skellatHey, paultag!  Got your ears on?02:22
Unit193No, I ripped them off, sorry...02:23
skellatThat sucks02:24
skellatMaybe we'll sew them back on at OLF02:24
paultagskellat: howdy02:42
skellatMeeting starts in roughly one hour22:25
skellatMeeting starts in 19 minutes23:12
skellatIf you haven't already looked at the agenda, you can read it here: http://tx0.org/68z23:12
Unit193srandby: Welcome back.23:26
srandbyThank you. Good to be here.23:26
Unit193http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/ubuntu-us-ohio/624/detail/ is the agenda.23:26
jenni[ Ubuntu Ohio July 2013 Meeting | Ubuntu LoCo Team Portal ] - https://j.mp/15IaKGw23:26
* skellat ponders refilling his mug before we start23:28
skellatJon Buckley!23:29
itsaforkhey dude!23:29
skellatOkay, are we ready to start tonights meeting?23:30
jenniskellat meant to say: Okay, are we ready to start tonight's meeting?23:30
itsaforki'm here!23:30
itsaforkwell... sort of :/23:31
skellatJon is here, Scott is here.  Unit193, will you be gracing us with your presence tonight?23:31
skellatdrkokandy, will you be gracing us with your presence tonight?23:32
skellatjrgifford_, will you be gracing us with your presence tonight?23:32
skellatDoes anybody else wish to announce their attendance at this time?23:32
itsaforknotfed (jay sullivan) is supposed to be here...23:32
skellatOkay.  The meeting agenda is extremely light and can be found here: http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/ubuntu-us-ohio/624/detail/23:33
jenni[ Ubuntu Ohio July 2013 Meeting | Ubuntu LoCo Team Portal ] - https://j.mp/15IaKGw23:33
* skellat expects to file yet more bugs against the LoCo Portal depending upon how it fares in use tonight23:33
skellatPreparation for Ohio Linux Fest 201323:33
skellatItem 1: Lining up presenters for UbuCon/gaining commitments23:34
skellatMoose has agreed to give us space on Friday23:34
skellatWe need to get topics and presenters lined up23:34
skellatTopics of interest include but are not limited to: Gaming, Server usage, Flavor Highlights, Highlights about finishing up Saucy Salamander for release, Thoughts looking forward to the next Long Term Support release, Reflections on the changes wrought by the virtual Ubuntu Developer Summit paradigm, Ways we need to work within the cultures found in Ohio to expand Ubuntu deployment23:34
skellatAt a minimum I want to be able to cover 5-6 hours of show time23:35
itsaforkis there talk of doing an UbuCon again this year at OLF????23:35
skellatitsafork: Not just talk.  I'm pushing this hard.23:35
skellatWhat is the group's pleasure?  Do we have the resources to cover that much time?  Who do we have that can speak and take the time to shine for Ubuntu Ohio?23:36
itsaforkwhats the word from the OLF team? are they open to it??23:36
srandbyI' ve been thinking that I could do something about installing Xubuntu with full disk encryption if that is appropriate.23:36
skellatitsafork: Very.  I've got space secured.  We just gotta put together a show for the Friday of OLF.23:36
itsaforkskellat: GREAT! Glad to hear it!!!!23:37
Unit193I may or may not be able to attend.23:38
skellatsrandby: That's one thing we can show.  I would want to broaden it a little, though, to expand further to talk about why you'd want to have encryption in the first place and why it would be a choice a user would choose.23:38
srandbyskellat: I could do that.23:38
itsaforkmy schedule is crazy booked with work, but i'll make time for UbuCon if it's needed/wanted!23:39
skellatsrandby: As the threads on liberationtech put it far too often, encryption to intermediate users seems like a simple choice.  To the average home end-user it is akin to performing neurosurgery with tweezers and a penlight.  Considering how broad the audience is at OLF, we gotta cover the matter broadly.23:39
skellatitsafork: What would you like to present on this round?  Do you remember who provided the projector in 2011 when we last put on an UbuCon?23:40
itsaforkskellat: OLF provided EVERYTHING for us! all we needed to do was show up!23:41
skellatitsafork: Excellent23:41
skellatitsafork: Anything you'd like to spend time talking about in a session Jon?  I know you talked about in servers in 2011.  The board is wide open this road23:42
skellats/The board is wide open this road/The board is wide open this round./23:42
jenniskellat meant to say: itsafork: Anything you'd like to spend time talking about in a session Jon?  I know you talked about in servers in 2011.  The board is wide open this round.23:42
itsaforki could do an "Ubuntu in the Enterprise", maybe how ubuntu can fit into the everyday IT-persons life...23:44
skellatThere will be some folks from Canonical present in and around OLF *but* we cannot count on their presence as they're going to be under a whole lotta pressure being not that far out from delivery on Ubuntu Phone.  Therefore, notwithstanding Jorge Castro being present we have to plan as if he weren't there.23:44
itsaforkI am more than happy to present, how long do you all want to listen to me talk???23:45
srandbyskellat: Keeping it broad was my intention. It is complicated for the average user such as me, but it can be done by the average user.23:45
skellatsrandby: Good.  That's the target we need to hit.23:45
skellatThe general benchmark is to be ready to speak for 30-40 minutes with the balance of time left for questions23:46
skellatWith the understanding that if you need to cut it short and wind it up, you gotta wind it up.  I may need to find a goodly sized shepherd's crook to use as a signal and not in the drag off the stage sense.23:47
skellatI am not averse to sessions ending early23:47
skellat45-55 minutes into a session is a good end point23:48
itsaforkskellat: don't forget to schedule a lunch break! i almost forgot to do that both years...23:49
skellatitsafork: Yep.  That's why I'm figuring only 5-6 hours.  The day would start off with my doing an introduction & greeting then we would get down to business with two sessions then a break and possible two to three more.23:50
skellatThe big goal is to have more sessions planned than time allows so that in case somebody doesn't make it we can fall back to something23:50
skellatOr, if material is running too fast, we can condense down to 30 minute sessions23:50
skellatIs there any further discussion as to the first item at this point?23:51
skellatitsafork, srandby: If you gentlemen could please e-mail me at skellat@ubuntu.com your rough outlines before July 31st as to what you wish to talk about that would be fantastic.23:52
skellatItem 2: Should we have a keysigning?23:52
itsaforkskellat: that works. although keep in mind that OLF likes to have a schedule so that they can post it on their site. it does a lot publicity & actually attracking more people into coming out23:53
skellatitsafork: My goal is to get our schedule nailed down by early August if I can help it23:53
srandbyskellat: Will do.23:53
itsaforkkeysigning >>> i have yet to figure out exactly  how this even works23:54
itsaforkit just seems so confusing23:54
skellatWhat is the group's pleasure?  Do we wish to have a GnuPG keysigning at OLF?  This can serve as a session but can also be scheduled as a separate social event.  I would likely serve as lead for the keysigning and would have to bombard the Ubuntu Ohio mailing list with instructions during the two weeks before the event as to how it would work.23:54
itsaforksorry guys, just my 2-cents...23:54
skellatitsafork: No problem.  The hard part is actually on the organizer's end.  All the user usually has to do is bring their driver's license and GnuPG key fingerprint to show the organizer and then socialize.23:55
srandbyI'm not averse to a keysigning. It would be a good learning experience.23:55
skellatAll that happens at a keysigning is that trust is verified.  IDs are matched to GnuPG fingerprints and the persons presenting to ascertain if everything matches or not.23:56
skellatThe organizer at the end gets to spit out a list or e-mail a list saying that the following fingerprints were found to be genuine and that the keys should be signed at that trust level when you get home.23:57
skellatInstructions would be put out on the mailing list beforehand.23:57
skellatDue to low numbers present, I'm going to carry this over to the mailing list as a question to see what input develops there (if any).23:58
skellatItem 3: Since it is so close to 13.10 release, probably not going to distribute media.  What could we/should we distribute?23:58
skellatCanonical doesn't distribute media for semi-annual releases anymore.  Only LTS media is generated.23:58
skellatSince we would be so close to Saucy Salamander hitting street the next month, I do not think it advisable to try to burn and release media.23:59

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