Squirmis it possible to ban timkeller with a reason to contact a channel admin when he is back?05:07
Kilosmorning superfly and others05:13
superflyhi Kilos 05:14
superflySquirm: I don't think any of us has that level of access, nor is IRC able to do precisely that.05:15
superflyMaaz: tell timkeller please quit IRC at night if your client is going to timeout - we appreciate not seeing the join/timeout spam05:20
Maaz_superfly: Sure, I'll tell timkeller on freenode05:20
superflytimkeller: ping05:21
magespawnmorning all05:43
magespawnSquirm you can tell your client to ignore joins/quits then you won't see those messages05:43
magespawnMaaz_: tell Kilos good morning and the edit of fstab worked05:50
Maaz_magespawn: Sure, I'll tell Kilos on freenode05:50
nuvolario/ mornings06:18
magespawnhey nuvolari06:24
superflymorning magespawn, nuvolari06:34
magespawnhey superfly06:34
magespawni do not think timkeller is aware of what is happening06:35
superflymagespawn: I highly doubt it06:36
magespawnhe? never seems to be on chat06:36
superflymagespawn: sorry, I realise I was probably confusing... I meant to say that I highly doubt he is aware of it06:40
N8Wulfg'morning all06:42
inetprogood morning06:44
magespawnlol @ superfly06:47
magespawnmorning inetpro06:47
inetprotimkeller: wb06:48
magespawnwould be intersting to see the greeter in action with this06:48
inetprohi magespawn, superfly, Squirm06:49
superflyhi inetpro06:50
superflytimkeller: boo!06:50
superflytimkeller: ohi06:59
superflytimkeller: wb07:07
Squirmlol superfly 07:13
superflyohi Squirm07:15
Squirmhello timkeller 07:18
superflytimkeller: wb07:21
superflytimkeller: wb07:27
inetprosuperfly: you think he is still welcome?07:30
superflyinetpro: nah, I figure if I bug him enough he'll do something :-P07:30
inetprois there no one here who has his email address?07:30
superflycould probably find it somewhere in my mail... at home07:31
inetproor his IM address07:31
inetproor phone number07:31
Vince-0lols still flapping07:58
Kiloshreat magespawn , hi there08:43
Kiloshiya maiatoday 08:43
Kilosgreat magespawn 08:45
Kilostimkeller, ping08:51
magespawnhey Kilos08:51
Kilosi wonder what is up with timkeller connection or whether its his hardware08:56
inetproat this rate of instability timkeller should not be using the internet at all08:56
inetprogood morning Kilos08:57
Kilosgood morning inetpro it is kinda bad hey?08:57
Kilosive been offline reinstalling so missed few hours. hasnt he answered yet08:58
Kilos12.04 is my moses08:59
Kilosback on cell09:00
Symmetriaok, so question09:01
Symmetriaif you write some very evil code, that could for example take out every linux/freebsd/windows box on a shared network segment in seconds09:02
Symmetriaforcing reboots on them09:02
Symmetriawould you release it or just delete it and pretend you never wrote it ;p09:02
Symmetriaheh, there were documents about this particular issue but I wanted to see just how real it was09:03
Symmetriaso I wrote code to test it09:03
Kilosor remove the linux part09:03
Symmetriakilos lol, *any* box that has ipv6 enabled on it09:03
Kilosit sounds very evil09:03
Symmetriathat receives RA's 09:03
Symmetriais vulnerable to it09:03
Symmetriabasically, here is the deal09:03
SymmetriaIPv6 uses things called RA (route announcements)09:03
Symmetriaso that boxes can get addresses automatically09:03
Symmetriaits like, a dumbed down version of dhcp09:04
Symmetriaexcept, instead of *changing* the address, it *adds* an address09:04
Symmetriait is possible to specify the prefix as well09:04
Symmetriawhich means, you can spew thousands of fake RA announcements onto a network segment09:04
Symmetriaand every v6 box starts adding v6 addresses 09:04
Symmetriafrom fake prefix's09:04
Symmetriaonce they have added a few thousand, well, goodbye to the box 09:05
Kiloswhew thats nasty09:05
Symmetriait does NOT require the network to be v6 enabled09:05
Symmetriaall it requires is the box to be v6 enabled and accepting ra's 09:05
Kiloswhere you learned to do bad things like that?09:05
Symmetria(the default on almost every v6 system out there)09:06
Symmetriakilos haha, I wrote my first network exploit code back in 1998 ;p09:06
Symmetriaand its always the simplest code to write09:06
Kiloswhat gave you the idea to write it?09:07
Symmetriawas looking at security for another network09:07
Symmetriaand trying to figure out where the problems were09:07
Kilosnow write some code that can stop such a crack getting in09:08
Kilosand give it to launchpad09:08
Kilosor the firewall peeps09:09
Symmetriaheh, there is a fix for it in some switches already, but most switches don't support ra-guard09:12
Symmetriaand you can firewall it out in linux 09:12
Symmetriabut if you do firewall it out, you break RA functionality09:12
Symmetriaand thats actually pretty necessary09:12
Kilosfix it09:14
Vince-0Hey, Symmetria - do you have any docs / links on that exploit ?09:35
Symmetriavince http://seclists.org/fulldisclosure/2011/Apr/86 that was someone talking about the bug itself, but I never saw anyone write anything to actually exploit it till now09:37
Symmetriaand that announcement leaves out a bunch of things09:37
Symmetriaits not about updating the routing information, its about filling up the address table09:37
Symmetriaand the solutions proposed in that document aren't viable either09:37
Symmetriathat bug I was talking about10:58
Kilosyes Symmetria 10:58
Symmetriayou don't even need to write code to exploit it10:58
Symmetriaa linux box + radvd + a few bash scripts 10:58
Symmetria= death ;p10:58
Symmetrialinux can transmit those router advertisments, you just configure it to do so10:58
Symmetriaand then write scripts to randomly aliase and dealiase the prefix's to the interface10:59
Symmetriaand watch the linux box do all the transmissions for you10:59
Symmetriahahahaha so evil10:59
Kilos dont start enjoying it10:59
Kilosjust now you become a bad guy11:00
Symmetriakilos hahaha breaking stuff is always fun ;p11:00
Kilosno man11:03
Kilosrather help frans fix the server11:04
magespawnSymmetria: the notice says linux fixed it already?12:45
inetpromagespawn: please call timkeller and tell him to go away12:53
inetprojust like that12:57
nuvolaribut serves him right12:57
inetpronuvolari: I guess you are bready for the meeting this eve?12:58
magespawni just ignored joins/quits12:59
inetproready as well*12:59
nuvolariinetpro: affirmative12:59
inetpronuvolari: thanks12:59
* inetpro not sure I'll make it12:59
inetprohave this stupid migraine again12:59
inetpromagespawn: ignoring the joins/quits only hides the problem13:00
magespawnindeed not much else i could do though13:01
inetprorephrase: *only hides the problem for you13:01
Symmetriahttp://www.alstonnetworks.net/motion-test-2.mp4 <=== video image stabilization ftw 13:01
Symmetriaconsidering that clip was taken on a dash mounted hand camera with no stabilization, and I stabilized it purely in software afterwards13:01
Symmetria(and I was MOVING when I was driving there, never drop below 160kph in that entire clip)13:02
magespawninetpro how long does he get kicked for?13:06
inetpromagespawn: until he rejoins13:08
magespawnahh okay so not an actual ban but he will have to manually rejoin13:09
nuvolarisee you guys now now15:09
tumbleweedif I miss the meeting - I want to organise a global jam in cape town15:32
Kilosso inetpro ty for the tweet15:38
Kiloswhere is the email15:38
nuvolarihi oom Kilos 15:59
superflytumbleweed: I'm up for joining that15:59
Kiloslo nuvolari 15:59
nuvolariI #hashed a meeting item but now I can't remember the used tag16:03
nuvolariMaaz_: meeting.agenda16:05
Maaz_nuvolari: meeting.agenda is http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/ubuntu-za/529/detail/16:05
nuvolariMaaz_: meeting.minutes16:05
Maaz_nuvolari: meeting.minutes is http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2013/01/21/%23ubuntu-za.html#t17:3016:05
nuvolariMaaz_: forget about meeting.minutes16:05
Maaz_nuvolari: I didn't know about about meeting.minutes anyway16:05
nuvolariMaaz_: meeting.minutes is http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2013-01-21-17-30-25.html16:06
Maaz_nuvolari: I already know stuff about meeting.minutes16:06
nuvolariMaaz_: forget meeting.minutes16:06
Maaz_nuvolari: Sure16:06
nuvolariMaaz_: meeting.minutes is http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2013-01-21-17-30-25.html16:06
Maaz_nuvolari: I'll remember that16:06
nuvolariMaaz_: forget meeting.agenda16:06
Maaz_nuvolari: Sure16:06
nuvolariMaaz_: meeting.agenda is http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/ubuntu-za/535/detail/16:06
Maaz_nuvolari: Got it16:06
* nuvolari ties a knot in his ear to double-check spelling tonight16:09
nuvolariheh, sharp: <kbmonkey> but we have an app, multiplayer notepad aka irc ;D16:12
magespawnlater all on my way home, meeting 19:00?16:22
magespawncool later all16:22
nuvolarisho, January was quite a busy month on the mailing list16:24
superflyhi HawkiesZA16:46
superflyremember me?16:46
HawkiesZASuperfly, banzai?16:47
superflyHawkiesZA: anyways, we're trying to figure out how to do pair programming between Cape Town and Pretoria16:47
superflyHawkiesZA: Nomanini16:48
HawkiesZAI'm trying to think what your real name is now...?16:48
HawkiesZAYes, I figured that16:48
HawkiesZAMy world just imploded a little is all16:48
superflyHawkiesZA: whois me16:49
nuvolariugh, a general question: what does anyone of you people do for inspiration? :P16:50
superflynuvolari: if I knew, I'd be pumping it out every moment16:50
nuvolarifair enough 16:51
=== SmilyBorg_h is now known as SmilyBorg
Kiloshi SmilyBorg Cantide HawkiesZA 16:59
Kilosi go eat16:59
SmilyBorghey there16:59
Kiloslo Vince-0 16:59
KilosMaaz_, announce monthly meeting in 30 mins16:59
Maaz_Announcement from Kilos! monthly meeting in 30 mins16:59
Cantidehey Kilos :)17:02
HawkiesZAHowdy Kilos 17:05
Kilosyo Mezenir 17:16
Kiloshi josvis 17:19
Kiloslo queery 17:22
HawkiesZAEvening queery 17:22
queeryhow are you boys tonight?17:22
Kilosok ty and you17:22
queerydoing orait17:22
Kiloshow come you only get here meeting times hey?17:23
queeryhehe to busy17:23
Kilosna slack17:23
queeryon the road al day and with clients17:23
queeryhehe also true17:23
Kilosthe fly and pro are also busy but they here every day17:23
Kiloseven on the train17:24
queeryhaha typing and driving is a bit different17:24
Kiloslol ya17:24
Kilosyou dont drive all day and night17:24
josvisHi Kilos, this is newbie the great17:25
Kiloswelto ubuntu-za jos17:25
nuvolarieek, I hope my coffee brews in time17:25
Kilosai josvis 17:25
nuvolariwelcome josvis 17:25
Kilostell us about yourself josvis 17:25
queerywell duing the day when im not driving im with a clients17:25
Cantidebrb O_O17:26
Kilosquick you got 2 mins17:26
nuvolarieek! I feel like a puppy17:26
queerywhere is my Kitteh17:26
nuvolaripeeing the floor with excitement17:26
Kilosover what nuvolari 17:26
* nuvolari rephrases17:27
* nuvolari leaks on the floor from excitement, like a little puppy17:27
nuvolaribetter? :P17:27
josvisKilos, I will get back to you after this meet17:27
Kilosabout what nuvolari 17:28
Kiloscool josvis 17:28
nuvolarithe meeting oom Kilos 17:28
nuvolarimy coffee is not going to make it :-/17:28
magespawnevening all17:28
Kilosoh is there something exciting coming up?17:28
nuvolarihowdy magespawn 17:28
Kiloshey magespawn 17:28
nuvolariKilos: not really, just feels like my heart wants to jump out my throat every time17:28
nuvolariMaaz_: start meeting about February IRC Meeting17:30
* Maaz_ gets out his memo-pad and cracks his knuckles17:30
magespawnnot that good for hearts to jump out of throats17:30
nuvolariMaaz_: I am Johan Mynhardt17:30
Maaz_nuvolari: Done17:30
KilosMaaz_, I am Miles Sharpe17:30
Maaz_Kilos: Done17:30
magespawnMaaz_: I am Greg Eames17:30
Maaz_magespawn: Sure17:30
HawkiesZAMaaz_: I am Gerrit Vermeulen17:30
Maaz_HawkiesZA: Righto17:30
nuvolariMaaz_: topic Welcoming and Introduction17:30
Maaz_Current Topic: Welcoming and Introduction17:30
inetproMaaz_: I am Gustav H Meyer17:30
Maaz_inetpro: Alrighty17:30
queeryMaaz_, i am Dewald17:31
Maaz_queery: Yessir17:31
Kiloslo pro17:31
nuvolariWelcome everyone!17:31
queeryMaaz_, why do you have a tail?17:31
Maaz_queery: I already know stuff about why17:31
CantideMaaz_, I am Karl Wortmann17:31
Maaz_Cantide: Okay17:31
nuvolariit's great that you all made it17:31
SmilyBorgMaaz_: I am Una Karlsen17:31
Maaz_SmilyBorg: Alrighty17:31
nuvolariwell, all that is present :)17:31
nuvolarihowdy SmilyBorg 17:31
Kilossuperfly, ??17:31
nuvolariVince-0 needs a poke it seems17:32
inetproKilos: ta17:32
inetprohmm... no new peeps?17:32
nuvolariinetpro: josvis is new17:32
inetprojosvis: welcome to our monthly meeting17:32
Kilosjosvis, type in maaz I am "full name"17:32
queeryMaaz_, coffee on17:33
* Maaz_ puts the kettle on17:33
nuvolariso tonight there does not seem to be much out of the ordinary, or something to focus on 17:33
queeryMaaz_, coffee for all17:33
Maaz_Come on ya buncha geeks. Rock up with your mugs with the correct amount of sugar added already17:33
Kilosthe bot will register you as being here17:33
nuvolarior did I miss something major?17:33
josvismaaz I am Jos Visser17:33
Maaz_josvis: Righto17:33
nuvolariWe will cover the points as per the agenda17:33
nuvolarioh ya,17:33
nuvolariMaaz_: meeting.agenda17:33
Maaz_nuvolari: meeting.agenda is http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/ubuntu-za/535/detail/17:33
queeryjosvis, maaz has a tail so try maaz_17:34
nuvolariMaaz_: topic Review Previous Minutes17:34
Maaz_Current Topic: Review Previous Minutes17:34
nuvolariMaaz_: meeting.minutes17:34
Maaz_nuvolari: meeting.minutes is http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2013-01-21-17-30-25.html17:34
nuvolari^^ all the important links for the interested persons17:34
Kilosai! the bot acknowledge him queery 17:34
Kilosput your glasses on17:35
queeryoh sorry didn't see17:35
queeryoh yea forgot them on the table hold on17:35
queerywait, bit why?17:35
nuvolariFrom my scan over the previous minutes earlier tonight, it seemed that we planned to discuss a lot more on the mailing list than what we actually did17:36
inetpronothing wrong with Kilos' eyes17:36
queerythat's oom kilos17:36
Kilosone blind and other one dont see either17:36
queerywhat does that make me?17:36
inetpronuvolari: did you discuss it?17:36
Cantidenuvolari, i'm not sure i saw much on the mailing list for the agenda :/17:37
Maaz_Coffee's ready for queery!17:37
queeryMaaz_, ty17:37
Maaz_You are welcome queery17:37
nuvolariI'm going to fetch my coffee quick, you can review and comment on the previous minutes in the meantime :P17:37
nuvolariinetpro: I didn't17:37
nuvolariCantide: yeah, that's what I meant, we agreed to discuss things but it got left behind17:37
inetproI tried prompting a discussion on G+ but not much happened there either17:37
Kiloshiya kbmonkey wb17:38
* inetpro should perhaps have followed up17:38
Kiloslog in with the bot dodo17:38
* Cantide checks G+17:38
kbmonkeyMaaz_, I am Wesley Werner17:38
Maaz_kbmonkey: Sure17:38
kbmonkeygee thanks for reminding me Kilos ;P17:38
Kilosnp laddy17:38
inetproCantide: https://plus.google.com/communities/11732224777991027599217:39
queeryoops... i was also MIA the last month17:39
HawkiesZAI've been MIA for longer....17:39
* HawkiesZA hangs head in shame17:40
queeryi switched off G+ notifications sorry, been to busy for the mailing list and social media17:40
kbmonkeyhello nuvolari and inetpro and queery too :)17:40
inetprokbmonkey: wb17:40
queeryhi kbmonkey 17:40
nuvolariinetpro: we need to give it time, I've noticed that people take time to join in on participation17:40
nuvolarihi kbmonkey :D Welcome17:40
inetpronuvolari: anything else?17:41
inetproI mean from the minutes17:41
queeryyea I have CD's17:41
nuvolariwell, with a lot I meant 2 items :P17:41
superflyMaaz_: I am Raoul Snyman17:41
Maaz_superfly: Okay17:41
nuvolariSocial media and sharing information about ubuntu development17:41
nuvolariI don't have much info in that section, hence my silence on the list :P17:42
Cantidei don't use G+ at all17:42
Cantidei would only use it for the Ubuntu group17:42
Cantideif it were more active17:42
* superfly is on G+ all the time17:42
* inetpro noticed a lot of excitement for the upcoming release17:42
superflyall the Ingress stuff happens on G+17:43
nuvolariCantide: it's very active... you just have to join in somewhere17:43
nuvolariIn-what? I totally lost track :P17:43
nuvolariok, moving on17:43
nuvolariMaaz_: topic Administrativia and Announcements17:43
Maaz_Current Topic: Administrativia and Announcements17:43
* kbmonkey pays attention17:44
nuvolariI guess for admin stuff we should try to convince more people to join the social media17:44
nuvolariI saw a post or 2 flame up on the forum17:44
nuvolaris/flame up/showed life/17:45
magespawncan we put links in the topic bar?17:45
kbmonkeydoes anyone here post on the ubuntu forums?17:45
queeryto many things in topic bar17:46
magespawnnow and then17:46
inetpromagespawn: what links?17:46
magespawnto the various social pages17:46
inetpromagespawn: I think twitter should be enough17:47
queerycreate a pge with links to all social sites and 1 link for all...17:47
nuvolariwho manages the google+ page?17:47
* inetpro puts a hand up17:47
magespawn+1 queery 17:47
nuvolariI've played around with the photo club's page and community and I first thought to get rid of the page17:47
kbmonkey+1 for queery's idea17:47
nuvolaribut it turns out that the page is nice for 'profile' information and links17:48
HawkiesZAqueery, Something about.me? I wonder if you can use that for something like this....17:48
nuvolariand then the activity in the community17:48
kbmonkeyin fact, http://ubuntu-za.org/get-involved has some links already17:48
queerymaybe or ubuntu-za.co.za17:48
queeryog org17:48
kbmonkeyand link it on G+17:48
queerybut a dedicated page like about.me17:49
inetproG+ is linked on the homepage17:49
queeryon ubuntu-za.org17:49
inetprothough not so visible17:49
nuvolarihmm, the got-involved page describe the sections, no links17:49
nuvolarior am I blind?17:49
inetproI guess we should update the above mentioned page as well17:49
inetproanyone can get involved and help updating 17:50
kbmonkeyhmmtrue that nuvolari, its a linkless link page17:50
magespawnokay i will update the page 17:51
queeryi mean maaz agreed...17:51
* nuvolari checks out the live chat17:51
Kilos+1 magespawn 17:51
nuviwebjust shared this to google+ :P hope someone shows up17:53
inetpronuvolari: it still works17:53
queerymagespawn, will you also please create the dedicated links page17:53
nuvolariit's there already, just need actual links17:53
magespawnokay no prob, on ubuntu-za.org17:54
nuvolarithe home page is the only link there17:54
nuvolariI can help with the google+ page's admin?17:54
nuvolarimagespawn: yeah, http://ubuntu-za.org/get-involved 17:55
queeryok just update the get-involved page magespawn 17:55
magespawnokay then17:55
kbmonkeyI can log in to ubuntu-za.org but have no edit ability on that page17:56
kbmonkeyif you do, thanks magespawn :)17:56
superflyjust ask, and it shall be given unto you17:56
kbmonkeysuperfly, please can I have editability on the ubuntu-za wiki?17:56
queerya genie!17:57
inetproI don't think there's much to help in administering the g+ page but you are welcome to make suggestions  and I may add you as admin if really necessary17:57
inetproat the moment superfly and sflr are admins as well17:57
inetprobut sflr vanished somewhat17:58
nuvolariinetpro: well, the only info is the link back to the home page17:58
nuvolarino other links17:58
inetpronuvolari: ok let's address that later17:58
* tumbleweed waves17:58
superflykbmonkey: pm me your username please17:58
Kiloshi tumbleweed 17:58
superflyohi tumbleweed :-)17:58
nuvolariMaaz_: agreed administer google+ about page with relevant links17:59
Maaz_Agreed: administer google+ about page with relevant links17:59
Cantidehey tumbleweed~17:59
inetproor should we perhaps discuss the relevant links here?17:59
Kilosbetter give them now17:59
Kilosor they are left till next meet17:59
inetprowhat links do you want there?17:59
Vince-0nice site!18:00
superflykbmonkey: done18:00
Kilosyou social guys gotta decide that18:00
inetproI don't think the G+ page should be a replacement for our website18:00
kbmonkeymuch obliged, mr fly!18:00
superflyyou're most welcome, mr monkey18:00
nuvolariah, I did not see the community section on the page before18:01
Kilosadd you g+ link too18:01
queeryand deal extreme18:02
Kilosmagespawn, you taking notes?18:02
magespawnmaybe on the get suport page too?18:02
queerydon't worry maaz is18:02
magespawnyes Kilos 18:02
Kilosgood man18:03
nuvolari213 members!18:03
nuvolariI just don't hang out on FB18:03
queerywho does18:03
nuvolariok, I think that's about all the links we can cover?18:04
nuvolariforum? We don't really promote the forum18:04
nuvolarifor good reason18:04
nuvolariI think18:04
queerywe have a forum?18:04
Vince-0nice forum18:05
nuvolariwait, forget that I mentioned that18:05
kbmonkeynot a community page as such, but askubuntu.com could be mentioned for support?18:05
queeryVince-0, is such a polite boy...18:05
Vince-0haai, I have awoken18:05
nuvolarioh dear, the time flies by quickly18:06
kbmonkeyhey Vince-0, you misspelled soapbox :p18:06
nuvolarido we have anything more to mention in this section?18:06
kbmonkeynope, motion to move along...?18:06
Vince-0I do: it is better to pool support in the most active area unless there is a reason not to18:06
* Vince-0 closes18:06
queeryand scene...18:07
nuvolariok, moving on18:07
inetpronuvolari: done... links updated18:07
nuvolarithanks inetpro!18:07
queeryon what?18:07
nuvolariMaaz_: topic Ubuntu+1 development status and community feedback18:07
Maaz_Current Topic: Ubuntu+1 development status and community feedback18:07
nuvolariqueery: g+18:07
queerythanx inetpro 18:08
inetpronuvolari: https://plus.google.com/b/112877206374340387802/112877206374340387802/about18:08
superflyI haven't really had a chance to look into upgrading18:08
nuvolarithat's pretty :>18:08
superflyto Ubuntu +118:08
queerywhere is deal extreme18:08
queerylove that site18:08
nuvolarianyone wants to take the lead for this topic?18:08
inetprotumbleweed: how about telling us about some of the awesomeness we can expect from the next release18:09
Cantidei don't use G+ enough... how do i follow that page, inetpro ?18:09
inetproCantide: just add it to your circles18:10
queerywhen will they fix drag and drop in unity18:10
superflynuvolari, inetpro: I usually upgrade when the first beta comes out18:10
* superfly uses a desktop that isn't broken18:10
Cantideh.. how >.<18:10
Cantideoh, i think i did already18:11
Cantideand that's why i can't see it now :p18:11
nuvolarithe longer I stay off Unity, the less I like it :P18:11
* Cantide wonders why he doesn't get notifications for it then :/18:11
queeryim so going to somethign else18:11
kbmonkeyI applaud the brave souls who are sticking with Unity's teething18:11
queeryjust not sure what...18:11
* Cantide stops rambling so that conversation may proceed18:11
Kilosno man nuvolari  you fast learners should be able to handle the quirks18:12
nuvolariqueery: xfce?18:12
queerydalk r gnome18:12
superflyAnyways... apparently KDE 4.10 is teh awesomesauce, but I haven't upgraded yet -- waiting for the beta18:12
nuvolariKilos: it's nice eyecandy, but it gets in the way of productivity for me18:12
kbmonkeyis +1 Raring Ringtail?18:12
superflykbmonkey: indeed18:12
queerykde reminds me of windows to much18:12
superflyqueery: it is so not windows18:13
Kilosqueery, get stronger glasses18:13
HawkiesZAI thought kde was first...18:13
kbmonkeyhand in your geek badge, please.18:13
queeryit used to be the cross over platform18:13
HawkiesZANot that I like it, but anyway....18:13
superflyqueery: you can make KDE look and work like Unity if you want :-P18:13
nuvolariwho are you talking to kbmonkey ? :P18:13
queeryme nuvolari 18:14
nuvolarioh lol :P18:14
kbmonkeyjust kidding ;P18:14
queeryok ill look into it18:14
nuvolariMaybe I should try out KDE again some time18:14
queeryhavnt seen kde in 5 years18:14
Kilosits lekker nuvolari 18:14
nuvolariit's just all the dependencies that makes me ill 18:14
kbmonkeyhere are links to Raring Ringtails release schedule, common problems, and other links: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=207347718:14
nuvolariwell, from what I can last remember18:15
nuvolarishould we discuss the global jam here or under events?18:15
superflynuvolari: like Gnome/XFCE/LXDE/etc don't have dependencies?18:15
kbmonkeyunder events nuvolari 18:16
nuvolarisuperfly: not that they don't have dependencies, but the base install is smaller18:16
queeryare we still on topic18:16
superflynuvolari: how sure are you of that? have you tried installing Gnome on Kubuntu?18:16
queeryMaaz_, topic18:16
Maaz_queery: What?18:16
queeryMaaz_, current topic18:17
Maaz_queery: Sorry...18:17
kbmonkeywe are on Ubuntu+118:17
nuvolarisuperfly: nope, but taking iso size as a measurement18:17
Cantiderunning out of time :/18:17
kbmonkeyI can't add anything else for this18:17
nuvolariok, moving on18:17
nuvolariMaaz_: topic Events18:17
Maaz_Current Topic: Events18:17
Cantideit looks like they're focusing on the Dash for 13.04; are they?18:18
Cantideoh :/18:18
* Cantide is too slow18:18
nuvolaritumbleweed: the floor is open18:18
queerywho wants to do an ubunu hour in jhb?18:18
HawkiesZAAs in who wants to join? Or who wants to organise?18:18
HawkiesZAWell I'm always down for a good cup of coffee18:19
queeryi don't mind org but only if someone comes18:19
nuvolariwe had a productive meeting in durbs18:19
HawkiesZAAdded bonus, I might have Ubuntu Phone installed18:19
nuvolariand we'll have a hangout this Thursday18:19
HawkiesZAImages are releasing this week, so guess who's flashing his GNexus? :D18:19
nuvolarianyone saw the video from Richard Stallman on Ubuntu phone?18:20
nuvolariI think it was a video18:20
HawkiesZAnuvolari, link?18:20
HawkiesZAHe probably went insane18:20
nuvolariHawkiesZA: looking for it18:20
superflynuvolari: it wouldn't be a video, cause otherwise it might be encoded in non-free formats!18:20
nuvolariI think Vince-0 shared it18:20
nuvolarilol superfly 18:20
HawkiesZAProbably called it the devil or something18:20
Vince-0yes indeed from Alan Pope18:21
Vince-0I think it was a Muktware interview18:21
queerydidn;t he step down?18:21
queeryoh alan pope18:21
nuvolarithanks SmilyBorg 18:22
superflyanyway, tumbleweed said he was keen to organise a global jam18:22
superflyin cape town18:22
superflyI'm keen to go (maybe help out)18:23
* queery gets his bass...18:23
nuvolariinfo on the UbuntuGlobalJam - https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-za/2013-February/010201.html18:23
kbmonkeycar is out of service for a while, I can't meet for a week or 218:23
nuvolaridid any other events take place in the last month?18:24
queerynothing ubuntu related this side18:24
Cantidei have yet to attend a meet up in Durban, but i am still keen '-';18:24
nuvolariIt seems that when the other areas become quiet, durbs pick up activity :D18:24
nuvolariok if we move on?18:25
nuvolariAny last topic that someone wants to add?18:25
* superfly needs to get kids to bed as of 25 minutes ago18:25
superflymeetings need to be 30 minutes?18:25
queerywe need more ubuntu hours. esp in CT18:25
superflyI tried organising one, but no one even piped up to say, "hey, I'm interested"18:26
Kiloswe need to revive maia18:26
nuvolariwell, 30 minutes is a bit too short IMO 18:26
Cantidewe just spent 1 hour, and it hasn't been enough18:27
nuvolariCantide: we struggled to fill an hour in the past :P18:27
kbmonkeyI think 30 minutes is good. to get through the administrativia. the second half should be casual hangout time18:27
queeryget her a VitB injection18:27
nuvolarinot a problem these days18:27
kbmonkeyit may help to use an egg timer ;)18:27
nuvolaripomodoro, or something like that18:28
queeryok ill org another Ubuntu hour in JHB18:28
queeryHawkiesZA, need your help18:28
HawkiesZAnuvolari, make maaz do that :D18:29
nuvolariheh, not my expertise18:29
nuvolariok, rounding up18:29
inetpronuvolari: interesting concept18:29
kbmonkeyhey I like that nuvolari, good find.18:29
queerygetting more peeps18:29
nuvolariMaaz_: topic Elect chairperson for next meeting18:30
Maaz_Current Topic: Elect chairperson for next meeting18:30
KilosSmilyBorg, when you gonna bring your lug peeps here?18:30
HawkiesZAqueery, Can do my best. I think once it is up, we'll chat about it in LTG. We should also post an invite on the H4H board.18:30
queerysounds gr818:31
nuvolariwe should do an inter-lug meeting :P18:31
SmilyBorgKilos: most of the more dedicated ones are already here18:31
inetproI think at some point we need more peeps to stand in as chair but I go with nuvolari for now18:31
nuvolariok, yeah, I'm available for chairing on the 21st of March18:31
Kilosnuvolari, ++18:31
SmilyBorgie nuvolari, kbmonkey and Vince-018:31
Kilosyou getting good nuvolari 18:32
* nuvolari smacks Squirm18:32
nuvolariyou're late!18:32
inetpronuvolari: he can still sign in18:32
nuvolari:> heh, thanks oom Kilos 18:32
kbmonkeyhow about it nuvolari? I can alternate with you if you like?18:32
nuvolariSquirm: you can sign for attendance18:32
nuvolarikbmonkey: I have no issue with that18:32
inetprook, who do I put up as the chair for next meeting?18:33
kbmonkeycool. then put me down for standby :)18:33
nuvolarikbmonkey: are you good for the next one?18:33
inetproBTW, I think everyone should try to spend some time on agenda items before the meeting18:33
kbmonkeysure, I'll take it!18:33
nuvolariok cool18:33
nuvolariinetpro: kbmonkey for next chair18:33
nuvolariI'll be around for support18:33
inetproI'll try to get the next agenda up in  a few minutes18:34
kbmonkeythanks inet18:34
kbmonkeyMaaz_, agreed kbmonkey to chair next meeting18:34
Maaz_Agreed: kbmonkey to chair next meeting18:34
nuvolariMaaz_: agreed kbmonkey as chair for meeting on the 21st of March18:34
Maaz_Agreed: kbmonkey as chair for meeting on the 21st of March18:34
kbmonkeyoh snap18:34
SquirmMaaz_: I am Sinjin Swanepoel18:35
Maaz_Squirm: Sure18:35
nuvolariMaaz_: topic closing18:35
Maaz_Current Topic: closing18:35
queerythanx all18:35
nuvolariGood, thanks for attending everyone18:35
Squirmnuvolari: soz, was at a motivational speech thing18:35
Kilosthanks nuvolari and all attendees18:35
nuvolariit was a productive meeting I think18:35
inetprohmm... did I say Next meeting: Monday, 21 March 2013 at 19:30 ?18:35
kbmonkeyso you can cheer us out on closing, Squirm :)18:35
inetprolooks wrong 18:35
nuvolaricaught up with some items that fell of the wagon during the month18:36
nuvolariinetpro: you did18:36
kbmonkeythat seems wrong,18:36
queery18 march18:36
Kilos18th inetpro 18:36
SquirmIt's Thurs 21 March18:36
inetproyep 18 March18:36
nuvolarishould be 18th18:36
nuvolariwhoops, I just took the date for granted18:36
nuvolariMaaz_: agreed correction on next meeting date: 18 March 201318:37
Maaz_Agreed: correction on next meeting date: 18 March 201318:37
Kilosnot often following meets on same date18:37
Cantideoh~ it's also a Monday!18:37
tumbleweedoh, sorry my attention was elsewhere and people have been pinging me18:37
* Cantide has to run! 안녕~18:37
kbmonkeythe 3rd Monday of each month18:37
Kilostoods Cantide 18:37
nuvolariwant to squeeze something in tumbleweed?18:38
tumbleweednuvolari: well, global jam18:38
inetprokbmonkey: are you a member of ubuntuza on launchpad?18:38
nuvolariMaaz_: topic GlobalJam18:38
Maaz_Current Topic: GlobalJam18:38
tumbleweedsat / sunday next weekend? any preferences?18:39
tumbleweedI've got a few people who seemed interested, but nobody had a preferred day18:39
kbmonkeyinetpro, I was, but I think my membership expired.18:40
tumbleweedalso highvoltage should be there, so I expect us to have way more people who have experince with ubuntu development than normal18:40
inetprotumbleweed: let's get people to respond in some way about a preferred time18:40
inetprowe can advertise on twitter and g+18:40
tumbleweedinetpro: I'll post on the list, and organise it, some time this week18:40
kbmonkeyI was offline for a few weeks, during which I got emails notifying me of it, but saw them too late :p18:40
inetprotumbleweed: just give us times as well18:41
tumbleweedinetpro: I'm fairly easy18:41
Kiloskbmonkey,  renew it18:41
kbmonkeyokay, renewed18:41
nuvolariok good, up for discussion on the list?18:41
nuvolariMaaz_: agreed organise times for GlobalJam on the mailing list18:42
Maaz_Agreed: organise times for GlobalJam on the mailing list18:42
tumbleweedI also want to organise a Debian Bug Squashing Party some time soon18:42
tumbleweedbut that'll be after global jam18:42
inetprosounds very worthwhile to attend that18:42
kbmonkeytumbleweed, I will like to join that, see how its done18:42
magespawnindeed learn a lot18:43
nuvolariabout to close off (in 2 minutes)18:43
nuvolari(over-run by 15 min :P)18:43
inetproMaaz_: nuvolari ++ (for another good meeting)18:43
Kiloshere hre18:43
Kiloshere too18:43
Kiloshear hear18:44
queerysorry http://ubuntu-za.org/news/2013/02/18/ubuntu-hour-jhb-sunday-3-march-201318:44
magespawnmaybe ubuntu hours could also have a g+ hangout18:44
queeryyes please18:44
queerywell its more pta than jhb18:45
nuvolariMaaz_: end meeting18:45
Maaz_Meeting Ended18:45
Maaz_Minutes available at json: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2013-02-18-17-30-02.json :: txt: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2013-02-18-17-30-02.txt :: html: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2013-02-18-17-30-02.html18:45
kbmonkeythanks nuvolari 18:45
nuvolariYou're welcome :)18:45
nuvolarithanks everyone18:45
Kilosdankie seun18:45
kbmonkeyi'll bring my egg timer to the next one18:45
Kilosthanks for making it inetpro 18:45
HawkiesZAqueery, Dropping it in the shownotes for this week18:46
nuvolarilol, I can imagine us all sitting with timers 18:46
queeryThank you!!!!18:46
magespawnsynced through the internet please18:46
queeryill send you all the links (if I can find your email address18:46
Kilosa bit over the hour isnt serious man its one hour a month18:46
queeryno HawkiesZA 18:47
HawkiesZANot dropping it in the shownotes?18:48
kbmonkeythat youtube video to stallman does not want to play18:48
kbmonkeythe irony18:48
HawkiesZAI'm confused now18:48
* HawkiesZA bangs head on desk18:49
kbmonkeymagespawn, can I update the get-involved page or will you?18:49
Kilosok josvis tell us about yourself18:50
kbmonkeyI take it everyone had a long Monday :p18:50
magespawni can if you want18:51
magespawndone then18:51
kbmonkeythanks :)18:51
nuvolariI are hungary18:51
kbmonkeysame here nuvolari. just walked in time for the meet.18:52
kbmonkeygoing to munch before its too late18:52
Kiloskbmonkey, now dont stay away till the 18th of next month hey18:52
kbmonkeyno sir18:52
kbmonkeyyou keep us on our toes Kilos 18:53
Kilosi try18:53
Kilosnuvolari, also been slacking18:53
Kilosthats durban for you18:54
kbmonkeywe need to move to the island of Ubuntu to dedicate all our time18:54
nuvolarikbmonkey: before I forget, do GloriaJeans sell coffee?18:54
kbmonkeyja ja, us developers are over worked and under payed ;D18:54
superflyI don't know if mrs_fly_ would be happy with that18:55
josvisKilos, I watched with amazement these +- 2 hours. Thought I was looking at life on Mars18:55
Kiloswhy josvis 18:55
kbmonkeynuvolari, yes they do. Its a coffee shoppe.18:55
Kiloshave you only just installed ubuntu?18:55
nuvolarilol, I mean, bags of coffee to brew at home18:55
kbmonkeyoooh. yes they do!18:55
KilosMaaz_, coffee on18:56
* Maaz_ starts grinding coffee18:56
kbmonkeytheir ground coffee is also fair trade and / or environmentally ecological. well their HQ coffee was at least.18:57
KilosMaaz_, large18:57
Maaz_In a beer mug just for you Kilos18:57
Kilosinetpro, coffee18:57
inetproMaaz_: coffee please18:57
Maaz_inetpro: Yessir18:57
kbmonkeyneeds to tap haste ability for attacking chores18:58
magespawnMaaz_: coffee please18:58
Maaz_magespawn: Yessir18:58
superflyjosvis: it can get a bit hairy if you're not used to the "everyone talks at once to no-one in particular" style that is common in IRC18:58
nuvolarikbmonkey: uploading a snap of coffee that my sis bought in Australia18:59
josvisKilos, as a newbie, the language, the jargon - amazing. Felt like a new world to me. (OK English is my 3rd after German & Afr - in that order)18:59
nuvolarionly saw tonight that it's GloriaJeans coffee18:59
Kilosah we have another german here too18:59
Kilosinetpro, you got company19:00
kbmonkeyah welcome josvis, how rude of me. here, have a cookie, there's also coffee, but Maaz_ our resident bot and waitron does not serve beer (yet!)19:00
* inetpro was busy with the new agenda19:00
Maaz_Coffee's ready for Kilos, inetpro and magespawn!19:00
inetproMaaz_: thanks19:01
Maaz_inetpro: No problem19:01
KilosMaaz_, danke19:01
Kilosjosvis, are you using ubuntu?19:02
Kilosif you need help this is the right place19:02
Kilosmost linux distros too19:02
kbmonkeythat G+ whats hot posts are pretty annoying19:03
inetprojosvis: jy's ook welkom om in Afrikaans te praat hier19:03
superflyinetpro: net 'n bietjie19:03
nuvolariwhy must I get upset bfore things start to work19:03
josvissuperfly, you are right. I need lots of teaching. In this race Im not out the starting blocks19:03
inetprojosvis: oder auch Deutsch, aber leider verstehen dann die wenigsten19:04
superflyEnglish is the official language of communication, due to the fact that not everyone in here understands Afrikaans19:04
HawkiesZAkbmonkey, a part of me wants to comment "liek dis if u cry evrytim" with every one of them. That would be the troll in me I guess...19:04
kbmonkeyah, you can turn them off. win.19:04
Kiloshes like i was 3 years ago19:05
Kilosduh whats sudo?19:05
inetproand we still have #ubuntu-afr for the afrikaans die hards19:05
Kilosoh ya19:05
superflyjosvis: it is usually easiest in IRC to latch onto the people who are talking to you specifically, and then only pay attention to them, until you can handle the free-for-all19:05
nuvolariugh. will shout if it eventually uploaded kbmonkey 19:06
kbmonkeysure nuvolari! but don't forget about the noms...19:07
josvisinetpro, danke schön19:07
inetprojosvis: just keep coming back here19:07
inetpropeople here are always willing to share the knowledge they may have19:08
inetprothe more you share the more you learn19:08
Kilosok josvis is you prefer afrikaans till you are going strong then type /j #ubuntu-afr19:08
Kilosbetween there nad here well get you going19:09
josvisKilos, yes I do use Ubuntu, love it but cannot get rid if Windows. I use dual-boot19:09
Kilosmany guys do josvis because of work stuff19:09
josvisKilos, I know about #ubuntu but there seems to be almost no movement19:10
Kilosthat channel can be a madhouse at times. here is better and you get help quicker and friendlier19:11
Kilosthis is the friendliest help channel online19:11
Kilos#ubuntu-afr is our afrikaans channel19:12
Kilosthe guys converted me from a mechanic to person with clean hands19:13
inetprosmile4ever: wb19:13
* inetpro lol @ Kilos19:13
inetproclean heads?19:14
inetproI read that wrong19:14
inetproclean hands 19:14
* inetpro thought he found something new again19:15
magespawnsuperfly gifs or png for website graphics?19:15
inetpro+1 on png19:15
magespawnokay well that makes it easier the 19:16
smile4everhi :)19:18
smile4everinetpro: thanks19:18
Kiloshi smile4ever 19:18
smile4evermy bot did a good job today19:18
smile4everhi Kilos19:19
josvisKilos and all other, thanks for reaching out19:19
magespawnhey smile4ever19:19
Kilosnp josvis you are welcome here19:20
smile4everhi magespawn19:20
Kiloswow -afr has more then my channel19:20
Kilosthan 19:21
nuvolaridoes anyone know of a bitorrent client that can be scheduled?19:21
josvisKilos, I use Windows not because I want to or need to but Ubuntu forces me to keep it19:21
superflyjosvis: how is that?19:21
nuvolariI don't want to wake up at midnight to start stuff :P19:21
magespawnnuvolari: doesn't k-torrent do that?19:22
superflynuvolari: on KDE I'd run a cron job which would use DBus to start KTorrent19:22
superflyhaven't the foggiest on a non-KDE system19:22
SmilyBorgnuvolari: torrentflux is a web based one that has scheduling I think19:22
SmilyBorgbeen years since I last looked at it though19:22
* nuvolari turns cold on the sound of kde19:22
Kilosnee man19:23
nuvolariSmilyBorg: thanks, I'll check it out19:23
Kilosk3b is much better than brasero as well19:23
Kiloslotsa kde stuff is good19:23
superflymagespawn: heh. brilliant. there's a scheduler plugin for KTorrent19:23
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magespawnthought i saw something loke that when iwas messing around19:24
Kilosty inetpro 19:24
Kiloswell done19:24
josvissuperfly, apparently there is no comparable substitute for Pinnacle Studio with its Dazzle capturing plugin19:25
superflyPinnacle Studio? heard of that, will have to Google it...19:25
superflyjosvis: you've tried kdenlive?19:26
superflyoh, looks like PS is like a one-click-now-you-have-fancy-videos-without-needing-to-know-how-to-do-the-hard-work app19:27
josvissuperfly, yes I have19:28
superflyjosvis: tried it in WINE?19:28
nuvolarilol... "There is Ktorrent, I've heard lots of good things about, but I'm not going to install half of KDE to find out."19:29
smile4everI have to go, good night everyone :)19:29
Kilosnight smile4ever 19:30
Kilossleep tight19:30
inetprosmile4ever: goeie nag ou grootte19:30
Kilosnight all of you . sleep tight19:30
smile4everjy ook, inetpro19:30
smile4everthanks Kilos :)19:30
nuvolariah, think the one I tried to remember was doluge19:30
inetproKilos: goeie nag Oom19:30
smile4ever"slaapwel", Kilos19:30
nuvolarinag oom Kilos 19:30
Kilosdankie julle19:30
inetprosuperfly, tumbleweed: so who of you is going to send the invitation for the UGJ?19:32
* magespawn needs to move to city again19:32
josvissuperfly, no I have not nor on virtualbox.   19:32
superflyinetpro: tumbleweed, I can't organise anything19:33
* inetpro just wants echo it on twitter and g+19:33
magespawnsuperfly: why?19:34
superflymagespawn: tumbleweed usually organises the facilities too, which I can't do19:34
josvissuperfly, do you think Wine or virtualbox can handle Pinnacle Studio with TV-decoder connected to Pinnacle Dazzle DVC 130 to record video & audio, edit same and burn content to DVD. Ubuntu does not read, recognise or support plugged-in Dazzle DVC130.19:36
nuvolari:> nice19:36
inetprotumbleweed: let me know when you have more details19:37
superflyjosvis: I haven't a clue. Ubuntu probably does see the hardware, but since it is proprietary hardware it probably doesn't have any drivers for it. And I know Corel doesn't care about Linux (they think that everyone on Linux expects everything to be free, which is a fallacy - just ask Valve Software)19:38
superflyjosvis: so your likelyhood for getting a Linux driver is somewhere between slim and non-existent.19:38
superflyI'd probably still Google for it19:38
superflytalking of which, GamerHeads, there's a MASSIVE sale on Steam Linux games19:43
josvisWith Oom Kilos and others signing off,  when is this channel most active?19:44
magespawnmorning and evening sa time19:45
superflyjosvis: between about 6 and 8pm, SAST19:46
superflythough there are some of us who are active for most waking hours19:46
superfly(and then some)19:46
nuvolarisuperfly: I don't understand? re. 'but is it fair trade?'19:51
nuvolariI'm not into trading at all :P19:51
superflynuvolari: fair trade is when they pay the coffee growers a decent amount 19:51
magespawninstead of doing a nescafe19:52
superflynuvolari: coffee growers are typically paid a pittance for hours and hours of hard labour19:52
superflynuvolari: we have some kenyan friends who grew up on coffee farms, and if you knew what actually happens there you'd be disgusted and swear off coffee19:52
superflywhich is why I buy fair trade coffee19:53
nuvolarihmm,  I don't know about this coffee, I got it from my sis in Australia 19:53
nuvolariI have no hand in being evil! *cough*19:53
magespawnin deals that are sanctioned between big coffe companies and governments usually19:54
superflyin which the growers have no say19:54
superflyand are treated as glorified slaves19:55
nuvolarisuperfly: http://pastebin.com/g9SSdyxa not sure if that is good enough?19:59
nuvolarilol, i'm getting really worked up on people using hashtags on facebook as if it's going out of fashion... without realising how, er, 'less smart' it looks when you know facebook doesn't support hastags :P20:03
superflynuvolari: twitter doesn't support hash tags either20:04
superflynuvolari: http://dailycoffeenews.com/2013/02/12/the-failure-of-fair-trade-and-four-steps-moving-forward/20:05
nuvolarisuperfly: eh? why is it creating links from #hashedtext?20:06
superflynuvolari: it was forced on twitter, much in the same way it is now being forced on Facebook20:06
superflyhash tags were not Twitter's idea, it is something that the geeks who started using Twitter did20:06
nuvolariah, understood!20:07
magespawngood night y'all20:08
nuvolarigood night magespawn 20:08
superflymeh. so many awesome games to buy on Steam, so little money :-(20:09
kbmonkeyhave a good night all!20:14
Vince-0superfly, which games on the top of the list20:14
superflyVince-0: I have a number of them already (thanks to the Humble Bundles), but World of Goo is brilliant20:16
superflySteel Storm is fun to play20:16
josvisgood night all and thks for help20:16
superflyThe Journey Down, short as it is, is rather funny20:16
superflyPenumbra Overture is freaking scary!20:17
Vince-0Bastion is quality20:17
superflywas just about to say20:17
superflyI haven't played it, though I have it20:17
superflyuplink is pretty darn awesome too20:17
Vince-0half life 1?20:17
superflyapparently brilliant, never played it20:17
superflyAnomaly is also very cool20:18
superflygot it on my phone20:18
superflyosmos is frustrating20:18
superfly(because of my general inability to play games)20:18
Vince-0half life1 was epic for its time - the LAN deathmatch was comparable with Quake in fun20:18
superflyI remember playing Counter Strike back in the day, it was pretty epic20:19
Vince-0for its time20:19
superflysome folks have said that Faster Than Light is pretty cool - it didn't look appealing to me20:20
superflyI've got Trine 1, and if Trine 2 is anything like it, it's pretty fantastic20:20
superflyoh, and the game that everyone is talking about is Serious Sam20:21
superflywow, lots of blood looks to be an understatement20:22
Vince-0ya its like duke nukem, of which the latest one was crap20:22
Vince-0SS3 can be fun in coop20:22
Vince-0peace out!20:27
=== Zarw is now known as Wraz

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