mdznpmccallum: how is usplash going?12:08
=== Kamion notes that booting with vga=771 makes d-i fit on the screen of that conference test laptop that was displaying the bottom edge off-screen
Kamion... and it's even documented in the isolinux help screens ...12:11
mdznpmccallum,thom: the usplash changes need to get into warty today if they're going to release with Warty12:15
mdzthis is a major change to the boot process and needs a lot of testing12:15
Kamionideally they'd get into Sounder 712:31
Kamionif I'm assured that they'll be in Warty by tomorrow then I can postpone Sounder 7 until then, but I'd rather not push it any later12:32
mdzKamion: what time were you planning to roll Sounder 7?12:39
Kamionif I'm doing it tonight it needs to be roughly now in order for me not to be still working on it when my girlfriend gets here; if tomorrow, whenever really12:43
Kamionhm, this business of removing /cdrom etc. from /etc/fstab is going to suck for users who don't use our default magic12:48
KamionI do 'mount /cdrom' all the time12:48
Kamionoh well12:48
KamionFYI I'm not making that change right now because I think some of prebaseconfig/base-config relies on the existing code and I don't want to muck about with it right before a Sounder12:48
mjg59Is there going to be another test release before the weekend?12:59
mdzKamion: you're free to statoverride /bin/mount and edit fstab12:59
mdzI'm personally quite happy to have it automounted by g-v-m01:00
mdzKamion: if you need to start now, then do it.  it's more important to get sounder 7 out than to have usplash01:01
mdzI'm uncomfortable enough about intrusive changes to the boot process this close to release01:01
Kamionmjg59: you mean including Sounder 7 or not?01:06
mjg59Including that - I have no real idea how long it takes you to actually get something on the server once it's done :)01:07
Kamionoh, I build on a box in our LAN, it takes all of ten seconds or so to get it to the mirror once I throw the switch01:08
Kamionthom: hey, sulogin worked01:08
=== Kamion tries setting a root password
KeybukKamion: watch out, it probably makes all your files writable or something01:09
Kamionif thom wants to exploit all newly-installed Ubuntu systems, it's his paycheque ;-)01:09
Kamionexcellent, DTRT with a set root password too01:12
Kamionmjg59: righto, hopefully tonight but I have no idea how late01:12
Keybuk^ Oooh01:12
KamionI seem to be seeing ACPI errors from GNOME on startup with the current daily01:13
Kamion"Can't access ACPI events in /var/run/acpid.socket! Make sure the ACPI subsystem is working and the acpid daemon is running.@01:14
OskuroKamion: acpid not running?01:16
Kamionit appears to be01:16
Kamionalthough /var/run/acpid.socket doesn't exist01:16
Oskuroweird. I guess the box isn't using apm, right?01:17
Kamionwe don't have APM in warty kernels AFAIK01:17
KamionI do have /proc/acpi01:17
mdzKamion: that's a known bug in thom's acpid upload01:18
mdzit starts, and then its socket is removed01:18
mdzKamion: please do file a bug to remind him01:18
Kamionisn't that kind of a showstopper for a test release? :-)01:18
Kamiontotally rad laptop support and all01:19
Oskuroheh, I vote for that01:19
mdzKamion: if you have time to do it, reverting ubuntu4 is fine with me01:21
Kamionthat'll be 1:33 at the earliest before I can start the build - I think this is going to have to wait until tomorrow, sorry01:38
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fabbionemorning guys07:20
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fabbionehey mdz!08:45
fabbionewhat's up?08:46
mdzsleep soon08:47
fabbionestill walking on walls?08:48
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rburtonmorning seb12810:34
seb128hello rburton 10:34
=== Gman [~Glynn@amfea-proxy-2.sun.com] has joined #ubuntu
seb128rburton: have you tried the nautilus sendto extension ?10:37
rburtoni looked at the code10:39
rburtonits crap10:39
rburtonwell, not really crap10:39
Gman'less than ideal'10:40
rburtongood phrase10:40
=== rburton thinks Gman has worked at sun too long
Gmanoh gnome debian dudes10:41
Gmani'm getting no nice icons on my desktop10:41
Gmanthat's a known bug, right?10:41
=== Gman remembers seeing it on pia's laptop when she was visiting nz
seb128define "nice"10:42
rburtonyou running nautilus? ;)10:42
Gmanwell, doesn't seem to be picking up the icon theme10:42
Gmanjust blank page icons10:42
seb128ps ax | grep settings10:42
=== Gman checks
=== Gman boots up laptop
Gmanhrm, gnome-settings-daemon seems to be running alright10:45
Gmanmost of the icons in the menu seem to be picked up10:45
Gmanjust not the nautilus desktop icons10:45
Gmanand recent documents menu10:45
seb128which theme ?10:47
=== Gman was using some weird assed hybrid of industrial and mist
Gmanthanks seb12810:48
Gmandidn't think about that10:48
rburtonxemacs21 is uninstallable from universe atm10:54
rburtonxemacs21-basesupport isn't available10:55
seb128bah, xemacs10:56
rburtonyay i can watch the kde streams with totem11:00
rburtonwell, it appears that 200kb/s isn't enough for streaming11:01
rburtonhm, no, its the video which sucks11:01
seb128the video sucks11:02
rburtonbit jerky11:02
rburtontheora needs optimisation love11:02
rburtonthe camera is slowly dropping, which is quite amusing11:02
Mithrandir*grumble*, isn't rhythmbox supposed to use esd?11:35
seb128rhythmbox use whatever you have as audiosink in gst11:35
seb128esd, oss, alsa11:35
seb128gconftool-2 -g /system/gstreamer/0.8/default/audiosink11:36
Mithrandirhm, ossink.11:37
seb128you can change it by esdsink 11:38
Mithrandirseems like rhytmbox doesn't accept dragging and dropping files from nautilus.. well, I'll use totem, then.11:48
thomKamion: just reverted acpid11:50
seb128you can right click on the file in nautilus11:50
seb128and add to the playlist11:51
Mithrandirseb128: nope, doesn't work.11:51
Mithrandirseb128: not over sftp.11:51
seb128oh, ok11:51
Mithrandirthat really sucks.. why should I have to copy all my media to ~ ?11:51
MithrandirI have about 100G of music.. I really don't want to copy that to my workstation.11:52
seb128it doesn't work with a sftp dir ?11:53
Mithrandirright-clicking on a directory in nautilus does not show the "add to music library" if the directory is accessed through sftp, no.11:54
seb128perhaps you can try the .application change to add the sftp method11:56
seb128not sure if you will get the crash reported after or not ...11:56
Mithrandirit doesn't report that rhytmbox can't open sftp, though11:59
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sabdflKamion: what's the rsync url for the latest warty daily nowadays?01:01
Mithrandirrsync -av --partial --progress ftp.no-name-yet.com::cdimage/daily/current/warty-i386-1.iso warty-i386-1.iso is what I use01:06
sabdflthanks mithrandir01:09
KamionMithrandir: use nfs, sucky though it is?01:15
MithrandirKamion: nfs over untrusted network?  I'm not completely on crack.01:16
Kamionoh, I thought you were local01:16
Mithrandirfairly local, but university network.01:16
Mithrandirso it's all untrusted.01:16
Kamionsftp is not exactly designed for streaming though01:17
Mithrandirwell, it's a 100Mbit untrusted network, so I wouldn't really care. ;)01:17
Kamionthom: thanks, attempting another sounder 7 build now01:17
sabdflkamion: will that latest build show up in cdimage/dail/current ?01:33
=== seb128_ [~seb128@ANancy-111-1-4-123.w81-250.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
=== seb128_ is now known as seb128
Kamionsabdfl: yes01:51
=== aes [~andrew@dsl-212-23-23-154.zen.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
seb128rburton: your "patches" blog entry is funny :)03:18
Kamionhm, trashapplet seems to totally crash and burn for me03:21
Kamionbut anyway, Sounder 7 looks at least plausible; I'll pull the switch once I get back from the optician's03:22
seb128Kamion: trashapplet doesn't work at all for you ? 03:23
=== doko_ [doko@smile.cs.tu-berlin.de] has joined #ubuntu
rburtonaes: your blog entry was a little confusing03:52
rburtoni'd say 90% of packages are in universe, so no extra repositories would be needed03:53
rburtonno need for pinning etc03:53
aesrburton: that probably means I'm confused03:53
rburtonprobably, yes03:54
aesYou're saying "deb http://ftp.no-name-yet.com/no-name-yet warty main" is wrong, I suppose?03:54
rburtonadd "deb http://ftp.no-name-yet.com/no-name-yet/ warty universe"03:54
aesThanks :)03:54
rburtoni only discovered it when i moaned about the lack of xemacs :)03:54
thomrburton: that's a feature03:54
rburtonxemacs being broken?03:55
rburtoni'm sure it is03:56
mjg59has the scary artwork gone in yet?03:56
=== rburton builds contact-lookup-applet "how more can this rock" 0.8
lamontrburton: xemacs21 should be there soon03:56
aesmjg59: there is some scary artwork03:56
rburtonlamont: its all in apart from xemacs21-basesupport03:56
mjg59aes: Does the scary artwork involve people?03:56
aesmjg59: not as far as I've seen03:56
=== rburton wants usplash
lamontyeah - I fixed xemacs21 last night, will look at the rest of the xemacs-suite03:57
aesok, so ubuntu rocks even more than I thought :)03:57
mjg59Ah, so not the really scary artwork yet03:57
aesmjg59: apparently not03:57
rburtonjdub: contact-lookup-applet 0.8 is now in experimental, for when you wake up03:58
danielsmjg59: \o/ UBUNTU04:01
=== __gotcha [~chatzilla@142-13.247.81.adsl.skynet.be] has joined #ubuntu
lamontrburton: we can't build xemacs21-packages (source for xemacs21-basesupport) because xemacs21-basesupport isn't built.  sigh.04:06
lamontI'll break the circle sometime today or so04:07
lamontI think the scary artwork was planning to arrive once they'd posed the actual models, rather than the stock footage they used in the mockups...04:18
fabbionehey guys04:19
fabbionelamont: any news from the X buildd front?04:19
rburtonok, talk of scary artwork is worrying me04:20
Oskurorburton: you're going to love it :)04:22
rburtonoooh let me see04:22
OskuroI don't have it :)04:23
fabbionenoone does04:24
lamontfabbione: -6ubuntu7 is installed on all 304:24
fabbionelamont: good.. i was more thinking about the mime stuff :-)04:24
lamontrburton: it was more the people that were scary - the actual models aren't so scary04:24
lamontfabbione: thought about it afterwards - I need to rewrite some perl code into python to fix it, that'll happen sometime soon, but today isn't very likely04:25
fabbioneok. i am planning an upload for tomorrow04:25
fabbionejust that you know04:25
lamontit has been observed recently that i386 and powerpc buildds apparently manage to upload (at least most of the time), while amd64 has not been observed to succeed without help04:27
thomit's also been observed that some people have been playing too much Mao04:28
=== fabbione hands a card to thom: "stalking"
lamontthom: well, yes.  But then, I'd have to actually do research to explain the rules definitively...  Not entirely sure which buildd's have hacked around the problem and which have not...04:45
=== lamont wanders off for a while
=== seb128 [~seb128@ANancy-111-1-4-123.w81-250.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
Kamionanyone got anything special they'd like people to test in Sounder 7?04:48
thomlogging in as root to single user? ;-)04:49
thomand, of course, TRLS04:49
Kamionoh, I meant to mention the root thing and forgot, thanks04:50
thomtotally rad...04:51
Kamionheh, ok04:51
Kamionlaptop support04:55
=== ..[topic/#ubuntu:Kamion] : SSDS | http://wiki.no-name-yet.com/ un: sounders, pw: oink | Sounder CD 7 released
rburtonso, no root password and initial user is sudo05:10
rburtoncan this be skipped?05:11
Kamionwhat do you mean?05:11
=== thom chuckles at Kamion
rburtoni've forgotten what d-i actually does here -- can i trivially not setup an initial user and set a root password?05:11
Kamionno, you'd have to fix it up after the install05:11
rburtonalrighty. can i file a bug? :)05:12
Kamion'sudo passwd root', 'sudo deluser rburton' or whatever05:12
Kamionsure - sounds like an expert mode thing05:12
rburtoni'm planning on ubuntu for our work desktops you see, and i am *so* not putting people in sudoers ;)05:12
Kamionsounds like an excellent reason; we need to collect data on the cases where people don't want this kind of setup05:13
Kamionmaking it the default for a CD release is a good way to get that data :-)05:13
mjg59thom: What does "Totally Rad Laptop Support" actually involve?05:30
eddworking acpi, i gotta hope :)05:31
mjg59edd: Are you still planning on doing an article on acpi at some point?05:31
eddmjg59: yes05:32
thommjg59: currently, laptop mode, some acpi stuff that doesn't send machines to sleep permanently, etc05:36
=== sabdf1 [~mark@host217-37-231-28.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has joined #ubuntu
sabdf1kamion: is the copy-on-install magic to boot with "linux anna/choose_module=archive-copier" ?05:42
Kamionchoose_modules rather than choose_module05:43
Kamionbut yes05:43
sabdf1thanks, testing it now05:44
Kamionyou can also boot in expert mode and select archive-copier from the extra bonus udeb list when that appears, then change debconf priority back to critical; but I figured this would be easier than that dance05:44
sabdf1also testing install-on-pcmcia-wifi network :-)05:44
Kamionyou should see the name archive-copier flick past when it's retrieving installer components from the CD05:45
=== npmccallum [~npmccallu@24-48-54-75.ironoh.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
sabdf1kamion: archive-copier looks great05:53
sabdf1any attempt to find an optimal sequence?05:53
Kamiondoing mkisofs -sort on the CDs has got up to the top three entries on my stack05:54
Kamionit's probably quite suboptimal atm05:54
Kamionthree entries> not including having lunch ... hm, let's go and do that now, 5pm is time enough for lunch right? :)05:56
sabdf1you're running on new york time. excellent :-)05:57
mjg59Do you have Centrino drivers in the main install?06:04
sabdf1kamion: used the archive-copier, but it's still checking for the CD after the reboot06:12
thommjg59: ipw2{1,2}00 you mean? we will do06:14
mjg59But don't yet?06:14
thomsabdf1: that's known about06:14
thommjg59: yeah06:14
Kamionsabdf1: yep, as mentioned in the announcement base-config integration isn't complete06:15
seb128Kamion: could you add ~/Documents and ~/.Trash to the default skel ?06:35
KamionI was in the middle of an install so that I could test whether creating ~/.Trash did the right thing ...06:36
Kamioncan't some GNOME package just drop them into /etc/skel?06:36
Kamionhm, I guess they need to be there before the initial user is created though, which is before any of Desktop gets installed06:36
seb128yes ...06:37
seb128~/.Trash is created by nautilus06:37
Kamionthe thought of having non-dotfiles in /etc/skel just turns me right off :(06:37
seb128I'll do the same for the applet, so perhaps no need to add it to the skell06:37
KamionI think that would be better06:37
seb128but ~/Documents would be nice06:38
Kamionit feels to me that that should only happen for people who log in at a desktop06:38
Kamionremote users have no need for it06:38
seb128we want to make ~/Documents the standard place for all the apps06:38
seb128hum, wondering where is the right place to create it06:39
Kamionsurely just all desktop apps?06:39
Kamionso it's a desktop thing :)06:39
seb128ok :)06:39
Kamionthat X -noswitchvt bug is ugly06:39
fabbioneKamion: yeah06:40
fabbioneand daniels won't be able to work on it until next monday06:40
fabbioneis there any package already using it?06:40
KamionI assumed that was why I get crap all over my screen before gdm gets round to starting ...?06:41
fabbioneno i don't think so06:41
fabbionetry to stop gdm06:41
fabbioneand just startx06:41
fabbionekill X06:41
=== lalo [~lalo@host217-37-231-28.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has joined #ubuntu
fabbionestartx -novtswitch06:41
lalois there a root password in the livecd?06:42
fabbioneand you should be able to see the difference.. if there is any06:42
fabbionei am off for today06:42
Kamionlalo: to be honest I think Alex is really the only person who knows much about how the live CD works right now06:46
Kamion'Ubuntu 4.10 "Warty Warthog" perimadeia tty1'06:46
Kamionmuch better06:46
laloKamion: :-P06:46
Kamionfabbione: seems to do the same kind of thing06:47
Kamionexcept I'm not sure -novtswitch works there, odd06:48
=== lalo [~lalo@host217-37-231-28.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has left #ubuntu []
fabbioneKamion: i am pretty sure the option is broken. gotta go for real07:06
npmccallumfabbione, Kamion: usplash will use X -noswitchvt07:31
=== aes [~andrew@dsl-212-23-23-154.zen.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
mdzKamion: I believe the final scheme for the version number was with a dash (4-10)07:53
Kamionit kept changing, it's possible I got confused07:58
mdzmight want to ping the list08:00
Mithrandirwe rock.  or sane rocks, or something.  Installed xsane, installed hpoj and It Just Works.08:19
mdzdaniels: speaking of hpoj......08:19
Mithrandirwhat is The Recommended Email Client in ubuntu?  Evolution?08:21
npmccallumMithrandir: yes08:21
mdzevolution and mutt are both available by default08:22
mdzmozilla-thunderbird is also supported08:22
Kamion/usr/bin/mkisofs: No such file or directory. Invalid node - -sort08:22
Kamionthank you, mkisofs, for your tremendously helpful error messages08:22
MithrandirKamion: wtf?08:22
Mithrandirevo needs a bit of convincing to build for amd64, though.  I'll have to take a look at that as soon as I have ia32-libs and amd64-libs in the archive.08:23
Kamionah, I think it might be trying to treat -sort as a filename08:23
sabdf1kamion: is "Mozilla Web Browser" a dependency, or deliberately installed?08:46
Kamionsabdf1: Desktop has only mozilla-firefox; mozilla-browser is in Ship (so on the CD but not installed by default)08:47
sabdf1kamion: it installs by default on sounder708:48
sabdf1what's the best way to figure out which binary is listening on an open port?08:49
Kamionnetstat -anp08:50
sabdf1gem :-)08:51
Kamionhm, mozilla-browser is installed by default here too, which is extremely weird08:52
Kamion/var/log/base-config.log suggests something depends on it08:53
Kamionah, I have a sneaking suspicion that aptitude is being naughty and installing Recommends:08:54
jdubhey hey hey08:55
=== jdub is at lhr
mdzlibdevhelp-1-0 Depends: mozilla-browser08:57
Kamionsabdf1: fixed in base-config 2.35ubuntu2008:58
mdzaccording to germinate, it's only in supported08:58
Kamionmdz: indeed. it's a Recommends: thing, fixed08:58
KamionOK, CDs hopefully now sorted with all the udebs at the front in Packages file order followed by all the debs in Packages file order09:02
Kamionand the Packages files alphabetically sorted by source then package name09:02
Kamionwonder how long that'll take to rsync ...09:03
jdubKamion: oooh 09:05
mdzI thought we decided we wanted debootstrap order for base09:05
Kamionthis will do for now09:07
Kamiondoing it at all was hard enough, debian-cd being what it is09:07
Kamionmdz: actually, if we're going the archive-copier route we absolutely want this approach09:07
Kamionsince archive-copier uses Packages file order09:07
mdzKamion: archive-copier would handle base as well?09:08
Kamionif you try it in Sounder 7, it runs before base-installer09:08
mdzI'm burning sounder 7 now09:08
mdzKamion: does this include all of the shipseed additions we made in Oxford?09:10
mdzit's still only 512M09:10
Kamionmdz: that's all entirely automatic now, so yes09:10
mdzmaybe we should add kernel-headers-x.y.z-386 to shipseed too, then09:10
KamionI got bored of making the changes by hand so I automated it and had it just mail me any changes it made09:10
mdzthat's handy for being able to build a kernel module with only what's on the CD09:10
Kamionand corresponding for other arches, yes09:11
mdzthat's about 25M09:11
mdzon i38609:11
mdzit might even be a good idea to install it by default09:12
mdzthen building kernel modules 'just works'09:12
Kamionwe don't even have powerpc kernel headers in Supported at the moment09:13
Kamionthat seems like a bug09:13
mdzyes, please add the right packages09:13
mdzamd64 as well, if you know which ones we should have09:13
=== Kamion makes a note
MithrandirI guess I'm supposed to pop in now and tell you what package you want for amd64, but I don't remember.09:14
KamionMithrandir: it'll be easy to find out09:14
=== jdub leaves
Mithrandirlamont: did the xresprobe build on amd64 die?09:16
lamontit died on one arch with a parse error - emailed daniels about it09:17
lamontI think it was amd6409:17
lamontbut that window is busy...09:18
Mithrandiryeah, I'll try it by hand09:18
lamontnewt has non-PIC in shared libs, fails.09:18
lamontamd64, that is09:18
lamontgcc -g -Wall -O2   -c -o ddcprobe.o ddcprobe.c09:18
lamontddcprobe.c: In function `main':09:18
lamontddcprobe.c:274: error: parse error at end of input09:18
lamontthat's xresprobe/amd6409:18
Kamionddcprobe.c has very strange }-inside-#ifdef-itis09:19
mdzMithrandir: kernel-headers-`uname -r` should do09:19
MithrandirI'm running a non-ubuntu kernel atm, though09:20
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MithrandirI should whack the mkinitrd script into supporting sata09:20
Kamionsomebody should fix the lunacy from lines 65 to 106 of ddcprobe.c09:20
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mdzMithrandir: indeed09:52
Mithrandirsince a lot of amd64 users only have sata.09:52
Kamionthe grub source package is barking09:52
Kamionit contains a patch in debian/patches/ which only changes a file in debian/09:53
Kamionalthough fortunately it isn't actually enabled09:53
mdzKamion: barking?09:58
Kamion(UK slang)09:58
Keybukreally? and I thought it was a place just outside Reading <g>09:59
=== Kamion thwaps Keybuk
=== Kamion watches the LaMont machine grind away on warty-changes
Keybukheh, libtiff10:06
lamontKamion: that's about 10 minutes work, all told10:06
Keybukwould it be possible to separate warty-changes and universe changes?10:06
lamontKeybuk: the w-b stuff is all the same place, so somehow I kinda doubt it...10:07
lamontbut then you can look at the body of the message and sort...10:07
Keybukwell, universe is ultimately "uninteresting" from a company POV ... and flooding the list with it kinda makes -changes less interesting to subscribe to10:12
sabdflhopefully our community will take an active interest in universe though10:12
sabdflso there should be ongoing updates from trusted maintainers there10:12
Keybukthere can be a "too much traffic" problem though, especially if it gets to the level of debian's10:15
mdzKamion: archive-copier seems to do the right thing for me, as far as copying10:15
mdzaptitude and dpkg-preconfigure still read the CD10:16
Keybukis it me or is gnome dev current uninstallable10:17
Keybukhalf seems to depend on libgcrypt7-dev and the other half on libgcrypt11-dev10:17
Keybukstupid question time10:23
KeybukWHY is glade-gnome-2 in universe and not in warty?10:23
Kamionmdz: apt-cdrom add, too10:23
mdzKamion: by the time I logged in on vt2 to look, /var/cache/apt/archives was empty10:24
mdzI assume something is cleaning up after debootstrap10:24
Mithrandirbase-config cleans it by default10:25
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Kamionmdz: oh, damn, I forgot to mention that; you also need to boot with KEEP_DEBS=yes10:29
Kamion(on the second boot)10:29
KamionI'll mail sounder@10:29
mdzdaniels: ping?10:32
mdzxserver-xfree86 is asking me a question10:32
lamontmdz: the unmitigated gall of it. :-)10:33
Kamionmdz: apparently this happens when xresprobe can't10:34
mdzKamion: yeah, I'm prodding it now.  but it was detecting my LCD OK in Oxford10:34
lamontmdz: please sudo ls /var/spool/postfix/{public,private}10:35
mdzlamont: both empty10:35
lamontand the errors were coming out before or after that first reboot?10:36
lamontI'll assume 'both'10:36
mdzand every time I run sudo10:37
lamontdoes /usr/sbin/postfix stop; /usr/sbin/postfix start make it go away?10:37
mdzlamont: no10:38
mdzlamont: this should be trivial to reproduce with a fresh Warty install; others are seeing it as well10:38
lamontyeah - just have to suck down the iso. :-(10:38
Kamionwhat's the bug? I just did an install10:39
lamontpostfix fifo dirs appear to wind up empty10:39
lamontsudo ls /var/spool/postfix/{public,private}10:39
Kamionhm, but not on a network-connected machine, which might not be terribly helpful10:39
=== lamont knows the fix, but was hoping to avoid that.. (right now the debian package relies on the upstream package start script to create all of the directories it needs)
lamontand, for whatever reason, that's not happening - mdz: is postfix running? (ps aux| grep master)10:41
mdzlamont: no, it isn't10:41
mdzaha, I think I see the problem10:42
lamont/usr/sbin/postfix start should have started it... /var/log/mail.log should have some bitchiness in it then.10:42
mdzloopback is unconfigured10:42
mdzKamion: this is the d-i-with-no-network case10:42
Kamionyou ctrl-c'ed "configuring network interfaces"10:44
KamionI bet10:44
mdzno, I did "go back"10:45
KamionI mean after the first reboot10:45
mdzno, I didn't10:45
Kamionwell, I plan to overhaul that code anyway ...10:45
Kamionanyhow, time for !work10:46
lamontso does this make it a net-config issue, not a postfix issue?10:48
lamontOTOH, I should just create the directories10:48
aesHello panel11:06
seb128what with the panel ?11:11
aestis a new panel11:13
seb128oh, yes11:13
seb128I was fearing a crasher or something like that :)11:14
aesnah :)11:14
aesseems quite a nice logical layout11:14
seb128just first version, some changes are already pending for tomorrow11:14
aesOnly gripe is that Computer contains an eclectic mix of all sorts of things, but I couldn't suggest anything better...11:22
aes(not without having a "Files" menu too, but that makes things get cluttered.)11:22
aesAnyway. You don't want me whinging here ;)11:22
seb128all the advices/opinions are welcome11:24
Mithrandirhi aes :)11:27
aesHello Mithrandir11:28
aesoh, I know you :)11:28
Mithrandiryes, we met at GUADEC this summer11:29
aesjust slow on mapping irc nicks <-> real life :)11:29
Mithrandirwell, I'm off to bed now.11:29
Mithrandirsee you around11:29
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