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rburtonafternoon all02:49
jdubwelcome :)02:50
rburtonnot entirely related to warty, but if grub-install takes 5 minutes to install, is this a sign that i should just retry the install :)02:50
seb128rburton here 02:50
rburtonross was taken  looonnnng ago02:50
Kamionsounds like it's trying to access the floppy maybe?02:51
seb128welcome rburton 02:51
Kamioncan you poke about on tty2 to find out what it's doing?02:51
rburton"probing bios devices this may take a long time" for 8 minutes now02:51
rburtongrub --batch --no-floppy --device-map=/boot/gr[terminal ends] 02:51
rburtoncalled by grub-install --no-floppy (hd0)02:51
Kamionugh, sounds like a grub expert is required02:52
Kamion(do we have one here? :-))02:52
jdublifeless is a bit of a grub02:52
lifelessgrub-install should be about 2 seconds lok.02:53
lifelesscan cat /boot/grub/device.map02:54
rburton(hd0) /dev/hda02:57
rburtonthis is in d-i still, so /target/boot/ of course02:57
lifelesswell, that looks about right.03:00
lifelessanything in dmesg ?03:00
rburtontty4 just says info: grub things03:01
rburtondmesg  has ntfs/reiserfs warnings about the device not being what it expects03:01
jdubedd will turn up here soon too, btw03:02
rburtoni ran grub-install myself in strace and it appears to be looping on a cp03:02
seb128jdub: should we rename this chan #gnome-hackers ? :)03:02
rburtonit stat64's cp,  clones and then gets sigchld03:03
rburtonright, waitpid(-1) is blocking03:03
=== rburton considers rebooting and trying again
=== Kamion considers strace-udeb
rburtoni'm surprised strace is on this iso03:04
Kamionit'll just be a .deb, not a .udeb03:04
Kamionstrace is in our base system03:04
rburtonyeah, i just realised that03:04
Kamionyou might be able to unpack and use it though ...03:04
Kamionudpkg -i might even be able to manage it03:04
rburtonrebooting to try again :)03:05
rburtongrub-install worked with / being ext3, failed when it was xfs03:10
rburtoni thought d-i installed the relevant kernel for your machine. i have a p4 and its installed the 386 kernel03:11
rburtonholy crap a lot of stuff gets installed by default :)03:13
Kamionyes, grub needs to be updated to do special things with xfs03:13
jdubrburton: more like osx than debian ;)03:13
rburtonas long as i can prune it again without some meta-package getting in the way i'm okay03:14
jdubyeah, you can03:14
Kamionshould be fine, we don't generally use metapackages for installation03:14
Keybukis just a task that gets installed, isn't it?03:14
rburtoni wonder why i pressed http instead of cdrom... 03:14
Kamionaptitude -y install '~tdesktop03:14
=== rburton wonders what is using python-musicbrainz
jdubrburton: we have a selection of python modules available for great justice (and python development)03:17
Keybukand because Python gives Mark a woody03:17
lifelessout two main weapons...03:17
jdubKeybuk: i'm not sure if we're meant to talk about that publically yet.03:18
Keybukjdub: and I thought we were a "pants off" kind of company ... :p03:18
KamionKeybuk: I thought it gave him a warty03:19
Keybuk*groans*  warty where you thinking of, that's terrible03:19
rburtonthe X keyboard layout debconf thing should give gb as an example for england as i can never remember what the code is03:19
Kamionya, I think that went into a recent upload somewhere, but I don't remember whether it was unstable or warty03:20
Keybukrburton: that's going to die MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!*cough*splutter*03:20
rburtonis OO.o on the CD?03:21
rburtonawww diveintopython is on03:21
=== rburton must count the RossQuotient of warty
jdubwe removed sound-juicer because it lacks quality control03:23
rburtoni've been sent a patch to make it use the g-m profiles03:23
rburtonmust review that at some point03:23
jdubgpdf still has type3 font support issues03:24
rburtonyay, millions of parse errors from scrollkeeper03:24
rburtonjdub, 2.8 is fixing them iirc03:24
jdubnot type303:24
jdubit fixed OOo and locale stuff03:24
rburtonah balls03:25
jdubnot sure type3 will make it03:25
jdubif it does, we'll switch though03:25
seb128no search feature neither03:25
jduboh yeah, and seb wants search ;)03:25
rburtonhm, postfix03:28
rburtonyay X mis-detected by vga card03:29
rburtonshouldn't X by default read fonts from the deforma paths?03:30
Kamionrburton: OOo should be there and installed by default, yes03:33
Kamionthe scrollkeeper bugs are being fixed but not quite there yet ...03:33
rburtongar, X isn't starting03:34
rburtonnv supports the geforce4mx, right?03:34
rburtoni'm getting garbage :(03:34
rburtonmay i request nvidia modules for the default kernel?03:35
jdubwe're going to have some proprietary drivers, nvidia is on the list03:36
=== jdub goes - have fun!
rburtonarsing arse arse03:43
rburtonhas anyone got nvidia drivers for 2.6.7 to hand? :/03:43
=== rburton misses nullmailer
rburtonfrom a $CORP perspective, nullmailer is very useful for desktops03:47
Kamionis it in universe?03:47
rburtondunno yet, i'm still battling X03:47
Kamionnullmailer | 1.00RC7-21 | warty/universe | amd64, i386, powerpc, source03:48
rburtonah i'll add that in a bit then03:49
Kamionoops, debootstrapping onto a nodev-mounted partition doesn't work very well03:49
rburtoncursed X03:52
rburtonam i going mad or is nis not part of the base package set?03:55
Kamionit's not; it seems to be only in universe03:56
Kamionwe might want to reconsider that03:56
rburtoni'd say so03:56
Kamionit's not in blacklist.security or anything, so it might be just an oversight03:57
rburtonwhats the sources line for universe?03:58
Kamiondeb http://ftp.no-name-yet.com/no-name-yet warty universe03:58
rburtonah of course03:59
Kamion(very untested; if it breaks you get to keep both pieces)03:59
KamionI'd suggest pinning to get only individual packages from there03:59
rburtonhostname is "sadok" but /etc/hosts still says debian04:00
Kamionhm, did you tell d-i that hostname in the first stage?04:01
rburtonyeah, pretty sure04:01
Kamion        if (verify_hostname(client->value) != 0)04:02
Kamion        {04:02
Kamion          debconf_subst(client, "netcfg/invalid_hostname",04:02
Kamion              "hostname", client->value);04:02
Kamion          debconf_input(client, "high", "netcfg/invalid_hostname");04:02
Kamion          debconf_go(client);04:02
Kamion          debconf_set(client, template, "debian");04:02
Kamion        }04:02
KamionI wonder if verify_hostname failed on whatever you set for some reason04:02
KamionI think that template should perhaps be asked at priority critical, not high04:02
Kamionah, did you enter a FQDN at the hostname prompt?04:03
rburtoner, no04:03
rburtonjust sadok iirc04:03
Kamionhm, it allows . anyway04:04
rburton"nfs warning: mount older than kernel"04:07
rburtonnot seen that before04:07
rburtonhm, X suffers from the stick alt key bug for me04:16
=== Kamion is trying to figure out what will happen if I debconf_set() a question and then ask it at priority critical
rburtonseb128, you might want to know that thinice in warty is buggy compared to that in sid04:53
seb128what's the problem ?04:53
rburtonno arrows :(04:53
rburtoni.e. sort direction in evo mailer04:53
seb128sort direction ?04:55
seb128all looks fine with it here04:56
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rburtonno, really bust here04:59
rburtonworks with the default engine, not with thinice04:59
=== rburton is very happy with Warty
seb128rburton: and apparently GNOME is suddently almost perfect (out of the thinice problem), nobody report bugs :-P05:17
rburtonwell of course ;)05:18
rburtonapart from ephy using gestures by default and crashing that is05:19
Keybukthat's so when it crashes you can use appropriate gestures05:19
seb128rburton: I don't get your question, where do you want to paste ?05:23
seb128middle clicking in a text entry make a paste here05:23
rburtonpaste in the window05:23
rburtonlooks like the ephy schemas were not installed, none of them are registered in gconf-editor05:24
seb128could you check the /var/lib/dpkg/info/epiphany.postinst ?05:24
seb128this version should have the sighup change05:25
rburtonno gconf code at all05:25
rburtonshould i file a bug? :)05:26
seb128oh right05:26
seb128no, that's fine05:26
seb128I'll look on it now05:26
seb128when I say than nobody report bugs ...05:26
seb128thanks rburton  :)05:26
rburton...its as everyone just pokes you instead05:26
seb128no, almost nobody pokes me neither05:27
rburtonwell i've given you two bugs so far :)05:27
seb128yeah :)05:27
rburtonthird -- the clear recent documents icon in the panel is *fowl*05:27
rburtonand the panel doesn't like against eds which is very sad05:28
seb128like/link ?05:28
rburtonha, yes05:28
Kamionfowl -> foul too :-)05:31
rburtonoh god yes05:32
rburtonwhat is up with my typing today :)05:32
rburtonis there a bug tracker i can file bugs in?05:44
seb128yes, we have a bugzilla, hold on05:45
rburtoni presume all bugs related to desktop integration are welcome?05:45
seb128all bugs are welcome05:46
rburtonseb128: can i file the panel not linking to eds? :)05:50
seb128already fixed05:51
seb128it's building05:51
rburtonsticky alt key?05:51
seb128should be available until an hour05:51
seb128what about the alt key ?05:51
rburtonwhen i alt-tab to a workspace, the switching popup doesn't go when i let go of alt05:52
rburtonis there a component for bugs which don't fit into a package?05:52
rburtoni.e. "nis should be in main"05:52
seb128good question05:52
seb128rburton: are you using alt ? or the windows key ?05:54
seb128ok, so that's it05:54
rburton(my mistake, i didn't mean alt)05:54
seb128Overfiend has tagged it + help IIRC05:54
rburtonworks in sid btw05:55
rburton(on another machine, but the same config)05:55
rburtonno component for gnome-themes btw05:55
Keybukdoesn't work in sid for me :-(05:56
=== Keybuk has xlibs on permanent hold
seb128rburton: wait for the gnome-themes, component will be added05:57
rburtonrighto, time to go. seeya'll tomorrow05:58
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