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lamontdieman: you here?04:18
diemanlamont: poke04:43
lamontdieman: trying to remember if I asked if you were ppc or i38604:44
diemanim i38604:44
diemanby far04:44
diemani dont even think i have a ppc box in the house04:44
diemani do have m68k tho :)04:44
dieman(and hppa)04:44
diemanoh shit04:45
diemani do have a ppc box04:45
diemanmy tivo04:45
diemanLinux (none) 2.1.24-TiVo-2.5 #8 Wed May 8 15:38:27 PDT 2002 ppc unknown04:47
dieman2.1, ow.04:47
diemanthats somewhere beyond painful04:47
mjg59Oh, wow04:49
mjg59I remember 2.1.2404:49
mjg59We had a pile of Macs running it04:49
lamontdieman: tivo series 1, eh?04:59
lamontmy tivo is mips04:59
lamontdieman: remember to firewall the tivo, eh?04:59
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diemanlamont: yeah, series 105:20
dieman2 drives05:20
diemanwith a cachecard05:21
diemanyay cachecard!05:21
=== lamont has 2-120GB drives in his series 2
lamontrequired some small mods to do that...05:21
diemani 'only' have a 30gb and a 40gb05:21
diemanim fairly surprised at how nice these 'newer style' part 15 fm transmitters are.05:22
diemanthe fm radio injector things05:22
diemanim using one while i clean my room so i can listen in to net radio05:22
diemanwife is sleeping, so i have to be quiet05:22
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rburtonmorning all10:27
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sabdflhi  everyone10:35
Mithrandirhi sabdfl 10:36
makosabdfl, Oskuro, Mithrandir, rburton: good morning!10:38
fabbionehi guys10:38
makociao fabbione10:38
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rburtoncan i suggest gaiksaurus for the default install?11:16
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fabbionehey ik5pvx !11:20
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Kamionthom: your sudoers hack in base-config doesn't work; sudo is part of Base so /etc/sudoers has already been created by the time base-config runs12:44
Kamionfabbione: am I supposed to get a question about the modes I want to be available during xserver-xfree86 ubuntu7's postinst?12:45
fabbioneKamion: it depends which version of xresprobe you are using, and in any case it is possible if it fails12:58
fabbioneKamion: it is done in postinst because we need the server unpacked12:59
Kamionsure, I don't mind that12:59
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cefheya bdale 01:01
fabbioneKamion: just check that you will get xresprobe 0.2-201:01
fabbionebecause -1 was broken01:01
Kamioninstalling now, we'll see how it goes01:02
=== fabbione -> food
sabdflkamion: the trashcan applet isn't showing on auckland, any idea why?01:04
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Kamionsabdfl: it doesn't seem to have been built yet; the source is there but no .debs01:05
sabdflok, tnx01:05
seb128[   ]  trashapplet_0.2-0ubuntu2_i386.deb   01:05
Kamionsabdfl: this is the case for openssh -9 too, so I'm wondering if lamont's hilltop is down or something01:05
seb128I see the deb here ..01:05
Kamionuh, let me go update little01:05
Kamion(my comments as of the state of the archive at the last CD build ...)01:06
Kamionah, yes, it's there now01:07
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Kamionfabbione: ok, so xresprobe still fails here01:36
Kamionddcprobe output ends with 'edidfail'01:36
fabbioneKamion: ok. than we can't probe your box01:36
fabbioneand it is normal that it asks the question01:36
Kamionoh, it's a VIA chipset01:36
Kamionthat explains it01:36
fabbioneis that a laptop?01:36
fabbioneoh yes01:36
fabbionevia is banned from autoprobing01:36
Kamionyes, it's the Averatec AMD Athlon XP that was at the conference01:37
fabbionethe via chipset we were testing was hardfreezing the entire machine01:37
fabbionerburton: you around?01:39
fabbionedo you feel lucky today?01:40
rburtonwhy not01:40
fabbioneehehe cool01:40
Kamiongood, panel much happier now01:40
fabbioneapt-get --purge remove xserver-xfree8601:40
fabbioneapt-get install discover1 xresprobe mdetect laptop-detect01:40
fabbioneapt-get install xserver-xfree8601:40
fabbionejust be sure that X removes its config file01:40
fabbionei am curious to see if it will detect your hardware correctly01:41
rburtonbbiab :)01:41
lamontKamion: Aug 23 11:52:25 buildd-mail: openssh has been installed; removing from upload dir:01:46
lamontthat's a london time01:46
seb128hey lamont 01:47
seb128lamont: gst-plugins0.8 is still not built, could you check if it's ftbfsing ?01:47
fabbionehey lamont 01:48
lamontlibs/gst-plugins0.8_0.8.3-1: Dep-Wait by buildd+rockhopper [optional:out-of-date] 01:48
lamont  Dependencies: libtheora-dev01:48
lamontmorning fabbione01:48
fabbionelibtheora-dev is missing in the archive01:48
=== lamont is going back to bed shortly, what with it being 6AM and all.
seb128lamont: oh ok, thanks01:48
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rburtonit only asked what resolutions i wanted to use, but 1280x1024 (the native res for my lcd) wasn't in the list01:50
seb128what ?01:50
rburtonfabbione: done01:51
fabbionerburton: are you on a laptop?01:51
Oskurook, starting my first ubuntu install01:51
rburtonfabbione: no, desktop with iiyama lcd01:51
fabbionerburton: chipset?01:51
OskuroI think I've got one of those evil machines that break Debian installer badly.01:51
rburtontoggle 1280x1024 and X started fine01:51
rburtonfabbione: nVidia Corporation NV1801:51
OskuroDoes this belong in #ubunto or #warthogs?01:51
rburton(geforce4 mx)01:51
fabbionecan you run xresprobe?01:51
fabbioneit should print out 2 lines01:52
rburtonfabbione: in X or from a console?01:52
rburtonand should i kill X before running it01:52
fabbionerburton: it doesn't matter01:52
fabbioneit should work with or without X01:52
rburton$ /usr/sbin/xresprobe nv lcd01:52
rburtonid: Generic Monitor (non-DDC)01:52
fabbionewhich version of xresprobe do you have?01:53
fabbioneif you can...01:53
fabbioneexits from X and run:01:53
fabbionexresprobe nv lcd01:53
rburtonmouse acceleration is much higher than it was before i restarted btw01:53
fabbioneand tell me if it prints something sane01:53
rburtonlike, really fast.01:53
rburtonok, bbiab01:53
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rburtonfabbione: no change01:58
rburtonddcprobe returns edidfail01:59
fabbioneok thanks01:59
fabbionei guess we can't probe everything01:59
rburtonthese monitors support "ddc 2b" apparently01:59
lamontKamion: hilltop has been happy all night02:00
fabbionerburton: well when ddcprobe will support them, we will too :-)02:00
rburtonfabbione: any idea why my mouse is way faster?02:01
fabbionerburton: perhaps because we are using /dev/input/mice as default02:01
fabbioneit didn't change on my machine (installed this morning)02:01
rburtonmaybe i can blame seb12802:02
rburtonthe mouse speed setting in gnome is, like, not working02:03
seb128I've not changed anything on this afaik02:03
=== lamont goes back to bed for an hour or 2
=== rburton rmmod psmouse; modprobe psmouse resolution=100
=== fabbione should probably send a mail to sounders explain what to expect from X autoconfig
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sabdflanybody else stuck with upgrades to aspell-bin, gnome-games, libglademm, libgtksourceview, yelp and libapache-mod-auth-xxx that won't complete?02:56
Mithrandirlibgail-gnome- python2.3-gnome and libzvt2.0-0 seems to be a bit stuck here03:00
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SteveAI'm using ubuntu linux, and I can't get "compose" working in x03:19
SteveAany hints?03:19
fabbioneSteveA: known bug. check bugs.debian.org/src:xfree8603:23
fabbionei can't remember the exact number but it should be one of the first03:23
sabdflcould the failed-upgrades stuff be related to the new apt?03:34
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sabdflanybody else seeing fb corruption during boot?04:08
sabdflgdm / x are coming up fine but my console is b0rked04:08
fabbionesabdfl: which video card?04:09
sabdflati 9800xp04:10
sabdflseb128: right click on the desktop is not working for me04:10
fabbioneisn't the one on the packard bell?04:10
sabdflfabbione: no, it's my home desktop04:10
seb128sabdfl: nautilus manages the desktop ? the icons are displayed ? opening a dir on the desktop works ?04:11
fabbionesabdfl: i remember fb broken on that laptop and iirc it was an ati too. perhaps it's just the kernel fb driver that is broken. we should give it a shot after we sync 2.6.804:12
sabdflnothing is displayed, currently04:12
seb128 ps ax | grep nautilus04:13
sabdflseb128: nothing04:14
seb128$ gconftool-2 -g /apps/nautilus/preferences/show_desktop ?04:14
seb128if you start nautilus from a gnome-terminal, any error ?04:15
sabdflah. nautilus is... not installed04:15
seb128that doesn't help to get a desktop managed by nautilus :)04:16
sabdflmust have been an automatic installation previously, dropped by aptitude when it wasn't needed for an older package04:16
seb128perhaps yes04:17
sabdflok, working nicely now04:18
sabdflbtw this trash applet is excellent04:18
rburtontrash applet?04:19
seb128apt-get install trashapplet04:20
seb128a trash can on the panel, you can DND your files here04:20
=== rburton presses delete
seb128you can also open the trash with a click, or empty it, or see how many files are in04:21
mdzsabdfl: what does the fb corruption look like?04:24
sabdflmdz: lots of dots and squggles, text is partly readable04:27
sabdflit gets worse the more gets written to the screen04:27
sabdflmdz: also, apt seems unable to complete the install on several packages at the moment04:27
mdzsabdfl: which packages?04:30
sabdfllibapache-modu-auth-(plain | sys-group )04:38
sabdflmdz: ^^^04:38
npmccallumKamion: we need to make sure that cdroms (and other removable media) do not end up in fstab04:39
mdzKamion: setuid /bin/mount is going to be disabled in favour of pmount, which doesn't require entries in fstab04:40
npmccallumKamion: all removable media needs to be handled by pmount, which will refuse to mount anything in fstab (for good reason)04:40
Kamionhm, ok04:40
Kamioncan somebody create a partman-target component so I can actually put that bug in the right place?04:40
Kamionor even just partman04:41
thomnpmccallum: you pinged the other day? (i only just got to a computer since friday)04:42
mdzKamion: done04:42
npmccallumthom: I pinged a few minutes ago04:43
npmccallumthom: did you make a usplash package?04:43
thomnope; totally flaked out the last couple of days, sorry04:44
=== rburton wonders what pmount is
npmccallumrburton: a wrapper around mount that handles mounting and umounting of removable devices04:45
rburtonwhy that over mount?04:45
npmccallumbasically we're creating a policy which says: system devices use fstab, non system devices (less security) should be dynamically allocated a mountpoint04:46
mdzit uses a flexible policy mechanism, rather than relying on static entries in fstab04:46
mdzand therefore works nicely with hot-pluggable devices as well04:46
npmccallumits better than the redhat idea of dynamically modifying fstab (also forcing hal to run as root)04:47
npmccallumthom: its ok04:48
=== rburton can't wait for usplash love
mdzany opinions on smartmontools?04:56
Kamionnpmccallum: presumably I should make the same quietinit->splash change in yaboot-installer?05:03
mdzA South African skydiver survived a 3,500 meter (11,500 ft) plunge after her parachute failed to open and lines broke on her reserve chute, a local skydiving club said Monday.05:03
mdzsabdfl: they build 'em sturdy down there, apparently05:03
Kamionthom: did you see my comment about base-config/sudoers?05:04
thommdz: turns out starting acpid in rcS causes problems05:04
thomKamion: yes05:04
rburton"she was reported to have bounced 15 times down the main road"05:04
mdzthom: what sort of problems?05:04
thommdz: we start it before /var gets cleaned. so the socket goes away05:06
thomand you don't need the daemon anyway, so i think munging the relevant modules into the initrd and then starting the saemon in rc2 again might be a better option05:07
mdzI agree05:08
mdzhopefully there don't exist machines where loading those modules hangs the system05:09
mdzthat'd be rather inconvenient05:09
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npmccallumKamion: yes05:10
thomit'd be unfortunate05:10
Kamionnpmccallum: done05:10
Kamionnpmccallum: (was the actual option change in sysvinit, or somewhere else?)05:11
npmccallumKamion: sysvinit05:11
thommdz: are you happy for me to upload sulogin, by the way?05:11
npmccallumKamion: usplash will also check for it and not display if it isn't there05:12
Kamionright, so still waiting for that part of the change then05:12
npmccallumKamion: sysvinit is already changed (at least the package is uploaded)05:12
Kamionhm, it's not on little05:12
Kamionnor warty-changes05:13
npmccallumyeah, I just checked05:13
npmccallumshould I upload again?05:13
Kamionwere there new packages or anything?05:13
npmccallumjust a string change05:13
mdzthis was just aa short time ago; it might still be in the queue05:14
mdzthom: yes05:14
Kamionthere doesn't seem to be a sysvinit*.upload file in chinstrap:~npmccallum/UploadQueue/, so maybe it's still waiting05:14
Kamion(how do you run that queue, btw?)05:14
npmccallumby hand05:15
npmccallumI intend to script it later05:15
Kamionah, ok :)05:15
npmccallumyeah, sysvinit is the only one that doesn't have .upload05:15
=== Kamion disappears to get equipment for putting his new desk together
npmccallummdz: should I try to upload again since I got no .upload file?05:20
mdznpmccallum: sure; if there's no .upload, it either got deleted, or it was never uploaded05:20
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mdzsabdfl: those packages seem to install fine for me here05:41
mdzwith current warty05:41
mdzMithrandir: how is amd64 looking?05:42
sabdflmdz: over here they install fine, but then apt wants to install them again05:49
sabdfland then they install fine, but apt just wants to install them again05:50
sabdflrinse and repeat05:50
mdzthat typically means that apt is seeing multiple packages with the same version number which are actually distinct05:50
mdzor else a broken pinning configuration05:50
mdzanything funny in /etc/apt/sources.list or /etc/apt/preferences?05:51
Keybukmdz: there's something definitely screwy with the archive05:52
Keybukwe're all seeing it for different packages05:52
mdzI don't see it on a fresh debootstrap05:52
sabdflin apt/sources.list I have another archive which has an ati binary driver in it05:52
sabdflbut it doesn't also have any of the b0rked packages05:52
sabdfland in /etc/apt/preferences I have some bits that relate to when we had no unstable, so I had some pinning going on05:53
sabdflI could remove the /etc/apt/preferences and the extra archive from sources.list with pleasure05:53
sabdflhmm... no change05:55
Oskurodefinitely, the kernel in warty-sounders-6 is fucked for my test machine.06:06
OskuroI've had to hack around my way through the install to get the cdrom detected.06:06
OskuroI suspect this is the case with normal d-i too, so I wonder if you guys want a bugzilla report, or should I just go to debian-boot@ directly?06:07
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Mithrandirmdz: I see the same problem as everybody's seeing; wrt amd64, I've been spending most of the day sleeping and recovering from Oxford.06:31
Mithrandirmdz: I need to whack ia32-libs into shape (and preferably amd64-libs too) and then get the new gcc in together with doko.06:32
mdzit might be fallout from the flush/rebuild during wartyconf06:33
mdzmaybe try apt-get clean?06:33
dokoare the 3.3/3.4 uploads in warty, or are they rejected?06:33
Mithrandirmdz: I can try.06:35
Mithrandirdoko: you've already uploaded the biarch ones?06:41
Mithrandirmdz: that seemed to fix it, thx06:41
mdzsabdfl: try apt-get clean?06:51
lamontdoko: gcc-3.3_1:3.3.4-9ubuntu1??06:53
lamontthat was ftbfs on ppc/amd6406:53
sabdflmdz: that fixed it, thanks06:53
sabdfli wonder if that will happen to upgraders from woody?06:54
Mithrandirlamont: why?06:54
lamontsabdfl: any package that we're shipping the same version as woody, which is already in your cache, will have issues.... :-(06:56
lamontsince we rebuilt from source all of the source packages06:56
sabdflok closer to release time we can do the analysis and bump versions if we have to06:56
sabdflsarge is likely to be a much bigger problem then06:56
lamontMithrandir: /usr/bin/ld: skipping incompatible /usr/lib/gcc-lib/x86_64-linux/3.3.4/../../../libc.so when searching for -lc06:57
lamont and so on, for amd6406:57
lamontdh_movefiles -pgnat-3.3 usr/lib/gcc-lib/powerpc-linux/3.3.4/gnat1 usr/lib/gcc-lib/powerpc-linux/3.3.4/{adalib,adainclude} usr/bin/gnat usr/bin/gnatbind usr/bin/gnatbl06:57
lamont+usr/bin/gnatchop usr/bin/gnatfind usr/bin/gnatkr usr/bin/gnatlink usr/bin/gnatls usr/bin/gnatmake usr/bin/gnatname usr/bin/gnatprep usr/bin/gnatxref usr/bin/gnatpsta06:57
lamontxargs: rm: terminated by signal 406:57
lamontdh_movefiles: command returned error code06:57
lamonton ppc06:57
Mithrandirlamont: ok, missing ia32-libs-dev build-dependency.06:57
Mithrandirlamont: I wonder why it failed on ppc, though06:58
Mithrandirand my home router just died, *grumble*06:58
lamontMithrandir: actually, that could just be ppc flakiness - I'll see if giving it back helpo06:59
Mithrandirlamont: goodie, I don't see why it should fail on ppc (though, I haven't looked at the source, just listened to what doko's told me)07:00
mdzsabdfl: that issue shouldn't affect upgrades from woody; I don't think that any Warty packages have the same version number as a woody package07:01
sabdflok, so just sarge then07:01
Mithrandirmdz: it's trivial to check, though07:02
lamontseb128: theora is installed07:02
lamontMithrandir: gcc-3.4 is d-w amd64-libs-dev07:02
=== lamont ponders why i386 gcc-3.4 wants amd64-libs-dev...
mdzsabdfl: yes, there are many such packages in that set (same version in sarge and warty)07:04
Mithrandirbecause it's biarch07:04
seb128lamont: thanks07:04
Mithrandirlamont: I'm working on it, but ia32-libs has higher priority for me atm.07:04
mdzbut sarge->warty is a downgrade anyway07:05
mdzwe may or may not have this situation with sarge->hoary07:05
fabbionemdz: perhaps we can ship an ad-hoc apt_prefereces07:07
=== mdz gags
mdzthe cache issue can be fixed in apt07:07
fabbionei want to get drunk now :-)07:07
mdzbut there will still be other, more difficult problems07:07
fabbionetime for heavy party07:08
Mithrandirfabbione: that was last friday. :)07:10
fabbionetoo :-)07:12
fabbioneMithrandir: we bought the house today !:)07:12
Mithrandirparty at your place, then?07:12
fabbionei need to get drunk :O)07:12
fabbioneMithrandir: ALWAYS!07:12
fabbionegotta go now07:12
Mithrandirsee you around07:12
Mithrandirand congrats.07:12
thomfabbione: have fun, and congrats07:13
dokolamont: if the gcc packages failed to build, please send me the logs (or maybe the last 100 lines ...)07:29
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lamontdoko: OK. one more round on ppc...08:16
Mithrandirlamont: works now?08:17
lamontMithrandir: gcc-3.3 really gets annoyed when the build directory wasn't removed from the previous try08:17
Mithrandirhm, it should rm it in the clean target, shouldn't it?08:20
lamontyeah, it should08:23
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=== lamont finally heads out on his shopping trip
Kamionthom: I plan to change sudo to put 'Defaults !lecture,tty_tickets' in the standard sudoers file it creates in its postinst, and in base-config just append to the sudoers file. Sound good?10:00
Kamion(append> if it exists, probably)10:00
thomKamion: i was just about to ask if that was the best way ;-)10:01
thomKamion: so yes, sounds good10:01
Kamionheh, ok10:04
thomi can do sudo if you do base config, or 've you done it already?10:05
Kamionjust done sudo actually10:06
Kamionobviously the wrong order :-)10:06
=== Keybuk read that as "theatre_tickets"
thomi'll let you do base-config then, since you're obviously ahead of me as usual :-)10:07
thomKeybuk: yes, they're very useful to sudo10:08
Keybukthom: %patrons  theatre_tickets(+opera_glasses)10:08
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thomhey Gman 10:09
Kamionthom: ok, done; now for shadow </scared>10:09
Keybukya know, I swear ... these metacity focus hacks are sweeeet10:09
Gmanhey hey thom10:10
Keybuknow we just need Typing Break to wait until I've finished typing and not interrupt me mid-flow :p10:10
thomKamion: hacking sulogin felt /so/ wrong10:10
thomKeybuk: *g*10:10
KeybukGman: hey10:10
Kamionthom: I'm sure we're going to get a lot of hate mail about this change, you know ...10:10
Gmanevening Keybuk10:10
Kamionthom: we need some documentation of the whole thing somewhere too10:11
thomKamion: yeah10:12
Kamionshadow away10:12
thomKamion: i hope in expert mode you'll get the choice?10:12
Kamionthom: probably not right now since everyone sent me hate mail about base-config's priority handling so it's forced to high10:13
Kamionin fact I'm just commenting out all the code anyway ;-)10:13
Kamionfor the moment I mostly want to see what the reaction to the setup is10:14
mdzKamion: speaking of hate mail, we need to re-enable the hostname question in d-i10:21
Kamionmdz: under all circumstances, I take it?10:25
mdzKamion: I would say so10:26
Kamionmdz: done10:27
mdzKamion: I will accept responsibility for the additional question :-)10:27
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OskuroKeybuk: seriously, that typing-break feature would be so welcome :)10:56
Keybukkinda defeats the purpose though, doesn't it? :p10:57
Keybukthe "stop tying" alert waiting until... you stop typing10:58
thomc'mon! c'mon! oh man, stop typing so i can tell you to stop typing!11:00
OskuroKeybuk: well, no.11:19
Oskuromake it lock it after 2 seconds of no activity11:20
Oskuroso you at least can finish introducing the command you were introducing or whatever11:20
Oskuroof no keyboard activity I mean11:20
Oskurothis has the nice side-effect of not spoiling a tetrinet game :D11:20
mdzuse workrave11:38
Oskurois workrave still included in warty?11:40
Kamion  workrave |    1.6.2-1 |         warty | powerpc, i386, source11:44

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