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limiwelcome, earthlings12:46
carlosstub: did you found the problem with the sqlobject updates?12:46
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lalowhat sqlo problem? :-)12:48
stubcarlos: Found two problems. I have fixed one (SQLOS only registering itself with the transaction it was created in, not subsequent transactions), and need to work out the best way of fixing the other (transaction isolation levels mean connections don't see changes made in other handler threads until they too have begun a new transaction, which doesn't happen)12:48
stubThe first fix has not been migrated in yet12:49
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stubTransaction problems should be nailed as soon as PQM picks up the patch02:51
andrewvstub: whoo hoo!02:56
andrewvwhat was the problem?02:56
limiandrewv / stub: can we standardize on 4 spaces and no tabs for indenting? ;)02:58
andrewvin page templates?02:58
stubI'll reconfigure my '2 space indent' defaults for html and xml02:59
limiin python too ;)02:59
andrewvi was just checking - i thought all of our python would be 4 spaces02:59
limilike Guido indented it02:59
stubI'll run reindent.py on stuff I find that doesn't ;)03:00
andrewvi do sometimes use 2 spaces on html just because it can get very, very indented03:00
limiit's just because I am anal enough to always have to fix it when I see it ;)03:00
limiif it wasn't for me, it wouldn't matter03:00
andrewvstub and i have slightly different indenting styles in python03:01
stublimi: As long as you don't mind me trimming your >80 column lines03:01
andrewvif you look at the malone code you can spot whodid what03:01
=== stub 's style is a bastardization of the way he likes it, and the way vim's autoindent likes it
andrewvas long as there aren't tabs or >80 i'm pretty relaxed03:03
=== limi is never relaxed ;)
limihence the anal retentiveness of the code display03:06
limiwe could go for 2 spaces as indents if you think it would help, but there will be lots of cases where you exceed 80 columns anyway03:07
dafLimi the Amazing Grumpy Swearing Norwegian :)03:07
carlosonly 2 spaces?03:08
carlosplease not!!03:08
limifinally some support ;)03:08
daf2 space indentation is wrong03:09
dafI can live with 403:09
dafI don't like really long lines either03:09
limi...but you prefer 3?03:09
limi:] 03:09
dafno, I want pi spaces :)03:10
carlosdaf: X-)03:10
dafI just want a terminal emulator that can display characters with irrational sizes03:11
carlosdaf: did you found your brain? Are you awake?03:12
limiirrational sizes like in "2i"?03:12
limiimaginary sizes for xterm NOW!03:12
daflimi: no, that's for indenting imaginary code :)03:13
stubAnyone had a patch go through PQM recently?03:16
carlosstub: the commit logs shows that last one was from about 30 minutes ago03:20
daflalo: is there ever a situation where we would want to call makeMessageSet with update=False?03:31
lalolet me check03:34
lalonot AFAIK, but we can't remove the argument, Mark made quite a point on it :-)03:35
dafthe only difference it makes that update=True means that the prior existance check is waived03:35
dafwhy not?03:35
dafwith what?03:35
lalowe're in the wrong chanel03:35
daflet's not worry about that03:36
limidaf: the xtal trick is actually very useful03:39
limishould almost be an official policy :)03:40
dafheh :)03:40
limithat way I can write pseudoTAL into templates without them breaking03:40
limiso it's easier for you guys to see how I envision the repeats etc03:40
justdaveif I have a .pyc file is it possible to turn that back into a .py?03:46
=== justdave just did a major oops on a file that hadn't been committed yet
justdaveI got bitten by arch03:48
justdavedid a tla add on a file, then decided I didn't want to add it yet, and tried to figure out how to undo it.  opposite of tla add?  tla rm.  except it actually nukes the file instead of just taking it out of arch control.03:49
SteveAstub: got a few mins to talk to run|osx?03:55
stubSteveA: Sure03:56
SteveAstub: /join #sqlos03:56
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daflalo: thanks for the tea04:43
limiI love that you guys thank eachother on IRC instead of saying "thank you" when the tea is delivered ;)04:54
daflalo: daf@canonical.com--2004/launchpad--devel--0--patch-68 has the (ahem) interesting refactoring work04:59
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