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jdubhi savs05:53
savshi there05:53
jdubjust got the email? :)05:53
savsyup ;)05:53
jdubyou're the first to hit the channel ;)05:54
savsjust cancelled the downloads of gentoo and sarge i was doing. you caught me on a distro day ;)05:54
jdubhow timely :)05:54
savs(got novell's suse sampler a couple of days ago, been playing with that all weekend)05:54
savshmm, need a faster connection ;)05:56
savsjdub: it's not clear from your emails etc. whether it's ok to talk in public about this?06:05
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dafjdub: that looks like another candidate for the FAQ06:07
jdubsavs: we'd kinda like to keep it quiet ;)06:28
jdubi've updated the FAQ page on the wiki06:28
savsjdub: no problem, i'll keep quiet except for bugging thom ;-)06:33
jdubthat's what we do ;)06:33
jdubbut you've got this channel, the wiki, the mailing list, bug tracker, etc., etc.06:34
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KeybukAhoy! me 'earties! ya savvie?07:15
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savshi thom08:01
mjg59jdub: Can you sort me out a wiki account?08:28
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Keybukmjg59: you just click UserPreferences and create one ...09:40
jdubyo whiprush 09:51
savsso - what sort of feedback do you guys want on the prerelease?09:51
jdubstuff you think is missing, stuff not working, etc. :-)09:52
thomhow much jdub sucks09:54
savsheh. and what a pita thom is? ;)09:55
jdubindeed :)09:55
thomand how silly jdub's beard is09:57
savseh, so it doesn't support wireless networks properly ... no way to specify SSID and WEP key ?09:58
mjg59Keybuk: I can't access the wiki at all - it throws http auth at me09:58
Keybuksounders, oink09:58
mjg59Ah, got it09:58
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whiprushjdub: hello10:11
whiprushjust finishing up my first install 10:11
jdubcool - pleased?10:11
whiprushyeah so far. 10:12
whiprushstill upgrading packages10:12
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diemanhey all.10:14
Keybukhey Scott10:15
jdubnice domain ;)10:15
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whiprushso you guys want installation reports on the list or anything?10:16
jdubyes please10:17
jdubthough we have made some changes that are not yet built on cd10:17
=== whiprush nods
jdub(you might want to rsync against the latest daily to try it)10:18
diemanI'll probally not touch it until monday, is my guess -- might as well get paid to look at it ;)10:18
diemanbut its excellent timing, i was about to start getting sarge stablized for deployment at work, this gives me something else to look at and figure out what to go with.10:19
Kamionhey dieman, good to see you10:19
diemanKamion: nice to see you too.10:19
whiprushhmmm, is an rsync source in sources.list possible or should I just sync by hand?10:20
diemanwow, tracking gnome 2.810:21
diemanthat might be good enough reason.10:21
whiprushcool, user account in the audio group by default. finally!10:22
diemanheh, we've been using a horribly insecure pam module to deal with permissions issues10:24
diemanafair, linux 2.6 has the feature to make that module secure10:24
diemanbut i haven't looked into it10:24
jdubmmm, mdz was talking about that a couple of days ago10:25
jdubwe might take advantage of that at some stage10:25
whiprushis this utopia out of the box?10:25
jdubit's largely utopia compliant, yeah :)10:26
Kamionapt does support rsync I believe, although I'm not sure it's really very useful over just using http10:26
whiprushit passes the "mount my usb key without configuring anything" test. way cool.10:26
Kamionwhere sources.list is concerned, that is10:26
Kamionobviously it rocks for cd images10:26
diemanim going to have to compare our packages list to the seeds.10:28
diemanand figure out whats left over10:28
jdubdieman: ooh, please post to the mailing list when you do10:28
diemani can just about gaurantee its smaller than the list of stuff im maintaining as backports locally.10:28
diemanjdub: sure10:28
jdubdieman: just working out how we can make an easy to use list of all our supported packages for you to compare against -> easier than comparing with the seeds ;)10:30
diemanheh, i'm going to have to put another shout-out about nis. :)10:30
diemani dont mind having to support nis locally, though10:30
diemanits a fairly self-standing package.10:31
dieman discover1 # joey_h says we absolutely need this, hotplug isn't enough <-- woo!10:32
diemani'll have to see after I install it how the hotplug/discover interactions work too :)10:33
dafKamion: I don't believe APT does support rsync10:33
jdubdieman: we basically disable discover10:33
diemanjdub: ahh, ok10:33
diemani'll have to do some looking into hotplug then.10:33
diemanwell, cool, this is a ton of information to pour over.10:35
Kamiondaf: I think I was thinking of ssh10:36
Kamiondieman: there's a pkg-diff tool ...10:36
Kamion(in germinate source)10:37
Kamion(which you probably don't have access to, hmm)10:37
dafthere was some noise about it some time ago, I believe, but nothing came of it10:44
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whiprushok, I posted my installation report to the list.11:17
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