bdale... with no hard disk ... easily fixed12:00
bdale... and missing a cable from motherboard to the DVD reader ...12:03
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bdalelive cd boots ok on a Via Nehemiah ITX board with 512meg RAM and no hard disk01:56
jdubkeeping your long-term storage devices safe from it so far? ;-)02:00
=== bdale stuck a 10G disk in and started an install before heading upstairs to dinner... won't get back down to check it until a bit later yet
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=== Gman___ finally gets around to burning a live cd :/
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whiprushanyone awake?06:11
diemangoing to sleep soon06:40
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seb128hello jdub10:52
seb128hey Oskuro11:13
OskuroIt feels great to sleep until 11 :D11:18
seb128shut up :p11:24
Oskuroheh heh heh11:31
Oskurosorry guys :D11:31
Oskurojust one day left!11:32
Oskurowell, 1 of getting up early.11:33
OskuroFriday/Sat is supossed to be fun11:33
Oskurounless you go to France early Saturday :P11:33
seb128yes I do :(11:36
seb128I've to leaver around 7am11:36
jdubseb128: ross is here11:37
seb128I've seen dude11:37
seb128the room is not *that* huge :)11:37
jdubi am slow :)11:37
jdubhaha, thought you were in wootton#11:37
seb128jdub, you need to go out of the sleepy mode dude11:37
Keybukjdub: you need new glasses11:37
Oskurojdub: damn it...11:38
Oskurojdub: can you tell the bastard that he should have come on tuesday?11:38
seb128Oskuro, in fact jdub said him that today was a good day to come11:39
jdubyeh ;)11:39
=== Oskuro kicks jdub's butt over and over.
Oskuroanyway... ross: hello dude. :)11:39
jdubross says hi11:40
Oskurosee, it's not exciting at all via a second person via IRC11:40
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rburtoncursed freenode12:03
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rburtonOskuro, dude, you went home!12:19
Oskurorburton: dude, yex12:19
OskuroI mean yes12:19
Oskuroyou could have come like 24h before12:19
OskuroIs carlos anywhere near?12:19
OskuroI need him to tell me a phone number12:19
seb128he's only on jabber ...12:22
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rburtonKeybuk: so, what is HCT?01:39
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seb128damned screen01:40
rburtonseb128, get a decent laptop01:41
rburtonjoin the ThinkPadGang01:41
seb128I'll get a laptop yeah01:42
seb128this one is an old pII366 from a friend01:42
rburtonrock on01:42
seb128fear the openoffice.org build :)01:43
rburtonoo.o takes 18 hours on ppc you know01:43
seb128yeah, I don't even try this one01:43
Keybukrburton: the Hypothetical Changeset Tool; I'll explain it after lunch if you want01:53
rburtonhypothetical? heh01:53
rburtonsure great01:53
rburtonwhat is the deal for food here?01:53
Keybukbuffet for lunch in 7 minutes01:53
rburton$ apm01:54
rburtonOff-line, battery status high: 2% (0:03:00)01:54
rburtonjust in time01:54
seb128rburton, plug my laptop off if you want01:54
seb128I've my battery full01:54
rburtonmy charger is across the room01:54
seb128oh ok01:54
npmccallumare sounders suppossed to join this channel?  or is "ubuntu" still under wraps?01:57
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bdaleinstallation completed on the ITX system.  once it told me I should be ready to log in, it looked like maybe X was going to start, then I got faced with about 5 dialog boxes with unintelligible text.  hit enter to take defaults on all of them, now I'm back at a text login prompt.  le huh?02:55
jdubbdale: hrm, those are the "gdm/x did not start" dialogues02:59
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jdubbdale: utf-8 problems with dialog03:01
jdub(most likely)03:01
fabbioneonly gdm03:03
fabbioneX doesn't display any dialog that it cannot start03:04
fabbioneit just doesn't03:04
fabbionebdale can you investigate why X didn't start?03:04
whiprushI just had the same problem as bdale yesterday03:33
whiprushI had to manually add my driver to the XF86Config03:34
whiprushI had the same garbled text dialogs also.03:35
fabbionewhiprush: which driver was written in the config file?03:35
whiprushThe entire line was missing.03:35
whiprushLemme check the backup.03:35
fabbioneyes thanks03:35
whiprushyep, you're correct, apm.03:36
fabbioneok which version of X are you running?03:36
whiprushVersion: 4.3.0.dfsg.1-6ubuntu403:37
whiprushthat's my xserver-xfree8603:37
fabbioneok.. it is already fixed in ubutu503:37
=== whiprush updates
fabbioneknown bug :-)03:37
fabbioneit's not in the archive yet03:37
fabbioneit is probably building03:37
whiprushquick question, desktop bugs should go into your bugzilla right? Even if I see the behaviour on my sid box also? ie. They should be reported seperately right?03:38
fabbione  * Fix bug in xserver-xfree86 configuration script where failure of03:38
fabbione    autodetection would cause the script to think it had detected one X server03:38
fabbione    or XFree86 video driver instead ($(echo "" | wc -l) is "1", not "0").03:38
fabbionewhiprush: if you notice a bug in sid pleaase report it to Debian. If the same behaviour happens with warty, please let us know and we will track the bug as well03:39
jdubhey hey wh03:58
jduber, whiprush 03:58
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bdalesorry, walked away for a bit.  I'll investigate why X didn't start in a bit, need to help my wife with a problem first.04:29
whiprushjdub: point of no return now, I moved my main pc to ubuntu. fear.04:45
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=== rburton grumbles at freenode
jdubwhiprush: rad!05:23
seb128rburton, have you seen this bug http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=148028 ?05:36
seb128read the last comment if you can05:36
mjg59Is there anyone around who can test a vino package for me in a couple of minutes?05:37
jdubmjg59: for warty?05:53
mjg59jdub: Built against unstable, so ought to work fine in warty05:53
mjg59I only have a single machine here, so I want to make sure that it's actually serving properly without resorting to multiple X servers05:53
mjg59Do you want source or is a deb fine?05:54
rburtonmjg59, just vncclient to localhost05:54
rburtonfun for all the family05:54
mjg59rburton: Doesn't that go horribly wrong?05:54
rburtonits like looking in a reflection of a reflection05:54
mjg59jdub: It's in http://www.codon.org.uk/~mjg59/tmp/05:55
=== thom blinks gently at jdub
jdubmjg59: building06:00
jdubvino totally needs a nicon06:01
jdubwhen a connection is open06:01
mjg59notification area action06:01
rburtoni poked mark about this already06:02
rburtonthe sharer knows when someone connects but not when they disconnect06:02
mjg59You guys are having a notification area by default, right?06:03
jdubmjg59: works here06:06
mjg59jdub: Rock06:06
mjg59I'll upload it, then06:06
jdubmjg59: just looked at 1280x800 screen from 800x600 screen ;)06:06
mjg59Is that hideously broken laptop still around?>06:07
mjg59If so, could someone dump the DSDT and send it to me?06:07
jdubwhich one?06:11
jdubmjg59: didn't seem to start the session when i turned it on in the prefs dialogue?06:13
mjg59jdub: It won't06:13
mjg59If it's installed, the default session will run it06:13
mjg59Otherwise you need to add it by hand06:13
jdubso the prefs panel won't even run it?06:14
danielsjdub: the c3, dude06:26
mjg59Sorry, yeah, the c306:28
jdubhrm, dunno where it is atm06:29
mjg59No urgency06:36
mjg59The dsdt from the Avertech (or whatever it's called) would be good, too06:36
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danielsmjg59: when i find a network connection for the c3, i'll get you its dsdt08:33
danielsstupid non-wifi shit08:34
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bdaleelmo around?  HP crowd is trying to help get alioth back online and could use help.11:13
lamontelmo is off at a talk11:14
lamonthe played taxi driver to a LUG or something - kinda expected back no sooner than 15 minutes ago... If I see him, I'll point him this way.11:15
bdalek, the machine is back to the point that taggart sort of has control of it... not sure what the issues are, but he's looking for help11:16
=== lamont wanders
bdalejdub: finally looked at the ITX box... had the driver 'apm' scribbled in the X config...11:48
bdalejdub: changing that to 'via' and kicking gdm helped a lot11:50

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