grantbowmeeting tonight in about a half hour :-)02:26
philballewIf anyone wants to add something to the meeting agenda before the meeting, now is the best time.02:40
philballewmeeting in two minutes02:58
philballew===Start Meeting===03:00
philballewWell then, it is meeting time03:00
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philballewah, yeah. Lets use the bot.03:01
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grantbowgo for it, chair :-)03:01
toddclong meeting/03:01
philballewlet me paste the agenda03:02
darthrobotTitle: [CaliforniaTeam/Meetings/12December02 - Ubuntu Wiki]03:02
philballewCurrently nothing there03:02
philballewDoes anyone have anything they would like to bring up or add?03:03
grantbowI do not have anything urgent for this meeting03:03
philballewMe as well.03:04
philballewAlright then, how about we call this a night.03:04
grantbowI announced the t-shirt art contest, please submit when you can.03:04
philballewah yes.03:04
philballewI think having the booth workers wearing them for scale might be cool.03:05
* philballew is a booth worker03:05
darthrobotTitle: [[Ubuntu-US-CA] Shirt Design Contest]03:05
darthrobotTitle: [CaliforniaTeam/Projects/Shirts-2012 - Ubuntu Wiki]03:06
grantbowQT Developer days is Dec 5-7, Wed -Fri.03:06
* philballew looks back into his closet to see both older tshirts03:06
philballewunity uses qt for those who did not know03:07
grantbowAnyone who is interested in speaking please reply to the email list. We have other speaking opportunities besides www.svlug.org03:07
grantbowUbuntu Hours are happening all over. San Jose today.03:08
philballewUbuntu San Diego in a week and a half, and pleia2 should be in the area and might pop in.03:08
grantbowUbuntu Hour Berkeley did well yesterday with six people. Another one is already scheduled for the first Sat next month.03:08
grantbow+1 SD03:08
philballewalright then. Anything else anyone has?03:09
grantbowschedule event calendar is at http://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/ubuntu-california/03:09
darthrobotTitle: [Ubuntu California | Ubuntu LoCo Team Portal]03:09
grantbowthat's it for me03:09
darthrobotMeeting ended Mon Dec  3 03:11:30 2012 UTC.03:11
darthrobotMinutes:        http://ihas.5cat.com/~darthrobot/ubuntu-us-ca/2012/ubuntu-us-ca.2012-12-03-03.01.moin.txt03:11
grantbowThanks for chairing philballew03:11
philballewnot a problem grantbow03:12
grantbowanyone else around that hasn't spoken yet?03:12
grantbowI announced the meeting through dvlug.org berkeleylug.com and sf-lug.com but I don't see anyone from the announcement.03:12
grantbowI mean nobody new seems to have shown up from the emails.03:13
grantbowI'll be around later this evening but I have dinner guests now. cya later :-)03:17
akkI'm around but didn't really have anything to add.03:22
akkExcept I didn't know unity used qt, that's interesting, but unrelated to the meeting.03:22
pleia2thanks philballew!03:33
pleia2philballew: it was actually Unity 2d that used a lot of Qt, that's no longer maintained :(03:34
philballewpleia2, unity 2d stopped last cycle?04:00
philballewthought it was stopping this cycle?04:00
philballewmy bad04:00
pleia2philballew: yeah, 12.04 was the last one with Unity 2d04:00
philballewah, having only one version of unity is better probably.04:00
pleia2with 12.10 they use the emulation library to use the same code even when your card isn't 3d accellerated (which is why Unity is so painfully slow on older machines and everyone says 12.10 sucks)04:01
* philballew uses lxde on most machines04:01
pleia2yeah, xfce here04:01
akkHaving only one version isn't so good if that one version lacks support for older machines. :(04:02
pleia2it doesn't lack support, it's just slow04:03
akkSo slow as to be pretty much unusable -- ever tried to use unity inside virtualbox?04:03
philballewthey are not as concerned about that group I think.04:03
akkI wanted to have a vanilla ubuntu around in virtualbox for testing things, but I've sorta given up on it.04:03
pleia2I have 3d accelleration turned on in virtualbox, but I get your point :)04:03
akkI tried to turn it on, but it was greyed out IIRC.04:04
akkHmm, now it's not greyed out, maybe it's a kernel difference.04:05
pleia2support has improved a lot over the past couple cycles04:05
philballewmy two laptops are unity and they use about 700 mb's or ram just sitting there04:05
pleia2I think I was first able to do 3d in virtualbox in 12.0404:05
akkThere are some things from python-snippets that I want to test under unity if I ever manage to catch jono online to find out how to resolve bugs in that package.04:06
pleia2he tends to be online weekdays 9-5 in #ubuntu-community-team04:07
pleia2but he just beame a father, so YMMV :)04:07
akkah, that might be the problem.04:07
philballewGood luck to him and what not.04:07
akkI've pinged him a couple times without an answer, but I haven't been around very consistently either.04:07
* pleia2 nods04:08
philballewpleia2, so I got your email for sd and everything is gonna work out great04:09
pleia2philballew: yay!04:10
pleia2where will it be?04:10
philballewI see a few options currently, a starbucks 2 miles away, or downtown thats also two miles away. Both the bus goes right to them. I can take the bus with you there to both probably04:11
pleia2that would be helpful, I don't love the idea of taking a bus alone at night in a city I'm not familiar with04:12
philballewif you bring some roller skates, I might be able to pull you on my bike?04:12
* philballew runs and hides04:12
akkMost Starbucks tend to be crowded and noisy -- I've had a lot of attempted meetings in Starbucks that didn't work out.04:13
philballewIts easy for people because they like the coffee though to.04:13
pleia2philballew: wednesday or thursday night?04:14
pleia2I still don't have plans for either, ariley said he might come along too if he's available though04:14
philballewpleia2, I think Thursday is the plan, but will know for sure in about two days.04:14
pleia2ok :)04:14
pleia2MJ is flying down friday night, so saturday and sunday we're doing the zoo and animal park!04:15
philballewThe zoo is awesome!!!!04:15
pleia2yeah, I've wanted to go my whole life04:15
akkIt's a really good zoo. I've never been to the animal park, but I bet it's great too.04:15
* philballew flys out Friday night.04:15
philballewpleia2, you can spend a lot of time in the zoo.04:16
philballewAt least that is what people tell me04:16
pleia2MJ should have his DSLR by then, that'll be fun04:17
philballewHave fun!04:17
darthrobotTitle: [Megabus California: Low-Cost Bus Service Expands Into Golden State With $1 San Francisco To Los Angeles Service]06:59
pleia2I know megabus from the east coast, didn't realize they had plans for the bay area06:59
pleia2$1 is temporary, but still less than $10 a ride for their real prices (that article says $5-9)07:00
pleia2might be useful for scale :)07:00
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pleia2doh, looks like I'll be traveling during both of the other December meetings08:00
philipballewpleia2, Ill be off school both of those. Assuming I am not out running around doing reckless teenage things I can do them.08:03
pleia2ok, I'll touch base with grantbow too and see if he'll be around08:04
pleia2we might cancel one of them too, Dec 30th is a tricky date given proximity to holidays08:05
philipballewyeah, good point. seems fine to do that08:05
philipballewpleia2, I am correct to assume you will not be at ScaLE this year correct?08:05
pleia2philipballew: that's the plan, job situation is too uncertain right now08:10
pleia2it's ashame, would have liked to speak at it again, just can't make plans until I know what work looks like08:11
philipballewpleia2, alright.08:12
philipballewHope to see you there anyway08:12
philipballewI  was considering getting some t shirts made from a ubuntu friendly group around here for the booth workers.08:12
pleia2cool :)08:13
philipballewpleia2, Darkwing would usually handle the conference packs and stuff right?  and the table cloth and all that jazz?08:14
pleia2no, that was me08:14
pleia2I can ship down whatever you need08:14
pleia2I have the banner and tablecloth right now, and some other booth stuff that can go down08:14
philipballewah, seems easy enough then.08:16
philipballewI'm gonna have a lot of copies of the book Ubuntu made easy"  to give to people visiting08:16
philipballewand trying to get ll booth workers to help a copy of this and the art of community08:17
philipballewfor sure.08:18
philipballewpleia2 might get some of this in her "Welcome to San Diego Ubuntu Hour Swag pack"08:19
pleia2I have both books08:19
pleia2publisher sent "made easy" and jono gave me the community book at oscon08:19
pleia2still need to review "made easy" but life went crazy busy :\08:20
philipballewpleia2, I have to review that to. college got in the way. Ironically I gave my copy to my mom...08:21
pleia2heh :P08:21
philipballewThey'll sell more with the title they have.08:22
philipballewnot the old one.08:22
pleia2for sure08:22
=== paulproteus_ is now known as paulproteus
bkerensapleia2: have you tried the netflix ppa on xubuntu?22:52
pleia2bkerensa: no, I haven't tried it at all22:53

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