Kilosmorning zeref barrydk and others05:25
barrydkGood morning everyone05:25
superflymorning Kilos 05:26
Kiloshiya superfly 05:26
superflyand barrydk 05:26
Kilossorry, didnt look if you were still grayed out05:26
superflyslow data connection...05:26
Kilosi battled to open here and pidgin this morning and get mail as well even though nm showed connected05:27
Kiloshad to pull a windows trick05:27
superflycape town station! later folks05:36
Kiloshi Tonberry 06:12
Kiloshi Squirm 06:19
magespawnmorning all06:23
Kiloshi magespawn 06:23
magespawnJust about to go into the reserve.(found reception at the gate)06:24
magespawnChat later.06:25
Kiloshi nlsthzn 06:32
nlsthzngood morning uncle Kilos 06:33
Kiloswbb. gotta rev 8ta for airtime disappearing on modem06:46
Kiloshi SmilyBorg_w 06:46
Kiloslo Superhuman_ tail and all07:39
Kiloshi MxG 07:39
Kilosthe name is familiar. have you been here before or are you from our lists07:40
Kiloshi inetpro 07:40
Kiloshi jrgns 07:41
jrgnsmorning Kilos, all07:41
=== Superhuman_ is now known as Superhuman
inetproKilos: good morning07:47
Kiloshiya maiatoday 08:46
Kilosmeeting tonight hey all!!08:46
MxGHi Kilos, might have visited a long time ago but can't really remember. i am on the mailing list08:48
Kilosanyway MxG welcome to ubuntu-za08:49
MxGthanks :)08:50
superflyKilos: at 7:30?09:15
Kilosyip superfly 19.3009:16
Kiloshope you can make it09:16
Kilosand inetpro 09:16
inetproKilos: I'll try09:17
superflyKilos: I'll see, I got stuff on at 709:17
inetproKilos: what's there to discuss?09:17
Kilosinetpro, dont try DO!09:17
Kiloswell next chair needs to be voted in09:18
Kilosas usual but nuvo not gonna get out of it09:18
Kilosai this thing "stuff" covers such a wide field09:20
KilosBanlam, bakuman barrydk nlsthzn Squirm sakhi tumbleweed, meeting tonight09:21
Kilosand you lurkers too09:21
SquirmI might be around09:22
SquirmI usually hit the end of it09:22
* nlsthzn might make it... not feeling 100% and workign again tomorrow... will see later I guess09:22
inetproKilos: ai!09:23
inetproif there's not much to discuss why meet?09:23
inetproKilos: did you look at the Agenda even?09:24
Kilosi go look now. the agenda and new innovative ideas is youre field09:25
inetproand look at the previous minutes as well09:25
inetprothen tell us what more to add09:25
inetproand that goes for everybody09:25
Kilosyou wanna remind the twits again?09:26
* inetpro hates sitting in meetings with people not prepared properly09:26
inetproKilos: so you better do your homework!09:27
Kilosthen go back to your motivation speech and mail it and tweet it09:27
Kilosim the greeter bot member09:27
inetproKilos: don't worry, you're not fired just yet09:27
Kilosyou take advantage of my good nature09:28
inetproKilos: that's my job09:28
inetprohave to get the best outta you09:28
Kilosonly to me09:28
Kilostheres 30 other peeps here too man09:29
Kilosman inetpro 09:29
inetprothey to scared to talk now09:29
inetproKilos: at least you know me by now09:30
inetproKilos: anyway, thanks for all your effort with reminders to the mailing list and all09:31
Kilosyoure so welcome my friend09:31
Kiloswish i could motivate a few of the list guys to join us too09:32
Kiloshi conradvo 09:33
conradvohi what time is the meeting tonight09:34
Kilosmeeting here tonight at 19.3009:34
Kilosoh my09:36
Kiloswe better have a good meeting methinks09:37
Kilos Sorry, something just went wrong in Launchpad Login Service.09:41
Kilosbarrydk, tell mazal meeting tonight @ 19.3009:43
Kilosinetpro, can we discuss having a greeter bot here?09:48
Kiloshi cmsch_ 10:34
Kiloswelcome to ubunt-za10:34
cmsch_hi kilos, thank. just popping in10:35
Kilosyou coming to the meeting tonight?10:35
cmsch_yes.  Previously I have never been able to attend because of other standing monthly meeting at same time but I am free of that now.10:36
Kilosgreat as well10:37
Kiloshi floyd_ 10:53
Kilosand floydunn20183  too10:53
floyd_hi. seems my name has changed. was floydunn2018310:54
Kilosinetpro, jy groet nie die nuwe mense nie10:54
Kiloshave you been here before floyd_ 10:54
floyd_yes once in December10:55
Kilosyou tim hey?10:55
floyd_correct. Tim it is10:55
Kiloswe chatted10:55
Kilossorry Tim10:55
Kilosim lazy with caps10:55
floyd_yip we did. 10:55
Kilosfloydunn20183, meeting here tonight at 19.3011:36
Kilosagenda @ http://bit.ly/VufpF0  add stuff of interest if you like11:37
floydunn20183thanks . will try to join in.11:42
magespawnhowdy all13:04
superflyohi magespawn13:08
Kiloshi magespawn 13:09
magespawnso whats up today in the land?13:13
Kiloshi vonc13:19
Kilosai Vince-0 13:19
Kilosmagespawn, i need you and the fly to help me get the pro to accept greeter here13:20
inetproKilos: ai!13:21
Kiloswas waiting for that13:21
inetproKilos: did you add it to the Agenda>13:22
Kilosnope wanted to get permissions first13:22
Kilosthe ubuntu way you know13:23
inetprohmm.... who needs permissions?13:23
Kilosmaybe i need to chown you all13:23
inetproMaaz: make Kilos some coffee, please13:24
Maazinetpro: Go get it yourself!13:24
magespawnwould the greeter be installed in Maaz?13:38
Kilosthat is the ultimate aim once it has been perfected13:53
Kilosbut meantime can be any ibid13:54
Kiloshi hsch 13:54
hschhi Kilos13:54
Kiloswelcome to ubuntu-za13:54
Kilosmagespawn, did you see all the new peeps today?13:55
magespawnyup Kilos very cool13:57
Kilosmust be something in the air13:57
Kiloshi SmilyBorg_w 13:57
magespawnnew year fever?13:58
magespawnKilos:  i remember the arguement against having two bots in the same channel14:13
Kilosyeah me too but there isnt another way unless we have greeter installed in maaz as is14:14
Kilosi was hoping the fly and/or weed could sort it lekker before we do that14:15
Kiloseven the actual greeting can be reworded14:16
magespawnmight take awhile peeps are busy14:17
Squirmwoo, works over14:45
Kilosdont fall asleep now Squirm and miss the meeting14:45
Kiloshave you added anything to the agenda14:45
SquirmI'm usually playing squash that time14:45
Kilosno man14:45
Kilosone hour a month14:45
Kilosplay squash tomorrow14:46
Kilossjoe ek sukkel14:46
SquirmI'm going to play squash tomorrow14:46
Squirmand I haven't tried the new Ubuntu14:47
Kilosno matter man be at the meet14:47
Squirmyeah, for me, that pretty much covers the agenda14:47
Kiloshi hubx 14:47
SquirmKilos: why?14:48
Kilosbecause its a thing we do here on ubuntu-za14:48
Kilosmonthly meets14:48
Kilosfamily get together14:48
SquirmI mean, the meeting could be a good idea. but needs some more topics. those could be covered in 5 min14:49
Kilosthen add what you think is relevant14:49
Kilosor of interest14:49
Kilosor needs sorting out etc14:50
* Squirm adds Meeting Agenda to the Meeting Agenda14:50
Squirmif I'm here I'm here if I'm not I'm not14:50
superflySquirm: in a way having the meeting is more important than the items on the agenda15:00
superflywhen it is our turn for re- approval in 2 years time, the meetings help to prove our case for approval15:02
Kilosmaiatoday, you gonna make it?15:05
magespawnlater all see you at the meeting connection permitting15:10
Squirmsuperfly: ah, so you actually have to apply to be an official Ubuntu channel15:10
Squirmthat's quite nice though15:10
nuvolari:O I need to get home to prepare15:15
nuvolarithe parentals are visiting too :P so tough times15:16
Squirmnuvolari: they must be enjoying the beach15:16
Squirmwell, when it's not raining15:16
superflySquirm: well, the IRC channel is "free"15:25
superflywe're an official LoCo and that requires approval15:25
Kiloshi Mezenir 15:45
Kiloshi amanica you here for tonights meeting?15:59
Mezenirhi kilos16:10
MeesterarendHey all  :)16:24
Kiloshi Meesterarend howsit16:33
Kilosyou here for tonights meeting?16:33
MeesterarendWill try16:33
Kiloswhew you already here man just stay here16:33
MeesterarendWe're bussy with a visit in kalahari16:34
MeesterarendBut I'll try to at least follow on  my phone16:35
MeesterarendTill we braai16:35
MeesterarendHope thats after dark16:35
Kilossave me some16:36
nuvolariMaaz: meeting.agenda16:36
Maaznuvolari: meeting.agenda is http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/ubuntu-za/446/detail/16:36
nuvolariMaaz: forget meeting.agenda16:36
Maaznuvolari: Alrighty16:36
Kiloshi nuvolari 16:36
nuvolariMaaz: meeting.agenda is http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/ubuntu-za/529/detail/16:36
Maaznuvolari: If you say so16:36
nuvolariMaaz: meeting.agenda16:36
Maaznuvolari: meeting.agenda is http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/ubuntu-za/529/detail/16:36
nuvolarihi oom Kilos 16:36
MeesterarendWell i can sent u a  location then you get about 2 hour to get here :)16:37
MeesterarendHey Nuvolari16:37
nuvolariMaaz: meeting.minutes is http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2013/01/21/%23ubuntu-za.html#t17:3016:37
Maaznuvolari: Got it16:37
Kilosemail some wors and steak16:37
MeesterarendAh thats an easy one :)16:38
Kilosgmail is fast it might still be warm when it gets here16:38
MeesterarendStill on the coals even16:39
Kilosthe wors must be made with Nat Classic boerewors spices16:39
nuvolariugh :-/ I wanted to add something about regional activities but I can't remember what16:40
Kilosold age nuvolari ?16:41
nlsthznaed/me isn't making it tonight... good night16:42
Kilosnight nlsthzn sleep tight16:42
Kiloswell think about you16:42
Kilosyou supposed to give apologies16:42
nuvolarinight nlsthzn 16:42
nuvolariKilos: beslis oom16:42
nuvolarimy grysstof roes16:42
nlsthznfeeling under the weather taking a early night16:43
Kilosals roes in durbs16:43
Kilosaw get better nlsthzn 16:43
nuvolarigepraat van roes - my karretjie is 'n maand oud en daar is roes16:43
nuvolariek soek antwoorde16:43
MeesterarendOk i've got the LOI for the braai... fresh  horse meat mixed with  some rooikat 16:43
nuvolariek't hulle klaar gemail16:43
Kilosai  nuvolari ja hulle moet reg maak16:44
Kilosrooikat=lynx hey?16:44
nuvolarinet so ja!16:44
Kilosall cars sold down there are supposed to be treated before handover16:45
Kilosi dont like the tufts on the ears16:45
MeesterarendI think it looks cute :)16:46
nuvolarihmm, only thing exciting that happened was the google+ hangout with Vince-0. I wonder if the other LUGS/areas had something going on the last while16:46
Kilosyeah its a pretty cat16:46
Kilosbut bad news to sheep farmers16:46
Kiloshi Vince-0 16:46
nuvolariVince-0: had 1 positive feedback from the office so far :P16:46
nuvolariI need to spread the word still16:47
MeesterarendThats why its part of  the braai :)16:47
Kilosyo zeref 16:47
zerefhi hi16:47
* nuvolari verf die kletskamer rooi16:48
zerefwhat time is the meeting?16:48
MeesterarendHey all new arivals :)16:48
nuvolarizeref: 19:3016:48
nuvolarigeez, oom Kilos is flippen quick16:48
zerefhopefully my program will be done by then.16:48
Kiloshurry zeref or do it tomorrow16:49
Kiloswb floydunn20183 16:51
zereflol Kilos: has to be done by morning.16:51
zerefwant ot finihs it now16:51
zerefso i have good sleeps16:52
Kilosok stop chatting and send it16:52
* zeref ninja's off16:52
Kiloshi SmilyBorg_h 16:53
=== SmilyBorg_h is now known as SmilyBorg
Kiloswassup you?16:53
SmilyBorghey there16:53
SmilyBorgnot much, just been busy with work16:54
amanicahi, Kilos, yeah but a bit distracted :)16:55
nuvolarihowdy SmilyBorg 16:55
Kilosyeah you dont even say morning anymore16:55
nuvolariugh, work should be banned. Only freestyle coding allowed :P16:55
Kilosamanica, whats distrackting you16:55
Kiloskill it16:55
amanicadinner, it was already dead :)16:55
Kilosi enjoyed that16:56
Vince-0Hi SmilyBorg 16:58
SmilyBorghey Vince-016:59
* Kilos goes to eat quick16:59
nuvolarihallo magtie :)17:15
nuvolarihi Cantide 17:15
magtieHi nuvolari17:15
magtieHi Kilos17:15
nuvolarianyone here going to the JLUG?17:16
Cantidehey nuvolari, magtie, Kilos :)17:16
nuvolariI see their meeting is on17:16
magtiehi Cantide17:16
nuvolari"At Jozi Linux User Group meet up.'What is better than Apple pie? Raspberry pie!' Sponsored by LPI Southern Africa"17:16
Kilosohi magespawn 17:16
Kilosyo mazal 17:17
CantideRaspberry Pi 'o' I spent an hour reading up on cool Raspberry Pi hacks17:17
Cantidelast night17:18
nuvolariCantide: maybe also check out openelec17:18
nuvolarito run on the pi17:18
floydunn20183I was going to go to the JLUG but could not make it, got to bring a pi home this evening to play with17:18
Kiloshi Cantide 17:19
* Cantide searches17:20
nuvolariCantide: if you're interested in using your pi for a media player17:22
nuvolariI don't want to fiddle too much these days :P 17:22
nuvolariso I take the easy way out17:22
nuvolarihi kbmonkey 17:22
Cantidenuvolari, that may be the last thing i would use it for17:22
Cantideand no, i don't even have a pi17:23
Cantidei just want one :)17:23
nuvolariah, join the club17:23
Kilosyo monkey17:23
Cantidei might get one next year17:23
kbmonkeyhi nuvolari 17:23
kbmonkeyhi Kilos 17:23
queeryHi boys and girls 17:25
nuvolarihi queery 17:25
Kiloshi queery 17:25
kbmonkeyhi Cantide and queery 17:25
nuvolarioh geez, I need to figure maaz out again :P17:25
queeryJust had a run and it did not go well so excuse the panting17:25
Cantidehey kbmonkey :)17:25
Cantidehehe, run more :) it will get easier :)17:26
SmilyBorgkey kbmonkey17:26
queeryHi kb17:26
queeryNo it dont17:26
MeesterarendHey all17:26
kbmonkeyhello SmilyBorg :]17:27
nuvolarioh come on. where did Maaz' help go?17:27
queeryHi meesterarend 17:27
Kiloswe near to our record methinks inetpro ?17:27
MeesterarendI'll be here for afew minutes17:27
Kiloswasnt it 4517:27
queeryMaaz how di I start a meeting 17:27
Maazqueery: Excuse me?17:27
kbmonkeyMaaz, help meeting17:27
Maazkbmonkey: Take minutes of an IRC Meeting. You can use it like this:17:27
Maaz  (start | end) meeting [about <title>]17:27
Maaz  I am <True Name>17:27
Maaz  topic <topic>17:27
Maaz  (agreed | idea | accepted | rejected) <statement>17:27
Maaz  minutes so far17:27
Maaz  meeting title is <title>17:27
nuvolarihmm. I'm sure the synax changed, not?17:28
queeryMaaz coffee on17:28
* Maaz starts grinding coffee17:28
nuvolaribut thanks kbmonkey 17:28
queeryCan't be17:28
mazalevening all17:28
queeryKilos record? 17:29
kbmonkeypheweee what a monday17:29
nuvolariMaaz: coffee please17:29
Maaznuvolari: Alrighty17:29
queeryMazal.... That's gonna get confusing 17:29
Kiloswhen drubin was here we had 45 peeps on xchat17:29
* inetpro will be late17:29
Kilos42 tonight17:29
nuvolarioh dear17:29
queeryReally. But how many active 17:30
nuvolariMaaz: start meeting about Monthly IRC Meeting17:30
Kilos9 show away17:30
* Maaz gets out his memo-pad and cracks his knuckles17:30
queeryMaaz I am Dewald 17:30
Maazqueery: Righto17:30
KilosMaaz, I am Miles Sharpe17:30
MaazKilos: Sure17:30
nuvolariMaaz: I am Johan Mynhardt17:30
Maaznuvolari: Alrighty17:30
mazalMaaz I am Wikus van Dyk17:31
Maazmazal: Okay17:31
SmilyBorgMaaz I am Una Karlsen17:31
MaazSmilyBorg: Sure17:31
inetproMaaz: I am Gustav H Meyer17:31
Maazinetpro: Sure17:31
floydunn20183Maaz: I am Tim Venn17:31
Maazfloydunn20183: Done17:31
kbmonkeyMaaz, I am wesley werner17:31
Maazkbmonkey: Yessir17:31
MeesterarendMaaz I am Frans de Waal17:31
MaazMeesterarend: Okay17:31
magtieMaaz I am Magda Smith17:31
Maazmagtie: Yessir17:31
nuvolariMaaz: topic Welcoming and Introduction17:31
MaazCurrent Topic: Welcoming and Introduction17:31
* inetpro wbb17:31
Kiloshi StephanWessels 17:31
nuvolariGood evening everyone17:31
Kilosok inetpro 17:31
StephanWesselsHi everyone17:31
kbmonkeygood evening :)17:31
nuvolariwelcome to our first meeting for 2013!17:31
queeryDankie 17:31
KilosStephanWessels, do the thing with the bot17:32
nuvolariMay you all have a great year ahead of you, an I believe our community will bloom17:32
StephanWessels? new to this17:32
MaazCoffee's ready for queery and nuvolari!17:32
queeryMaaz ty17:32
Kilos  as in maaz I am Stephan surname17:32
MaazYou are welcome queery17:32
StephanWesselsMaaz I am Stephan Wessels17:32
MaazStephanWessels: Alrighty17:32
nuvolariah, a special welcome to first time visitors17:33
StephanWesselsthanks :-)17:33
Kiloswelcome guys17:33
queeryHi peeps17:33
CantideMaaz: I am Karl Wortmann17:33
MaazCantide: Alrighty17:33
KilosMaaz, welcome17:33
MaazWelcome to tonights meeting everyone17:33
queeryMaaz will make you coffee if you ask nicely 17:33
Kilostumbleweed, ?17:34
kbmonkeybut she does not do sandwiches17:34
nuvolariok, I'm bad at introductions, so please forgive me if I could have handled this better. Suggestions are welcome17:34
mazalor steak17:34
nuvolarihi hubx 17:34
queeryMaaz what is for lunch17:34
Maazqueery: How about some soup?17:34
nuvolarioh yeah, before we proceed:17:34
tumbleweedMaaz: I am Stefano Rivera17:34
Maaztumbleweed: Righto17:34
nuvolariMaaz: meeting.agenda17:35
Maaznuvolari: meeting.agenda is http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/ubuntu-za/529/detail/17:35
nuvolariMaaz: meeting.minutes17:35
Maaznuvolari: meeting.minutes is http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2013/01/21/%23ubuntu-za.html#t17:3017:35
kbmonkeyah, thanks nuvolari 17:35
nuvolariYou're welcome kbmonkey 17:35
nuvolariDid everyone have a good break over the holidays?17:35
queeryHi Stefano 17:36
queeryWas awesome17:36
kbmonkeythe holidays only serve to make you want more of them ;)17:36
Cantideindeed :)17:36
nuvolariyeah :-/17:36
queeryApparently druben is still alive. I saw him... 17:36
nuvolarimissing mine a lot17:36
queery*drubin 17:37
* nuvolari pokes drubin17:37
queeryBloody auto correct 17:37
nuvolariok, moving on17:37
nuvolariMaaz: topic Rewiev Previous Minutes17:37
MaazCurrent Topic: Rewiev Previous Minutes17:37
queeryRe what? 17:38
nuvolariso, I'll give everyone a while to gaze over the last meeting's minutes17:38
nuvolarican maaz fix that?17:38
nuvolarihow do I fix it?17:38
* nuvolari freaks out17:38
queeryNo you need a new topic 17:38
tumbleweedyou don't. ignore it :)17:38
nuvolariok, I believe everyone will be able to tell what I tried to say there17:39
Kilostake it easy nuvolari no stress17:39
queeryYea my dyslexia already fixed it17:39
Banlammaaz, i am gareth cawood17:39
MaazBanlam: Done17:39
nuvolariKilos: the internet never forgets... so I can't make too many mishaps :P17:40
Kiloshi Banlam 17:40
queeryHey bum bum17:40
nuvolariBanlam: are you family of Elize Cawood?17:40
Kilosso what nuvolari its a typo17:40
Banlamnuvolari, we're all related17:40
MeesterarendNuvolari calm down and it'll start to flow :)17:40
Banlambut I don't know her17:40
nuvolarilol ok Banlam 17:40
nuvolaritrying Meesterarend :P it's much better17:41
queeryOk so last time on survivor 17:41
Banlammy dad only has sisters, and my grandad was an only child, so not closely related to any other cawoods17:41
nuvolariok, so, does anyone have something they want to discuss from the last meeting?17:41
queeryHow about well done chaps... 17:41
queeryAnd dames 17:42
nuvolarioh ya! the LoCo Approval :D17:42
StephanWesselsWell done!17:42
nuvolariCongratulations to everyone once again17:42
nuvolariand thank you for being part of the community and making it worth everyone's while17:42
queeryAnd it's REapproval 17:43
* nuvolari needs an assistant17:43
nuvolariqueery: are you up for it?17:43
queeryIt's name is maar.... 17:43
queeryMaaz 17:43
kbmonkeyand thanks to everyone who helped build that reapproval page. super work17:43
nuvolarimaaz has the mind of a bot17:44
Kiloshi cocooncrash 17:44
queeryI wonder why... 17:44
cocooncrashKilos: Hi17:44
Kilosyou wanna join us17:44
amanicaMaaz I am Marius Kruger17:44
Maazamanica: Done17:44
kbmonkeysure nuvolari, what assistance do you need?17:45
cocooncrashKilos: For?17:45
nuvolariok, nothing more from the last meeting?17:45
Kilosmonthly meet cocooncrash 17:45
nuvolarikbmonkey: the little errors that I let past me :P17:45
kbmonkeyoh the mailing list stats?17:45
nuvolarihmm, ya we still need those, not?17:45
queeryJust say "Maaz, my name is (insert name here)" Pick cocooncrash 17:46
queery*ignore the pick17:46
cocooncrashqueery: I know how the bot works, I wrote half of it :P17:46
Kilosqueery, maa is his bot17:46
queeryOh sorry17:46
queeryWhen is this17:46
nuvolarisee, maaz is as quiet as he is... :P 17:47
nuvolarionly talks when spoken to :-/17:47
queeryWho not when17:47
cocooncrashMaaz: I am Michael Gorven17:47
Maazcocooncrash: Yessir17:47
queeryIt's the running I telz ya17:47
nuvolariMaaz: topic Administrativia & Announcements17:47
MaazCurrent Topic: Administrativia & Announcements17:47
nuvolariSo, we started with a Google+ Community, a little quiet still17:48
queeryInteresting word play17:48
queeryNuvolari did you also go running before the meeting 17:48
nuvolariqueery: no lol, why?17:49
nuvolariam I going too fast?17:49
* inetpro following the stream17:49
kbmonkeywas just about to say there is a G+ page now :)17:49
queeryNo your administrativia... 17:49
queeryOk so now we are on g+ twitter and Facebook 17:50
nuvolariMaaz: goole+.community is https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/11732224777991027599217:50
Maaznuvolari: Got it17:50
inetprowho's running the facebook page?17:51
queeryAnd IRC and have our own page17:51
inetproanything happening there?17:51
Kiloshi charl__ 17:51
queeryDon't know. We are more g+ people. 17:51
nuvolariwait, I lost you queery 17:51
charl__good evening17:51
charl__hi Kilos 17:51
nuvolariwelcome back magtie 17:51
Kilossign in charl__ 17:51
nuvolarihowdy charl__ 17:51
charl__Kilos: sign in?17:52
charl__hi nuvolari 17:52
inetprowe now have 23 members on the G+ community and +69 for our page17:52
queeryNuvolari, where 17:52
Kilostype maaz I am Full Name17:52
charl__oh sorry we have a meeting i see17:52
nuvolaricharl__: to maaz: "I am Charl <surname>"17:52
charl__happened to come in at the right time then :)17:52
charl__Maaz: i am Charl van Niekerk17:52
Maazcharl__: Done17:52
Kilosfrom no house man17:52
nuvolariooh, 24 members17:52
Kilosoh no church17:52
nuvolarigrowing quick17:52
inetpro42 members have the page in their circles17:53
kbmonkeyhey the g+ page greww by 3 members in 5 minutes17:53
Kilosam i there kbmonkey 17:53
Kilosi think so17:53
Kiloshi locodir-user 17:53
nuvolariwe probably need to structure it?17:53
Kiloswelcome to ubuntu-za monthly meeting17:53
nuvolariso far only "All posts" and Events exist17:53
queeryMaybe we need an app :p17:54
nuvolariqueery: it's called Google+ for mobile :P17:54
inetproso how many members still use fb?17:54
locodir-userHi Chas.I as locodir-user. Sorry to be late. I just want to observe tonight. Thanks17:54
nuvolariI dig superfly's speedy typing17:55
kbmonkeybut we have an app, multiplayer notepad aka irc ;D17:55
nuvolarihi locodir-user, welcome :)17:55
nuvolariWe hope you will enjoy your stay here17:55
Kilosinetpro, isnt this a record17:55
kbmonkeyhello locodir-user 17:56
queerySo who is getting ubuntu mobile17:56
inetproKilos: I'm not sure17:56
Kilosi think it was 45 with drubin17:56
inetproKilos: we should probably keep some form of stats17:56
kbmonkeyKilos, yes you are, and in my circles too17:56
Kilosty kbmonkey 17:56
Kilosi dont go there often17:56
nuvolarithings are becoming a social nightmare these days17:57
kbmonkeyme neither, some geeks we are, huh ;)17:57
Kilosthe pro lives there and on twitter17:57
queeryI think we should scale down to be quite honest17:57
Kilosoh the ssh thing17:57
nuvolarigoogle+ brings everything together17:57
kbmonkeygood call queery 17:57
inetpromultiple social mediums should not matter17:57
nuvolariditto, I agree on that17:57
queeryI vote for -google17:58
Cantideinetpro, sometimes there are nice posts on the FB page which i read17:58
inetproas long as we don't expect everyone to be everywhere 17:58
Cantideand sometimes 'like'17:58
Kilosno man leave it17:58
Kilosthe dlug guys have hangouts on g+17:58
inetproI'll be honest I couldn't keep up on the fb page and unsubscribed there17:58
nuvolarioh yeah, that was fun17:58
Kilosso maybe we can attract some of them here17:58
nuvolari3 so far this year17:59
nuvolariwe're not a crowd yet :P17:59
* inetpro finds that G+ community is very useful but still under utilised across many forums17:59
inetprouh oh17:59
nuvolarioh the splits18:00
* queery agrees18:00
nuvolariwb tumbleweed 18:00
Kiloswb tumbleweed 18:00
nuvolariI'll be experimenting weth the local Photo Club's community page next week18:00
magespawnevening all18:00
kbmonkeyit is confusing how ubuntu-za is a g+ user, and there is a community page too18:00
nuvolarihowdy magespawn 18:00
magespawnHey nuvolari18:01
queeryYea. I say murge18:01
nuvolariyeah, google+ pages now feel a bit redundant18:01
MeesterarendFb still have serves some18:01
nuvolarito be honest18:01
Kiloshi magespawn 18:01
inetprokbmonkey: no, there's a ubuntu-za page with a ubuntu-za community18:01
MeesterarendMaybe use it to anounce the meets?18:01
magespawnWe still meeting?18:01
nuvolarimagespawn: affirmative18:02
queeryBut can't the group do that better,? 18:02
kbmonkeythanks for clearing that up, inetpro :)18:02
magespawnMaaz I am Greg Eames18:02
Maazmagespawn: Righto18:02
inetprokbmonkey: oh but I guess the user is a given as well, as part of the page18:02
nuvolariI tried to maintain a page but it's really a pain18:02
queeryOk we really also need to move on18:03
inetprokbmonkey: unfortunately when I created the page g+ communities didn't exist yet18:03
queeryCan we discuss this on the mailing list18:03
kbmonkeyyes, let us move on. 18:03
queeryOr better in the g+ group18:03
inetproI'm sure we can move on18:03
nuvolariMaaz: agreed: discuss social media on the mailing list (google+ communties, page, facebook)18:04
Maaznuvolari: What?18:04
nuvolariMaaz: agree discuss social media on the mailing list (google+ communties, page, facebook)18:04
Maaznuvolari: Sorry...18:04
nuvolariMaaz: meeting help18:04
Maaznuvolari: Huh?18:04
queerySonder die:18:04
kbmonkeyMaaz, help meeting18:04
Maazkbmonkey: Take minutes of an IRC Meeting. You can use it like this:18:04
Maaz  (start | end) meeting [about <title>]18:04
Maaz  I am <True Name>18:04
Maaz  topic <topic>18:04
Maaz  (agreed | idea | accepted | rejected) <statement>18:04
Maaz  minutes so far18:04
Maaz  meeting title is <title>18:04
nuvolariMaaz: agreed discuss social media on the mailing list (google+ communties, page, facebook)18:04
MaazAgreed: discuss social media on the mailing list (google+ communties, page, facebook)18:04
queeryDasy 18:04
kbmonkeythe bot does not like that extra colon. oops18:05
superflyMaaz: I am Raoul Snyman18:05
Maazsuperfly: Sure18:05
nuvolariMaaz: topic Ubuntu+1 development status and community feedback18:05
MaazCurrent Topic: Ubuntu+1 development status and community feedback18:05
nuvolariwelcome superfly 18:05
Kiloshi superfly 18:05
nuvolariI'm out of the loop on this topic18:05
queeryWhat's that18:05
Kilosglad you could make it18:05
nuvolarianyone care to lead this one?18:05
* superfly just got back from an Afrikaans lesson18:05
kbmonkeywb and well done, superfly 18:05
nuvolariNaand superfly :) Gaan dit goed met jou?18:06
queeryWelkom super vlieg 18:06
kbmonkeyis this topic about feedback of the current release?18:06
inetpronuvolari: who has tried the latest development version?18:06
queeryWhat is it18:06
inetpronuvolari: oops... not to you... to everyone18:06
kbmonkeyoh latest dev, nope. the latest tried is 12.1018:06
nuvolariheh, I'm falling behind here, 12.04 still18:06
queery? 18:07
MeesterarendSame here18:07
queeryMaaz what is ubuntu+118:07
Maazqueery: Erk, dunno18:07
inetprothere are many ways to take part in the development process18:07
* nuvolari googles18:07
queeryMaaz Google ubuntu+118:07
Maazqueery: "Ubuntu One : Home" https://one.ubuntu.com/ :: "Ubuntu One : Downloads : Windows : More Info" https://one.ubuntu.com/downloads/mac/ :: "Ubuntu One : Free" https://one.ubuntu.com/services/free/ :: "Ubuntu One for Windows" https://one.ubuntu.com/downloads/windows/ :: "Ubuntu One - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ubuntu_One ::18:07
Maaz"Ubuntu +1 (Quantal Quetzal) (Closed) - Ubuntu Forums" http://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay…18:07
mazalqueery, it's 13.04 basically18:08
queeryDit help..... 18:08
superflyek leer nie Afrikaans nie, ek gee Afrikaans lesse 18:08
nuvolarioh :P18:08
inetproqueery: Raring Ringtail18:08
queeryAs in the next release? 18:08
queeryHoekom sê jy nie net so nie18:09
mazalqueery, dis die volgende uitgawe lol18:09
inetproso is it only tumbleweed here who is part of the development process?18:09
nuvolariwhat a disappointment :-/ I thought it's like google+ :P18:09
queeryCouldn't it be roaring... 18:09
* inetpro we should all strive to learn from the man18:09
kbmonkeylooking for the feature/changelist, but here is a post by mark: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/119518:09
mazalI think I should look into that next time I want to test something new18:10
inetproai... not jus me18:10
kbmonkeyset to release in April18:10
queeryOk btw. I still have some of your cd's18:11
queeryOf the previous release 18:11
inetproso maybe some of you guys should start testing18:11
inetproand report back in the next meeting18:11
kbmonkeyhow many cd's about, queery ?18:11
queeryI have jhb and PTA's share 18:11
kbmonkeywould love to test 13.04 if I can get an image18:12
mazalinetpro, do you have a link handy for where to dl 13.04 ?18:12
queeryHavn't gotten them to the distributors yet18:12
kbmonkeyqueery, can we follow up with that on the mailing list?18:12
inetpromazal: we'll try to find out after the meeting18:12
Kilosyou slacking queery 18:12
nuvolariinteresting: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UsingDevelopmentReleases18:12
queeryI know 18:13
mazalinetpro, then maybe send it out on the mailing list please ?18:13
* queery bow my head in shame 18:13
inetpromazal: check that ^^ from nuvolari18:13
inetpronuvolari: next?18:14
nuvolariMaaz: next18:14
Maaznuvolari: Sorry...18:14
nuvolariMaaz: agreed Share some information on the mailing list about ubuntu development versions18:14
MaazAgreed: Share some information on the mailing list about ubuntu development versions18:14
nuvolariMaaz: topic Events18:14
MaazCurrent Topic: Events18:14
queeryWe need more people to attend ubuntu hours 18:15
nuvolaripast event: major high for us: Ubuntu-ZA re-approval18:15
queery(especially the ones I org) 18:15
mazalThat might be it , I THINK :P18:15
nuvolariIt's a bit hard here in KZN :-/ but we're starting to get things in motion18:16
nuvolariwe ended the year well, and we started off with a couple of test hangouts, and our first 'broadcast'18:16
Kilosnuvolari, rope in the dlug peeps18:16
nuvolariI'll find the link quick18:16
queeryI'll org one for feb18:16
Kiloswith a strong rope18:16
magespawnVery spread out community18:16
inetproand I guess this is where we should take note of some comments from superfly after our re-approval, there's lot's more that should be done to make us an awesome LoCo18:17
queerySame in jhb pta18:17
nuvolarifor anyone interested in our hangout + notes, see https://plus.google.com/u/0/101611463436696898503/posts/Qj7wqkmBgyz18:17
inetproand I think what is happening in Durban is great18:17
inetpronice to see things happening18:18
queeryYea that's great 18:18
Kiloshi conradvo 18:18
nuvolarihmm, I need to find the youtube link though18:18
Kilosyou can still login with maaz18:18
queerythought the one durbs lady don't like working with us... 18:18
kbmonkeyI'd be keen for a meetup nuvolari. a trip to ballito sounds nice.18:18
KilosSmilyBorg, ?18:19
queeryWho? 18:19
SmilyBorgI'm still here18:19
kbmonkeyah kudos for that hangout link18:19
queeryUr a quiet one18:19
nuvolarithere we go: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tIOSOHHJkDM18:19
Kilosyou peeps wanna join our ubuntu hours down there SmilyBorg 18:19
SmilyBorgsorry, just tired18:19
Kilosyour dlug peeps18:20
Kilosyou can convince them for us18:20
nuvolariI'll organise one kbmonkey 18:20
SmilyBorgI can mention it on the mailing list18:20
Kilosplease do18:20
kbmonkeythanks SmilyBorg :)18:20
queeryan ubuntu hour hangout? 18:20
SmilyBorgwe're a bit of a semi organised chaos18:21
StephanWesselsThat could work18:21
nuvolariqueery: I'm up for that!18:21
kbmonkeyalso like to mention the chatter about possible gaming/lan meetups18:21
Cantidewhat did i miss?18:21
nuvolarione thing we saw is that we need to plan ahead, our hangout lasted 2 hours :P18:22
kbmonkeyprobably trickier to organize but worth a talk18:22
queeryWell the idea of the hangout is to go to a public place but I guess it could work for those that are far to tune in18:22
SmilyBorgthat sounds like fun kbmonkey18:22
magespawnThat would be good kbmonkey18:22
* inetpro just wishes that data was cheaper18:22
nuvolari+1 on that18:22
* queery agrees18:23
nuvolariok, moving on?18:23
kbmonkeyyes :)18:23
* inetpro tries to limit all things video as far as possible18:23
queeryMaaz agreed we wish data was cheaper 18:23
Maazqueery: If you say so18:23
nuvolarieek, need a title18:23
Cantidehave the hangout after 23:00 ...18:23
nuvolari"loco gaming. timezones differ too much with mexico imo"18:23
nuvolariMaaz: topic LocoGaming18:23
MaazCurrent Topic: LocoGaming18:23
nuvolariI just need to update the page, hang on18:24
magespawnCould do timezone gaming18:24
inetpronuvolari: so what time do you normally start playing games?18:24
Kilosyeah the idea is good18:25
nuvolariinetpro: I'm not a gamer :P18:25
nuvolariBut I played Oil Rush last night18:25
inetproIIRC the mexicans planned it to start at 17:00 SAST18:25
locodir-userG'nite all. I must check news. Chas.I18:25
nuvolarinight locodir-user 18:25
Kilosnight locodir-user 18:25
kbmonkeyI opt for something 1) fun and 2) does not require fast net/greased lighting latencies18:25
Kilosty for coming18:25
inetproKilos: thanks for looking after our new users18:26
CantideI think LocoGaming is an awesome idea :)18:26
nuvolarimy knowledge on required network speeds is 0 when it comes to gaming :P18:26
nuvolariooh, imagine ingress logo gaming18:26
nuvolariok, think we're running out of time18:27
queeryI r ingressing18:27
kbmonkeyI'd like to hear some more suggestions of games on the list from all of you :)18:27
nuvolariIs there anything more that someone wants to add?18:27
Kilosjust thanks to the chair and all atendees18:28
kbmonkeynot from this side, nuvolari 18:28
* inetpro is done for now18:28
StephanWesselsnothing from my side18:28
nuvolariok good, closing down18:28
nuvolariMaaz: topic Elect chairperson for next meeting18:29
MaazCurrent Topic: Elect chairperson for next meeting18:29
magespawnYou can play non action stuff over dial up18:29
inetproalways tons of more stuff that I think of after a meeting18:29
Kilosnuvolari, ++18:29
magespawnNuvolari +118:29
Cantidemagespawn, are there any turn-based games on Ubuntu?18:29
inetpronuvolari: +118:29
kbmonkeynuvolari for chair and myself for backup18:29
nuvolariI'm available for the next meeting if you want me to run?18:29
nuvolari18 February18:29
nuvolariMaaz: agreed chair for next meeting: nuvolari 18:29
MaazAgreed: chair for next meeting: nuvolari18:29
magespawnCantide yes Civilization not sure what others18:29
* kbmonkey calendarizes it in calcurse18:30
nuvolariIs everyone happy with the 18th of February?18:30
queeryDo we have a choice :018:30
kbmonkeyvery true magespawn. freeciv and hedgewars18:30
queeryLove hedgewars 18:30
nuvolariMaaz: agreed next meeting: February 18, 201318:30
MaazAgreed: next meeting: February 18, 201318:30
nuvolariqueery: I guess you have18:30
magespawnWill have a look18:30
inetprosame time18:30
queerySame place18:31
nuvolariMaaz: topic Closing18:31
MaazCurrent Topic: Closing18:31
nuvolariRight, thank you everyone18:31
queeryDankie nuvi18:31
Kilosthank you nuvolari great meet18:31
nuvolarithis was a very productive meeting I think18:31
inetprothanks nuvolari18:31
nuvolariplesier queery 18:31
Kiloswhere is Squirm 18:31
StephanWesselsThanks nuvolari18:31
kbmonkeykudos to mister chairman18:31
nuvolariheh :>18:31
* nuvolari blushes18:32
inetpronuvolari: not as many topics as you and Steve had there18:32
queeryOk I have to go bath18:32
nuvolariinetpro: steve?18:32
queeryMy BF ain't liking the smell coming off me... 18:32
inetpronuvolari: oops... I mean Vince18:32
nuvolariSee you all at the next meeting18:33
inetproVince-0: ey, you even here?18:33
kbmonkeylol queery :p18:33
nuvolariMaaz: end meeting18:33
MaazMeeting Ended18:33
MaazMinutes available at json: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2013-01-21-17-30-25.json :: txt: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2013-01-21-17-30-25.txt :: html: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2013-01-21-17-30-25.html18:33
Vince-0yar reading, on the phone18:33
Kilosnice meeting guys18:33
* mazal gonna check out that development link now18:33
* nuvolari cheers on a good meeting18:33
kbmonkeyI received my Ingress invite today, have not tried it yet18:34
queeryBye guys 18:34
Cantidebye queery '-'//18:34
nuvolarikbmonkey: not missing anything :-/18:34
kbmonkeybye bye18:34
inetprogood night queery18:34
nuvolariit's too quiet around here18:34
queeryAddd me on g+18:34
Kiloscheers queery 18:34
nuvolaricheers queery 18:34
kbmonkeyah good to know nuvolari 18:34
nuvolariI'm out too, have a good evening everyone18:34
SmilyBorgkbmonkey: there are too few portals in Durban at the moment and most are in the gateway/glenashey area18:35
Kilosdankie seun lekker slaap18:35
floydunn20183cheers and thanks18:35
nuvolariThought for the week: "I entend to live forever. So far, so good."18:35
kbmonkeyah, for interest, anyone here have experience setting up vpn's and is it trickier than easy?18:35
Kilosnight floydunn20183 18:35
inetproqueery: https://plus.google.com/communities/11732224777991027599218:35
nuvolaridankie oom Kilos, oom ook18:35
inetproqueery: can't you join?18:35
queeryI'm there18:35
queeryDewald noeth18:35
SmilyBorgI've done various kinds of vpns. some are easier than others18:36
kbmonkeyokay SmilyBorg :)18:36
queeryLook for the gay guy... 18:36
kbmonkeycurious to setup a vpn to try loco gaming18:37
* SmilyBorg nods18:37
SmilyBorgsite to site isn't too bad18:37
kbmonkeyfor those games that dont play via hosted servers18:37
kbmonkeyok :)18:37
SmilyBorgbut muti site stuff starts geting hectic18:37
inetproKilos: meeting is over, now you can talk again18:38
kbmonkeynot much of a gamer anymore. but tried a freeciv game 2 weeks ago. my brain melted trying to understand the tech tree :p18:38
inetproSmilyBorg: nice to see you back here as well18:39
SmilyBorgI've mainly been playing RPGs for the last while. Still wandering around Skyrim picking flowers :-)18:39
kbmonkeyyes, it certainly is nice to see you back smily18:39
SmilyBorgjust been too busy at work to be on IRC during the day and rather tired in the evenings18:40
kbmonkeybeen playing mtg more than pc though18:40
inetproSmilyBorg: no worries, we all in the same boat18:40
kbmonkeyI feel the same SmilyBorg. 18:40
kbmonkeyKilos, magic the gathering. its a collectible card game.18:41
kbmonkeypaper technology. old school.18:41
SmilyBorgg, that brings back memories. I had MTG cards when I was in high school18:41
mazalI have a question re the development release18:42
magespawnI have a stack of them18:42
mazalIf I install this: raring-desktop-amd64.iso from here http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/18:42
mazalWill it then update the daily changes just like the stable ubuntu's , or do you have to install the latest iso say every week to get the changes ?18:43
Kilosask tumbleweed mazal 18:43
Kiloshe is one of the dev team18:44
Kilosand drussell 18:44
kbmonkeywell I'm going afk to make some tea18:44
kbmonkeythat is a good question, mazql18:45
mazalI really want to try this , but don't want to DL an iso every few days18:45
Kilosand i tink the fly plays as well18:45
mazalUpdates every day would be fine18:45
Kilosit most likely will18:46
kbmonkeywould the development rlease be based on debian sid?18:46
conradvohi mazel i instaaled raring-desktop-i386.iso in vb and it updates every day18:46
mazalThanx conradvo 18:46
mazalSo it already have it's own repositories ?18:47
conradvoit looks like it use some of 12.10 and its own18:47
mazalCool , now I know what that "project" is I was looking for hehehe18:48
conradvoi just updated and there was 5.7 mb of updates to unity18:48
mazalOk I'm going horizontal 18:51
mazalSleep well everyone18:51
Kilosnight mazal 18:51
Kiloshey new guys you are welcome here daily not just for meetings hey18:52
Kilosubuntu-za should be a default login app18:52
kbmonkeyif only i could get on to irc in the day, kilos :)18:52
Kiloskbmonkey, you friends with the dlug peeps18:53
Kilossomeone must have a workaround18:53
Kilosbut no excuses for staying off for weeks at a time18:53
kbmonkeynot much one can do when the net is locked down like a klei os se g** ;)18:54
Kilosunlock it man18:54
kbmonkeyI *could* use ssh on port 80 if I had a server to setup as such18:54
Kilosgoogle is your friend18:54
SmilyBorgAndChat for android18:54
kbmonkeythe computer that controls the net, is behind a vault and not my property.18:55
SmilyBorgthat could probably be arranged kbmonkey18:55
Kilosmy modem was locked to saudi arabia too18:55
Kilosgoogle sorted that18:55
kbmonkeyyes I will install andchat again SmilyBorg :)18:55
Kilosno man i cant get andchat working here18:56
Kilosall that funny stuff18:56
Kilosandroid stuff18:56
SmilyBorgI could probably arrange a shell account and port forward on one of my machines here. I have a server that sits mostly idle at home on my uncapped18:56
kbmonkeygot my phone updated to a newer gingerbread, pretty glad about that18:56
kbmonkeyi have a shell account on port 2222 but that port is also blocked.18:57
kbmonkeyhowever AndChat should work18:57
SmilyBorgI can do on port 80. not hosting anything public here18:57
kbmonkeythat is kind to offer SmilyBorg :)18:58
kbmonkeyhow about I bug you about it if I struggle with the android too much? :)18:59
Kilosnight all. sleep tight18:59
kbmonkeythe building at work has as many layers of concrete as a french pastiserie, so signal is flakey in certain rooms19:00
SmilyBorgwhere about do you work kbmonkey?19:01
kbmonkeyI will give it a try though. always worth a try19:01
kbmonkeyit is one of those call-centre buildings behind gateway19:01
SmilyBorgthe gateway area sucks for cell coverage too19:02
SmilyBorgI think the towers are over saturated19:02
SmilyBorghad issues at my previous 2 jobs that were across the road from gateway19:02
kbmonkeyyep, it certainly is. I find forcing 2G gives better signal, mostly :)19:03
SmilyBorgon which provider? last time I did that on MTN I lost all data access19:03
kbmonkeyand 8ta has the bestest signal of all19:03
kbmonkey8ta for data-only (like now), in the day its vodacom (for calls too)19:04
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SmilyBorga few years back i heard that mtn had split their data and voice stuff on the towers so 2g was voice only, at least in some areas19:05
SmilyBorgit seemed about right from the anecdotal evidince from tests I did along with my coleags at the time19:06
kbmonkeywhat's wrong, superfly ?19:07
superflykbmonkey: being a parent is tiring...19:08
inetprosuperfly: sorry19:08
kbmonkeyI guess 2G could carry voice data, isn't voice like only 16Khz data rate?19:08
* superfly is just trying to relax a little before heading off to bed19:08
kbmonkeykids do demand a lot of attention, don't they.19:09
superflykbmonkey: and energy19:09
inetprokbmonkey: luckily it's not just all sufferings19:10
kbmonkeylike the prospect of creating a little hacker? 19:11
SmilyBorgaah, interesting. standard gsm is 2G. 1G was the old analog cell tech19:14
kbmonkeywow it does go back a long way19:15
SmilyBorgthen gprs is 2.5G and Edge is 2.75G19:15
SmilyBorgat least according to this artical19:15
kbmonkeywell I am going to do some recreational activity to reset the brain before sleep ^.^19:18
SmilyBorgsounds like a plan19:18
kbmonkeyit's a good way to have nicer dreams19:18
kbmonkeycos the brain seems to dream in loops otherwise19:19
SmilyBorgI should probably find a better option than watching Dexter19:19
superflyme too, I'm going to write some unit tests19:19
SmilyBorgeek. I've had that before when stressed or overly excited or stimulated19:19
kbmonkeybeen invited to a poker game tomorrow, so might not get online then. so have a good night, all.19:20
SmilyBorgsweet dreams cutey ;-)19:21
magespawnLater all.19:43

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