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rburtonso it appears that nfs-common isn't installed by default, which breaks a fair bit10:13
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rburtonso as a user of the preview, is there a list i can mail?12:19
seb128apparently not yet ...12:21
rburtoni've some issues which don't relate to bug components12:22
seb128hum, just mail me if you want12:25
seb128I'll follow the mail on the internal list12:25
rburtonseb128@debian.org, right?12:26
Kamionrburton: use UNKNOWN in cases where a bug component doesn't exist01:19
Kamiondoes nfs-common need to be installed by default?01:20
rburtonah didn't spot that component01:22
rburtondamn non-case-senstive sort01:22
rburtoni'd say so -- it's a small package but essential for nfs01:22
Kamionyeah, but nfs isn't installed by default either is it?01:25
Kamionit's only in Supported ...01:25
rburtonthe kernel nfs client just worked for me01:27
bob2seb128: gnome-settings-daemon is working!01:32
seb128bob2: Kamion has fixed it01:33
bob2Kamion: thanks a lot!01:33
Kamionbob2: you're welcome01:42
=== rburton considers filling a "emacs should use gtk2 frontend" bug
seb128I was fearing a "GIVE ME XEMACS" bug :)01:47
rburtoni'm being good and at least trying emacs01:48
seb128he he :)01:48
rburtonanyway xemacs is in universe if i give in :)01:49
rburtonephy still annoys me though01:49
seb128what's the problem ?01:49
rburtoni miss middle-click on the New Tab button to open a new tab on the url01:50
rburtonand it forces me to sort out my bookmarks01:50
seb128I don't understand this middle click stuff01:50
seb128middle click on a link ? it opens the link in a tab ... 01:50
rburtonno, copy a url in evo and middle click on the New Tab button01:51
rburton(try that in galeon)01:51
rburtonit opens a new tab and goes to the url you copied01:51
rburtonditto for inside a window and on new window button01:51
seb128oh ok01:53
seb128I didn't know about this01:53
seb128usually I ctrl+t and paste it01:53
rburtonthats a wasted 0.2 seconds ;)01:53
rburtoni feel lunch coming on.  i may install xemacs when i get back :)01:54
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rburtonseb128: i just restarted X and now nautilus won't show the desktop :(02:57
seb128does it start ?02:58
rburtonyeah, hangs it appears02:59
rburtongnome-background-properties is hanging too02:59
seb128ie: if you run "nautilus" in a xterm what happens ?02:59
rburtonnothing interesting whatsoever02:59
seb128ps ax | grep hald ?02:59
rburtoni just straced it, its blocking on a futex03:00
rburtonhald is running03:00
seb128the only time it was hanging here is was because of hald not running ...03:00
rburtonhm, its blocking just after connecting to orbit03:01
rburtonrestart time03:02
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rburtonseb128: hal isn't starting :(03:08
seb128any error ?03:09
seb128/usr/sbin/hald works ?03:09
seb128rburton: do you think we have any interest to have hal support turned on in gnome-vfs at this point ? It increases the sources of problems for no real benefit imho ...03:12
rburtoni've not really used it, but it seems to be a bit broken still03:13
rburtonyay, i've 4 hald processes in D state03:15
rburtonooh tasks in the panel. coool03:15
seb128please report the hald problem03:16
seb128I'll turn off the hal support in the next upload, we don't really need it and it'll be more safe03:16
rburtonwhere does hald log?03:23
seb128good question, I don't know ...03:27
rburtonah, messages03:29
rburtonnothing useful there03:29
rburtoni feel a reboot coming on03:29
rburton 3355 ?        Ds     0:00 /usr/sbin/hald03:30
=== rburton wonders what the s means
rburtonah, session leader03:30
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eddhi. fancy an installer bug report?03:46
seb128hey edd03:46
seb128all the bug reports are welcome03:46
seb128-> https://bugzilla.no-name-yet.com/03:47
eddi get an oops when booting the installer kernel :)03:47
seb128Kamion: do you know about this problem ?03:48
Kamionseb128: no03:48
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rburtonseb128: is it a known bug that g-s-t doesn't know what distribution its running on?05:18
seb128I've a quick fix ready that map warty as a debian05:19
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eddwhee. you guys totally rock. i'm very happy with what i'm seeing!05:21
seb128thanks :)05:22
seb128I've commented on your bug report about epiphany05:22
eddonly one thing that seemed serious omission: no modem/ppp configuration?05:22
seb128I think it's the schema registration problem ... which version of the package did you get ?05:22
seb128no sure about the modem/ppp05:23
rburtongnome-terminal -e pppconfig?05:23
eddah  yeah, i had 0ubuntu105:23
seb128ok, so probably due to the schema missing05:24
eddjust one question. my install left me with only the cdrom sources in apt/sources; should it have put http ones in there too?05:25
seb128that's the normal result ... but perhaps it could be nice to have an http one too05:27
eddi was just thinking that there was no way for me to make sure i had the latest packages before sending you a bug report, otherwise05:27
seb128BTW apt-setup to get it :)05:27
seb128Kamion: we should have a http entry in the defaut sources.list ?05:27
Kamionno, the system should work without access to the network05:28
seb128at least commented ?05:28
seb128so people don't have to find it05:28
seb128yes, apt-setup do it ... :)05:28
Kamionask fabio :-)05:28
eddit would be nice to get meeks' file selector patch into the openoffice05:35
eddanyway, it's friday afternoon and you guys are busy. i'm enjoying what i see so far. thanks!05:37
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