philipballewhere for the meeting00:00
philipballewits at 7 right?00:00
philipballewoh wait, im back in Ca...00:00
* philipballew changes his watch to 5 pm00:01
sf_ubAny one running 12.04.2 LTS?02:07
epsuh, yeah!02:07
* philipballew is02:08
akkI have it on the laptop, but not as the primary OS there.02:08
sf_ubany problems?02:08
akkNo, works well.02:08
philipballewits stable02:08
epsIt's working for me.02:08
akk(except it's not very battery efficient, which is why I use debian more on the laptop)02:09
epsI'm on a desktop, so that's a non-issue for me.02:09
philipballewusually all problems are things I did myself02:09
akkI ran it on my desktop from when it came out until a couple weeks ago when I upgraded to ringtail.02:10
akkBeen fine all that time.02:10
akkI only upgraded because I wanted newer libraries on a development machine.02:10
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sf_ubany problems doing the upgrade from 10.04 LTS?02:10
pleia2who all is here for the meeting? :)02:10
philipballewsf_ub, just wait a few minutes02:10
* philipballew is02:10
pleia2we don't actually have anything on the agenda: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Meetings/13June0202:11
darthrobotTitle: [CaliforniaTeam/Meetings/13June02 - Ubuntu Wiki]02:11
pleia2but Markdude let me know earlier that he's planning a geeknic in a couple weeks02:11
pleia2#link http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Geeknic_Fedora_Pi_Release_Party02:11
darthrobotTitle: [Geeknic Fedora Pi Release Party - FedoraProject]02:11
pleia2in spite of the name, he assures me that Ubuntu folks are welcome :)02:12
philipballewlooks good02:12
pleia2looking at our events page, the only thing scheduled otherwise is the SF Ubuntu Hour http://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/ubuntu-california/events/02:12
darthrobotTitle: [geeknic.org » Geeknic Fedora Pi Release Party – Los Gatos]02:12
darthrobotTitle: [Ubuntu California Events List | Ubuntu LoCo Team Portal]02:12
pleia2Markdude: great! want to announce on list? (and say Ubuntu folks are welcome :))02:13
MarkdudeIt still has wiki foramtting to be fixed later02:13
epsWhatever happened to Walnut Creek?02:13
MarkdudeOf course02:13
pleia2eps: too hot02:13
Markdude100+ degrees02:13
MarkdudeWent to East Bay Geek BBQ in Concaord yesterday02:13
Markdudeit was awesome but 100+02:13
epsFunny, I didn't hear anything about it.02:13
MarkdudeIts a meetup group02:14
GNUdru_100+ in SJ as well02:14
MarkdudeI had not been to their event before02:14
MarkdudeWell- Vasona lake Park has water02:14
pleia2so many events, so few consolidated geek calendars :)02:14
MarkdudeWell they were gamers02:14
Markdudegame devs02:15
philipballewits 103 in Auburn right now02:15
MarkdudeQuite a bit of Pokemon Dubstep02:15
MarkdudeAnd retro gaming02:15
MarkdudeMagic cards- cards against humanity02:15
pleia2back to meeting topics, anyone else have any upcoming events to talk about?02:15
MarkdudeI have a raspberry Pi weekend the same time as geeknic02:16
MarkdudeSome people are using Fedora there- Raspbian can be used on the Friday part02:17
MarkdudeAnd maybe the other if there is fail ;)02:17
akkI think there's Ubuntu for the RPi too, but I confess I haven't tried it myself.02:18
darthrobotTitle: [BAMF Pi Fun - FedoraProject]02:18
pleia2Markdude: I assume that's fedora-focused as well?02:18
sf_ubany considerations for upgrading from 10.04 LTS to 12.04.2 LTS (novice user)02:18
MarkdudeThe saturday is02:18
MarkdudeThe Friday is hacking on Pi02:18
MarkdudeWith whatever tools you want to02:18
pleia2sf_ub: can you hold on a couple minutes? (you happened to join during our weekly team meeting :))02:18
MarkdudeBAMF is not really hungup on folks OS02:19
pleia2cool :)02:19
* Markdude shuts up now 02:19
pleia2anyone else have events worth noting in the next couple of weeks?02:19
MarkdudeBut yes the Fri Pi Day is ANY OS02:19
pleia2I'm planning on tacking a Debian Dinner on to the end of the SF Ubuntu Hour02:19
MarkdudeSpace Linux ftw!02:20
pleia2alright, anyone else have anything? :)02:22
pleia2alright, I guess that's it then, thanks everyone02:24
darthrobotMeeting ended Mon Jun  3 02:24:51 2013 UTC.02:24
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pleia2sf_ub: ask away!02:25
pleia2I did a couple 10.04 to 12.04 upgrades, but I only did it on servers (it went ok, just a couple things I had to fix)02:25
akkI can't remember if I tried the upgrade from 10.04 to 12.04, sorry.02:26
akkIt's supposed to work.02:26
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pleia21/g 9403:11
=== Alys is now known as The_Letter_M
The_Letter_MHello all03:36
MarkdudeHello The_Letter_M03:49
MarkdudeTest appears to work.03:49
The_Letter_MI got a "Unable to connect to server device" error in my channel window03:49
The_Letter_MI thought maybe I was disconnected since my client fails to tell me when I get disconnected from a server03:50
The_Letter_MHow's it going tonight?03:50
akkHa, just got the announcement about the meeting 2.5 hours ago.04:32
akkUsually I get it an hour or two before the meeting.04:32
akk(and maybe don't see it 'til after I've missed it)04:32
akkWow, headers say pleia2 sent it at 9:48 am!04:34
akkAnd my mailserver says it got it a minute later, so why didn't it show up here when I was getting other mail just fine? Hmph.04:35
nhainesakk: there's no Ubuntu for the raspberry pi.  The board is too old.16:38
akkAh! I think I'd read that and forgotten it.16:39
Torikunthere is debian lol16:39
nhainesCanonical quickly contacted them to let them know they were dropping that ARM revision in the upcoming release.  There was much drama for some reason.16:39
akkI guess you could use an older Ubuntu -- IIRC Lucid ran even on plug computers.16:39
nhainesYes, that would probably work fine.16:40
akkBut there's probably not much point to that.16:40
nhainesIt's still supported for two more years, server-wise.  :)16:40
akkDoes that mean that X-based packages don't get security updates but backend ones do?16:41
nhainesI'm upgrading my second server from 12.04.2 to 13.04.16:41
nhainesHappily, the upgrader crashing on version checking last time I tried tipped me off that the VPS didn't have a swap file.  So that's easily fixed and we're off and running now.  ;)16:42
=== mikestewart is now known as ms|afk
nhainesakk: starting with Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, the support period is a flat 5 years.  So that's good for desktop users.  And also advocates who have to explain LTS support periods.  :)17:08
MarkdudePuppy based Pi?17:12
MarkdudeThey have lts version that uses Ubuntu Repos :D17:12
nhainesYay, reboot time!  Now we see if the upgrade was optimal or pessimal.  :P17:19
Torikungood luck17:26
nhainesyay, 12.10 works.  Time for more updates and then another upgrade.  :)17:27
Torikunslow work daY? lol17:31
nhainesIt's a personal test server, so there's pretty much no reason not to work on it.17:33
nhainesBesides, server updates happen in the background unattended.  :)17:33
nhainesWell, other than breaking locals on my server, we should be fine.17:50
Chaseroops wrong window20:57
jtatumoops :)20:57
=== ms|afk is now known as mikestewart
pleia2aww, I thought I had managed to catch up on all my rss feeds, but it turns out that an upgrade to tt-rss broke my cron job for updating feeds22:59
pleia2oh well, it was nice while it lasted :)22:59
akkDon't you hate when that happens?22:59
pleia2yeah, I bet the change is probably in some release notes I didn't read ;)23:01
akkYou could of course just skip anything that came in during that time, figuring you didn't miss it then so you won't miss it now.23:02
akkI have a hard time telling myself that, however (what if there's something really cool buried in there?!)23:02
* pleia2 frowns as it updates to 82 unread23:03
pleia2it's been 30 hours or so23:03

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