pleia2argh, posterous is going away soon, but maybe it's for the best, it's becoming increasingly unreliable anyway00:37
pleia2didn't post the berkely ubuntu hour or our meeting tonight00:38
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pleia2meeting in ~4 minutes :)01:56
* bkerensa has spent all day hacking =s01:57
pleia2I accidentally a 2.5 hour nap01:57
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pleia2ok, who all is here for the meeting? :)02:01
pleia2#link https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Meetings/13March1002:01
darthrobotTitle: [CaliforniaTeam/Meetings/13March10 - Ubuntu Wiki]02:01
pleia2agenda ^^02:01
* eps waves02:01
pleia2#topic SCaLE11x summary02:02
grantbowscale was well done!02:02
pleia2so first we had Ubucon on Friday, Richard Gaskin did a great job with that02:03
pleia2then the booth!02:03
darthrobotTitle: [IMG_0169 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!]02:04
pleia2it looked nice, I didn't help with anything but setup ;)02:05
pleia2eps: any comments, as a volunteer?02:06
epsWe needed more DVDs to hand out.02:06
* pleia2 nods02:07
pleia2that should be organized earlier next year, sending a last minute note to the list to see if anyone could burn them was not optimal02:07
* grantbow nods02:07
bkerensaOn the DVD front I want to mention LoCo's might have more resources soon.... mhall119's is proposing some more resources including DVD's/Swag and Funds for LoCo's02:08
pleia2bkerensa: that would be great :)02:08
pleia2we did get 150 DVDs specifically for this conferences, but it really isn't enough for a 2k person conference02:09
grantbowwhat's a good ratio?02:09
pleia2we've typically given out 300-400 at scale02:09
epsWe kind of got blindsided by the "best swag" contest -- apparently they only decided to do it about three days before.02:09
grantbowand it's getting bigger02:09
pleia2so 1 disk per 5 attendees?02:09
bkerensaI believe they are thinking of follow Mozilla Reps ratio for swag.... So if you had 2k people they would try and reach at least 50% of attendees with resources02:10
pleia2eps: as a not-company, it will always be hard for us to compete there02:10
bkerensaso 1000 CD's02:10
pleia2bkerensa: yeah, that would be much better02:10
grantbowa USB copy station might help too02:11
bkerensathis is of course all subject to Jono's +1 -> Rick Spencer (??) -> Jane?02:11
grantbowa la... what's that software name again?02:11
epsOf the half dozen or so other direct competitors, only Fedora was in our league.02:11
epsWe did OK.02:12
epsRemember 'Buntu Stand? :-)02:13
epsI like the idea of create on demand, because that would let us provide Kubuntu, etc. if people want it.02:14
pleia2yeah, that would be nice02:14
grantbowbuntu stand!02:14
grantbowI was looking but can't find the branch right now02:15
darthrobotTitle: ['Buntu Stand in Launchpad]02:15
grantbowI was doing something similar with Toaster for the olpcsf.org with XO-1's02:15
grantbowsimilar in a broad sense02:16
grantbowgive stuff to people with self-serve machines02:16
grantbowbuntu stand was mostly for burning CDs in a distributed way as I recall02:16
grantbowfor the XOs I was trying to do bootable usb sticks but ran into security issues during implementation02:17
darthrobot[403] Title: [Error reading title]02:17
* pleia2 gives darthrobot a cookie02:17
pleia2grantbow: is that where the project stans now?02:18
pleia2now that I'm better at python it may be something I'm intersted in02:18
grantbowit should be easier to give away free software using free software02:18
pleia2(I don't have an XO, but I'm sure there are plenty floating around for borrowing :))02:18
grantbowjoin the email list and I'll write a summary there soon02:19
grantbowit's kind of off-topic02:19
grantbowwill buntu stand work with DVDs?02:19
pleia2presumably with the right hardware it would be fine02:20
tedskiaren't usb sticks more usable these days?02:21
tedskioh, and, hi :)02:21
pleia2tedski: unfortunately we don't have the budget to give everyone usb sticks02:21
grantbowI think so, especially with grub2. http://rww.name/articles/grub2iso/02:21
darthrobotTitle: [Booting ISOs from GRUB 2]02:21
grantbowhi tedski02:21
tedskii'd think a touch screen kiosk where they could insert their own usb stick02:21
grantbowsounds good, want to help? :-)02:22
tedskii'm brainstorming right now02:22
pleia2our budget is $0, plus what volunteers can provide :)02:22
epsCD/DVD media are inexpensive enough to give away02:22
tedskiwhat's the need-by date?02:22
tedskii don't even know what event we're talking about02:22
pleia2in los angeles02:23
epsOr release parties, or the Linux Picnic (if there is one).02:23
pleia2I haven't heard anything from linux picnic folks, usually they need to book by now02:24
pleia2I fear it's dead again02:24
grantbowwe were talking about scale11x which just finished02:24
epsOr Software Freedom Day.02:24
pleia2yeah, it would be nice to have it for all these things, so i guess there isn't really a need-by date02:24
grantbowthe idea for toaster was born during an SFD02:24
pleia2alright, well I think we pretty much covered scale11x then02:25
tedskiso, i guess the happy medium is to have the kiosk offer to dd to your flash drive or spit out a free cd02:25
epsThe point being that the effort would be worth the time investment.02:25
grantbowSFD is Sept 21st. http://softwarefreedomday.org/02:25
darthrobotTitle: [Software Freedom Day - SFD Home]02:25
pleia2tedski: yeah, that would be nice, it would probably be driven by a laptop though02:26
pleia2so kind of poor mans kiosk (since we're poor :))02:26
grantbowgrub2 booting allows for multiple images on a single flash drive but is more complicated02:26
grantbowand doesn't always work on some hardware02:26
tedskipleia2: i was just thinking it'd be a good re-use of my old netbook with a usb burner and a laser cut case02:26
grantbowor a tablet02:26
pleia2tedski: yeah, totally!02:27
epsReliability is important.02:27
pleia2grantbow: with usb and dvd?02:27
tedskiso, we're still in the budget02:27
grantbowusb unless you have a usb dvd to burn with02:27
pleia2I thought about tablet because it's touchable, but not sure how to burn a dvd from them (or plug in a usb stick)02:27
pleia2since they lack ports for such things02:27
grantbowso laptop it is02:28
pleia2can someone take an action item to continue this discussion on list? (and tedski - are you on the mailing list? :))02:28
epsWould a PXE boot server be useful?02:28
tedskii am not on the mailing list... let me remedy that02:29
grantbowshiva plug maybe02:29
tedskibut, i will definitely donate the aspire one02:29
tedskiand possibly a touchscreen for it02:29
grantbowwe are getting closer to the "in-a-box" proposals for install servers and/or LUG servers I've discussed with Rick in the past02:29
grantbowand that we've discussed for partimus.org a little02:30
pleia2so a little bird told me that buntustand can support having a front end, so a tablet could presumably be used as that, the back end would be the laptop you plug stuff into02:30
pleia2this is sounding pretty spiffy, I'm excited :)02:30
tedskitime to make dinner02:31
* tedski &02:31
* grantbow waves02:31
pleia2#action pleia2 to bring buntustand discussion to list02:31
darthrobotACTION: pleia2 to bring buntustand discussion to list02:31
pleia2so, thanks to everyone who helped at scale11x :)02:31
pleia2I'm glad I didn't have to do much ;)02:32
pleia2I was quite sick that weekend02:32
epsSpecial thanks to nhaines02:32
grantbow+1 - great phone demos02:33
pleia2oh yes, he sacrificed his phone for the weekend!02:33
pleia2people really loved being able to see it, with all the buzz that had been around over it02:33
pleia2#topic other business02:35
pleia2so, we use posterous for cross-posting to twitter, identica and facebook page02:35
pleia21. it's been unreliable lately - I sent 2 posts recently and totally didn't pay attention to the fact that they didn't actually post :(02:36
pleia22. it's going away april 30th anyway02:36
pleia2any social media gurus have recommendations?02:36
pleia2the facebook page thing may be impossible, posterous is the only service If ound that could cross-post to pages (personal accounts are easy)02:36
bkerensaWordPress can cross post02:37
pleia2to facebook pages too?02:37
pleia2it may be good to have an us-controlled version of this anyway02:37
bkerensaIt should be in the Jetpack plugin "Socialize" or something they call it02:37
pleia2ok cool, I'll give you a nudge later this week if I have questions02:38
pleia2thank you!02:38
pleia2#action pleia2 to look into WP plugin for social media crossposting02:38
darthrobotACTION: pleia2 to look into WP plugin for social media crossposting02:38
pleia2SF Ubuntu Hour coming up on Wednesday02:39
pleia2I'm not running the debian dinner, but it's just a BART ride away at 7:30: http://bad.debian.net/list/2013-March/003537.html02:40
darthrobotTitle: [ANNOUNCEMENT: B.A.D. Meeting For March 2013]02:40
pleia2so I'll probably go to that, anyone is welcome to tag along (or just go to that ;))02:40
grantbowbecause every Ubuntu user is a Debian user ;-)02:41
pleia2hooray for Debian!02:41
pleia2anyone else have anything before we wrap up?02:41
grantbowwho attended the UDS last week?02:42
grantbowfirst online one02:42
* eps did02:42
epsMuch as I wasn't thrilled by the 6 a.m. start time, it was way better than Budapest.02:44
grantbowanyone else have anything before we wrap up?02:45
pleia2hopefully the UDS in May-ish will be better attended since we can plan accordingly02:45
pleia2(of course I'll be out of the country)02:45
pleia2ok, thanks everyone for coming :)02:46
grantbowpleia2: thanks for chairing02:46
darthrobotMeeting ended Mon Mar 11 02:47:08 2013 UTC.02:47
darthrobotMinutes:        http://ihas.5cat.com/~darthrobot/ubuntu-us-ca/2013/ubuntu-us-ca.2013-03-11-02.01.moin.txt02:47
grantbowanyone know how to right-click on a nexus 7 flashed with 13.04?02:48
pleia2is it the same as with 12.10?02:48
grantbowdon't know02:49
darthrobotTitle: [Nexus7/FAQ - Ubuntu Wiki]02:49
pleia2(that's the FAQ that was started at UDS-R, treasure trove of awesome)02:49
grantbownot nearly as good a demo as the phone02:52
grantbowI wonder when the nexus7 images will get the fancy phone stuff02:53
bkerensawell they are two different platforms02:55
bkerensaand there is a nexus7 touch image already02:55
grantbowcool, I'll have to find it02:56
darthrobotTitle: [Touch/Install - Ubuntu Wiki]02:57
bkerensagrantbow:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Install02:58
darthrobotTitle: [Touch/Install - Ubuntu Wiki]02:58
grantbowthanks :-)02:58
grantbowhi b_02:59
bkerensaBut the Ubuntu Touch images you see now are not what will be released03:01
bkerensabasically they are going full circle in this whole process03:01
bkerensaNexus 7 images were to optimize the Ubuntu base and Ubuntu Touch images today are just to demo for marketing mostly03:01
bkerensasince the current touch images are just Cyanogenmod with a UI shell03:01
bkerensathey have to build the entire backend and ubuntu base and a bootloader03:01
bkerensaI think the big thing is getting their patches from the first Ubuntu N7 tests in upstream03:01
bkerensait shouldnt be too long though for a better image to come out though... I know the foundations team is spending most of their time working on the bootloader and base stuff03:02
pleia2they got one look at us... :P03:03
grantbowhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Firefox_OS says it that other OS will work on Otoro, PandaBoard, Emulator (ARM and x86), Desktop, Nexus S, Nexus S 4G, Samsung Galaxy S II, and Galaxy Nexus03:05
darthrobotTitle: [Firefox OS - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia]03:05
grantbows/it //03:06
bkerensagrantbow: indeed... We already have OEM's making the first phones :)03:11
grantbowfun, can't wait to try it somehow03:14
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bkerensapleia2: you see http://www.muktware.com/5369/how-will-changes-ubuntu-affect-kubuntu-exclusive-interview-jonathan-riddell23:34
darthrobotTitle: [How will changes at Ubuntu affect Kubuntu: exclusive interview with Jonathan Riddell | Muktware]23:34
pleia2can't say I'm thrilled with the fraud accusation, as Canonical does shoulder a financial burden of supporting the flavors (have to be coordinated during releases and qa process, spin up and host isos)23:36
pleia2I'm quite thankful for that23:37
pleia2so while they might not be handing a direct check to folks who work on flavors, I assume they instead put those donations toward that infrastructure and work23:38

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