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danielsbdale: yo dude07:13
=== dieman perks up
diemani should go to sleep soon though07:47
bdaledaniels: dude07:55
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danielsbdale: 'sup?08:39
bdaledaniels: been fun watching the .us and .au swimmers duke it out in the Olympic swim meet...08:49
hrdwrbob_yeah US won the 4x200 by .13 iirc08:50
=== bdale nods ... hell of a race
daniels*shakes fist*08:56
bdaleI spent some time in Greece in 1979, including walking around the stadium at Olympia.  Adds an interesting extra dimension to watching the coverage.  09:00
danielscool :)09:00
danielsso did they finish the pool, or did they just find a local pond?09:01
bdalethe pool looks pretty good.  a couple of broken records, so the water musn't be too hard...  ;-)09:01
hrdwrbob_maybe they are using lighter water!09:01
hrdwrbob_cheating greeks!09:01
bdalenow, now... 09:02
=== bdale is watching the shotput coverage from Olympia via satellite...
=== hrdwrbob_ is watching sfa
hrdwrbob_well, watching this CD burn09:04
bdale"they wanted to hold the discus competition here, but the modern athletes would have thrown it out of the stadium..."09:04
hrdwrbob_I am retreiving a shiny.. 850mb hdd ro install ubuntu on tonight09:08
danielsi'm not sure you can even install on that09:09
danielsbdale: heh09:09
hrdwrbob_well, we'll see :)09:09
danielsjesus man09:09
danielsdo you actually own a computer? :P09:09
hrdwrbob_haha well I have an XP2000 an XP2800 and a duron 140009:10
hrdwrbob_nah I'm going to try installing it to my SATA drive also09:10
[lsd] hehe09:31
[lsd] installing it in vpc on my tibook would be quicker09:31
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thomgood morning!10:02
=== jdub stretches and attempts to not yawn
Keybukgood morning Mr. Stone10:08
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rburtonmoin seb12810:31
thomhey glynn, ross10:32
rburtonhi Gman10:32
=== rburton gets ready for trip to oxford tomorrow
Gmanhey hey rburton10:33
Gmanhiya thom10:33
makoyep.. i got it.. i'll reply today10:37
jdubrburton: yay10:38
rburtonare there direction on the web?10:40
thomrburton: get off the train, walk to taxi, say "the oxford hotel"10:42
seb128rburton, from where are you coming ? London ?10:43
danielsGman: hey dude10:43
danielsrburton: yo10:43
Gmandaniels, howerya10:43
=== Gman just steps out
=== Gman is now known as GmanAFK
danielsGman: not too bad, trying to find a way to get me a ticket to melbourne in my hand before friday morning10:43
GmanAFKdaniels, heheh, who wants to go to melbourne anyway ;)10:44
rburtonthom: sounds easy. oxford only has one station i presume10:44
rburtonseb128: i'm ok up to oxford train station10:44
thomrburton: yep10:45
rburtonand where are you in the hotel?10:46
rburtonor should i just follow my nose for the smell of laptops and stale sweat?10:46
fabbionerburton: i am in finnstock10:47
thomrburton: the big signs saying canonical will probably be a clue :-)10:49
danielsrburton: walk in, turn left, first right into the conference centre, up the stairs, first right to the end into the cherwell room10:49
danielsGmanAFK: ber10:49
rburtonheh, yeah10:49
danielsGmanAFK: coming to sydney?10:49
seb128fabbione, I'm in wooten with Jeff and some other guys10:49
rburtonthom: i might call you when i get there to find someone i know :)10:50
=== seb128 hides from rburton
fabbioneseb128: any reason why i need to join there?10:55
seb128fabbione, no11:02
seb128fabbione, s/fabbione/rburton/ in fact11:02
seb128I need coooooooffeeeeeeeeee11:03
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rburtonlibant1.6-java has been added, how about the ant wrapper script? :)11:29
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Gmandaniels, yes, 9th-17th :)01:08
danielsGman: sweet :) where're you staying?01:13
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Gmandaniels, jeff's house ;)01:13
danielsshotgun the spare bed, in that case :P01:13
Gmanno worries01:14
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HrdwrBoBwarty wartyhog killed my SCSI card!02:10
HrdwrBoBor at least, it was seen in the proximity when at the time of death02:10
danielswhat sort of card, what hapepned?02:10
danielswow, that's, um, impressive02:11
HrdwrBoBthe process goes like this *start installer*02:11
HrdwrBoB*installer sits at 5% for a LONG TIME getting SCSI errors (CD was in an IDE drive)02:11
HrdwrBoB* reboot... whenever the scsi drivers are loaded, machine hangs02:12
HrdwrBoBmeh, I just ripped it out02:12
danielsit's not exactly beyond the realm of possibility for you to have really dodgy hardware that dies02:13
daniels*bzzt* *flicker* *green* *reset*02:13
HrdwrBoBhaha well, it is kinda old and pinched from spotlight02:13
HrdwrBoBthat place was infectious02:13
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seb128rburton, the browser mode is fixed in warty :p03:04
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seb128somebody has an opinion on turning the http server for vino on or off in the package ?04:48
jdubyo mjg59 04:49
rburtonseb128: off04:49
rburtonsupply a decent vnc client instead04:50
rburtonvnc4viewer + patches should do it i believe04:50
jdubwhat has-- ah04:50
seb128rburton, why off ? just curious04:50
rburtonubuntu doesn't come with a jvm which can run the applet, and the applet doesn't build on free jvms04:50
seb128ok, that's clear04:51
rburtonseb128: gimp doesn't do the mime magic in warty. should i file a bug?04:51
seb128thanks ross04:51
seb128I swear I patched it04:51
seb128let me check04:51
seb128no need to fill a bug04:51
rburtonseb128: nautilus thumbnailing is borked in ubuntu.04:57
rburtonhm, maybe its just the race actually04:58
rburtonignore me04:58
seb128no, it's borked04:58
seb128teuf fixed the problem by reverting a change it gdk-pixbuf04:59
seb128but the guy who commited the change says it's a problem in nautilus04:59
seb128I'm just in waiting mode right now, but I've a look on this04:59
jdubrburton: enjoying ubuntu?05:03
jdubwhat rocks and what sucks?05:04
rburtonnis/nfs sucks05:04
rburtonworkrave even being installed sucks05:04
rburtonno nvidia sucks05:04
rburtonthe rest rocks05:04
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jdubworkrave is installed?05:06
jdubnvidia is most likely coming05:07
rburtoni think its in universe05:07
rburtonbut that is still offensive05:07
jdubyou really don't like workrave?05:07
jdub(it's in supported)05:07
rburtonwhats the point? gnome has drwright05:07
jdubnfs sucks? (nis might come soon)05:08
rburtonnfs starts before nis but we're still using nis for naming05:08
jdubwell, some people like high powered wrist breaks stuff05:08
rburtonso nfs doesn't mount /home05:08
fabbionerburton: were you searching for me before?05:23
fabbionemdz_: check oftc05:31
rburtonsee ya'll tomorrow05:55
seb128bye bye rburton05:57
seb128when will you be here ?05:58
rburtonabout 10:3005:59
rburtonwhats the hotel called again?05:59
seb128oxford hotel05:59
seb128hard to remember isn't it ? :)05:59
rburtonyeah :)05:59
rburtongotta go05:59
=== Oskuro collapses onto his chair.
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jdubi am fed!08:59
Keybukreally?  I'm Scott, pleased to meet you09:00
diemanI'm Scott!09:02
diemani had a good burrito for lunch. yum09:02
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=== bdale mumbles "fresh, homemade peach cobbler"
bdaleactually, more of a crisp, lots of cinnamon and not much dough10:09
=== thom drools
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lamontevening bdale10:52
=== lamont wonders if ebeth has done a warty install yet
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bdalelamont: nobody here has11:41
=== bdale looks around to see if he can spot a suitable i386 victim in his diverse pile-o-hardware
Keybuk"victim" ?11:43
bdaleKeybuk: more or less all of the loose machines available for trying things out here are non-i386 systems... 11:58
=== bdale spots an ITX system he can plug in to his console switch...

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