari 18:25
Kiloslets hope18:25
magespawnno we did not take any18:25
magespawnwas a bit wired18:26
magespawnanything else to discuss?18:26
queeryguys please take pics at all events18:26
queeryit hepls with the report18:27
Kilosnext meet 15 oct18:27
queerywho does the report theseddays?18:27
magespawnMaaz idea take pics at all events18:27
MaazIdea recorded: take pics at all events18:27
Kilosnot found18:27
magespawnmaaz accepted take pics at all events18:27
MaazAccepted: take pics at all events18:27
magespawn2 minutes18:28
queeryand maaz needs to make coffee at next meeting18:28
magespawnMaaz coffee for all18:29
MaazCome on ya buncha geeks. Rock up with your mugs with the correct amount of sugar added already18:29
KilosMaaz, coffee please18:29
MaazKilos: There isn't a pot on18:29
queeryMaaz: coffee please18:29
Maazqueery: There isn't a pot on18:29
KilosMaaz, coffee on18:29
* Maaz washes some mugs18:29
magespawnokay guys i am going to close the meeting18:29
queeryMaaz coffee for all18:29
MaazCome on ya buncha geeks. Rock up with your mugs with the correct amount of sugar added already18:29
Kiloscool mage18:29
queeryMaaz: coffee please18:29
Maazqueery: Righto18:29
magespawnMaaz minutes so far18:29
MaazMinutes available at json: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2012-09-17-17-36-44.json :: txt: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2012-09-17-17-36-44.txt :: html: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2012-09-17-17-36-44.html18:29
Kilosnext meet 15 oct18:29
queerythanx guys18:30
magespawnMaaz agreed next meeting 15 Oct 201218:30
MaazAgreed: next meeting 15 Oct 201218:30
magespawnMaaz end meeting18:30
MaazMeeting Ended18:30
MaazMinutes available at json: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2012-09-17-17-36-44.json :: txt: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2012-09-17-17-36-44.txt :: html: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2012-09-17-17-36-44.html18:30
Kilosthanks guys18:30
magespawnran that last bit from the tablet, tha lappy was not playing along.18:31
Kiloswell done magespawn 18:31
magespawnthank you to all the attendees and contributors18:32
queeryty magespawn18:32
magespawnpleasure guys, will get better with practice18:32
Kilosbut good to know we have backups18:32
Kilosdont forget the permissions thing now magespawn 18:33
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos and queery!18:33
KilosMaaz, danke18:33
queeryMaaz: ty18:33
MaazYou are welcome queery18:33
queeryMaaz: botsnack18:33
MaazYay, at last someone thinks about me as well18:33
queeryMaaz: Kilos18:34
Maazqueery: kilos is your friend18:34
queeryok bye guys18:35
Kiloswho taught him that18:35
Kilostoods queery 18:35
Kilosty for attending18:35
queerynp ;)18:35
queeryalmost missed it18:35
Kilosarent you a twit18:35
Kilosdont you tweet18:36
queeryyes but google reminder reminded me18:36
queeryok bye18:37
Kilosdont you follow ubuntuza18:37
Kiloson twitter18:37
queerybut dont always check it18:37
Kilosah ok you forgiven18:37
Kilosgo well18:37
Kilosmethinks i go crash now magespawn ty for chairing18:44
Kilosnight all. sleep tight18:44
magespawnlater all19:00
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Trixar_zaI see you guys are also adhering to the Freenode rule of telling users you're logging their conversations23:40

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