cmaloneygreg-g: Do the honorable thing00:00
cmaloneywhine about it on the internet00:00
cmaloneyI hear Twitter is good for that sort of thing. :)00:00
wafgreg-g: they're actually streaming it online for free00:00
waffox sports is00:00
waffirst time i've been able to watch it on linux in a legit manner00:00
waffor certain values of "watch"00:01
greg-g(sorry to totally divert the topic)00:01
greg-gbut, from this https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Super_Bowl_halftime_shows I have learned a lot about the downhill spiral of pro footbal00:02
derekvdownhill spiral #newphysics00:02
greg-gsooo, math and cs00:04
* greg-g feels bad00:04
derekvcs is an applied math00:04
greg-gcs is just for people who can't do math00:04
derekvsoftware developement is more of a trade00:05
derekvoccasionally approaching engineering, but not usually00:05
derekvthe more you know, the science, the math, etc, it all helps you in the trade.  Gives you more tools00:06
derekvdoes everyone writing enterprise web apps need to go back and learn pointers or learn haskell?  no.  they might be better at their trade if they did, but its totally not nessisiary ...00:09
derekvas much as I groan at the sight of it, if I'm honest if every developer just simply read "Clean Code", then things would be better off00:10
derekvI think that's what schools need to do00:10
derekvseperate out the trade from the science00:10
derekvand be so good at teaching the trade that its no shame to focus on one vs the other00:11
derekvin fact if I could judge from the code I saw that my professors wrote, they have no clue00:11
derekvthe one's I had anyways00:11
callmeDarwinwhen I got my CS and Math BA's there was no jobs for Mathematicians.00:12
derekvcmaloney: you can get a job in CS with a Math degree, not the other way around00:12
derekvcallmeDarwin <-00:12
derekvi think there was sortof this idea with having added ad BS in Software Engineering ... but they sortof where missing the mark00:14
callmeDarwinderekv: your right.  Many of the best programmers I've worked with have degrees not on CS00:15
derekvI don't doubt that for a lot of people who stay in CS acadamia, its partly because they have no interest in craftsmanship or practical details of real life, dirty as hell, large scale systems00:15
derekvcallmeDarwin: for some reason I keep meeting people with degrees in ME00:15
derekvI'm guessing anyone who can get a B.S. in math can learn to program no problem.  Most can be really good programmers if they try.00:16
callmeDarwintwo of my favorite folks had Chemistry and Library Science00:17
derekvLibrary Science was always an interesting degree to me00:18
callmeDarwinI only needed 3 more Math classes after I had my CS degree so stayed an extra semester for the Math BA00:18
callmeDarwinLibrary Science now is just Data.00:19
derekvcallmeDarwin: I was almost that close I think00:19
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brouschGood morning14:14
rick_h_one more hour of work left!14:23
brouschrick_h_: Then swimming with the sharks?14:34
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rick_h_brousch: no, just trying not to get sunburned15:13
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greg-ggrrr, I have TMJ, but the food I like eating is chewy18:26
greg-gie: exactly the thing you don't want to do with TMJ18:26
brouschWhat is TMJ? Too Much Jam?18:28
greg-gbasically, sore jaw joint18:29
greg-gif it gets really bad, can be lock-jaw18:29
brouschThank goodness for TTS!18:29
greg-gshould we both just exchange lmgtfy.com/ links?18:29
brouschText to speech. For when your lockjaw sets in18:30
greg-galso, yuck re twitter's new layout/theme18:43
cmaloneygreg-g: New = ?18:53
greg-glike, today18:53
greg-g30 minutes ago for me18:53
cmaloneyYeah, looks like shit18:54
cmaloney whatevs.18:55
brouschThe only thing I don't love about Ting so far is the crappy Sprint network19:37
greg-gyeah :/19:39
mathomastechI just switched from AT&T to Ting about 2 weeks ago. I've definitely noticed weaker signal most everywhere, but haven't run into no signal yet. Luckily, most of my life is covered by Wi-Fi.19:40
greg-gyeah, my phone is a slow tablet plus SMS machine19:44
greg-gdangit, I missed the pre-noon lunch window20:03
greg-gnow everything is busy20:04
rick_h_greg-g: :P20:07
brouschWhat kind of crappy West Coast company do you work for that doesn't have catered lunch?20:07
cmaloneyYeah, Sprint is definitely dead-last as far as network20:07
cmaloneythough I've noticed some improvement20:07
MaskedDrivercmaloney, I don't know what sprint you've been using20:08
MaskedDriverI work in downtown detroit, and I hit 100% dead zones all the time lol20:08
cmaloneyMaskedDriver: I'm in Farmington so it's better20:08
cmaloneyBut yeah, if I'm working on Detroit I'm buying a pay-as-you-go-Verizon phone20:09
brouschMine is great in downtown GR as long as no big events are going on. But 1 mile outside of downtown and it's crap20:09
cmaloneyas backup. :)20:09
MaskedDriverI've noticed some improvements in Clarkston, but nothing impressive20:09
cmaloneybrousch: ugh20:09
MaskedDriverluckily for me, the Quicken Loans wifi reaches everywhere in downtown D, so I don't really have to worry about whether I have 4g/3g service20:10
greg-g.... what?!20:11
greg-gQuicken Loans WiFi?20:11
greg-gis this some sponsored wifi thing?20:11
MaskedDriverit's for QL team members20:11
MaskedDriveryou drop signal a little walking between buildings, but it's rare20:12
greg-gvery weird20:12
MaskedDriverwhy is that weird?20:12
greg-gwhat is the need?20:12
cmaloneygreg-g: You lived here. There's only Three companies in Downtown.20:12
greg-ghow many quicken loans people are there in downtown Detroit?20:12
cmaloneyQuicken Loans, GM, and Compuware. ;)20:12
greg-gless weird20:12
MaskedDriverwe occupy and nearly 100% capacity 3 high-rises20:13
brouschWhich one will become OCP?20:13
MaskedDriverCompuware building, chase tower(reanmed the Qube), and First National20:13
cmaloneybrousch: Robocop reference?20:14
MaskedDriverlol ah yeah20:14
widoxalthough, Quicken only has a few floors of the Compuware building20:14
MaskedDriveryeah. I'm on the 9th floor of that20:14
MaskedDrivermost IT is in here20:15
cmaloneyI just hope they don't make the jump to Quicken Drones.20:15
cmaloneyBecause that would be bad.20:15
widoxdon't move before signing up for a mortgage!20:15
MaskedDriverI actually just started with one of their companies, Quizzle, in December20:15
cmaloneyFo shizzle?20:16
MaskedDrivercommute from Clarkston is rough (especially with the winter the way it was), but totally worth it20:17

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