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danielsThis train is for12:59
mjg59This train is for the GIANT ICONS01:01
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rburtonoh i see10:48
rburtonall this time everyone in gnome slags my theme off10:48
rburtonand now ubuntu uses the same colours10:48
seb128morning rburton :)10:49
seb128what's up ?10:49
rburtonhald crashed again, yay10:50
seb128I'll drop the hal support in gnome-vfs today10:56
seb128nautilus is broken in browser mode here10:56
seb128could you test on your box if you have the same problem ?10:56
seb128nautilus --browser and just test if it hangs10:56
rburtonyeah. dead10:56
seb128I'm bothering teuf about this :)10:57
rburtonseb128: are there any changes to desktop-file-utils you've got hidden away?11:09
rburtoni've merged your patches and am about to upload to sid11:09
seb128You've added the update-desktop11:10
seb128in the postinst11:10
seb128ok, so that's fine11:10
rburtonisn't marillat fun? :)11:12
jdubyo rburton 11:15
jdubrburton: enjoying ubuntu?11:15
rburtonapart from super being sticky and no xemacs anyway11:16
rburtonbut i'll fix the former and get used to the latter11:16
rburtonephy is forcing me to sort out my bookmarks too11:16
rburtonarse, the lisp detection mojo in desktop-file-utils is crap11:18
rburtoni've created a no/ directory in the top level11:18
jdubxemac should be in universe ;)11:20
rburtoni was trying to at least try emacs11:20
seb128rburton, somebody should really kick that guy *hard*11:20
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=== edd 's train already running 30m late
jdubheh, d'oh11:23
jdubwe're in the uk!11:23
eddyeah. cellphone coverage pretty patchy here too11:25
=== edd bouncing from york to birmingham to oxford
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=== edd attains birmingham
Keybuknot too long then11:31
Keybukcheck if my house is on fire on the way through -- it's by the trainline on the way out11:32
rburtonit would be really cool if ubuntu boot knew that /usr wasn't mounted over nfs and started nis before nfs11:32
seb128Keybuk, we need depends in init scripts :p11:32
Keybukwhat about pre-depends? :p11:33
seb128don't forget to add a Conflicts to force the update :)11:34
Keybukedd: oh, random point ... we're listed as FieldWave Ltd here11:50
eddKeybuk: Thanks. That's actually rather useful to know :)11:53
eddconductor pronounces us 40m late now12:11
Keybukwhere abouts are you?12:12
eddstanding still between cov and leamington12:12
eddit is not a place i'd choose to stop in12:13
jdubpants off12:16
jdubedd: on yer bike!12:17
Keybukbad combination ... saddle rash12:17
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rburtonwould begging for the gtk+ emacs get anywhere?12:39
Keybukgtk+ emacs works ... it lacks pango cuteness though12:44
rburtonmatching the gtk+ colours would be nice for now12:45
=== rburton still isn't sure about emacs
Keybukfont sizes are all off :(12:48
Keybukso it takes up more room than emacs-in-gnome-terminal12:48
Keybukand is thus pointless12:48
rburtonxemacs does stuff like actually use the right mouse button for context menus12:53
rburtonwhich is nice if you happen to have a hand on the mouse12:53
seb128stop talking about xemacs dude, we have emacs :)12:54
fabbionestop talking about *macs .. we have vim12:59
rburtonemacs is officially crap, it is refusing to open a makefile with a lisp error01:02
seb128rburton, I've added a build-dep on libxt-dev in warty for zenity01:15
rburtonseb128: arse. xt-dev? i added libx11-dev01:16
seb128that's why I'm saying it01:16
rburtonmaybe i should setup my pbuilder01:16
seb128sorry, I've forgotten to give you the fix for this one01:16
=== seb128 is pondering doing an upload of gnome-vfs2 without the hal support now
seb128or maybe I should wait for the new release :)01:18
rburtonnow now now01:20
=== jdub spanks ross
=== rburton groans in pleasure
rburtonseb128: so just libxt-dev or libxt and libx11?01:24
rburtonah it deps on libx11-dev01:25
seb128oh yeah01:26
seb128I've a fucking bug with my panels at home and here01:26
seb128dynamic changes doesn't work sometime01:26
seb128ie: if I change the width or add a panel01:26
seb128I need to killall gnome-panel to get the changes01:27
seb128the gconfs key are updated but no graphical changes01:27
rburtoni've seen that with the typing monitor01:27
rburtonseb128: for future note, the xmodmap line in that X sticky-super fixes the problem for me01:44
rburtonerm, emacs won't save a file it just opened03:01
rburton"Lisp nesting exceeds max-lisp-eval-depth"03:02
rburtonxemacs isn't installable in universe03:05
rburton(depends on libtiff3g still)03:05
seb128rburton, we have planned to speak about menu organisation during the 2 weeks03:27
seb128so if you have some idea please let me know03:27
rburtonmaybe a system configuration menu under actions would be nice03:30
seb128configuration is not really an action03:32
rburtonbut its not an application either really03:32
rburtona system top-level a la XD2?03:32
rburtonApplications | System | Actions03:32
seb128I don't like the idea to get a new menu03:32
seb128and System is not used enough to be in the panel03:33
seb128I mean you don't change your configuration every 5 minutes03:33
rburtonright just looked at a XD2 box03:33
rburtonthey have Applications | System | Help03:33
seb128and where are the configuration tools ?03:33
rburtonsystem has personal settings, system prefs>, then actions as usual03:33
seb128that's an option03:34
rburtonwould a screenshot help?03:34
seb128yes please, still good to have03:35
seb128jdub, around ?03:35
rburtonoooh ubuntu is the first g2 desktop i've used in which the logout fade isn't jerky03:40
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Oskuroyet another channel...03:42
Oskurohi guys03:42
seb128hey Oskuro03:42
seb128good place to speak about menus in warty with ross and jdub I think03:43
seb128but jdub seems to not be around right now03:43
rburtonin warty? and sid :)03:45
rburtonand sarge :)03:45
seb128harder to get a result in sarge03:45
seb128first they have the crapy Debian menu03:46
OskuroI doubt anything is happening with Sarge's menus at this point. :)03:46
rburtonyou're not determined enough03:46
Oskuroross is too optimistic. :)03:47
rburtonwoot aquired gigabit to my desktop03:48
seb128sarge will stay in the middle of the schemas move with a crappy menu03:48
seb128we can't hardly do anything03:48
seb128can even03:48
rburtoni count 17 packages on my box with /etc/gconf in postinst03:50
rburtonone of which is mine, fixing03:50
seb128there is around 60 packagse03:50
seb128I've runned an apt-file search with some sed, sort, uniq, wc magic 03:51
seb128and it was around 60 in unstable03:51
rburtoni guess build-depends (>= 4.2.13) is the best way of forcing the right dh_gconf03:53
seb128Oskuro, ?03:53
seb128rburton, I need we don't need to force it03:54
seb128it builds fine with previous one as long as you have dh_gconf03:54
seb128ok, schemas are not in /usr but that's not really a problem03:54
rburtoni'm worried about an autobuilder using an old debhelper03:55
seb128the schema will be in /etc03:55
seb128no big deal03:55
rburtonin that case i'll leave of the upload to save the buildd's time03:56
rburtonregexxer is gtkmm, thus takes time, and doesn't have a postinst to break03:57
jdubyeah, menus will come up in desktop vision discussion tomorrow04:08
seb128jdub, what's going on about desktop files ?04:08
seb128not sure to understand the mails on the list04:08
rburtons-j is state D04:13
seb128jdub, around ?04:27
mjg59I'm building a kernel with all the latest nifty ACPI crack if anyone fancies testing it04:35
mjg59High quality rocking video resumption code that might even work04:35
seb128question for the sounders04:37
seb128did you get a mail or something like that ?04:37
seb128rburton, ?04:44
Oskurothe minimal thing we want to test for is a debhelper with dh_gconf, which was 4.1.lownumber iirc.05:01
OskuroBut if we're bumping versions, we might as well  go for /usr/share-happy dh_gconf, which is what I've been doing lately.05:02
rburtonseb128: was away, you said ?05:02
seb128did you get a mail about ubuntu/sounder/whatever ?05:03
seb128teuf is on the sounder list and he didn't get anything05:03
Oskuroif the sounder list is what you sign up to at n-n-y.com, I didn't get a thing either.05:03
OskuroI've never got a mail from n-n-y.05:04
seb128that's a list of people interessed by testing the distro05:04
OskuroI think Carlos added me to that list too.05:04
rburtonseb128: nope05:04
OskuroIf not, I should have been.05:04
seb128so I guess it's ok if I invite teuf here ?05:04
rburtoni've never heard of sounder until now05:05
seb128how have you found the chan ? and how do you get the login/pass for the archive ?05:05
seb128jdub directly ?05:05
rburtoni was invited here, and what archive?05:06
seb128I was thinking you get a standard mail about this or something like that05:06
rburtonjdub told me to come here05:06
seb128rburton, the warty repository05:06
rburtonfor the iso? jdub gave me a url which wasn't protected05:07
seb128oh yes, we have removed the login part05:07
seb128I hate gaim05:07
rburtonbut i've never received a mail about ubuntu/warty/sounder/etc05:07
seb128you enter "/j #chan" and it displays "/j: command not supported"05:08
seb128that's crap05:08
seb128rburton, ok, fine. Thanks05:08
seb128GRRR, same with //j05:08
seb128damned, fucking soft05:09
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seb128welcome teuf05:09
rburtonafternoon teuf05:09
Oskurohi ye05:09
Oskuroteuf: 05:09
rburtonoh fun a new X05:10
rburtonwhat is new? fixed sticky super? :)05:10
teufhi everyone05:10
seb128I don't think so05:10
seb128rburton, nice to get packages update every 30min instead once a day, isn't it :)05:11
rburtonyeah ;)05:11
=== mjg59 watches his kernel actually build
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rburtonseb128: you'll be glad to know i've fixed my missing arrows in thinice bug05:30
rburtonuser error, i had libthinice in ~/.gtk-2.0/engines/05:30
seb128Oh, I've still understood the problem05:30
rburtonso much crack left in ~ from rh905:30
seb128oh ok05:30
seb128that's why I didn't get it05:31
rburtonbut i wish i knew why hald and sound-juicer hung all the time05:31
seb128second user error after the gdm problem :)05:31
rburtonhald and sj are both D again, dammit05:31
seb128rburton, I've uploaded the gnome-vfs without hal support should be available rsn05:32
rburtoni'm doing daily reboots atm05:32
teufrburton: nautilus and rhythmbox tends to hang quite a lot on my home system when I use a hal enabled gnome-vfs05:32
rburtonhopefully its hald which is causing sj to lock05:32
seb128teuf, when hald is fucked nautilus just hangs05:32
rburtonwhat, the HIG isn't in main?05:33
rburtonthis is an outrage!05:33
seb128the HIG is in debian ?05:34
seb128perhaps we could support it :)05:34
rburtoni package all the great docs in debian, diveintopython, doc-gnome-hig, the png book05:34
rburtoni appear to have a packaging addiction. anything more than 2k i package first05:34
seb128it would be nice if you could make your gnome packaging policy rocks more with an update :)05:36
rburtonross@hactar ~/Programming/debian/pkg-gnome/tools05:36
rburton$ svn status05:36
rburton?      gnome-pkg-tools/gnome-policy.xml05:36
rburtoni'm working on it05:36
rburtonhopefully shortly i'll have deleted enough of the clearly wrong stuff to commit it and let everyone argue about it again05:37
seb128ok, nice05:38
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