ChinnoDogI forgot about meeting. doh19:57
marcoceppiI will be here tonight20:38
bcurtiswxlol, great to hear about meeting tonight :)20:50
ChinnoDogoh. It is tonight. I thought I missed it.21:41
marcoceppiI actually remembered in time to be here22:48
bcurtiswxStill tonight22:54
bcurtiswxabout 6 minutes22:54
bcurtiswxkjcole, it's looking good tonight22:55
kjcolebcurtiswx, do tell, praytell.22:56
bcurtiswxChinnoDog, and marcoceppi are here22:56
kjcoleI almost bagged it. Then, as usual, I got to working on something that kept me at my desk past 6:00...22:57
bcurtiswxkjcole, you are quite dedicated22:57
bcurtiswxHi Sujit22:58
kjcoleDedicated? Yes. Effective? Debatable. ;-)  But I'm satisfied wit an "A for effort". ;-)22:58
kjcoleHokay!  T minus 1 minute and not bad.22:59
meetingMeeting started Wed Oct 17 22:59:59 2012 UTC. The chair is bcurtiswx. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.23:00
meetingUseful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #endmeeting23:00
* kjcole is here23:00
bcurtiswx#topic Roll Call23:00
* bcurtiswx is here23:00
* kjcole is here23:00
bcurtiswxChinnoDog, you here?23:00
bcurtiswxmarcoceppi, thanks for attending23:00
bcurtiswxSujit, you here?23:01
bcurtiswxGreat :)23:01
Sujiton time this time23:01
bcurtiswxSujit :) ChinnoDog let us know when you're here23:01
SujitWhat's the agenda tonight?23:01
bcurtiswxTopic are posted here:https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DistrictOfColumbiaTeam/MeetingNotes/2012101523:02
bcurtiswx#link https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DistrictOfColumbiaTeam/MeetingNotes/2012101523:02
Sujityeah i read that. I meant do we have anything specific in mind23:02
bcurtiswxSujit, we'll be discussing everything on there :) i'll be your lovely moderator tonight23:02
kjcole#topic Monthly Meeting official new date23:02
bcurtiswxi'm not sure if you can do that since I started the meeting..23:03
kjcolebcurtiswx: Oh. OK, you do it. ;-)23:03
bcurtiswx#topic Monthly Meeting official new date23:03
bcurtiswxSo since today worked well for a good chunk of people23:03
bcurtiswx#idea Meeting every third Thursday of the month23:04
bcurtiswxThis is now up for a vote23:04
kjcoleWednesday works for me.  Especially considering we're going monthly instead of some insane attempt at weekly.23:04
marcoceppi+1 from me23:04
bcurtiswx+1 here23:04
bcurtiswxSujit, your vote?23:05
bcurtiswxsince I have not heard from ChinnoDog i'll skip them for now23:05
bcurtiswxVote passes: 4 yes, 0 no, 0 abstain.23:06
bcurtiswx#topic Upcoming Events23:06
bcurtiswxThere is a meeting coming up for on Broadband23:07
bcurtiswxkjcole, would you please explain what goes on there and some info about it23:07
kjcole#idea Tomorrow(?) is release day.23:07
kjcole#idea Digital Capital Week (DCWEEK) also coming up fast.23:08
kjcoleAs for the Broadband Summit...23:08
SujitExcited for new refined Unity Lens23:08
bcurtiswxOK first thing, Broadband summit23:08
kjcole...Probably not for the LoCo per se.  It is a meeting hosted by the DC Government's Office of the Chief Technology Officer (OCTO).23:09
bcurtiswxStill, it's nice to know all of whats going on around the region that technology related23:09
SujitYeah. Its doesnt have anything related to Ubuntu I guess23:09
kjcoleGovernment wonks blather on about trying to improve digital inclusion, and others lobby for them to hurry it up.23:09
bcurtiswxdid this summit have anything to do with the eventual wireless access in WMATA tunnels23:10
kjcoleThere is some overlap between the Broadband Bridge group and the LoCo23:10
kjcolebut the Summit is probably not going to be the place to exploit that.23:10
bcurtiswx#action kjcole to add these events to LoCo calendar23:10
bcurtiswxok, then DCWEEK ?23:11
SujitIT IS ON A MONDAY!!23:12
Sujitnot happening for me :(23:12
marcoceppiDCWEEK is quite long23:12
bcurtiswxWhat goes on there?23:12
marcoceppiI'm skimming the schedule now23:13
bcurtiswxplease add a link to it23:13
bcurtiswx#link http://digitalcapitalweek.org/schedule/23:13
marcoceppiAPIs, startup, funding, iOS, HTML5 from what I gathered23:14
bcurtiswxkjcole got a link to the broadband summit ?23:14
SujitDCWEEK is long...not Broadband summit. http://connect.dc.gov/event/fall-2012-community-broadband-summit23:14
kjcole#link http://connect.dc.gov/event/fall-2012-community-broadband-summit23:14
ChinnoDogI am here now.23:14
bcurtiswxChinnoDog, thanks for attending :)23:14
kjcole#link https://fall2012summit.eventbrite.com/23:15
SujitHello Chinnodog23:15
bcurtiswxSo there are quite a few events, Would someone be willing to put together a brief summary of each of these events for the website and mailing list. I can accumulate and distribute once completed23:15
marcoceppiSure, I'll help out with that23:16
bcurtiswxmarcoceppi, which event would you like ?23:16
bcurtiswxor events23:16
kjcoleDCWEEK is now posted to the calendar.23:16
marcoceppiI'll take DCWEEK for a brief summary23:16
bcurtiswxkjcole,  would you make a brief summary for it and send to me at bcurtiswx@ubuntu.com23:16
bcurtiswxmarcoceppi, it's yours23:16
bcurtiswxhow about the broadband summit ?23:17
kjcoleI'll put the summit there for what it's worth, with the caveat that it's more wonky less LoCo'ey23:17
bcurtiswxkjcole, OK i figured i'd gather all of it together and send one mass e-mail out. I'm happy to do that if you want to send me the summar in e-mail23:17
kjcole("there" being the calendar). I'll also send a summary.23:17
bcurtiswx#action marcoceppi to send summary of DCWEEK to bcurtiswx23:18
kjcolebcurtiswx, summary to you.23:18
bcurtiswx#action kjcole to send summary of broadband summit to bcurtisx23:18
bcurtiswxor bcurtiswx.. LOL23:18
bcurtiswxOK onto the next topic23:18
bcurtiswx#topic Advertising local linux help.23:19
SujitI have one..23:19
SujitWHat happened to InstallFest?23:19
bcurtiswxSujit, did you want to use the mailing list to organize an installfest ?23:19
bcurtiswxI'm happy to work with you on it if you'd like23:20
bcurtiswx#action Sujit to work on organizing an installfest for Quantal Quetzal23:20
SujitDo you have a plkace in mind?/23:21
bcurtiswxSujit, we'll discuss that later23:21
bcurtiswxonto the topic23:21
bcurtiswxI think the mailing list would be a great medium to advertise people to get linux help. This gets people in our mailing list and will hopefully increase awareness of what we do23:22
bcurtiswxThe workload behind this would require flyers to be designed and then we'll need to find out where we can legally distribute them23:22
marcoceppiWhy not just help point people to something like Ask Ubuntu?23:23
SujitBut not many people dont know linux/ubuntu...why would they join ubuntu mailing list?23:23
kjcole#idea folks with access to schools or community centers might possibly throw a flyer up occasionally, no?23:23
SujitI like flyers idea23:23
bcurtiswxkjcole, that's a good idea23:23
bcurtiswxit would be an advertisement to try Ubuntu and ask all questions on the mailing list.. If we use ask ubuntu we drive traffic away, why not have it come through here first and we can reference ask ubuntu if we need to ?23:24
bcurtiswx#agree to kjcole's idea23:24
marcoceppiThat's fine, I think we should just be pushing to help expose Ubuntu more23:25
kjcoleTo spread the work around, we should try to rope Mr. Weber, who claims art among his skills, into flyer design.  (I've done a few, and could probably rejigger one of my old ones, but...)23:25
bcurtiswxmarcoceppi, we can promote Ubuntu as the main content and make pull tabs to a wiki page with how to get help23:26
marcoceppibcurtiswx: +1 I misunderstood the original topic23:26
kjcolebcurtiswx, +1 that.23:26
Sujitsounds good23:26
bcurtiswxso #help design flyer23:26
bcurtiswx#help design wiki page23:27
bcurtiswxOk, anything else on this topic ?23:27
bcurtiswxI think flyers are a good start23:27
marcoceppiFor reference, some of the resources here could help: http://spreadubuntu.org/23:28
SujitI think we shld ask for a confirmation frm MR Weber that he is ready to design....rather than assuming23:28
bcurtiswx#link  http://spreadubuntu.org/23:28
kjcole#idea Take images (and other ideas, texts, etc.) from the Software Freedom Day site23:28
kjcole#link http://wiki.softwarefreedomday.org/StartGuide#Useful_Documents.2C_Templates.2C_Files_and_Examples23:28
bcurtiswxkjcole, yes, add the link too23:28
bcurtiswxSujit, i left it as an open help request in case he doesn't23:29
bcurtiswx#topic Gathering information about our members and where they are in the Ubuntu "experience"23:30
bcurtiswxIf we have a list on our wiki with member specialties it may make communication between our members easier23:30
kjcoleBefore I forget: People with photos on Flickr who have not yet gotten onto the group, need to bug maco for membership.23:30
kjcoleIf she's no longer maintaining that, she can probably hand admin rights to someone else.23:30
bcurtiswxkjcole, you care to take care of finding out ?23:31
kjcolebcrutiswx, Will ask her.23:31
bcurtiswx#action kjcole to talk with maco about flickr group maintainence.23:31
bcurtiswxAnyone here want to take care of writing an e-mail to the mailing list to gather this information ?23:31
bcurtiswxOK, i'll leave it as an open help topic23:32
bcurtiswx#help write e-mail to mailing list requesting Ubuntu specialties from LoCo members23:32
kjcole#idea http://dc.ubuntu-us.org/node/add/poll23:32
kjcole#link http://dc.ubuntu-us.org/node/add/poll23:33
bcurtiswxkjcole, thank you23:33
SujitI am sorry, but do we need to ask admin to add us to the ubuntu group before we upload photos?23:33
bcurtiswxSujit, good question, I am not sure23:33
SujitBecuase I added pics to that group and I never bothered to ask admin23:33
kjcoleSujit, You can upload whatever you want to your account, but to have it flagged as being part of the DC Ubuntu LoCo, maco has to add you as a member to the group.23:34
kjcoleSujit, Really?23:34
bcurtiswxOK, kjcole is going to be looking into that so we can move on :)23:34
Sujithmmm. i see my pics in that group. can you guys see ?23:34
kjcoleRight. Moving on. ;-)23:35
bcurtiswx#topic Ideas for the LoCo going forward23:35
bcurtiswxanyone have anything they can think of that we can do as a group in the future?23:35
marcoceppiSadly, not sure how meetingology works, so...23:35
marcoceppiMore publicity for Ubuntu via demos in public places23:36
bcurtiswx#link http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot23:36
Sujittry to attend all meetings and events .. :-P23:36
kjcole#idea something at HacDC, to be determined?  Perhaps tutorials on packaging?23:36
kjcole#link http://hacdc.org/23:36
bcurtiswxjust looking at ideas right now, we'll discuss at a future time/date23:36
bcurtiswxuse #idea for any ideas23:36
marcoceppi#idea Ubuntu demos in public places23:37
Sujit+1 marcoceppi23:37
marcoceppiI've heard some pretty good success with small groups of Ubuntu users setting up in coffee shops with a laptop, a sign saying "Try me", and CDs23:37
bcurtiswxLiking the ideas, lots of potential23:37
Sujitme too.23:38
kjcole#idea showing up / tabling at November 17, Mini Maker "unFaire" at MLK library23:38
bcurtiswxOK, great! anything else for now?23:39
kjcole#link https://groups.google.com/forum/?fromgroups#!forum/mini-maker-faire-dc23:39
bcurtiswx#info you can use the mailing list to discuss future ideas (for those who can't attend the formal meetings)23:39
Sujitthats great...MLK library!23:39
bcurtiswxlast topic23:40
bcurtiswx#topic Chair for next meeting23:40
kjcole#idea when / if the next DISCOvering TECHnology (Disco Tech) Faire occurs, it's ideal.23:40
bcurtiswxI'm happy to do it23:40
bcurtiswxbut, i don't want to hog it23:40
bcurtiswxif anyone wants to, please let me know now23:40
kjcolebcurtiswx, you keep it moving. I would get distracted. ;-)23:41
* bcurtiswx has done this before ;023:41
bcurtiswxok #action bcurtiswx to chair next meeting (1 month)23:41
bcurtiswxThank you all for attending23:41
meetingMeeting ended Wed Oct 17 23:41:56 2012 UTC. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot. (v 0.1.4)23:41
meetingMinutes: http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/ubuntu-us-dc/meetings/2012-10-17T22:59:59.html23:41
meetingLog:     http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/ubuntu-us-dc/meetings/2012-10-17T22:59:5923:41
kjcole#idea (frivolous) meetings should end with the Shebang! of a gavel. ;-)23:41
marcoceppithank you for chairing23:42
* bcurtiswx throws campfire stick at kjcole23:42
bcurtiswxgood enough ?23:42
bcurtiswxmarcoceppi, thanks for attending :)23:42
marcoceppiAnyone heading out to UDS?23:42
kjcolebcurtiswx, you're no fun. :-{23:42
bcurtiswxmarcoceppi, i could if i applied, don't have the time.. but denmark is going to be friggin amazing23:43
bcurtiswxi went to UDS-O in hungary. Was scared shitless because i hadn't been out of the US ever23:44
bcurtiswxand i was alone23:44
marcoceppiheh, It's been a few years for me as well traveling outside of the US, I'm looking forward to it though23:44
bcurtiswxmarcoceppi, you're going?23:44
bcurtiswxmake #ubuntu-us-dc proud :)23:44
SujitGreat. Say hi to M shuttlworth23:44
bcurtiswxI had lunch with him23:45
bcurtiswxRick Spencer introduced me23:45
Sujitwhat the .........23:45
kjcoleWhere do you people find the time / money???23:45
bcurtiswxreally really23:45
Sujitexactly Kjcole23:45
marcoceppiHad a beer with him in San Diego, thanks to Jorge Castro23:45
bcurtiswxI do a lot of Desktop Team work, so canonical lets me go for free ;)23:45
kjcoleThe DC LoCo had an interesting beginning that allowed me to meet him at Below Zero in Canada:23:46
bcurtiswxkjcole, once day I'd like to get a devoted team together to work out the details of having a UDS at Washington Convention Center23:46
marcoceppibcurtiswx: I thought the same about the Gaylord23:47
kjcoleThe human hurricane known as Paul Flint knew Matt Zimmerman before he joined Canonical.23:47
SujitYou have all my supoort bcurtwix23:47
marcoceppibut having a UDS in DC would be amazing23:47
bcurtiswxWe have the night life that UDS's seem to require23:47
kjcoleMatt slipped Paul some very early CD's and Paul became the defacto Team Contact for DC until moving to Vermont.23:47
bcurtiswxwe can be DC tour guides, im sure we've all done it for friends family who visit..23:48
marcoceppisure, definitely23:48
marcoceppiI'd be interested in what the process is for making DC a candidate. I know having a loco presence is a plus23:48
kjcolePaul, with his inside connection, got Jeff Elkner and a couple of others to Australia for Down Under, and then the three of us went to UBZ in Canada.23:48
bcurtiswxwell having an approved LoCo will help a lot ;)23:48
kjcoleOh, now there's an idea!23:49
marcoceppiso, we're still not approved after we "fell out"?23:49
marcoceppithat's not what the loco portal says ;)23:49
bcurtiswxwe need to support we're on the right track again and even after this meeting we've got plenty of information23:49
kjcoleI've seen events pulled off by a small handful of people... (Wikimania being the most recent.)23:49
SujitI thought we are approved23:49
bcurtiswxwe aren't but i'll leave kjcole to that23:50
kjcolemarcoceppi, I got e-mail saying "you're gone" a while back.  I believe I forwarded to the list.23:50
marcoceppikjcole: I remember that23:50
bcurtiswxThe wife needs the dual screen greatness of my desktop for her homework. I will see ya all next month and look forward to your e-mails23:51
kjcolemarcoceppi, that was the from the official "powers-that-be".23:51
kjcoleI'm going to go rot my mind in front of the tube in a few minutes.23:51
Sujitgood night bcurtiswx23:51
kjcole(The OTHER tube.)23:51
marcoceppisee you all alter23:51
kjcolealter what? ;-)23:52
Sujitgood night guys.23:52
* kjcole waves good bye.23:52
Sujithahh. m sure that was a typo23:52
* kjcole heads off to the 55" television here in the office.23:53

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