philipballewgrantbow, around?00:09
philipballewpleia2, are you?00:10
philipballewwondering who was doing the meeting tonight?00:10
philipballewI see no email so I might send one out00:11
jtatumI think pleia2 was going to run it.. but perhaps the travel derailed those plans03:03
grantbowyes, she texted me03:04
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grantbowwho all i shere for the meeting?03:05
* eps nods03:05
grantbowour agenda is light. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Meetings/13January1303:05
darthrobotTitle: [CaliforniaTeam/Meetings/13January13 - Ubuntu Wiki]03:05
grantbow#topic SCALE11X Planning03:06
philipballewlets talk that03:06
Darkwingo/ (Lurking)03:06
grantbow#chair philipballew grantbow03:06
darthrobotCurrent chairs: grantbow philipballew03:06
darthrobotTitle: [CaliforniaTeam/Projects/Scale11x - Ubuntu Wiki]03:07
philipballewalright I have put in some work for scale and I would like to tell what work I have put into it, what the booth would look like, and how we can get people to help03:07
philipballewSO I have managed to get Pearson books to send me between 20-30 copies of the official ubuntu book to hand out03:08
philipballewI have contacted Sysmem 76 and they are going to bring a computer for us to have on the table so we do not have to use our own.03:09
philipballewAlso I am getting a conference pack sent to me soon from Canonical for the thing.03:10
philipballewNow we need booth volunteers.03:10
DarkwingTalk to Zareason, they sent me a laptop for Ohio Linux Fest, and I was only there for a half day.03:10
philipballewDarkwing, these places are usually really cool with that03:11
* grantbow adds the wiki page to Projects03:11
philipballewat the bottom of the wiki is where you can out your name. put your name there and then email me so you can get a code to register.03:11
philipballewI should have the registration packet soon.03:11
philipballewwere about 5 weeks out03:12
philipballewon the Wiki is a wiki for hotel share and ride share.03:12
philipballewhopefully someone can use these03:13
grantbowgood work Philip :-)03:13
epsAirfares from the Bay Area are no bargain at the moment -- ~$192 (but the weekends are usually the worst times to be shopping for travel)03:13
philipballewMege bus is nice03:13
philipballew*mega bus03:13
philipballewthere about 25 each way last time Iooked03:13
philipballew*I looked03:14
* Darkwing wishes he had $500 laying around to fly out03:14
* grantbow too03:14
philipballewnow I am not sure where these places stop and get off, however maybe someone from la can pick up these people if they need a ride.03:14
philipballewas LA is a big place03:15
philipballewcurrently working to make sure all booth workers have a few nice gifts to go home with as well.03:16
philipballewWe do not pay, but we hand out free stuff.03:16
epsHow many free T-shirts did you bring home last year? ;-)03:17
philipballewsouthwest usually has good flight deals03:18
philipballewthats the best I have ever found03:19
philipballeweps, do you see yourself coming in Feb?03:19
philipballewcurrently I see 69 dollars there on sw and 69 back assuming you leave sf thursday and come back monday03:20
epsProbably. I prefer to fly, but Greyhound Express and Megabus are both viable possibilities. I like to minimize hotel stays, since they represent the major expense involved.03:21
darthrobotTitle: [Southwest Airlines - Select Flight(s)]03:21
philipballewSpirt airlines is good if you can travel light03:22
epsHeh heh. No.03:22
philipballewAlright, so grantbow asked if we talk about the website03:22
darthrobotTitle: [CaliforniaTeam/Projects/Website - Ubuntu Wiki]03:23
philipballewgrantbow, wanna talk about it?03:23
grantbowanyone who is interested can take a look and let us know if you would like to help03:23
grantbowwe've updated the web page with how things work right now03:24
grantbowsuggestions welcome03:24
grantbowthat's all I have for the website.03:24
grantbowanyone else?03:24
grantbowany other topics?03:26
epsThere should be more here: http://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/ubuntu-california/events03:26
darthrobotTitle: [Ubuntu California Events List | Ubuntu LoCo Team Portal]03:26
philipballewprobably should03:26
grantbowgood point, thanks for volunteering to help keep it updated eps03:26
epsYou're funny.03:27
grantbowany other topics?03:27
grantbowwelcome back troyreadyyy we were just about to end the meeting. Any other topics?03:29
darthrobotMeeting ended Mon Jan 14 03:30:04 2013 UTC.03:30
darthrobotMinutes:        http://ihas.5cat.com/~darthrobot/ubuntu-us-ca/2013/ubuntu-us-ca.2013-01-14-03.05.moin.txt03:30
grantbowthanks everyone03:30
grantbowI am sorry I am going to miss scale. Sounds like fun this year.03:30
troyreadyyygrantbow: thanks -- sorry for barging in at the end!03:30
grantbowthe mroe the merrier03:31
grantbowphilipballew anything else you need help with?03:32
philipballewI think we are good03:32
philipballewjust remember to sign up for the booth03:32
grantbowthanks for organizing03:33
philipballewnot a problem. Glad to help.03:34
grantboware there other names that should go on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Projects/ ?03:34
darthrobotTitle: [CaliforniaTeam/Projects - Ubuntu Wiki]03:34
philipballewnot sure03:34
grantbowif you are the primary contact then I guess not03:35
grantbowthere were three listed for last year03:35
grantbowyou must be three times as active :-)03:40
philipballewpleia2, is the loco contact03:40
philipballewgrantbow, around?05:45
pleia2thanks grantbow and philipballew06:13
pleia2philipballew: sorry for not getting the email out, was traveling all day so only managed to get the social media stuff out :(06:14
philipballewpleia2, not a problem06:14
pleia2should have sent it out yesterday06:15
philipballewFor sure. I think we still had a good turnout, and the Scale booth has some good volunteers so far. I can shoot it out next time if you are not available to.06:18
philipballewor if you decide Seattle is too good to ever leave.06:19
pleia2it is pretty cool :)06:20
pleia2but I love SF06:20
pleia2and it's really cold here06:21
pleia2time for me to get some sleep, I'm beat06:21
philipballewSleep tight, don;t let the bed bugs bite.06:22
pleia2thanks :)06:22
toddcgood morning all17:33
toddcwell good day?17:33
toddcTorikun: are you new?17:34
toddcI am one of the team leaders18:16
toddcso if you have any questions please ask18:16
toddcor accually  not but can help anyway18:18
toddcnot paying attantion to which channel I am in18:18
philipballewkdub, around?20:35

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