jrwrenwhen did qemu-system get -curses? this is SWEET01:23
cmaloneyDidn't know it did. That's sweet.01:33
cmaloneyWe'll be starting the meeting in 10 minutes01:50
cmaloneyOK, we're going to start the meeting02:00
cmaloneyhopefully everyone brought their meeting pants02:01
cmaloneyIf not you can buy some at the gift shop.02:01
cmaloneyHere's the link to the meeting notice along with the agenda02:01
cmaloneyOnly one item on the agenda so if there's something else you'd like to talk about please let me know during the meeting02:02
cmaloneyand that item is: We're verified until 201502:02
cmaloneyWhich is good news in some ways and a little curious in other ways.02:02
waldo323__This is psuedo waldo... James is driving but we r here02:02
cmaloneyI'd let our approval (now verification) expire because frankly I didn't think we were doing enough.02:03
cmaloneyHi not_waldo. ;) (Hi Sarah)02:03
cmaloneyBut I got a note that we should still try for the verification02:03
cmaloneySo, I figured "why not?" and submitted the laziest application I could think of02:04
cmaloneywith links to our loco directory page as much as I could02:04
cmaloneyand apparently they loved it.02:04
cmaloneyI think some of it was the Ubuntu Hour / Coffee House coder pairings.02:04
cmaloneyand the fact that we're using the loco directory.02:04
cmaloneyWhich leads me to believe that not a lot of groups are using it.02:05
cmaloneySo yay us for doing what we thought we were supposed to do because it's more than some groups are doing.02:05
cmaloneySo yay?02:05
cmaloneyI'd encourage anyone who hasn't checked out the loco directory to do so. It's actually pretty neat.02:06
cmaloneyAlso on a related note: There's some movement afoot in the Ohio Loco to rejuvinate things02:06
waldo323__So can we get some swag for chc? Says James02:06
cmaloneyand since we're sitting on top of Ohio I think they'll be pinging us for some help.02:07
cmaloneywaldo323__: I don't know. Seems swag is tight02:07
cmaloneyI think they're looking for conferences and such02:07
cmaloneyso perhaps Penguicon?02:07
cmaloneyI'll ask.02:07
* cmaloney writes that down02:08
jjesseso cmaloney question why is michigan listed under "team w/o a country" on the loco portal02:08
waldo323__As tech track head James would like to know if we can get some speakers for Pcon as well?02:08
cmaloneyjjesse: Because we don't have a physical address.02:08
cmaloneyThat's all02:08
cmaloneyAt least that's my understanding.02:09
cmaloneyOr are you looking at the events stuff?02:09
cmaloneyHuh, that's strange.02:09
cmaloneyI'll file a bug for that.02:09
cmaloneyThe events showed up weird because I said they were under Google Hangouts.02:10
cmaloneyand it couldn't cope with that.02:10
* cmaloney checks something quickly.02:11
cmaloneyWow, that's nice. They lost all of our information.02:12
cmaloneyThat's quite a bug.02:12
cmaloneyAh, I know why.02:12
cmaloneyOur team name changed.02:12
cmaloneyWe were ubuntu-michigan02:12
cmaloneynow we're ubuntu-us-mi.02:12
cmaloneyLooks like our data didn't get copied.02:12
cmaloneyI'll put in a bug to get that copied and moved.02:13
jjesseoh ok02:13
cmaloneyThat was part of our verification.02:14
cmaloneySo now we need to be ubuntu-us-mi02:14
cmaloneywhich we are, but now it's official.02:14
cmaloneyyadda yadda.02:14
cmaloneyPerils of being an older team. :)02:14
cmaloneyAny questions about the verification?02:14
jrwrenso we weren't, but we are again?02:15
cmaloneyThat's the short of it.02:16
cmaloneySpeaking of which: http://discourse.ubuntu.com/category/local-teams/ubuntu-michigan02:16
cmaloneyWe have a forum. It's awesome. Check it out and such.02:17
cmaloneyMake jcastro happy even though he no longer hangs out here.02:17
cmaloneyI'll be checking in there from time to time.02:18
cmaloneyAny other questions or concerns or meeting topics?02:19
cmaloneyI think we'll keep this time into the new year (first sunday, 9pm)02:19
waldo323__Not at this time02:19
cmaloneySo I'll create meeting notices for those.02:20
waldo323__Meaning no questions.... But this time 9pm Sundays works ;)02:20
cmaloneyYEah, no worries. ;)02:20
cmaloneyOK, with that we can call this meeting done for now.02:21
cmaloneyThanks everyone!02:21
jrwrendid anyone other than smoser and jcastro and rick_h_ participate in uds?02:21
cmaloneyNot sure.02:22
rick_h_http://www.amazon.com/b?ref_=tsm_1_tw_s_amzn_mx3eqp&node=8037720011 heh02:22
rick_h_the new moving decision will be "Where can I move to get google fiber, AMZ air drop, and not be near my in-laws02:24
waldo323__Thanks cmaloney02:33
cmaloneywaldo323__: Thank you for attending. :)02:34
* smoser thanks jrwren for participating14:08
cmaloneyGood morning14:11
ColonelPanic001crap, cmaloney emailed me back. Better go put a reminder to answer him in a few weeks.15:21
ColonelPanic001installing that app you linked to15:23
ColonelPanic001I'm really not picky - whatever you find better (you seem to have looked into it more already) is fine with me15:23
cmaloneyyeah whichever is easier is fine with me.15:26
cmaloneythough I like BWGo, but I wish it made an attempt at scoring15:26
cmaloneyor more accurately I don't know how to get it to start scoring.15:26
ColonelPanic001<beavis> heh, heh. I wish I could score.15:26
brouschPlaying Go on Android?15:29
brouschI think that's one of the apps on my to-do list since there was nothing good last time I checked15:29
cmaloneyCheck out BW-Go15:29
ColonelPanic001but add scoring15:30
cmaloneyActually it has some sccoring but I don't understand how to trigger past dead stone marking15:30
ColonelPanic001bw-go is supposedly connecting to DGS. Has been for a whie...15:30
brouschNot BW-GnuGo?15:31
cmaloneyThat's a plugin for BW-Go15:31
cmaloneyit'll support GnuGo15:31
ColonelPanic001there it goes15:36
ColonelPanic001game accepted, moved, etc15:39
cmaloneyPlayed and such. :)15:40
cmaloneyGood morning16:22
=== _stink__ is now known as _stink_
cmaloneyOK, What The Fuckity Fuck Fuck Fuck: http://pic.dhe.ibm.com/infocenter/wsdatap/v6r0m0/index.jsp?topic=%2Fcom.ibm.dp.xb.doc%2Fjson_jsonx.html19:34
greg-gyeah, that's quite the horrible url19:45
jrwrenhahaha, jsonx21:32
jrwrennow you can use an evented reader. PERFORMANCE!!!21:33
cmaloneySOAP ALL THE THINGS!21:48

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