pleia2meeting in ~10 minutes02:51
grantboww00t made it02:57
grantbowhello from buttonwilow, lol02:58
pleia2hey grantbow02:58
philipballewgrantbow, buttonwillow is nice02:59
philipballewdrive through often02:59
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pleia2ok, who all is here for the meeting? :)03:00
* eps is not entirely here03:01
josheboyI am03:01
pleia2great, welcome everyone!03:01
pleia2#link https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Meetings/12November1803:02
darthrobot`Title: [CaliforniaTeam/Meetings/12November18 - Ubuntu Wiki]03:02
pleia2our agenda is empty :)03:02
pleia2I guess I can give some updates03:02
pleia2I've shipped out CDs to San Diego, Lake Forest and Los Angeles03:02
pleia2I haven't heard back from the silicon valley folks about DVDs, but hopefully they'll find time to reply so I can get some down there to San Jose and Mt View03:03
philipballewso I was able to hand out several of these already03:03
pleia2we do have some 12.04 CDs left over too, this week I'll go through them to make sure our wiki is up to date, they're LTS so it's ok to have leftovers :)03:04
pleia2philipballew: yay!03:04
grantbowLTS = good for newbies03:04
josheboy<--- newbie03:04
pleia2and servers, companies, etc ;)03:04
philipballewWe here in San Diego had our Ubuntu hour this Thursday and had 3 people besides myself. I have a few lts here I still hand out as well.03:04
pleia2josheboy: nice to have some new faces here :) welcome03:05
josheboyThanks much :)03:05
* philipballew high fives josheboy 03:05
kallecarlHello, new to the meeting want to invite Ubuntu folks to http://www.qtdeveloperdays.com/northamerica/ Dec 5 -7. Jono confirmed tonight that he will be on the panel about open source tablets03:05
darthrobot`Title: [Qt Developer Days]03:05
pleia2kallecarl: cool, thanks!03:05
pleia2kallecarl: is there an announcement you can forward to the mailing list?03:05
kallecarllist address03:05
kallecarlgrantbow: howdy03:05
pleia2kallecarl: ubuntu-us-ca@lists.ubuntu.com03:05
kallecarlpleia2: not really an announcement I guess03:06
kallecarljust the URL for the conference03:06
kallecarlwill do though03:06
pleia2kallecarl: ok, thanks03:06
epsIsn't it horrifically expensive to attend?03:06
grantbownice adjective03:06
grantbowSanta Clara with a free three day pass? Not too horrific.03:08
pleia2another thing I wanted to mention is how we plan events03:08
philipballewkallecarl, If you are advertising it here, can LoCo members here get in for free or a good price?03:09
kallecarleps: there are a few complimentary passes03:09
pleia2we've gone from having pretty strict rules to having essentally none, which some people are taking advantage of now - to the extent of sometimes not even telling the rest of the team they're having what they call Ubuntu California events ;(03:09
kallecarlplease email me at carlsymons@gmail.com03:09
philipballewpleia2, This is a problem.03:09
pleia2so today I created a wiki page to help people understand the minimum requirements for hosting an event (and akk helped me clean it up): https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Projects/HowTo03:10
darthrobot`Title: [CaliforniaTeam/Projects/HowTo - Ubuntu Wiki]03:10
pleia2this is now linked on our Projects page03:10
grantbowsounds good03:10
pleia2should be helpful for for all of us really :) we forget how many resources we have!03:10
pleia2it's a wiki, so please feel free to make edits as needed, that's really my first stab at it03:11
pleia2I'm hoping this will be enough to solve the problem of rogue events ;)03:11
epsSpeaking of Projects ...03:12
epsSCALE 11x -- http://www.socallinuxexpo.org/scale11x/03:13
darthrobot`Title: [SCALE 11x]03:13
pleia2oh gosh, that's coming up fast03:13
pleia2I'm skipping this year :(03:13
philipballeweps, Ill be there03:14
philipballewI can run the booth for the loco if needed03:14
philipballewsince I live down here somewhat and not03:14
epsSo, I guess it goes on the Projects page.03:14
pleia2can copy the 10x page probably and adjust accordingly :)03:14
pleia2also follow up with nhaines to see if there will be an Ubucon too03:15
philipballewprobably nhaines and iheartubuntu will help with all the people from their hours03:15
grantbowanother Ubucon would be great03:15
pleia2grantbow: yeah :)03:15
epsFind some discount codes for attendees, and figure out what you need from people who are interested in volunteering03:15
philipballewI'm gonna set up a page for hotel/ride sharing for people so were all not booked in out own hotels if we dont want to03:15
pleia2philipballew: that's great!03:16
grantboweps: Volunteering? Thanks for that ;-)03:16
pleia2let me know if you have any questions logistically, I am not sure who is working with Gareth to arrange the booth03:16
philipballewthe hilton is somewhat $$ compared to ones a few blocks away as well. and there is parking around for people driving from sf03:16
epsgrantbow: Would you prefer ... conscription?03:17
pleia2I just can't attend because I have too much happening this year (changing jobs, getting married)03:17
* philipballew still wants to see a "scale or bust" sign on a car03:17
pleia2turns out you can't actually take 2 months a year off for conferences and honeymoon... ;)03:17
mikestewarthoneymoon at SCaLE!03:18
* mikestewart back to luring03:18
* mikestewart back to lurking03:18
philipballewI have a good thing to mention03:18
philipballewOur loco member dave (iheartubuntu) came out of the woodwork this week to pull a victory for Ubuntu/linux with that netflix app he helped make. So whenever you see the news about that, know it was made possible from someone who came from our loco.03:19
pleia2philipballew: oh yes, good catch03:19
pleia2mikestewart: getting married in April :) and I'd like to go somewhere more exciting than LA ;)03:19
josheboyoh wow. that's pretty cool03:19
darthrobot`Title: [PPA for Netflix Desktop App | iheartubuntu]03:20
pleia2the Ubuntu Developer Summit will probably happen during my honeymoon, but he wasn't thrilled with that honeymoon idea03:20
philipballewI want to see a plenary session where you get married by markdude pleia203:21
epsDo we know where the next UDS will be held?03:21
pleia2philipballew: hahahah03:21
pleia2eps: nope :\03:21
grantbowhopefully Oakland03:22
pleia2ok, anyone else have anything?03:22
grantbowHow about shirts? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Projects/Shirts03:22
darthrobot`Title: [CaliforniaTeam/Projects/Shirts - Ubuntu Wiki]03:22
pleia2grantbow: oh yes! what were your thoughts here?03:22
kallecarlpleia2: i didn't sign up for the mailing list. Just mailed the address you gave03:23
kallecarlthe QtDevDays announce03:23
pleia2kallecarl: thanks, I'll let it through03:23
grantbowLet's have an art contest again and get some more printed.03:23
philipballewgrantbow, I like this idea. If we get them made up by scale we can pass them out there03:23
grantbowCanonical colors have changed so at least updating colors will be good.03:23
grantbowboth Canonical and Community colors03:24
epsNo more aubergine? I'm shocked! Shocked, I say!03:24
pleia2so are we proposing a full logo redesign03:24
philipballewwho will print them grantbow ?03:24
kallecarlat LinuxCon, there were the coolest shirts. Not screened like a big hunk of plastic but rather dyed into the shirt03:24
pleia2eps: yes aubergine, but we haven't updated our stuff for even that change...03:24
kallecarldrivemg.com is the contact03:24
pleia2eps: our logo is still the old old old ubuntu logo03:24
grantbowour colors for the old shirt were pre-aubergine03:24
philipballewIDEA! Hold a contest from the ml to get design ideas, and the winner gets a free shirt.03:25
epsIs there a URL with design guidelines?03:25
pleia2philipballew: we can't really promise that :( no one to $$$$ for the shirts03:25
grantbowIf we design it we'll find someone to print it. Maybe the person that did it last time.03:25
* mikestewart can't imagine much more *exciting* than LA ... but ya, wouldn't honeymoon here (or SCaLE) either.03:25
pleia2(unless you're volunteering :))03:25
grantbowErnest Rogers03:25
grantbowwe can ask him03:26
pleia2mikestewart: maybe exotic is the right word (boo more california ;))03:26
philipballewpleia2, I can look into printing them at a shop near me here if I have some funds03:26
josheboyI live in LA, and I took my very recent honeymoon far away from here, haha. And no laptops either. It was very refreshing :p03:26
philipballewso if people pre order them, but not sure if people would want that03:26
grantbowno reason we can't do multiple printings too03:26
grantbowthough probably not necessary yet03:26
pleia2ok, so can someone take an action item to put together a wiki page for this new design contest and organize it on list?03:26
pleia2josheboy: congrats!03:26
grantbowI can organize it03:27
pleia2ok great :)03:27
grantbowand do a wiki page03:27
josheboypleia2: Thanks. And congrats on the near future nuptuals :)03:27
pleia2josheboy: thank you :)03:27
pleia2wow, this was a productive meeting!03:27
pleia2anything else?03:27
grantbownot bad for a blank agenda03:27
epsOther than not ordering purple and orange M&Ms, what other disasters should I know about?03:27
* mikestewart lives in long beach. 03:28
grantboweps: please propose a design in the contest that is soon to come.03:28
pleia2eps: do they have purple?03:28
mikestewartdid you guys firgure out whos working with Gareth on SCaLE booth?03:28
philipballewmikestewart, come down to san diego!03:28
josheboymikestewart: I live in North Hollywood03:28
pleia2philipballew: will you contact Gareth to see who he has down for the ubuntu booth contact?03:29
mikestewartphilipballew, san diego is an awesome place to visit.  as is sf bay area.03:29
philipballewpleia2, will do03:29
philipballewmikestewart, all the more reason to come here and say hello03:29
philipballewand get a free ubuntu cd03:29
mikestewartphilipballew, I wouldn't mind being backup help for the booth03:29
epspleia2: www.mymms.com (and yes, they are appropriate for weddings)03:29
* mikestewart is an organizer of #drupal-la 03:30
philipballewmikestewart, yeah, Lets do that.03:30
mikestewartwe'll have a booth, too03:30
grantbowOh, I burned some 12.04 and special 12.10 CD size images. I will let the list know when I get a chance to test the 12.10 CDs.03:30
pleia2eps: just proposed pink m&m wedding favors and got a funny look, then he goes "whatever you want, hon"03:30
pleia2mikestewart: cool03:30
mikestewartphilipballew, where are you in sandiego?03:30
philipballewalright. I gtg get back to my homework03:30
philipballewmikestewart, Point Loma03:31
pleia2grantbow: cool, thanks03:31
kallecarlpleia2: whatever you want, hon...already trained well03:31
josheboy"whatever you want, hon" is the perfect soon-to-be groom answer03:31
pleia2josheboy: +103:31
pleia2kallecarl: too03:31
* mikestewart is not sure how close that is to stone brewery -- a major reason to get in the car for the SD trip. besides legoland for the kids03:31
pleia2ok, we can wrap up this meeting :)03:31
grantbowgreat meeting! thanks for chairing pleia203:31
pleia2thanks everyone03:31
kallecarlthank you03:31
darthrobot`Meeting ended Mon Nov 19 03:31:57 2012 UTC.03:31
darthrobot`Minutes:        http://ihas.5cat.com/~darthrobot/ubuntu-us-ca/2012/ubuntu-us-ca.2012-11-19-03.00.moin.txt03:31
grantbowthanks all for participating! See you next time.03:33
epsI'm looking at http://design.ubuntu.com/ and I'm not seeing any "new" colors03:35
darthrobot`Title: [Ubuntu Brand Guidelines]03:35
epsNothing's jumping out at me on ubuntu-art03:39
pleia2eps: we tried to explain it to you, our logo is from years ago we haven't updated for the purple and orange rebranding from a few years ago03:48
pleia2so it's not "new" - it's the rebranding where the orange, yellow and red went away in 200903:48
pleia2er, 200803:48
epsOh, I thought there was a *third* iteration. :-(03:49
pleia2nope, we're still on the 1st, we'd like to get to the 2nd (current)03:49
epsNo, of the "official" color scheme.03:50
pleia2ah, well our logo isn't using the current one03:52
epsAre we being pressured to change?03:52
pleia2getting our logo in sync with the rest of the ubuntu project is a project proposal, aligned with the intention to get more shirts printed03:54
pleia2we don't have to, but it does make sense03:54
epsWhat we've got is pretty awesome. Change for the sake of change is not progress.03:54
pleia2it's not for the sake of change, it's for brand solidarity03:55
pleia2and we don't have to, you're welcome to propose that we stick with the old design :)03:55
epsSo, I'm not going to be able to talk you into an "8-bit" version? ;-)03:55
pleia2maybe we'll even include it when the team votes03:55
nUboon2ageI wouldn't insist on it, but I do have to say its nice to have a logo that uses the classic Ubuntu look.03:55
nUboon2agewe had the three color look before Google did :-)03:56
nUboon2ageI got a Google pin along with a chrome book the other day. :-)03:57
pleia2nUboon2age: can you please check your email? I've been trying to get ahold of you or someone in SV for almost a week now and no one is replying :(03:58
pleia2need to get some DVDs down your way03:58
epsWhen I was a kid, I used to read Scientific American. One of the regular features was "50 years ago" and "100 years ago" using typography reminiscent of those eras. It would be cool to do "Ubuntu through the ages" ... kind of a revisionist history, going back to the age of clay tablets.03:58
nUboon2ageoh, sure.  sorry I didn't see it.03:58
pleia2nUboon2age: first emails on Tuesday, another today about event requirements03:59
nUboon2ageokay I found the email just now pleia204:12
pleia2nUboon2age: great, just need to figure out how to get some DVDs down there04:13
pleia2we have fewer this time because they're DVDs, so I want to make sure you guys get some before they're gone04:13
nUboon2agebtw, I went over to the re-computer.org (kinda along the lines of partimus) location this afternoon with Debbie and met Aaron Castle04:14
pleia2cool, never heard of them04:14
nUboon2agei told him about this team and urged him to join us04:14
pleia2yay :)04:14
pleia2we don't actually do recycling or resale, partimus just puts donated computers in schools04:15
pleia2we work with some recyclers though, that's where we get some of our parts04:15
pleia2ah, time for me to run off to dinner!04:15
pleia2have a good night :)04:15
nUboon2ageand he'll be holding a gathering next Sunday 3-5pm04:15
pleia2cool, something we can attend..or?04:15
pleia2Sunday is BerkeleyLUG and I promised a few folks I'd finally make it up04:16
nUboon2agemost definitely!  1000 Amphlet i think04:16
pleia2but if there are events in the future :)04:16
pleia2ok, actually going out the door now04:16
pleia2oh and please send a mail to the list if you wish other loco folks to get involved! ;)04:16
nUboon2age1000 S. Amphlett Blvd, San Mateo04:19
nUboon2ageyup, i was telling him about the e-mail list and he'll do the announcing04:20
nUboon2agejtatum missed ya at Ubuntu Hour: SV Akkana, Dave, Debbie, Mark Roest and three fellows who are Ubuntians anyway but hadn't heard of the get together:-)  Lyz was wanting you to make sure you got the dates onto the LoCo directory.04:24
nUboon2ageand that you made sure to announce them on the e-mail list04:24
nUboon2ageI told her that its your baby and i didn't want to interrupt whatever your process is for all that.04:25
nUboon2agehey arno_ , good to see you here.  :-)04:26

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